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  • thewarnerbrothers
    19.05.2022 - 6 hours ago
    Werewolves do not exist. Not here. This makes it a tad awkward when Yakko Warner is turned into one. Employment as a paranormal creature is hard to come by, so naturally the Warners turn to piracy.

    i cant believe anyone outside of me and like 2.5 other people is interested in my lil cracky werepirate au but here you go

    #delete later probably #twbfics#animaniacs#yakko#wakko#dot #the warner brothers #yakko warner#wakko warner#dot warner #suddenly filled with the insatiable desire to watch treasure planet for the 45934534534th time
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  • storyweaverofgondor
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Summary: John Silver assumes many things about Jim Hawkins. He's starting to think he was wrong. 

    @whumpay2022 @tending-the-hearth

    #whumpay2022 #Prompt: Clothing Concealed Injury #Prompt: I didn't want you to worry #major character injury #treasure planet #treasure planet fanfic
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  • touchmycoat
    19.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Ahhh the 679 thoughts do spark such joy! "There needs to be some plot in that forces SQQ to confess to LQG" - I see something where LQG is injured saving SQQ, and they huddle in the dark for hours awaiting rescue (YQY makes it in time!). Confessions happen most easily in the dark, after all, while cuddling for warmth and healing. SQQ and YQY will have to be the ones to seduce their naive shidi, who thinks he's just jealous of their friendship...

    Happy 679 contd: and there would be something that results in 67 defending 9 the way they defend SY in svsss, bc that was hilarious and also SJ would hiss like an offended cat that they think they need to defend him, but secretly very happy that they do.


    IDEAL YES. We love some hurt/comfort up in here ;; oh oh I know, they both get head injuries and have to kind of take turns keeping each other awake. LQG lowkey panics 'cause he doesn't know what to say, SQQ goes "just piss me off as you always do I'll stay plenty awake." LQG: "what's going to piss you off??" SQQ: "...tell me everything you like about Yue-shixiong and I'll tell you why he'll never like you back. There, now we're both fuming."

    LMFAOOOOO qijiu's pre-seduction phase is SQQ working himself up into an absolute snit bc he's so sure YQY is cheating on him with LQG. But he has zero proof, literally not even a single extra glance or friendly touch between them. But he knows they're cheating because--because why wouldn't they?! They'd be great together! They'd make so much sense! Even SQQ can see the way they'd be really sweet for each other and it's because SQQ is such a great cultivation partner to YQY that he would—he would what? He would understand if YQY wants to cheat?! No fucking way, but like, he would understand if YQY had thought about it?!?

    He eventually confronts YQY and YQY's very solemnly like "no, no I have never thought about it nor will I ever, I've promised myself to you Qingqiu," and SQQ very abruptly has to deal with his own disappointment 'cause that is not what he wanted to hear. Which he immediately tries to rationalize: oh my god Qi-ge is too obsessed with me this probably isn't good for us in the long-run a relationship is like a kite I heard this from a wise woman once you've gotta keep the tension on the string balanced—

    "You can." It's blunt, and awkward, and bad, but SQQ powers through it. "You should. It's healthy"

    "It's healthy...to...desire Liu-shidi...?"

