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  • mohgwynn
    16.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    🎤 A common thing I've seen in the Soulsborne community is "woobiefying" a canon character. They are this innocent and precious bean, who really is just misunderstood. How are you able to balance your passion and love for Mohg and the fact that he is a dark character and is pretty much a villain?

    hi anon!! i’m not taking voice prompts anymore, but i can quickly answer this for u in text before bed :)

    i think it’s important when musing villains or generally problematic chars to not “woobify” them too much cus it’s a v slippery slope into excusing abusive behaviour. making chars like mohg into super sweet cinnamon uwu beans who can do no harm unwittingly excuses all the bad things that they have done; and in trying to defend that perfect harmless image of them, it turns a blind eye to all their abuse at best, and dismisses and excuses it at worst

    i’m a believer that fiction can, in some ways, both big and small, affect reality — on small, personal levels if not in the grand scheme of things. i, for one, being an abuse survivor myself, have been affected by seeing abusers get away with horrible actions in stuff like fanfic, and i know i’m not the only one. letting abusers, whether fictional or not, get away with abuse can send a v yucky message to victims and survivors. and by woobifying abusers, acting like they’ve done no harm, ignoring all their horrid actions, and acting like they’ve hurt no one, that’s precisely what’s happening

    no matter how much i love mohg, it will never change the fact that he still kidnapped a young man, stripped him of his bodily autonomy, and forced him to consume the mother’s blood without consent. it’s bad. it’s abuse. and that doesn’t even get into the murder cult stuff. it’s important to me that that doesn’t get forgotten, despite his love, despite his kindness, despite his silliness, despite all his good traits. he is an animal made of love, yes, and most (if not all) of his actions have their roots in love — for better or worse — but he is still a multi-faceted, complex man who has committed many heinous crimes. it’s important to me that this does not get forgotten just because he says the silly peepee word. i try my best to include bits and pieces of all these facets of him in my writing — the good and the bad, the fun and the yuck, the silly and the creepy. and i hope i’m doing a decent job x)

    so yeh :,) soz for srs answer but that’s my honest take!! ty for q!!

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  • princesspeachgender
    16.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    Mf who the fuck "relates" to kpop genre like it's not a genre consisting of groups of REAL people and makes it into an identity to project on. Fucking weirdo. This is why we say kpop is infested with racist fetishizers. Now you are gonna call me racist. Bring back the time when 17 year olds were beaten with sticks. Stop being terminally online and go do some homework so that you'll stop being a burden to your parents. Fetishizer freak.

    Aww you’re back, I missed you!! I love your attention hon, and was so sad you actually left for a while 🥺🥺 (/s)

    Ah yes who relates to music genres? Crazy fetishists only, apparently. It’s not like artists flat out say they make music to relate to or anything. No that’d be too crazy. And threatening abuse? Yikes. Come off anon coward, I dare you.

    Not to mention I’ve academically made it farther at 17 then both of my parents, given I’m in college, but go off ig?

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  • itssheriffstilinski
    16.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago

         The blow comes out of nowhere, hitting Noah square in the back of his head and causing dark spots to cloud his vision of the half-written paper sitting in front of him. A sharp headache radiates from the spot where Elias’s wedding ring had connected with his skull, distracting Noah for long enough that his father manages to land another punch. He knows better than to yell out -- years of enduring this particular slice of hell had taught him well enough -- and Noah manages to bite back a slew of expletives as he slips from the chair and stumbles backwards until his back is against the stove. 

         Dad! Stop! The words stick in his throat. A helpless panic is twisting in his stomach and clawing its way through his chest, rooting Noah to the spot as his father approaches. Better me than mom. That’s his next thought -- again, left unspoken. 

         The scent of stale alcohol clings to his father’s breath. An indication that tonight’s little conversation is going to be particularly painful. “Dad, wait--- I have to work on my essay.” The statement sounds pathetically like pleading even to Noah’s own ears. 

         There’s no response given from his father, no sign that Elias had heard Noah’s appeal. For a moment, the silence in the room is broken only by Elias’s heavy breathing and Noah’s heart pounding against his ribs. Then, the clicking of the oven and the soft whoosh of the flame sputtering to life. Oh, god. It’s too late to escape. Elias is already twisting Noah’s arm up by his wrist, fingers digging into already-bruised skin. 

