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  • holymultiplefandomsbatman
    27.05.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    Hi I requested a headcanon a few weeks ago and I was wondering how you're doing with it. Hopefully this doesn't come across as pushy

    It doesn't, don't worry. I started writing it and I'm starting to get an idea where I wanna go with the story. I'm just not quite sure about the specifics yet.

    I'm also starting to get a feel for writing Luther. In the beginning, I had to sometimes catch myself and delete something I'd just written, because it wasn't accurate to the character. But it's getting easier now.

    I definitely know a scene I wanna include that has to do with some of the other Hargreeves siblings, and I'm hyped to write that part.

    Thank you for having patience. I'm trying my best to get this done so you'll be able to read it soon.

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  • xenatherelentless
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Baby Billy is basically an octopus in sunglasses and cargo shorts but Sparrow Ben and Jill love their son just the way he is...

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  • ao3feed-benhargreeves
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    by Bowieandqueen11

    I LOVE him your honor

    (I do not own The Umbrella Academy or its characters, all rights go to creators.)

    Words: 2295, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: The Umbrella Academy (TV), The Umbrella Academy (Comics)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M, M/M

    Characters: Klaus Hargreeves, Number Five | The Boy (Umbrella Academy), Vanya Hargreeves | Viktor Hargreeves, Diego Hargreeves, Luther Hargreeves, Allison Hargreeves, Number Six | Ben Hargreeves, Dr. Pogo (Umbrella Academy), Grace Hargreeves, Reginald Hargreeves, Hazel (Umbrella Academy), Cha-Cha (Umbrella Academy)

    Relationships: Klaus Hargreeves & Reader, Klaus Hargreeves & You, Klaus Hargreeves /Reader, Klaus Hargreeves /You

    Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Mentions of alcohol, Implied/Referenced Drug Use, Ghosts, Play Fighting, Dance Party time

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  • turbourbo
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    He did it.

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  • bowieandqueen11
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Being Best Friends With Klaus Hargreeves Would Include...

    Request: Hey bby can I send in an ask for some headcanons of being bffs with Klaus from the umbrella academy!!

    Of course my lovely I love Klaus so much I hope these are okay!! <3 Also I really need to write something for Comic!Klaus soon lmao 

    Warning: mentions of drugs, ghosts, alcohol and knives!

    If you enjoy, please make my day by commenting! :)

    (I do not own The Umbrella Academy or its characters, all rights go to creators. Gif credit goes to @allisonshargreeve.)


    Being best friends with Klaus Hargreeves is... an interesting journey. Never a dull one, but also one that’s completely, absolutely, and innately bonkers and absurd. Likewise, being ‘Number Eight’ in the infamous group of the Umbrella Academy was never easy, but being adopted by a mad man was made a little easier when you were placed in the room right opposite Klaus’.

    The two of you were straight up little troublemakers from as soon as the two of you could run, chasing each other around the corridors with one of Diego’s knives and leaving far too many throwing marks for Pogo’s liking on some of the antiques. The others always knew to just turn around and duck back inside their bedrooms when they could hear Klaus yelping, the sound of something rather large shattering into raining pieces, and the angry footsteps of their father past their doors.

    During dinner times, you were Klaus’ saving grace. Instead of spending the silent desolation rolling blunts in his blazer pocket and trying to hide his head into his side, away from dad, you were there to distract him. It was pure sheer luck (you and Klaus believed, although mainly it was Grace’s keen eye and kind heart) that the two of you were sat at the table side by side. It meant you could grab Klaus’ hand and rest his shaking fingers on your knee, jolting them every so often as you played footsie underneath the wood. Just for a moment, as you accidentally kick Five and get a stern frown and frightfully bruising kick back on the shin, Klaus feels giggly enough to forget how afraid he is of his father.

    Speaking of, you’re the only member of the Umbrella Academy whose brave enough to try and sneak into the Mausoleum and keep Klaus company when the screaming from the boulevard past the fire escape became too much. (Poor Vanya, she wanted to help the best she could, but she was so frightened of being caught that the best she could do was pack some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches she had snuck down into the kitchens to make into your knapsack.) While Five was still around, he used to feel conscience-stricken enough to blip you in and leave you there for a couple of hours, keeping watch with the lamplight on his desk and through the alley for any sign of Reginald. You would always bring a blanket, for every time you’d arrive Klaus would lie shivering over in the corner, muck and bent leaves stuck to his back. You would set up shop underneath the back wall of the tombstones, and Klaus wouldn’t even lift his head he was snivelling that much, before he came crawling into your lap. Eventually, he would feel safe and loved enough to sleep while his head rested between your legs and you carded your fingers through the front of his tufting hair.

