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  • lostbetweenvampiresandmusic
    28.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    Hi! I had a request! I hope you like it / might write it if you can / want ofc! :]

    Remember that scene where the guys come to the Emerson’s house at night and we see Star run upstairs, literally right past the door that Paul was hiding behind? (and later pops out lol) ..well I was wondering (for the sake of fanfic ) could you write something where they only came that night to ‘kidnap’ Star and bring her back to the cave because Marko wants his revenge on her? You write amazing suspense stories!

    I hope you like this!


    It wasn't supposed to be this way. Nanook - or whatever that dog's name was - was supposed to be inside. Sam shouldn't have been outside, nor was Michael supposed to be there. Michael, sweet naive Michael who believed that he could not only safe her but also defeat four vampires. And then the poor kids, Edgar and Allan. Star still wasn't sure how they ended up in this mess, but they were not supposed to be there. That she was certain off. And, above all, they were not supposed to be there. Not like that, not with a clear plan in their eyes. The Emersons and the Frogs had assumed they'd be panicked, angry - and obviously not thinking straight. Yet here they were, determination in their eyes, as they only took what they came for.

    Star hadn't moved an inch since they had entered the home, she just stood there, frozen. She wasn't sure what to do, what to feel - all she knew was that she royally screwed up. She stood there as Dwayne flew past her, carrying a sleeping Laddie in his arms. She stood there as she heard Paul laugh, probably being satisfied with the way he killed the humans in the house. She stood there frozen, a tear burning in her eye, as David circled around her, always staying just out of sight.

    "You really thought you could get away with it, hm?" David chuckled, his gloved hand clasped around her neck. "That you'd survive your pathetic attempt at freedom?" He bared his teeth, causing Star to shiver as she gasped for air.

    "I-" she struggled to breath, "I'm sorry."

    David growled, tightening his grip on her neck. "You will be."

    It was the last thing Star heard before fading away into darkness. When she came to, her neck sore beyond imagination, she wasn't quite sure where she was. She could smell the sea - after months of living in a cave she certainly couldn't forget that smell. She also smellt a fague rotting scent, she came to associate with the vampires. She tried to move, only to realise she was tied up. Her arms tied to something far above her, her feet just barely touching the ground.

    Star was about to open her mouth to call for help, when she froze. She didn't know where she was, or who was out there, but noticing how she was tied up, it wasn't someone good. If she stayed silent she couldn't avoid whatever they wanted to do to her, but she could possibly postpone it, right? It was only postponing the inevitable, in the end she would still become their victim, but for now - what choice did she have?

    She hung there, slowly losing the feeling in her arms. She began to feel heavy, tired, and was about to fall asleep when the door to the room suddenly opened. A bright light streamed in, and Star closed her eyes instinctly, afraid to be blinded.

    "Look at that," Star recognised the voice, but couldn't quite place it yet, "The little traitor is awake."

    She stayed quiet as the man walked forward, slowly opening her eyes hoping to no longer be blinded by the lights. She blinked once, twice. Then she gasped. It was impossible. He was dead. He couldn't be here. He - she saw him die. She heard his screams, she heard their angered cries. She had heard those kids celebrate that they had killed their first vampire. How-?


    He grinned, waving at her. "Hi."


    "Undead? Yeah, no thanks to you." He walked to the wall behind her, grabbing something from a table that stood there. "Lucky for me, your little traitor friends had enough fresh blood to heal me."

    "No! You- you cant kill Mike!"

    "Oh I can't kill Mike!," he repeated mockingly, "Wanna say Hi to his head? Or do you want to have his dick instead? Or his hands? Eyes?"

    "What did you do to him?!" she cried, trashing against the ropes holding her up.

    Marko chuckled. "Nothing compared to what I am going to do to you."

    Star shivered, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Please... I- I made a mistake."

    "You tried to kill me!" Marko growled, his fangs shining in the light coming from the hallway, his mouth still red from the blood he consumed. "You are the reason a stake went through my chest. You brought dead upon this family!"

    "We are no family," Star spat out, groaning as she was punched in the face.

    "We were until we made the mistake to let you in, Star," he held a knife in his hand. "So," he grinned, "first I will make sure there's not a drop of vampire blood left in you. Then, I'll torture you."

    "You don't have to do this!"

    "You didn't have to try and kill me, but hey - here we are, Star. Hurts, doesn't it? Realising your actions have consequences."

