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    26.05.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    Awaken - Law x Reader

    Word Count: 1,335 Warnings: None A/N: Written with a female reader in mind - The two talking at the beginning, are supposed to be Shachi and Penguin but if it doesn’t work, imagine them being whoever! It’s old and I forgot to make changes before I posted it so here it is again all nice and pretty! Well, as pretty as someone of my ability could make it. But its pretty nonetheless!! 

    Summary: After being fatally injured during a fierce battle, you fall into a deep slumber. Law diligently watches over you, waiting for the moment you finally awaken!

    "How's [Y/n] been doing? Is she... still asleep?"

    "Yeah... and it doesn't look like she'll wake up any time soon. The captain has been staying in her room every night. He wants to be there in case she wakes up."

    "Damn. I hope she wakes up soon. Everything feels so off not having her around..."

    "Me too but all we can do is just leave it up to her."

    "Man, I wish we could do something! You think if we tried talking to her she'd be able to hear us?"

    "It's worth a shot!"  

    "Awesome! If we shout loud enough maybe she'll wake up!"

    "Don't be stupid!! That's not going to work!!"

    Just days ago [Y/n] had collapsed from her near fatal injuries and more so from extreme exhaustion due to intensely overusing her powers while fighting in Dressrosa. Ever since she had been in a very deep sleep, showing no signs of waking any time soon, leaving everyone to worry if she would ever wake up again. 

    Walking quietly into her room, Law sat down at her bedside staring down at her sleeping features. She was slumbering deeply, breathing softly as her chest rose and fell gently with each breath. Reaching over he gently brushed his fingers across her cheek, relieved to still feel the warmth of her skin beneath his hand.

    His gaze softened as he continued to stroke her cheek gently. How he wished she would wake up. Wake up so he could see the sleepy smile he loved so much. To hear her sleepy voice say good morning. It was all up to her if she would wake up or not, but he knew deep in his heart [Y/n] would wake up no matter what. He knew she would never give up so easily. Not after seeing how hard she fought. How hard she fought to protect him. The thought of her never waking up was a thought he cursed.

    "Come on, [Y/n]. Wake up. We're all waiting for you." he whispered softly, standing to his feet his eyes still glued to her slumbering features, looking for any signs that she could hear him. Leaning towards her, he gently kissed her temple before resting his forehead against hers, his hat being pushed up slightly.

     "I'm... waiting for you."

    Moving away, Law took off his hat and placed it next to her pillow. To let her know he had been with her in case she woke up when he couldn't be in the room. He gazed at her deep slumbering face, desperately searching and hope for a sign that she would awaken. 

    Finding no such sign after several moments, he finally tore his eyes away,  wordlessly walking out of her room. Gently closing the door behind him, Law stared at the floor, unable to let go of the doorknob. He was hesitant to leave [Y/n]. For now there was some things he needed to focus on but he would be back to see her as soon as he got the chance.

    Days turned to a week and [Y/n] seemed to still show no signs of waking up. Until one morning after being in a deep sleep for nearly two weeks, her eyes finally fluttered open. It was a peaceful, quiet morning when [Y/n] began to finally stir out of her sleep.

    Feeling a comfortable warmth surrounding her, a faint smile pulled at her lips as a familiar yet faint voice filled her ears. Her smile widened slowly, much to the surprise of Bepo who had been sitting by her bedside talking to her as she slept. He too, had been waiting for [Y/n] to awaken and would often come visit her to keep her company when Law couldn’t be there.

    Hearing his words, her eyes slowly fluttered open to see the relieved polar bear mink standing over her, tears welling in his eyes. "Y-you're finally awake!!" he nearly shouted in utter relief and joy. The polar bear mink immediately embraced [Y/n], joyful tears running down his furry face. 

    “[Y/n]!!!!” he cried happily as he nuzzled her cheek with his own, his white fur tickling her skin. Giggling [Y/n] hugged him back which made him squeeze her just a bit too much.  “I can’t believe it!! We were all so worried!! We thought you’d never wake up again!!!”