    After a few days had passed, and Klaus eventually had mustered up the courage to stop sneaking into your room and sliding under your duvet to cuddle up to you in the middle of the night, the two of you would have ‘sleepovers’ in his room. Ben, too, often joined, before even he eventually got bored of the two of you playing a game of Chicken before he left to sit in bed and finish the next chapter of ‘The Great Gatsby’ before lights out. Since Klaus is back to feeling more like his usually mischievous self, the night would end with Luther banging on your door to quieten down, while the two of you just kicked it shut in his face and resumed jumping on his bed in time to the cheesy 80′s pop coming from his radio.

    When the two of you got tired to jive together and dance, you would flop down head to head on his mattress and just catch your breath for a minute. Eventually, you would muster up the energy to grab each others’ arms and drag yourselves up and over the windowsill to sit on the edge of the fire escape, your legs swinging out between the bars. You would dip your hand into his trouser pocket and pull out the emergency supply of sweets he kept there, before popping one into his mouth as well as yours. The two of you would just lean your chins against the railings, watching the sunrise like melting silver of the unassuming peaks of the city. For a moment you think Klaus is asleep, until his long eyelashes slowly flutter over his cheeks and he begins speaking.

    ‘You know, one day we’re going to get out of here. Me and you - just run away from all this scheisse. Together.’

    Until that day comes, the two of you sneak off even more than Allison and Luther. Usually, you end up sitting in a booth at Griddy’s, and Agnes always welcomes you with a warm smile and slips an extra jam donut in with your order (she’d heard the rumours about those strange crime fighting kids, and she was more than happy to see the two of you finding solace away from that despicable place. Plus, it was always a bonus that the majority of you and Klaus’ pocket money funded said donuts.) You would share a vanilla milkshake and chocolate covered donut over the table, chuckling at Klaus’ very dramatic and outlandish rendition of how he had outlined Luther’s domino mask with glitter a few weeks ago, and now he was still finding sparkling gems on his face.

    FINALLY the two of you become old enough to find your own lives, jobs, and a rather dinky and grimy looking two bedroom apartment in the run down outskirts of New York City. Although Klaus becomes flaky as heck at paying his side of the rent, and you have to work longer shifts to cover most of the costs, it’s the happiest the two of you have been your whole lives.

    Your favourite part of it are those cosy, comfortable evenings just spent at your new home. Klaus had ‘bought’ or more likely dug up from the neighbours from the signs of dirt trailing from the door to the living room, a few plants to lighten up the place. Coupled with some fairy lights very haphazardly strung up along the walls, and a primeval, rather quaint patchwork sofa bought from a second hand store, the two of you could spend all day sitting cross legged on top of it. It’s especially useful when you’ve come to collect him after his stints in rehab - trying to calm him down and help him come down and settle by letting him lie against your chest and just knit clumsily for a few hours.

    Or mornings when you try to help Klaus stay sober by waking him up to the smell of bacon and eggs, just like your mother used to make them, wafting from the side kitchen, clouding the musty hob. When he finally patters out from his bed, still draping a blanket around his shoulders, the two of you retreat back into a routine stemming from your childhood. He takes his plate, and your freshly poured glasses of orange juice and the two of you would go enjoy your feast out on your cracking cantilevered balcony. Still just in complete disbelief that the two of you had made it.

    He just likes to feel the honey sunlight burn over the shadows of his face. To feel the warmth of your skin pressed against his palm. It reminds him that the darkness, that the terror won’t last forever.

    But when the ghosts become too much for his brain to try and compartmentalise, he’s a big cuddler on the couch kind of guy. This includes hands cupped around steaming cups of camomile tea, Klaus sitting on the floor between your legs. When he’s finished sipping, he splays his arms across your thighs and relaxes against your chest, revelling in the relief (and whining from time to time as he mooches) that your fingers braiding his hair brings.

    Before he goes out for nights on the town, he comes thumping into your room like an unstoppable boulder and leans against the door as he asks if you’ll do his makeup. And so you do, allowing him to half sit on your lap and half fall onto the floor as you apply eyeliner. He sneezes every time you try to put glitter eyeshadow on his lids.