    #YEAH QI-GE IT'S FUCKING THERAPEUTIC TO WANT HIM CARNALLY MY THERAPIST TOLD ME SO #DO YOU WANT ME TO BE HAPPY OR NOT #GET A HARD-ON ALREADY AND ADMIT YOU WANT TO SLEEP WITH HIM! #YQY's quiet for a very long time #................ #............................... #Qingqiu........I really don't know how to ask this but............. #do you perhaps...........want to confess something to ME............. #about Liu-shidi...................... #next step is SQQ's 'oh i'm the most disgusting fucker on the planet cheating on my man like this' spiral #'what's wrong with me the ONLY good thing that's ever happened to me' #'why am i sabotaging us like this' #and YQY's like 'well perhaps LQG is another good thing' #'and I should hardly fault Xiao Jiu for treasuring that #'but i promised you loyalty' #'...I believe Xiao Jiu can stay loyal to me while enjoying things with other people' #mmmmmmmmmmm #and we throw in some tropey liujiu falling into water accidental entanglement nonsense #let YQY get an eyeful #so that YQY is suddenly like '.....okay i take it back i'm very much thinking about it now.' #SQQ's like 'HAH I FUCKING KNEW IT YOU CHEATED ON ME FIRST so this is fine. let's hunt him down together.' #liuqijiu#anon#asks #YEAH we def need the yueliu simp kings show again #their vegas special #secretly pleased SQQ is the sweetest flavor of SQQ
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  • could-be-calliope
    19.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    So I'm finally watching treasure planet cuz I know it's an early 2000s staple and I like this weird era of Disney films and I'm like ten minutes in and I can't believe none of you gays told me the main dude was such gender!! Like the undercut?? The piercings?? The spacepunk??? Come ON

    #Ali.talks #Treasure planet #As we all know steampunk set in space is inherently queer
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  • jellazticious
    19.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Forgor to post this on [tumblr].com

    #Treasure Planet my beloved #Tf2 #Team fortress 2 #Tf2 Spy#Tf2 Engineer#Engiespy#practical espionage#Doodle #I drew this #jellazticious
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  • cha0ticr0b0tic
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Gay pirate brainrot has set in to such an extent that I am now watching Black Sails (on episode 5, I’ve heard I need to get through the first half of the first season and then it gets better). Fun fact, the only exposure I’ve had to Treasure Island is through Treasure Planet (a very VERY loose adaptation given that it’s set in space) and so even though I KNOW John Silver is a bad guy he’s also my trans pirate dad in another universe, you know what I mean?

    (also it’s very funny to me to see this take on Calico Jack after seeing him in OFMD, what are those little sunglasses anyway)

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  • lupothehellwolf
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Jim: In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

    Silver, arms crossed: Wasn't Sam with ya?

    Sam: In my defense, I was also left unsupervised.

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  • haugen-maunen
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    spicy🌶 captain Nathaniel Flint headcanons 🔞

    (fem reader-insert)

    He has not one, but two dicks. I mean, what’d you expect from an alien dragon man? He also has a slit, much like other reptiles.

    First time you approach him in such a way, he’ll be sure to warn you, “You don’t know what yer’ gettin’ into, love…” confirm it to him that this is what you want, because once he starts, there’s no turning back.

    Expect to be branded… love bites, scratches along your breast, bruises on your hips, etc. Not enough to catch a strangers attention, but just enough to catch the crew’s attention.

    Getting him in the mood is actually the hardest part, very rarely does he find himself with that sort of free-time. But, once you have him all riled up? Oh boy, don’t expect to be walking away freely in a short matter of time. The bit of downtown the majority of the crew takes to rest is the best time to strike.

    His vocalizations of ecstasy come in the form of huffs, low growls, and throaty gutturals. The sweet sounds only inches from your ear.

    Flint doesn’t care too much for oral, he’d much rather get straight to business. Although, he doesn’t mind putting his tongue to use on you if you truly yearn for it. It’s thick and pronged, and just as warm and wet as your own cunt. Just as long as you’re not too worried about those fangs of his, unless you like the risk.

    Believe it or not, he loves it when you pull and tug on his long mane of hair. It just simply shows how uncontainable your need for him is. The harder you tug, the stronger his carnal desire becomes.

    He enjoys any position that requires you to be on top of him, the common cowgirl being just one of his favorites. He loves to sit in his chair within his cabin, grasp your hips and watch as you bounce up and down on his cock (or two). Your soft whimpers and the way your face contorts with each thrust is like watching a five star movie. He thoroughly enjoys the view with all six of his eyes.

    Besides those sorts of positions, he also likes bending you over his desk, grasping your neck and holding your back close to his chest. He likes to hold you close him, to make sure you won’t wriggle out of his grasp. It’ll especially send him if you grip firmly onto his arms or hands during this time, oh just look at you holding on for mercy!

