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  • heavenvessel
    29.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    flora shifts in her seat,   trying her best to blend into the background of this yawn-worthy tea party.   but to be frank,   this was not really flo’s scene.   she was only hear to watch over her lady,   aracelia.   it wasn’t until the familiar body sits down beside her that flora offers a smile.    “  i thought i saw you dozing off~   is everyone splitting off to gossip now?  ”

    muse:   flora pembroke,   lady’s maid and protector. based on:    flo is attending a tea party with her ladies cressida and aracelia and your muse and flo have made friends over the years.
    #◜⸰ ☀️.   flora pembroke  ›  threads. #◜⸰ 💙.   red string of fate  ›  primary verse. #◜⸰ 🍯.   a free for all  ›  open starters. #queued.
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  • nxttheendxfthestxry
    29.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    “Immortality isn’t living forever,” Adelaide remarks aloud, “Immortality is everyone else dying.”

    #practically perfect isn't easy || adelaide #adelaide / open #adelaide / convos #thread: immortality
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  • wintershieldedheart
    29.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    ☆ stephen & margot ☆


    ❝ That is a terrible, terrible idea. ❞

    ☆        swallowing, Margot nodded, ‘ yeah, it is. it’s absolutely a terrible idea, but I don’t see any other options, and I’m not hearing any other alternatives, ‘ she admitted quietly. It was petulant or aggressive, just resigned. Caught in a lose-lose situation, Margot hated that they didn’t have time to think of a better alternative. If they didn’t act people were going to die, and if they went through with their plan, they risked the same. ‘ there’s still time to back out if you don’t want to go through with it, ‘ she offered, tilting her head, ‘ you’re never obligated to do any of this. ‘ 

    some days, she worried that everyone who got into all of this forgot that they always had the option to leave. She remembered what it was like to not have a choice, what being forced to do something was like, and she didn’t want that for anyone. ‘ you don’t have to do this, ‘ she murmured.

    #( thread | stephen. ) #( @witchoflegends ) #( v; a light that never goes out. ) #( q. )
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  • torinoriley
    29.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago


    Lorna couldn’t help but laugh a little at his reaction to what she had said. She nods her heads and began to make her way back inside of the bar. “Well maybe next time I could buy you the last round of drinks. Does that sound like a plan to you?”

    torin smirked before he spoke. "anything that involves a drink sounds like a good plan." the hunter says as they head back inside the quiet bar, where most people were just leaving. "so what's your poison?" He asks as he takes a seat at the bar

    #threads // torin o'riley #torin x lorna #sorry no gifs
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  • lcnelylcves
    29.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago


    Finding out that his own descendant was going to become evil, it'd shattered Eddie just as much as finding out he wasn't going to marry Iris had. But for all that it hurt, he never blamed the others involved in a love triangle he'd never wanted to be in. Iris was the most wonderful person, he'd known Barry was in love with her and he understood why.

    And Barry was pretty damn incredible too, so Eddie couldn't really blame Iris for eventually returning those feelings. No, his broken heart was his own problem.

    Seeing the speedster, Eddie had a smile on his face, plastered on to hide that hurt. "Can't say I expected I'd see you again, but it's good to see you, Allen."

    #&& Eddie Thawne threads #Eddie Thawne && Barry Allen
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  • webtoonscreenshots
    29.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    Threads of Love, by Han Kijoo and 1

    #threads of love #webtoon#webtoons
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  • swectmagnolia
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Sakura snickers. “ Well don’t just look at it. Drink it. This tea is medicinal and delicious. It’s exactly what you need after all of your hard work today. “ 