    The two of you stroll into dad’s funeral and back into your childhood ‘home’ linked arm in arm. Even though Diego tries to act all gruff and serious, he’s actually really happy to see the two of you again. Even Allison relents later on to Pogo that the house needed some of your shared cheer today. As the two of you laze into the night lying and drinking vodka on the sofa, even Vanya manages a giggle into her elbow when the two of you begin a contest seeing who could kick the other the hardest now that dad wasn’t here to stop you.

    You getting to act as Five’s mom during the iconic Meritech scene. You and Klaus high five whilst also wincing and nursing your bruises once you leave the skyscraper, before wandering off to go buy some waffles and sit in the fresh air of a nearby park for a while.

    You manage to get caught up in Five’s plans to stop the apocalypse for a while, though. Despite how similar you’re like to his hare-brained brother, you were also the person Five felt closest to in the Academy before he ran away, and the one he also trusts the most. So, you don’t see or hear from Klaus for a while - not until he gets back from Vietnam. Before he even stumbles, bleary eyed through the front doors again, you immediately know something is wrong.

    He looks up at you with those large, bleary, tear filled eyes once you’ve followed the blood trail to the bathroom and perched down on the sudsy edge of the tub. Once he finally stops shivering and hyperventilating enough to take your hand and shakily step out of the tub, you take the chance to just wrap him up in a massive fluffy towel like a snug little bug. You lead him to the toilet, letting him drip dry as you plug in the hairdryer and rake your fingers through his wet locks, your heart breaking at how he breaks out into bumps and doubles over into sobs to feel someone touch him with such care again. Eventually, he gathers the strength to get dressed into a moth-eaten pair of those old blue pyjamas, and then he spends the night collapsed crying into your shoulder.

    Got to admit, though, sitting between him and Diego in the ice cream truck and just screaming as you headed towards Hazel and Cha-Cha was pretty fun, all the hardships of the past days forgotten.

    And then, of course, the world explodes and the two of you get scattered through 1960s Dallas. The whole time spent within his cult, he misses you so intensely and so destructively that he hangs paintings of you everywhere in the mansion. He’s also managed to convince all his followers that you’re an angel sent from the future, in the hopes that someone, somewhere will spread the word and find you.

    And it works! After bumping into Klaus’ bald friend as he’s being arrested on the street, you find yourself wandering through the lofty halls of some random house, and into the fountain sprayed dew drops of this cult leader’s gardens. Poor Klaus, when he spots you standing awkwardly near the balcony doors, he nearly trips and drowns at how fast he jumps up off his float to try and get to you. He nearly jumps onto you Scooby Doo style, like a sloth latched around your waist. His hairy, wet legs wrap uncomfortably around you as you let your arms fall around his back to hold him up against you, and the bone crushing hug is replaced only by a slightly less constricting one for the rest of the day.

    Not going to lie... being there for Klaus every time he tries to visit Dave is rough, but you won’t let him do it alone. When he becomes too overwhelmed by how inconsequential every single thing he tries to do to change time and save his life is, he grabs onto your hands like a vice to ground himself.

    You do get to constantly make fun of his beard, though. And his terrible pop song inspired nuggets of wisdom.

    You being the one to yell at the rest of the family when you notice how devastated and exhausted Klaus looks after the family dinner. You carry him out of the elevator, swinging him up on your back piggy back style on your way back to Elliott’s place.

    In the end, no matter what happens, or where the two of you end up, or in which timeline, the two of you will always be best friends stuck at the hip. Klaus would rather die before he sees you get hurt in any way, and you constantly prove to your brother that you feel exactly the same way.

    Also, to end on a slightly sadder note, seeing the two of you together always feels bittersweet to Luther. He wishes that he could have bonded with at least one of his siblings in the same way before they all left, but he feels at least somewhat reassured to know that someone escaped from the Academy with some semblance of a healthy relationship still intact.

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  • sparrowluvr
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Five: LILA… I can’t believe… that a half-decent idea just came out of your dumb mouth

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  • desnoot
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Four weeks left untill we get the new season and one trailer in. How are we feeling?? ☂️✨

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  • shit-tua-probably-didnt-say
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #lil klave dump as I miss them #the umbrella academy #tua#klaus hargreeves#klave#david katz#tua dave
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  • bundibird
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    who do you think is the kid in the trailer and what is his role this season?

