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  • multi-kpop-fanfics
    29.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Courtois makes me proud to be Belgian

    Courtois deserves a statue ten times his height and the UCL cup adorning a huge ass shelf in his house after yesterday's final

    #also hi fellow european carat <333 #can't relate about football tho cuz greece lowkey sucks lmao #courtois best boy #dinosbestie#answered✨
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  • cyanampersand
    29.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    i havent Seen the post that started all this and it's kind of irrelevant to the point im about to make but

    one (1) post targeting a member of staff is much much easier to address from a website moderation perspective than entire pervasive subcultures of rampant bigotry that have been around for years and i wish people would stop trying to draw this false equivalency

    #cyan's #like obviously i think this whole situation sucks and staff fucked up here lol. but still
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  • destorys
    29.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    I was going to vent on here that’s a bit more different to what I just said in the tags regarding me having that normal moment people with DID / OSDD would experience where I feel like I’m just really fucking losing my marbles and Yancy isn’t here and good to see that Yancy co-fronted to have me literally unable to do anything but just. Sit and stare on our bed for around six minutes ( maybe to make me rethink and also See that they’re here ).... Thanks, Yancy.......

    #MENTAL HEATH CW #NEGATIVE CW #[ maybe this is something Yancy don't mind but in truth I very rarely communicate to them in mind or just out loud ] #[ because while Yancy isn't THAT much of a talker either --- same with me as well as I'm still not used to the concept ] #[ of me being interactive with my headmates and vice versa ] #[ and my own emotions and thoughts are rarely present ; I literally do have that terrible head empty no thoughts thing so often ] #[ the best way I can describe it is me having a ' numb mind ' often to help me from experiencing too much negative and suicidal thoughts ] #[ frequently so it's not easy to really REALLY communicate with Yancy properly  ] #[ which fucking sucks they have to rely more on sending me still or gif images in our head or providing me physical sensations ] #[ like giving me a pressure to the head or adding a weight inside of me ] #[ it's just all so nsdghnsdgkkn it's so so so frustrating and exhausting with me feeling like I am just losing it all in the end ] #[ and even maybe that anon was actually right that I am a liar spreading misinformation and acting stereotypically online ] #[ I'm starting to have that heavy sensation in our chest / a feeling like being upset typing that previous tag and ] #[ I am sorry Yancy but it really does feel like that ] #TO BE DELETED. #[ I'm just gonna pull us into sleeping again as it's only past 6:30am but :((( DID / OSDD really is so much ] #[ having this and so many other mental illnesses I just feel so fucking broken and damaged ] #[ it is so unfair ]
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  • bashful-bunny
    29.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    I am... so very hungry.. and so very horny

    Please. ..

    I beg...

    Give me snacks and bite my thighs

    #or suck my tiddies #i just wanna be lewded rn but also nuggies #bunny babbles #pls... make me feel good
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  • instantartisanwitch
    29.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    The thing I hate so much about British politics is that it's catering entirely to just half of the country (51% I think...?) who voted Brexit. It's meant to be a democracy but apparently an entire half of the country's opinions just don't matter...?

    #yeah yeah this is old news but it's been pissing me off for years #it's the way all the tories were going on about wanting to 'get br*xit done' and HARD br*xit too because ''the people want it'' #when in fact almost half the country (and 60% of the scotland!) didn't #and it sucks that so many people's opinions just get ignored. i hate the way democracy works! #like even as a kid you're taught about compromising when people don't agree. it's BASIC #but apparently in politics it doesn't matter anymore #also yeah i know this was WAY more relevant in like 2019 but you know what? i still have to live with the aftermath of it! #and so i can have a rant once in a while if i feel like it
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  • claitea
    29.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    finally used those homebrew guides for my 3ds, anyone got game recommendations?

    #clai speaks #currently have khddd open and i have twewy and kid icarus installed too #i played a little twewy last night after downloading it and uh. i suck at it LMAO #anyway i'm already looking at some series #wanted to try fire emblem? also kirby #need to see if theres any ff titles on 3ds #i believe homebrew can run a lot of older consoles too so feel free to suggest stuff from like. gba #thinking of replaying mother 3 at some point.... i miss it
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  • gwynsblade
    29.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    til that D*sney channel made a movie named Zombies and it’s probably the worst allegory for racism and xenophobia I’ve ever seen

    #t #oh no the pretty blonde cheerleader can't fit in because *gasp* #SHE HAS ACTUALLY WHITE HAIR OH NO #no seriously that movie's message sucks ass
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  • miahasahardname
    29.05.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    miscellaneous doodles

