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  • syn0vial
    25.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    a little personal life update for those who care: had covid at the beginning of the month, am now covid-free but am having heart palpitations (skipped/ectopic heartbeats) so have been in-and-out of the hospital seeing what's what. i'm now wearing a heart monitor for the next 24 hours and will get more information in the next 1.5 weeks. got a prescription for propranolol in the meantime, so we'll see how it goes.

    #it sucks. i'll go through periods where i'll get several ectopic beats a minute #and then periods where i'll only get a couple an hour #everything i've heard says that it's nothing immediately dangerous but it feels very unpleasant and triggers my anxiety something awful #fuck covid dude. i had a mild case and no pre-existing heart conditions and now i might have to go on heart medication long term #i'm just hoping i don't need surgery #personal #had two doses of pfizer last year if anyone's curious
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  • profamer
    25.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Supply-Chain Term of the Day: Order Picking

    Supply-Chain Term of the Day: Order Picking

     Collecting items from a storage location to satisfy a shop or customer order. We send out a new terms every morning during the workday. Be sure to click on the (Schedule Classes on Demand) tab above if you are interested in taking classes. The first one is free.

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    #Order Picking#supply-chain #Term of the Day
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  • quotegender
    25.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago


    a gender related to the quote " I will create a world of my own design."

    for anon

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  • twopoppies
    25.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago


    #seeding anon #thanks for all of your thoughts #i don't know how long you've been in this fandom #but this sort of thing has been happening for years #at least for the last 7 or 8 years #i just don't really see it as seeding for a short term goal #i'd love to be wrong though
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  • abomius
    25.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    @lalaluuz​ said: Don't worry about it, that's normal.

    “I’ll have to take your word for it, human.”  He has no choice in this matter.

    #lalaluuz #ic. #he's not quite up to date in terms of canon point...But...Soon!
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  • quatregats
    25.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    Okay I know I have like 2 American followers but I’m reading stuff about Boston English for a project and uhhhh what are your guys’ thoughts on the following:

    Calling an avenue “ave”/ “av” (pronounced /æv/) - apparently this is a Boston thing (Comm Ave for Commonwealth Avenue, Mass Ave for Massachusetts Avenue, etc etc) but I feel like that’s absolutely insane if true, how do people refer to their streets otherwise?????

    Is the first vowel in “father” and “bother” the same??????? I’m actually going crazy I can not imagine those being the same vowel at all but also who knows what people are doing in the rest of this country

    #non-americans are also welcome to input your thoughts ofc #these both just seem like they should be more universal but maybe i'm just from boston????? #i'm just surprised because normally i actually score very low in terms of having boston features in my speech #but also just the calling avenues 'ave' is breaking my mind please disprove this #i know mass ave comm ave and such are boston staples and i can see how those specific phrases could be signifiers #of being a 'local' #but just saying 'ave' in general??? i'm mystified #perce rambles
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  • thebitchbehindtheslaughter
    25.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    No emotion-chart I’ve ever had the displeasure of being handed during a doctor’s appointment has ever been more accurate and accommodating to me, specifically, than The Four Humours 

    Blood - Excitement, extreme positive reactions to ordinary things, hyperactivity 

    Yellow Bile - Anger, temperament (from seemingly nowhere), frustrations 

    Black Bile - Hollowness, emptiness, muted/muffled emotions 

    Phlegm - Sorrow, misery (from seemingly nowhere), spontaneous weeping 

    You can have too much of one of them, too little, and/or YOU CAN MIX ‘N’ MATCH 

    #plagueposting #why not? #it’s so difficult to look people in the eye and say “black bile” when they ask you howyou’re feeling tho #but once you’re past that it’s smooth sailing #blood#sanguine#yellow bile#chloeric#black bile#melancholic#phlegm#phlegmatic #CAUTION PLEASE DO NOT STICK LEECHES TO YOURSELF TO “CURE” THESE SYMPTOMS #I AM NOT SAYING TO DO THAT #GENUINELY DO NOT #feel free to adopt these terms into your life tho #I in no way own them so go wild #austim#mental health #emotions be wildin #thanks for reading all these tags btw
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  • 12amaesthetic
    25.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    This post was done automatically from the shortcuts app :)