    If you’re his actual lover, he will give you a few words of appraisal soon after your intense session. “Good girl, lassie…” and “Ya really know how to serve yer’ captain…” are some of the few phrases he’ll say. He likes to run his nails through your hair and hold you close to him. He is not one for any sort of appraisal, only ridicule and commands seem to make up his vocabulary. So you find your heart fluttering during moments like these.

    He fucks you with the intent to essentially breed you. Ironic, considering how he has no desire to willfully have a child of his own. But Flint just can’t help it, it’s simply instinct to him, to make sure you’re full to the brim with all of him.

    #my writing#my post #captain nathaniel flint #nathaniel flint treasure planet #treasure planet#nathaniel flint#x reader #nathaniel flint x reader #captain nathaniel flint x reader
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  • mibibosartblog
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Height might not be accurate. Jim’s supposed to be leaning over but it looks eeeeeeeeh. Might be subject to a redraw once I settle on their heights. If ever.

    Swabbing the deck is apparently the only job available on the ship, pffffffffff.

    #treasure planet #treasure planet fanart #artists on tumblr #jim hawkins #treasure planet oc #battle at procyon #treasure planet: battle at procyon #self insert #Paint Tool SAI
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  • steejie
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    So I dyed this disc and it had an air bubble problem..

    So I was just going to paint it in with the colours around it, but my girlfriend suggested Morph from Treasure Planet ...

    And I don't think it looks that great, but she loves it so I'm happy with it

    #I'm very into disc golf now #My girlfriend is really into Treasure Planet #So this is hers now #Disc golf#Treasure Planet#Mine
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  • hollybell51
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    The Masterpost!

    Consider this the navigation panel, the table of contents if you will. Here is every link to every chapter of every story, completed and ongoing. They’re all also on my AO3 if you have a preference, and the old unedited (and very bad) versions -- the “first drafts” if you will -- are on my wattpad (sickening, I know). Either way, welcome to what I regard as my little anthology of fanfiction, and I hope you enjoy your stay here xx

    Our Treasure (Jim Hawkins x fem!Reader):

    Treasure Planet (2002)

    Word count: 17,043

    Summary: Working as a cabin girl on the RLS Legacy with your friend and mentor John Silver, you want nothing more than to reach Treasure Planet. That is, until you meet Jim Hawkins.

    Prologue + Chapter One - the beginning

    Chapter Two - maybe mop duty isn’t so bad

    Chapter Three - the part where the love interest saves your life (kind of)

    Chapter Four - the part where you bare your damaged little soul

    Chapter Five - what’s said and done

    Chapter Six - gotta follow your master

    Chapter Seven - leverage, right? 

    Chapter Eight - Treasure (Planet)

    Chapter Nine - the grand escape from a raging inferno

    Chapter Ten/Epilogue - the ending, and the resolutions that are wont to accompany 

    A Heart of Ice (Jack Frost x fem!Reader): 

    Rise of the Guardians (2012)

    Word count: 30,812

    Summary: when the evil Pitch Black threatens the children of the world, you and Jack are chosen as two new Guardians to defend them. The only problem is, nobody trusts you, and nobody takes Jack seriously. As a shadowy past threatens to overtake you, you must confront the darker parts of yourself or lose the person you care most about in the world. 

    Chapter One - a goodbye and a hello

    #master post#navigation#fanfiction#Self Insert #self insert fanfiction #treasure planet #treasure planet fanfic #jim hawkins #jim hawkins x reader #jim hawkins x you #jim kawkins x yn #jack frost #jack frost x reader #jack frost x yn #rise of the guardians #rise of the guardians fanfiction
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  • hollybell51
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Chapter Ten/Epilogue

    The ending, and the resolutions that are wont to accompany

    Our Treasure - Jim Hawkins x fem!Reader

    Chapter Nine

    Word count: 923

    Summary: after having wrapped up your lose threads, you meet Jim’s mother. 