    #soughtbirthright #[ sakura haruno ; threads. ]
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  • wataiga
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    i am moving blogs on wednesday!! i’ll be moving some of my threads & asks over there (if there’s a specific thread &/or ask you want me to reply / answer please do let me know) but otherwise i’m starting fresh. you may all know this new blog will be extremely private, i will be a lot more picky with who i follow or follow back & i’m gonna be a lot more free with it than i have been on this blog.
    if you wish to remain mutuals, as i won’t be refollowing everyone from this blog, please do like this post. there’s no pressure to like it, but if you change your mind in the future please know that i’ll welcome you back regardless. there will be a handful of people i will be refollowing however (people that i am interested in interacting personally, people i have dynamics / plots / threads with & of course my friends).
    with this new blog, i’ll be making a lot more effort of being more interactive, to interact with my mutuals & i will be doing whatever the fuck i want on it. if you’ve read this far, thank you, i appreciate your time & i do hope i’ll see many of my mutuals on my new blog <3
    #mobile. #wednesday is my next day off and the day my 2 and a half week of holiday from work starts #i unfortunately haven’t been able to tackle every single thread and ask like i wanted #but i’ll be holding off moving to the new blog if i keep doing it #so im moving to the new blog on wednesday and that’s final #no sooner no later #i’ll rb this post alongside the original post for any mutuals that still want to remain mutuals in my new blog #and maybe i’ll feel more comfortable to actually come off semi hiatus when the move happens #i gotta get ready for work now but there’s no pressure if you don’t want to stay mutuals #i’ll welcome you back if you change your mind in the future #on that note i’ll see you wednesday <3 #long post / #jic?
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  • submarinegf
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #(chanting) phantom thread omlette scene phantom thread omlette scene phantom thread omlette scene phantom thread omlette scene phantom threa
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  • submarinegf
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #phantom thread girlies i am going insane again so badly want to rewatch it but i saw it. literally 2 days ago
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  • lcnelylcves
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    "What's up, girl?" Dramatically, Bill threw himself onto the bar stool next to her, sprawled out across the counter as he grinned at his best friend. "Hit me with all the hot goss."

    Sure, he was probably going to get smacked for being stupid, but that was how their friendship worked. They were both larger than life, and indulged in being their extreme selves with no judgement. Well, no serious judgement.

    "Wait, first we need a drink. I want to order the most ridiculous cocktail, and watch the bartenders face when I drink it. You know he'll assume it's your order."

    #&& Bill Anderson threads #Bill Anderson && Rose Weasley #@ Blake
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  • multimuse-rp
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    @bardbattled asked: [ ARM ] for our muses to link arms while they walk ( for sansa stark )

    Sansa truly looked up to Elsie. The woman was kind, gentle, and extremely intelligent. Out of everyone in King’s Landing, she was one of the few people Sansa trusted — well, mostly trusted. It was hard to put her full faith in someone she hardly knew.

    She smiled as the woman linked arms with her. The two of them walked silently through the gardens for a few more moments before Sansa spoke, breaking the silence. “May I ask you something?” She hesitated for a moment before continuing. “How do you… handle the bad things that come your way?”

    #hope this is ok!! #✽ (013.) when i was young it seemed that life was so wonderful; but then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible (sansa) #bardbattled #ic answers // feel free to continue as a thread! #keep calm and queue on
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  • momento-mentari
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Mentari liked to think he knew every single person who walked over the border lines of the city, the ones who took any of the four highways into town, whether in their own vehicle or on public transport. He was aware if only because he had other Witches from his coven keep him up to date. Just to be sure, just to make sure, though it would seem that recently some had slipped under his radar, putting them on edge. They stepped right into one of the small cafe’s in the town, having followed a new face from a distance, and ordered the both of them a coffee. He smiled, nothing dangerous in their expression, they had already figured things out based on what others had told them. “Mentari Ag,” they introduced themselves to Maxime. “I don’t usually introduce myself to complete strangers and buy them coffee, but I heard you were new in town and looking for something.” @maxime-sirene​

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  • alxxkto
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    A God is Dead | Open

    Alekto hated water. Loathed it. The lake had been cold (not an issue), dark (also not a problem), but it had been wet. They used the floating deck to hoist up out of the water and swing their legs up onto dryland. In preparation for their midnight dive Alekto had stripped down to their shorts and tank but now their weak, and ill-prepared, body was shivering uncontrollably. At least it had washed off the sweat. Once Alekto had regained control of their breathing they pushed themself up. Beyond the glassy windows was a riot of a party – the kind of party that Alekto would love to join if a god hadn’t just fucking died.