    #shortcuts#automation #random image from UnSplash #queued #generated on 16 April 2022 #search term:#tech#size:#9260x9260
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  • boderry
    25.05.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    anyways POLL...do we think next single aka bed mv aka clown mv is Late Night Talking ....or Daydreaming.....????? respond in the ask bawx

    #i was sooooo sure it was LNT but....now that ive listened to daydreaming more? the bed driving around london and crazy circus shit would #totally work w daydreaming #but then again!!! LNT will definitly do better in terms of mainstream and drama talk
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  • pig-wings
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    between d*ckk*ry and "fridging" being used in comics in the year of our lord 2022...quit letting characters get meta! characters don't know they're in stories! characters don't know fandom shit! they don't know tropes! argh!!!

    #gotta be honest...dc desperately needs to hire some meaner editors #sometimes...sometimes it feels like people don't always want stories #they want...idk. snippets? #stories that exist for us to point at and go 'look they did the thing' every time a character talks drive me insane #characters getting meta is not cute IMO #idk if META is even the right term. but the fucking joss whedon marvel creep drives me insane #every character is aware that they're on a page/in a movie/whatever
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  • battlinghurricanes
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    As an aromantic person, I want more aromantic centric stories, I'm fucking starving for them. The pickings are so damn slim, not just in mainstream media but in stuff like fanfic too, the aro rep I've found in the kind of stories I like is virtually nothing.

    I want to write it myself, to put something out there that's focused on aro characters and unconventional relationships, for myself if no one else. Numerous times I've conceptualized stories like that with characters I see as aro. But then when it comes to actually writing it, it becomes so intimidating. Even as I know it's not true, part of my mind still tells me it's not important, it's way off course from anything that makes sense or matters, that it's so entirely indulgent projection that it would infuriate anyone but me. It's so vulnerable when it comes to the point of properly writing it and externalizing it in a way that other people could see it too, and just the thought of any judgement is crushing.

    And as I've recently started an attempt to write something focused on an aromantic relationship, it's also just fucking hard. It's hard to write, even though it's far closer to my own feelings and experiences than romance. And it's because I feel like I'm starting from scratch. Even when I've written romance as a aro person, I've seen so so many stories with romance before. I build my own stories and relationships, but I at least have basis for how to describe the emotions in a way that communicates romance, because I've seen it done a million times. I don't have anything like that for queer platonic relationships (I guess I would call it). The type of intense and unconventional, but distinctly romance void relationship I'm writing is proving so hard to articulate because I have no reference point for how anyone else would describe it. It's so isolating.

    There's not necessarily a point to this post, but I wanted to make it. I'm so desperate to see this part of me reflected that it hurts, but. It's just not out there.

    #aromantic#my posts #im just hurting rn lol #fan content does a great deal to close a lot of representation gaps #but aro rep aint really one of them #i dont doubt for a second that theres people writing aro focused stories like this #and theyre absolutely fantastic for it #but its So Rare #and ive never found it in the fandoms i know anything about #(i personally hesitate with what i should call a qpr) #(its a great term and im SO glad its used but i just dont really resonate with it) #(so idk what fits it)
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  • artymiswritesfics
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    sorry i cant shut up about how i hate him i have to cancel out all the people who do like him /j

    #i dont get it!! i really dont!! #i especially dont get the people who ship him and deku #coming from someone whose current favourite ship is dazai and chuuya: that is an abusive relationship lmao #i saw a post trying to explain how they werent and then like most of their points were about deku. bro hes not the abusive one #and then the ones that were about bakugou were just like. really shitty tbh #like they were just small things?? and you can tell they dont know what abuse is like bc abusers literally can be nice sometimes #they arent assholes all of the time #i mean bakugou is but he's just kinda. like that #but anyway before you call me a hypocrite theres a Huge difference between trying to kill each other consensually #(which okay that sounds bad but idk how else to describe them LMAO) #and genuinely being a dick to someone for no reason #even if abusive is too harsh of a term for you. they still are very much not healthy #maybe he gets better!! idk im not finished!! but i dont think i could ever ship them because bakugou has been like this their whole lives #even if he changes (which im not sure he does but again i dont know) it still won't erase. all of that #overall i really dont care if you like him i just dont understand you <3 /lh #kaz speaks
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  • chatonnoir
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    lol hi anon who sent that ask about immediately blocking bad takes and then still thinking about them

    the post i saw was 'mlb is racist because lila is italian and i googled 'are italians liars' and google said yes. also that part with chloe saying 'make sushi' further cements it so the creators of this show are awful!'

