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  • the-gayest-sky-kid
    27.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    seriously though like ventis day to day alcohol intake depends almost entirely on the people of mondstadt paying him for his performances in alcohol because literally no one will serve him

    the one time he's even been drunk on screen was jeans story quest and that was...

    thirty seven glasses in and even then he's only just gotten tipsy

    So Venti's not even able to drink at the Angels Share unless Dilucs tending the bar (which he rarely does, this is why Charles barely has days off). This is unless Diluc has specifically told Charles he can serve Venti (which I doubt, but it's a possibility). And even if he does get drinks he remarks that on a regular basis he does not have enough mora to pay for enough drinks to even get him tipsy.

    In conclusion Venti's not going to be coming home completely hammered on a day to day basis, or at all like regularly so like calm down people. of course he shouldn't drink so much anyway because you know alcohol smells horrible but i digress.

    #longer post #in defense of venti #its always like 'venti would abandon you' or 'hed cheat' or like 'hed always come home drunk' bestie he literally cannot even if he wants #and the whole abandon or cheat thing is another entire thing #the venti slander is like #okay so now you're just making things up #chdhdhsjsj #seriously though like nothing he has ever done even suggests that??? #maybe leaving mond but thats a whole different debate and it's never like he completely left it #hes got this suspicious habit of showing up when necessary #tw alcohol#cw alcohol#alcohol ment
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  • compassionatereminders
    27.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    Okay so in about 20 minutes I'm gonna go to the group home cafe to get my dinner. Which is fine. It's just that alcohol is contraband and I'm on my 5th beer. So uhh... Wish me luck? 😅

    #kat gets personal #alcohol tw
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  • trentreznorfanboy
    27.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    Trent Reznor drinking part 2

    #trent reznor #nine inch nails #nin #i love trent reznor #downward spiral#nin pics#nin pictures #nine inch nails pics #nine inch nails pictures #tds era#cw alcohol#tw alchol
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  • cruel-style
    27.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    I’ve had a few, got drunk on you and now I’m wasted

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  • bcssbitchs
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    ❝   we’re gonna start by drinking all cheap bottles of wine.   ❞ angie & enzo

    “ALL OF THEM? IS THAT A CHALLENGE?” and as of now, she couldn’t help it but to raise an eyebrow at that, as she moved closer to him on the couch, because.. well, she had no reason not to do so. after all, they were good friends who were drinking together and no, it didn’t have to be more complicated than that if they didn’t want it to be, that was for sure. and right now? well, angie was just fine with keeping things simple, because.. yes, she had plenty of COMPLICATED in her life already. right now? he was the only simple thing that she had left and no, she didn’t want that to change. not now and not ever. “because i’m so down. we have all night, after all and.. i’m not going anywhere. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHICH ONE OF US CAN DRINK MORE WITHOUT EVENTUALLY PASSING OUT?” was it a challenge? yes, right now, it was and she couldn’t wait to see what he thought of that, for sure.


    #(fuck your cover. from now on.. you're going to learn how to be a team player. || angie garza). #alcohol tw#dshgdghsd
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  • bcssbitchs
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    “   live  for  each  second  without  hesitation .   ” from enzo

    “THAT’S A WHOLE LOT EASIER SAID THAN DONE, don’t you think?” and no, doctor jane foster didn’t usually end up talking to a complete stranger on a bar, but.. then again, desperate times called for desperate measures, that was for sure. yes, she was still dealing with her illness and the fact that she had somewhat gotten her ex-boyfriend’s powers and even his.. HAMMER? as of now, she didn’t know what to do with that. she really, really did not and yes, she needed a drink to make sure that she could start processing all of this. god, her head was a bloody mess, that was for sure. “it’s hard to do it when your whole life has been turned upside down and you don’t even know where to start. that’s the case with me, by the way. totally don’t make an habit of talking to strangers about my problems.. err, i’m so sorry.” she let out a sigh, burying her face in her hands, because.. well, jane didn’t know what else she was supposed to do. “I’M JANE, BY THE WAY.” @igcttabe​

    #(you want to eat my hammer? then.. by all means - take a big bite. || jane foster). #tw; alcohol mention
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  • bcssbitchs
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I’m not overly fond of what follows. ( MATT & EDGAR )