    “B-Bepo... you’re squeezing me...” she strained to speak as he suddenly let her go, finally letting her breath. A sharp breath escaped her lips, her lungs finally filling with air. Bepo’s hugs were always nice but his strength would always end up squeezing the person he was hugging. 

    “Ah! Wait!! The captain!! I should tell everyone!!” Quickly turning to the door to her room, Bepo swung it open, shouting down the hallway.

    "C-captain!! Everyone!! [Y/n]!! She-she's awake!!"

    "Bepo... stop shouting. You're so loud." [Y/n] giggled weakly as she slowly sat up, much to the polar bear mink’s surprise and concern.

    "Ah!! Wait [Y/n]!! You shouldn't sit up!"

    "It's okay... I'm fine." she reassured him, her hand brushing across something soft. Looking down beside her, [Y/n] noticed Law's white spotted hat sitting on her pillow. Her heart fluttered in her chest as she picked it up, holding it gingerly in her hands. During her deep slumber, [Y/n] had a reoccurring dream. A dream in which Law was sitting by her bedside, talking to her in a sweet voice. Coaxing her to wake up for him. Deep in her heart however, [Y/n] knew that this was more than just a mere dream. That Law was in fact in her room, watching over her as she slept. Waiting for the moment she’d finally wake up to greet him with the smile he so longed to see again.

    "Was... Law here? Watching over me?"

    "Uh-huh.” Bepo nodded in response. “Captain watched over you every chance he got. He'd even stay here with you all night."

    I knew it. I knew I sensed his presence while I slept.

    “Bepo!! Is–!?”

    Suddenly, Law burst into [Y/n]’s room and looked over to see her sitting up, holding his hat on her lap. Relief washed over him like a wave seeing her sitting up and looking at him with the smile he so very much missed. It took everything he had not to rush to her side and embrace her. All he could do was sigh in utter relief at finally seeing her awake and moving again. "Thank goodness..." he breathed softly, walking to her bedside. "You have no idea... how worried we've all been."

    "I'm sorry. I--"

    Law silenced [Y/n] by placing a finger to her lips as he shook his head. "Stop. I don't want to hear an apology." he said staring intensely at her. 

    He wanted to scold her for being so reckless. For nearly killing herself but he couldn't bring himself to even do so. It no longer mattered. What mattered was that she was safe. That she was finally awake. That the woman he loved so dearly... was still alive. Law's gaze softened unable to keep himself from her any longer. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pulling [Y/n] into his chest, holding her tightly and as close to him as possible.

    "I'm just... so relieved you're finally awake." 

    "Me too! Thank you so much, Law. Thank you for staying with me all this time.”

    [Y/n] wrapped her arms around him, resting her head against his shoulder. She smiled softly nuzzling her head against him. Law’s arms tightened around her, not wanting to let go for even a moment. 

    “I... I love you so much, [Y/n]...”

    "Aw~ Love is nice, isn't it?" Bepo smiled as he wiped a tear away, finding the two of them rather cute!

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  • the-dormant-ocean
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I see a lot of people asking if Law and Luffy's alliance is going to end after Wano which makes me thinks that the most of you forgot that, for Luffy, alliance equals friendship. So, it's over for Law, even if he ends the alliance he will never stop being Luffy's friend. He is one of them now. You can't run away from Luffy's friendship.

    #so yes and no #the alliance in its right definition will end but the alliance by Luffy's definition won't #one piece #monkey d. luffy #trafalgar d. water law #lawlu
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    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    One Piece x Text Posts

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  • lawzo-incorrect-quotes
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Zoro: I won't go easy on you.

    Zoro: *kicks Law's ass*


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    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
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    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Don't leave me.

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    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    very WIP. i can't. stop drawing. fucking One Piece.

