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  • shingekinohyrulewrites
    25.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    Strictly Business

    Shouto Todoroki seemingly has a perfect life - he's rich, has a beautiful wife, and is extremely handsome.

    You are his secretary, fresh out of college and trying to get a foot in the business world.

    Your boss asks you for a favor, and out of it comes an affair.

    Did we mention your boss is married ?

    Read first chapter on AO3 here

    Read last chapter here

    The inside of the hotel was just as breathtaking, and you found yourself rooted in place as you gaped at the lobby. A spiral staircase was immediately by the entrance, with a few people descending the stairs. There was a sign that read Deku Foundation Charity Gala - Meeting Room One in front of you, with an arrow point behind it. Sucking in a breath, you made your way towards the direction the sign pointed at, keeping your posture straight as you kept your eyes ahead. The looks that many men gave you as you walked past didn’t go unnoticed, but you pressed on.

    Two workers stood at the entrance of the meeting room, with one holding a tray of champagne. Smiling, he grabbed one and politely handed it to you while the other bowed, welcoming you to the hotel and opening the door to the meeting room. You thanked him, slowly stepping through the doorway while taking a sip of the bubbly.

    The meeting room had been absolutely transformed, with large, round tables spread about decorated with luxurious, golden tablecloths. Various people were spread about in small throngs, chatting amongst themselves while holding a wide variety of drinks. Feeling self conscious, you took another sip of champagne while you discreetly looked for your boss. Taking a small step forward, you pretended to scan the room casually until you felt someone approach you.

    “Well, hello there. Don’t think I’ve seen you here before.”

    Turning, you saw a blonde man not much older than you, a cocky smirk on his face. His eyes grazed over your body hungrily, taking a sip of his whiskey as his eyes bore into yours.

    “Hi,” you greeted him shyly.

    “Are you here alone, sweetheart?”

    You opened your mouth to respond but was cut off by a deep voice and a warm arm wrapping around your waist securely.

    “She’s with me, actually.”

    The man frowned, giving you a quick goodbye before scuttling off. Sighing in relief, you turned to see your boss, Mr. Todoroki, standing there. Your breath caught in your chest as you took in his appearance. His hair was slicked back, fully revealing his handsome face. He was wearing a navy suit that brought out his one blue eye, tailored to fit his muscled body perfectly. You tried not to stare at him too long, instead greeting him with a small bow of your head.

    “You look gorgeous,” he breathed out, the hand on your waist pulling you closer to him.

    “T-thank you, sir,” you flushed, looking away in embarrassment.

    “Please, it’s Shouto tonight,” he smiled.

    With that, he guided you, leading you towards a small group of men conversing by the bar. When they saw him approaching, they ended their conversation, greeting him with wide smiles. Their eyes lingered on you, curiosity coloring their faces as you stood by Shouto’s side quietly.

    “Mr. Todoroki!” one of them boomed, extending his hand out for a handshake.

    He returned the handshake eagerly, his hand still wrapped protectively around you. The man’s eyes flickered towards you, waiting for one of you to say something. It was another man, one with sharp eyes dressed in all black, who asked the question.

    “Shouto,” his voice was gravelly. “Who is this gorgeous woman you have here?”

    Smiling, he turned his head to face you, giving you a soft, proud smile.

    “This is my secretary. I asked her to accompany me tonight. She is a wonderful worker with a business background.”

    “Well damn,” the same man laughed. “I wish my secretary looked like her!”

    The first man who had shook Shouto’s hand, a blonde one with a neat, short beard, grinned, reaching over to gently grab your hand and press a quick kiss to it.

    “The pleasure is all mine,” he all but purred.

    “Hawks, stop it,” a man with graying hair said, rolling his eyes.

    “What? You know I can’t help myself around pretty women,” Hawks said, winking at you.

    You felt Shouto stiffen beside you. He cleared his throat, hand tugging you slightly closer until you were nearly flush against him. The men fell silent then, waiting for him to speak again.

    “I was hoping we could discuss investing?”

    The group of men fell into an intense conversation, with them asking why exactly a company as large as Shouto’s needed even more money. He began talking about his company’s future ventures, explaining how each of them could stand to make their companies grow exponentially. While the conversation progressed, you realized that you recognized the men from your business courses. Hawks had invested into aerodynamics, with a focus on sponsoring space shuttles. The man in all black, Mr. Orca, was investing in cleaning the oceans, with his company creating technology to help clean them. The last man, who the industry called Edgeshot for his weapons company, was the quietest, listening quietly as he sipped on his gin.

