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  • moviesandmania
    24.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    MURDER AT YELLOWSTONE CITY (2022) Preview of Western movie [trailer]

    MURDER AT YELLOWSTONE CITY (2022) Preview of Western movie [trailer]

    Murder at Yellowstone City is a 2022 American Western film about a former slave who arrives in a desolate former boomtown now on the decline. Meanwhile, a local prospector discovers gold – and is murdered… Directed by Richard Gray. Produced by Kelly Frazier, Richard Gray, Robert Menzies, Anjul Nigam, Scottie Thompson and Lisa Wolofsky. The movie stars Gabriel Byrne, Thomas Jane, Isaiah Mustafa,…

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  • ramascreen
    24.05.2022 - 9 hours ago



    RLJE Films has released these poster and trailer for MURDER AT YELLOWSTONE CITY In Theaters, On Digital and On Demand: June 24, 2022 Starring:  Gabriel Byrne, Thomas Jane, Isaiah Mustafa, Anna Camp, Aimee Garcia, Emma Kenney, Nat Wolff, Richard Dreyfuss Directed By: Richard Gray  Written By: Eric Belgau  The once peaceful and booming Yellowstone City has fallen on hard times, but when a local…

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  • tims-camera-lense
    24.05.2022 - 23 hours ago


    ‿︵‿︵‿︵୨˚̣̣̣͙୧ - - - - - ୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿︵‿︵‿︵

    [Yo, I’m Lev and welcome to my blog. I’m a writer and requests are currently open!]

    -•₎ ..⃗. ꒰ My Proxy Post, My Pasta Post, My The Ark Post, My Clown Post꒱

    Characters I write for

    Any Marble Hornets character
    Most of the creepypastas

    (The only character related reason I won’t write for a specific character is if I don’t know them or it’s 0ff///nderman)

    What I will write

    Character x Character (fond of Brian x Tim <3)
    Character x Oc (upon request)
    Character x masc/fem/gn!reader
    Any scenario set in my particular writing/lore for the pastas+proxies (,,please)
    Most Requests

    What I won’t write


    ‿︵‿︵‿︵୨˚̣̣̣͙୧ - - - - - ୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿︵‿︵‿︵

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  • intimidating-fettuccine
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    (this is not a request) could you tell us in your view which are the 10 most powerful residents? (in no specific order)

    I’ll do you one more accurately and tell you in actual order, including all creeps!

    I might have done rankings before, not sure, but this aligns with my current canon. If you have any questions about the ranking, feel free to ask!

    1. Zalgo 

    2. Slender

    3. Splendor

    4. Offender

    5. BEN

    6. Trender

    7. Candy Pop

    8. Jason

    9. Puppeteer

    10. Laughing Jack

    11. Sally

    12. Eyeless Jack

    13. Hobo Heart

    14. Jeff

    15. Tim

    16. Kate

    17. Toby

    18. Liu

    19. Brian

    20. Helen

    21. Dr. Smiley

    22. Jane

    23. Natalie

    24. Nina

    #slender mansion mayhem #creepypasta#creepypasta headcanon#creepypasta headcanons#cp headcanons #jeff the killer headcanons #ben drowned headcanons #eyeless jack headcanons #laughing jack headcanons #ticci toby headcanons #tim wright headcanons #brian thomas headcanons #slenderman headcanons #homicidal liu headcanons #jane the killer headcanons #clockwork headcanons #bloody painter headcanons #dr smiley headcanons #sally williams headcanons #offenderman headcanons#trenderman headcanons#splendorman headcanons #jason the toymaker headcanons #puppeteer headcanons#zalgo headcanons #candy pop headcanons #hobo heart headcanons #nina the killer headcanons #kate the chaser headcanons
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  • outrowingss
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    New Becoming Elizabeth promotional pictures!

