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  • journalformycptsd
    28.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    this is what it feels like, in flashbacks. not so angry, not so afraid. just dark, and sad. and like it’ll never end.

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  • imitationheaven
    28.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    My favorite part of my day so far: getting to spend time with my s.o as soon as I woke up.

    10 yr old me’s favorite part of the day: Waking up in a house without my parents and getting to have a sausage egg and cheese biscuit.

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  • perikallis
    28.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    //Another Zinon thing that has been on my mind recently.

    Me, in the early days of my Cy research: Oh wow, there should never be a Ni/cosia OC, that poor muse would be so messed up.

    Also me, about a year later: *moves Zinon to Ni/cosia*

    #outofcopper #//I'm starting to realise where I may have fucked up #the first version of Zinon was actually based in Lar/naca #then I decided he needed to be at the centre of the action lmao #me patting Zinon on the shoulder like: this bad boy can fit so much trauma!
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  • hdlynnslibrary
    28.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Bright Eyes

    In a Universe Far, Far Away -  Part 14 (posted on AO3) | Part 1 | Part 13 |

    Pairing: Din Djarin x Earthling fem!reader Warnings: Religion and our relationships with it are complicated, Mentions of war, loss, grief, and trauma, Referencing Order 66, feelings of abandonment, shame and “the greater good” religious coding, manipulation of a child, feelings of shame about betraying family, Luke is old friends with compartmentalization, everyone has their own traumas, broken promises, and Gogu’s burning desire to eat live animals Words: 2.8K Tags: No reader and no Din really in this chapter, does and doesn’t follow what we saw in BOBF, so much about frogs and the force, Prequel Easter Eggs Recommended Listens: Never Love an Anchor by The Crane Wives and Bird Song by Juniper Vale

    The wind rustled the blades of grass and the leaves on the trees on the calm, green planet. It was calm, so calm. A place where one could sit in silence and reflect. That is what Master Luke wanted Grogu to do anyways.

    But Grogu’s mind had other plans.

    He knew he should be concentrating, he was supposed to learn… but this all felt so familiar and boring. He could hear the frogs in the nearby ponds, so many frogs… nice and tasty frogs. But no! It was time to meditate! Be serious, like the adults. He needed to learn, wanted to learn to protect himself, protect others. He didn’t like being hidden away in his bassinet all the time, didn’t want to go back there unless it was naptime.

    Meditation time felt like nap time… but it wasn’t sleeping time. How odd, it should be, Grogu thought.

    He felt a thread of humor touch him, the part of Grogu that was and wasn’t him. That strange sort of bubble of energy that he was able to tap into with the

    Force that Master Luke had been helping him see, to control.

    Naptime later, came Master Luke’s unspoken guidance.

    Grogu pouted even with his eyes closed.

    Never nap time when he wanted, not snack time when he wanted… 

    {Continued on AO3}

    #The Mandalorian fanfic #the mandalorian #the mandalorian x fem!reader #the mandalorian x reader #din djarin x female reader #din djarin x you #Din Djarin x Earthling fem!reader #din djarin x reader #In a Universe Far Far Away fic #in a universe far far away series #hdlynn writes#tw: religion #tw: religious trauma
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  • scylla-rammshorn
    28.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    An aesthetic post for every book I read

    Jawbone - Mónica Ojeda

    "God is young. Don't you think?"

    #dusting off this old trend #summer books#gore tw #this book was a trip and a half #hightly recommend if you like cannibalism and surrealism and mother/daughter trauma
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  • sobstea
    28.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    Why I relate to Hunter from toh:

    We both have…

    A widow’s peak

    A gap tooth

    Bad eye bags

    Nonbinary swag

    Religious trauma

    #one of these is not like the others #toh hunter#religious trauma #we just scrunkly bois #hunter the golden guard #the owl house hunter #hunter toh #the owl house
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  • queerstudiesnatural
    28.05.2022 - 38 minutes ago


    #ignore this bc it is almost 1am and that's way too late to be complaining about anything #you know what they say if you are dissatisfied with your life after 9pm just wait until the next morning #any bad thoughts had after 9pm don't count #but anyway. #i just feel like. a lot less enthusiastic about spnblr than i used to #and spn in general #which scares me #bc who am i without my hyperfixation #also the community on here has become my family #but lately it's become too much and i've been feeling the urge to pull away #from spn from tumblr but also from the people #which sucks because my brain is in between two mindsets rn #the ''spnblr is our home and we are in love with everyone here'' mindset and the ''this is too much run away now'' mindset #i sort of have um. bad stuff. trauma related to these parasocial or semi parasocial relationships (basically i got really attached to #someone online once and then they died and i couldn't mourn them bc i wasn't actually in their life. also got broken up with by my online #best friend of two years at the same time) so now whenever i see myself getting too attached to people online i'm like nopeeee gotta go #i'm sort of there now like i can feel the protective layer of emotional detachment descending upon me #but also i still need a hyperfixation to live and i can't see myself moving on from spn anytime soon #so it's like i'm both tryna be here and not be here #anywayyyyy just a wee rant that you are free to ignore. like i said it's 1am so this doesn't count #tw death mention
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  • ghosttsar
    28.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    Ro who was born with Spooky Weather Powers just on the sidelines of H.awkins in her own like D Plot because she looks at these kids who are the same age as her little brother and she just not my circus not my monkeys