    “Excuse me for interrupting,” you said, tilting your head towards Shouto, “But if I may?”

    The men fell silent. Flushing, you cleared your throat before speaking again.

    “Mr. Todoroki’s company has recently been investing in renewable energy. With the current global crisis, I’m sure you can unite together and have your money flow increase. Mr. Hawks, you can work together to find ways for shuttles to use more eco-friendly fuel, and Mr. Orca can clean the oceans and keep the planet clean doing so.”

    A slow smile crossed Mr. Hawks’ face.

    “Well, you have a good one, Shouto, I’ll give you that.”

    The men finished up their conversation, thanking him before walking away. Letting out a breath, you turned to Shouto, ready to apologize.

    “I’m so sorry for intruding, but I thought it was important to mention.”

    “No, that was great,” he beamed. “Hawks is really hard to sell to, he has a bit of an ego . . . But I think that helped sell our case.”

    He took the flute of champagne from you, taking a sip from it before handing it back to you. There was a hint of mischief in his eyes that you had never seen before, and the realization had your heart pounding. He began to lead you away, the hand around your waist slightly lowering down until it was at your mid back.

    The next hour was spent socializing, meeting his colleagues and even a few of his friends. You had never seen your boss so relaxed, and you found yourself relaxing alongside him. There were times, especially when he was with his friends, that he outright flirted with you, though it was subtle in his own way.

    It was when he was talking to Iida, one of his close friends, that you caught on that he had been flirting with you since talking with the group of investors. Iida had been asking about your job and how you were enjoying your time.

    “Oh, it’s great! I’m so happy there,” you gushed. “Mr. Todoroki is so good to me.”

    “I’m only good to you because you’re so good to me,” Shouto replied. “I mean, who else knows how to arrange my schedule so perfectly?”

    “Well, you are quite busy,” you teased.

    Giggling, you leaned into him more, and Shouto embraced it, chuckling as he shook his head. You weren’t sure if Iida was oblivious or just pretending to not notice, but he simply watched you two with a blank expression.

    It was when you met Deku, though, that you realized maybe something was going on.

    “Hi! It’s so nice to meet you!”

    Deku had an incredibly nice, freckled face pulled up into a warm, friendly smile. He clasped your hand with both of his, squeezing it lightly as he thanked you for coming. The nervous way he looked between the both of you was quick, but you had caught it.

    “Shouto has told me so much about you,” he began, seeming to hesitate.


    Turning to your boss, you tilted your head curiously.

    “Good things, I hope?”

    Unbeknownst to you, Shouto had opened up quite a bit to Deku after telling him you would be his date. It hadn’t taken long for his friend to realize that he was attracted to you, and he had warned Shouto to be careful because of Momo.

    “You know I only speak highly of you.”

    Smiling, you let your hand trail up his arm, squeezing his bicep before slipping it through and wrapping your hand around it. Deku’s eyebrows shot up, cheeks going red as he cleared his throat and took a long sip from his champagne.

    “Um, I’m going to find Ochaco.”

    He dashed off, leaving you alone with Shouto again. Quirking a brow, you looked to him but he merely shrugged.

    The rest of the gala went very much the same, with Shouto chatting with the elite and trying to secure business deals with a few. You were making mental notes, interjecting when possible and trying to arrange business meetings with them for the upcoming weeks. Thankfully, Shouto had kept your phone in his pocket, and you had slipped your hand sneakily into it, sliding it out while tracing your fingers along his hips. Every time you pulled it out to jot down something, the hand around your waist would tighten briefly before relaxing again. A part of you felt that you were riling him up, and you blamed the atmosphere of the gala for doing so.

    It was nearing midnight when the gala began to wind down, Deku thanking everyone for coming and reminding them that their hotel rooms were taken care of. Your feet were aching from walking around in heels for hours, and you were thankful that you would be able to rest for a bit. Shouto peered down at you, silently studying your face before he spoke.

    “I requested a room next to mine, so let’s go check out how that worked out.”