    From this article by Glamour: https://www.glamour.com/story/becoming-elizabeth-on-starz-everything-we-know-about-the-british-period-drama

    The article has an exclusive clip but it doesn’t work for me :/

    #becoming elizabeth#elizabeth i#elizabeth tudor#mary i#mary tudor#edward vi#catherine parr#katherine parr #lady jane grey #robert dudley#tudor history #i didn’t see anyone post about these yet #im v excited about this show #thomas seymour #still very nervous about the thomas seymour plot #but bess and robin 🥰 #edward ​seymour
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  • buffyfan145
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Halfway through season 1 of “Troppo” and really enjoying it!!! :D It originally aired in Australia and is now out here in the US on both Amazon FreeVee and Amazon Prime and stars Thomas Jane, Nicole Chamoun, David Lyons, and more. It’s based off the “Crimson Lake” book series by Candace Fox and the mystery is really good that Ted and Amanda have joined together as PIs to help solve. Ted’s American and a former cop that was falsely accused of a crime that destroyed his marriage and family, while Amanda’s from Crimson Lake, Australia and is trying to redeem herself from a crime she committed as a teenager. They are both fantastic characters and the supporting cast are great too. Really hope it’s renewed for a 2nd season but I think it’s up to the Australian network so we’ll have to wait and see, and of course we have the books. Also for fellow Thomas Jane/”The Expanse” fans Ted is so similar to Miller and it feels like he teemed up with either a female version of Amos or Clarissa. 

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  • she-x-wolf
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Best feeling in the choices world.

    But then, unfortunately..


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  • intimidating-fettuccine
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    (general question) do you think you can tell us what the creep's favorite food is?

    I.. I was debating what to do for EJ as he can't eat human food.. So I listed his preferred literal human food

    Also! I decided to mix things up and answer AS the creeps!

    Jeff: "Pancakes, you just can't go wrong with 'em. Best way to start the day."

    BEN: "Burgers are always a win in my book! Good for any occassion."

    Eyeless Jack: "A nice fatty thigh is fantastic, but I'm also really fond of eyeballs as snacks... Why are you looking at me like that? It's not like I'll eat you up, silly."

    Laughing Jack: "Salted caramel is just too delectible for me to place anything else at the top of the list!"

    Toby: "Soups of any kind are really nice. They remind me of my mom, since she makes the best soup."

    Tim: "A nice honey baked ham is a pretty damn good meal."

    Brian: "Spaghetti! Maybe basic, but it just gives me the good vibes!"

    Slender: "There are far too many choices for me to narrow this down to just one food. I've eaten basically every type of food.. And they're usually always delicious."

    Splendor: "Anything sweet wins my vote!! It's just too hard to resist something nice and sugary."

    Offender: "Anything Slender or my mom cooks is a 20/10. Those two are just on a different level in the kitchen."

    Trender: "Bruschetta. Elegant and delicious, it's absolutely perfect."

    Liu: "Carbonara is pretty nice! Although I'm partial to pasta in general."

    Jane: "Sushi is pretty damn good! Always my go-to on a day out."

    Natalie: "Grilled fish isn't half bad... I used to make it when I was younger, even caught my own fish."

    Helen: "Rare steak. What? I grew up in a wealthy household, I like my steaks. Although.. Hazelnuts are also pretty tasty."

    Dr. Smiley: "Curry is pretty yummy. Plus, I can make a whole bunch and have leftovers. Useful for late nights in the lab."

    Sally: "Anything sweet!! Cake, candy, cupcakes, chocolate... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!"

    Jason: "Strawberries are the optimal food, but their best forms are natural or covered in chocolate. Nothing else compares to their delightful flavor."

    Puppeteer: "Anything with low amounts of salt. It makes me have... Reactions, if you will. Shitty ghost biology."

    Zalgo: "Beef wellington is a satisfying dish. Although.. Surely, something as sweet as you would also be quite delicious, yes...? Should I find out..?"

    Candy Pop: "Everyone says I'm crazy for it, but I could go nuts for a pack of black licorice! The flavor is too strong you say? Nah, I think it's just right!"

