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    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    good, good. i’m trying to slut him out for the dash to see. hopefully there’s some takers who are intrigued n want to join 👀

    pspsps also remember the one time you told me you had mitsuya thots to share? what are they now 😗

    OOH I’M SO DELIGHTED YOU ASKED I also sent some to your inbox bc I just had to share

    — Taka loves being taken care of, especially if it’s unexpectedly. he’s spent a lot of time being the responsible one, so letting someone dote on him filled him w/ anxiety at first, but now it’s his favorite thing.

    — he’s the ‘reverse matching outfits’ bf. you wore a hoddie from your vast selection & he decided he has to wear pants of the same color or he’ll die.

    — buys you lil treats and trinkets on his way home if he thinks you’ll like them. he knows you pretty well, has a knack for picking the things you adore without even having to consult you first and sometimes it’s a lil scary.

    — hates arguing & respects the both of you enough to try and avoid them. If you say you wanna come back to it later, the both of you are taking time to calm down and work through your emotions so that you don’t do/say anything unnecessary.

    — he’s very much a man of subtle but important gestures. being as observant as he is, he utilizes the quirks and personality traits to his advantage and always has something rather meaningful up his sleeve. It’s just never this big grand thing, but it always means more than anything in the world.

    — hates having to discipline you when you get bratty—he’d rather spoil you fucking rotten—but it’s always very short lived bc your punishments are actual punishments, no fun involved. you give up less than halfway through and he’s treating you like a princess.

    — cockwarming will be his undoing. If you come tiptoeing into his office while he’s scouring the internet for materials and ideas and you slip his semi hard cock inside you, his head falls into the crook of your neck and he’s putty in your hands. love love lovessss it.

    — orgasm denial gives him a rush as strong as the drugs Sanzu takes religiously. giving or receiving, he’s all in; does like giving just a tad bit more bc there’s something about knowing he has the power to give and take your release and it makes his heart race.

    — will make you wear a pair of vibrating underwear as a punishment and has made you cum in front of his colleagues several times at this point; taka = sadist?

    — loves seeing you overstimulated and teary-eyed; means he’s doing a good job in his mind. as long as you’re only able to cry his name and pulse around his dick as he makes you writhe and shake, he’s satisfied.

    #leave me alone okayyyy??? #I was tryna mind my business but you clearly don’t want this for me. #from: sumi luv <3 #takashi mitsuya smut #takashi mitsuya x reader smut #takashi 🤎 #takashi mitsuya x black reader smut #tokyo revengers x reader smut #tokyo revengers smut #tokrev x reader smut #tokrev smut #tokyo revengers x black reader smut #nori’s library 📕
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    Tokyo Revengers' ending of the last episode was SCREWED UP! I did NOT think it would end in a cliffhanger 0_0 They had the main character, or hero (spoiler alert) be killed off! Now you'll see it's screwed up 0_0

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers anime #anime #y'all the ending is screwed 0_0
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  • aqoamoon
    27.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    Sweet Obsession

    Length: 4.8k

    Pairing: Sanzu/You, Mucho/You

    Tags/Warnings: noncon smut, vaginal penetration, fingering, oral sex, forced orgasm, some bondage, voyeurism, virginity loss, titty play, jealousy, maybe some ooc-ness, I wouldn’t know, aged up characters, pls help idk how to tag.

    Summary: Sanzu becomes obsessed with you and Mucho can’t help but notice.


    Part 1, Part 2

    You were uncertain of how long you were out. You did not want to wake up, but there was a chill running up and down your body and you wondered if your mom came by your room again to rip the covers off of you so you could wake up for school. 

    Your eyes cracked open and everything was a blurry mess. The objects around you were becoming clear with each confused blink and finally, the dark room came into focus.

    Wait a second...this wasn't your room. 

    You gulped loudly and tried to move, but your hands were tied and dangling from something high up, and when you looked to see what was keeping your hands at bay, you gasped. 

    You weren't sitting on a bed, you were sitting on Mucho. Your arms were tied together with a pair of makeshift rope handcuffs, the soft cord connecting your wrists looped around Mucho's thick neck. You were pretty much dangling on his bare chest like an oversized necklace, with your legs between his long ones. From your position, you could see parts of the bed Mucho was sitting on and you would have been impressed by the black silk if you weren’t so terrified. 

    "I see you're awake," a voice sounded from somewhere within the room and your head snapped towards it, making you wince in the process. 

    "Careful now. The drug is still in your system, so it might make you feel a bit…drowsy." The figure stepped out of the darkness and you weren’t at all surprised to see your blonde classmate making his way towards the bed.

    You watched Sanzu get closer and when he was at the end of the bed, he looked at you, his eyes crinkling at the edges. Then, his gaze lowered and yours did the same, and with a surprised cry, you jerked your body, trying to bring your hands down to cover your bare chest. 

    Mucho grunted at the sudden tug of the rope, but said nothing. Tears of embarrassment were already gathering in your eyes, threatening to fall and stain your cheeks. 