    I have NO idea, and I'm SO curious. I'm thinking he's also trapped in Hotel Oblivion? Because that seems to be where his scenes are set - especially that scene with Klaus running down a hallway pushing the kid on... a trolley? Luggage cart? Something?

    Are there any running theories as to who the kid might be? Because I havent seen any yet, and I have NO idea myself, so id love to know what theories are floating around.

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  • bundibird
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    do you think new timeline klaus is dead? would it be sadder if he was dead or if he was happy and with someone he loved?

    I think new timeline Klaus is still in Germany. I reckon most of the original siblings will still be in their birth countries and that we wont see them, because unless Reggie purchased them and then dumped them somewhere in America, what are the odds that any of them would have migrated to the US, much less to Reggie's chosen home town?

    And wherever he is, I doubt he'll be dead - he's likely got the same type of invulnerability to death that pur Klaus has, so even if he had died at some point, I doubt it stuck. Hopefully he's a lot less tortured than our Klaus, and hopefully he was able to find someone he loves and who loves him back. But I dont think that we'll find out either way, cause I dont think they'll show us any of the alternates.

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  • hgstuff
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    the umbrella academy headers

    like or reblog if u save and pls don't repost without credits ✨

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  • blurry-cow
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    chickadee and i made a worst to best tua character list please dont hate me if its not your lineup yall



    Harold Jenkins

    Random Eye Tech guy

    Pogo (hes meh)

    The Swedes 

    The Handler (shes not at the bottom bc fashion)

    AJ (he was done DIRTY!!! HE NEEDED MORE SCREEN TIME and i think five should have eaten him)



    luther (hes just not my favorite hargreeves! but hes not my LEAST FAVORITE character)

    Allison’s husband Patrick





    Raymond Chestnut

    Cha cha


    Eudora Patch

    Allison (would be lower but she gets points because she’s pretty)






    Dolores (she basically IS five)

    Five because obvs

    (that’s all I can think of rn sorry)

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  • leave-the-pot-dear
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    via tua’s instagram👀

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  • hargreevcs
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    — LILA PITTS at the consulate the umbrella academy (2019-) | 2.4 the majestic 12

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  • inspirobot-meet-hargreeves
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    [ID: White text says, "The apocalypse ends where antisocial behavior begins." The background is a blue sky. Palm trees and a building line the edges. /end ID]

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  • cringey-kitty
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Dot: *Does something stupid*

    Five: …Why are you like this??

    Dot: Aww,come on! You know you love me!

    Five: *joking* Where’d you get that idea?

    Dot: 😟

    Five: 🤨

    Dot: *sniffles* 😢😢

    Five: !!!!

    Five: waIT! IM SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN IT I LOVE YOU *proceeds to shower Dot with love and affection*

    Klaus: 😒 why are y’all like this?

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  • somesensorynothing
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I’ve seen people saying that they want Allison to have her purple hair (from the comics) in s3, but what about white-haired Viktor?

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  • placebopilled
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    i had the biggest stranger things and umbrella academy phase at 14 the shows were practically special interests and kind of the only thing i talked about to anyone for months so prepare for a resurgence (intense fear that i will be disappointed and it won’t live up to the nostalgia) (then again 2022 keeps throwing me into 2019 so i wouldn’t be surprised if both new seasons turned out fantastic)

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  • the-aro-ace-arrow-ace
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    The sparrows being assassins is hilarious imagine you hire one to kill someone and Zendaya shows up

    #Tua #The umbrella academy #The sparrow academy #Also how does Chris end people #Does he have a gun taped to his side #Or does he drive people crazy enough to kill themselves
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  • ameliapndshs
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Tua rewatch episode 4

    I like how we all forget Le*nards real name is Harold lmao

    Diego and Luther are super annoying together in season 1 (tho it's mostly just Diego picking on and teasing Luther and Luther tryin to put up with it) but they are also pretty funny together like when they clash into each other like three times before getting in the damn car

    Diego's kind of an asshole, but he looks good :)

    Unpopular opinion: Ben comparing him being dead (lol) to Klaus' suffering is not that bad. Ben's not perfect either so just like the other sibilings he's going to lash out just like everyone else does, of course it would be hard for him watching Klaus throw their life away, i'm not justifying him but i think it's fine just this.

    Allison is hands down the best sister out of all the seven, i really appreciate how she tries hard to be a better sister to Vanya/Viktor and make up for when she makes mistakes

    Season 2 is great but i think season 1 will always have a special place in my heart

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