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  • whumpiguess
    20.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    hey I'm having a Day so if u wanna send asks, I'd super appreciate it

    #tell me about ur ocs or pets or favorite tropes or Anything Else #srry to beg for attention on the hellsite im having a moment #personal#not whump
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  • asushunamir2051
    20.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    Favourite tropes atm:

    . Love triangles that’ve actually got three sides

    . Colour coded ensemble casts

    . Dedicated beasties besties with unrequited feelings and That’s Ok

    . Litters of kittens with all matching names except the last/smallest one

    #original post#fandom#fiction#tropes #christ im sappy when I don’t get to bed on time fuck me #also enjoy prettyboys and nice cathartic murders #and the sorta sweet revenge where you’re not even trynna fuck them over it’s just a nice little bonus #or the sorta revenge you get by just refusing to clear their conscience for them and watching them sweat #AshTalksBollocks #idk need something original to tag this as in case I wanna find it again #anyways night dickheads #ooh also “it was inside you all along’’ but for corruption arcs #I’m on a roll rn and that’s how I know I need to be unconscious hours ago
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  • artificialqueens
    20.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    I'll Tell You My Story (Family Fic) - Mar

    A/N: Day 18 for Mayhem: A genderqueer character. @duckprintspress

    This is part of the jankie!parenthood au, where Gigi is nonbinary. This is a little snippet where she realizes that (or, rather, where she realizes the world assumes she is a girl in the first place). Concrit more than welcome!

    Tags: may trope mayhem, rpdr fanfiction, jackie cox, gigi goode, shea coulee, sasha velour, crystal methoyd, genderqueer character, family fic, kid fic, mar

    Gigi knew things about the world with the completely unearned confidence of any five year old.

    Slugs were baby snakes, band aids healed scratches better than disinfectant, and she and Crystal would get married someday. These were certainties.

    It was all the more confusing, then, when a new idea was presented to her and she didn’t know what to do with it.

    Some of the older kids at her dance institute had taken an interest in her. They liked her outfits and red hair, and they paraded her around holding her hand and showing her off like a temporary little sibling. They braided her hair, gave her candy and imparted all the wisdom of their full nine years of age. To Gigi, they were practically adults.

    One day after class, while waiting to be picked up, one of her new friends put a new idea in Gigi's mind, as they often did.

    “My mom’s letting me have a sleepover for the first time!” the kid shared with the group, excitedly. “Only for the girls, obviously.”

    Everybody giggled at that, as if they knew something Gigi didn’t. It happened a lot with them, since they were older, but Gigi always went along. She didn’t want them to stop having her around.

    “That means you are all invited!”

    The kids all squealed in excitement at the prospect. It would be the first sleepover for many, and they immediately started listing off all the must-haves of an all-girl gathering. Sat between them, Gigi stayed quiet, busy with other thoughts.

    She had never thought of herself as a girl before.

    Her mom called her “kid”, not “girl”. At kindergarten, their class all played together and did the same things, and no one had invited her to an all-girl anything.

    As Gigi looked around, she noticed that all her friends had long hair, and lilac, pink and sequins showed up in every outfit. She hadn’t noticed before that there were no short haircuts in the class, and that no one had a Hot Wheels backpack like her friend Hunter did in school, only ponies, dolls and flowers. Her own backpack had flowers. She wondered if that made her a girl, too, although she didn’t really like sequins or pink that much.

    The idea swirled in her mind until her mom picked her up and asked if she wanted to get frozen yogurt on the way home, and then there were more important things to think about.

    It came up again a week later, at a birthday party. Her whole kindergarten class was running wild in Kayden’s backyard while the tired animators tried to have some semblance of control.

    One of them succeeded by loudly whistling and calling them over to play with tubes of color powder.

    “Alright, boys to my right, girls to my left!” said the animator, cheerfully getting out the tubes now that every kid was paying attention.

    Everyone started moving, but Gigi stayed still, bumped slightly by the other kids dashing to one side or the other.

    She felt stuck, but then Crystal took her hand and led her to the left side, and Gigi was happy to be with her.