    Notes: literally just the ending resolutions, short n sweet (I hope). Thanks to everyone who stuck with this the whole way, I hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing! If you did, please leave feedback, comments, likes, etc and whatever, your support means a lot to me. This is also on my AO3 if anyone wants to check it out there or help me out on that platform, again, it’s hugely appreciated. 

    Jim was the first off the ship when you finally docked, dragging you through the crowds by the hand. You had talked to him, between kissing him a great deal and being kissed an equally great deal, and around said kisses you had explained everything. How John had gotten wind of the Map years back in some seedy tavern, how you’d tracked and followed Billy Bones halfway across the Galaxy, how you really hadn’t meant to burn down his mom’s inn, and how you’d gotten on the crew for the RSL Legacy through some of the most elaborate string-pulling you’d ever witnessed John perform. 

    “But how did you know?” Jim asked here. 

    “String-pulling,” you shrugged. You were slouched against the wall of the galley, your side pressed against his and his arm around your shoulders. He simply shook his head in wonder, allowing you to continue your tale. 

    Now, having laid out the whole sordid ordeal, you found that a great weight had been lifted from your shoulders. Jim knew you cared, you knew he cared, all was in the clear now. It was a wonderful feeling. Silently, you promised that you would never lie to him again. But your future honesty was not the only thing on your mind as you were lead through the bustling space port by the boy currently holding your hand and glancing back at you every few seconds. You didn’t know how you were ever going to find Mrs Hawkins in the crowd. 

    But, somehow, after only a few minutes, Jim pointed to a woman wearing a yellow bonnet with blue ribbons and a white shawl. “That’s her,” he said, leading you towards her. He reached out a hand and laid it gently on her shoulder, smiling as she turned.

    “Jim,” she gasped, then hugged him tightly.

    You stepped back, suddenly incredibly awkward. You fiddled with the hem of your shirt, scuffing one foot on the ground while you waited. What you’d said to Jim the night he’d saved your life (the first time, that was) was true, mothers were a strange concept to you. Many times you’d seen young travellers disembarking at various locations across the galaxy to be met with warm embraces and smiles from older women who looked like them, but you’d never had one of your own. The closest you’d ever gotten was John, and you’d never have even considered placing him in a mother’s spot in your mind.  

    “Mom, there’s someone I want you to meet,” Jim said when they separated, looking over his shoulder at you. You were acutely aware of how dirty you were, how unkempt.

    “Hi, Mrs Hawkins.” You smiled, trying your hardest not to let your nerves turn it into a grimace as you extended a hand. “I’m (Y/N).”

    “Please, call me Sarah.” She took your hand, shaking it firmly and smiling. “It’s lovely to meet you.”

    Morph found that moment an appropriate time to float up in front of her face, giggling at her shocked expression.

    “Morph!” You and Jim exclaimed in unison. 

     Rebuilding the Benbow Inn was one of the weirdest experiences of your life. Firstly, there was the fact that Sarah still didn’t know – and would hopefully never find out – that you were instrumental in burning it down in the first place. There was the very cherry-picked version of the story about how you got the treasure and why there wasn’t more of it which managed to change every time it was told, as well as the subject of why you were so at home in the ceiling rafters and on the roof, as well as the few times you accidentally threw tools with perfect accuracy to other people when you were helping out. Although it took over a year, you got it done.

    You were leaning against the wall, out of the way but with a good view of the room – apparently it would have been impolite to sit in the ceiling – on the night of the opening when the door opened to reveal two robo-cops. The room went silent for a second, then they parted to allow Jim through and everyone cheered.

    Your boyfriend smiled, looking resplendent in his space cadet’s uniform. He shook the hands of the two officers, laughing as Morph transformed himself into a badge and took up a place on his shoulder. His eyes scanned the room, and you waved awkwardly from your position. To your horror, he made a B-line straight towards you, drawing everyone’s attention with him, and lightly kissed your cheek.