    #i. ( ooc ) : backstreet's back alright #tbd #not that she doesn't wanna help ! #she is just taking care of a different spooky thing for them and doesn't #want to be dragged into the main plot because I Have Enough Trauma Thanks #but i personally would love for her to be involved so if ur out there- #come get your local popular rich nerd girl who knows Something's Up #she is also desperately trying to keep her brothers out of this nonsense
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  • 1l171
    28.05.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    to j: i just relived a terrible memory of ur voice but it was like the way my head heard ur words when u said, "the one who took better care of u", "the one who ever will" n those words came so loud in my head, screaming, like u were dying, like i was fucking stabbing u w a knife n i just hear u scream n i wanna fucking stab myself w that knife

    #i wanna fucking die rn #i feel so bad i dont know how im ever gonna forgive myself #im so fucking hurt n i never wanted to hurt u n i wish i could show u how sorry i am #j#text#text poem#text poetry#vent#ventcore#hurtcore#tw trauma #tw sui implied #suicudal #tw depressing stuff
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  • queensconquest
    28.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    @aristarchos​​ said:“ why are you looking at me like that? ”  // pm and fx


      There  was  a  pause  before  Feng  Xin  leaned  over  closer  to  Pei  Ming  to  speak  in  a  quieter  voice.  “  You  didn’t  look  at  what  this  restaurant  serves  before  you  so  cheerfully  accepted  that  woman’s  offer  ,  did  you  ?  “

       True  ,  Pei  Ming’s  approach  got  them  on  track  faster  than  Feng  Xin’s.  Feng  Xin  could  handle  women  if  he  was  working  (  a  shock  to  many  ,  until  the  moment  it  wasn’t  work  he’d  turn  ghostly  pale  again  )  but  why  work  harder  than  smarter  ?  Unfortunately  ,  he  hadn’t  been  monitoring  the  conversation  until  they’d  both  been  led  into  the  restaurant  at  the  owners  insistence  that  two  young  ,  strong  men  should  have  a  hearty  meal.  It  would  normally  be  a  wonderful  event.

       Not  this  time  though.  Not  when  the  food  was  the  same  dish  that  at  their  last  mission  together  someone  had  served  and  made  both  of  them  practically  hallucinate.  It  wasn’t  QUITE  as  bad  as  the  queen’s  had  once  been  (  or  Xie  Lian’s  for  that  matter  )  ,  but  it  was  impressively  close  for  a  mortal  to  do  without  dying.  Feng  Xin  would  happily  not  see  that  dish  for  another  300  years.  Unfortunately  ,  thanks  to  Pei  Ming’s  sweet  talking  , they  were  about  to  be  forced  to  deal  with  it.  Even  if  it  WAS  edible  and  delicious  ,  the  thought  of  it  made  him  quesy.

    #aristarchos #idk where this came from but its hilarious #food trauma for the boys #fx just '...i think i'd rather talk to a woman than eat this idc how good it is' #〉martial god with a heart of gold〈   —   ➵     ⌜feng xin⌟ #also sorry for your notifs if im taking them up #with what i just answered and am probab ly going to #but shh you signed up for it
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  • innohurrytoshout
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i am fucking sick and tired and fed up with acting like everything's fine and okay. it's not. every fucking day i wish i could go back and do just the smallest little things different. maybe then i wouldn't be so paranoid, maybe then i wouldn't be fucking traumatized. maybe then my entire family wouldn't have deemed me worthless by the time i was 2.

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  • bookwyrminspiration
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i keep seeing toh things on my dash and what. what is happening over there…you good?