    “Shits!” They screamed. Startling the gods closest to them on the balcony above. Alekto seethed, this was precisely why they hated their fellow immortals. Too caught up in their own little delights, dalliances and ecstasy to care about anyone else. A god is dead. They wanted to scream. 

    The floors above, and below, were raucous with gigglewater – fucking Tez. It wasn’t her they were after tonight, though if they saw the bitch she wasn’t off-limits. Right on fucking cue a message bled into their vision. ‘Stand down.’ Alekto sent one right back. ‘No 🖤.’ And, because that didn’t feel like enough. They followed it up with. ‘Fuck you T’ – don’t get in my way. There had always been a silent unanimous agreement between them, Tez wasn’t to get in the way of their marks. This was really no different.

    “Kanaloa.” They roared. Knowing he was here somewhere. Sure enough Alekto only had to stalk through a myriad of sea-scaped corridors to find him amongst half a dozen peers. Looking like the cat that got the milk draped in silk and gold. He said something that Alekto wilfully ignored. “You son of a bitch,” they snarled. “A god dies and you dance on their body?” They didn’t wait, no amount of chit-chat or soft-spoken words could push them off their path. Alekto barrelled towards Kanaloa knocking him flat onto his back as they slammed their knee into his crotch, and another blow into his stomach. 

    They’d already sent the command to their blades to whir into life but neither responded. The left hissed, as if desperate to execute the order but unable. Alekto screamed, raining a barrage of blows down on Kanaloa. “He’s dead!!” The left blade finally unjammed itself and slid out of its compartment. Alekto pressed it against his throat. “Did you kill him? Did you fucking murder him? He’s fucking gone.”

    Their voice hoarse from screaming, but Alekto continued anyway. “He’s not in Olympus.”

    #ngno.starter #violence tw#weapons tw #(( rip to kanaloa a note will be added to his bio for this )) #open to anyone #think it might take... multiple people to drag alekto off kan #this is half drabble half thread #feel free to message cause i think this will be short :')
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  • wrensfeatheredpen
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    [ @amantesmultorum , continuing from ☆ ]

    Steve shook his head with a sigh. He should have known, that despite it all, Bucky would still be at his side. It seems that Bucky couldn’t give up on him either. They’d keep going to the end of the line. Steve felt a little guilty, dragging Bucky into this. But Bucky was able to make his own choices when it came to his life. So if he decided to stay standing by his side, Steve won’t fight him on it.
     “ Okay. ” Steve gave a gentle chuckle.  “ Then I guess we graduated from fighting bullies, to fighting ALIENS. I never seem to make things easy for you, do I ? ” He said with a shrug of his shoulders and a gentle tease. 

    Bucky couldn't honestly deny that his eyes had widened. " To be honest, I didn't think you'd agree that easily. " A smile accompanied a small laugh.

    Swooping in to drag Steve away from fighting bullies twice his size didn't feel too different from running alongside him into a fight with aliens. It was a much larger degree, to be sure — but they were still fighting side - by - side.

    " You've never made things easy for me, and I don't expect you ever to, " he teased, lightly punching Steve's arm. " That's not scaring me off, though. You're stuck with me, whether you like it or not. "

    #{ * : 。 ⋆ .: ・don't do anything stupid until i get back ;; bucky barnes } #[ amantesmultorum ] #|| thread || #|| queue ||
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  • lcnelylcves
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    During the course of his day, Garcia saw a great many mysteries. It was his job to determine what were serious enough to investigate, which was why he'd come out to this bookstore.

    A store that sold nothing? Yeah, that was a cover business, and not even a smart one. Normally, he'd pass it off to someone else, maybe even the police since it wasn't major, but noticing the owner's name, he'd been amused.

