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  • underestimated-heroine
    27.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    Sent this to my cousin

    And here's what she had to say:

    You'd think "Mickey Mouse-Vegeta" was a joke but knowing her? She probably actually doesn't know that's a sonic character

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  • kkryboygayman
    27.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    ex-fucking-scuse me?

    #what the actual everloving fuck #trans#transgender#tw transphobia #why would they show this ad to a trans guy #let alone ANYONE AT ALL #lgbtq
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  • petalsbleedingbeak
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Don’t want to signalboost OP on that thing about transmisandry but can you outline the characteristics that make it different from transphobia + shitting on men? Transmisogyny affects more than just trans women and I’m betting transmisandry affects more than just trans men, but ppl just aren’t looking at it that way.

    This requires me to go a little bit into history and semantics, so excuse me if this is gonna be a bit of a anti-TE"r""f"/anti-TEHM rant; also, this is gonna be some long shit and I might (and probably am gonna) repeat some of the points I briefly mentioned in the reblog.

    First things first, let's define the terms. Of course, misogyny is - as we all know - hatred or hostility towards women for being women, with transmisogyny focused specifically on trans women; very often, transmisogynistic hate groups tend to seemingly leave cis women out of their focus, despite the fact that cis women face the results of TMHG (transmisogynistic hate groups)' in an oppressive way. In other words, TMHG actions targeting trans women specifically hurt cis women as well (will get into that later). There is an overlap between transphobia and misogyny in transmisogyny, where trans women are hated both for being women and for being trans. Similar with transmisandry.

    Now, misandry is (what a surprise) hatred or hostility towards men for being men. You will find various groups claiming that misandry (or androphobia, whatever you wanna call it) doesn't exist, that it's a false label, that men aren't oppressed based on their gender, yada yada yada, we all know the fuss. Those groups, "paradoxically" (sarcasm) are usually those who actively engage in misandry. TE"r"f"s, for example. Most forms of misandry are sneaky. Misandry is of course promoted by the apostatic pseudoradfems who forgot all about the values of radical feminism and instead of challenging gender roles and patriarchy, they turn it into some kind of warfare. When you look at this feminazi rhetorics, it usually ends up in the "us against them" division and very often dehumanizes men as some primitive life forms who need to be controlled by the matriarchy. The slippery slope for young/newbie feminists to fall into the trap, this feminazi rhetorics really does remind of the Untermensch rhetorics of the NSDAP.

    So now, we have set the terms. Misogyny = hating women for being women; misandry = hating men for being men; transphobia = hating trans+ people (including NB folks, mind you) for being trans+.

    Now, to the core of the issue - how is transmisogyny different from "just" transphobia + misogyny, how is transandrophobia different from "just" transphobia + misandry, how is enbyphobia different from "general" transphobia and why is it important to solve these issues even though they might seemingly not affect you.

    Transmisogyny specifically targets trans women. It is a form of oppression that comes from the establishment (i.e. the State, but also from the medical site; many trans women are abused by the doctors. But let's get into it deeper.) but also from our own communities. Trans women get harassed for being women in a way cis women do. We get catcalled, groped, threatened, r*ped. (I keep getting anonymous r*pe threats). But at the same time, we also get harassed for being trans. We get misgendered, excluded from our own communities and depicted as violent. Not even talking about the conversion therapy shit. We are constantly reminded that we are perceived as "less" of women, if we're even accepted as women at all. We are being portrayed as potential r*pists who will turn into violent animals if we're allowed to women's spaces (such as bathrooms) while being very often subjected to r*pe/sexual abuse ourselves. We are "false" if we're not feminine enough, and "false" if we're too feminine. Like nothing's ever alright. We are basically not allowed to exist in public spaces. We are subjected to constant threat of violence, knowing that if we try to defend/fight back, it will be used to further hurt us. As I said before, transmisogyny overlaps with both transphobia and misogyny but there are "additional levels" for us, that get barely noticed. But while we are the main target of transmisogyny, we are not the only ones subjected to it. Every once in a while you see a cis, GNC woman harassed and harmed on basis of transmisogyny and her "looking masculine" or "looking AMAB" - basically, not conforming to the given gender standards. Trans women are also subjected to misandry, since we are - again - portrayed as inherently violent, abusive etc.