    #ace attorney#sebastian debeste#miles edgeworth#phoenix wright#maya fey#kay faraday#klavier gavin #yes i’m still bad at drawing #but i’m kinda proud of how my drawing of miles getting his nails done turned out #also:#farafey #tiny smooch because i suck at drawing physical contact #not gonna word that any better #COOL BUG FACT: i hate drawing klavier because i’m so bad at it #like— this is probably the best drawing of him i have #it could be worse though #it could be me trying to draw anything that ISN’T human #;w;
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  • percy-fucking-jackson
    29.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    annabeth: percy!

    percy, acting as if he’s in the office: definetly not avoiding annabeth

    annabeth: pay attention to me!

    percy, still acting: i said that i forgot who pythagoras was and she’s trying to get me to learn MATH

    #annabeth chase#percy jackson#pjo #percy jackson and the olympians #riordanverse#rick riordan#pythagoras#pythagorean theorem #that shit was the death of me last year LMAOOO #me + percy 🤝 MATH SUCKS #percy hates math <3 #bc i hate math
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  • aspynnn
    29.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    dude, what is even the point of Vickie. i thought there would at least be a couple scenes with her since she’s most likely Robins love interest but no. we got like 3 seconds.

    why have Vickie anyways when Nancy is RIGHT THWRE. i saw the way Robin was looking at her. there was no straight explanation for that.

    this season will probably end with Robin just asking Vickie on a date though which i mean, good for her

    #why bring stancy back #what was even the reason #it sucks#ronance#ronance endgane #vickie stranger things #robin buckley#lesbian robin#nancy wheeler
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  • serial-kissing
    29.05.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    I can send you me gripping a squishmellow

    please I'm begging on my knees

    #i was gonna say please I'll suck you off sloppy style #but that seemed too aggressive #LMAO
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  • intrewebs
    29.05.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    sp au where theyr all in a saudi international school is an micro-niche i am more than willing 2 cater 2.

    #long day of starting shit and sucking up 2 teachers. i think 2 myself... what if it was south park #(* ^ ω ^)
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  • yeris
    29.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago
    yeri ◆ 220527 psycho
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  • urmom-jokes-ceo
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #no no no no damn it #i dont want to start stanning them again #it was Hell #or was it that my life sucked that time #either way i dont wanna become a spn fan bc the ending sucked so much #and just No #supernatural
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  • truekingpumpkin
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    A Lesson in Agency

    Baby’s first fanfic

    Chapter 1 The Scatterbrained and The Professionals

    “You might wanna straighten up more Agent the road gets bumpier from here.”

    Mrs.Pauling’s voice startled me out of my thoughts as I jerk upright in the back seat of her car. She gives me a small chopped grin before looking back forward and continuing to drive, The Caretaker and me were finally getting assigned to base class mentors, Pauling wouldn’t say it but I’m pretty sure it’s because we’re a package deal, Caretaker had invites from multiple different teams medics, Team Chateau, Team Citadel, Team Belfry, Team Bailey, I know why she didn’t pick any of them but Fortress, but it was a little obvious none of them wanted to deal with a newbie spy class variant.

    However as the future personal Agent and Caretaker for Helen we couldn’t be separated for long it was already a little weird thinking about being separated from her main base and Pauling, but here we are cooking alive in a lil car heading to….Some hot sandy place I already forgot the name of, I licked my lips instantly tasting the fabric of my mask,

    it was gross and I really hope I don’t have sweat marks on my face.

    The car hits a few more rough bumps and kicks up more dusty ass sand, maybe I should have just buckled up with that one old cranky Spy, what was his name? Whatever camouflage couldn’t have looked that bad on me surely. Well… I don’t really have time to finish those thoughts when Caretaker tugs onto my sleeve from the front seat she whispers how close we are lost in my head again I must have missed Paulings initial heads up, I square my shoulder up I wasn’t about to be caught off guard again by another team’s Sniper.

    “Alright the boys and Pyro should be out soon uh Agents your hats a little-“

    “Crooked?” I finish for Pauling as I straighten it while leaving the ac protection of the car, the heat slaps me across the face as I swing my body out and I’m tempted to slouch down smaller again. I hear the giggly exhale from Caretaker as she takes humor from my suffering, in return I give a dramatically pained face scrunch I know she’s nervous about meeting her mentor, even if it’s for a different reason than my own nerves. We go to stand beside Pauling and as the seconds tick by I find myself hating the shitty base rules of needing permission to enter as an off color. I can’t help but shuffle my feet in the sand, kicking up small clouds and feeling the urge to play with my knife.

    “I know you don’t like the heat much Agent but I do think you’ll get along well with the Spy here at least? I don’t think you’ll bother him with your….traits.”