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  • on-bounty-hunting-duty
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I feel like Law would be that friend that would constantly need supervision

    Like, yeah, he's smart, but he's also a danger to himself and needs regular check ups

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  • sashi-ya
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Some of the men I've been lately obsessed with ~ Law, Byakuya, Zoro, Ulquiorra, Uryuu (adult) & ichiji ~

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  • lightpudding
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Medical University au and a certain golden student with his chemistry professor.

    #one piece#trafalgar law#caesar clown #trafalgar x caesar #caesar x law #law x caesar #caelaw#lawsar #one piece au
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    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    hi !! i saw your comment on my post and i appreciate sm :,) would i please be able to ask for an emergency request of just some words of comfort/encouragement/love/whatever from law? thank you so so much, i really appreciate it a ton <3 <3

    hope this helps, sending you love <3 sorry this literally took so long, a lot of life happened unexpectedly

    Law x GN reader

    SFW Prompt: Comfort + Encouragement hcs wc: 0.7k

    Law would notice pretty quickly that something is bringing you down, that something happened, but he wouldn't act upon it or do anything to comfort you right away.

    He doesn't like involving himself in things that don't directly involve him, so unless you came pouring your heart out to him, he wouldn't ask you what was going on.

    That is, until you never came pouring your heart out to him. He would watch you, notice how you came out of your room less and less, how the sparkle that once shined in your eyes had almost completely faded.

    It would irritate Law at first, but not because he was irritated at you. He would want to know what was going on, but not want to ask himself. He has a facade to keep up, after all, and acting openly doting and caring didn't fit within that.

    Law would want to help, but wouldn't know how to without knowing what was wrong in the first place.

    So, his actions would be small at first. He'd call you into his office under the premise of needing help organizing things, or needing help filing paperwork, or needing help with every tedious task he could think of.

    The doctor would start small, after showing you how he wants something done he'd linger to watch you mimic his actions. With a hand briefly grazing his shoulder, a quiet "Good, that's perfect." would leave his lips before he thanks you and goes off to his own work.

    If there was ever a moment where you slipped up, or your attention waned away from the task at hand, he'd take the chance to ask. "Is there something going on?"

    If there was ever a time to tell Law about what was going on, that would be it. He would listen to your words carefully, keeping his thoughts and reactions to himself until he was sure you had said everything you needed to say.

    Law's encouragement isn't as direct as some kinds might be. He encourages through reassurance, through showing you that- despite everything going on- he trusts you and depends on you. There's more effort into making sure that his belief in you comes off as unwavering and unconditionally as it truly is.

    His words of comfort is through tough love- he isn't afraid to tell you what you need to hear even if it isn't what you want to hear. But, though his words may sometimes hit you where it hurts the most, he won't just leave you like that. Somehow, the bluntness of his words will stir an urge to get better, spark some unknown energy inside of you.

    Law isn't an openly affectionate person, but he'll keep you by his side as much as possible. The doctor will find as many little, mindless tasks for you to do so that you can be besides him without drawing too much attention from the rest of the crew.

    He tries to use his steady presence and consistent asks for help from you show you that if nothing else, he needs you. In moments alone, soft kisses would be pressed to your forehead, or a light touch to your back shoulder. Anything he can think of to remind you how important you are to him.

    The doctor in him moves to make sure that you start sleeping better. If you asked, he'd let you sleep with your head in his lap, where you could feel his warmth and hear his steady breathing.

    He'd stay up late trying to find the best herbs for a restful sleep, and would ask Shachi or Penguin to figure out how to incorporate it into food you like. not in like, a drug way

    His comfort and encouragement would be subtle, starting with helping you focus on the day-to-day, reminding you your worth and your abilities. He knows progress isn't linear, that some days are harder than others, but Law never stops helping you see yourself the way he sees you, not until he finally sees your true smile come effortlessly again.