    The animator gave a tube to each kid and made them count backwards from ten, their voices and laughter getting louder from impatience, and when they reached one they released an explosion of color.

    Everyone started jumping up, trying to catch the clouds of color in their hands. Crystal yelped happily and waved her arms in the air, getting herself covered in pink. Gigi was enthralled by the dust and laughed at the way it landed on Crystal’s eyelashes. She put out her hands and soft pink covered them, and when she clapped, it puffed around her.

    But something was off.

    On the other side, the boy’s side, the clouds were all blue. Why hadn’t the animator mixed them up? It looked so boring now. Only two colors? Gigi noticed they didn’t even have her favorite, orange, and suddenly she didn’t want to play anymore.

    Her low spirits were chalked up to the late hour by all the parents, and even Jackie was not surprised to find her quiet when she picked her up. On the drive home, Jackie tried once or twice to get some details about the birthday party, but Gigi was not up for talking, and she let her be.

    Things came to a head on a normal Friday evening, where Gigi and Crystal’s after-school playdate was about to turn into a sleepover (as it always did) and Jackie was about to leave the Velour household, when her child came crying from Crystal’s room.

    To see Gigi, whose tantrums always resembled more the icy silence of a teenager than the loud wails of a child, crying so miserably into her mother’s lap, was a sight that shook them all. Crystal followed her with tears of her own and found solace in her parents’ arms, who were as shocked as Jackie. Their kids never fought, certainly not to that extent, and they were all for a moment at a loss for what to do.

    “Baby, what happened?” 

    Gigi mumbled something unintelligible about playing, and Crystal clarified that Gigi did not want to play with her.

    “I do want to play!” Gigi protested, ungluing herself from her mother. Her eyes were red and her hair stuck to her cheeks. “But I don’t want to be the mom.”

    “But you don’t want to be the daughter either!” Crystal yelled back. “You have to be one of the two so we can play family. We can’t be two moms and no baby!”

    Though still worried for the kids and respectful of what seemed like a serious issue to them, the three adults could not help but find it funny. For such a thing to cause such an uproar was made possible only by little children.

    “Now, now,” Jackie said, trying to placate them. “You can play at something else, if you cannot agree.”

    “You can both be fairies, or cats, or anything in the world,” Shea suggested as they started bouncing Crystal on their hip, a habit from Crystal’s toddler years that had never quite worn off.

    “You could do that play we watched last week,” said Sasha, remembering the princess story both kids had loved so much.

    “What do you say, honey?” Jackie said, tucking loose hair behind Gigi’s ear. “Do you want to be a princess?”

    To Jackie’s immense surprise, Gigi started crying again, louder than before.

    Jackie did not know what to do. Unsure of what she had said wrong, she looked to her friends for guidance. And although Sasha was as confused, Shea’s eyes sparked with recognition. Handing off Crystal to their wife, they kneeled next to Jackie and addressed Gigi in their softest voice.

    “Gee,” they said. “Do you not want to play a girl?”

    Wiping her tears with a chubby fist, Gigi nodded. Shea smiled, quickly glanced at Jackie for permission, and when she got her nod, continued:

    “Then you don’t have to play a girl at all. You can play anything you want, alright? Alright, Crys?”

    Both kids nodded, more calm now, though still unwilling to release their parents. As emotions were still high, they adults determined it would be better to leave the sleepover for another time. Both families had some things to talk about.

    Gigi and Crystal hugged goodbye, their small fight squashed, and promised to see each other soon.

    Jackie wrapped Gigi in her coat and hat, and picked her up when Gigi, tired after crying so much, made a rare plea to be carried to the car. Her child in her arms, Jackie thanked her friends and specially addressed herself to Shea, who had found the root of the matter.

    Shea held Jackie’s hand.

    “Anything you need, you text me, okay?”

    Jackie squeezed their hand back and thanked them, waved at Sasa and Crystal, and went home.