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    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Defeat CH 353

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    24.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    ooooooooo lonely?

    aaah heres the closest thing I could find!!! this is a royal au w shouto, you're a princess whos castle just got conquered

    shouto x reader - CW your family is dead

    “Yes, your grace.” He nods at the title, looking down the bridge of his nose at you. “Did,” you start, then stop yourself. “May I ask a question, your grace?” He nods. “They’re all, um, is everyone dead?” There’s a pause. “I had um, I had two sisters, and there were people, people working at the castle, servants. I-I saw, I saw my parents, but,” you pause, “Truly, I am alone?” There’s a pause, you can hear the crackle of the logs on the fire. King Todoroki clears his throat and you feel a tugging on the lead. 

    “You’re not alone.” He says shortly. “You have Shouto now.” You look up at the man you were suddenly betrothed to, and your throat aches with the need to cry, stifled by the desire of not giving them the satisfaction. 

    “Yes, your grace.” You manage, barely above a whisper. 

    “Leave them.” King Todoroki instructs, stalking out of the tent and gesturing for his other sons to follow him. The do, the tall lanky one shooting you an odd look before leaving. There’s a long silence before he speaks, awkwardly reaching out and cupping your face. 

    “Are you going to cry?” He asks. You take a shaky breath. 

    “N-not right now.” His hand is warm on your freezing skin. 

    “Good.” he says shortly, looking at the tent flap his father had just exited with disdain. “If you have to grieve, I will, I will provide you space to do so privately.” You nod, eyes falling back to the grassy ground of the tent. “Do you have a name?” He asks, and there’s just a hint of sarcasm to his tone. 

    “F/n.” You give him, and he repeats it almost on instinct, still stroking your cheek. 

    “Have you eaten?” He asks, the sounds of the camp of soldiers waking up and beginning their day starts to permeate the tent. You shake your head and he takes some bread from off the table and hands it to you, sitting down in one of the heavy wooden chairs that looked so odd sitting in the grass. “Come here.” He points to the ground at his feet and you move, skirt dragging in the dirt. You kneel there, and take a bite of the bread, it’s fresh and crisp. Food for a prince, you realize. He touches you again, this time combing his fingers through your hair. It’s still clean, after only one night without bathing, and soft to the touch. He nods approvingly, but then takes the bread from you. You look up at him quickly, searching for what rule you broke but he doesn’t look displeased. 

    “Here.” You watch him rip a piece off of the bread and reach down, feeding it to you. You eat it without your hands, your lips brushing his fingers. He’s dressed for battle, leather armor over a dark green shirt and black pants. His boots are muddy and well worn, the sword at his hip is clearly not for show, you can tell by the muscles bowing in his forearms. 

    “Not a virgin?” He asks, and you swallow the bread. 

    “No.” You swallow some bread. 

    “Perhaps,” he says, considering, feeding you another piece of bread, feeling how cool your lips are against his skin, “I’m not sure what to tell you to call me. Shouto feels,” he presses his lips together, “We aren’t intimate yet.” You swallow, nodding. He takes a skein of water from the table and holds it to your lips. “Do you hate me?” He asks, quizzically tilting his head. You think about it, the last twenty four hours are a blur, of rust, and iron and screams. You can’t recall any faces in particular. 

    “Did you kill my family?” You ask, lifting your gaze and meeting his eyes, realizing he’s got one grey and one blue, and a patch of scarred skin on one side of his face. He looks impassive. 

    “Your brother.” He watches your expression falter for only a microsecond before you regain composure. “The loss of your mother and sisters was unnecessary. I consider that to be regrettable.” You don’t react. 

    “He was a child.” The corners of your lips droop again for a moment but you force them back up. Shouto shrugs, and offers you another piece of bread. 

    “It was him or me.” You turn your face away, and he takes your chin, gently but firmly. “You’ll need to eat.” Reluctantly, you allow him to feed you another piece of bread. 

    “I might hate you.” You mumble, he nods, offering you the water again. You allow him to hold it to your lips, drinking for a moment. You take a deep breath. “I would prefer to be executed.” You say, and his brow furrows at how calmly you’re asking for death. “Than to marry you. If I have the option, I’d rather be hung.” 