    "You're a monster!"

    Marko didn't respond, instead he just grinned as he began to slice the girl open. Blood dripped down her arms, her stomach, her legs, pouring on the ground. Marko could hear her heartbeat slowing down. He grinned. It was almost time to make her regret ever trying to cross them. When he'd be done with her, she would be nothing. If she even managed to survive it all, all she'd be to them was a living and breathing bloodbag. It seemed like a fitting fate, the boys had decided. He laid the instrument needed down, making sure he had what he needed to do what he wished. To quiet her, to blind her and to immobilise her for good. The girl would definitely regret ever crossing them. And then, when she'd be broken enough - she'd serve as an example for any other vampire, Hunter or creature that tried to cross them.

    Marko smiled as he imagined her being unable to beg, unable to yell at them, as he slowly acted out his revenge. He breathed in the smell of her blood, sighing.

    Revenge was sweet. Very sweet.

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  • dirtycandi
    28.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    @pscentral event 3: team colors | YELLOW FASHION IN FILM

    13 Going on 30 (2004)
    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)
    Beauty and the Beast (2017)
    Baby Driver (2017)
    Clueless (1995)
    Emma (2020)
    Enchanted (2007)
    Grease (1978)
    Heathers (1988)
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)
    I Love You, Man (2009)
    Jennifer’s Body (2009)
    Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)
    La La Land (2016)
    Spencer (2021)
    West Side Story (2021)
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  • amive2567
    28.05.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    Ingredients: Keith Kogane x GN! Reader

    Contains: Angst to fluff, violence, nightmares (death, blood), hurt\comfort, season 2 episode 6 some quotes,

    Words: about 3k

    A\n: It's currently 1 a.m so I haven't proofread this piece and I am new to the fandom. I hope I got the names right. So this is my first time writing for Keith and Voltron in general. (I couldn't find the read on thing, so it's pretty long)


    “We still don’t know how Zarkon tracked us down. This might be a problem in the future.” You admitted, the whole crew agreed and slowly everyone started thinking. “He is clearly tracking us through me.”  stated Alloura. “Oh no, come on that can’t be.” sighed Lance in disbelief. “That can’t be possible.” agreed Pidge. “Why is that so hard to believe? Zarkonˋs forces only showed up when I  awoke.” Allura explained with a hurt expression. “She’s got a point.” Lance started serious, until he began to flirt again. “I would totally track you down through the entire universe.” He winked at her and made some cringe locking finger guns, while his white teeth sparkled in the light of the spaceship.

    “It’s not you, Allura. It’s me.” Keith reported from the corner. A cold shiver ran down your spine. That couldn’t be. “No that can’t be. How ? We always traveled together, never ever something happened.” you were shocked. “Yeah, because we haven’t had Voltron in those times.” he argued. A sigh escaped your lips. “And why you?” hunk asked, confused. Everyone was confused. “I just think because Zarkon was imprinted on us during our fight or something…” he locked away from us  and you could tell he wasn’t even sure either. “You can’t prove that. He is not behind you. I guess he tracked down the black lion or some other lion. He was the paladin of the black lion wasn’t he, he might still has the connection of the lion in his heart.” you reported your assumption. “That’s also impossible, the connection gets lost when the distance is too far.” Coran ruined your statement. “So what are we gonna do now?” asked Hunk. “It’s not important how Zarkon is tracking us. Because we take the fight off the Golra soon enough. They have been chasing us from galaxy to galaxy. We just need to be chasing after them.” concluded Shiro. “The hunter becomes the hunted. Wow what a plot twist.” said Lanc excitedly. “That’s one of my favorite movie tropes.” In the meantime Pidge did some research on their terminal. You leaned over their shoulder to understand what they’re thinking. “As it happenes, I took our list from all the recent Golra attacks and analyzed it. From both commonalities and anomalies among the attack sites. I was hoping to create an algorithm that would, within a statistically acceptable margin of error, provide a list of target-rich Galra  environments color-coded, of course, because what are we, animals?” explained Pidge, unsuccessful. Everyone had literally no clue what they were talking about. The confusion was clearly visible, and the little wheels were trying to comprehend what Pidge just said. The map of the universe got projected in the whole command center. “Cool.” marvels Lance. “What is it again?” “It’s a Galra finder?” hunk half answered, half asked. “Well “finder” suggests that it locates the Galra, whereas it could be more accurate to say that my model predicts their likeliest…” No one understood Pidge wording and we just stared at them. “Fine. It’s a Galra finder.” they agreed. “So where are the Galra?” asked Lance.