    A criminal named after an angel? Probably more apt than people might think.

    Looking around, Garcia kept an awed expression on his face, not entirely feigning it. "How anyone can pick just one thing in here, I don't know."

    #&& Garcia Flynn threads #Garcia Flynn && Aziraphale
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  • xbellerousseau
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    -ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ- statistics

    inspired  by  :  BELLE, of Beauty and the Beast

    added inspo !

    SUZU NAITO/BELLE, of Ryū to Sobakasu no Hime

    ELLIE CHU, of The Half of It

    NANCY WHEELER, of Stranger Things

    ANNABETH CHASE, of Percy Jackson

    full name. belle rousseau faceclaim. urassaya sperbund dob. july 16 1995 zodiac. cancer occupation. casual library officer
    physical description.

    thick, dark hair that reaches just below her shoulders


    wears business-casual or cottagecore, there’s no in between

    birthplace. paris (france) orientation. bi-romantic, demisexual.
    song. peace, by taylor swift

    but I'm a fire, and i'll keep your brittle heart warm if your cascade ocean wave blues come all these people think love's for show but I would die for you in secret the devil's in the details, but you got a friend in me would it be enough if I could never give you peace?

    film. you’ve got mail (1997) education. high school diploma + diploma of library services temperament. sanguine mbti. INFP alignment. neutral good abilities. N/A (except maybe putting hot-tempered people in their place hehe) hogwarts house. ravenclaw emoji.  ( 💙📖🌹🤔😒✌️👏🥳 )

    ( some of the information below is taken from the history of belle in her original introductions post. pls think of that that as her concrete introduction, revealing her past and her intentions before she officially entered elias )

    present !!

    belle came to elias with a billion questions in her mind: would she be tied forevermore to Adam and his story? would she be able to be her own person, and did she even know who that was anymore? and where was the enchantress?

    so far, she has been able to balance her search for the enchantress while also living her new life in the city:

    she has been playing d&d with an npc group of characters

    she has begun work as a casual library officer at the elias public library (working average 3 days a week)

    she volunteers to as many community events as possible

    past !!

    the rousseau family moved into the town of villeneuve from paris when belle was 7 years old.

    her mother had died in paris and her father, heartbroken, moved them to a small town that was in need of a mechanic (not for cars, mind you, but for stoves and other household items). they bought a little cottage on the edge of town, with enough space for a garden and a garage for his inventions. when the townsfolk realised how peculiar he was, they stopped calling on him almost immediately. but the rousseaus were there to stay.

    villeneuve had one little library that had only 2 bookshelves and a magazine rack. by the time she was 10 years old, she had read (or tried to read) everything in the catalogue, and then one day, the librarian installed the town’s first public computer. here, belle was able to find answers to anything her heart desired (between the hours of 10am-3pm on weekdays!).

    technology came slow to their little town, and while people adapted to mobile phones and laptops and the internet, they still preferred to focus on the goings-on in each other’s lives. this was a town where the roads were still kinder to the horse and cart, than to cars.

    belle and her father lived low-income, only having enough to just scrape by. she was happy with her books, and her notebooks filled with her imaginations, and of course, the library computer. these were the escapes she relied on, as well as the monthly library donation from adjoining towns and the city. she loved to consume new stories and media as they came along, but none had intrigued her as much as a ‘dungeons and dragons adventure book’.

    belle and d&d !!

    as a young child and teenager, if she couldn’t yet go on her own adventure, she would create and live out one on a table. d&d seemed more alive than simply writing down her story ideas.

    but alas, there was no one she could play with in her town (aside from her father).

    ever headstrong and defiant, when she was 17 years old, she made a couple of posters and hung them up around town, advertising a campaign she wanted to start, asking for players to join. When the day came, several peers showed up — but they were either people who wanted to make fun of her, or people who wanted time alone with her. disgusted, she snapped her adventure book closed, gathered her dice, and marched out of the school hall she’d hired for the day.

