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  • chaoticxgays
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    what poisonous flowering plant are you?

    Your Result:


    This is the poison of stagnation. You grow drowsy. Your heart rate slows, and when you do move you can't seem to stop shaking. It may seem to others that you're lazy, or reticent. Like you avoid hard work on purpose, like you always take the easy way out. But you know deep down that it wouldn't be like this if you weren't so tired, so deeply tired. If you weren't crushed under the weight of sorrow like a mile of water over your head. Nothing brings you peace, except rest and-- though you can hardly dare to ask-- having someone tend to you gently and sweetly. A good gardener speaks to their plants, sings to them, waters them, fertilizes their soil, prunes the dead parts, nurtures the new growth. You yearn to be cared for like that, even though you feel you don't deserve it. The secret is that you do. You always have. And someday, you'll learn that, and receive that care, and the exhaustion won't keep you from growing strong and lovely anymore. You were never the problem. These are simply poor growing conditions for you.

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  • hitandrunduorp
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    “C’mon, Papa!” The little brunette hurried down the street, said papa sighing as he followed her.

    “Careful, kiddo! Don’t get too far now!” Even with the warning, she was still hurrying along, Matt chuckling and shaking his head... at least, until the child barreled into someone. 

    “Ah- I’m sorry!!”

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  • chaoticxgays
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Unnecessarily Detailed Dislikes

    Please repost, don’t reblog.

    Answer the questions for your muse and tag some people.

    Muse name: Keith Kogane

    Least favorite nickname: Keef  (which is a lie, he loves it cuz it sounds cute and he secretly likes feeling cute but he’ll never admit it)

    Least favorite color: purple

    Least favorite season: summer

    Least favorite weather: humid/hot days with no wind

    Least favorite—hot or cold: cold

    Least favorite holiday: his birthday

    Least favorite food: food goo, Altean food

    Least favorite flavor: sweet

    Least favorite drink: probs not a fan of many sodas, especially coco cola

    Least favorite scent: most things that are on fire. Brings back bad memories

    Least favorite sound: Lance’s voice gunfire

    Least favorite book: Romance novels, because he doesn’t see himself as a favorable boyfriend and reading those just makes him yearn for love 

    Least favorite movie: again, anything heavily romanced

    Least favorite tv show: Real World shows that focus on certain things

    Least favorite school subject or area of study: probs history that focused on politics or something

    Least favorite aspect of their job: all of it (hate-love dynamic)

    Least favorite fictional character: Smoky the bear 

    Least favorite person: zarkon

    Least favorite trait in others: hypocrisy, bossiness, strongly opinionated individuals/stubbornness to change, meanness. And most of all, authority

    Least favorite place: any meeting room

    Least favorite thing to talk about: the time they were separated from their lions 

    Least favorite thing about themselves: that he’s too critical and harsh

    Least favorite sexual position: any where he’s restrained. he doesn’t like not being in control of his body

    Least favorite daily chore: dishes

    Least favorite style of clothing: anything too loose

    Least favorite activity: talking to people

    Least favorite superpower: mind control

    Least favorite thing about humanity in general: evil for the sake of being evil, mobs, willful ignorance

    Least favorite thing about being in love: the pain that comes with it when it’s unrequited

    Least favorite thing about death: its permanence

    Muse name: Lance McClain

    Least favorite nickname: Pointy chin

    Least favorite color: black

    Least favorite season: winter

    Least favorite weather: freezing cold

    Least favorite—hot or cold: cold

    Least favorite holiday: easter

    Least favorite food: food goo

    Least favorite flavor: sour

    Least favorite drink: anything bitter like plain black coffee

    Least favorite scent: sulfur

    Least favorite sound: ranting/bossing around 

    Least favorite book: anything dark and gloomy, come on, the world is dark and gloomy enough

    Least favorite movie: anything horror

    Least favorite tv show: reality shows

    Least favorite school subject or area of study: math

    Least favorite aspect of their job: the seriousness of it, the death/hurt

    Least favorite fictional character: 