    After the team discussion everyone went to bed. “Ahh what a day.” you sighed as you sat down next to Keith. “Yes.” he half-heartedly admitted. “You don’t need to worry about being tracked anymore. We will soon find out. I still believe it’s because of the black lion. Just stay calm and nothing severe will happen, we will fight him off like we always did.” you tried to encourage him, but it didn’t work. You could tell by his distant expression. “Yeah, maybe that’s how it is. We will see.” he kissed your forehead and put out the light. “I love you Keith.” you mumbled before you drifted off to sleep. He responded but you couldn’t hear him anymore. It took awhile for Keith to sleep. His mind was racing with unanswerable questions. When it’s really me, is he going to attack Y/N? What will happen? Will they hate me? I should have thrown away this weapon! After these questions his physical exhaustion got the better of him and dragged him into a restless sleep. 

    Sweat was running down his face while his feet ran faster. They killed all of them but not his beloved, not yet. He can find them. He must find them. It was his fault, because of him they tracked Voltron. “Ah who do we have here? The paladin of the red lion. What a wonderful coincidence.” cheered one of those Galra beasts. “Guys! We got him.” yelled the Galra and began to attack Keith. The weapons clashed against each other and the metallic sound bounced through the dark hallway. “Where do you keep them?” “What do you mean? Oh, the lover of yours.” a laugh escaped the ugly lilac Galran. “Well they will probably die soon, do you want to see them one last time?” asked the enemy mockingly. Keith bared his teeth, he was so angry it was consuming him. “You won’t kill them.” yelled Keith and with one slick flip of his word he could disarm his opponent. “You little piece of shit.” growled the Galran and stumbled backwards. With another flick of Keith’s sword he halved the Galran. His blood splashed against the walls of the castle. He didn’t care for this miserable persons life, he just wanted to find you. 

    At the end of the hallway he heard muffled screams. “Shut it, your lovely knight in shining armor won’t be here in time, so get ready for your execution.” laughed Zarkon spiteful. “Let them go.” yelled Keith as he ran around the corner. Blood was still dripping from his sword. Your eyes sparkled with fear and hope. Quietly you tried to tell him that he should leave. BUt he didn’t. “Take me, but set them free.” he wanted to negotiate, but Zarkon just laughed.  “Oh we will, loverboy, we will. But first we will need to thank you for your small mistake. It would have been better if you just threw away the weapon, but hey everyone makes mistakes. It’s nice that you got us to Voltron and to take down your whole crew. It was a pleasure to work with you, but it has to end now. Guards tie him up.” Keith would've loved to cut Zarkon’s spiteful grin off his face. In the corner of his eye he saw your head shaking and he let it proceed. 

    “Now do you want to tell your lover how you betrayed them when you keept this weapon. I guess they would like to know before they get killed.” One of the Guards said. The look in your eyes burned a hole inside his heart. They were full of sorrow and betrayl. “You are  the reason everyone is dead. You are the reason why everyone in this univers will be enslaved or killed. I hate you and I hope you will suffer your whole life.” you screamed at him. He wanted to scream back at you, how it wasn’t his fault, but to his dismay he knew it was his fault. He is the reason everyone is dead and he is the reason of your dead. He failed his promise to always protect you. “I am so sorry, I will always love you.” “Tch, spare your words. I doubt that you love, because if you really did we would never be in this situation.” you argued back. In the meantime the Galran watched the show with glee. “How sweet. Now we can kill them off.” proposed Zarkon and drew his blade. “Rest in piece little paladin. I hope you end up somewhere as awful as here. Bye.” With those words Zarkon cut off your head. 

    “No.” screamed Keith as tears ran down his cheeks. You were fully awake and looked at him with worry. Without any hesitation Keith pulled you in his arms, which occasionally happens. “You are alive.” He sighed and pulled you even closer. “Of course I am silly. I won’t leave you, did you forget this? It was just a nightmare.” you soothingly say as you rub your arms calmingly down his spine. “You are safe, I am safe, everyone on the ship is safe. It was just a nightmare, it has nothing to do with reality.” you comforted him. His heart rate calmed down. “Thank you, love.” “That’s what I am here for.” Both of you feel into a cozy type of silence until you feel asleep again, but Keith does not. He was still pondering about this dream. He had to protect you at all costs. 