    #one piece #one piece headcanons #one piece imagines #one piece scenario #one piece x reader #trafalgar d water law #trafalgar law #law x reader #law x you #lemon writes
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    25.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Quick refresher on guidelines and frequently asked questions! If you have any other questions or want anything clarified, let us know ☺ You can also find this information in our FAQ and guidelines pages 💖

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  • cyborg-franky
    25.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Hi Franky!!! Love you work!!!

    There is something on my mind, I don’t know why but I think that in a Modern!AU! Sabo and Law could have a crush on the same person…could you do a headcanon or a story (going as wild as you want) about it?

    Thank you so much!!!! (and sorry for the grammar English is my second language)


    Omg I am glad you put Modern AU cus a canon verse Law and Sabo being into the same person? there would be so much carnage and I am not sure the world would be ready for that.

    Both crazy mother fuckers in dumb hats.

    So, Sabo and Law knew one another because of Luffy.

    They didn’t really talk.

    Just didn’t click as friends.

    Maybe it was their underlying superiority complex and it tended to clash.

    Either way, Sabo, and Law? Just avoided one another.

    Whenever you were hanging out with say Law and Luffy and Luffy mentioned Sabo there would be this look on Law’s face like someone had walked in with shit on their shoe.

    Just a sneer as he changed the subject.

    Mention Law around Sabo and his eye would twitch, his smile would falter for a split second before he carried on, talking over anything to do with Law.

    So, when they both realised they liked the same person, you. Well.

    It was fast, both very observant and a little bit clingy towards you.

    They would talk shit about one another at every chance they got, trying to one-up the other man in conversation.

    Sabo would take you for a walk in the park, he’d bring up how smart he was, into politics, how Law would hang around with people like Shachi and Penguin. Maybe make a rumour about him having human hearts he took home from work. Ya know, normal things.

    Law would boast how smart he was also; he was a doctor and he was very cool.

    He would bring up rumours that Sabo had burnt someone’s house down.

    Man, if I was you, I would get with someone who ISN’T Sabo or Law because those boys will go at one another.

    Like two bitchy high school girls who are capable of selling organs on the black market and know how to cut breaks.


    @undercoverweeeb @slut4animedilfs @acesmarigold @sanjithesimp @aces-sweetheart @sugxrslushy @kaizokuwritings @iloveportgasdace @bepoprotectionsquad @ace-no-isha @yamatosimptm @thatsprettycoolbro @gonuclear @smoleeveewrites @rivvd-art @chocolate-n-cheese @mimi-ya @cipher-p0 @gonuclear

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  • hopelessdreamerthoughts
    25.05.2022 - 6 hours ago
    #anime #whitebeard one piece #one piece fandom #one piece #trafalgar d water law #monkey d luffy #portgas d ace
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  • tim-drakt
    25.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    I added some color to it…

    #one piece fanart #one piece#opfanart #trafalgar law one piece #trafalgardwaterlaw#trafalgar law
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  • thefanofplenty
    25.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    More OCs. I would say guess the fandoms, but they're all in the tags ...

    Top left: Te-Ena Mousari, Atemu's wife turned goddess, and Mirai Kaiba, sorceress, Seto's estranged sister and Joey's girlfriend.

    Bottom left: Kachi Yara, Zoro's girlfriend; Roronoa Lira, Zoro's daughter, a witch and Law's girlfriend (later wife); and Monkey D. Lena, Luffy's twin sister and Sanji's love interest. (Yeah, so the background story to this one has loads of alternate universe, time travel and universe hopping stuff to it ...) Yara is also vice captain to Lena of the Etoile Pirates.

    Right: Mikanomise Ryu, Kakashi's love interest, Kunoichi, Anbu-Member and teacher to Chikari Shie, Nejis girlfriend and later wife. (We put some blood and fortune related powers into this one to give Neji a happy ending)

    Symbols and cornucopia are what's printed on the back of Ryu's jacket. No idea if I got the Kanji right. Top's supposed to say "Mikan" (Mandarin. I think.), bottom "fruit store" (Ryu isn't from a shinobi clan, her family are fruit farmers). Mask is dragon inspired and part of Ryu's Anbu attire.