    "It's no use crying now. You've brought this upon yourself," Sanzu said, sitting himself on the edge of the bed. You pulled your knees to your chest, happy to still have your panties on, but your relief was short-lived. 

    Sanzu grabbed your foot and pulled roughly, making you slip from Mucho's lap and dangle even more on his chest. 

    "Why...why are you doing this?" The first tear dropped and Sanzu was quick to wipe it with his thumb.

    "Don't act dumb, it’s not becoming. You know what you've done," Sanzu sneered under his mask and you started crying, shaking your head from side to side. 

    "I don't know, but please... I'm sorry...please don't kill me," you sobbed by this time and Mucho pressed a kiss behind your ear, his thumbs smoothing out the skin on your hips as a way to comfort you. 

    "Kill you? Why would I kill my girlfriend?" Sanzu tilted his head to the side as if you said the silliest thing in the world. 

    At the mention of the word girlfriend, your brain short-circuited. 

    "Wh-what are you talking about?" you asked between hiccups, and the man pulled in his sleeves so he could wipe your tears with them. 

    "You're my girl, silly." Sanzu got up and went to the nightstand to grab one of the water bottles stashed there and opening it, he held the bottle gently to your lips. You drank eagerly, emptying half a bottle before you had your fill. You smacked your wet lips a couple of times before you glared at the man facing you. 

    "Akira is my boyfriend," you said, slowly, afraid not to trigger a violent spree. Mucho tensed under you, his hard muscles digging into your skin. 

    "Not anymore," Sanzu grinned under his mask, his hands rubbing your things up and down. 

    "What did you do to him?" you shot the question before Sanzu could finish, the realization that something must have happened to your boyfriend hitting you. 

    "Just made sure he understood who you really belong to. Now I gotta make sure you understand that as well." He leaned over and kissed your stomach, but you could only feel the material of his mask. 

    "Akashi, please don't do this." Your lower lip was wobbling again and Sanzu's fingers dug painfully in your thigh, making you cry out in pain. 

    "You'll call me Haruchiyo from now on," Sanzu ordered, and with a sigh, he removed his mask. 

    Your eyes widened at the sight and your stomach did a small flip—Sanzu was beautiful. You didn't think you'd ever seen a man so beautiful before and if this would have been any other situation, your heart would have done a flip as well. But right now...you didn't care how attractive he was. All you wanted was to get out of there. 

    "Please, just let me go and I promise I won't tell anybody of this, please, Akas-" your sentence was interrupted by a jolt of pain, and when you looked down, you saw Sanzu's nails digging into the fat of your thigh. 

    "I see we're still not on the same page...no worries though, you'll learn soon enough," he smirked, the expression he wore on his face sending a shiver of terror up and down your body. 

    "Mucho, you know what to do," Sanzu ordered and if it wasn't apparent who exactly was in charge until then, it was now. 

    Mucho grabbed your panties and ripped them off in one fluid movement, leaving you gasping at the sting. He then gripped your thighs and parted your legs, revealing your pussy to Sanzu’s greedy eyes. 

    "No, please, Muto-san," you begged, wiggling in the man's lap, trying to glue your legs back together, but he was just too strong. 

    You struggled until you felt another pair of hands on your calves and your gaze snapped to Sanzu, who wasn't looking at you anymore. Instead, he was focused on your cunt. 

    "So pretty," he whispered, more to himself than anybody else. His hands glided up your legs until they reached your pubic area. One of his knuckles caressed your fold lightly, barely touching them before he pulled them apart using both of his thumbs. 

    He let out a shuddered breath at the sight of your hole, which looked like it could barely fit a finger and leaned down to blow on the clit. 

    Your body jolted, and you clenched your teeth. Your hands fisted the rope that was around Mucho's neck and the muscles in your thighs flexed, trying to close off your legs once again, but it was to no avail. Mucho had a tight grip on you. 

    Sanzu's pretty eyes flickered towards you and maintaining eye contact, he lowered his mouth so it was just above your clit and, with a mischievous grin, his tongue poked out to press on it. 

    You gasped and pulled at the rope roughly. Mucho's grip tightened and you cried in pain—you were sure to have hand-shaped bruises by the next day. 

    "Now, now, don't hurt her. Only I'm allowed to do that," Sanzu teased and without waiting for a response, he shoved his face in your folds, his tongue snaking out to prod at your hole. 

    Finding you dry, he huffed and concentrated on your clit instead. Pulling it in his mouth, he sucked eagerly, flicking it with his tongue again and again. He was watching you closely, memorizing each reaction, making sure most, if not all of his actions brought you pleasure. He wanted you to become as addicted to him as he was to you.  

    His tongue returned to your hole and Sanzu was pleasantly surprised to find you slightly wet—a sign that he was doing something right. 

    "No, stop," you said, holding in a moan. Nobody had ever touched you there and you hated that your first sexual experience was like this. 

    "If you want me to stop then why are you getting wet?" Sanzu knew he was being unfair, using your body's natural responses to his advantage. Did he care? Not really. 

    "You're so fucked," you sobbed and Sanzu chuckled, not bothered by your insult. He had heard worse. 