    You awoke to your alarm clock, calling you for duty. Keith was somehow already awake, which was quite common, but he usually left a little note to say good morning. Maybe he forgot? You got dressed in your lilac paladin uniform. On the deck you got greeted by Coran, but without the princess. “Where is the princess?” you asked him. “I don’t know. She must have felt a need for beauty sleep, for once. Not that I am saying she’s ugly. I just think she is finally taking care of her sleep schedule.” Coran panicked a bit when the false words left his mouth. “Yeah maybe.” That was suspicious, she would never put herself before the mission. She was way to ambitious to let her take care of herself, which is a bit dumb. “Morning.” greeted the other paladins. “Good morning. Have you seen Keith, he must have went to train earlier this morning?” Everyone shook their heads. “When I went to the training room this morning he wasn't there.” explained Shiro. “Mhm, ok, maybe he will join us later. We really need to travel to Taujeer” relented Hunk. “Yeah you’re right. Let’s head there.” agreed pidge and he sat down at his menual. Everyone followed his example and we started to fly towards Taujeer. Still the weird feeling in your stomach didn’t vanish. Keith and the princess were workaholics, they wouldn’t miss this. 

    After you traveled half of the route to the planet, Keith and Allura hadn’t shown up. You grew slowly accustomed with the idea that they both left thi ship, and left you alone. God knows why. It was distracting you and everyone noticed it, even Hunk. “Y/n you need to focus. I know you’re worried about Keith, we all are, but please focus.” demanded Shiro. “Sorry, I will, Shiro.” you apologised. “Oh I see  now one of the ponds seemed to leave in the early morning hours. Both of them must have left with it.” admitted Coran. “Wait. Keith and Allura? In the early morning hours? With only one ship? Jeez, are they fuckbuddies or what?” said Lance out loud and a pang echoed in your heart. “Lance, how could you say such a tactless thing.” admonished Pidge. Tears wanted to escape your eyes, maybe he planned this all along that’s why he left. He probably never left you. “I am sorry, I can’t do this.” youz mumbled and left the room. You were together for almost over four year, and befriended for almost twelve years, but maybe the paladin life changed him. Every fiber of your being was angry and disappointed. How could he leave you for some girl he just met some months ago. With a fast movement you hit a wall. That was counterproductive because now your hand hurt, but at least the pain in your heart stopped for a moment, so you hit the wall again and again. Until you broke down. How could he leave you, without a word he just left. 

    You didn't know how long you sat in the cold hallway and pitied yourself.  “Y/N we need you, we reached Taujeer.” communicated Corran through the castle.  “Alright I am coming.” you said, trying to sound strong. As you entered the command center everyone locked at you with pity in their eyes. They all know how close you are, were, with Keith. You were more than lovers, you were soulmates. “Your eyes are pretty red. Are you fine ?” asked Hunk. “Yeah of course I am fine. My boyfriend just left with some random girl, because god only knows why. So yeah I am fine and not angry or jealous or hurt, naahhh.” You answered sarcastically. Hunk gulped and mumbled an apology, but to be honest you didn’t care. You need to succeed in this mission without being able to form Voltron. “To the lions, guys.” commanded Shiro and with that the mission began. 

    The mission went well until the Galran ship came back. “Hunk, you need to protect the ark and its people. Keep them away from the acid.” commanded Shiro. “Yeah. I protect them while falling into the acid.” He sarcastically says, but still follows Shiro’s command. The ship of the Galran started shooting. You tried to dodge the attacks, but the lasers were just too fast and your lion too slow. You tried to counter their attack, but you failed. “We need to form Voltron,” said Lance panicky. “We can’t. Without the red lion it’s impossible. Our bond is not completed.” You explain to him. “They are right, we need Keith for this.” 