    #i know I asked this a few weeks ago but I feel like I need to again #toh #the owl house #there’s kids in the rain #something something trauma #finale? #I’m trying to puzzle it together from my dash #but y’all okay?
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  • z-is-weird
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i'm not an atheist, my "heavenly father" just haven't returned from the store yet

    #i dont think i have actual bad religious trauma so idk if i can even joke about this stuff. #but religion definetly affected a lot of stuff about me or how i see things or idk #but it feels like i was more strict on myself than any adult ever was. especially about religion and stuff. #if i have lasting effects from religion i was probably the one who gave that to myself wtf. like i cant blame my family or anyone
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  • charlie-in-a-beanie
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Rant ignore me ✌🏻

    #sometimes I mourn the person I should have been #not just the me before everything #but the person I should’ve been #sometimes I think about who they might’ve been and who I’ll never be #the person who had dreams of acing their GCSEs with their friends for life and excelling at university to be their dream person #instead of the person who organises their medication every month and needs it to survive #instead of the person who can barely pass an essay they should find easy because yet again it was left to the last minute #I miss the person that I was even though she was so alone and so scared and so sad #she knew it wouldn’t last forever #she didn’t know who she would end up being after all the illness and trauma and pain #sometimes I mourn her because all I see now when I look in the mirror is wasted potential #when she was full of life and possibility #even though she didn’t have many friends that truly loved her #and she never had friends like I do now and god I am grateful but I am 24 years old and I feel stuck and paralysed and alone #I feel guilty for feeling happiness #why can’t I just be happy without the crushing pain following it all #lmao also I saw waitress tonight and I think SUTBM might’ve triggered something
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  • gracie-ryders
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i can already see how much we’re gonna regret wanting a carlos whump

    #it’s gonna hurt #and what rafa said sounds great #but i imagine their wedding to be one happy episode #and the trauma can come after #or that’s what i want anyways #it’s gonna hurt no matter how it happens
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  • kindnotestoself
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    {You will heal from your past}

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  • katewalker
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I'm a little late but for Syberia 20th birthday, here are the entries in Anna Voralberg's diary that make me want to curl into a ball on the floor.

    #syberia #the guilt the trauma the anguish the love she has for her brother her abnegation #i love anna voralberg with my whole heart #anna voralberg #i had to pick but the entire journal ha #s always been heart wrenching for me
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  • iicraft505
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Me: I'll let other people get rid of things even if they're things I can't imagine in a million years wanting to get rid of

    Me: slams the door of my brother's room because he is getting rid of stuff I wouldn't

    #some of it I'm gonna keep because it SHOULD be sentimental to him #a fair amount of the rest is hockey stuff which like. we have places for. #and shirts that i want #also he gets rid of stuff that looks fine on him because it's 'too big' #it's like he got in shape and then decided that anything that wasn't skin tight was too big #I'm jealous of him in some ways and i feel like I'm losing him as my best friend as he was when we were little and i have issues getting #rid of things and when people say or imply bad things about my mom. even if they're true idk i just. he used to me a Mama's boy #and i said that the opposite end of my mom is my dad and he said don't compare me to dad and like #okay then stop acting like him #so basically a lot of deep things that I'm too chickenshit to bring up in therapy boiled to the surface #i also worry that he's being pulled away from my mom and me by other people. #i also worry about him having trauma from the way i acted wjen i was younger. we both had anger issues on occasion through childhood #but i maintained it for much longer and i just. it breaks my heart but i don't know how to make that any better for him. if he does #and not like PTSD levels just passing trauma #i feel like he's swung too far from my mom's keeping too much #and I'm not a hoarder i have hoarding tendencies because of being overly emotional and sentimental because of autism #well probably that i suppose i don't know for sure but if i feel something i rarely feel it Just A Little #i thought i was better at controlling myself but i guess not #anyway. yeah. #iicraft505#nobody asked #next semester I'm gonna get so in shape my brother isn't even gonna recognize me winter break #like an hour a day of activity no excuses #and I'll have room to keep my exercise bike weights and anything else easily accessible #so 😎 swol iicraft505 coming to a tumblr near you #not as much as my brother but still n #more rhan nothing at all
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  • cherry-projectg-1
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Gordon and Scotsman brother relationship in my AU

    Gordon loves Scotsman it just he doesn't show it mainly because he's goes through rough time nowadays Scotsman adores his older brother despite him not showing the brotherly love

    Gordon Scotsman along with Spencer are the only one in the Gresley Family blind Gordon became blind in one eye after being crushed by boulder he can control himself whenever he's walking Scotsman became partly blind after being attacked by 98462 he can control himself like Gordon and Spencer became half blind after his eyes were lit up in flames he sometimes can't control himself Scotsman normally helps him

    They were close as children until the biofused incident Gordon basically became more quieter angrier and vulnerable and it cause him to drift away from Scotsman a bit

    They have a few arguments sometimes it's mainly Gordon starting it because he's having a bad day

    Scotsman is sometimes scared of Gordon because of how rough emotional and scary Gordon is

    Whenever Gordon has a mental breakdown or a panic attack over the biofused incident Scotsman is always there for him after the breakdown or panic attack Gordon will fall asleep on Scotsman shoulder

    Scotsman is one of the main engines who help Gordon with his mental health and emotional trauma

    Okay that's all for now bye

    #thomas the tank engine #ttte gordon #ttte flying scotsman #ttte spencer #tw mentions of trauma
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