    belle growing up !!

    she was beautiful as she was smart and defiant. the only other interaction she had with her peers, other than avoiding their gossip and also the boys’ attention, was helping them with assignments at school. it wasn’t really tutoring so much as assessing their essays and homework before submission. but this was short lived; while she offered helpful constructive criticism, her peers did not like being criticised.

    she also created more posters to spread knowledge about the events of the world around them, and provide a fact-check against the misinformation around town about all sorts of topics.

    as she grew older, dnd slowly moved to the back of her mind. her energy became more focussed on taking care of her father, of living through the day without a suitor trying to catch her attention.

    her days were filled with daily chores and quiet reading, until she went and studied online for a diploma in library services.

    she almost didn’t pursue her studies — her father had insisted on paying, but she refused, knowing that they simply couldn’t afford it.

    instead, the town librarian (who had known belle since she was 7 years old), offered to pay for the diploma. belle refused adamantly, and she got into a lengthy discussion with the librarian that ultimately ended in her accepting his gift.

    to this day, she still intends to pay him back.

    belle finished her diploma a few weeks before her father disappeared.

    she was meant to head to the graduation the day after her father returned from the fair. it was meant to be her first trip out of villeneuve since moving but when he didn’t come back … the rest was history.

    belle had always wanted an adventure, to best a villain, to save someone she loved. but coming into the castle and getting to know the residents and adam had changed her mind completely. having seen the world in stark black and white before, she now saw the greys. adam and the castle had turned her entire world upside down, and while at first it seemed like it was for the worst, she can now see it was really for the better.

    future !! ( EXTERNAL )

    what is belle looking for?

    the enchantress

    more information about magic

    more friends to play d&d with!

    friends that accept her for who she is, who are openminded and not judgmental, who share her values. she will not tolerate bigots or meanspirited people.

    ( INTERNAL )

    she’s also looking for her place in the world after finishing her quest to save adam from his curse

    she’s looking for clarity and stability. the lack of these two is a great cause for worry and angst in belle, as she longs for a never-ending adventure but the reality of living day-to-day weighs in her chest.

    taken connections

    adam. the only person she truly knows in elias, and that’s saying a lot. she will always defend him, but will also always put him in his place when needed. she cares for him a lot, and knows that there’s something more to him than he projects. she lives in the same house as him, they’re currently more like familiar housemates at this time. ( she feels safe around him, and always feels more stable and secure when she comes back to their shared home after a long day )

    ella. they both started work at the same time, and she loves spending time with her. she loves ella’s sense of humour and ella never fails to make her laugh. they’re an energetic pair and belle feels like she can truly be wild and have fun with her ( she was so nervous about starting work but meeting ella made her feel less so )

    howl. howl is the person she visits every week. she’s asked him to keep an eye out for any new magic-users. she wants to tell him the truth one day but feels she should ask adam first before sharing the story of the curse. ( she also finds howl fascinating and wishes she could learn more about magic from him )

    aurora. she thinks rora is the sweetest person she knows, especially since she lets her ramble about d&d! they’re an ever-curious pair of friends and she feels a warm comfort around rora. ( she’s also so relieved to finally be making friends with girls. all the girls in villeneuve avoided belle, and rora is one of her first, true friends. she is so grateful to know her ).

    leia. they met at a fundraiser and belle was immediately impressed with leia’s formidable yet kind demeanour. she knew she wanted to befriend her immediately and admires her a lot. ( she sometimes feels she annoys leia by asking to speak with her too much, but belle can’t help herself sometimes, so she at least tries to make it worth her while ).

    barley.  you know how in the ‘little town’ song belle goes to the bookshop and the owner is like ‘finished already ??’. that’s barley and belle, but in the comic book shop. belle was way too excited to finally meet someone who’s as crazy for d&d as she is. ( SHE FINDS HIM REALLY COOL but is always trying to keep her cool )

    wanted connections (these plots can also come from currently taken/planned connections!)

    negative — along the lines of frenemy/enemy

    neutral — starts off neutral, can go either pos or neg

    positive  — friendly, romantic, platonic, anything!