    Least favorite person: zarkon

    Least favorite trait in others: hypocrisy, bossiness, strongly opinionated individuals/stubbornness to change, meanness

    Least favorite place: the central command center (galra)

    Least favorite thing to talk about: the time they were stranded without their lions, the time Keith left for the Blades

    Least favorite thing about themselves: how his energetic and flirty nature throws people off

    Least favorite sexual position: he has none so far, but feel free to test him~

    Least favorite daily chore: all of them

    Least favorite style of clothing: anything too covering. He likes showing his body

    Least favorite activity: 

    Least favorite superpower: mind control

    Least favorite thing about humanity in general: evil for the sake of being evil, mobs, willful ignorance

    Least favorite thing about being in love: the pain that comes with it when it’s unrequited

    Least favorite thing about death: its permanence and emptiness

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  • chaoticxgays
    27.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    ❝  i know i can’t protect you from everything,  but i wish you’d let me protect you from the things i can control.  ❞

    (Take your pick)


       “You can’t control who dies.” That was obvious. But that was what was bothering Garfield. Death. It followed him for years now. His moms, Wally, and even Kaze. They all died. Kaze may have come back, but he wouldn’t have if not for Kaze’s father. Otherwise, that was four people he’s lost in his life. The list seemed to grow. And grow steadily faster. Who was next? Who else would he loose? And was it because of him? Was Garfield the problem? 

    #thedarklightphoenix#[[ask]]#[[meme]]#[[garfield logan||ask]]#[[garfield logan||ic]] #[[we are the outsiders||garfield logan young justice verse]] #[[hold me tight;or don't||garfieldxkaze/thedarklightphoenix]] #[[DO NOT REBLOG]]
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  • splitinone
    08.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    ( @thedarklightphoenix​ Continued from here. )

    “Ow…” She groaned as she rubbed her sore behind from the rough landing. “What the hell…? Why is there a hole here.” She looked up at the opening of the hole, trying to figure a way of getting out. Frowning, she sighed as she tried to climb up some roots to get out only for one of them to snap and her to fall back in on her ass.

    “Well… shit…”

    Kat would end up stuck there for about an hour before someone, or something, would visit the hole. The sky had retreated its light from above, making the surrounding trees grow darker by the minute. Heavy foot falls would soon be heard, then a soft shuffling as a large body settled at the edge of the ten-foot wide hole. A large head covered in sleek, black fur appeared in full view.

    “Wow, it worked! I caught a people!” It’s excitement was apparent in it’s voice as it displayed a row of sharp teeth.

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  • justice4allplusultra
    07.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

         @thedarklightphoenix​ liked for a starter~

        “Ready for tonight~?”

        Hawks grinned at his partner, already dressed up for the meeting tonight with the League. Apparently Dabi had sent a secret code to him about some sort of gathering that was happening at a remote location, one that only a few people are invited to.

        Tonight was gonna be a real long one, huh?

        He just hoped Kaze was prepared for what’s to come. They had already discussed a few things together, especially on what the dynamic and plans are to be if they were gonna be in this deep under cover case together.

        Especially when it comes to convincing Dabi of all people they weren’t gonna try anything and were genuine in joining their cause.

        Haaaa, hopefully I can have enough energy and prepared for this night...

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  • gaydcgs
    06.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Chained - For Isaac - Love Kaze >30


       óÓÒò“Well....I don’t really have anything witty to say here....” The werewolf said as he was pinned to the ground. He was honestly surprised that he even was. Who the hell was this guy? Why did he smell weird? “Normally I’m okay with bottoming, though knives don’t do anything for me. Care to put that away please?”óÓÒò