         “Dad! D--” The second the flame is close enough to lick at his fingers, Noah shuts down. Bites down on his tongue. Hard enough to draw blood, evidently, as a coppery taste floods his mouth, though the sting of his own bite is nothing compared to the blistering of his fingertips. 

          It must have only been a few seconds (maybe a minute) before Elias decided to let go of Noah’s hand, but it feels like he’s been standing there for an eternity. Noah doesn’t dare move until his father grumbles something about finishing that fucking paper real quick and staggers upstairs. Noah turns on the faucet, clenching his jaw as he stares at his fingers trembling in the flow of water. 

    #drabble;#tw: abuse #tw: child abuse #elias; #v; growing up #this is what happens when i can't sleep and have no drafts #yikes tho that got dark
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  • xxsunbeamxx
    16.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    This year has taught me that I have nothing to live for. I’m in so much pain. I’m not meant to be happy. I don’t see a future for me, and the past is filled with abuse and suffering. The present is nothing but trying to survive my thoughts of suicide. I have no where else to look, so I let my thoughts of death consume me.

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  • my-own-personal-l
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I think.... Maybe I've had what might be considered a personal epiphany? I think the reason I'm scared of people getting to know me is because I'm scared of getting hurt again. I won't go into detail; but some people in my peer group I mistook for friends bullied me as a child, and for a while an authority everyone told me I was supposed to trust, love and respect flat out abused me... And for a long time, I internalized that; I thought that admitting it to myself and others would make me look weak, broken.

    But the thing about weakness, is it's like the opposite side of strength. We make our own strength through our choices, and I think weakness is maybe the same way. I've made my strength. My so called childhood "friends" that bullied me? Found a way to ditch most of them before highschool. And a miracle beyond belief is that I actually reconciled with my abuser, found some closure.

    I'm not saying that I had a perfect fairytale solution that solved my problems. Only way I got out was blood, sweat, and tears. And I will admit, it wasn't something I could do on my own either. At times, I had family and others who stood up for me. So where does all this leave me now?

    Well, I'm processing the aftermath, healing what's been broken inside of me. I wake up, and every waking moment I live is spent in the knowledge that I have to learn to deal with a psychological trauma response, even though the bad stuff is majorly out of my life. But there is growth amongst these ashes from my past.

    Now I know why I act "weird", why I feel the way I feel. And every day, I come closer to putting back together the pieces. Today, I've learned that I live out of fear of people, fear of being hurt again. Perhaps tomorrow, I'll have the strength to understand, and the day after I'll become strong enough to show kindness, both to myself and others.

    I got hurt. Doesn't mean everyone in this world is like the monsters of my childhood that hurt me.

    #behind closed doors #tw mentions of bullying and abuse #tw mention of gaslighting #tw mention of personal trauma #personal honesty#personal truth#personal epiphany#self honesty#therapy post #healing in the ashes #starts out bad for me but ends on a cathartic note #hopefully one day I'll live for the person I want to be and not my fear of getting hurt
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  • ohlookitsnormannn
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    JEJFRJRJ katsu also has stretch marks <3 most prominently on their hips, thighs, and stomach.

    Stretch marks are so cute though/gen

    Norman just has scars from s//h and ab//se

    #tw self harm #tw abuse#rp talk
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  • madcatdaderpydrawer-blog
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    As silly as it sounds for human possessed/infected moon to be less outwardly violent to avoid getting arrested actually makes sense. What good would that do for afton or the cause in general if he WAS arrested? He’d not be able to help much after that.

    But that just means he’d probably not hurt sun in public, and be wary of knowing if something will leave a mark and tries to avoid doing things that will actually leave evidence. So for example he does a lot of pinching, which granted still hurts like a bitch, but it also doesn’t leave a mark which is sort of what his goal is there. In the none human au it doesn’t matter because you can’t arrest animatronics. It matters more in the human au, where his tactics actively have to change to be more sneaky. Don’t worry though, he can still be a controlling asshole!

    Infected sun wouldn’t have to tamper it down that much, though again doesn’t want to cause a public disturbance so saves most of his berating of his brother for home.