    "Don't say that," Mucho whispered, biting the shell of your ear reproachfully. 

    Instead of responding to your insults, Sanzu just plunged face first back into your cunt, licking at the small amount of fluid found there. 

    He shoved his tongue into your pussy and wiggled it around, enjoying how the sensation was making you squirm. The more he played with your pussy the wetter you got, and finally, Sanzu could get a proper taste. But it was still not enough. He needed you to come on his face. 

    His pointer rubbed your entrance and suddenly sank in, knuckle after knuckle being sucked inside. He pumped it inside a few times, getting a feel of the gummy walls.

    "Fuck, you're so tight. It's as if you're a virgin," Sanzu moaned and you blushed in embarrassment, turning your head to the side. Sanzu was quick to notice your bashfulness and he paused, narrowing his eyes and calling your name slowly. 

    "Are.." he licked the wetness off his lips, feeling for his scars with his tongue, all while looking at you carefully. "Are you? A virgin?"

    There was silence. Both of the men held their breaths, waiting for your response and you refused to look at either. With tears stinging your eyes you nodded and Sanzu felt like he was floating on cloud nine. This whole thing was turning out to be better than he had expected. 

    "Fuck, you're such a good girl. My good girl," Sanzu said and Mucho released the breath he was holding, deciding to nuzzle his nose behind your ear and drink in your perfume. 

    His tongue darted out and he licked the shell of your ear, nibbling the lobe softly. For a giant and a gang member, Mucho was unexpectedly gentle and you would have basked in the attention he was giving you if the circumstances were different. 

    "I knew you wouldn't let that scum touch you." Sanzu kissed your thigh lovingly, his finger picking up its movement. He didn't know you had invited Akira over that weekend so you could lose your virginity to him and you planned on keeping it that way. 

    A second finger slipped into your pussy without any warning and you gasped, a shock of pain making your body tense up. Sanzu's fingers were thicker than yours, so they were already making you feel quite full. You suddenly hoped the man would have a small dick—perhaps that way it wouldn't hurt that much. 

    He tried to stretch you as much as possible, his fingers scissoring your cunt, all while his tongue was delivering kitten licks on your clit. 

    Mucho was nuzzling his nose in your hair, and from his height and position, he could perfectly see your breasts. Oh, how he wanted to shove his head between your tits, grab them and fondle them all while he sucked on your nipples. His eyes glazed over and he desperately wished to let go of your legs, just so he could have a touch, if not a taste, but he knew Sanzu would be displeased if he had dared. The rule was that he couldn't touch you more than necessary, and not without Sanzu's consent. Only after he had agreed to that had Sanzu allowed him to participate. 

    "You're going to have to take another finger, baby, otherwise I might tear you up," Sanzu said, his eyes shining with a twisted pride at the size of his cock. You frowned, eyes flickering down, but unfortunately, Sanzu was kneeling on the floor, and you could not see his bulge quite yet. 

    A third finger made its way into your pussy and your eyes were brimming with tears. It hurt and you didn't even want to think how much a dick would stretch your poor cunt. 

    He didn't allow you a moment of rest—instead, Sanzu moved his fingers in and out, his lips returning to your clit. The pleasure eased the pain, and with Mucho's thumbs caressing the skin on your things, it almost felt good. 

    The pain disappeared the more Sanzu fingered you, and you felt yourself approaching your high with fast steps. 

    "That's right, baby, come for me. Wanna taste you so bad," Sanzu moaned, his tongue rolling over your clit, his fingers picking speed and wiggling inside your pussy.

    His fingers curled upwards, pressing on your bladder and your mouth popped open in a silent scream. Your hips started jerking and Mucho's eyes widened, his grip on your tightening so you wouldn't accidentally hit Sanzu. 

    Sanzu ripped his fingers out of you, making another surge of pleasure rip through your body and he glued his mouth to your pussy, tongue lapping at the convulsing muscle. 

    He knew he was acting like a dog drinking water for the first time in days, but he didn't care. Sanzu had experimented with a handful of drugs, mostly recreational and taken just once or twice, but he swore your taste was the most addictive thing he had ever had. Now, after having a taste of your cum, he couldn't even imagine a day without getting to eat you out. 

    He emerged from between your thighs, the bottom half of his face wet, his scars glistening in the light. 

    "You taste so good, princess." Sanzu crawled up your body, leaving butterfly kisses on your tummy, breasts, neck, and chin. 

    Finally, he was face to face with you and you could smell yourself on his breath. His wet lips brushed yours, and you could feel the jagged skin of his scars on your cheeks. 

    "I know I should have taken you on a date before this. Maybe confessed my feeling in the back of the school," Sanzu chuckled, his nose bumping yours in an affectionate fashion. You wanted so badly to pull back, but you couldn't move. 

    "But I promise imma make it up to you. Gonna take you on as many dates as you want. Gonna take such good care of my girl," Sanzu whispered and you wanted to yell at him that he's insane, that you'll never accept this madness, but just as you opened your mouth, Sanzu kissed you, pushing his tongue inside your mouth, forcing you to taste yourself. 