    #thedarklightphoenix#~📖óÓÒò-Howls||Ask-óÓÒò📖~ #~🐺óÓÒò-For half of my childhood I was locked in a freezer so being helpful is kind of a new thing to Me||Isaac Lahey Main Verse-óÓÒò🐺~ #~📖óÓÒò-Rip out your throat with my Teeth||Do Not Reblog-óÓÒò📖~
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  • chaoticxgays
    27.01.2022 - 3 monts ago
    @magiccazza / @thedarklightphoenix​ replied to X

    oh no

    //oh YEEEEES~
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  • chaoticxgays
    09.01.2022 - 4 monts ago
    And special ships tag dump
    #[[i've put my trust in you||garfieldxmattie/hitandrunduorp]] #[[i believe in you||peterxmattie/hitandrunduorp]] #[[it only hurts just once||jackxmattie/hitandrunduorp]] #[[you make everything okay||zukoxmattie/hitandrunduorp]] #[[cause i'm broken||keithxmattie/hitandrunduorp]] #[[tell me why this hurts so much||bakugouxmattie/heroandvillainduo]] #[[when i feel you it's not enough||shoutoxmattie/heroandvillainduo]] #[[so many times i've lied||jimxmattie/hitandrunduorp]] #[[hold me tight;or don't||garfieldxkaze/thedarklightphoenix]] #[[hold on to what you believe in||jackxkaze/thedarklightphoenix]] #[[i wont give up i refuse||bakugouxkaze/thedarklightphoenix]] #[[you look at me as if i'm something more||harryxkaze/thedarklightphoenix]] #[[i would never forget you and you would always be by my side||zukoxkaze/thedarklightphoenix]] #[[dance with the devil tonight||dabixkaze/thedarklightphoenix]] #[[i'm wanted;i'm needed;i'm begging you please||keithxhiccup/baldrengr]] #[[let's just fall in love for the hell of it||jackxhiccup/baldrengr]] #[[you're everything i need||lancexkeith/petalsbloomed]] #[[and i’ll do anything to make you stay||keithxlance/petalsbloomed]] #[[i can feel the rush of adrenaline||jackxbakugo/hwtzrcmpact]] #[[stoned cataclysm||stonexcxld]] #//I think that's all the special ships yftgyhuj\\ #[[TAG DUMP]]
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  • gayxrwby
    24.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    ‘I can’t wait anymore...’ - Qrow from Kaze UwU

                           ‘I CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE…’

       The kiss surprised him but he easily relaxed into the younger males desires.

       “Well, you proud of yourself, kid~?” He asked once the kiss was broken, smirking at Kaze.

    #thedarklightphoenix#[[Scroll Message||Ask]]#[[Grimm Attack||Meme]] #[[Bad Luck Charm||Qrow Branwen]] #[[Do Not Reblog]]
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  • heroandvillainduo
    13.09.2021 - 8 monts ago


    “Kaze!” Mattie had been searching everywhere, but it felt like every time he had the chance to talk to him, Kaze was never there. Though this time he managed to catch the other before he could hide away in his dorm room. Blue-violet eyes stared at the other as he hurried over, panting lightly. “There you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for you...”

    #thedarklightphoenix#ic#rp #||Plus Ultra Dreams and High Hopes|| (mattie ua verse)
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  • heroandvillainduo
    26.07.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Should say; sorry for not tagging things ^^;

    On mobile. Not the app, i mean browser mobile since im house sitting for a few days sjsbsmsm

    So ill fix tags when im able to ^^;

    #thedarklightphoenix#ic#rp #||Plus Ultra Dreams and High Hopes|| (mattie ua verse)
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  • heroandvillainduo
    26.07.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Usually, he wouldn't be a part of this sort of patrol. He only had eye and ear protection, unlike others in his class who had masks and filters... but the villain was one from America, one the blond knew quite a bit about;

    Mania. A woman with a quirk much like Midnight, able to create a mist from her body. Though rather than causing the victims to sleep, they instead become obsessed with her, doing anything she asks, from theft to even assult... or murder.

    Mattie was just supposed to identify, signal, and stay back, but of course things never go right. When he seperated from Kaze, Izuku, and a couple pros theu were with, even on his light hover board he was hit out of the air by one of the obsessed victims...right into the mist.

