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    27.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Cornflower, Buttercup, Cowboy, Wine dark sea, gae, and of course, soup ❤️❤️❤️

    ok but cowboy is very accurate, I do say “cows!” whenever I see cows, also the same for literally any animal. the birds that live in the backyard are out? “birds!”

    thank you so much!!!

    #apparently when i do these things my brain skips over a whole bunch of them and i realize later? #bc i def would’ve also said cowboy and tree-mendous for you #oh and candyfloss #asks#ask game #ellie the character #thanks for the ask!
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    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Last year was my year of being hedonistic and materialistic and shit and now this is my year of being frugal and suffering but like I'm sure this is a lesson. Don't spend $9000 of unemployment money on naruto merch

    #txt #i am still refusing to sell them though. i am still not that desperate. #also to be fair a majority of that money also went towards Capri #the 1st puppy year is expensive #im glad thats when we got him bc i took charge of all his vaccines and nut surgery and no one in my house fucking helped me 😤 #hes supposed to be the family dog too #im still mad about that
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    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    idk i think i’m slightly obsessed with hands in this show

    #like my god we need them to hold hands more #ofmd
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    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Dying deceased in tears

    #10 years just got added to my life expectancy #fine found family my beloveds <33333 #he's so happy with them it's so <3333 #I loved that chapter we had Rei & Wataru bestie time and fine mentions #but <3333 that exchange <3333 #enstars#hibiki wataru#sakuma rei
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    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Ppl who date ppl who could easily be confused for them in public is fucking hilarious

    #my friend did a partner reveal in the discord server and i literally thought it was a joke w a picture of them
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    27.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago
    the romance festival was pretty cute, despite the gloomy weather, and diamond got to meet monroe’s best friends, sonny + nihira, there 
    #ts4 #the sims 4 #ts4 gameplay#simblr#*maiava legacy#*g1:maiava#*diamond maiava #sorry these are so dark n please ignore the banding x #i can't re-edit them again x
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  • sabraeal
    27.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Get Up Eight, Chapter 9

    [Read on AO3]

    Written for @ccprovolomies, who won the Trope Madness kitty this year! AND LOOK I DIDN’T MAKE HER WAIT HALF A YEAR FOR IT. I’m so on top of this whole prompt thing 🤣 (Please don’t ask when I plan to get the runner up’s prompt out...)

    It is an easier road to Odawara than Obi’s dire warnings prepare her for. Though the cobbles are worn, their hard edges rounded by the passage of a hundred years and a thousand feet, they are solid beneath her, ceding no ground no matter how nature has pressed its claim. Compared to Hiratsuka’s marshlands, hungrily claiming the road one stone at a time until all that’s left is a slippery arch, this might as well be a pleasant garden stroll.

    And Shirayuki lasts hardly an hour on it before she must admit: Obi was right. Her feet will not make it to the shukuba.

    It’s not that they hurt; no, that would be preferable. She is used to carrying the weight of her own discomfort. Certainly the blossoming bruise on her back, an open palm against the stretch of her spine, stands as testament to that.

    No, her trouble is that they have gone far past pain, no longer aching and burning, but instead-- instead she feels them not at all. As if there are two square blocks strapped to her ankles rather than feet, growing more distant with every step. Shirayuki has not progressed far enough in her studies to diagnose with any authority, but, well-- a numbness of the extremities is hardly ever a sign of health.

    Still, she cannot bear to admit it. To have to call out to all these road-wearied men and inform them that she cannot, after all, keep up with them. That they will indeed have to stop and accommodate her softness, her inexperience.

    It is what an ojou-san would do with not a single thought. But Shirayuki-- Shirayuki cannot.

    Children are not born walking; it is a skill they acquire through experience, through pulling up and falling down, from taking risks and failing. And that is what Shirayuki must do anew: learn how to walk, only this time without the use of her feet. A harder prospect in practice than she could ever conceive of in her own mind.

