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  • krazykratts
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Cries in yet another new au idea

    #Tarzan but with shapshifting powers #the bros grow up alone in the jungle until meeting the crew trio #and they have magical powers that let them transform into almost any animals #concept #wild kratts au
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  • cyber-streak
    21.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Starscream: Dear friends, your Christmas gift this year... is me. That’s right, another year of friendship. Your membership has been renewed.

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  • starry-rose06
    21.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Blackearachnia <3

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  • feral-pommus-incorporated
    21.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Listen- I have never had my ass kicked by school as hard as it has been in the last few weeks

    So doodles because motivation doesn’t exist :/

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  • jarofloosescrews
    21.05.2022 - 8 hours ago
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  • valkyricarts
    21.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Pirating the latest foo fighters album

    He definitely stole the computer.

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  • talentandlooks
    20.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Opening Art Commissions Again

    This time I’m saving up for an art tablet that way I don’t have to do my art with a mouse and keyboard. My specialties are feral animals but I’ve had enough practice with Transformers now that I feel comfortable offering them as well.

    Pictured first is my Animal Commission Sheet;

    $50 for multiple animals in one picture

    $35 for a single animal with a background

    $15 for a single animal no background

    $10 for a single bust animal

    Pictured second are my coloring pages Commission Sheet;

    $10 for a black and white digital coloring sheet, includes transparent copy

    Pictured third is my Traditional art Commission sheet;

    $75 plus shipping for any art with color(colored pencils take a while)

    $60 plus shipping for any black and white

    And finally, pictured last is my transformers Commission Sheet;

    $50 for a fully designed full body with no prior Character sheet to go off of

    $40 for full body of already established character

    $25 for half body

    $15 for bust

    Now, I haven’t really done humans, Furries or other Alien species; but I’m willing to give a go at them. 

    $10 bucks bust shot

    $20 full body.

    I am negotiable and willing to work with you, so feel free to message me here or contact me on Discord @ Hotshot#0701 I hope to work with you soon!

    And for those who can’t commission, if you’d please reblog this to help get it traction, I’d be forever grateful!

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  • sayuricorner
    20.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Transformers Animated prompt idea: Earth raised bots AU

    Warning: English is not my first language so sorry if it’s confusing.

    So some times ago I found this TFA imagine by @yes-i-write-fanfiction about a community of bots raised on Earth by humans in Detroit.

    When I saw this imagine/scenario I couldn't resist, I HAD to write a prompt about it.

    So here's my prompt idea for a TFA AU: the Earth raised bots AU! ^^

    If you want to do something with htis prompt go ahead, just credite me and @yes-i-write-fanfiction in return please! ^^


    So, years ago before the TFA events, bots mysteriously appeared on Earth arround the world.

    Those bots were found and adopted by humans and grow up into their new homeworld, completly unaware of their origins.

    through the years, the Earth raised bots grew up with their adopted humans families and found out one day about each other existence.

    With the help/support of some gouvernment, the Earth bots get together and created a community in Detroit in the USA, while of course keeping in contact with their adopted humans families.

    The Earth bots community lived a peacefull existence, until during the year 2058 with the apparition of other bots like them calling themself "Autobots" and "Decepticons" and with them answers to the Earth bots's questions regarding their origins but also new problems with both sides trying to get them involved into their millenial civil war.

    AU details:

    -The Earth bots community being populate of civil and warframe bots.

    -The Earth bots being OCs and transformers characters who didn't appeared in the TFA cartoons.

    -Most of the Earth bots having human names.

    -The Earth bots when meetings other being like them(A.K.A the Autobots and the Decepticons) were at first curious and excited about meeting others like them and who know where they come from.

    -The Earth bots in the Autobots/Decepticons conflict: Neutral

    -Earth bots being very annoyed by both sides trying to "recruit" them and trying to turn them against each other because of "warframes, civilframes non-sense".

    -The Earth bots don't trust the Decepticons and are extremely wary of the Autobots Council(particuliary of the Elite Guard and of the Autobot Ministery of Science).