    “Really?” You asked, crossing your arms, “right here?”

    “Yeah, where else?” he grinned, and you felt your face heating up. “You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed,” he laughed.

    “Shut up,” you muttered, but you were smiling.

    The night passed quickly. You found it more fun to watch other people than actually dance or join in with anything yourself, but Jim still managed to spin you around to the music a few times. And maybe, though you’d never admit it, you liked it. 

    You leaned back against Jim’s chest, his head bent so that his chin rested on your shoulder and his arms folded across your stomach. You decided that nobody was paying attention to you and that you were safe from people’s eyes, so you turned your head and brushed his lips lightly with your own.

    “I adore you,” you whispered, smiling. 

    “Right back at you,” he grinned, then kissed you. 

    You were glad that Treasure Planet had lead the two of you together. 

    #treasure planet #treasure planet fanfic #Self Insert #self insert fanfiction #reader insert #fem!reader #jim hawkins #jim hawkins x reader #jim hawkins x yn #jim hawkins x you #work in progress #fanfiction#fanfic#multi chapter#some angst#angst#teenage romance#fluff #tooth rotting fluff #like an avalanche of fluff #i make myself sick #kicking my toes and twirling my hair and everything #slowburn if you squint #slow burn#orphan#slavery (mentioned) #angst with fluff #angst with a hopeful ending #angst with comfort #angst with a happy ending
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  • lupothehellwolf
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Sam: (taps table)

    Jim: (taps table)

    Doppler, watching them: What are they doing?

    Silver: Morse code

    Jim: (aggressively taps table)

    Sam, yelling and slamming his hand on the table: TAKE THAT BACK YOU BITCH!

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  • hollybell51
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Chapter Nine

    The grand escape from a raging inferno

    Jim Hawkins x fem!Reader

    Chapter Eight

    Word count: 2346

    Summary: the escape scene, as required. 

    Notes: if you read Chapter Eight before the day this is posted (May 17th, 2022), you will have already read this. This is because I realised that almost 5,000 words was excessive for a single chapter given that most of them are in the 1-3,000 area and it would be logical to split it in half here. Feel free to skip to Chapter Ten :)

    “Aloha, Jimmy—Oh, oh!” Ben’s voice interrupted you, and you both turned to see the RLS Legacy descending. “Hurry, people!” the robot continued, “we’ve got exactly two minutes and thirty-four seconds until the planet’s destruction!”

    You ran towards the ship, jumping on when it was close enough. Your stomach was swirling with butterflies, your knees shamefully weak. You needed to talk to Jim, really talk. And you would later, you vowed even as you cursed yourself. You were not supposed to get so caught up in kissing cabin boys -- even if they were smart and brave and sweet (and a bit moody), and especially not when the planet you were on was minutes away from total destruction. 

    “Take us out of here, metal man!” Captain Amelia shouted from near the mast, and Ben complied.

    “Cap’ain,” John said, bowing low, “you dropped from the heavens in the nick o’ time!”

    “Save your clap trap for the judge, Sliver.”

    John glanced sideways at you, then frowned. Overhead, a piece of debris smashed into the mast, sending the top half of it crashing down onto the thrusters. The ship slowed, and you cursed.

    “Thrusters at only thirty percent capacity, Captain!” Ben reported.

    “Thirty percent?” Doppler echoed, “That means… we’ll never clear the planet’s explosion in time.”

    “We gotta turn around!” Jim said, jumping down to the deck below and grabbing a piece of the thruster.

    “What?” the Captain and you both said at the same time.

    “There’s a portal back there! It can get us outta here!”

    “Pardon me, Jim,” Doppler said, “but didn’t that portal open onto a raging inferno?”

    “Yes,” Jim grunted, heaving a piece of metal off the ship, “but I’m gonna change that! I’m gonna open a different door!”

    “Captain I don’t see—”

    “He’s got a point!” you yelled at the same time as John said: “Listen to the boy!”