    “We behead women.” He informs you. “It’s considered more dignified.” You nod and bow forward. “I do not consent to your request.” You look up at him, upset. “I would prefer to marry you, than to see you die.” He puts the bread on the table, cupping your face in two hands, your eyes are wide and dark, the early morning light hitting the planes of your face, emphasizing your general innocence. War had been horrible, bloody and cold and disgusting. It had been months since he’d slept in a real warm bed, let alone shared one with a warm body. The thought of holding you close to him, the thought of cradling you against his chest sends his mind spinning off into pleasurable daydreams, staving off the cold nightmare of the day before. 

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  • megastrangeskeleton
    24.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    I’m so happy with how he came out aaaaaaaa

    #my art#shoto todoroki#mha #my hero academia #bnha #boku bo hero academia #art
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  • schistosa
    24.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    ₊˚ “Caught Staring At You” — [ bhna boys ]

    characters - izuku, shoto, katsuki, & shinso (seperate) x reader

    synopsis - how different mha boys would react to you catching them staring at you from afar

    🏷 ₊˚ - n/a

    masterlist - navigation (comin’ soon)


    - immediately turns a dark shade of red, bright green eyes widening and body flushed in embarrassment. even if he’s absolutely flooded with shame after being caught staring he manages a weak smile, trying to convey that he wasn’t trying to be rude.

    once you smile back at him he turns to an absolute pile of mush. snaps his head back to the board trying hard to focus on what mr. aizawa is teaching. yet he can’t help but think of you and ya cute little smile the rest of the year class period <3


    - it takes a few moments for him to process the fact that you are now looking back at him. once he realizes that you’ve taken a notice to his obvious staring he blinks rapidly in confusion, as if he had just awoken from a weird dream.

    he slowly looks back at the teacher, continuing on with the notes while also sneaking little glances at you every now & then. he’s actually trying to get you to look back at him again he just loves havin your attention on him ..


    - as soon as you notice him looking at you this boy is breaking his NECK tryna look back to the front lmao. does not want to get caught slippin , especially by the person who he was staring at for so long. mainly avoids eyes contact and any sort of acknowledgment towards you for the rest of the day

    don’t blame him he’s shy :(.. it’s like that for a week or so , him just bluntly ignoring you until he knows your no longer thinking of that little incident anymore and now he can stare at you again !


    - he jus’ sits there , not letting his gaze waver even long after you’ve become aware of his eyes. isn’t it better to have a pretty face lookin back at him? you both hold a staring contest for quite some time

    the teacher has to yell at you both to pay attention to the lesson , he gives you a lil smirk trying to get you to break eye contact first . gives your body a small once over before turning back to the teach , letting out a mini chuckle once hes noticed your flustered face 😩 .

    ©️ 2022 - 2023; all works are original ideas, created and published by me. reblogs appreciated. do not recommend on other social media platforms

    #🎸₊˚schistosawrites#anime#mha #izuku x reader #deku x reader #midoriya x reader #shoto x reader #todoroki x reader #katsuki x reader #bakugo x reader #shinso x reader #hitoshi x reader #mha x reader #bhna x reader
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  • dglvr1760
    24.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Finally watched Mha: World Heros Mission on zoro.com and I got some memes

    Loved the animation, loved the road trip and Rody. Anyways, the battles weren't as prominent like the last movie, but I liked the characters and chase scenes or the inbetween battles. These were made for fun so don't be an ass and have a good day!

    #Bnha#Mha #mha world heroes mission #bnha world heroes mission #my hero academia world heroes mission #rody soul#Deku#Izuku Midoryia#Bakugou#Katsuki Bakugou#Shoto#Shoto todoroki#Pino#Dglvr1760
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  • totallycorrectlovquotes
    24.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Todoroki: You son of a b**ch!

    Dabi: Hey, don’t talk about my mother like that!

    Todoroki: I meant our father.

    Dabi: Oh. Yeah, in that case-

    #source: unknown#shoto todoroki#dabi#touya todoroki #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #incorrect quotes #bnha incorrect quotes #league of villains
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  • punk-rotten
    24.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    This scene made me tear up. Their friendship is one of my favorites from 1A

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  • buds-of-wilting-retrospect
    24.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    what is the duck?

    #-Shoto Todoroki (He/they?)
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  • dabiistheonlycompetenttodoroki
    24.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Izuku: We’re playing Scrabble. It’s a nightmare.  Todoroki: Scrabble? Scrabble’s great.  Izuku: Not when you’re playing with Iida, it’s not. He put words like “ephemeral” and I put “dog.” 