    Her thighs bear the brunt of the work; she must lift up her leg farther, winning more space for her limp foot to drag before she sets it back down again. It cannot look natural, and yet, none of the men seem to take notice. Or, if they do, none seem to care. And the one who would--

    Ah, well, he marches in front of her, shoulders tense, not sparing a single glance. It’s been like this since they left Oiso; Obi staunchly silent, sullen as he leads them down this winding road, and the rest of the men following suit, uneasy glances the only thing passed between them. It’s that silence she would have to break to tell him of her problem, that gap she would have to close, and she-- she--

    She can’t. To admit that he’s right, to confirm that she cannot be trusted to evaluate her own ability-- she would rather her feet fall off first.

    Thankfully, fate sees to it that she does not have to. One minute she is walking, and the next, she spills across the dust and stone, breath heaving out in a single great gasp.


    It’s a broader hand than she expects to see reaching toward her, only a shade darker than her own, palm still soft when it fits around hers. Mihaya smiles when she meets his eyes, a chagrined cant that commiserates rather than pities. “Need a hand up?”

    It’s reflex to push it away, to insist that she can stand on her own two feet, but now that she can hardly feel them, the foolishness of it galls her. Her pride may sting more than her bruises when she takes his offer, but those sort of wounds recover far faster.

    Her knees get under her easy enough, but when she moves to raise to her feet, her ankles refuse to bend. Or rather, to hold; she puts her full weight on one to draw the next beneath her, and she drops painfully onto her fleshiest part, nearly dragging down her and her savior.

    It’s the sort of spectacle that should garner a laugh, or at least a crowd. She can already imagine Obi’s knowing look, the self-satisfied glint marring his concern as he bends down to ask, are you ready to be carried now, ojou-san?

    But when she dares to lift her eyes and face her shame, there is only Mihaya gazing back, this time with marked unease. He’s kept his feet somehow, both of them braced against the earth, eyes wide above them.

    “Huh,” he manages, his mouth taking time to wrap around the whole of the sound.

    “Sorry.” She ducks her head to hide the heat creeping up her cheeks. “I think maybe I’ve, ah, asked a little bit too much of myself.”

    One corner of his smile dimples. “Maybe. Here, if I take this for you--”

    His fingers wrap around the cloth tied at her shoulder, and with a firm tug, for a moment her burden lifts. For a breath, she only carries herself and nothing else.

    It’s terrifying.

    There’s a rational part of her that understands his meaning, that appreciates the service he is trying to do her, but that-- that is Ojii-san. “No!”

    It’s too much, too loud for such a quiet space; her words leap from tree to tree until the whole road sings with her protest. If she hadn’t had an audience before, she has it now, every one of Mihaya’s men turning back to see her on the ground, tears welling in her eyes, her hands held up to stave them off.

    It only follows: so does Obi.

    His face sets stiff as porcelain, a mask cracked once and mended, forbidding in its cast. “Ojou-san--?” 

    There’s no missing the way his gaze shifts to Mihaya, narrow brows striking down to shatter his calm into outrage. Obi plays at leisure and laziness, the classic sluggish servant making a fool of his master, but Shirayuki has not missed the tension in his limbs, the precise grace of his movements-- and now it rises to the surface, coiled strength in every muscle, begging for a reason to be expended, to be set free. His long fingers reach out, not for the hilt of his sword, but behind, and--

    And Mihaya sets his back between them, smile guileless as he suggests, “Maybe I should carry you instead.”

    It is a pity that Mihaya is made of flesh and not paper; at least then she might be able to see Obi’s shadow through him, might observe what shape his anger takes. Not that it would change her mind-- even as she tries to peer around the ronin’s hip, she is already reaching out, her hand grasping his once again.

    “Maybe,” she says slowly, savoring the taste. “Maybe you should.”

    Shirayuki anticipates disaster with each preparation Mihaya makes to lift her.

    “There’s no need to fear, jou-chan,” he laughs, arranging her arms over his shoulders. “You’re light as a feather. All you need to do is rest your weight on me, and I’ll handle the rest.”

    “But--” there’s Ojii-san to think of-- “it’s--” not possible that her only contribution to this operation is her weight, that he doesn’t need more from her--

    “Up we go!” he grunts, and then there she is, higher in the air than she’s been since Ojii-san could carry her. “There, now squeeze your knees-- perfect.”