    Might add background stories if there's demand.

    Mirai, Yara, Lena (German: Reena) and Ryu are mine, the others belong to an insanely creative friend and RP-Partner.

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  • thesmoothpudding
    25.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    At first. I shipped Law and Caesar as a joke. But I don't think it's a joke anymore.

    #one piece#trafalgar law#caesar clown#caelaw#lawsar #im gonna go and writer a fic #i have to do everything by myself in this house
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  • sabo-has-my-heart
    25.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Heyo Astra!! Can I request Law with a reader who sees him as their savior? Like he saved their life when they met and now they follow him around (joined his crew and everything) because they feel he owns their life now. Sorry that's a weird ask lol, thank you ❤️❤️❤️

    Warnings: fluffy Law, love confessions, life debts

    Word Count: 1470

    Law hated how you felt like he owned your life, he hated how you were willing to do anything for him. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate the gestures, that he didn’t want you around, but seeing him as your savior made this difficult. Just about anything he asked, you’d do, from something as mundane as getting him a new pen to as drastic as stabbing his enemy in the chest. Not that he asked you to fight, but he could and you’d probably do it. He’d saved you for a number of reasons but being your savior, having a life debt, you joining his crew, none of those were why he’d done it. Sighing, he looked at the textbook in front of him, he was having a hard time concentrating lately. He knew why, he just wasn’t sure what to do about it. He wondered if he could order you to not have a life debt. He was your captain and you’d do anything for him, would telling you that he didn’t own your life, would ordering you to take back your own life even work? A knock on his door drew him out of his thoughts, the frustrated doctor grumbling out a quiet ‘come in’. He wasn’t surprised when he saw you there, holding a tray of food, he often skipped meals, usually on accident, so someone, again, usually you, would bring him food.

    “You know I’d probably be dead without you.” Law said casually as you set the food on his desk.

    “I doubt it. Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin wouldn’t let that happen.” you said with a smile, not noticing Law’s fist clenching. Damn, well that hadn’t even come close to working.

    “Thanks anyway. You’re a real help around here. Don’t think the crew could get along without you.” Law said, looking at the food. Take the compliment, maybe if you took the compliment he could work in your ‘life debt’. You smiled, rubbing your arm shyly, unsure of what to say. 

    “Thanks, Law. I… I really appreciate it.” you muttered, looking away with a blush. Damn it, that damned blush, the one that had him despising the idea that he ‘owned your life’. How was he supposed to ask you out and know if you actually felt the same about him if he owned your life? You could just love him because he was your savior, because of a stupid life debt. 

    “Y/n.” Law called, before he could really think through what he was about to do.

    “Yeah? Anything I can do for you?” you asked, perking up, eager to help him.

    “I need you to be 100% honest with me on something.” he started, confusing you. You were always honest with him, how could you not be? Still, you nodded.

    “How do you feel about me?” he asked, hoping that he didn’t sound too unlike himself. He didn’t want to worry you.

    “How do I feel? I… you’re an amazing captain and my savior, you’re a fantastic person even though you’re a pirate.” you paused for a moment, “I guess, I mean, I more than guess, I feel like you’re also someone I’d call a friend.” you said, thoroughly confused.

    “What if I wasn’t your savior? Would you still feel the same?” he asked, trying to keep the same neutral look on his face as always.

    “I… don’t know, I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know you, but I suppose, if we still met and got to know each other, you’d still be an astounding captain and friend.” you said, cocking your head to the side.

    “Is that… everything? I said 100% honest, no leaving anything out.” Law inquired, trying to calm himself. He needed to stay calm, needed to seem completely normal and nonchalant. Your brow furrowed as you thought about it for a moment. How you felt about him? He was your friend, your savior, your captain, was that it? He seemed to be searching for something more, but to be honest, you’d never taken the time to think about what he meant to you. He owned your life, so you’d do anything for him. 