    Mucho watched, jaw slacked and breath coming in short puffs. Maybe this was a mistake. Not Sanzu taking you for himself nor threatening Akira's younger siblings—he knew those things were wrong, but they had not been mistakes. They couldn't be, not when Sanzu seemed so exhilarated at the prospect of dating you (or better said owning you). The mistake was his participation in this whole ordeal. 

    Somehow, along the way, Mucho fell for you. Hard. Sanzu knew that. And he was going to use it to his full advantage. 

    Sanzu fucked your mouth with his tongue, his enthusiasm not faltering when he saw your lackluster response—it was okay, you were just nervous for your first time. 

    He ended the kiss with a peck and backing off, he began unbuckling his pants. He wasn't going to fully strip, not with Mucho there, and for a moment, Sanzu felt bad. You deserved an intimate first time, you deserved to see him fully naked and just as exposed and vulnerable as you were right now. But he couldn't ask Mucho to leave. He promised the man a first-row seat and he knew Mucho wouldn't react well to being told now to get lost—in his own apartment, no less. 

    He quickly stomped on his feelings, telling himself that he was going to make it up to you—after all, you had the rest of your lives together. 

    Fishing his painfully hard dick out of his pants, Sanzu watched closely your reaction. Your eyes widened at the size and he smiled benevolently, knowing that he was definitely bigger than most—at least the Akashi household had given him something to pride himself with, other than his looks. 

    "That's not gonna fit," you said, panic lacing your voice. You tried to shimmy away from Sanzu, but you only felt your ass bumping into something hard. You then remembered Mucho, and realized that the hardness was his cock. 

    "We'll make it fit." Sanzu stroked himself a couple of times, collecting the precum beading the pink tip of his cock and rolling it around his head. 

    He rubbed your pussy a few times and used the slick to lubricate his cock, and as he pumped himself, he closed in and aligned the head with your pretty little hole. Sanzu rubbed the tip of his cock on your pussy and then, he pushed. All three of you held your breaths, anticipating the moment his cock would pop inside. And suddenly...

    "Wait! At least use a condom," you shouted, the realization that you were going to be fucked raw by this psychopath hitting you like a train. 

    Sanzu stopped and looked at you. Mucho also watched the scene from above, anxious to see what Sanzu's response would be. 

    The lithe man smiled brightly, his scars stretching on his face, and let out the breath he was holding. 

    "Don't worry, angel. I'll take responsibility if you get pregnant." And with that, he jerked his hips, pushing his length inside you, slowly but steadily. Mucho stared, mesmerized, at how your greedy cunt was eating away at Sanzu's cock, swallowing him until he reached the hilt. He wasn't even feeling the chaffing of the rope on his neck, nor the way you pulled at the rope, obviously in pain. 

    Sanzu shuddered, finally getting to be fully inside you. 

    "So fucking tight," he gritted through his teeth, his eyes searching your face for signs of pain, which were many of. 

    Your cunt burned, the pain blinding you for a few seconds. Sanzu's cock was too thick, too long, it reached parts of you that had been untouched until then. You let out a sob, fresh tears rolling down your cheeks and Mucho would have given his left hand to be able to lick them off. 

    "Know it hurts right now, but it's gonna get better soon. Promise," Sanzu said, and pulled out until just the tip of his cock was nestled inside. Both men looked down, seeing the blood mixed with cum that coated Sanzu's dick and the rivulets of blood going down your ass cheeks, glazing your puckered ass. Mucho thought he could come in his pants from that sight alone and he clenched his jaw, shifting uncomfortably under you. 

    Sanzu's eyes snapped to him and he offered a mean grin, baring his teeth like a wild dog protecting his bitch. 

    "She feels so good, Mucho. Never had a cunt this good," he cooed and pushed back in. He fiddled a bit with his pants so they could fall a bit lower and then leaned over you, his face closing in. He kissed your cheek, tasting the salt of your tears on the skin, before capturing your hiccuping sobs with his mouth.

    "So." Thrust. "Fucking." Thrust. "Good," Sanzu moaned in the kiss, all while he was delivering some shallow thrusts, making sure you feel him entirely. 

    "How is it, angel? Does it still hurt?" he asked, peppering your face with kisses, going from your temple to your nose to your jaw. 

    You could only nod, not trusting your voice. 

    "Hmm, maybe if I speed things up a bit the pain will go away faster," he contemplated, not really asking anybody's opinion. He got on his knees and batted Mucho's hands away from your legs. Once released, they fell limply, your hips sore and aching from being in the same position for so long. He grabbed your legs, right behind your kneecaps, hoisting your ass in the air for a brief moment so he could place your legs around his hips. 

    Before anybody could protest, Sanzu started a brutal pace, each stoke deeper and harder than the one before. It hurt you, but the way his pelvis brushed your clit each time he pummeled his dick back inside also sent sparks of pleasure up and down your spine. 

    Your tits were jiggling, and Sanzu had the urge to grab them and squeeze, but his hands were supporting your legs. That's when his eyes fell on Mucho, whose arms fell to the side when they lost their sole purpose in this whole interaction. 