    As for the eyes I dunno how I’m gonna incorporate them, as human eyes obviously don’t change color and like everyone would notice that and it wouldn’t go down well but at the same time I want it to be clear when they are infected and when they are not. All I know is that whoever is uninfected has to deal with their sibling while on and off the clock as they live together, so that’s fan fucking tastic for them.

    They still gradually become worse overtime with sun becoming anxious and moon becoming depressed so that doesn’t change.

    #fnaf moon#moondrop#daycare attendant#fnaf sun#sundrop#sunrise #fnaf security breach au #redemption au #role reversal au #tw physical assault #tw verbal abuse #human au
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  • misophonia-culture-is
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Misophonia culture is no one within several blocks of you caring for their dogs.

    No it is NOT OKAY to let your dog cry and whine and howl outside in sweltering heat or freezing rain all day and all night. Take care of them so they're not screaming in agony, or get rid of them!! ffs!!!!


    #misophonia culture#misophonia#actually misophonic #tw animal abuse #specific trigger ment
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  • matoitech
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    heres the thing if promare characters were in wof universe and galo was hatched with firescales n kray was in charge of the sky kingdom theyd end up exactly the same fucking way peril and scarlet did like u put them in the same situation theyre turning out the same way, or at least galo is n how kray treats him is, kray has dif goals as a villain than scarlet does but from the pov of the ppl who were raised by them n view them as parents, how theyre a villain to galo and peril specifically? theyre the same person. galo would be raised 2 be the arena champion killing prisoners of war in gladiatorial battles for his abusive father the king. kray wouldve raised him the exact same way scarlet did and galo wouldve turned out basically the same fucking character as peril. even if galo hadnt hatched w firescales if he’d been raised the same way in wof universe he couldve still ended up the same way as peril regardless. the way perils treated by scarlet is very much like what i think they were going for w galo if theyd had enough time (n in movie canon krays more of a hands off manipulator n abusive parent than i think he would be in a situation where he felt he needed galo kept under his thumb more, everything scarlet does to peril kray would do and often HAS done to galo)

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  • ouatsqincorrect
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    character ask for Regina for 1,3, and 14 :)

    trigger warning for self harm and abuse. i tried really hard to be happy, you guys, i'm sorry.

    1. Their physical weak spots

    this is a hard one because honestly, i've never thought of it? idk, i think you know... if she got punched in the head, that would probably hurt a lot. regina's pretty damn strong though. i mean, she hurts, of course, but she's very resilent.

    3. Scars or painful spots

    ok this is where our trigger warning comes in and all i'm gonna say is i think she has self harm scars and probably some from the king too. ok, done. other scars regina has? well, she's been kicking ass in storybrooke for a while now and i'm sure she's got some scars from that. oh! and her lip scar, but that's not a headcanon, of course lol

    14. Ingrained habits/forces of habit

    i think regina bites her nails when she's nervous, and is definitely a habit she's had for a long time. i also think she's still a little quick to anger? she's good at dealing with it now, and never lates her anger get the better of her, but it's still there and is still the first thing she goes to sometimes.

    #i try to be happy but the angst pulls me in #also the fact that regina had this horrifying past and none of it was ever dealt with on the show #headcanons#ask #not incorrect quotes #tw self harm #tw abuse
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  • bebx
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Trigger warnings: mention of abuse, self harm, victim blaming

    “Why would Johnny marry her, if she was controlling even before their marriage?” “Why couldn’t he see the red flags?” “Why didn’t he leave sooner, if she was so abusive?” “Why did he stay for so long?” Stop. Just. stop. with these type of questions. I know you don’t have any ill intentions and you were genuinely curious, but the thing is, what you’re doing — by asking these questions — is called victim blaming, and it triggers not just Johnny but every other victim of domestic violence.

    You don’t ask a victim why they didn’t leave their abuser sooner. You don’t ask them that if their abuser was so abusive then why’d they stay for so long. Ever. You don’t know how hard it is to leave a toxic relationship. It’s mind game and it’s exhausting physically and mentally.

    Victims often stay because:

    Even with the abuse, they still love their abusive partner.

    An abuser will most likely gaslight/manipulate their victim into believing it’s their fault: maybe if they loved enough, if they gave them enough time, they wouldn’t get hit/punished.

    It’s not always all bad. Even with the abuse, there’re times where things are heavenly good. And those times are what most victims hold onto. Their partner can be abusive, but when they’re in a good mood, things are perfect.