    Gigi dozed off in the car, but seemed more animated when they got home. Jackie indulged her in having dinner on the couch with a favorite movie playing, nevermind they had watched it ten times over.

    The conversation did not come up, and Jackie was not sure of how to start it, or even if she should. It was a relief when bedtime arrived and she could send Gigi to brush her teeth and pick some pajamas for the night.

    Jackie picked a storybook and laid next to Gigi on the small bed. After just two stories, Gigi’s breathing evened out, and Jackie sneaked out of the room.

    Then, getting her glasses and laptop, she got in bed and cracked her knuckles. Instead of opening her most recent work file, however, she opened a browser and started researching.

    She had a lot to learn. Gigi needed her, and everything else would have to wait.

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  • skunkes
    20.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    still dk when ill design Genevieve bc my brain only ever has the brainpower to develop 1 oc at a time, every 8 years, but i jst know i want her to be a weirdo woman (positive, duh). She is so quirky and she's also like 40. This is all i know ab her LOL

    #talkys #also torn bc vivi is such a good nickname for her but i cant have ocs named tALon; al; vee; and vivi. #not when there are so many epic names out there. wargh. #genie is a good one but i liked that vivi can be said comfortably in spanish (she's also mexican) #the thing is i only know how to make weirdo women the way wyatt is a weirdo woman. and i cant make ANOTHER wyatt subset #i keep falling into specific tropes bc theyre so fun JFJSKFJSJF #oc text
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  • writeouswriter
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Superpowers/psychic powers/etc. with extreme consequences/side effects/drawbacks, my beloved

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  • writeouswriter
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Trying to find fiction media/books to consume while chanting "SHADY SCIENTIFIC FACILITIES, SHADY SCIENTIFIC FACILITIES"

    #sighhh #sci fi tropes #sci fi #i know i asked before but this is more of a general trope post than an attempt to find recs post #if you know any i'm all ears or well partially ears #don't you dare name a stephen king or dean koontz book to me #or a YA or childrens book like i want the protagonists to at least be in their 20s #is that too much to ask apparently #uhhhh anyway yeah #why can there be no shady scientific facilities in relatively contemporary setting come on my man #it can't possibly be that rare a trope #yet i find it impossible to find anything fitting my criteria #like contemporary semi believable sci-fi i mean it should be a piece of cake #like the government literally had experiments going on irl in the 70s for mind control and junk just bend it a little to be more sci-fi #and bada bing bada boom you don't need this a hundred years in the future this happened decades in the past #give me my adult/new adult shady scientific experiment facilities bplease
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  • xpoolboy
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    the feminine urge to try to start stupid discourse

    #considering posting 'what dsmp fic trope do you hate' #thank god im an indie blogger otherwise i would be the most discoursey member of mcytblr #well actually maybe sp/ien would beat me there #SLASH JAY FOR BOTH OF THOSE
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  • make-me-imagine
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Writing Prompts List #2

    Obviously, some of the scenario prompts are not original to me, but are popular tropes most of us have heard about.

    Writing Prompt List #1

    If you want to use these for your own writing blog, feel free to reblog. And feel free to use them in your own writing.

    If you want to use specific prompts, in your own list, I give you permission to copy them - but only if you provide a link to the original post and/or an @ credit to me. Please, and Thank you! (and to that one specific person that once asked me if they could use some of my prompts, to which I said yes, but please provide credit. Only for them to block me and steal them anyway, later claiming they were their's.....🤡) lol

    Requests: I prefer 1-3 prompts per request. Feel free to mix and match from other writing prompt lists as well (you can find the other prompts lists here). - please check my bio to see if requests are open.

    **There are 25 prompts for each section (200 total). Divided between Angst/Emotional, Fluff/Romantic, Miscellaneous (humor, gen, other), and scenario prompts.


    "Come with me." "You know I can't."

    "I thought you loved me."

    "I do love you, I just, don't think I'm in love, with you anymore."

    "What can I do to make you stay?"

    "I'm here for you, whenever you need me, know that."

    "Please tell me that's not your blood."

    "You always said you would hurt anyone who broke my heart. But you're the one who's broken it the most."