    Hobo Heart: "...Slender's homemade chicken pot pie tastes like home to me."

    Nina: "Hmmm... I could go for some cake right about now!! Do you wanna go get some?? There's a lovely place just down from the castle!"

    Kate: "Anything with cherries in it. I just love how tart their flavor is."

    #creepypasta#creepypasta headcanon#creepypasta headcanons#cp headcanons #jeff the killer headcanons #ben drowned headcanons #eyeless jack headcanons #laughing jack headcanons #ticci toby headcanons #tim wright headcanons #brian thomas headcanons #slenderman headcanons#splendorman headcanons#offenderman headcanons#trenderman headcanons #homicidal liu headcanons #jane the killer headcanons #clockwork headcanons #bloody painter headcanons #dr smiley headcanons #sally williams headcanons #jason the toymaker headcanons #puppeteer headcanons#zalgo headcanons #candy pop headcanons #hobo heart headcanons #nina the killer headcanons #kate the chaser headcanons #slender mansion mayhem
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  • intimidating-fettuccine
    20.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    (it didn't come to my head at all because offender also enjoys chocolate donuts like me)

    Do you think you can tell us which creep's favorite dessert is?

    I definitely didn't have a dessert bias when making this. You'll never knoooooow

    Jeff: Strawberry shortcake

    BEN: Chocolate chip cookies

    Eyeless Jack: Can't eat human foods, but he thinks the cakes LJ makes look nice

    Laughing Jack: Salted caramel fudge

    Toby: Smores

    Tim: Apple pie

    Brian: Cherry pie

    Slender: Apple pie

    Splendor: Rainbow cake

    Offender: Chocolate glazed donuts

    Trender: Tiramisu

    Liu: Mint chocolate chip ice cream

    Jane: Cheesecake (any flavor)

    Natalie: Macarons

    Helen: Creme Brulee

    Dr. Smiley: Lava cake

    Sally: Anything with sugar, but she likes the candies LJ makes a lot

    Jason: Chocolate covered strawberries

    Puppeteer: Lemon meringue pie

    Zalgo: Sachertorte

    Candy Pop: Ice cream cake

    Hobo Heart: Strawberry cheesecake

    Nina: Red velvet cake

    Kate: Black cherry swirl fudge

    #creepypasta headcanon#creepypasta#creepypasta headcanons#cp headcanons #jeff the killer headcanons #ben drowned headcanons #eyeless jack headcanons #laughing jack headcanons #ticci toby headcanons #tim wright headcanons #brian thomas headcanons #slenderman headcanons#splendorman headcanons#offenderman headcanons#trenderman headcanons #homicidal liu headcanons #jane the killer headcanons #clockwork headcanons #bloody painter headcanons #dr smiley headcanons #sally williams headcanons #jason the toymaker headcanons #puppeteer headcanons#zalgo headcanons #candy pop headcanons #nina the killer headcanons #hobo heart headcanons #kate the chaser headcanons #slender mansion mayhem
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  • cherrygeek
    20.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Exclusive interview with Tropp Thomas Jane, Nicole Chamoun & Candice Fox

    Interview with stars and writer of the new series Troppo on Freevee @ThomasJane #NicoleChamoun @candicefoxbooks @AmazonFreevee @weareAGCstudios #Freevee #Troppo #CrimsonLake #ThomasJane #CandiceFox

    Troppo is a new mystery series streaming now on Freevee I interviewed Troppo cast and writer about the new Freevee (formerly IMDBTv) series. The series stars Thomas Jane (Ted Conkaffey) and Nicole Chamoun (Amanda Pharrell) and the series were adapted by Candice Fox who wrote Crimson Lake (the book series is based on).  Exclusive interview with Thomas Jane & Nicole Chamoun Exclusive interview…

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  • driverpicksthe-music
    20.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Oh man…I have fallen down the summer Bords wormhole from last year (and can not wait for this year’s summer…when I get to see it as it happens, instead of after the fact.).