    Perfect, he says, but she must look obscene pressed up against him, like one of the women in the back alleys, ready to earn their coin. True, it might be her front to his back, but her legs are spread just as wide, accommodating the narrow line of his waist, just the same as them. And when his hands reach down, she braces herself for them fumbling beneath the fabric, taking the invitation men speak of as implicit once a woman bares herself in any way--

    But he simply places it on her knee. Not where the skin is but over the cloth, squeezing it once. A...comforting gesture.

    “Not so bad, is it, jou-chan?” His head turns, just enough for her to make out the line of his smile. “Traveling the way a princess should.”

    Her fingers knit in the cotton of his yukata, a faded orange bleeding through her fingers. “I’m not a princess.”

    His mouth slants even higher. “Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be treated as one.”

    A reply sits on the tip of her tongue, but he hitches her up so suddenly she swallows it, too busy on holding on tight. Her gaze nervously flicks up to the road before them, searching for loose rocks and fallen branches, anything that might be an unseen hazard, but--

    But instead she sees Obi, his hands clenched by his side. When he turns his back, he doesn’t look at them.

    Or rather, not at her.

    Not once.

    The rush of running water burbles through the trees before Shirayuki can see a hint of it, clinging to the leaves as steadily as the sun clings to the horizon. “Is that a river?”

    “The Sakawa,” Mihaya provides as easily as his own name. “We’ll have to cross it before we reach Odawara.”

    Her feet tingle where they hang, the feeling pricking back into her soles, making her eager to move, to run. It’s impressive how far her mount has been able to carry her, but still-- Shirayuki can never truly be comfortable relying on another to shoulder her burden, not when she still has a perfectly good back all on her own. “But we’re close?” 

    It’s strange to feel his nod rather than see it, the coarse strands of his hair brushing against her chin and scratching along her neck. But to look down is dizzying, and out beyond the bend in this road is a river, wide enough to hear from a handful of ri away. She squints into the distance, as if she might be able to see its shape through the trees, but--

    But she’s distracted by a tall back. A tall back and shoulders set as straight as a beam, head rigidly facing forward. Unforgiving, Obaa-san would have called it, but he has no reason to be so with her. Not when he himself offered to carry her only this morning. Not when he’s the one who told her that that rest was just as important as progress.

    If she looks away, it has nothing to do with guilt. Only-- only that she might see the river better a little to his left.

    “You’re awfully quiet up there, jou-chan,” Mihaya muses merrily. “A young lady like you must have a lot on her mind.”

    His arch tone implies ‘like your husband’ louder and clearer than words ever could. For that would be the concern of an ojou-san dressed as fine as Kino-san’s mother dressed her; the woman Mihaya believes her to be.

    “Ah...” It would be a mistake to disabuse him of the notion, to imply that the behavior of her guard concerns her more than is seemly. “You are quite educated, are you not, Mihaya-dono?”

    He puffs beneath her, chest pressing out to fill her hands. “Some would say so.”

    Deception may cause her to stumble, but flattery-- that Shirayuki knows in spades. And like any man she’s had in her sake house, Mihaya seems particularly susceptible to it. “Not many could quote Saigyo as naturally as you.”

    She certainly couldn’t; just recalling the name has her squinting into the horizon. There’s more certainly more of a chance she’ll find it there than her own memory.

    “Well,” he hums, voice lowering into the timbre of confidence. “I was not always a ronin.”

    And clearly, he was eager for others not to think of him as one either. Kino too had tutors, enough to make him the match of any samurai’s son, but even still, he had not talked her ear off about tanka and hokku. But then, numbers had always interested him more than words, and pragmatism rather than poetry.

    She hums in reply, a placeholder for the much prettier response she composes in her head, the sort of flattery that keeps a man focused on his own achievements, rather than the knowledge she may or may not know--

    But the river steals the words from her, tumbling them out to the sea. And behind it rises walls, and further yet--

    “Oh,” she breathes, fingers tightening over his chest. “There’s a castle.”

    The shore shifts beneath her sandals, each stone a knife’s point held against her soles, but still, Shirayuki does not ask to be carried. Not now that her own two feet will hold her, now that she can look out upon the Sakawa and take in its greatness. Its waters weave and part as if it were no more than some great braid, a kami’s hair ornament wrought in blue silk and studded with jade.

    “Come now, jou-chan.” Mihaya turns to her, his long tail fluttering in the breeze. “You’ve seen a river, haven’t you?”