    "Why did you leave me?"

    "You're still in love with them aren't you?"

    "I never thought there would be an end to us."

    "I have no idea where I'm going, but I feel so lost all the time."

    "I feel so lost, all the time."

    "Are you okay?" "No."

    "I can't stand the fact that I can never be with you."

    "You torment me."

    "How is it that we are perfect for one another, but were not allowed to be together? How is that right?"

    "It's alright, I'm not scared."

    "I didn't know if you'd come back." "Neither did I."

    "You let me think you were dead, how could you do that to me?"

    "In the end, we all end up alone."

    "Leaving you was the hardest thing I ever had to do." Possible addition: "And coming back was the easiest"

    "I don't remember what it's like not being alone."

    "Why wont you let me love you?"

    "You shouldn't be with them, you should be with me."

    "I'm so cold. Why is it so cold?"


    "You're the most beautiful person I've ever met. Inside and out."

    "I think you're my one weakness."

    "I saw this, and thought of you."

    "I've been in love before, but with you, it feels different, it feels real."

    "You are my home."

    "Wherever you go, I'm going too."

    "I've never met anyone that has made me feel this way."

    "You make me feel safe."

    "There is no where else I'd rater be." (possible addition "..than in your arms.")

    "You're a part of me."

    "Isn't there anything you want so much it drives you crazy?" "Yes." "What is it?" "You."

    "I don't think I'll ever get tired of kissing you."

    "I'm still not used to it." " Used to what?" "Having someone that cares about me so much."

    "Why are you staring at me?" "I just like looking at you."

    "We could be worlds apart and I would always find my way back to you."

    "I like the way your eyes light up when you smile."

    "The safest I've ever felt was when I was with you."

    "You make me feel brave."

    "Truth or Dare?" "Dare." "I dare you to kiss me."

    "I've never been able to picture my future with anyone, until you."

    "You are my favorite part of every day"

    "If I asked if I could kiss you, would you say yes?"

    "You're hands are so cold." (followed up with them warming your hand)

    "I'm tired of hiding how I feel about you."

    "I can never seem to find the right words to express how much I really love you."

    Miscellaneous: *a lot of these are suitable for enemies to lovers or frenemies fics.

    "Good morning!" "No."

    "I swear I'm not following you, it's just a coincidence we keep running into each other!" (could be a general scenario and not a dialogue prompt)

    "What could go wrong?" *something immedietely goes wrong*

    "Are you here to kill me?" "No, I'm here to save you."

    "Where do you want to go? I'll take you anywhere you want."

    "I just want to break something." "Awesome. I'm all for letting the anger out, but can we maybe do it somewhere other than my home?"

    "Why are you here?" "Why are you here?" "I live here!"

    "You're an idiot you know that?" "I am entirely aware, yes."

    "I thought I was the one saving you?" "Then do a better job next time."

    "Honey, I'm home!" "You don't live here."

    "Let me protect you."

    "What was that?" "I'm pretty sure it was the sound of 'x' falling down a hill."

    "Why do you have that look on your face?" "I'm deciding whether or not I'm going to kill you." Alternate response: "I'm deciding whether or not I want to kiss you, or kill you."

    "Don't you dare leave me in here alone."

    "Out of all the people I had to get stuck in a room with, it had to be you?"

    "You scared me! Where did you come from?" "...The bathroom?"

    "I've never seen someone so smart, do something so stupid."

    "You're not scared of me?" "Should I be?"

    "Don't ever do that to me again."

    "You really never get tired of driving me insane, do you?"

    "Stop." "Stop what?" "Everything you're doing, all of it."

    "Don't you have somewhere better to be?" "Nope, you're stuck with me."

    "You're the worst." "Thank you."

    "I hate you." "For what?" "For turning me into the good guy." "I'm pretty sure you did that yourself."

    "Did you just...save me?" "You're surprised?" "Well seeing as you are usually the one trying to kill me, yeah, kind of."