    And now I’m imaging boating with him. Like suntanning all day while he’s driving the boat. (And then him rubbing aloe on your back after you get sunburnt)

    nonnie i love this <3

    mia come look at my brilliant nonnie's ideas @thombordy

    #jane does: asks #thomas bordeleau
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  • pilgrimjim
    18.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    The Practice of Happiness

    What is happiness? It can be pursued, but can it be possessed? Is it a perfect moment, or a state of being? Is is something I do, or something I am? #Happiness

    Comet Falls, Mt. Rainier National Park (July 29, 2005). The tables outside the cantina were full of beautiful laughing men and women.… Everyone who sat there looked on display, the women in their lovely summer dresses, the men with their hair oiled back on their heads, their tanned bare feet resting proprietorially on top of their Gucci loafers. One wanted to applaud them for presenting such a…

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    #Authentic Happiness Survey #Happiness#Jane Kenyon#Jesus #John Moschos "The Spiritual Meadow" #Joy#Laurie Santos #Michael Cunningham "The Hours" #Parker Palmer #Peter Cameron "Andorra" #Rebecca Solnit #Sara Teasdale "The Answer" #Sonia Lyubomirski #St. Francis of Assisi #The Happiness Lab #Thomas Merton#Vita Sackville-West#Zadie Smith
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  • logblame
    18.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Thomas Jane

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  • ulrichgebert
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Wie ein weißer Vogel im Schneesturm fühlt sich Kat (rechts), als ihre Mutter verschwindet. Als Reaktion auf die Familienhölle (im Bild) leuchtet ihr das allerdings total ein und sie beschäftig sich lieber damit, daß sie 17 ist, ihre Hormone verrückt spielen und der knackige Nachbarsjunge nicht mehr so recht will.

    Schade. Dafür der ermittelnde Polizist. Obwohl er schon ziemlich alt ist. Das Grauen lauert dann aber doch (für Gregg-Araki-Verhältnisse allerdings nicht allzu abwegig) ganz woanders als angenommen.

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  • intimidating-fettuccine
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    The big long lore post

    This post contains summaries of all of my character lore, and will remain on the pinned post on the blog for easy access!


    Obvious disclaimer! Some of these are VERY different from their original canon, and that’s the point for me. I understand not everyone likes or wants to follow my lore, but my writing follows this lore.

    Putting them under a keep reading because this is so long

    Jeff (Mentions of abuse):

    The second-born son to a family that didn't want him, born weaker but more intelligent than his older brother, Jeff was physically, verbally, and emotionally abused by his mother his entire life. The only kindness Jeff ever knew was from his older brother Liu, the attributed golden child of the family. Used to being a victim of bullying, his luck took a turn for the worst when he was escorted to an open field, tied up, and lit on fire by the worst of his bullies, only making it out alive due to Jane saving him. On the night that he snapped, he murdered his parents in cold blood before trying to escape, harming his brother in the process. To disguise himself easier and cause a distraction, Jeff in a break of panic and insanity started several house fires as a diversion. Jeff now lives life through a facade, presenting himself as a strong and capable person, hiding the weak, scared version of himself inside.

    Liu (Mentions of abuse):

    The first-born son to a family that originally treasured him, life started off good for Liu, until Jeff came into the mixture. While Liu will never tell Jeff, and will never shatter his reality, Liu was not as loved and treasured as Jeff thought. Their mother constantly pushed Liu to be the best, better than Jeff, and would beat him and scream at him as well whenever he disappointed her, however, Liu was better at hiding the bruises. Sully developed in his early adolescence as a way for him to cope with the trauma of his mother, Sully taking the brunt of the abuse and Liu trying to save his brother from the same fate. On the night that Jeff attacked him while fleeing, Liu ended up wandering into the woods, and in a state of half-death, ended up in a state of limbo. He ended up stumbling through a hidden area to access the Underworld from the human world, and in his state of limbo transformed into a self-aware zombie. Liu now spends his days trying to reconcile with his sibling.