    -The few Autobots they trust, or kind of trust for some, are Optimus Prime and his team, Jazz and the Jettwins.

    -The Earth bots finding the Cybertronians's paranoia toward organics, or at least Earth organics, completely ridiculous.

    -Years ago the Earth bots found a bot who lost his memory and who only remember a name "Rung", they took him in and Rung found with time a passion for psychology and became the Earth bots therapist.

    -The Autobots and Decepticons wanting to took "custody" of the Earth bots.

    -The Decepticons, particuliary Megatron, mostly wanting to took the Earth bots as soldiers for the army but also having conflicting parental instinct toward the Earth bots, particuliary toward the warframes, as they're young bots.

    -The Autobots and Decepticons engaging into a wierd sort of "custody battle" against each other while the Earth bots in the background are like "You realize most of us already got families right?".

    -The Earth bots taking in bots created because of the Allsparks(aka the Constructicons, Wreck Gar ect...)

    -The Earth bots finding Wasp before Blackarachnia could kidnap him and when learning what happened to him decided to give him political asylum, let him stay in safety in the community and give him help to mentally heal.

    -Earth bots with human names getting cybertronian names later in the AU but still using their human names with their families.

    ->Some of the Earth bots characters:

    ->(If you had other OCs idea that you want to add in the AU go ahead! ^^)


    -The oldest of the Earth bots.

    -Is the leader/mother figure/sister figure of the Earth bots.

    -"Birth date": july 17, 1918 in Poland.

    -Was found by a human family from a little village.

    -Since she was found during the Feast day of Saint Jadwiga, the human family and the village thought she was a blessing from the saint.

    -The human family adopted her and named her "Jadwiga" in reference to the Polish queen of the same name.

    -She is a warframe of the same model than Megatron's.

    -Got a Polish accent

    -Her adopted father came from a family of intellectals and initiate her to art, litterature and music.

    -She develop a passion for violin and was taught how to play by her adopted father.

    -She crafted herself a violin made of metal of her size to play.

    -During WWII, the village and Jadwiga's adopted family hide her so she wouldn't be use as a weapon for the war.

    -Find out she can transform and discretely took an alt form from a military aircarft.

    -Had helped during WWII a pilot from the polish resistance to fly refugees into safer lands.

    -Had saw a lot of wars through human's history.

    -After the Earth bots's existence was revealed to humanity in the modern times, Jadwiga also helped into stopping some alien invasions.

    -Alt form: Military aircraft

    -Is a no-nonsense femme.

    -Is team mom/sister.

    -Is a pleasant femme who is diplomatic most of the time.

    -However can be petty if her bouttons are pushed.

    -Is protective toward the others Earth bots.

    -Like to play violin in her room.

    -Not very fond of playing her violin in public.

    -Is a literrature nerd.

    -Particuliary like the french romanticism artistic movement.

    -Like to humming old polish songs times to times.


    -One of the youngest Earth bots.

    -"Birth date": february 1st 2000 in the south of France.

    -Was found and took in by a human family in Marseille.

    -His adopted family named him "Victor".

    -Got the Marseillais french accent

    -Is a warframe seeker.

    -Is a soft spoken and calm mech.

    -Doesn't like verbal conflicts nor violence in general and try to avoid them.

    -However, despite being a pacifist, he is capable to fight if needed.

    -Alt form: a jet

    -Like music and dance.


    -One of the youngest Earth bots

    -"Birth date": May 10 2000 in Spain

    -Was found and took in by a human family.

    -His name "Fuego" mean "fire" in spanish in reference to his personality.

    -Is a civilframe minibot

    -Got a Spanish accent

    -Alt form: hatchback car

    -Is an hotheaded extrovert and easy going mech.

    -Can control fire.

    -Since Fuego is a hothead, he tend to easely get into arguments/fights with others.

    -Absolutely hate when someone mess with his love ones.

    -Is best friend with Victor.

    -Both are always saw together with Fuego sitting on Victor's shoulder.

