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  • holdharmonysacred
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    There’s another F/GO zine going on and this time it has a merch only pack, I need to remember to Save Cash Money to buy it so I can add even more horrible fairies to my ever-growing collection of Oberon keychains.

    #why do i have so many charms and keychains of him? because there's so many really cute and pretty ones of him that's why #something about his design just makes all the artists go ham and it's delightful to see #also it's because i started off buying charms off of pixiv booth. and japanese charms are all single board and suck if you wanna- #-use them as actual keychains (the art is outside and can get scratched off) #so now that the western fancharm makers have caught up i keep wanting to build a hoard of double-board charms #(charms with the art printed on the inside of the plastic) #so i can actually have some tiny horrible fairies to carry around on my bags and shit #and horrible fairy man being so high on my favs list means i am compelled to be hoarding merch of him #same way i hoard merch or dream of hoarding merch of my other favs
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  • withoutend
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    g/t prompt 14

    A Human introduces themselves and their Fairy friend as a "the Brains and the Brawn" relationship. With themselves as the Brain.

    "I mean, what if we need something on a high shelf? ...They have wings. I can't beat that. Frankly, I have to be the smart one just so I can help out."

    #gt community#gt fluff#g/t prompts#g/t#g/t fluff#giant tiny#giant/tiny#fairy #brains and brawn #I have to outthink them or it doesn't count
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  • ventisstolengnosis
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Do you guys see me more as a fairy, android, or a lil mouse dude

    #this is important #becca rambles #(no pressure btw this is just sort of to see what i should base my persona on AHSHDJ i love all of them so i cant decide) #i think an android fits me best personality wise but like also #on all levels except physical i am a tiny little mouse who lives in your walls and steals your cheese #and a fairy just bc i think fairies are neat :]
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  • verefex
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Silven encounters a pretty little fairy.

    #giant tiny#silven#fairy #aaahh they're so small and he's so big. it's a perfect combo #he loves meeting fairies he thinks they're adorable
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  • bottlesandbuttons
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    alright which one of you little shits just 'borrowed' the extremely tiny screw that i dropped i need that back 💀

    #i swear to god it just VANISHED #i feel like crocker from fairy odd parents..... the only explanation must be... BORROWERS!!!! #sighs heavily. time to go buy another tiny ass fuckin screw 😭😭😭😭 #if i had a tag for irrelevant things this would be it
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  • neonpajamas
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Tourism (#011)

    The bridge is lowered. The castle doors open. Locals bring drink, bread, anything they wish the king to bless. Locals wander the empty halls where no candles are allowed. Deep in the basement, locals find a cage made of paper. They find the king in bed, dead. The crow in the paper cage is made of strings. It sings the locals back up the stairs. Heavy, locals note. They water what they can.

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  • huh1whatever2you3say
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago
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  • ellavaday
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    #no thought just vampire cherry #if i was more coherent I'd make a dracula daily joke here but im not #i did write vampire cherry in a tiny bck thingie tho #but that's not for this blog #cherry valentine #rpdr uk s2 #also thinking about #'you look like an angel #you look like a fairy princess that resides over the pits of hell'
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  • attllhak
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Since we’re already on a fairy roll, why not keep it going? I request information regarding Adoption AU: fairies?

    Oh, that's a fun one, and also features all of my girls!

    So, one of the things I ended up doing while worldbuilding for the Adoption AU was developing a secret society. I called it The Order of The Lost Woods, and it's the organization Tatl works for. (They have offered Time a job there too, which he's politely declined.) And one of the things while developing it was coming up with different ways the fairies and other more magical creatures in LoZ could translate to this low-to-no magic setting.

    Enter all of the fairies from HW. They happen to be part of a small project run by a Sprout (someone vying for position of leader of the Order), to try and get some of the fairies more battle ready since they won't all have a Stal with them while in the field, and the modern day is a little more hazardous than decades past. Tatl already had some combat experience (insert backstory details about how she met Time here), so she was chosen to help train the younger fairies, and so her Fountain was chosen for this.

    (Side note, I really like the idea of a group of fairies in LoZ being called a fountain, for I hope obvious reasons. A fountain of fairies.)