    Jane grew up a normal child in a loving household. However, her fate was changed when the Masters family moved in across the street. While Jane had always shown the boys kindness, often helping Jeff in secret, telling off his bullies, and protecting him from the shadows, she felt ultimately betrayed when in his spark of insanity he lit her house on fire in the wake of his path. Jane suffered severe injuries trying to navigate inside to her parents who ultimately ended up dying in the fire. She vowed to seek revenge upon Jeff, but upon learning they both contracted with Slender and were not allowed to fatally harm each other was forced to form a truce with him. She's learning to give him ounces of forgiveness these days and finds hating him to be too exhausting as she tries to move on. They're neither friends nor enemies.


    Involved with the above three, Nina often followed in her older brother's footsteps and took great joy in terrorizing Jeff, hating him from an early age. She ended up developing a crush on the older brother, Liu, although he never returned her affections due to the age difference and her treatment of his sibling. After learning that Liu still loves Jeff even after the incident, Nina now holds that same hatred for him as well. After Jeff ended up seeking revenge and killing his bullies, he accidentally left Nina alive, and she viewed this as him mocking her and getting back at her for the years of abuse. She is now devoted to trying to kill him. She also has an issue with Jane who no longer has any drive to kill Jeff, viewing Jane as a traitor and an idiot for giving up on her vengeance. She is currently employed under Zalgo and works as one of his highest-ranking workers.

    BEN (Mentions of abuse):

    An only child born to a happy household, BEN was well-loved until his mother passed away when he was still a child from an illness that had been plaguing him for years. His father turned to alcohol and violence to cope, and while his mother would protect BEN when he was younger, once she passed BEN was forced to endure years of abuse alone, obtaining his fear of water from his father mock drowning him as an abusive punishment. After saving up cash and trying to escape, BEN's father discovered his hiding space and in a fit of rage and betrayal, intentionally drowned BEN in their bathtub. Now a mess of hollowness and fear, BEN drowns (pun I didn’t notice until beta reading) himself in work and games to distract himself from his trauma, trying to prevent himself from attempting to actually drown himself again from the emotional high it had given him. Working as the trusted, intelligent informant under Slender, he does whatever he can to hide his past from others.

    Toby (Mentions of abuse):

    Born as the second child to an influential CEO who was insanely fixated on having the perfect family, Toby, his sister, and his mother lived in an abusive hellhole for a very long time. He was rapidly punished once he started developing his Tourette's, as his father viewed it as an imperfection, and so all of their punishments would continue growing worse. Strict education and strict rules must be followed, and if you break them, endless suffering follow. Toby, unable to feel the pain of punishment, was forced to watch his sister and mother be tortured, serving as a much more effective punishment for Toby. Mock execution, starvation, isolation, sensory deprivation/assault, anything that would terrify his family, his father would do. After his father accidentally murdered his sister in a punishment gone wrong, Toby snapped and murdered him, escaping and running away while his mother covered for him. His mother still loves him and cares for him today while he recovers from all the abuse in hiding at Slender's mansion.

    Tim and Brian:

    Friends from a young age, Tim was the quiet loner, and Brian was the anxious boy who couldn't make friends. Brian was drawn to Tim like a moth to a flame, and the two of them were always side by side. They lived perfectly normal and happy lives until Brian got the interesting idea for them to try and be ghost hunters. It started off as an innocent and stupid hobby until they actually ended up stumbling upon truly cursed items, leaving the two of them to become possessed by entities that we now call Masky and Hoodie. The two of them searched everywhere to try and get help but no exorcism could expel the spirits from them. They eventually stumbled upon Slender in the woods near Brian's house, and he took them in, offering assistance with the entities now residing in them.