    “One minute twenty-nine seconds till the planet’s destruction!” Ben warned.

    “What do you need, Jim?” John asked, kneeling beside him.

    “Just some way to attach this!”

    “Alright, stand back!” John switched to his welding function, zapping at the place where the thruster meets the scrap of metal. Bright white sparks flew, then the two were joined. They lifted the contraption up over the edge of the ship, balancing it on the railing.

    “Ok,” Jim said, jumping up onto the piece of metal, “no matter what happens keep the ship heading straight for the portal.”

    “Wait, Jim—”

    “Fifty-eight seconds!” Ben yelled over you.

    Jim held your gaze for a fraction of a second, then nodded to John and stepped down on the back of the thruster, blasting off the ship and into the chaos that Treasure Planet had become. You felt strangely like the girls left tearfully waving on the docks as the Space Cadets shipped out to their assignments in the Academy’s recruitment advertisements. You weren’t all that fond of the sensation. 

    “Well you heard ‘im,” John yelled at Amelia, “Get this blasted heap turned around!”

    “Doctor, head us back to the portal!” she commanded, and Doppler did so.

    You could see the glowing triangle in the distance, somewhat obscured by all the falling pieces of the planet and flying debris. You wondered how the hell Jim was ever going to get through. How were you going to get through?

    “Twenty-five seconds!” Ben shouted, tapping away at the screen.

    “That’s not helping!” you screamed back.

    “Come on, lad,” John murmured, leaning forwards.

    “Seventeen seconds!” 

    There was no sign of Jim ahead, and you were so close to the portal that the fiery mess inside was reflected in Doppler’s spectacles.

    “Seven, six…” 

    Suddenly, Jim shot from beside the ship to in front, and you thought he hit the right button on the portal’s control mainly because you weren’t dead, but you weren’t sure.

    “Three, two…” 

    You squeezed your eyes shut, waiting for what was going to happen.

    Everything was cold, and dark, and there was no debris raining around you, and you could still feel every part of your body. You opened your eyes, taking in the bright crescent of Montressor space port ahead of you, the purplish clouds around and the deep blue of space.

    “Yes!” you shouted, jumping and embracing John, who yelled along with you.

    “You did it, you did!” he called to Jim, who swooped by, catching a high-five. “Didn’t I say the lad had greatness in ‘im?”

    You ran across the deck, throwing your arms around Jim’s neck as he landed the makeshift hoverboard. He laughed, spinning you around before placing you back on the deck and stepping back.

    “We’re ok, then?” he asked, his hands still resting on your waist.

    And suddenly, faced with him and everything he entailed, you were shy. To your horror, you felt your cheeks heat up. “I would like to be, yes,” you said with as much dignity as you could muster. 

    Jim stared at you, studying your face, and you felt the blush grow in force. “Am I making you blush?” he asked, incredulous. 

    “Shut up,” you muttered. But you were smiling, and he was too. The whole situation was sickeningly... sweet. 

    “Unorthodox, but ludicrously effective.” Captain Amelia interrupted, and Jim’s hands dropped abruptly from your waist. “I’d be proud to recommend you to the Interstellar Academy. They could use a man like you.”

    “Just wait until your mother hears about this!” Dr Doppler said. 

    You looked over to where John was standing, catching the corner of his coat disappearing around the door frame. You looked back at Jim, who was paying attention to Doppler. You didn’t want to leave the happy moment, didn’t want to leave him. But John was down in the galley, no doubt preparing a ship. The thought of taking off sent a sharp pang through your chest. You wanted to stay with Jim, wanted John to stay too, or maybe you wanted Jim to come with you. You were ok, he had said, and still you hadn’t told him the truth of everything. 

    But it was better, you told yourself as silently, you slipped away from the little group and down to the galley. It was better for you -- the criminal pirate slave girl -- to leave the promising future Interstellar Academy Cadet. You could become an adventure, a myth alongside Treasure Planet and Flint’s Trove. As much as the thought pained you. Maybe you’d write him a note or something, but the idea felt somehow trite. 