    “I’M NOT SURE WHAT YOU MEAN?” he brought his glass to his lips, taking it a sip, because.. as always, he had invited himself into matt’s house and hey, it couldn’t be that bad because he had brought booze, right? yes, the other was just sitting across from him and brooding for some godawful reason, but.. then again, he had a feeling that he was going to be able to break through that soon enough. after all, was there anything that he could not do, when it came to people? no, right now - edgar did not think that there was. “i’m just here to have a drink and to ask if you’ve taken the time to consider my offer. after all, well.. it won’t be open forever - we have quite a few new members joining us soon. and for what it’s worth? both your daughter and angie are thriving at the farm. allie’s set for a second procedure soon enough - this time, i’ll be working around her kidneys and as for angie.. well, hers will be coming, soon enough. HER PAIN’S LOCATED IN HER BRAIN AND SO, THAT’S EXACTLY WHERE I’LL BE ACTING.” and no, he didn’t know what kind of people matt had been dealing with until now, but.. no, edgar wasn’t joking in the slightest. he’d do that and then, he’d go and have a drink, because that was exactly who he was. ALWAYS HAD BEEN, too.


    #(memories can be painful but they don't have to be || edgar evernever). #TWINNY HE SCARES ME SHITLESS???? #like dsghdghsghdghsd#poor matt #death mention tw #alcohol mention tw #cult mention tw #operation tw #organ theft tw
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  • igbygoesdown
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    kiz: at a pub partying and getting piss drunk

    me: sitting at a cafe making custom tarot cards

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  • fighter-spirits
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    Shaed gets a bit ah... distracted when other people are eating.


    #im startin to just tag as gaihokuwu since its my deviantart lol #gh.art #oc: shaed#alcohol tw
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  • avcngingknight
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    Each of the alters within the Moon Knight system (as they’ve taken to calling themselves) has a different preference for drink, partially influenced by Wendy Spector’s relationship with alcohol and how it affected each of their lives. It is also influenced by Marc’s time in the military and the added affects it had on the PTSD he already suffered from. They also each have their own drink preferences which are vastly different from one another and if they’re ever co-conscious it can lead to one or two arguments over what they should have.
    For STEVEN his preferred drink is wine, usually dry red or a sweet rosé like a dessert wine. He rarely ever drinks, he doesn’t like the idea of being out of control and isn’t overly fond of the taste. Sometimes he might switch things up and have a gin & tonic, but he prefers wine, it reminds him of his mum and he feels like it’s classy. Majority of the time if he is drinking it, it will be on a date or at special social gatherings. Given the rarity of both those things, Steven finds he rarely drinks. It does mean that it can have a stronger effect on him, which is why he’ll only stick to one or two glasses.
    For MARC his preferred drink is whiskey or beer, though he will sometimes have a bourbon if the mood strikes. Out of the entire system, he drinks the most as a way to try and cope with the trauma, PTSD, nightmares and feelings of negativity he has towards himself. He doesn’t drink all the time, he doesn’t want to be like his mother, but when he does drink, he BINGE DRINKS, drinking a liter or two in one sitting until he passes out. He’s aware it’s a problem, but it’s not one he wants to address as it’s become a coping mechanism/crutch for when things pile up too high and he finds himself unable to cope.
    For JAKE, his preferred drink is tequila and on occasion he will enjoy cocktails like a margarita, michelada or paloma. He especially enjoys cocktails that use coffee like the carajillo because it gives him a burst of energy. His preferences are more tailored towards cuban/mexican/spanish drinks and he doesn’t really like to stray away from that. Because he rarely fronts, he doesn’t get to enjoy having a drink as much as he would like to, but when he does he is a lot more conscious about how much he drinks. He’ll have enough to get a good buzz and have a nice time, but he isn’t comfortable being out of control and therefore unable to protect the body from potential dangers. 
    #☾✰ ⊹ when it comes to crazy... I'm the best there is 、headcanon #tw: alcholism#tw: alcohol #tw: alchohol mention #tw: alcohol abuse
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  • compassionatereminders
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    It's time for one of my favorite Friday traditions: answering asks while sipping beer. So you're all encouraged to fill my inbox with all kinds of random stuff!