    I do us both a favor and pretend she means how I have a habit of startling people with my quiet walking. “Hopefully, it’s pretty hard to practice sneaking in tap shoes.” The pained grin she tries to give me doesn’t help much but I appreciate it enough to try to give one back with my eyes.

    Caretaker squeezes my hand and offers her words as well, a reminder that we dug more into their files than the other teams that we know about them off file. I squeeze back before the silence is broken by a loud Boston accent, Scout from the files, first names aren’t allowed to be used outside base walls a useless fact supplied by my brain as I try to tune back in to the conversation.

    “So we got a maid and another spy? Paulin-“

    “Mrs. Pauling” why do I do these things

    “…yeah PAULIN,” he gives me an annoyed look while trying to sling an arm over her, it’s brushed off pretty quickly by her.

    “Not a maid or a spy, kinda,” her face scrunches a lil unsure on how to describe my role I guess.

    “Oh my new assistant is here!” Our faces are all sent to look at the source of the new voice, he’s taller in person somehow despite our files, I’m not convinced he didn’t make himself taller but I’m grateful for the distraction from my flounder the sooner this is all done the sooner I can learn the vents.

    “The Caretaker hm? Well I hope you aren’t going to be too squeamish or you’ll have trouble with my tests!” I glance at the others, I’m the shortest to be expected however they’re all so…Big, big hands, big teeth, tall n broad.I’m sweating I know I am even scouts bigger than me and they’re suppose to be one of the smaller classes least I know it’ll be harder for them to chase after my in the vents if I piss them off. Wait shit have I said anything out loud the Engineer is staring why is he staring, am I sweaty do I stink? Did I use too much cologne? Wait his hands out was I suppose to int-

    “Agent’s kinda shy, he just doesn’t talk much Engie.” Pauling what am I gonna do without you, you wonderful Organizer.

    “Ah, Ain’t no harm done, I’m sure he’ll warm up to us sooner than later.”

    Unlikely but I shake his gloved hand I can feel my finger sink into…A slot? He takes his hand back fast enough to slightly tug me with it his eyebrows shot up a few bit.

    “Sorry bout that partner, wasn’t expecting you’re hands to sorta.” He seems to have realized how awkwardly the sentence is going and doesn’t know how to continue.

    “Be that small?” I spare us both the awkward dance it’d only get in the way later.

    “Yeah.” He seems relieved by the bluntness of the statement if he shoulders loosening means anything but also there’s a wince in his face pained by the words, I swear if they think I’m a teenager-

    “Agent. My Protégé I’ve heard so little about.” I don’t know if that’s meant to be a joke with the little body language he gives so I return with a stiff nod. “It’s an honor to get this chance to learn from you sir.”

    I’ve done a good enough intro or this man has seen some horrid ones as he seems to puff up a little with a small smirk “I’m glad to see you have some manners compared to the rest of the students I’ve been assigned, let’s hope you can keep up better than them.”

    I’m so fucking dead “I intend to surpass them sir.” Eye contact maintain eye contact Valentine keep it steady, He seems pleased by the reply at least before anything else can be said Pauling starts explaining our stay at the Fortress.

    “Caretaker and Agent are branch classes that aren’t quite like medic or spy but merge mostly with them, Sniper you won’t be their main mentor but you’re expected and will be paid for helping them improve their aim off the field.” Said man nods in understanding, the lack of ability to see his eyes through those shades unnerves me, he and that Soldier are going to be my main threat if they always cover their eyes like this.

    “I know all three of you read and accepted the contract terms but just so the teams all aware they will be staying with you all until they reach the point of approval from The Administrator.” While she covers a few other points I take the time to fully look over the team since their attention is focused elsewhere.

    The Pyro, ASL preferred communication off the field, one of the scarier enemies for my class to go against. Could shoot their tanks and blind them with the explosion knife to the throat.

    The Scout, hard to backstab target doesn’t stay in one location long the field easily distracted, usually alone in the field. Clean shot from a distance they can’t usually shoot too far out, close combat isn’t ideal against them.

    The Soldier, easy enough to find with the explosive rockets, hard to catch if he rocket jumps a lot, tunnel vision. Get behind while reloading rockets stab n cloak.

    The Demoman, drunk but not a reason to be considered an easy target, a bad one wouldn’t be standing here, sneakier with sticky bombs, close combat would be ideal as long as I can get to him before he reaches his weapon, but lacks fulls vision can take advantage of that and sneak from the side.

    The Medic, heavily protected high risk even high reward a team without one is a bleeding out team, would have to move quickly to avoid the target he’s healing if I can’t get him alone. Those needles are not something I want to feel shot into me.

    The Engineer classic Spy target, get the guns get the supplies then the maker, stay quick on my feet and it’s an easy hit.