    #boku no hero #bnha #boku no academia #boku no hero academia #incorrect bnha quotes #mha #mha incorrect quotes #my hero academia #my hero acedamia #bnha deku#deku#deku midoriya#izuku midoriya#midoriya izuku#midoriya#mha midoriya#todoroki #bnha shoto todoroki #mha todoroki#todoroki shōto#todoroki shouto#iida tenya#mha iida
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  • kiridabideku96
    24.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    How about TodoNeji?

    Hi anon ☺️ it’s a cute ship, another rare pair and they had their comb in the war which was cool! However, once again it’s another ship I probably won’t gain much interest in, but I’m not against it!

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  • luna-writes-things
    24.05.2022 - 12 hours ago


    Natsuo is not the stagnant, icy quiet of Fuyumi, nor is he the brewing storm before a fine day like Touya or Shoto. But all of Rei's children carried on her silence. Natsuo runs hot, being too much like his father, that his silence is a detail overlooked, a factor unseen in the booming traits of his identity. Within it hid many secrets.

    Or, this was made purely because I wanted to try out the 2nd person's POV.

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  • 134340am
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    hello yuna!! ur working on bnha stuff again? how exciting!! hmm, if i had to guess, is ur new drabble about shouto? 🙇🏻‍♀️

    u r absolutely right todoroki shouto x gn!reader, 0.5k words warnings: no mention of gender-specific body parts, public sex, mutual loss of virginity, tender touches, nsfw — minors do not interact.

    you guessed, long before you even dated him, that shouto would consider his first time with his partner sacred and precious. he’d want a plush bed with silk pillows and rose petals, plenty of prep with more than half of his time spent between their legs, lots of sweet kisses and gentle affirmations…

    too bad you don’t have the patience for that, not when your lover is looking like the dictionary definition of dashing in his loose button-up and wind-swept hair. and while the thought of having a bed to crash in after you were done with your anniversary dinner was nice, your sole focus right now is finding somewhere secluded—a dressing room, a toilet cubicle, or even the janitor’s closet—anywhere private enough for you to stick your hand down his pants freely.

    shouto’s not happy, of course. he had this elaborate plan in his head of fucking you soft and slow into thousand-thread count sheets while the moon hangs high in the sky. but who is he to say no when you’re clinging to his bicep, all arched up against him with your puppy dog eyes just begging for him to be inside you? 

    so here you are, pressed up against the cold concrete wall of the restaurant’s fancy washroom, moaning into shouto’s collarbone while he eases inside of you.

    “you alright, love?” he asks, one hand pulling your thigh up over his hip while the other rubs soothingly at the small of your back. 

    “it hurts,” you moan. “you—you’re fucking big. give me some time.”

    he blinks. “sorry—“ he blurts out, choking when you squeeze around his cock.

    despite everything—the astringent smell of lemon-scented cleaning product, the discomfort of not being able to move inside you, and the muted buzz of the dinner crowd outside, shouto drops your leg gently to embrace you sweetly. with one hand cradling the back of your head and the other rubbing circles into your overheated back, the tender gesture almost has you forgetting he has his cock in you. almost. 

    “take as long as you need,” he whispers into your hair, then grunts when you spasm around him in response. “i’ll pull out if you want.” 

    “i-it’s fine, just needa get used to the size.”

    “breathe for me, sweetheart.”

    you manage a shuddery inhale. your hands slip down shouto’s biceps to grip his forearms. as you try to even out your breathing, you start to feel the steady hum of pleasure stirring in your stomach, which makes you sigh contentedly against shouto’s clammy neck. 

    “feel good?” your lover asks.

    “yeah,” you whisper back. you clench around him again, intentionally this time, and giggle when his hips stutter into yours clumsily. “‘m fine. you can move now, shouto.”

    “alright, love.” eyes still glimmering with concern, shouto hikes you further up against the wall before dropping a tender kiss on your cheek. when he pulls back, however, his eyes were clouded over with lust and want. “please stop me if i’m hurting you. but otherwise, stay quiet and let me do my job.”

    a/n: screaming bc the last time i wrote for shouto was 14 march... as a self-proclaimed shouto lover i m embarrassed pls don't look at me (masterlist)

    #todoroki shouto x reader #todoroki x reader #shouto x reader #bnha x reader #bnha smut#todoroki smut #todoroki shouto smut #shouto smut#shoto smut #shoto x reader #todoroki shoto x reader #yuna writes #yuna after dark #i love u soph thank u for asking ; ;
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  • rottmntrulesall
    24.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Back at it again with Lily Story….