    In the meantime Keith and the princess are floating through space to get as far away as possible. “Maybe it was wrong. Zarkos would have already attacked us, besides just leaving them was wrong. We should have told them.” worried Allura. “When you have second thoughts, you can leave.”  admitted Keith. “Why did you even leave?” she asked, confused. “I needed to protect Y/N. If I am the one who gets tracked then it’s better when I am not with them. I don’t want to be the reason why they get killed by Zarkon.” Keith admitted. “Wow, you really love them.” marveled Allura. “Yeah, without them I don’t know where and who I would be without them. I love them more than there are stars in the universe.” admitted Keith. “Wow, you’re pretty cheesy.” “Shut it, or I am gonna drop you into space.” he dared, as his cheeks turned into a faint shade of pink.  The awkward silence got broken by a call from the castle. “Keith, Allura?” asked Corran, as if he wasn’t sure if he really reached them. “Yes, we can hear you.” reported Keith. “We need you back here, the Galra are attacking us and they are stronger than we expected. The paladins can’t fight them off. We need the red lion to form Voltron.” There was a short break and a loud crack could be heard. “Shit, Y/N got hit pretty bad. I will activate the shield now.” An electric shock went through Keith's spine. Y/n got probably hurt. “We are on our way.” He said immediately and Allura noticed the worry in his eyes. He really adored you. “Hopefully Pidge’s power drive will work.” he mumbled and pressed the button. The ship made a fast move, but shortly after it exploded.

    “Keith? Allura? Hello?” Corran screamed into the microphone. “I lost the connection.” told Corran. “How? The connection was stable, wasn’t it?” you asked exhausted. “They used Pidge’s power drive.” “Oh when they died because of you’re stupid invention. I will kill you Pidge.” you threatened Pidge. “They can’t die, the ship has ejection seats. The ship will get them out before it explodes.” explains Pidge. “I hope so.” you grumbled as you tried to dodge another laser shot. “Damn, I hate these Galras.” Lance mumbled and tried to shoot the ship again. “I can’t hold the ark any longer.” breathed Hunk. “I will help you. Shiro, Lance and Corran, you need to take care of the Galra ship.” You were in no position to command something but you couldn’t lose another paladin. “Alright, we are going to kick their asses.” Lance said and launched for another shot.   

    “Allura grab my hand.” yelled Keith as they both floated through space. With multiple attempts Allura finally was able to hold onto Keith. “Well, what now. We lost contact with the castle?” Allura asked, but Keith didn’t listen. “We are going to help them.” he said and tried to activate his jetpack at full speed. “Are you sure we need to travel this way?” “Yes.” Keith's demeanor was now cold and focused.  He wanted to protect you, but he still failed. His worries and insecurities got the better of him and he left. Keith, look isn’t that your red lion?” asked Allura and in fact the red lion came closer to them. It roared and opened its mouth. “Wow, thanks kitty.” Keith said surprised and both of they entered the big metal lion. “We need to reach them fast. I am going to search for the coordinates of the castle.” He typed something into the control system and the lion flew in the direction of the castle in highspeed. “We need to go faster, Purple is in danger.” These words encourage red to fly even faster. Even his lion was in love with your lion. What a coincident. 

    After a short and fast fly the lion finally reached the castle. “I am gonna drop you by the castle and then help the others.” suggested Keith. “Alright.” As he said he droped her off and Corran took her into the space castle. “Hello guys, I came to rescue.” Keith communicated. “Keith, I am going to kick your ass when we save these people.” “Guys, you can have your couple fight later, we need to form Voltron now.” 

    The fight was over and the people of Taujeer were safe. “Why did you leave me?” You yelled, and punched his chest. He tried to stop you, but you still went on. “I thought I lost you when your ship exploded.” Now tears of anger ran down your face. He pulled you into a hug. “I am sorry. I was worried that they would hurt you when they tracked us, so I left. Now I know better.” Keith explained. “I am just glad you’re back and safe.” you mumbled. “I am happy that you didn’t get hurt. I will give it my best to protect you.” 

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    @timelocker​ asked:


    unprompted > accepting

       “ YOU FUCKING LITTLE BASTARD. ”  He lifted her up and tried shaking her off, but the little Mobian had him lock jawed. Eggman lowered her back to the ground, planting a heeled boot to her stomach and shoved. Those sharp teeth drug his glove with, tearing the white material and his artificial skin underneath, splattering everything in front of him in oil and lubricant. 

       “ Shit, fuck! ”

    #timelocker #( 𝟶𝟶𝟸: )   IC #( 𝟶𝟶𝟸: )   ANSWERED #I'm so sick my dude I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense #blood tw #I guess??
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    ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘     WELCOME     TO     SHRIKE    MALL    !!