    A girl with a penchant for exploration, Kate had a habit of escaping from the free world and spent most of her time in the woods located behind her house. She liked the exploration and would try and visit cursed areas around her town, and one she had discovered online wasn't too far from her, at the very edge of the woods. It was an old shut down mining facility, however, it was shut down for a reason. There was a cursed monster lurking in the depths, and it ended up casting its curse upon her, invading her senses and causing her to leak a dark, wet, ashy substance when in her cursed and transformed state. She ended up being saved by Slender, attracted to the commotion as he keeps tabs on some of the entities residing in the human world. He gave her a place to live in his mansion and helps her cope with the curse residing in her veins. Due to the effect the curse has on her eyes, Kate was even originally unaware of Slender's true appearance. 

    Natalie (Mentions of abuse):

    A daughter born in a family hoping for only boys. With a misogynistic father looking for a son to pass his business down to, Natalie was the opposite of what he wanted. Their next child, Natalie's younger brother, would go on to be the favored child, while Natalie was forced to behave like a boy and not allowed to own anything remotely feminine, and she was even referred to as "Nathan" instead of Natalie in the house. Natalie and her mother were routinely beaten by their father due to his hatred of their existence. After her younger brother grew close to her, treasuring Natalie as his older sister, this made her father even angrier and the abuse ended up escalating. As Natalie grew older, she tried harder and harder to become more feminine, and her father in a fit of rage started to sexually assault her as it was the only thing women were good for in his mind. Eventually, after dealing with all of this for so long, her younger brother snuck Natalie a knife, giving her the means to murder their father while he covered for her, allowing her to escape. The two are still in touch to this day and have made lots of progress in recovering.

    Helen (Mentions of abuse):

    The only son born to rich and influential parents who were hoping for a daughter. Helen lived two lives, one as a studious young boy in the public, forced to get the highest possible education, and in private nothing more than a toy for his parents to dress up as a girl, forcing him to act feminine and portray himself as a girl behind closed doors. Helen found escape in art and wished to grow up and pursue it, however, his parents ridiculed him for this, destroying any art supplies they would find and physically abusing, degrading, and humiliating him constantly as punishment. One of Helen's duties behind closed doors would be to dress up as a woman and cook dinner for them every night, and one day after finally snapping he poisoned their dinner, effectively killing them before escaping and running away, discovering Slender a few years later. Helen doesn't remember doing so and will dodge questions about it if asked, but his parent's corpses were discovered heavily mutilated and posed artistically. Helen still retains this habit today, although he always claims he never remembers doing so.

    Dr. Smiley:

    A completely normal man on the outside, Smiley always had a flair for the more inhumane sides of science on the inside. He liked pushing experiments a bit too far, doing things a little bit too monstrous for what would be considered safe. He lived as a well-respected doctor during the day and a sadistic experimenter at night. He was eventually outed for his crimes and went to escape. He lived on the run for a few years before Slender chose him specifically for his medical knowledge, scouting him as the first official doctor for the mansion residents, so long as he kept his experiments on their targets rather than those that lived within the mansion. 

    Sally (Mentions of abuse):

    A child that was raised in an orphanage that was actually used as a human trafficking organization. Sally was a frequently used target within the organization, one of the more popular children. Constantly abused and assaulted, Sally never knew peace for the entirety of her life within that hellhole. Eventually, the organization was discovered, and in a last-ditch effort, all of the children within it were murdered and disposed of. Sally went on to wander around in the Underworld as a tormented spirit until Slender found her and took pity on her, giving her a place to finally rest. She still carries her severe hatred and mistrust of men but is making progress in recovering in the safety of the mansion.