    “I… never thought about it.” you admitted, the doctor trying not to sigh in exasperation. That had been a bit of a bust. Fine, fuck it, he’d just ask and get it over with! If you didn’t like him like that, then he’d find a way to break the life debt and let you move on with your life, if you did like him like that, he’d at least make sure it wasn’t because he was your ‘savior’.

    “Y/n, I need to know if there’s anybody on the ship that you like. Anybody that you have a romantic interest in.” Law asked, he’d get to his own feelings in a minute, but first he needed to know if you had any romantic feelings towards anyone. You could only blush and nod, your cheeks a brighter red than the hearts that Law seemed fond of stealing. Law took a deep breath, that was a good sign, right? You didn’t want to tell him, but you’d developed a crush on your captain. You’d lamented it for weeks, telling yourself it was a simple infatuation, then you’d told yourself it was because he’d saved your life, and after that, you’d tried to convince yourself that it would pass. But it wasn’t, you cared for him, the feelings you held for him were… different, you could tell. You’d always feel like he owned your life, but at some point, when you weren’t sure, he’d taken and now owned your heart as well. As usual, Law was straightforward and blunt, a simple ‘who?’ being his only question. How could you tell him? Should you tell him? He was your captain, what if he hated you for it? What if he kicked you off the ship? Could you live with that? Live with your savior hating you? At least like this, you could still be near him, even if you weren’t with him. Law’s heart pounded in his chest, maybe he could get you to confess first, save himself from having to struggle through his own confession and simply tell you that he felt the same. Biting your lip, you reached into your pocket, pulling out a small necklace. It was a simple handmade thing, a tradition from back home. Looking down at the accessory, you took a shaky breath and closed your eyes, holding it close to your heart for a moment. Law watched, thoroughly confused but allowing you whatever it was that you needed if you would tell him. Silently, you walked over to him, taking his hand in yours, palm up before placing your hand over his, the one with the necklace. Another deep breath and you pressed it into his hand before closing his fingers around it and pushing it towards him, cheeks flushed a bright red. Opening his hand and looking down, he noticed something, tiny words written along the handmade piece. 

    “A-as eternal as time, as e-endless as the ocean, my heart beats f-for you.” you stuttered out, repeating the words written on the necklace. Eyes still closed, head ducked down, and cheeks flushed as vibrant and bright a red as the op op fruit. Law smirked as he stared down at the necklace. It was so cheesy, but he couldn’t help but love it.

    “I’m not really a necklace guy, but I suppose I can make an exception for you. On one condition, that is.” Law said, putting a finger under your chin and lifting your head, making you look at him, “I have your heart, but your life is yours, understood?” the man said sternly. You could feel your heart trying to beat out of your chest as you stared into those intense yellow orbs that you loved so much. All you could do was nod, too entranced by his eyes and overwhelmed by his own ‘confession’. It wasn’t a typical confession, no ‘I love you’, no ‘you mean the world to me’, but he was accepting your confession and wasn’t rejecting you. Your trance was broken as Law moved, grabbing something from his desk. Placing his hand over your eyes, you felt something situated on your head. You were met with his smirk as he uncovered your eyes, allowing you to reach up to feel what he’d put there. Instantly, you recognized the fabric of his original fluffy, white hat.“It’s only fair I give you something meaningful.” Law stated simply, making you blush. Yup, it wasn’t a standard confession, but he definitely returned your feelings. Nobody touched Law’s hats. You smiled at him, unable to help the blush that still covered your cheeks. He didn’t own your life anymore, but he’d always own your heart.

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  • lawzo-incorrect-quotes
    25.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    *Law is casually searching around the room*

    Bepo: Hey captain, what’re you looking for?

    Law: My will to live.

    *Zoro walks into the room*

    Law: Oh, there it is.

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