    John was waiting by a longboat, leaning against the edge.

    “Are we leaving now?” you asked, clearing your throat of the unexpected -- and equally unwelcome -- lump that had gathered there. 

    “I’d best be getting’ along,” he said, mercifully not passing comment on your slightly choked voice, “but I wanted to give you somethin’.” He reached into his coat pocket, withdrawing the chest you had packed full of gold.

    “Is that…?”

    “Eight thousand gold pieces,” he smiled, “no more, no less.”

    “How did you…?” You took the chest, peaking inside at the money.

    “Ah, I got me ways. Now, I think I’ve got the documents right here… yes.” He pulled out a wad of yellowed paper, followed by an old pen and unfolded it, resting it on the side of the boat. “I sign here,” he said, scribbling at the bottom of one page, “you sign your name here and put your number here.” He flipped to the back of the bundle, and you took the pen.

    You undid your bandage, looking at the numbers. You didn’t need to see them to know what they were, that sequence would always be burned into your mind, but it felt right. You neatly printed them in the space, then signed your name with a flourish. “That’s that, huh?” you grinned, handing back the pen.

    “What about me money?” John feigned indignation, and you laughed. You handed over the chest, and he passed you the documents.

    “Free,” you smiled. 

    “Free indeed.” 

    “So, where to now, Captain?” 

    He arched an eyebrow. “You need to think, lassy. You’ve got the best choice there is. You can get off in court because of your ah, situation, or you can go with me now and none’ll be the wiser.” 

    So think you did. You thought of all the adventures and the fun and excitement that John and his escapades brought with him, the comfort of his gruffly assuring voice and a hot meal cooked just for you at the end of the day. You thought of the gentle yet firm instruction he would offer without a second thought, and the easy camaraderie between the two of you even in the worst of situations. And you thought of the same easiness that came with being around Jim, the same thrill of every conversation you had with him, the fun of the journey you’d shared and the pain of thinking it was going to end. 

    “You’ve got somethin’ to stay for now, haven’t you?” your friend prompted gently. 

    You nodded, pressing your lips into a thin line. “I don’t want to leave you either,” you whispered. 

    John placed a hand on your shoulder, squeezing softly. “I’ve taught you all I can. lass. You’re stronger than I ever coulda hoped, you got a quick wit about you too. And I think there’s a certain young man who could use that sense o’ yours, eh?” 

    You sniffled, laughing. 

    “Eh,” he grunted. Then his eyes flicked past your shoulder, twinkling brightly. “And speak of the devil, Jimbo!”

    “You never quit, do you?” the boy said, leaning against the wall.

    “I was just checkin’ to make sure our last longboat was safe and secure.” The former cook ben down and tied one of the sloppiest slip-knots you’d ever seen, smiling unconvincingly.

    “Hmm…” Jim crossed the walkway, undoing the knot and tying a much more secure one. “Well that should hold it.”

    “I taught you too well,” John chuckled. “If you don’t mind, we’d just as soon avoid prison, little Morphy here, he’s a free spirit! Bein’ in a cage, it’d break his heart.” Morph cooed sadly, and you smiled at the two of them.

    Jim shook his head, then turned and thrust down the hatch’s lever, opening it up to the bright dawn sky. He bent and undid the knot, casting aside the rope.

    “What say you ship out with us, lad?” John asked, looking at you. “I was just talking to (Y/N), and she’d love to have you along! Us three, full of ourselves and no ties to anyone!” Morph transformed into a hat, settling himself on Jim’s head.

    “You know,” he said, taking off the hat, “when I got on this boat, I would have taken you up on that offer in a second. But I met an old cyborg and a girl who throws knives, and they taught me to chart my own course. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

    “And what do you see, off that bow o’ yours?” John asked.

    “A future.” Jim looked up from the open hatch, past John and to you. He smiled, and so did you. Maybe there was something about near-death experiences that made people oddly sappy. 