    "Hey, Mucho," Sanzu panted, the grip of your pussy making him go crazy. "I am feeling generous tonight. You can play with her tits."

    Mucho thought he didn't hear the other man correctly. But the expectant look in Sanzu's eyes confirmed what he had heard, and not wasting another second, he did what Sanzu was dying to—he grabbed your bouncing breasts, stilling their movement, and squeezed. 

    You let out a loud moan that made Mucho shudder. Jesus, it was as if he was back to being 14 again and these were the first tits he had ever touched. 

    Mucho pinched your puffy nipples, rolling them between his fingers, watching your every reaction. He sometimes forgot just how strong he actually was, and he didn't want to be too rough with you. 

    Meanwhile, Sanzu was drilling into your pussy, his balls slapping your ass and he could already feel his high coming towards him, fast. He had fucked before in his life, and the sex was okay, but he always lasted way too long—he always had to close his eyes and imagine someone else entirely just so he could bust a nut. But with you...with you it was different. Everything was different from the beginning. 

    He couldn't come before he made you come at least one more time. You deserved to cream on the dick that took (or better-said stole?) your virginity. But he couldn't move his hand—he had to support your legs, which had conveniently turned to jelly and were dead weight for Sanzu. 

    "Play with her clit," Sanzu ordered a tint of desperation in his voice. 

     Mucho was not one to leave someone hanging. One of his hands traveled south, reaching your clit rapidly, and then, he pressed his calloused finger on your little nub, rolling it in small, rapid circles. Your whole body trembled at the stimuli. 

    The pain faded away a while ago, and all you could feel now was pleasure. The way Sanzu's cock stretched you out and brushed against something deep inside, combined with the way Mucho was playing with your tits and clit, as if he had done it thousands of times before, made your mind blank. 

    Your head fell back and you locked eyes with Mucho, who was staring at you, lips parted in wonder and admiration. He felt like he could just die at how beautiful you were. You had him in a chokehold and you were not letting him go and Mucho knew this was going to cause him a lot of problems with Sanzu in the future, but he couldn't bring himself to care. For now, he just wanted to enjoy the moment. 

    Your ass was brushing against his erection each time Sanzu pounded into you, and even though he was struggling to stay silent, small grunts slipped past his lips. Your sweaty back was glued to his naked chest and your fingers brushed the nape of his neck, your nails scratching the hot skin there. 

    He wasn't even fucking you and it felt so good, just feeling your ass and your small touches and your hazy gaze on him. 

    "Hey," Sanzu said, irritation and jealousy burning him like a hot poker. You were supposed to have a meaningful moment, a connection, with him, not Mucho. "Eyes on me. Now," he snarled, picking up the pace even more. He bent your knees and pushed them slightly towards your chest, his arms going behind your knees so he could properly support them. Now, his hips hit your ass, filling the room with a slapping sound mixed with moans and grunts and pants. 

    Muchos calloused fingers were working magic on your clit, his other hand pulling on one nipple and then the other, and you could feel the coil in your stomach tightening. It wouldn't be long, you knew it.

    You looked at Sanzu, your mouth open and a drop of drool falling from the corner of your mouth, trailing down your chin. 

    "God, you didn't even cum yet and you already looked fucked out of your mind. Do you like my cock that much?" Sanzu wasn't expecting you to respond. Your body could barely handle its basic functions anymore, and yet your cunt squeezed him in response. 

    "Come on, angel. Come on my cock." Sanzu was now desperate. His cock was twitching and his balls felt taut and heavy, begging for release. Mucho wasn't doing much better. There was a wet spot on his pants and he knew it was a combination of your juices and blood and his own precum. His cock was being rubbed raw in his underwear and he got a feeling that he was going to come in his pants like a fucking teen. 

    Sanzu's thrusts were erratic now, but one of them hit your g-spot going in, and in the moment, you thought you saw stars shooting in front of your eyes. You let out an animalistic scream, startling both of the men, while your back arched and your lower body spasmed. Your eyes closed and your brows scrunched up as if you were in pain and both men burned this moment in their memory. 

    Your fingers went into Mucho's grown-out hair and you pulled roughly, making the man's eyes flutter. He came in his boxers with a grunt, his cum shooting up towards his chest but hitting cotton instead. 

    Sanzu was the only one still seeking his high, but feeling the muscles of your pussy clench around him, pulling him deeper into you while he struggled to pull out made his thoughts jumbled. 

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he chanted, his hips stuttering and with one last thrust, he came, painting your gummy walls white with his hot cum. Your legs slipped from his grasp and fell uselessly on the bed and Sanzu fell on you, his chest pressing into yours and his face nuzzling into your sweaty neck.

    "You are perfect, angel," Sanzu mumbled, kissing your skin again and again, and Mucho agreed in the background. 

    The three of you were silent and your blinking slowed down. You could barely keep your eyes open, the events of the day falling on you like a truckload of bricks. Maybe if you fell asleep, you'd wake up in your bed and this all would turn out to be just a bad dream. 