    #kat gets personal #alcohol tw
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  • katchaskatchcan
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    Good morning. Have a mimosa today.
    #( insta. ) #alcohol tw
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  • suckmydarkblood
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    •take a moment to breathe •

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  • the-vultus-system
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Dammit I'm in front all alone, cause I'm the only one who can handle my drink

    #.val #tw alcohol mention #tw alcohol #just 30 more minutes till this raffle ends #and we can go home
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  • butwilltherebealcohol
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    I’m tired of me

    being drunk doesn’t make me not tired of me

    but like. a lot less tired of me

    and if I’m not gonna kill myself, that’s the best I can get

    and it’s barely the best I deserve

    #tw#tw alcoholism#tw alcohol #TW self hate #tw suicidal#tw idk #idk what this is #drunk nights #guess who's drunk
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  • chaosdisorganized
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    After getting sloshed this morning I slept all day so now I'm wide awake while our partner is sleeping. Drink more? Probably. Maybe. Yes. Please.

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  • butwilltherebealcohol
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    officially done with politics after this lol

     but actually yeah, I’m done. I don’t care anymore
 everyone’s sick of Biden’s bullshit including me, but that’s not enough

no, you’re not smart unless you say if Trump was president right now everything would be exactly the same

    if you don’t agree, you’re suckling at the teat of politics and are an idiot

    fine. whatever

nobody vote. don’t bother voting or you’re a fucking loser
 because voting means nothing and is cringe

so you’re actively terrible and stupid if you vote 
so nobody will vote and Trump will win again 
and it doesn’t matter because Biden is just as bad as Trump so everything’s bad
 and nothing will ever get better

fine. you win

    fingers crossed I’m dead first i.e. soon

    #tw politics#tw suicidal#tw #i'm so tired #I'm drunk#I'm done #I did the protests #I did the donations #I did the pessimism #and the 'liberals are a disease' bit #personally? doesn't feel like it gets anyone anywhere #Drunk thoughts #sober thoughts too but ya know #not rn#tw alcohol #but I'm sure the problem is just that not enough people have this mentality #right? #personal#politics #if you don't like this do me a favor and come kill me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #what do I know? #I'm a jackass #who wants to come drink with me and then kill me over this #or over anything tbh #please
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  • xx-ne0n-skelet0n-xx
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Having a very red night lol. Spiked fruit punch, blood from cutting, and dried cranberries. :)

    #tw sh #i moght be a tad drunk #alcohol
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  • uraaniuum
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Spiked Blue Milk

    So I’m about to be the worst friend in the world and watch Kenobi tonight before the party I’m having together with friends later (of course I shall fake my reactions accordingly haha), but I figured to cancel out the karmic loss I’d share the Spiked Blue Milk cocktail recipe that we’ll be making with you all, courtesy of my mixologist friend:


    3/4 oz vodka

    3/4 oz white rum

    2 oz pineapple juice

    3/4 oz heavy cream (less is more)

    3/4 oz coconut cream

    1/2 oz blue curacao


    Shake all ingredients together with ice.

    Adjust the amount of cream and curacao as desired to achieve your ideal milkiness/blueness.

    Drink responsibly lol.

    #tw alcohol#kenobi show#kenobi#star wars #if this is from a star wars recipe book don't tell me because it will ruin the image i have of my friend lmao #he makes some amazing cocktails lol
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  • incorrectbatfam
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Batfam at a restaurant (together or separate)

    Dick: hangs from the chandelier dressed as anti-Cupid and breaks up bad Tinder dates

    Jason: says he needs to use the restroom and disappears to the bar

    Tim: actually needs to use the restroom and finds Jason six drinks in tying his shoes on the wrong feet

    Damian: puts his napkin on his lap and makes sure to use the right fork only to spill on himself

    Duke: in response to "What do you wanna eat", answers a little too loudly, "THE SOULS OF THE INNOCENT"

    Cullen: tries to order from the drink menu before Bruce takes it away

    Stephanie: complains about portion sizes and gets two more servings of her entreé

    Cassandra: eats her soup with a straw

    Barbara: accidentally moans while eating the bread and butter

    Harper: gets the biggest steak imaginable and wolfs it down in four bites

    Carrie: crawls under each table and pops her head out asking, "Can I try some?"

    Kate: shows up in flannel, cargo shorts, and a tuxedo t-shirt

    Alfred: knows the chef and gets extra dessert

    Selina: she is not a gold digger, but it'd be rude to refuse when her husband offers to buy her the most expensive caviar platter

    Bruce: tips the waitstaff an entire year's paycheck as an apology for his family

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