    But this time it’s My Hero Academia Genderswap!

    Fem Izuku Midoriya

    Fem Katsuki Bakugou

    Fem Shoto Todoroki

    Male Ochaco Uraraka

    Male Tsuyu Asui

    Fem Eijirou Kirishima

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  • bungoustraybangs
    24.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    No because what if quirks were a thing irl, I feel like what happened with Touya and Todoroki isn’t that far fetched imagine having the power to fuck up your siblings while mad.

    When I was like 12 my older brother slapped me upside the head so I chased him with a broom until he barricaded himself into the bathroom as I tried to bust down the door with it.

    I remember my mom pleading for me to stop because she /knew/ I was gonna fuck his ass up.

    But if I had a quirk like who tf knows what would’ve happened. Especially a quirk that is triggered by emotional responses.

    Imagine all the parents that would be walking on eggshells because their kids had super human abilities that they could easily kill each other with.

    “You kids behave” would have a much serious tone.

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  • musicalfanders
    24.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Seroroki has to be the Spiderman kiss by law but seeing them do a shut up kiss would make my year if thats possible

    Okay this is like... so far from what the original plot was but eh, I like it.

    Also both are ooc, but it is an au so that's inevitable.

    Todoroki knew he shouldn't have.

    Everytime he did it he was just hurting himself more than he had before.

    But of course, like the bitch he is, he went ahead and almost broke him and his boyfriend up.

    Todoroki bounced his leg anxiously as the phone buzzed for the third time that night, Sero was in the kitchen making a sandwich for him so he was alone in their shared room. But after he heard the familiar notification go off and off he couldn't help but avert his eyes over to the black cased phone.

    He swallowed hard when it went off again. Todoroki had always had a few trust issues when it came to their relationship, which he understood wasn't the healthiest thing to involve in a committed relationship but when you've been through what he's been through…

    Yeah, you would have some scared thoughts as well.

    He looked up at the ceiling as he contemplated looking at the phone, "Okay.. okay, maybe it's just a friend. I shouldn't look at it right?".

    Then the phone buzzed again.

    Todoroki's head dropped down, "Screw it", He grabbed the phone off the charger, he quickly punched in Sero's password, Todoroki's birthday, and scrolled the top down to look at the messages.

    I can't wait either!

    I have been looking forward to meeting with you all week.

    The reservations are already made so don't worry about the planning, luv.

    I'm so excited!

    Ps. I'm bringing a bottle of wine and I refuse to take no for an answer!! ♡ :))

    Todoroki squinted his eyes as he read the messages. He felt heat rise through his stomach to neck, anger washing over him like the way a tide washed over a beach. He clenched his teeth in his closed mouth and slammed the phone back on the counter.

    He situated himself on the bed before sliding his elbows down to rest of his knees, he curled both his hands in his fist as Todoroki tried to remain calm. He failed to do so as Sero returned back with his sandwich on a plate.

    "I got your sandwich, love- you okay?", Sero cut himself off once he saw Todoroki's face. The hetero colored haired man looked up at Sero with a tight smile that was cleary fake.

    "I'm fine, come sit", Todoroki gritted as he patted the spot next to him on the bed, he breathed harshly through his nose as he decided that jail is bad and he shouldn't kill his boyfriend.

    Just yet.

    Bur Sero knew Todoroki like the back of his hand. He looked around the room until he saw his phone turned over, he furrowed his eyebrows as he noticed Todoroki's eyes lifting and moving over to the side when his phone was located.

    Sero's face went white.

    "Are you fucking serious?!", He yelled as he slammed the tray down on the dresser and grabbed his phone off the side table, he unlocked it quickly and saw the messages were shown as read, "Why do you always do that shit?".

    Todoroki kept his head high though he was shocked. Sero never raised his voice at him, he tried to keep the shaking out his voice as he replied, "Who are you seeing tomorrow, Hanta?".

    Sero snapped his head at Todoroki, "You always jump to conclusions, you know what- none of your fucking business. Go ahead and accuse me of shit, it's always the same thing with you", Sero growled before grabbing his phone and walking out of their bedroom and stomping downstairs.