    Now, to misandry and transmisandry. I already spoke of TE"r"f" misandry depicting all men as inherently violent, dangerous animals. It's dehumanizing and it can cause severe mental health issues to a given individual. If the guy then snaps, it is used as a roof that "men are indeed violent animals". But misandry also comes from men. There is this cult of strong cavemen masculinity being pushed by the right-wing and many men buy into it so much that they attack their fellow men who do not conform to the troglodyte stereotype. These guys are harassed, bullied, subjected to homophobic abuse (regardless of them being gay or not) etc. Transmisandry, then, again has this overlap. Trans men are subjected to misogyny since they're AFAB and to transphobia. On top of that, they also are subjected to misandry and even trans men are depicted as violent, abusive etc. On top of that, they are often perceived as confused, deceived, being just "women who internalized their misogyny to the point of rejecting their own femininity" type of bullshit. This is where transandrophobia separates from "just" transphobia and "just" misandry. Trans men are misgendered (transphobia) and portrayed as violent (misandry) while their own knowledge of themselves, life decisions, their opinions and everything that revolves around them gets ridiculed and dismissed as them being "confused" and "delusional". This is a specific of transmisandry.

    I could revolve deeper into this topic, but it's emotionally exhausting and I don't think I can go on now. I hope I shone some light on how misogyny, misandry, transphobia, transmisogyny and transandrophobia overlap and how they differ and why we need those specific terms to address specific features of these issues. If there is anybody who would like to extend this, add some meaningful details, shared your personal experience, whatever, feel free to. I can't anymore, or at least not now.

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  • rimonoroni
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    “hello, it’s me, a cis person who’s never met you before. i’ve decided that you are unhappy with your current lifestyle and need my advice for some reason. have you ever tried not being trans? it’s very easy for me to do and obviously it would be the best option for you. i know nothing about your life or situation, but my well developed sense of superiority over people who are different from me leads me to believe that i know you better then you know yourself. for this reason i’ve rendered a judgement on you that is not remotely based on reality but reaffirms my deeply entrenched biases. also, if you don’t take my unsolicited opinion of you seriously, i will cry and shit my pants about how you’re commiting a hate crime by existing. get well soon!”

    #starting to hate cis ppl a little bit #just a lil #transphobia tw #okay to reblog
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  • ashelyskies
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    The bitter irony that the characters that cracked my egg and made me realize I was a trans girl were H*rmione Gr*nger and *hsoka T*no, only to have JKR go full te/rf (and, you know, antisemite, fatphobe, racist, homophobe, etc) so I'd fall back on *hsoka, and then of all the people to play her, they chose a transphobe that assaulted a trans guy, ugh it's irritating.

    I think that's why it irritates me so much when people are like "But these books/this character/etc helped me out so much as a kid, do you know what this character/book/etc got me through? I can't just give them up", because like, those same characters and books saved my life and helped me figure out my identity, then turned around and stabbed my whole community in the back, so yeah, I fucking get it. I just don't care. You've essentially just said "but it doesn't effect me so why should I care?"

    Anyways i hate cis fandom space so damn much.

    #transphobia mention #tw transphobia mention
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  • a-burned-obsession
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    heyy so im going to my transphobic grandparents' house over the weekend would yall mind terribly leaving some gender validation/euphoria stuff in replies/reblogs so i have something to come back to when i feel like crap

    that would be super super appreciated tysm <3

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  • schmope-is-dead
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago




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  • thirsty-ikea-bug
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    How do so many people just suddenly forget about gendered socialization as soon as they start talking about autism?

    Motherfuckers who should absolutely know better will go on about "male autism" and "female autism" like "Wow, all these afab kids mask their autistic traits and repress their anger. It must be biology!"

    Have y'all fucking tried being angry when people think you're a girl? Have you tried being a "difficult" or "disruptive" child when you're gendered that way?

    We never got the "boys will be boys" excuse. We never got any god damn leeway.

    We were just kids. What other fucking choice did we have than to learn to mask? What option did we have other than repressing our anger and hiding our traits from a hostile world?