    They (the victim) believe their partner can still change/that they can change them.

    They (the victim) don’t want anyone else to know about the abuse, whether the reason’s because they still love and want to protect their abuser or if it’s because they simply don’t want their friends or family to know they’ve been abused and still want everyone to think their relationship isn’t abusive.

    An abuser can and will most likely say one of these things, when their partner (aka victim) try to break up with them:

    don’t leave me. I can’t live without you

    I’m sorry I promise I won’t hit you again. I can change

    I will hurt everyone you love if you leave

    I will hurt myself if you leave

    I will find you and hurt you if you leave

    I’ve also gotten asked one time too many about the text Johnny sent to Paul, and I’d like to address the subject for the last time: Johnny’s sending inappropriate text about his abuser to his friend — after he’s been mentally/verbally/physically abused repeatedly by said abuser — does not make him the bad guy. These things are called revenge fantasies. It’s completely normal for victims of abuse to have negative thoughts and to want to do horrible things to their abusers, most of them do not act on it.

    I’m sorry, but you can’t expect Johnny, or anybody else, to still want rainbow and puppies and unicorns and happiness upon his abuser after he’s had a part of his finger chopped off because of her, after he was mentally/verbally/physically abused to the point he had to hind in the bathroom and had to call security guards, after she withheld his medical care, after she shat on his bed, after she allegedly cheated on him and after she lit a cigarette on his face. That’s just not how it works.

    His text about her to his friend may be inappropriate, but that. still. doesn’t. and. will. never. make. him. the. bad. guy. in. their. relationship.

    I felt like I needed to say this, because people have been sending me asks about why Johnny stayed with her for so long, why he sent those texts about her to Paul.

    And I think people need to stop asking a victim why they did what they did as their way of coping, why they stayed for so long, and start asking an abuser why they abused the person who truly loved them instead.

    #tw mention of abuse #revenge fantasies#johnny depp #justice for johnny depp #i stand with johnny depp #hollywood #i believe johnny depp #depp vs heard trial #depp vs heard #johnny depp is innocent #aquaman #pirates of the caribbean #jack sparrow #captain jack sparrow #grindelwald#gellert grindelwald#fantastic beasts#aquaman 2 #aquaman and the lost kingdom #fantastic beasts the secrets of dumbledore #warner bros discovery #warner brothers#warner bros#disney#wb pictures
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  • angelapricus
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    for so long I've been afraid to post anything negative on here bc I feel like it's the main place my abusive ex would look for dirt to feel better about their sorry life but the reality is the trauma they inflicted exacerbated the symptoms I deal with mental health wise. so fuck you, you get to look at what you've done should you ever choose to get up in my shit again. which is a well known pattern of yours, cyber stalking people.

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  • angelthanatology
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    ohhh fuches is such a fun little bastard man. a slimy little sick rat. he’s there to mess up barry’s life in every possible way and nothing else. he’s like “i’m gonna keep you trapped in here forever no matter what. you can’t escape. you can’t overcome me. you can’t leave me behind. through the devil or through god i will tear you apart”. oohhhh using people who have lost someone to barry’s gun that HE sent to them just to get on barry’s nerves is sooo fuches. and apparently there’s two options here 1) he really sent them out to kill barry or 2) he sent them to cousineau. if he sent them to barry he did this knowing they wouldn’t stand a chance against him so barry would be forced to kill even more innocents thus reminding him that he’s nothing more than a killing machine at fuches’ service. if he sent them to cousineau’ s house then well that’s only to hurt and further isolate barry. either way, the only goal is to psychologically torture him to the absolute limit. it’s the only thing that matters to him. assert dominance, put barry down like a bad dog and say hey. don’t forget. i will always own you. you can’t live without me. you will always be the beast on my leash.