    Sanzu noticed your breathing slowing down and gently, he pulled himself out of you. Your eyes were already closed and his heart skipped a beat at how beautiful you were. He hoped he could enjoy the sight of you falling asleep next to him for the rest of his life. 

    His blue eyes fell on your poor, abused cunt, and his cock twitched when he saw his red-tinted cum pouring out of your hole. He followed the trail of sperm until it reached the black material of a pair of slacks and only then did he remember that there was another person in the room. 

    Sanzu looked at Mucho, who stood as still as possible, probably not to disturb your sleep. The two locked eyes and Sanzu nodded, an unspoken thank you for helping him out that night. 

    Fishing a pocket knife out of his pants, Sanzu cut the rope and caught your falling arms. He carefully rolled you off of Mucho and getting up, he went to the bathroom to grab a towel and wet it with some hot water. 

    Coming back, he noticed that his "friend" had changed into a fresh pair of boxers, the soiled clothing a pile at the foot of the bed. 

    Sanzu sat on the bed and began rubbing the cloth on your face, wiping the sweat and drool and tears away. He moved to your pussy, thoroughly cleaning you up with gentle swipes. Mucho was watching wordlessly from one corner of the room, his eyes stuck on your peaceful face. 

    "She's mine, you know," Sanzu reminded the other man, finishing cleaning you up and drawing the covers over you. He looked at Mucho expectantly and the other man nodded. 

    "I know," he answered and turned towards the bathroom. He knew, but that didn't mean he liked it. He knew, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to do anything about it…someday.

    AN: Aaand this is the last part of Sweet Obsession. I really liked how the sex scene turned out. I find the whole idea of being tied to another person to be very hot, and I really like the Sanzu+Mucho duo. As always, let me know what you think and if you enjoyed this piece, either in the comments or in an ask.

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    •A takemichy hc i have is that takemichy loves to bake/cook too relax him from all the hard days and time leaping at first he just made basic simple dishes but started to love baking sweet stuff like strawberry cakes/cupcakes,lemon cake recipes ,blueberry short cakes and mini lunch box cakes for his friends (mostly hina) the mizo middle +emma,hina,senju urge him to start a cooking club or better yet start his own business when he gets older ever since mikey founded out that takemichy learned how to make bungeoppang he started breaking into his house for some chifuyu also comes over to eat takemichy’s delicious sweets and to read some manga that he bought with him kakucho too comes over as well to check up on him and eat his sweets and often helps him out while baking (wakui i want more kakutake friendship content) koko buys him ingredients (even though takemichy said it was fine and he really didn’t have to ) but still does it anyways because koko really liked his peach mousse cake, Angry are now baking buddies no excuses they give each other tips and advice and study new recipes together ok OK look idk about y’all but i have a hc that intimidating muto secretly has a sweet tooth and this is how takemichy and muto weirdly become friends?? When takemichy gave muto a custard cream donut Draken almost cried when takemichy made him a sakura roll cake for his birthday none of them had ever had the perfect childhood so getting something like this is a blessing tbh Sanzu and inui loves his macaroons and mooncakes (sanzu always says his cooking is shitty and refuses to admit takemichy’s desserts are amazing ) Baji,yuzuha and smiley don’t really like sweets like that but they love the homemade chocolates he makes but they can all agree they would die for takemichy desserts

    #fypシ#tr takemichi#takemichytokyorev#takemichyhc #a ​lil headcanon i think is pretty cute #kokonoi hajime#inui seishu#kakucho hitto #tokyo revengers kakucho #toman tokyo rev #tr chifuyu#mikey sano#manjiro sano#muto yasuhiro #angry tokyo revengers #souya kawata#draken #had to get this off my chest #tokyo revengers sanzu #mizo mid crew #mizo middle #tokyo revengers fluff #yuzuha shiba#hina tachibana #tokyo revengers hcs #takehina #sorry this got long #haha 😅#fuck 🥲
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    27.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    Old arcs flashbacks in Tokyo revengers

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  • thania-keiji-gf
    27.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago


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  • kallikrein
    27.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    can we just agree to the fact that shinichiro sano and steve harrington from stranger things are the standard

    #you can not tell me they aren’t the freaking standard #tokyo revengers sano shinichiro
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    27.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    I can't write rn so I made a bunch of Doramitsu meme

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  • toriyourwelcome
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #tokyo revengers#tokrev senju#senju kawaragi #tokyo revengers kawaragi senju
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  • thania-keiji-gf
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    izana is a boyfriend who let you wear his tenjiku coat when you two spending time together. it's feel so warm, and makes you feel safe too. while wearing his coat you two cuddle, hugging, watching some kids movies, or maybe eating ice cream. but sadly when clock is showing time for he gone to tenjiku meeting, he will be ask for his coat back. you sometimes doesn't want take off it from your body, with sparkling eyes you begging to king of tenjiku for his coat. izana maybe can take that forcibly from you. but he just little smiling and sighing as he nodding, then patting your head and say "such a stubborn girl, but ily."