    Scenario Prompts:

    **For prompts with Characters A and B; you can choose who is who in your request (who is the reader and who is the character)

    A and B were childhood enemies, reunited years later as adults, only to be attracted to one another.

    Person A is staring at Person B, distracted, ends up making a mess/hurting themselves.

    Accidental confession during heat of the moment/fight.

    Person A is with their friends at a carnival. B is with another group. Groups end up competing at a game, Person A and B hit it off.

    Neighbors that keep bumping into each other, slowly forming a friendship that leads to more.

    Person A has a hidden power, Person B finds out.

    Person A falls asleep, instead of waking them, Person B carries them to bed.

    I was hired to kill you, but now I want to protect you.

    Tall and angry falls for small and happy. - OR - Tall and Happy falls for Small and Angry

    Person A and B were hired to kill each other by the same person, they find out at the last moment, and decide to team up instead.

    Person A sees Person B, a stranger, and can tell that they are sad, so they buy them a drink/dessert to make them smile.

    We keep bumping into each other in random places, so it must be fate.

    A and B are in an arranged marriage. They are determined to believe they will hate each other. But when they meet for the first time, the connection is obvious.

    Person A is in love with Person B. B is also in love with A. But somehow, they are both convinced that the other is in love with Person C, who is completely oblivious to all of it.

    People keep assuming you are a couple, this causes one of you to finally confess their feelings.

    Falling asleep with your head in their lap.

    Person A hears someone in their house, so they walk around with a "weapon". They round the corner and almost hurt Person B.

    Person A is hiding an injury, no one finds out until they collapse.

    Turning around, and suddenly being met with a kiss.

    A trying to teach B how to ice skate.

    Person A and B (strangers) keep running into each other in wildly different places, with growing lengths of time between them (1 day, a week, a month, etc.). Eventually Person B decides if it happens for a fifth time, they must be soulmates.

    Finding anonymous love letters left for you. (optional addition: you accidentally catch them leaving one, and you're surprised to see it's your crush)

    A is alone and hurt badly, they can talk to B through an earpiece. Eventually A stops talking and B thinks they lost them. But they find them alive.

    A finding a detailed portrait of them, painted by B.

    Waking up to find a cute drawing on your hand in pen, and no idea who drew it.

    Meet up for a blind date, and getting along really well. Only to realize half way through you met up with the wrong person on accident.

    Much Ado About Nothing Trick - Your friends make you think 'X' is in love with you. 'X' friends do the same. Making both of you realize you actually do have feelings for one another.

    A and B fall in love . A leaves to protect B; B looks for A but can't find them. They eventually reunite.

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  • yeetlegay
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    But consider:

    Porsche leaves that night, and Chan and his angels show up before the gunmen do, and so Kinn and Porsche go their separate ways. Korn gets sicker and within a few years passes away, leaving Kinn the head of an empire. Porsche manages to sell his family house and moves to the seaside with Chay, putting him in a new school and scraping money together while working multiple jobs until he has enough to buy a run-down little place on the beach. The little bar is a modest success and his life seems to be falling into place, but he doesn’t date, doesn’t even have casual flings or hookups. Chay, who’s kept in contact with Kim all this time and now that he’s older is working up the courage to ask Kim on a date, is talking with Kim who mentions that his brother is perpetually single and getting grumpier every day.

    “Wait, Kim, that’s it!” Chay says. “We should set up our brothers. You could bring Kinn down for the weekend for a holiday. And then I could see you too!”

    Kim hems and haws, says Kinn would never go for it, says he’s not an easy person to date anyway, says he’s a workaholic and a career guy, but Chay wears him down.

    So the punchline is: three guys walk into a bar.