    The plot of this fic is that the people who kidnapped Twilight back in those fics have switched their sights to Warriors, under the assumption that if Twilight wasn't Time's heir it'd probably be Warriors. Heir to the MacGuffin, that is. He's rescued by the sorority he'd ended up befriending at his university, which happens to contains all the My Fairy fairies from his game, which as mentioned are members of the Order and training under Tatl. I use this opportunity to get more of how the fairies function in this AU. And also to introduce all the girls.

    They look pretty much the way they do in game, with the exception of Rooke whom I had a strong desire to give an undercut and piercings to for some reason. They also dress basically they way I've got them dressed in game most of the time, except a few of them changed for the events of the fic. I mean, Presilla isn't going to be wearing a dress on a motorbike, that's just unsafe. And then I just made up Proxi's appearance altogether since she's just a glowing blue ball in canon.

    Some fun snippets under the cut:

    #atta answers#anon#tag game#adoption au #gods i love these fairies so much #the great fairies in question are all canon great fairies #except one but that goes into spoiler territory #klim nimbelle and nege's mother is mija from botw if you're curious #they're the three lightning fairies i found who were all originally named 'klim' #i decided to make them triplets for that reason only #also warriors has basically been adopted by the entire sorority #he's their resident Guy #he has so many friends and in this au they're all people sized and not tiny #there is some good natured teasing about how all his friends are girls but it's also understood that they are just friends #tatl and tael are also part of this fountain too #but they're not in university anymore #they're basically time's age after all #and if you want to know what each girl looks like i can maybe grab my switch and take a picture of them #but i also haven't unlocked all the clothes yet so some are subject to change #and i don't have all of them yet either #but i do have screenshots from when i first found them... so...
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  • everlinet
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    my tender hearted water nymphs ~ 🗝✨ there’s a Mother’s Day sale going on my shop / works only today and tomorrow. I am including a soft handwritten postcard with every today’s order. Here. // @everlinet

    #cottagecore#fairy core#famrcore#soft core#nymphcore#fairyprincess#royal core#garden core #cottagecore small businesses #please support my shop #tiny shop #support small businesses
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  • stardust948
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Thumbelina AU sketch for Mother's day.

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  • withoutend
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    g/t prompt 5

    A tiny is trying to tell something to a giant, but is too small for them to hear and it becomes a sudden game of charades and 20 Questions ("ok, raise your right hand for Yes and left for No. no, YOUR left")

    The giant has the idea to have the tiny text the message on the giant's smartphone pushing one letter at a time, but the tiny doesn't know how to spell. Just when it seems like they are gonna give up in frustration, the tiny finds the emojis...

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  • faithandarisadventures
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Tiny Door City Museum St. Louis, Missouri April 30, 2022

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  • finiffy
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Alison listens to her mother instead of father because “dad that’s weird as hell”. Gears, feeling confused because that was decidedly not what happened in his childhood, phones O5-7 about this. 7 just says “I understand” at the end and hangs up. Later that night, an eldritch abomination crawls through Alison’s window, retrieves the teeth from under her pillow, and puts $5000 in its place because “that is the amount of money a normal human child would expect to be given when doing a deal with the Fae using their teeth, yes?”

    The tooth fairy is real and their name is Teeth

    Could you imagine the morning after just...Alison going to her parents that she saw the tooth fairy and had given her money...yeah Gears's wife is staring at Gears at why the hell he gave their daughter thousands of dollars

    #fin answers#seriouslyineedhelp #alison draws the tooth fairy and gears just goes 'where are all the teeth? this doesnt look like them..they don't have tiny fairy wings'
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  • kim-poce
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    On the Ground 9 - Treasure

    Sorry for the neglecting

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    CW: tiny whumpee, caretaker new whumper, internalized ableism


    It had been less than a day since the fairy arrived but its cry was, sadly, already familiar. Joana turned her head to the table the little creature was on, it had covered itself with the handkerchief and was trying to muffle its sobs pitifully.

    “I’ll be right there, little guy,” Joana announced, to be sure she wouldn’t scare the fairy with her sudden presence, the fairy still flinched at her words anyway but she couldn’t do anything about it now, “The children aren’t here as of now, but they will arrive soon.”

    - - -

    The giant walked closer and closer, Flamo could hear its steps and its voice, and soon he could see it, it was… —his face went hot remembering the whole “Mom” misunderstanding— Joana, it was Joana, this giant name is Joana, not Mom. Flamo wanted a mother, he wished fairies had mothers, he shooked his head at the thought, a mother would be ashamed of him at the best, no one deserved to have a child like this.