    “I have!” She might manage a more commanding tone if her jaw would close, but it’s impossible in front of such a sight. “It’s just so-- so big. And we’re to cross it?”

    Mihaya huffs out a laugh, shaking his head. “It’s not so bad. You paid to cross at Kawasaki, didn’t you?”

    Across the sand, Obi stiffens. His eyes have not so much as wandered to her for hours, but now they peer over his shoulder, narrowed thin as blades. Not to Mihaya, but to her, coiled in wait of her answer.

    He expects her to tell the truth-- no, to blurt it out, as uncontrollable and inevitable as the river’s current, to tell this man she has only known since morning the whole of her life story. Three days, and Obi believes he knows her the way a swordsman knows his palm, the way a brewer knows his sake.

    It is, she admits, a pleasure to disappoint him. “I swam it.”

    Mihaya’s mouth falls before it rises, head cocked in question. “You swam it, jou-chan? That’s some skill for a lady.”

    “I grew up on the water.” Obi’s eyes bore into her cheek, his disbelief palpable against her skin. “My parents thought it prudent to avoid accident. Eyes can never be on a child all the time, after all.”

    His friendly smile wavers, and when Mihaya speaks, it is arch, spoken as if he stood upon a hill and she below it. “So you mean to swim the Sakawa as well? You won’t find it so tame as the Tama.”

    She lets her mouth curve, holding her smile tight as she replies, “Nor am I so tame as other ladies, Mihaya-dono.”

    His eyes flash, lips pressing together as he glances away, watching the water rush out to sea. “Won’t be easy in that pretty kimono of yours, will it?”

    Shirayuki blinks, her hand brushing against its smooth collar. Miyoko-san would weep if she ever heard of such a thing. “Ah...”

    “Your hair covering too,” Mihaya presses, stepping closer, a strange light gleaming in his eyes. “No use in getting that wet either, jou-chan.”

    She shuffles back, knives pricking her feet with every step, but still he reaches out, finger hooked to slip beneath its fold--

    Until another bands around his wrist, a bronze shackle holding him in painful place. Or so she assumes from the way his hand spasms, fingers turning to talons before the fall limp, too far to grasp her.

    “No need, ojou-san,” Obi says, so polite, despite the way Mihaya twists in his grasp. “You’ll ride on my shoulders.”

    It is a proclamation that draws attention; at least that of the river porters, big men who make it their business to see that only those that slip them the proper amount of coin see their way across. They are happy to take Obi’s-- at least, after a few minutes’ hearty debate, they become happy to, though they scowl when he turns his back before moving on to harry Mihaya and his men.

    Most of them have already stripped down to their fundoshi; it’s hardly a surprise to find thick, ropy scars tracing over their bodies, legacies of wounds poorly healed. A samurai’s life is not an easy one these days, and a ronin’s fate a far sight worse. What these men have done to survive...it would not do to speculate.

    Mihaya, however, is smooth-skinned beneath his yukata, pale where the sun has not had its chance to press its case. These men may follow him, but it has not been a long arrangement, and he the least experienced among them. That, or the most lucky.

    It’s not her place to speculate. Not yet, at least. Not unless...

    “It’s done.” Obi crosses the sand to meet her, walking with such ease she wonders if he too was born by the shore, and given far more cause to walk its waters. “They’ll let us pass, even if they’re not too happy about those ones following behind.”

    He chucks his chin toward where Mihaya and his men stand, voices already raised even if the words are lost to the river’s current. No one here looks like a government official-- but then, no one looks like an authority with only a single scrap of cloth to over them. “Have they done something to be barred from crossing?”

    Obi snorts. “Oh, I’m sure they have, ojou-san. But that’s not what the porters worry about. They just want to be paid, and too many men crossing on their own is bad for business. Gives people ideas about how they might save their coin.”


    His fingers have never looked so long as they do tugging at his obi, sheath falling into his palm with the ease of a lover reunited. The rest falls away easily, hakama slipping down his hips, and-- and her words shrivel on her tongue, like petals left in the grass. “What...?”

    “Ojou-san?” Gold rises to meet her, a question written in his eyes. Or at least, until he traces her gaze right to where his kimono parts, a deep vee from shoulders to navel, bronze as far as the eye can see.