    #and then the bartender kisses one of them the end #kinnporsche #I just think the reunion trope is *chef’s kiss*
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  • dumbass-extraordinaire
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    love me some fucked up lookin deer aint nothin better than a deer that is not right to look at

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  • leztat
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Panna a Netvor (1978) dir. Juraj Herz // Jane Eyre (2011) dir. Cary Joji Fukunaga

    #panna a netvor #jane eyre#filmedit#movieedit #jane eyre 2011 #beauty and the beast #beauty and the beast 1978 #batbedit#janeeyreedit #own.edit #gifs #i will get back to the requests soon but i've just rewatched jane eyre and i am Thinking #i am not immune to this trope
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  • stormyykat
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    this is so funny because that is kinda what happens

    #stormyy.png #ship; archilez #during the time of the actual story archie and olez are married for over 100 years #but the isle doesnt really. have any of its own historians so all the history of the isle is written by those outside of it. #its like the pretend dating trope but the opposite. they are married they have 3 kids they are so in love with each other #but ravenway historians dont know that because no one on dagger or whinstry thought they should write it down. #its a feeling of 'yea we know those bitches are gay. so what of it. my family has scurvy.' #random ass post to make but sorry i love these two they are the two mice that power my brain by running in those little wheel things
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  • ladyofpomegranates
    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Okay but the reveal in season 12 that Dean is actually Mary-Coded?????


    #like this man spent 40 years believing he was ‘daddy’s little boy’ ‘daddy’s blunt instrument’ ‘everything you love is your dad’s’ #and then season 12 comes around as the audience witnesses Mary as an individual for the first time we see that she and Dean are mirrors?? #incredible use of the ‘I am my mother’s daughter’ trope #spn#dean winchester
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  • whumpwillow
    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    "Villain" whumpee being captured by a rival team after they failed to steal something from them. The rival team quick realize that this villainous thief is just a scared kid


    #i assume he’s just young and not a literal kid #but imma tag it anyway just in case #kid mention#kids tw#kidnapping whump#kidnapped tw#minor whumpee #minor whump tw #minor whump#whump#whump prompt#willow answers#answered asks#whump prompts#whump tropes
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  • soupstiel
    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    i would rather fist fight an army of rabid wolves than have to drive through an airport

    #everything is so confusing and i got so lost #ya know sometimes i’m glad i have this accent because i am 100% willing to play into the dumb american trope #even if mr car park man hates me #oh well!! #frank.txt
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  • gentleborb
    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    to be tbh? himbo is a good thing. u dont have to be Conventionally Intelligent to be loved and be able to contribute to things. as a neurodivergent person who has experiences abuse surrounding the concept of intelligence i FIRMLY believe that the way we approach intelligence as a society is extremely unhealthy and we could all benefit from letting ourselves be a little bit stupid sometimes.

    obviously this doesnt mean “its ok to be a science-denier” or whatever the fuck, it just means if you dont know what animal the pink panther is youre valid and deserve respect and love.

    #just my onion uwu #ive seen so much hate surrounding this trope lately and it skeevs me off a bit #lolo talks
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  • jootautor
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Pontos romance/ Tropes amor não requerido

    Sequestro ou Perseguidor ou Obsessão ou Prisioneiro

    Doença de amor clássica/Yandere

    Incel-rage, especialmente se for na internet

    Prisioneiro de guerra ou um troféu de guerra levado pelo vencedor

    Escravidão Chantagem ou casamento arranjado/forçado Especialmente se for ambientado em tempos medievais. Engajamento falso/conveniente

    Reinos Unidos

    Último de sua espécie

    Casamentos peculiares É semelhante ao anterior, mas é mais desarmante porque eles estão no mesmo barco da infelicidade e podem encontrar consolo nisso, o que os leva a se apaixonarem. Ou descobriu-se que um deles orquestrou a coisa toda desde o início. Almas Gêmeas ou Destino/Destino/Profecia Especialmente se for como o acima, onde eles simplesmente dizem que estão destinados a ficar juntos, mas um deles realmente não sente uma conexão, mas tem que estar com a outra pessoa de qualquer maneira, porque eles não são realmente dada uma escolha.