    Todoroki was taken aback, he took in a shakey breath, "Okay Shouto be calm be calm.. just calm…", Then he felt the hurt inside of him turn in to defense, "Nah, fuck that", He rose off the bed and stomped down the room and down the stairs. He walked through the house until he found Sero in the kitchen leaning against the counter as his phone was in front of him. He was fiddling with his rings until he heard his boyfriend come in.

    "Who the fuck are you meeting tomorrow?", He asked sternly as he crossed his arms over his chest.

    "Shouto.. please, I'm not doing this with you today", Sero gritted as he let out a harsh sigh.

    Todoroki laughed in anger, "Oh you're not doing this, okay. And you expect me to trust you? Right".

    Sero didn't respond as Todoroki continued, "Everytime I think things are going good, you always find a way to hurt me. It seems like you can never be happy with just me".

    That made Sero turn to look at him, "Are you fucking kidding me? You make it seem you're not happy to be with just me! I don't try to hurt you Shouto, I fucking love you. Why would I try to hurt you? Everytime I think things are good; YOU find a way to fuck that up because you're the one uncomfortable with being happy. You have never trusted me, you have accused me of being with all these men, you even accused me of Denki and I being a thing when you knew good and damn well he's married! You can't keep doing this, Shouto!".

    "I love you, do you hear me? I. Love YOU. If I wanted to cheat don't you think I would've done it by now? Don't you think I would be out fucking God knows who? I want to marry you, I want to have kids with you, Do you think I would just up and cheat if I didn't think of us through long term? Hell, there are men throwing themselves at me left and right but I don't want them. I want YOU, you Shou. You're crazy, and beautiful, and smart, and sexy and- and words can't even comprehend how much I love you. But baby, you have to stop this. This person", He picked up his phone, "This is my brother's wife, Ameria, they're married with a child and they live in San Francisco. I haven't met her yet but we agreed to meet up for her five year old daughter's birthday. I've been off telling you about it because I knew something like this would happen. She's just a nice lady who you mistaken as someone I was interested in. I wasn't trying to hurt you love..".

    Todoroki stood there, his mouth opening slightly as he took in the words his boyfriend was telling him. Deep down he knew Sero was right, he always let his insecurities get in the way of their love. He's always been afraid that one day the love of his life is going to up and leave him and find some new boy toy to play with. It made his heart hurt to know he's been letting that get in the way of pushing his boundaries away from Sero.

    Sero sighs and shakes his head, rubbing his hand down his face then pressing in his password for his phone.

    "You don't need to-", Todoroki starts.

    "Shut up", Sero replied sternly without looking up from his phone, he holds the phone up to his ear when he finally does.

    "Hi Ameria, is my brother around? Oh no I was just curious…yes I saw your messages I'm so excited to see you and your daughter too… Mhmm, oh could you add my boyfriend to the list as well? You're gonna love him.. probably not as much as I do though", He chuckles, "Yes, yes.. okay.. I'll see you tomorrow, bye".

    Sero shuts his phone off and looks directly at Todoroki with an exhausted gleam in his eye. Todoroki shifts from one foot to the other.

    "You think I'm sexy?", He asks with a nervous and shy smile. Sero groans and drags a hand down his face.

    "You're so fucking annoying".

    "Baby.. I'm sorry, I just get wrapped up in my own head and I just can't help but think you're going to run off and find someone new-".

    "I'm tired of hearing that shit Shouto, I'm not going anywhere. You're the only person for me, I know that, and you know that", Sero said as he took some steps forward and put a hand out for his boyfriend to take, "So please, can we fix this?".

    Todoroki wipes his eyes when he finally realizes he'd been crying and grabs ahold of Sero's hand, the black haired man pulls him towards his chest and wraps Todoroki in for a hug.

    "You know.. I know we just got done making up and all.. but I think my sandwich is stale upstairs, and I'm still hungry".

    The other man pulls Todoroki's waist to look at him with a smile, "Amour?".


    He tilts Shouto's head up with a finger and leaning closer to his lips, "Shut up", He moves one final inch to bring their lips together. Todoroki wraps his arms around Sero's neck and melts into his body. Yeah they had some issues they needed to work out but as long as they did it together;

    They'll be okay.

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