    “Hello there little one,” Joana said with a soft, but loud, voice, and Flamo back away, “It’s okay, dear, it’s safe here. Want to go to the kitchen?”

    Flamo had learned that the kitchen is where they cook and eat, and he knew this was a whole room away, hence, impossible for him to reach. He knew this situation too well.

    “Come on Flamo, if you are hungry just come eat!” “Flamo! You can simply fly back to your place, don’t be like this.” 

    Flamo swallowed hard, he could handle a while without food, he was fed well the day before after all, so before the giant could get annoyed with the lack of response he nodded, “Yes,” his weak voice said, now the giant will make the same comment everyone makes, it’ll humiliate it, maybe it will speak until he cries, he certainly is crying a lot the past day, and just then, hopefully, the giant would go away without hurting him.

    “Okay, dear, come here,” Joana said, slowly placing her hand close so he could climb on it, “Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

    “You know I’ll be careful, Flamo, stop freaking out” “You are not scared, are you? We should thank us for showing you what flying feels like.”

    Flamo wanted to beg for mercy, even being hungry was better than being held high and tossed around dangerously, but begging wouldn’t work since the giant wanted it, Flamo didn’t want to find out what would Joana do if he disobey, but his body didn’t seem to understand the situation and was refusing to let him move.

    “I’m sorry,” he meant it, he was so sorry that he is like this, he covered his head; he wouldn’t be able to speak if Joana was looking at his face, “I’m- I’m afraid, of of high, high places, sorry, I won’t won’t try to resist but I can’t can’t- Grab me, please, but don’t, please, don’t make me climb your hand myself, I can’t I’m sorry but I can’t.”

    Flamo waited for the pain, he certainly had made the giant angry, he certainly was going to be hurt for it, maybe Joana was going to tie him up with a string attached to the ceiling, it would be fit his deeds. He would pass out in fear he was sure.

    “Oh, sorry little guy, I should’ve been more thoughtful,” Joana said with a —against all odds— soft and apologetic voice, “Wait in here for a bit.”

    Flamo tried to feel the table under him, tried to feel how firm it was, and tried not to think what the giant was getting in the kitchen or why this was making so much noise.

    “Here you go, excuse me I’ll lift the handkerchief,” the giant said, making Flamo’s heart race, “Now I promise I’ll make something better soon-” she started, putting a bowl over the table and putting Flamo in it, “But for now I can move you around with this, this way you won’t see the floor, so you hopefully won’t be too scared, and you can sit comfortably, okay?”

    Joana didn’t give him time to answer before lifting the bowl, Flamo hugged himself with eyes tightly closed, he could feel it going up and moving, he waited for Joana to shake him and took him to the ground, and he had no idea how high in the air he was.

    When he was about to beg he was —ever so softly— placed on another table, and Joana carefully took Flamo out of the bowl, “Here you go, I’m sorry if I scared you even more.”

    Flamo just nodded, breathing was taking up all his energy at the moment, talking certainly would be possible in the next minutes, “Maybe you should drink some water to calm down, here, take this, Tim made those when you were sleeping.”

    The fairy looked up scared, what would the giant make? How bad is it? What if- Whatever thought was going on stopped the moment Flamo saw what Joana was talking about. Humans use some weirdly-shaped sticks to eat, and those —also weirdly shaped— bowls to drink, they are all big, to comfortably fit their hands, but those things on Joana’s hand were too small for a human to use, they were just big enough to fit perfectly on Flamo’s hands.

    “You can paint them yourself later, we like to do it here, but for now–” Joana put water in the little cup “–this will be enough for you to use.”

    Flamo didn’t even think before taking the cup offered to him, his hands were shaking as he drank the cold water from it.

    “Is there something wrong?” Joana asked hurriedly with a worried voice, “Why are you crying again? Are you hurting anywhere? Do you want-”

    “Thank you,” Flamo cut, wiping his tear —happy tears for once— away, “Thank you, I- thank you so much for this, neither of you needs this, and” no one ever made something for me only, “this this means a lot, thank you. thank you,” Flamo said before holding the cup and the weird sticks close since they were, from now on, his treasure.


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    #whump#tiny whumpee #caretaker new whumper #internalized ableism#fairy whumpee#tiny whump#nonhuman whumpee #non human whumpee #impled past abuse #past abuse #On the Ground #my writing
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