                               ── ✧₊∘ shrike heights, colorado, u.s.a.  ─ 1988.

    less than two weeks after the malls long-awaited opening, a girl is found dead outside of her place of employment, along with a victim who survived just long enough to give a description of the attacker to the local law enforcement. what the townspeople of shrike heights hadn't expected, was that this wouldn't be an isolated incident. nor is the killer working alone. shrikehq is a mature, horror, oc rp set in 1988 in the fictional town of shrike heights, colorado. based primarily in the newly constructed shrike mall, employees attempt to continue working there and living in the small town while it’s plagued with mysterious, seemingly invulnerable killers. we attempt to keep writers captivated with consistent plot drops involving our muses and the killers, and we aim to create an inclusive, diverse environment for writers’ to focus on character development and relationship building amongst the chaos in shrike heights.

                                accepting applications + open for interactions !

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    Can you see, the blood on my sleeve?
    #i... have been listening to a lot of frightened rabbit recently and heres the result of that #anyway thank you suzaku for breaking me out of my creative block both art and writing wise <3 #code geass #code geass lelouch of the rebellion #suzaku kururugi #my art! #tw blood mention #ask to tag #id in alt text #if it worked this time that is i think it did
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    box cutter

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    whew its my time to shine! heres phrog's rant about brain injuries in the owl house

    the kids all have concussions/brain injuries after king's tide. willow, amity, gus, and alador have concussions while king and hunter have traumatic brain injuries. there's a difference, tbi's are more damaging.

    speaking from personal experience with my tbi and medical knowledge i gained from it, they all show symptoms. when the airship crashed, everyone fell with it.

    amity and willow on the ground, they probably landed harshly. gus is holding his head like he's in pain. hunter seems normal but we all know he doesnt respond normally to pain, opting to supress it or just being used to it. if this was an alone event, he'd only have a concussion but this isnt the first time he's fallen from the sky.

    he and luz fell from an airship previously. they both lost conciousness, hunter longer than luz. they both gained a tbi right there, losing conciousness is a determinating factor in telling the difference between a concussion and tbi. an added concussion onto that isnt ideal, either.

    king's skull cracked and he periodically lost consciousness, gus having to carry him. with how badly his skull was cracked, its safe to assume it caused large internal bleeding in his brain along with contusions. his impact point was the left frontal lobe, which is somehow the exact same place my impact was. i didnt suffer any fractures or large bleeds, just small bleeds and multiple contusions along the frontal lobe and back of the brain. i had it when i was 10, two years older than king. this tbi massively fucked me up and i still struggle- a tbi as severe as kings is terrifying to me. my brain damage is miniscule to his. recovery at his age is possible but with a fracture that size its unlikely he'll fully recover. honestly hes lucky to be alive.

    given how toh is really good with realistic portrayals of disability, i wouldn't be surprised if this is supposed to be canon.

    #tw brain injury #tw medical talk #tw blood mention #tw blood #the owl house season 2 spoilers #the owl house #the owl house spoilers #king clawthorne#kings tide#gus porter#willow park#hunter toh#hunter wittebane#alador blight#amity blight#luz noceda
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  • journalbye
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    a burnt child loves the fire.

    [commissions open - my ig]

    #redraw almost a year later!! #this was the first illustration i made in my new art style :> #the old one is on my ig uwu #silent hill #silent hill 2 #angela orosco#sh2#konami #artist on tumblr #artists on tumblr #my art#artist#art#fanart #silent hill fanart #horror art#blood tw#pyramid head#digital art#commissions open#commissions#creepy#creepy art#gore #silent hill angela
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    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    Hi <3

    #nether does the talk #shitpost#ask#blood tw #maybe?? just in case #eden lepidoptera
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  • exquisitecashmere
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    I was a quick wet boy diving too deep for coins
    #ofmd #our flag means death #our flag means death amv #blackbonnet #izzy x blackbeard #stede bonnet#edward teach#izzy hands#amvs:mine #tw flashing lights #tw flickering#tw blood
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  • nyktoon
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Wanted to try my hand at drawing some AU boys as inspired by their canon :3c (rather than specifically BHC versions). Obviously still took some creative liberties. I’m really happy with how they came out!

    #nyktooned #uf!sans #us!sans #killer!sans #horror!sans #tw blood
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  • shrikemall
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘     WELCOME     TO     SHRIKE    MALL    !!