    “What are you--?” her mouth works, so dry words won’t stick to her tongue-- “Why are you--?”

    It should be illegal how indecent his smile is, how low his voice drops when he rumbles, “Ojou-san. You can’t possibly want me to walk into the river fully dressed.”

    His kimono slides off his shoulders, baring taut, sun-seared flesh, and she manages. “O-of course not. It’s only...”

    She stares down at her hem, trying to find the words-- no, the thoughts to speak, but instead she remembers the heat of him in the tea house, the solid wall of his chest against her back; the flash of red beneath the moonlight in Yokohama, begging her to explore further--

    Shirayuki has never been able to tie her obi with nearly as much precision as Miyoko-san, and it shows by the way it parts so easily in her hands, sliding across her palms with the ease of silk.

    The noise that looses from Obi’s throat is half alarm, half...something else. A groan, perhaps, if she flatters herself. “Ojou-san! What are you doing?”

    Her fingers fumble with her ties, tangled as firmly as the string itself. “I can’t possibly wear this in the water.”

    “But, ojou-san...” It’s his hands that catch her kimono when she shrugs it from her shoulders, holding it as gently as paper between his palms. “I’m carrying you.”

    There is little beside color to set her juban aside from any yukata, but it is enough-- she’s exposed like this, the shades of her body just barely obscured by the cloth. “I am well aware. But still, look, out there--” she gestures to porters only a few fingers shorter than Obi himself, wading up to their shoulders-- “it would be so simple to drench the cotton, and then what would Kino’s mother say to me, should we see each other again?”

    Obi holds himself still for but a moment, a breath, and with its exhale he collapses, shaking his head.

    “This is a pretty piece,” he tells her, folding it with an almost reverent precision; a ritual, instead of a chore. “But you need a more practical wardrobe.”


    “Jou-chan!” Mihaya jogs over, smile wide and stomach muscles flexed. Even in repose, Obi cuts a more impressive figure. “We’ve moved things among our packs to make the crossing easier, and I have a set of free shoulders. Do you have any-- ah, there, I see.”

    She’s too late to stop him; his eyes fix on Ojii-san’s hiding place, and his hand reaches out--

    A crack echoes across the bank, and it’s not until her palm stings that she realizes-- she did that. She slapped his hand.

    “Ah!” she gasps, horror welling withing her. “Mihaya-dono! I didn’t mean to-- it was simply reflex--”

    “Haah.” He shakes out his hand, palm opening but not quite closing. “No, no, jou-chan, don’t apologize. It’s my fault. I just thought, since you already have two between you, and Obi is carrying you...”

    “Oh!” She stares down at the cloth in her hands before hastily stuffing it into the other sack. “Yes, here, my clothes. Thank you for the help.”

    Mihaya’s lips twitch, not towards a smile. “I’ll guard it with my life.”

    He walks away without another word, no spring left in his step, and no smiles-- uneven or otherwise-- for his men.

    “Careful, Ojou-san,” Obi murmurs, suddenly by her side. “He might well steal that too. Good fabric sells for a pretty penny far enough out from civilization.”

    Her cheeks puff out, annoyed. “You’re being unkind.”

    “I’m being practical.” He glances down at their feet, at the bags still sprawled on the sand. “I should be holding that bag for you.”

    Shirayuki shakes her head. “Mihaya’s right. You’re already carrying me. Besides, you know I--”

    “I didn’t mean now,” he says, too serious, too close. When she looks up, gold is waiting for her, liquid as honey. “But some day, ojou-san, you will have to trust me.”

    “I...I do.” She’s surprised to find how much she believes that. “It’s not that. It’s only...”

    Duty. She’d told him that only a day ago. To tell him again now would only invite question. “Do you think Mihaya-dono and his men are truly traveling to Kyoto?”

    Obi snorts, shaking his head. “They certainly are now. Unless a better opportunity finds them.”

    “I was thinking...” Her lip slips beneath her teeth, taking the brunt of her worry. “If they are, perhaps I should pay them--”

    “You’ve got to be kidding.” Obi stares down at her. “That monkey?”