    Eyeless Jack (Mentions of abuse):

    Another child brought up in an orphanage as his parents died in an accident when he was still a child, Jack ended up getting adopted into what he hoped would be a loving family. He was instead taken into a cult that only picked him due to his heterochromatic eyes. Forced to study, become nocturnal, and isolate themselves from each other, the children of the cult had to follow all of the various rules within it. Those that disobeyed rules would serve as human experiments as punishment, and despite being perfectly good, other kids would pin things on Jack so he had to suffer. After reaching a certain age, Jack would also be forced to consume human flesh. They went through all these lengths to prepare a vessel for a demon they wished to summon, and Jack would go on to become that vessel, the vessel for Ambrosa, the demon of scholars. Carved with symbols, branded and mutilated, eyes removed as an offering for the demon, in his final rebellion, rather than having the demon summoned, it fused its own soul with Jack's by accident, turning Jack himself into a demon that slaughtered all remaining humans in the organization and lost his memories in the process. He was eventually discovered and rescued by Slender, taken on as a second doctor. He views himself as a monster, containing feline ears, a tail, claws, teeth, and instincts, tormented by the glimpses of horrid memories he possesses and prefers to live alone.

    Laughing Jack (Mentions of abuse):

    Designed as a toy for Isaac by the Overworld, Jack was sent to him as a gift. Whoever possesses Jack's box has complete control over him and can command him at their will. This would have served no issue, had Jack not suffered an immediate glitch in his system after being received, becoming self-aware, however, he was unable to speak or move without commands from Isaac. Jack would grow traumatized, being forced to watch as Isaac was abused by his parents and unable to help him, left for years staring ahead and unable to move. Jack began to grow bitter and spiteful towards Isaac, for Isaac could do everything that Jack couldn't, could live however he wanted while Jack had to follow commands, and the more bitter he grew, the duller his once bright colors would become, now dull and washed out. Jack, unaware of the fact that his emotions were leaking into Isaac, ended up influencing Isaac to become as bitter and spiteful as himself. Isaac would begin to use Jack to kill animals, destroy houses, and set them ablaze to torment those he hated. It wasn't until Isaac brought home a girl and tried to assault her, ordering Jack to restrain her so he could that Jack finally snapped and gained control, denying Isaac's demands, although Isaac forced him into his box, and forced him to watch Isaac's crime, taunting him all the while. Isaac made the mistake of calling him back out, and Jack acted on impulse, torturing and murdering him, causing him to fall and truly become demonic, gaining claws and fanged teeth in the change, possessing darker magic. Eventually taken in my Slender, he now harbors a fear of children due to their cruelty and lack of empathy and views himself as a monster.


    Originally designed as a mechanical life-size toy for a magical toy shop in the Overworld powered by a music box "heart", Jason carried out his days as a caretaker and assistant in said shop. He was beloved by children and soaked up the attention like a sponge, however, envy is a hell of a drug. Eventually, the children would begin paying attention to newer models more than Jason, and he soon became ignored and forgotten. After becoming too self-aware, and too jealous, he suffered a system glitch and mutation. No longer the favored toy and beginning to become possessed by his jealousy, Jason snapped, slaughtering all those in the shop at the time and being cast into the Underworld. He now harbors a severe fear and distrust of people, especially children, and he fears everyone will take advantage of him and abandon him. He's built up a powerful facade for himself in the Underworld and garnered himself high standing, doing whatever he can to manipulate and keep the spotlight on himself so he can keep soaking up the attention.

    Candy Pop:

    In Candy's original lore, he fused with Night Terrors upon accidentally glancing into the mirror he was trapped in by Candy, but I take a different stance on this in my lore, saying Candy never trapped him in the first place. The other main difference, instead of Cand/Night slaughtering the rest of the Genyrs together, Night had come to slaughter them himself to absorb their souls. After witnessing all of his people having been killed, Candy in a last-ditch effort fused his soul with Night's, trapping them together and forcing them to share a body. This might be subject to fluctuation in the future as I don't have all of his lore completely meshed out, but this is a general idea. 