    Biology my ass!

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  • ananiujitha
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago
    #defamation#transphobia #child abuse tw
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  • butchofthemoon
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    You aren’t butch, you just look like a man, because you are one. Lesbians don’t like penis btw, any lesbian who tells you she does is a bisexual. Also kys

    obsessed with how you got literally everything wrong here kudos

    #transphobia tw #are you implying i have a penis? because i don’t #imagine being this stupid and still being able to breathe i’m genuinely impressed
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  • lesboprentiss
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    ive always kinda hated how my name looked. hearing other people say it over text especially is just so weird bcs it just doesnt feel right. its never felt like it fit me but people always said it did so i kinda just thought i just didnt like my name. but it doesnt hurt me or anything and i dont get bothered by it until i see it in writing. so i was like "hey maybe im uncomfortable with my name and want to change it?" and its just. umsgkavskas. i dont want to change my name bcs its not a big deal but i also dont mind my birth name until i just look at the letters for it. like out loud i respond to it fine and theres no reaction. and my name isnt even related to my agab, its a gender neutral name. its even a bit masculine but it just doesnt look right anymore. idk whats wrong with me cause i know that if im not comfortable with my name i should talk about it but it doesnt feel like its something i should talk about. idk if im just experiencing a trans thing but kinda just needed to get it out ykyk

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  • sunlitmcgee
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Anyway! Reminder to you all that men can have breasts, uteruses, periods, get pregnant or even give birth! Bodily functions such as those are not exlusive to people who identify themselves as woman or something vaguely womany in nature, and trying to act like use of those words is wholly unique to women-people is hella transphobic towards transmasc folk :) that is all

    #tw pregnancy mention #tw period mention #tw transphobia mention #transmasc#transgender#trans rights #trans guy rambles
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  • the-pog-hog
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    tbh it pisses me off that gnedder critacal (intentional misspellings cuz i am Not repeating my post being found by them again) is a fuckin transphobic bullshit thing, like im actually critical of gnedder, as in the fuckin systems and norms, not fucking Kids These Days With Their Gender Identities

    #noises #again if ur in this group just block me dont waste ur time #transphobia tw
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  • saiki-sideblog
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    I woke up this morning to an anon calling me a "whiney bitch lol" and I immediately blocked them because... 🤨. But I've been thinking about it and I think they were referring to a this post I reblogged, which is super weird, because this is the second time I've gotten anon hate about a post I reblogged (if you were here for the trans saiki situation, yeah that was also about a post I didn't even make). I really wish I'd directly answered it or at least grabbed a screenshot before blocking them. Now allow me to play advocate yet again; though this time with less jovial logos and more solemn pathos.

    How can you say that about someone for talking about something that happened to them online? The place where everyone talks about everything. For making a post to express:

    Disappointment that a celebrity they liked enough to go to a show for was giving a platform to someone who actively advocates for the delegitimization of a minority group

    Concern for their friends who are victims of actual child abuse

    Obviously everyone has different ideas as to what good parenting looks like, but I've never heard anyone advocate for child abuse. I'll never understand why comedy fans, specifically fans who constantly complain about the death of comedy and how you "can't joke about anything anymore," seem to view compassion as a weakness.

    While the original poster was referring to child abuse which is long term and developmental, trauma can develop at any age. If I were friends with someone who had this outlook and was later traumatized, I would feel so unsafe being around that person. Wouldn't you?

    I wish I hadn't deleted the ask, so I could address them directly. Ask them how they would feel in that case. If they got in a car crash and felt nervous around cars, for all of their friends to call them pathetic. Tease them by intentionally driving poorly. I would ask them "have you never complained online? You're complaining to me now." I would tell them that if you are going out of your way to shame people for experiencing emotions, you only serve to shame yourself. This attack was sad and pathetic

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  • sunlitmcgee
    26.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    why to terf/radfem blogs always have such silly users? I’m not gonna give examples because most are either A: Outwardly transphobic or B: Weirdly sexual, but I just find it funny that over the course of this lil blocking spreed I’ve been on, I’ve noticed that so many are filled with things they claim to fight against. 