    -Try to mess/bully Victor and you will taste Fuego's warth.

    -When Fuego get angry for whatever reason, Victor tend to hold him to keep him from getting into a fight while trying to get his best friend to calm down.

    -Use capoeira mixed with his fire power to fight.

    -Both Victor and Fuego are music and dance buddies.

    -The two friends love to spend time into one's or the other's room listening music and dancing together.

    -Is one the most, even the most, reckless of the Earth bots.

    -Ex: During the last alien invasion which happened years before the begenning of TFA, the Earth bots fought the invaders who were big animal like aliens and Fuego recklessly jumped into one of the creatures's mouth and killing it from inside by using his fire power to burst an hole in the creature's stomach to get out.

    -This "little stunt" get Fuego to be dragged by a very irritated Knock Out to the med bay, after the invasion was stopped, been tightly hugged by a tearful Victor who refused to let him go during the whole visit to the med bay, while been lectured by an angry Jadwiga.

    ->Some Earth bots who are transformers characters who didn't appeared in the TFA cartoon:

    ->(Warning: Althrough Chromia and Sideswipe were in the Almanac/TFA comics, the AU don't take into account their book/comics's apparitions)

    -Knock Out:

    -Was adopted by the owner of an Aston Martin cars business in Germany.

    -Alt form: Aston Martin.

    -Was named "Knock Out" by his "youngest" adopted brother who thought it was a cool name for a robot.

    -Is a pretty good self-taught "bot doctor".(Had learned by practising on himself)

    -Is narcissitic and arrogant.

    -Like his family(adopted human family and Earth bot community alike) despite his attitude.

    -Is the same size as Blurr.

    -Like "big bots".

    -Like to call Optimus "Sweet rims"(much to Optimus's embarassment).

    -Like to take care of his finish and to do car race when not doing medic duties.

    -Is an easy going and very social bot.

    -Despite being arrogant, he is would totally be up to learn from an actual "bot doctor".

    ->Chromia(here named Artemis):

    -Was adopted by a human couple in Greece.

    -Was named after the Greek godess of the hunt.

    -Is a civil frame car.

    -Alt form: Lotus Exige

    -Got a greek accent

    -Is a strong headed femme who don't hesitate to give to others a piece of her mind.

    -Use two big blasters as weapons.

    -Act as a protective sister to the other Earth bots.

    -Take no shit from anyone and will let it know.

    -Had a passion for ancient potery.

    -Help archaeologists to search and study ancient poteries.

    ->Hound(here named Cheick):

    -Was adopted by an african village in Mali.

    -His name "Chieck" mean "wise ; learned".

    -Is a civil frame car.

    -Alt form: a jeep.

    -Got a Malian accent.

    -Is a very nice mech who is always ready to help others.

    -Have made his military service in the Mali army.

    -Got a military beret made for his size from his military service and is always wearing it ever since.

    -Absolutely love nature and animals.

    -Is seen most of the time with at least one animal.(Chieck being surronded by animals is a frequent sight)

    ->Sideswipe and Sunstreaker(here named Alessandro and Raphaël):

    -Were adopted by a family in Italy.

    -Both are twin brothers

    -Are civil frame cars.

    -Alt form: Lamborghini cars

    -Both got an italian accent.

    -Alessandro is an extrovert mech who love wrestling games while Raphaël is an introvert bot who enjoy art.

    -Both are pranksters who love prank people.

    -They tend to be reckless when in tandem.

    -Ex: After the Earth bots community's introduction to the Autobots/Decepticons conflict, the twins created a "fighting move" against flying cons called "Jet Judo" which got big risks for them to end up in the med bay.

    #transformers animated#tfa#tfa au#au idea #au inspired from an TF imagine #inspired from a yes-i-write-fanfiction's imagine #Earth bots au #maccadam#tf ocs#knockout#chromia#hound#sideswipe#sunstreaker
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  • meatohchondrium
    20.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Blurr: I have a bad feeling about this...

    Bumblebee: What do you mean?