                               ── ✧₊∘ shrike heights, colorado, u.s.a.  ─ 1988.

    less than two weeks after the malls long-awaited opening, a girl is found dead outside of her place of employment, along with a victim who survived just long enough to give a description of the attacker to the local law enforcement. what the townspeople of shrike heights hadn't expected, was that this wouldn't be an isolated incident. nor is the killer working alone. shrikehq is a mature, horror, oc rp set in 1988 in the fictional town of shrike heights, colorado. based primarily in the newly constructed shrike mall, employees attempt to continue working there and living in the small town while it’s plagued with mysterious, seemingly invulnerable killers. we attempt to keep writers captivated with consistent plot drops involving our muses and the killers, and we aim to create an inclusive, diverse environment for writers’ to focus on character development and relationship building amongst the chaos in shrike heights.

                                accepting applications + open for interactions !

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  • lepainlapine
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    the thought of vampire!fanny drives me insane right ok like. nobody capitalises on the opportunities her specific personality offers in vampire aus and its a crime like... imagine her homoerotically biting her maidservants...... smiling so rarely that its a huge shock to see her fangs when she does........ daintily wiping blood from the corner of her lips with a lace handkerchief........ unf

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    How did you even find me?

    @avictimofthejazz​   (continued from X)   

              The darkness in the dank basement is impenetrable. His throbbing eyes crack open into slits as the shuffle of footsteps slowly stains into his conscience. A wince, ill-concealed, ventures across his purely Italian features. He finds himself gritting his teeth, his tongue poised with nothing, but protest. 

    They’re back for more torture! Luca braces, trying to shift in the chair though his arms have long ago lost every sensation other than violent etchings of pins and needles. A raspy inhale rattles into aching lungs. He supposes being roughed up again would be better than simply waiting to drown... 

    The murky, cold water is already hip high and spilling into his lap. With the pipes relentless dripping--- well-- everyone knew Italians couldn’t do math. And in this instance, Luca really didn’t want to even fathom the equation. It made the headache throb all the more ferociously. 

    A piercing probe of light batters his eyes, causing the swollen orbs to shutter closed against the assaulting ray. When the beam diverts, Luca squints again--- trying to assess his attacker. What he finds in it’s wake is his adopted elder brother. His voice quakes, unsteady from days of inadequate usage.... 

    Thank God for Street. “You know,” Luca muses softly, “for once, I’m glad Sunset Division didn’t get you...” It would have been fairly easy for either one of them to have been transferred to the lesser elite unit. He tips his head back to get a breath, easing the strain of broken ribs against his hungry lungs.

    Street’s humor is met with a shallow huff of laughter. “Am I really that predictable?” He questions. Dom can’t complain that he leads a fairly routine life. Especially, when that’s what saved his life. 

    Sober and tired, Luca answered. “Won’t know, until I try.” Gone is his usual bravado, buried under layers of trauma that have left him exhausted. “My legs are bound to the chair, though.” He confides. The truth was, he hadn’t much strength in his legs or anywhere else in his body. He can’t even remember the last time he had anything to eat....

    “Got any lunch on you?” He prods groggily, his stomach rumbling louder than his spoken words. The humor is there. However, it’s hollow and forced. “You wouldn’t happen to have Hilda on hand? I could go for just about anything out of her roach coach right now. Even the roaches...” Talking keeps his hazy brain semi-conscious. It would be so easy to slip, to give in to the exhaustion.... 

    But, he has to stay alert to stay alive. 

    #Muse: Dominic Luca #avictimofthejazz #How did you even find me #tw: drowning#tw: abuse#tw: torture#tw: blood #Luca's been beat up pretty good and probably stabbed but nothing vital was hit
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    I missed fic exerpt Friday yesterday so ive decided today is fic exerpt saturday here we go weeeee :)

    this is something i did recently cause i cant stop thinking abt ghost lemongrab 1 n 2 :)

    Not too many tws but mind them just in case

    tw: past cannibalism, character death(theyre ghosts), sort of trasphobia if you squint but like nothing too bad, blood n mutilation because of ghost lemongrab 2’s injuries b4 death, and lemongrab 1 doing normal lg 1 creepy shit (stalking, watching ppl sleep)

    Lemongrab 1’s ghostly figure hovered over the bed, carefully watching the sleeping couple sprawled out over the sheets. His sheets. That was his bed. And the lemongrab sleeping peacefully in it was also him, made up with stolen pieces of his body. It was’nt fair, bits of him living and being happy while the rest of him lingered in quiet suffering.