    Hobo Heart:

    Hobo's main lore could be followed by the OG for my blog if you wished, although I have one key difference in my own lore. In the original, it was C.C that ended up causing him to break free, but in my lore, it was someone else. Hobo, one night when wandering around, stumbled upon a nice old witch outside of her hut, unaffected by the aura he gave off, she was the first to ever show him kindness. She took him in where he had nowhere else to go and would help him in his tasks while teaching him things like simple spells as well. She was the one that eventually gave him the power to fight for what he truly wanted and to live his life, and upon her passing, he decided to take charge of his own fate, abandoning the tree he had served and choosing a life of his own, left only with the treasured necklace she always wore that she had left him. While traveling in the Underworld, he happened upon Slender's mansion, asking for employment, as the witch had actually informed him of "the tall man in the world of death", the one who would look out for him. Slender was happy to welcome him on as part of the crew.


    Originally a boy with a normal life, he was cruising along and living the high life. For lore reasons I haven't completely fleshed out yet, he would go on to become haunted by a spirit. It began to slowly drive him insane, and he would do whatever he could to escape the spirit that kept tormenting him, leading him to end up committing suicide, however, that allowed the spirit to mesh into him, causing Puppeteer to become the poltergeist he is today, although no longer the cheerful, happy boy he was, and now the narcissistic and demanding person that the spirit possessing him used to be. While not a full possession, Pup still retains his memories from human life but finds it hard to let down his guard and allow his true self to come out. He ended up accepting a job offer from Slender as he had nothing else to do with his afterlife. 


    The oldest son of the Mann family, Slender has always had high expectations on his shoulders and was the most educated, forced to follow along in his father's footsteps. In an act of teenage rebellion, Slender decided to instead take after his mother and fulfill his own life in the meantime. He founded his own assassination company as a way to further spite his father, now competing with him for the better company, founding the mansion as a place to take in employees and help them to recover from their trauma, being especially drawn to wandering, lost souls. When the time comes and his mother steps down, he will take after her and become the head grim reaper in the Underworld, in charge of harvesting and guiding souls.


    The second oldest son in the Mann family, trender was always closest to his mother who works part-time as a model and has an affinity for fashion. He always accompanied her, making many acquaintances early on in life, devoting himself to becoming a fashion designer when he grows up, and he ended up succeeding. He is a renowned stylist, respected in both the Underworld and Overworld for his designs, and he's an extremely sought after designer. 


    The third born son, and the one that struggles the most. While all of his other brothers always had clear aspirations, praise, and attention placed on them by their parents, Offender often drifted around, unsure of what to do with himself. With a passion for entertaining people, he would go on to found the Underworld's most popular club and bar, although he finds it hard to feel fulfilled with this when his brothers have done so much for. He often puts himself down and wishes he could have done something better with his life.


    The final born son, and the most surprising one. Extremely eager, bubbly, and friendly on the outside, Splendor has a dark and sinister side to himself, almost like a split personality (but not quite as it's still "him", it's just triggered by certain reactions), and he does his best to keep it hidden as he hates it and hates how it brings fear to people. Splendor travels the three worlds helping children in need and getting them the care and support that they need. 


    Zalgo was the only son and heir to the king and queen of the Underworld. He was never allowed friends or any source of entertainment and only had studying and work to occupy his time, harshly punished by his parents if he strayed from the path they made for him. He has a deep distrust of others due to the fact that many are eager to take advantage of him due to his status as the current king of the Underworld. He has a side company, an assassination one like Slender's that he uses to occupy himself and more diplomatically wipe out the scum of the Underworld. He has a deep affinity for plants, literature, and magic, and pursues them in his free time.

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    AU: Modern Boleyn family + Elizabeth I

    (requested by anonymous)

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    i watched the tudors last week and now its like every single time i watch anything it has at least one actor from that show it in

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    I remember that in your HC of the mansion you said that under one of the stairs there was a kind of demon/creature, so the residents there had to climb two steps to avoid being caught by it, however I have the feeling that more than one of the residents has already been a victim of the stair monster or at least has been close to it

    Who do you think are those who have already fallen down those stairs?

    Ooooooh a very good question. I would say the ones that have been victim to the monster under the stairs are Toby/Jeff/Natalie/Kate multiple times, but for single time incidents, I’d say Liu/Jane/Brian. Those three learned their lessons very fast

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