    They decided it was racist because they ..... Googled if “Italians are liars”?????? I’ve never heard of any Italian stereotype about lying?? I even searched a bit and read through various descriptions of bad Italian stereotypes because of this ask and I’ve yet to see a single thing about lying. Also, letting Google do their critical thinking for them is a really interesting choice. I’m just going to move on and not comment on this 

    Dear god I’ve literally seen that Chloe take before in comments on Astruc’s twitter during season 4 (not even season 2 ffs) where they basically say “why did you make Chloe racist, that makes you racist.” ?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? HUH?????? A writer takes a rich white antagonist who is repeatedly shown to be ignorant and mean and has her be racist towards the Asian characters, having her make “they’re all the same”-type comments and comments ridiculing their English, both very common forms of racism towards Asians. These comments are presented as being ignorant and mean by the show, and the protagonists are shown getting rightfully angry and trying to call her out and correct her on this. They saw this and arrived at the conclusion that the WRITER was the racist here?????? Please tell me what mental gymnastics were necessary to arrive at this conclusion. I can only imagine it’s coming from the people who love an idealized fanon version of Chloe and pretend anything that doesn’t agree with their version either didn’t happen or was actually the fault of another character or the writers themselves -- “Chloe isn’t racist!!1!1 Astruc MADE her be racist!!1!1″ Sorry to her stans but her racism is a completely realistic depiction of how ignorant privileged white girls like her show their ignorance in real life, y’all can’t just make up “evil Astruc” headcanons to gloss over it and pretend she isn’t racist.

    #in terms of the racism I've met so many chloe's in real life #'where is islam' - a grown white girl in a high school history class who made me listen to this question with my own two ears #'oh I talked to the chinese guy' - white girl referring to my coworker who is Filipino #'I look like a sexy little g*psy girl' - white girl I had the misfortune of overhearing while she was trying on clothes at the flea market #the list goes on and on and on and on and #answers #ml fandom salt
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  • zelle-exe
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    ♡ Dolloopsygender ♡

    { Go away if you refuse to read/listen to the DNI please! }

    Dolloopsygender is a gender corolated to lalaloopsies and dolls in general. This can also be related to tea parties.

    Ways to describe this gender can be pastel, cutesy, doll-like, frilly and energized.

    Term/flag requested by @meowslittleinternetcafe!
    Term/flag officially coined by me! 5/24/2022
    Pastel pink - Lalaloopsies and the lalaloopsy brand
    Pink - Dolls
    Light purple - Tea parties and cute aesthetics
    White - Gender inclusivity
    { Repeat: light purple, pink, pastel pink }

    ♡!Pronoun Suggestions!♡


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  • finiffy
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    (Headcannon) ukelele doesn't strike me as the person whos capable of shooting someone i feel like he mostly came out when they where interacting with the other squad members

    On a semi unrealated note i feel like francis wouldn't be as soft as he seems (a lot of pent up negative emotions)


    Hmm Ukulele just appear when they have to interact with these people is intresting, the guy tries to just act tough infront of his squad

    Also yeah agree with you there, Francis is not really soft, he more kind but wow does the guy have alot of things going on with him

    #fin answers#⛈ anon #side thing: people i want to make sure that do not make Francis a 'soft boi'....i hate that term and usage so much #being kind and nice is not the same as uwu/ cinnamon roll #(this also goes for glass) #this is not at all direct to you anon
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  • thedevotionaltour
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    slowly roping cherry further into sparks the long term plan is working

    #and by long term i mean the short term effect of my steady enjoyment of them and hoping it rubs off if i talk abt and rb them enough #static.soundz
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  • thiefbird
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i’m trying to find footage of alistair’s dialogue in Awakening if you and him are Not Friends Anymore but its all him romanced -_-