    Alfa x Ômega

    Qualquer alma gêmea trope Proximidade Forçada

    Nevou juntos

    Aconchegar-se/aninhar-se para se aquecer

    Apocalipse bunker ou Codependence para sobrevivência

    Aulas/clubes/atividades/tarefas compartilhadas

    Colega de quarto/vizinhos

    Colaboradores AMOR ENTRE PARALELOS Os opostos se atraem

    Rico x Pobre

    Herói x Vilão ou Anjo x Demônio

    Playboy x Virgem

    Bully x Vítima

    Popular x idiota, o bobalhão Dinâmica de potência

    Chefe x Secretária/Babá/Empregada

    Alta sociedade rica x dançarina/modelo/bailarina erótica

    Máfia x Alguém que deve a eles

    Vilão x Vítima

    Rei x Escravo

    Wardon x Prisioneiro

    Polícia/Herói x Criminoso

    Professor x Aluno

    Deus x Adorador Inimigos para amantes

    Bully x Vítima

    Herói x Vilão (seja o charmoso rapaz-vilão x garota-herói ou extremamente inapropriado rapaz-herói x garota-vilã perturbada)

    Concorrentes finalmente fazendo sexo de ódio extremo Inimigos ou competição amigável

    Rivalidade no local de trabalho

    Diferentes equipes em um esporte/clube (Jogos, Xadrez, Matemáticos, Debate, Futebol e etc…) Romance médico

    Médico x Paciente Ou um cuida do outro de volta à saúde e eles se apaixonam por seu cuidador. Ou a cura se apaixona pelo paciente.

    Psiquiatra x Cliente Ou o psiquiatra é o sã que trata um cliente em um manicômio, e o paciente se apaixona por eles. Ou o cliente é o normal e o terapeuta que o trata fica louco por ele.

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  • friendofspidermannedleeds
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I don’t think I want more Spider-Man films with Tom Holland

    #sorry but it's just i don't trust anything anymore #and i don't wanna see ned turn evil #and i don't trust writers to make our babies peter and mj reunite in a meaningful way #and no way home broke me too much to hope for more of this universe #so i will imagine its ending in fic #and pretend ned is the angel he is for all of time #because HONESTLY #it's not even simply that i hate the thought of my boy turning bad but also #it's that the best friend turning evil is THE most boring and overused trope #i simply do not need it #there were two things i never never wanted from these films #may dying #and ned turning evil #i already had one of my worst fan nightmares come true i don't need 2 for 2 #fos rants into the void bc she can't do it anywhere else 🙃
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  • reallybadfeeling
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Random AUs&Tropes wheels

    AUs Wheel

    Tropes Wheel

    Just something for when I struggle deciding on what I want to write.

    #writing#random prompt#prompt idea #random prompt generator #this is probably missing lots of tropes and AUs #feel free to add suggestions and I'll add to this #it'll certainly help #writing tool
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  • engineers-curry
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Arranged Marriage × Bed Sharing with Hoecedes pretty please 💕

    Hmm 👀👀

    Ok but you know me,, angsty royal au incoming

    Lewis as king is expected to marry someone and George just happens to be the best option, political wise

    Both aren't very interested in each other but acknowledge the need for their marriage and they survive the first months pretty well apart from each other

    Until malicious rumours spread about them already cheating on each other and that they never share a bed

    And obviously, its bad for the image, there's people mocking them - lets say their egos are both big and they don't like it

    Besides that... people expect an heir 👀

    So, next night they are both in the same bed, a meter apart, nearly falling off while having their backs turned to each other

    George is a nervous mess because he thinks Lewis expects them to consume their marriage while Lewis is a bit annoyed about having to share sjsj

    Nothing happens, except them waking up tangled in each others arms, stuttering out apologies and avoiding the other for the rest of the day

    And from then on, it happens every night, no one wanting to say something first but its very comforting for them both 👀

    One night, it just bursts out of George, like he's unsure when Lewis will finally use him for his "purpose" and admitting that he's enjoying their cuddling quite a lot

    Lewis would be taken aback and surprised at first before admitting that he's enjoying it too... 👀👀

    And he'd reassure George that they can take as much time as they need with the consuming marriage part

    From there on, it is hard to get them out of bed on time because both refuse to move away from the others embrace sjsj

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