    Tis funny.

    Makes me do a hee hoo ha heh

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  • yeonsrpt
    26.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    hii can ur last anon pls provide links about cody and noel!

    i guess anon was talking abou this, or at least it's all i could see around twitter so.. from my og post. they're not far off from what i initially thought. all in name of comedy, ig?
    #tw transphobia #[ ✿ ] — yeons answers
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  • yeonsrpt
    26.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    cody ko and noel miller are also transphobes

    had no idea because i haven’t checked their shit in so long but honestly? not surprising.
    #tw transphobia #[ ✿ ] — yeons answers
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  • moonoliths
    26.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    my mom is actually deranged

    #this is about that trans woman who won the skateboarding competition #and the cis woman complaining about it #btw the cis woman has literally lost to 7-13 year olds in recent competitions #plus being a female is literally a biological advantage over males in skateboarding #i cannot do this anymore #sigh#tw transphobia#tw misogyny#dont reblog#vent
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  • pixel3603
    26.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Tbh if someone says they’re a ‘radfem’ that’s an instant red flag for me because that’s used by TERFs all the time (in my experience anyway) and puts my brain on high alert

    I don’t care if you’re not transphobic, I’ve just seen it enough times on a transphobic blog for it to be a red flag and for my heart rate to rise because that to me means ‘this person could harm you’

    [This is about OP’s own experiences. With all due respect they do not care about your opinion. This is NOT a discourse post don’t treat it like one]

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  • 8-saplings-make-a-forest
    26.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Maybe it’s just because I’m a nonhuman alter but I really do not understand human sexes, genders, or gender roles? Like at all?

    Like for example, last year there was this party/sleepover/movie thing our system was invited to. Everyone in the group knew we were a system and there was another system going too. We said in advance that our gatekeeper wanted to front for this night. I was a brand new alter at this time. But then suddenly an alter from the other system comes forward and says their host can’t be around men during meals, so they didn’t want any male-identifying people to be there or something?? At all?? But like the only ‘man’ attending this event was our gatekeeper (he was closeted nb at the time and uses he/him pronouns). Everyone else in the group was feminine/female or openly nb, so we were really confused about why this had come up. There were lots of solutions brain stormed such as another alter in their system switching to eat, or splitting the group up in separate rooms for dinner, and then I stepped forward, and said that if their problem was with our gatekeeper then that shouldn’t be an issue because our system cannot eat around people at all, so I was a new alter formed specifically to eat around other people, so he wouldn’t even be there for the meal.

    But this alter in the other system just immediately jumped down my throat with ‘you’re a man, are you a man?!!’

    Why would I say I have a solution if that was the case? Were they assuming I was trying to trick them for some reason?

    Our body is AFAB, and I use she/her pronouns, and honestly I found it really offensive that this stranger had just proclaimed me a man based on nothing.

    But thinking about it more, I actually don’t know how I was supposed to answer that question. I’m a fictive from a completely different, entirely non-human society. I don’t have a sex. That concept doesn’t exist in my society. Gender doesn’t exist in my society. I call myself a woman to make myself palatable to humans, because my name is Axella, which comes across as feminine and I use she/her pronouns too. But it’s so complicated trying to force myself to fit into humans labels because my body doesn’t fit into either human sex, but I suppose you could look at me and assume I’m a woman, as long as you don’t look too hard. My mannerisms are, I guess, masculine but I take after my mum who has the exact same issue of also not fitting into human definitions of sex and gender.

    I guess I just vehemently hate this human custom of forcing people into the genders that suit them. I don’t fit your genders. Any of them. At all. I don’t fit your sexes. You may call me a woman, that is the least offensive word you can use for me, but they’re all wrong. You will never be able to encapsulate me in a concept that does not exist in my society. And I despise the idea that humans can assign me a gender without my consent and then condemn me for ‘being’ the gender they assigned me. The person that did this to me tried to pass it off as protecting their system too, when really, if they were that concerned they could have just asked me for my pronouns, instead of defaulting to attacking me for something I can’t control.

    I hate existing in this human world

    #dissociative identity disorder #actually did#nonhuman alter#little vent#tw transphobia #i think?
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