    “I’m not.” Her breath huffs from her. “If the roads are as dangerous as people say, then perhaps--perhaps it might be best to have more than just one man watching over me.”

    “Ojou san.” Obi drops down to his knees, and a rush of heat follows him, settling between her legs as he meets her eyes. “I’m the only sword you’ll ever need.”

    “I...” She can’t catch her breath. “I believe you, Obi.”

    But he doesn’t, not by the way his eyes tighten. “Hakone. Give your decision until Hakone, ojou-san, and then...then I’ll hear you out.”

    “That’s...” She swallows. “That’s fair. You can, um, stand, Obi-dono.”

    He laughs. “No, I can’t.”


    “Ojou-san,” he huffs, too amused. “You’re supposed to be getting on my shoulders.”

    #obiyuki #akagami no shirayukihime #snow white with the red hair #Get Up Eight #my fic#samurai au#Edo AU#ans #i kept telling myself i would at least get them across the river in this chapter #definitely this time right? almost certainly #AND YET HERE WE ARE #at least they talk about it a lot #in a few more chapters we will finally have our onsen episode #BUT NOT TODAY
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    #leia organa#bail organa#star wars #obi wan kenobi spoilers #my art #guy's I'm so :')))) #that's his girl!!!!!!! #that's her dad!!!!!!!! #i am unwell for them
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    i love them so much

    #obi wan kenobi spoilers #kenobi show spoilers #owk spoilers#leia organa#bail organa #HE IS THE BEST DAD #i freaking love them so much #my art
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    Momotaros is so shaped I need his action figures

    #amazon won't let me buy them for a good price somebody help #kamen rider #jami.txt
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    That 100% completion trophy would be very cool...but I also just want to play until the next available mission is A Short Walk in A Pretty Town and then just stay at Clemens Point forever

    #yes i am 40% through the game in the current save and still at horseshoe overlook what about it #the red dead depression didn't hit that hard the first time around but now i love the characters more #i just want them to be happy in tahiti with the mangoes #except for micah of course #rdr2 #red dead redemption 2 #rainy's fandom soup
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    Help 😭

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    #second booster shot #dying #my eyes feel like skmeone had out rocks behind them #and my twitches are worse than usual
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    Excuse me, but that dumpling thing sounds AMAZING. Any chance there’s a similar recipe?

    there is! they're called ovocné knedlíky (fruit dumplings), bc technically they were made with fruit, but my grandpa knew i didnt like cooked fruit so he'd leave it out and just make cream cheese ones for me hehe.


    full disclaimer i havent tried this recipe yet, but the method and results described are pretty close to what i remember!!! my grandpa would always make them with plums, and while I still don't like cooked fruit, the actual syrup that resulted from the fruit left in the dumpling was soo good, the tart acidity was such a nice balance for everything

    best served warm and slathered with butter and a ton of powdered sugar :) an absolutely delicious, simple treat!!

    #also fun fact i never learned how these were spelled and only could say them out loud bc opa never wrote things down lol #i would just say 'kernleekey!!!' #legit thought it was lost to my childhood until my good friend merps shared this recipe & website #asks #ellis.txt #recipes#shepards-dead-fish
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    I just don’t think my neighbors should be outside at the same time as me

    #trying to play with my dogs but I can hear them working on construction 🙂 #and my dogs are offended someone lives right next to us
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    This part is not translated in the BTS video

    Here’s the translation:

    Mile : Let me hug you both sides.

    Apo : Hahaha. He was about to kiss me a moment ago but on the wrong side. I was like wait, do it on the other side. LOL.

    #I CANT WITH THEM #kinnporsche#mileapo
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    Sergeant Grant Style Parenting

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    Guess who got contact lenses!!

    #everything looks slightly weird and occasionally blurry but I think my eyes just need to get used to them
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    Thinking about Leia and Lola and Poe and BB-8

    #one thing I WILL do at any opportunity is draw parallels between them <3 #star wars#leia organa#poe dameron #star wars leia #star wars poe #kenobi show#kenobi series#kenobi spoilers #obi wan kenobi show #obi wan kenobi spoilers #sw #star wars sequel trilogy #spoilers#mine
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    Writing prompt: MC who is afraid to go to the dentist and needs some comfort to relieve anxiety. Character of your choice.