    #he and dirth had a Friend Breakup TM #it was Very Dramatic and now they are not really on speaking terms #dirth is friends with anora tho
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  • marginal-effect
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    a thing that always gets me is that people act like fanfiction has completely destroyed modern literature, especially in reference to whatever shitty young/new adult book happens to be trending, as if trashy romance brimming with shitty tropes or problematic content and similarly low brow or w/ever novels haven't existed for fucking decades. even more so now that self publishing is more accessible w the rise of the internet

    #also that one post about someones date asking them what tropes they like and they immediately go into a tirade about fandom ruining ppl #when it was never even implied to be part of the conversation #as if literary tropes have never existed #or even the fact that someone can be into books and never touch greater fandom and still have trash taste or know the common terms #im not even trying to defend fandom culture some of yall are just so blind to the greater picture #ree talks
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  • sleepingcatemojis
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    asexual flag emoji (if that's okay)

    here you go! also why wouldn’t it be okay? you’re silly /aff

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  • 701boys
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Sorry if this is random or rude but I saw your new bio and you said you didn't like people using femboy or twink for your pina art? Is it okay if I ask why? I've never seen that before and wanted to know what made you want to add that.

    OOH okay. So like i originally had it on twitter but decided to bring it here. i said it on twitter bcs i found my pina are shared on a couple of reddit threads and they used both words to describe my picture of him!

    So one thing is that this is all based on my own personal opinions of words/characters. So like if you don't like what i have to say, it doesn't impact you because it's like me just in my zone . so basically all im gonna say is that, this isn't an attack on you if you disagree with me. just my personal thoughts.


    1.) i've heard that f*mboy is a transmisogynstic slur and that only trans fems should be using it. i am mlm so like, i tend to see it a lot especially used by furry mlm. and even tho i haven't seen a TON of transfems saying anything about it, i think even seeing a few is enough for me to not want to use it. Plus i just don't think it matches for my art or the connotations. there are some transfems i've seen who are cool with non transfems using it, and that's cool. im just not comfortable using it

    2.) Twink--so everyone has their opinions on twink. mostly, people see a very skinny, feminine/small mlm who wears femme clothes occasionally or just a skinny mlm as a twink and that's cool. I personally just don't like the connotations and twink automatically having to mean certain things or whatever, especially since sometimes i've seen it used in weird ways to me at least. It also ends up going into personality or whatever, like having to be saved a lot or rescued or whatever.

    Like, yes i hc pina to be feminine , but as an identity, i also headcanon him to be submissive/a bottom during like nsfw situations (esp with like riz & tem) if you've read my things. but to me that doens't make him a twink ?? like he can be all those things but i just don't feel that should reduce him to a twink?

    and i guess like, while that's how i see the character i just don't personally like that twink itself has become synonmous with that to the point where it means a certain thing. and even then, i think it can devalue a character. like a feminine looking person who u may think is a guy and call a twink, can actually be nonbinary and not comfortable with those terms. and i do sometimes hc pina as nonbianry, so i just personally don't like what twink means in my scope or sphere, because i feel that when people use it it completely reduces a personality or assigns a personality. and sometimes when people see me draw like a super feminine pina or whatever, and they call him a twink and assign that word to certain traits or whatever then it's like--uh--no. at least not for me.

    and also i don't really see a lot of people draw/write pina as an exclusively feminine person by means of him dressing like that and that being his identity, and to me it's not something that is like assigned to him being a twink it's more so just who he is. and i think twink kinda takes that away.

    also um--don't reblog this i know i don't have anything to worry about but still??

    also for twink--this is my opinion. im not here to shame people for how they see or use twink or tell them not to use it because like--who am i? i am just a person on the internet so my opinion doesn't matter and doesn't hold value to your opinion. i think that's important to say. i am just an idiot, so if you use twink for pina or anything or use twink in the ways i have said that i dont like--that's chll because like, that's you and your work.

    #and it IS related to a certain body type too which is also very very harmful #i won't get into that #but yeah #for the first one #i think that if you are trans fem and u wanna use the term for anything then thats cool #i just will nawt be using it #i used to hc pina as transfem but the closer and more personal i got to the character i started refelcting my own identity or projecting my #own identity to him #which in western terms #would just be nonbinary gay femme lol #but i don't mind if ppl hc or view my pina as trans fem or whatever #but those are my VIEWS #not urs #well i am nonbinary bi femme #and sometime trans masc #so me and pina are different with sexuality #anyway
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