    Blurr: Don't you ever get that little voice in your processor that tells you if you're going to get into trouble?

    Bumblebee: No?

    Prowl: That actually explains so much.

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  • blurrbaby
    20.05.2022 - 12 hours ago
    #Blurr#TFA Blurr#Transformers#TFA#Transformers Animated #LET ME LOVE YOU (threat) #my GIFs #for when you want to love on your friends
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  • trapperlady
    20.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    i love this cute boy 💜💛

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  • acegoldenguard
    20.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    okay you guys were right, im 2 episodes into tfa and optimus is a sweetheart. no one in this show has any braincells except ratchet

    also after that monster i cant stop thinking about a transformers crossover with generator rex. Transforming robots 2: electric boogaloo 

    #tfa#transformers animated#transformers#chatter #more like gratuitous body horror 2: electric boogaloo #generator rex #anyone ever rewatched that and thought about how fucked up it really is? #like i love it #but it goes unexpectedly hard on some things for what amounts to a kids cartoon
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  • cyber-streak
    20.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Starscream: Must be hard not being able to laugh.

    Shockwave: I do have a sense of humor you know.

    Starscream: I’ve never heard you laugh before.

    Shockwave: I’ve never heard you say anything funny.

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  • petitelepus
    20.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Highschool slipstream invided the girls over on a sleep over

    You're excited yet a little nervous. You had never been to a sleepover party before and all you knew about them were from television shows.

    Usually, there was one girl that would get teased and bullied by popular girls... But these girls were your friends. They wouldn't tease or bully you for being yourself.

    Or so you thought. You, Slipstream, Blackarachnia, and Strika had eaten pizza and drank soda, ate candy, watched a clown horror movie and now you were all in your pajamas and chatting...

    Or rather gossipping.

    "So...?" Slipstream smiled and you blinked, confused beyond belief, "What?"

    "How does it feel to date a golden boy like Optimus Prime? Class president and the captain of the football team?"

    All the girls 'Ooh'ed and you blushed softly as you averted your eyes, trying not to smile too hard, "I don't know what you mean-!"

    "You two are always together and you are both major sports team captains!"

    "To be honest, Optimus is a thousand times better than that shitty brother of his." Blackarachnia hissed and you winched, knowing about their shared and not to mention rocky past together.

    "You really showed Sentinel his place back then with basketball," Strika said and you all nodded.

    "But speaking of brothers..." Slipstream hissed and just like on cue, the door to her room opened and revealed Starscream posing against the door's frame.

    "Soo? What are you ladies up to?" He asked and Slipstream hissed, "Get lost Starscream!"

    "Why speak about that Optinoob when you could speak about me?" He almost purred.

    All you girls shared a look before Blackarachnia smirked, "Let's put makeup on him!"

    "Wait-! NO!" Starscream didn't get far when all four of you jumped on him. While Strika held him you, Slipstream and Blackarachnia added every single makeup on your arsenal.

    Once you were done, Starscream left his sister's room and you guys, all while you were laughing at the pictures you took of him.

    Starscream was better off not crashing your party anymore if he didn't want his photos posted.

    Overall, you all had a good time.

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  • joni11346
    20.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Yes! I finished!

    Arcee, of course, does not look like herself, but I wanted to draw her like that.

    Arcee doesn't know, but they're both cute pies.

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  • amiination
    20.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Tryin out the TFA style

    TFA's style is kinda cool and easier to draw (compared to the normal transformers style with so many mechanical parts-) so I want to try drawing it more :p

    Some of the characters are harder to draw but I'll try lol. Like Lockdown or Ratchet maybe.

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  • everydaycartoondork
    20.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    I'll turn your favorite characters into children!

    Give me a transformers character (be them canon or an OC) and I will draw them as a sparkling child!

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  • thatonedemonangel15
    20.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Was playing around with colors and made a Shattered glass chopper design

    #transformers animated#tfa#transformers oc#transformers art #transformers animated art #transformers#shattered glass #tfa shattered glass #shattered glass chopper #chopper
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