    The lump creature curled up in his arms muttered something in her sleep before shifting and snuggling closer to the him that wasn’t him. A pang of jealously hit him square in the chest as she carefully slid a purple clawed hand up the other lemongrabs back in her sleep. Her nails caught on one of the many scars sprawling across his skin before coming to rest on his shoulder. 

    No one had ever touched him like that when he was alive. No one had ever touched him with anything but distain in mind. Not even his mother. 

    He had been watching them for a few hours now even though seeing this lemongrab be so happy made him feel hollow. Empty. It was a feeling he had been trying to replace with anger. But no matter how hard he tried, all he could feel was a barren sense of hopelessness and grief. Even pieces of his anger had been stolen from him in death. He wanted them back. It wasn’t fair. 

    He was trying to understand why this purple creature cared so deeply for this lemongrab, a lemongrab that was him, and why no one ever cared for him in such a way when he was alive. Well, maybe his sibling cared for him. A long time ago before he ruined everything. 

    He didn’t even know they were his sibling, not his brother, until recently overhearing this third lemongrab talk about it. That had been the closest he’d gotten to anger since he died. Not at the fact that they kept their identity from him, but that they took for granted that they were created as a man. Lemongrab 1 was not, and he suffered because of it for years. And hearing that they completely took that for granted hurt in a particularly painful way. They were a clone so they should have been just like him.  They should have been so grateful for their identity like he wanted to be grateful for his.

    As if on queue, he felt his rind prickle at the sensation of being watched. He knew it was them, his sibling, so he didn’t bother turning to face them until they spoke.

    “It iiis very creepy when you do that.” They leaned up on the door frame with crossed arms as they spoke, drops of ghostly yellow blood dripping from the jagged bite marks in their head and torso. They glared at him with one sharp, blank eye. He regarded them for a moment, eying their visible rib cage and hollowed out eye socket and more importantly, the way he could see the walls clearly through their opaque body. They were more ghost than him, most of their body was buried in the cemetery near the lemon tree grove. Most of his body however still lived, tethering him in a perpetual state of not quite alive but not quite dead. They had the ability to leave the earldom whenever they pleased because of this, yet they stayed. It made him want to be angry.

    “Iiii am doing nothing wrong.” He finally hissed, snapping his gaze back to the bed and trying hard to ignore his sibling glaring holes into the back of his head. “Iiii am surprised you chose to remain in theee royal castle.”

    “Youuuu should let them rest, lemongrab.”  They ignored his last remark in favor of berating him more. He sneered in annoyance at the disrespect. “You aren’t helping anyone by invading their privacy. Not even yourself.” 

    “Nng, I will do as I please and youuu are in no position to stop me.” He snapped a bit louder than he meant to. The third lemongrabs head turned slightly at the disturbance.  Lemongrab 1 waited a moment for the third to fall back asleep before continuing.

    “Why should heeeee rest,” He jabbed a finger at the third lemongrab, trying to make himself angry. All he could feel was sad. “While I cannot?” 

    “You deserve this.” His sibling stated, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “He does not.”

    #Adventure time#lemongrab#lemongrab 1#lemongrab 2#lemongrab 3#lsp#lspxlemongrab#lumpygrab #adventure time fanfic #Tw cannibalism#blood tw#character death#Stalking tw#mutilation mention#sort of #anyways idk if I’ll finish this #It’s one of those that circulate in my brain every once in a while but I loose interest v fast #Also I rlly love thinking abt what it would mean for the ghosts if pieces of them were still alive like #That shits just so interesting to me #My writing #Let me know if I missed anything #Also this is kind of messy lol Sry for any errors n grammar or spelling
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    ok listen,

    #they have literally no correlation I'm just autistic about them #toh#toh spoilers#vane lily#tw blood
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    #idk what kind of bird this is #tw blood#tw gore#tw birds
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    tomura likes period sex because he likes blood and intimacy and he’s trans but keigo likes it because he has a scent kink & he’s a hybrid so he can smell it on u & know when u need him to fuck you better (he’s also trans though)

    #knight rambles #period sex tw #periods tw #c.keigo #blood tw
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