    —bonus part

    in tenjiku meeting, izana come without his coat (just long sleeve shirt). all member is looking him confused because izana always warn them to wear tenjiku's coat every meeting or they will kicked out by 4 heavenly kings.

    meanwhile kakucho is asking his bestfriend about "where you coat, izana? you said tonight is important meeting and all member must wear our uniform." but izana just turning to him, and giving rare smile. "my princess is needed it for now, so you think i'm who is make the rules should obey it too?"

    and that's make one thing kakucho know, for that night.

    "sometimes, the king is no need to looks with they crown just for showing they're king."

    enough for this.

    — thania's note :

    WHAT I'M WRITINGGGGG PLS, IT'S LOOKS BAD BUT GOOD BUT BAD BUT AMAZING. i just needy fluff prompt about izana and want to share with you all. then, here it is. sorry if my writes has so many grammar mistake, yea? english is not my first language. hope you likeeee it <333

    #thank you for reading #thania's think#izana kurokawa#izana fluff #tokyo revengers fluff #tokrev#tenjiku
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    Tokyo Revengers

    Chapter 158 - Untamed heart

    Coloring by me!

    tap for better quality!

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo revengers headcanons #manga edit#manga coloring#tokrevedit#tokrev#koko#kokonoi hajime#akane inui#akane#posted270522
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    shinichiro, ch.230

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    You may be God to others, but in my arms, you are my lover.

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  • rphunter
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    Hi there! 30+nb looking for someone pref 25+ to write with over discord. Younger is okay but no minors, thanks. Literate to advanced/novella. Not entirely sure what that means these days, but I’ll give you 3+ paragraphs, fleshed out, detailed, and advancing the scene, and I expect the same in return. I am a writer at heart and regularly take advantage of the larger character limit discord nitro gives me. I love to worldbuild and talk ooc with my partners and will often make playlists/share music and send links to interesting content, so please be willing to engage, especially in creating a shared world.

    Fandoms/Pairings (canon x canon only right now but will do m/m, f/f, m/f)

    My Hero Academia: I’ve only played Jirou so far. Will accept nearly any pairing for her if you can pitch it to me, but preference MinaJirou, MomoJirou, BakuJirou, ShinJirou

    Haikyuu!: I’ve only played Suga so far. Will accept nearly any pairing for him if you can pitch it to me, love KuroSuga, OiSuga, DaiSuga

    Others I could be persuaded to write for: Tokyo Revengers (Chifuyu, not caught up on the current arc), FFXV, Kingdom Hearts, Free! (Ikuya), Dragon Age

      I enjoy writing post-canon, canon divergence, and AUs (with a preference for modern), but what I’d really love is for us to collaborate on whatever kind of world this is. Bring me your ideas, I’ll bring you mine, and we’ll create something fun together.

      I generally respond to threads within 24-48 hours and would love someone who can do the same, though my biggest things are communication and follow through: let me know what you can do and when, and then do it. I will do the same.

      Interact with this post and I’ll find you! We can talk over tumblr messages to lay the groundwork and see if we’ll work well together with the actual rp taking place over discord.

    #my hero academia #mha#haikyuu#tokyo revengers#ffxv#kingdom hearts#free#dragon age#mha rp #my hero academia rp #haikyuu rp #tokyo revengers rp #ffxv rp #kingdom hearts rp #free rp #dragon age rp #mha roleplay #my hero academia roleplay #haikyuu roleplay #tokyo revengers roleplay #ffxv roleplay #kingdom hearts roleplay #free roleplay #dragon age roleplay #discord
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    Haitani brothers fanart

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  • tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang
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    I love how Kisaki great plan was to join Toman and use Mikey to become a powerful and rich crime lord, all that for have Hina and won against Takemichi. And he joins Toman and Takemichi is here too now and Mikey looks at him with fond look and literally favorise him/protect him. Even before Takemichi saves Draken, Mikey already liked him and Kisaki is like "??? WHY??" and gets frustrated to see Takemichi becoming more and more important for Mikey. And then Kisaki gets fired XD

    Epic fail on Kisaki's part, tbf though his plan was dumb. Like Kisaki himself is super smart but his plan against Takemichi is just stupid, I've talked about it before and I still believe he should've just stayed friends with Hina and manipulated her against Takemichi from the sidelines. Hina's just too nice and tends to see the best in people, she wouldn't have suspected Kisaki to do something like that.

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  • tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Sanzu is the kind of guy who removes his shoes AND his socks when he goes to the movies. He also eats crunchy food with his mouth open, loudly slurps his drinks and talks out loud the whole time. If anyone complains he pelts them with popcorn. He also spoils the end of the movie to people waiting in line when he gets out.

    Agreed, he really doesn't seem to give a damn about other people. He removes his shoes and socks then puts his feet up on the chair in front of him. I feel like he would answer his phone in the middle of the movie too and is just all around a very loud guy. Probably isn't even there for the movie, he's just there to annoy the other people going. Secretly loves the annoyed looks on everybody's faces around him.