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  • morgueanlefay
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    and ppl still have the audacity to ask why more women don’t come forward. when i confronted my abusive ex about his behavior he would hold the dirt he had on me over my head to make me feel like the oversensitive asshole. he got incredibly angry the one time that i got close to calling his behavior abusive and reminded me of the one time i threw a sweatshirt at him in a fit of anger, the few times i raised my voice at him, and times when i he perceived something i said as an insult or guilt-trippin. he made me feel like the worst person in the world because everything he said i did was truth or at least had a nugget of truth in it. and the most awful things he did weren’t even mentioned because according to him we’d already talked about it and “why can’t you just let it go”. he raped me while i cried and slapped and choked me, he screamed at me until he got hoarse while his roommates were upstairs, he called me names and criticized everything i did, but i was too busy monitoring my own behavior to make sure i wasn’t being abusive. he knew if he left me i would lose most of my friends and he hung that over my head. and then when he did leave he made sure that everyone that i was even sort of close to was on his side.

    and like nothing about my story is particularly unique honestly many abusive relationships follow similar patterns but if i couldn’t make a case to a jury of my peers what fucking chance would i have had in an actual courtroom? it’s all he said/she said and he said/ always wins.

    #don’t rb this pls i need to vent #tw abuse
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  • klaarg
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    just found out there was a cave in Italy in the 1800s that had an excessive amount of CO2 in it so as a fun tourist attraction they would force dogs to stand in the cave until they passed out and then show people the passed out dogs. I guess the dogs “recovered” afterwards but then they did it to them over and over until the dogs developed anxiety, at which point they were killed. ts called the cave of dogs. apparently mary shelley also went there and hated it

    #animal abuse tw #this is just. insane #animal death#dog death
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  • the-rotting-professor
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Something I gotta say is that Kids can be Assholes. I say this as an educator, and as someone who, surprise: was also a child once!

    I mean when I was in middle school I got called all kinds of fun slurs, and yeah it sucks, yeah I hated it, but those kids learned through hearing that hateful rhetoric.

    Kids will absorb what adults tell them, and so I obviously think leniency is helpful. Kids who hurt other kids shouldn’t be seen as monsters, but as little people who haven’t even developed a sense of long term consequences.

    So obviously it is important for teachers and parents to unlearn the biases and hate they may have towards certain groups!

    I also think that sex education should be taught in schools, and be taught to every age. This will lower the rate of child molestation- and it will lower another important thing: child on child sexual abuse.

    Children who are not taught proper consent, proper boundaries and body language, are obviously more likely to perpetrate or be a victim of this type of abuse. And if a child has already done such things actions should be taken to remove them from the vicinity of the victim/perpetrator and then get both children proper psychological help.

    Children are assholes, but they are not evil. Kids will learn from whatever they watch on TV (or what they can get their hands on while having unfettered internet access such as porn or adult material) and they learn from parents and adults in their life.

    All in all, it is the adults job to help children learn and grow into stable happy human beings. Never label kids as evil, or irredeemable, or monsters.

    #sex education#child psychology#cosca abuse#csa tw #from a teaching perspective #professor personal #my stance on a few things #this is just for me to keep in one place honestly #i like to write down what I’m feeling and then throw it into the void (tumblr) so that I can hoard it #Danny’s Favorite Hottakes
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  • clinicalcryptid
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    the level of violent misogyny, transphobia, ableism and abuse apologism i have heard and seen in even the last week or two has utterly destroyed me. i am feeling completely paranoid, sick, scared, disgusted, shattered, betrayed and exhausted. the enforcement and debate over anti-trans legislation, the rollback of Roe vs. Wade, the vile, disgusting and sadistic rhetoric that people are believing and saying about the defamation trial...i can't function anymore. i'm deteriorating. i don't know what to do anymore. i've never been more violently disgusted by humanity in my entire fucking life.

    #misogyny tw#transphobia tw#ableism tw#abuse apologism #if you actually cared about people suffering then you wouldn't be spewing this utterly violent and horrific rhetoric #vent#rant#trauma#abuse tw #i fucking hate people so much #i can no longer trust like 90% of people now #mental illness #i just sit in the middle of my room utterly broken #i'm reliving so much pain besides #i don't know how to fucking breathe properly #personal
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  • rosegoldandsequins
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    HEADCANONS // 05.

    Okamura’s uncle ( Jun Takahasi ) is a quiet, reserved man, and he always possessed the distinct ability to make her feel unwelcome. He objected to her adoption on traditional grounds, saying that he felt she would pollute their family name. His brief guardianship of her was a bitter affair for both parties. They made it through by keeping their distance from one another. Okamura was surprised at the time that her uncle didn’t make an attempt to take his brother’s fortune from her. She later found out that he sped up the process of her inheritance, likely in the interests of ending his responsibility for her as soon as possible.