    “Look at you,” the cyborg laughed, “glowin’ like a solar fire the both o’ you! You’re somethin’ special, Jim. You’re gonna rattle the stars, you are.” He placed his arms around the boy, hugging him tightly. “Now,” he said after a moment, drawing back, “you look after my (Y/N), won’t you?”

    “I don’t need looking after,” you grinned, punching his arm lightly, “and I’m not yours!”

    “Ah, o’ course not,” he smiled, then coughed. “I ah, got a bit o’ grease in the old cyborg eye.” He turned away, wiping at his face.

    “Wrong side,” you pointed out. Beside Jim, Morph let out a wail and collapsed into his hands as a puddle of water.

    “Aw, Morph, I’ll seeya round!” Jim told him, and Morph mimicked it, then floated to join John. Hesitantly, experimentally, you slid an arm around Jim’s waist, and he patted your shoulder.

    “Morphy, I got a job for you.” John said, holding up the little creature. “I need you to keep an eye on these two. Will you do that favour?”

    Morph wriggled happily, nuzzling against John’s face and cooing. He zoomed over to you, hovering excitedly next to Jim.

    “Oh, and one more thing!” John called as the longboat descended, “this is for your dear mother, to rebuild that inn of hers!” He tossed a handful of jewels and gold up to Jim, who caught them. He stared from the treasure to John, then to you, and back to the treasure.

    “Stay outta trouble,” he said finally, “you old scallywag.”

    “When have I ever done otherwise?” your friend called back, laughing as the longboat flew off into the orange dawn.

    “So,” Jim said at last, “you burned down my mom’s inn.”

    “It wasn’t me,” you protested, “Hands knocked over the lamp. We weren’t supposed to destroy the whole building, it just kinda—mff!” You were cut off by Jim’s lips on yours, but you didn’t mind. He was soft, you reflected as your arms snaked around his shoulders, though you wouldn’t dream of describing him as such to his face -- at least then. His skin was soft, his hair was soft, his mouth was soft, his hands on your cheeks -- though slightly calloused thanks to John’s never-ending stream of chores -- were soft. You kissed him back, breathing in the slightly singed smell of his hair and clothes. You could get used to this, you thought, could get used to him. 

    “Maybe don’t mention that to my mom when you meet her,” he said when you broke apart, “I don’t think she’d take it well.”

    “Wait, I’m gonna meet your mom?” you asked, stepping backwards. You hadn’t thought that part through. “Are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean, I’m an ex-slave pirate who burned down her inn.”

    “But she doesn’t have to know that, right?” he grinned, rubbing the back of his neck.

    “But what about—”

    “Shh, it’ll be fine. She’ll love you, trust me.”

    Chapter Ten

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  • clvric
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    throwback to my first finished comic that i DESPERATELY want to redraw

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    Decide to draw this handsome devil 😜

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    I’m crying one of my roommates let me choose the movie for our movie night and so I chose Treasure Planet which she had never seen before and she liked it so much!!! We sat for a bit after the movie just talking about how good the movie is!!!!!

    #I’m so happy #I feel like I actually have friends up here this year who are interested in some of the stuff I enjoy! #not that I felt like I didn’t have friends here last year #they just were not into the same stuff as me #and it can feel kinda lonely when everyone else enjoys certain things that you don’t and nobody likes the stuff you like #especially when they don’t even try them out when you’re trying out the things they like #anyways I feel like this year is gonna be much better with feeling included than last year #also treasure planet is literally the best movie ever
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    “OH SHIT!! A FISH!!”


    Another redraw for Mermay! This time it’s a redraw of my first Cetus drawing! 💜🧜🏻‍♀️


    @aalbliii Cetus meeting his future adopted daughter for the first time 🐙🧜🏻‍♀️

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    “it was a mild shock,”   she’s wholly nonchalant as she addresses   (  @nostqlgia​  ),   “he will recover,”

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