    I ain't afraid of no dentist


    Genre: comfort, fluff

    Characters: MC x Mammon

    Universe: Obey me

    Warnings: none

    A/N: I hope you will like this

    Summary: MC is afraid of the dentist and Mammon cheers them up


    Toothache is one of the pains that can be endured. Or at least that was what you said to yourself as you held your cheek, almost in tears. A tooth had been making you suffer relentlessly for about a month, but you hadn't said anything to anyone about your now well-known fear of dentists. You feared the human ones, who knows what those of devil doom were like.

    You felt an excruciating pressure on a premolar, so much so that you seemed to feel a needle being slowly inserted into the tooth every time you ate something or inhaled.

    One day you were having dinner and as you swallowed some soup, you felt a pang so strong that it made you jump and emit a sound of pain.

    Lucifer had looked at you, his gaze was serious and the demon was ready to lecture you. "MC, I think you should go to the dentist"

    You were suddenly whitened, shaking your head. "It's nothing I can't handle"

    "Be careful. The dentists at devil doom might eat you," Mammon told you.

    The avatar of pride had given him one of his killer looks and you had heard Mammon cough. "I was joking"

    You were just startled, thinking about the possible scenario: a dentist demon pulling your teeth out and then eating you in one gulp. At the sight of your reaction, Asmo had taken your hand, smiling at you. "Come on, honey. It's not that bad to go to the dentist."

    Lucifer, meanwhile, had made up his mind; Mammon would have taken you to the dentist as a punishment for frightening you. The avatar of greed had snorted at that order and you had begged Lucifer not to make you go to the dentist, but he had made up his mind by now. You would have gone to have your tooth checked whether you wanted it or not.

    The next day, after school, Mammon had accompanied you to the dentist and along the way you had heard him snort loudly several times. You looked at him astounded; the one in danger was you, not him.

    The demon had sat in the waiting room with you and a dentist's assistant had immediately arrived to write down your details and ask you to quickly inform them about your situation. You informed them and explained to them where the pain you had been feeling for a month came from and they nodded, disappearing into the visiting room. You sighed, staring into space; You didn't want to go in there.

    To your surprise, Mammon took your hand, squeezing it. You had turned towards him, but he wasn't looking at you, he too was staring into space. "How can you be afraid of the dentist, can you explain it to me?"

    You had brought your free hand behind your head, scratching it nervously. You weren't sure how to explain it to him, but you were terrified of dentists from an early age and ironically that was your first time going there. Maybe the movies had traumatized you enough.

    The demon then looked you straight in the eyes and said that if the dentist tried to hurt you, he would kick their ass for you. You smiled faintly because of the pain in the tooth, then you hugged Mammon who between an "Oi" and a "MC, what" had returned the hug awkwardly.

    "Now repeat with me" He then told you "I'm not afraid of any dentist" "I'm not afraid of any dentist" you replied and just at that moment the door had opened and a slightly sinister voice called your name.

    You looked at Mammon, almost in tears, but he threw his thumbs up to cheer you up and you walked into the room. The assistant had made you sit down and you, frightened, had waited for the dentist to arrive. A little later a demon a little taller than you appeared and greeted you. You had returned the greeting and to your amazement, that was the dentist. They didn't look threatening at all, and even though they were a demon they didn't have the threatening look you imagined.

    Half an hour later, you left the room and greeted the dentist, while their assistant followed you to give you another appointment. Mammon jumped to his feet, but you signaled that everything was fine and he sat down again.

    Soon after, you were out of the dentist's office with him. "So?" Mammon had whispered to you, curious. "How did it go?"

    You explained to him that you were hurting one of your teeth due to bad bruxism and that the dentist had set up another appointment to prepare a night-watcher for you. He had nodded, although perhaps he hadn't quite grasped what a night-watcher was. You smiled at him, hugging him. "Thanks, Monny"

    "I, um, and what for?"

    "You gave me courage"

    "Oh" He nodded, putting a hand to his head, embarrassed. You then took his hand and made the journey home, squeezing it.

    Once back home, Lucifer asked you how it went and you replied that thanks to Mammon you weren't afraid and he, skeptical, looked at you both. From that day on, Mammon would always accompany you to the dentist.

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