    Spy on spy violence is just who finds who first, wouldn’t win against this guy doubt his Blu version would be anymore merciful.

    The Sniper another classic stationary find him before others make him move stab and repeat.

    Leaves the… the uh..oh hooly dooly I hope his Blu version is uglier, holy shit. Tall mountain of a man, that’s a Heavy for this team. Christ forget having a plan to kill him I’d let him snap my spine on a ch-

    “Okay here’s your case Agent!”

    “What- Oouhf”

    Wow thanks Pauling smooth as could be intro ruined by me being bodychecked by my own suitcase. At least I didn’t fall over. My remaining pride is beaten by Scouts snorts and cackles “Oh man you are so small!!! Du- dudes suitcase is the size of his whole body!”

    By the gods this is gonna be high school all over again isn’t it. “Torso the size of my torso, and my size is very useful thank you. They do not make huge vents in every building.”

    “That they do not.” My mentor seems almost annoyed for me if not for the likelihood it’s more for having to deal with this behavior from the team’s Scout so commonly, while I do get a few more eyes on myself I’m reminded of the reason why masks are worn so much as I feel my face redden despite my attempts to will it down. “Should I be worried bout that vent comment?” leave it to a Texan to break the ice, “If you haven’t had issues yet I would add a few precautions near vent entrances to avoid future issues, like Pauling said there won’t be clones of Caretaker or me in the field.” I hope she said that anyway or they gonna find out real quick how spaced out I am. “Reckon you could give me a few pointers?” I well I didn’t expect that outcome honestly sending a glance to my mentor I catch the small bit of approval “After I set my room up I’ll get back to you.”

    #tf2 self insert fanfic #PumpkinScrolls #idk that seemed like a cute way to work my fanfics #sorry if formatting sucks I dragged it from my notes to the tumblr app
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  • kelprot
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    love staring mournfully at schlatt’s channel like......c’mon man. this is kinda ass actually 

    #i complained abt it to a friend but ??? his recent stuff sucks ass LMAO it's all low quality ''get my viewers to make content for me'' shit #he's turned into one of Those streamers who just sorta sits there and lets the money pour in #which. i mean sure. whatever. but a year or so ago he mentioned wanting to go back to his old video-essay roots and i was !! rlly happy #because he's got a lot of talent in that area and many of his older stuff still resonates w me really well. but . ??? #i assume he just no longer has an interest in that area #owell #just a bit disappointing because he clearly can (and wanted to?) do better but. now just seems to be riding twitch's dick #to put it bluntly LOL #not sure why im talking abt this. dunno. guess i've liked the dude's stuff for years now so it's a bit sad to see him continue like this #in the end though he's just some guy. there r so many other places i'm jsut gonna go to instead
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  • accesscodex
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    is there a class reunion in the manga i dont remember this . let me dig out my copy

    #soda.txt #there wouldnt need to be because the manga establishes them as kids. #their child actors in this movie suck ass though so i guess theyre trying to use them as little as possible
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  • akaashiscupofwater
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    lmfao the end of st4.1 im speechless

    i knew what was coming i guessed it like two episodes prior but gd it was really uh… interesting to actually see on screen

    that animation it was just so


    bad HAHA

    #im underwhelmed lmfao that sucked sorry #st4 spoilers #young el pls that looked so wrong😭🤚🏻 #i want more gay will pls he was barely in this #did they just forget about mike n will like whered they go bro #does that count as a retcon bc it really feels like they just retconned all the seasons to loop to s1 idk #the Dear Billy episode tho bRO i was literally sobbing rhe whole time #billy was a bad person yeah but i will always cry thinking about him im not proud of it but aH #stranger things #throws self to wolves tagging this but ehh
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  • justmehernthemoon
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #really sucks when like you can’t even trust someone you’ve known for years and has been one of your best friends to not make you #uncomfortable and creeped out and sort of taken advantage of #idk how to even feel about stuff but the more i think about it the more upset and shitty i feel #but im like that’s not something to avoid him over! but like. is it? am i invalidating myself??? and like usually the answer is yes lmao #i talked to a friend abt it and just getting it off my chest makes me feel better but idk. feeling very weird n sad today :) #and im also like maybe i am totally wrong!!! but idk like. i don’t think so i think i just want to think so #sorry just needed to vent more ig lol
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  • traditionalaviator
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Got my TENS Unit set to 6 bc my neck is fucking FUCKED dude god I'm OLD

    #*sleeps weird at 5 yo and Im fine* #*sleeps weird and Im almost 23 and suddenly my neck feels like I want to die #I've put on so much aspercreme today #I took 800mg of ibuprofen #I Have a double tomorrow #this is gonna SUCK
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