    #thedarklightphoenix#ic#rp #||Plus Ultra Dreams and High Hopes|| (mattie ua verse)
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  • hitandrunduorp-a
    15.06.2021 - 11 monts ago

    📱take your pick :P

    Matt @ Crys from @thedarklightphoenix

    What ringtone my muse has set for yours: first met? fairytale by alexander rybak as a slight joke to the fact that she's supernatural.

    What contact photo my muse has set for yours: Probably some picture of her smiling, or maybe when she's asleep next to him.

    What my muse thinks of the way yours texts: he's pretty amused

    How quickly my muse responds to your texts: usually right away, unless he can't for some reason.

    How often our muses text: probably pretty often when they're not together.

    How often our muses call: relatively often I'd think?

    Does my muse purposefully miss calls from yours: of course not. He'd only miss calls if he's either away from his phone (like showering) or, well, working.

    Last text sent from my muse to yours: [text]: see you soon

    #magiccazza#thedarklightphoenix​#ooc #off the clock #about the hitman
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  • heroandvillainduo
    26.04.2021 - 1 year ago


    Kaze smiled as he chewed his food. “It’s a nice little sweet store about 20 minutes away on foot. They also have the little traditional sugar stars, I tend to get those as a treat when I go on walks.” He smiled softly. “I sometimes feel like it’s getting harder to find traditional Japanese sweets nowadays. But I’m glad that there are still people who make them.”

    “Oh, that sounds wonderful~” The blond chimed. “I’ve always wanted to try more traditional treats too, but as you said; it’s difficult to find places,” He sighed a little. “Maybe when the next school break we get comes around, we can look at trying to find some ‘niche’ places? That’d be pretty fun to try and do,” He suggested with a hum as he finished his food.

    #thedarklightphoenix#ic#rp #||Plus Ultra Dreams and High Hopes|| (mattie ua verse)
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  • heroandvillainduo
    17.04.2021 - 1 year ago


    How did this happen? Even with his quirk, the vigilante didn’t see this coming. At least, not quite like this. He had heard of rumors of some villains planning on blowing a building up, and had already dropped as much intel to both the building staff AND the American hero association (anonymously, of course), but there were still people inside. He may be known as a ‘hero killer’, but he’s not a heartless monster, and it’s not the first time Deadshot’s risked his life to save civilians. Of course, most so-called ‘heroes’ didn’t respond right away, wanting to probably make some grand entrance or some shit.

    Of course, this meant running into heroes who were in there saving people already. One of them; Mirage, the Illusion hero. During a scuffle, something happened, and the two of them got trapped under rubble after he shoved her out of the way of the falling debris... but that didn’t come without a price. Even with all his protective gear, somehow his leg still was hurt.

    “Shit, I think the floors above us finally collapsed,”

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  • hitandrunduorp-a
    03.04.2021 - 1 year ago
    #off the clock #ooc #about the runaway #thedarklightphoenix‌#v; bnha
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  • hitandrunduorp-a
    28.03.2021 - 1 year ago

    shit mattie and kaze are so sweet... wtf are you two planning?

    @thedarklightphoenix mention

    //They really are? Honestly Caz and I didn’t see this coming but the two in this AU are so fuckin adorable~\\

    //And what’s with that~? Who says we’re planning anything~?\\

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  • hitandrunduorp-a
    24.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    @thedarklightphoenix continued from here

    By the time Kaze was done, Mattie was surprisingly still in the locker room, of course this time he was clothed in a thick sweater and jeans, but was busy with trying to still dry his hair. Though he looked distracted, as if his mind was far elsewhere.... probably why he was still there.

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  • hitandrunduorp
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    The Angel, the Negotiator, and the Bull

    The three lords of the vamp au with @thedarklightphoenix

    #||incognito|| ooc|| #||the kittens scribbles|| my art|| #||the eternal night|| matt vampire au|| #||roses and gunshots|| matt visage|| #||sunlight and coffee|| mattie visage||
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