    Her uncle is still very much alive in Okamura’s main story. They occasionally run into each other, and these chance meetings are always awkward ( for Okamura especially ). Jun insists on using Okamura’s adopted name, Sakiko, and will not refer to her by her chosen name of Azumi. He views her new name as a slight against their family ; he has and will never use it. This makes Okamura very uncomfortable, especially when there are other people around them.

    Whenever Jun and Okamura do interact, it is easy to see that he makes her feel small. In spite of the cold look on her face, she endeavors to take up as little room as possible and becomes quieter, much as she does when she is upset. Her famous quips are made defensively. Jun is comparatively unfazed and appears to be bored by having bumped into her. When she does talk, he appears irritated, as he believes that that Okamura is petulant and doesn’t know her place ( perceptions he has had of her since she was young ).

    In the event that Okamura would acquire a significant other or start a family, she will not bring them to meet her uncle willingly. He is not a person she talks about, and most would assume she has no living relatives as a result. There is nothing Okamura can do if they happen to cross paths with her uncle in public, however, and those interactions will be scarred deep into her memory.

    #❝ headcanons. ⋮ princess dripping in pink diamonds #emotional abuse tw
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  • slythrnbeauty
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    ⌜🐍🌸ℛℬ⌟➜   rhiannon’s   younger   siblings;   seventeen   year   old   jeremiah   and   nine   year   old   abigail   stayed   close   behind   their   older   sister   while   their   father   towered   menacingly   over   the   newcomer   to   their   town;   the   daughter   of   katrina   van   tassle   &&   ichabod   crane   apparently.   none   of   the   abernathy   children   had   ever   seen   their   father   behave   in   such   a   manner   towards   anyone   who   wasn’t   them   or   their   BELOVED   and   late   mother.   it   was   odd   to   say   the   least   and   frightening.

    the   way   he   spoke   to   this   young   woman   ---   you   would   have   thought   she   was   one   of   his   own   children.   rhiannon   could   see   the   signs   of   his   growing   violence   and   was   quick   to   step   in   before   he   could   physically   harm   her   in   his   anger.      ❝   i’ll   help   miss   crane   get   settled   in   the   old   van   tassle   house,   father.   jeremiah   &&   abigail   you   two   stay   here   and...just   stay   in   your   rooms.   don’t   get   in   father’s   way,   he’s   very   busy   as   you   know.   ❞   this   was   of   course   her   way   of   WARNING   them   to   lock   themselves   in   their   room   to   keep   themselves   as   safe   as   possible   while   she   was   gone.   it   was   obvious   that   maxwell   von   abernathy   was   in   a   nasty   mood.

    and   being   the   slimy   bastard   he   was,   rhiannon   wouldn’t   put   it   past   him   to   go   after   his   children.   rhiannon   would   link   her   arm   with   the   other   young   woman’s   and   guide   her   out   of   the   abernathy   house.   during   the   walk   to   the   VAN   TASSLE   house,   many   people   greeted   rhiannon   but   made   a   point   of   ignoring   adeline.   each   time,   she   would   squeeze   the   other   woman’s   arm   gently   &&   apologetically.

    when   they   reached   the   house   and   got   inside,   rhiannon   grabbed   her   hands   with   urgency.   ❝      are   you   alright?   i’m   so   sorry   miss   crane.   my   father   has   never...---   he’s   never   behaved   in   such   a   VILE   manner   like   that.   he’s   known   for   being   an   upstanding   mayor   &&   pillar   of   our   society.   it   doesn’t   matter   what   your   parentage   is,   you   didn’t   deserve   that   and   i’m   sorry.   ❞   

    @killaers   //   plotted starter. [ adeline crane && rhiannon von abernathy ]

    #killaers #** sleepy hollow au / #** here you go i hope it's okay <3 #implied abuse tw #abuse tw
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  • slvt-bvnny
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago


    #if I had stayed with any of my abusive exes I’d have already been dead by now #like this could have all already been over #I don’t have to hurt anyone #no one else would hurt me #I’d have died a good person #I just don’t want to exist anymore and I’m feeling like I’m losing a war i never wanted to fight in the first place #tw: death#tw: vent #tw: mental health
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