    — — — specific plots .

    neutral. someone who develops a crush on belle. she finds her ‘so-called beauty’ incredibly uncomfortable and has always found crushes on her strange because usually they are from people she hardly knows and the feelings are shallow.

    if it’s someone she does know very well, that could be an interesting discussion.

    positive. someone who introduces belle to LARPing !!!

    neutral. someone who helps belle acknowledge that she’s so close to burning out. this can happen after her burn-out or not.

    neutral. similar to the burn-out plot, someone who catches belle when she’s already burnt out. she usually disconnects and disappears from everyone she knows when she feels overwhelmed and burnt out. someone pls find her.

    ( i’m currently avoiding romantic plots with belle as so far she has not given me vibes that she wants romance - 29/5/2022 )

    — — — general connections .

    positive. casual friends to go to trivia nights with, have tea, go book-hunting

    positive. someone who knows the forest well who can walk with belle and show her things !! teach her things !!

    negative. someone who rubs belle the wrong way, someone she butts heads with.

    #walt.intro #for the taken connections #i only did the ones that already have threads with her >< #like established connections #pls let me know if i missed anyone!! #god this got long #about.
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  • whatthefuckisasweep
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    since i am feeling kinda (fail trombone), everyone reblog this and put your favorite jokes in asscreed bc theres so many and i need them in my life

    ill go first:

    the joke where ezio’s gets the salve for his back in Brotherhood - ‘Old?!?!?!’ *climbs tower* ‘OW— my BACK’ has got to be one of THE best jokes in all of asscreed.

    #ac#assassins creed#ezio#ezio auditore#asscreed#assassin’s creed#pwease #syndicate has SOOO much material thatll just make me giggle #God. fucking. four too. #BWAH#three #ALL OF THEM #HONESTLY ONE HAS SOME GOOD MOMENTS LIKE WHAT SORCERY IS THIS #AND OFC EZIO #i could go on #OKAY FUCK I JUST REMEMBERED DUCCII #DUCCIO#HES HILARIOUS #IF THIS POST IS A FAILURE IM GONNA KEEP REBLOGGING W MY FAVORITE JOKES UNTIL THIS THREAD IS A MILLION POSTS LONG #WATCH ME
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  • khaenriahn
    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    BY THE MOMENT HE’S HOME, he knows that what he’s just experienced was nothing so ephemeral as a harmless dream. faint traces of darkened purple have trailed over him like a brush of paint to a canvas, as if they were but blossoming bruises to the gaze of the unknowing. one hand moves to cover the faded blotch half-covered by his sleeve, though to cover the subtle mark which trails down his cheek from beneath the darkness of his eyepatch would find to be a more tedious task despite the partial covering of his bangs. ah, not that he doesn’t have a myriad of things he can pluck from to explain it all to cover the reality of it, all dependent on how any interaction might go.

    though, in truth, he hadn’t thought to be faced with a conversation so soon when eyes fell upon the familiar hair of red as the door clicks shut.

    ❝ Oh? My, and here I thought you’d be out on the town after everything not long ago. ❞ not that childe wasn’t invited into his own home, but the knight couldn’t help but feel how poor the timing was. ❝ Any special occasion I should know about? ❞ something easily casual, laying out the elaborate position for the harbinger to set the mood of the conversation before choosing his own course of action.


    #doublemasked #◆◇ █ ▌ thread eleven 一 ⌊ doublemasked ⌉ #isola challenge
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  • jtbb
    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    ok thats enough mental illness for tonight <3

    #feeling better at least i just read thru keith haring journals for an hour and liveblogged them on discord #to a thread containing one (1) other person #very into the idea of just. each person gets their own thread where they can rant abt whatever the hell they want #mine is just 99% keith haring dog spam
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