    #I'm sorry there's people who take their shoes and socks off in the cinema???? #tokyo revengers#tokrev#haruchiyo sanzu#sanzu haruchiyo#tokyo rev
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  • souyasbabyy
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    if y'all want me to restart doing smau (pranks or anything else) you can send request, i hope y'all are feeling good, take care <3

    #mel 🦋 #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers smau #tokyo revengers imagine #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers headcanon #tokyorev x reader
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  • white-poppie
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    Tokyo Revengers Yandere lovers

    NOTE: I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT PROMOTE THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR. It is impractical scary and even gross. Violation of someone’s personal space/ life is not being romanticized in this post. Rather it is JUST A FICTIONAL TROUPE WITH FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

    DEATH NOTE VERSION: Yanderes Death Note characters are MHA VERSION: Types of Yanderes MHA characters are HAIKYUU VERSION: Types of Yanderes Haikyuu Characters are HXH VERSION: Types of Yandere HxH characters are TOKYO REVENGERS VERSION: Tokyo revengers as Yandere lovers

    Tokyo 卍 Revengers (東京卍リベンジャーズ) || MASTERLIST


    Will manipulate you into thinking, that what they are doing is best for you. They will play with your mind until you are completely dependent on them.

    Mikey, Kisaki, Mitsuya, Draken, Kokonoi, Rindou Haitani, Hanma, Takeomi, Naoto


    You love them, right? RIGHT? They think your tantrums and escape methods will stop. You love them and they love you. A perfect little family.

    Kazutora, Chifuyu, Sanzu, Takemitchi, Hakkai, Souya (angry)

    VIOLENT (暴力的)

    Come on Darling, you knew better not to break the rules. They will break you until you are screaming and crying for mercy. Later they would patch you up and tell you that none of this would have happened if you didn’t disobey them.

    Hanma, Ran, Taiju, Kisaki, Sanzu, Mikey, Baji, Senju, Nahoya (smiley)

    SADISTIC (サディスティック)

    Another form of the violent type, not necessarily very cruel, but they find it ‘amusing’ to see you in pain. You are crying? How cute. Practically begging them to leave you alone? So so so pretty.

    Hanma, Ran, Sanzu, Baji, Takeomi, Nahoya (smiley)

    PAMPERING (甘やかす)

    Perhaps the best of all Yanderes. They know that they have caused turbulence in your life, hence they are a bit kinder. They would spoil you into loving them, muttering love onto your glistening skin, loving you until you are mewling for them. They are truly the best.

    Draken, Mitsuya, Chifuyu, Izana, Kakuchou, Kokonoi, Inui, Hakkai, Hinata, Senju, Souya (Angry), Naoto

    STALKER (ストーカー)

    They know every single thing about you. They will stalk the routes you follow and keep information about the people close to you. Break into your house, and steal your belongings for their little collection. They have little photos of you, you studying, in school, with your friends, hell even when you are undressing. It's lewd and morally wrong, but they can't stop themselves. They are truly infatuated with you.

    Kazutora, Baji, Pehyan, Takemitchi, Nahoya (Smiley)

    TSUNDERE (ツンデレ)

    You never know what’s going on in their mind. They can be nice and sweet to you and an absolute nightmare for others. They may appear scary and terrifying, but wouldn’t dare lay a hand on you. They love you, but it may take some time for them to realize it.

    Draken, Kakuchou, Izana, Hakkai, Senju, Takeomi, Baji, Souya (Angry), Naoto

    KILLER (殺人者)

    Oh, the most feared of them all. Is that person trying to get too close to their darling? Kill them. Is that person dear to their darling? No! Only they can be the person their darling loves. Kill them.

    Mikey, Hanma, Kisaki, Ran, Rindou, Sanzu

    SHINJU (心中)

    He is a sinner, he knows. He has attended too many funerals for one lifetime. He thinks he must be cursed, people die at his hands, they instead of him and even for him. Tears streaming down his face, he knows that an angel like you would end up in heaven, but he would rot in the filthiest depths of hell, once again away from you. He won't be attending funerals anymore, he would be paying for all the atrocities he has committed, including snatching the light in your eyes and replacing them with the same dullness of his. He would gently hold you in his arms, caressing your hair, kissing your forehead and telling you not to be scared or open your eyes; all of it would be over soon. Maybe in another life? After all, what is a Shinju, if not everlastingly devastating?

    Mikey (Sano Manjirou)

    Check out my first wattpad book:  L'appel du vide

    Taglist: @denkis111, @jazzylove,@maybeleftoverjourneys, @lordmypantsaresocool, @futuristicallykawaiiturtle, @kristaline2dmensimp, @astrofai, @rintaroubby @nanaseishiro @dislownini @idowritingandstuff @loverboy--pdf

    〜 ➤Be added to my tag list: TAGLIST (If the link doesn’t work message me under this fic or personally to add you)

    Please like and reblog it if you find it nice. The story is written by me and please do not plagiarize my work. If you find anyone copying this, please inform me ASAP. (Requests are open)

    A/N: I am so disappointed in myself, I had promised I won't write Yandere stuff anymore, yet here we are.

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