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  • lanssorien
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    im sorry for all the yuusei lore i've been keeping it to myself n kiara BUT during chp 3, yuusei is starting to recover his memories and what hits him is when he meets the twins and wonders why they seem so familiar to him, and it does hurt him when he can't defend himself against them and azul's plans to take the ramshackle house. He starts to have dreams sometimes wakes up crying but doesn't know why, eventually he does get realize that he's remembering his sisters aka Hinoa and Minoto(adoptive older sisters but yeah)

    #m'riley #considering that realmsverse yuusei is from the m/h world hes basically raised in k/am/ura village #the maiden twins are his adoptive family along with his wyverian parents #oc stuff
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  • sularu-draws
    17.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Does Avalon miss anyone back home? and who are the girls they were talking about?

    Well, there's Oleander my twin sibling, Jones's other parent.

    There's Peter (Mushroom Kid) and the Girls

    ...It's a long story. They're all good kids though! I just hope they're all remembering to eat properly while I'm not around to remind 'em.

    Then there's Dawn of course, she uh she was originally gonna come down here but our train tickets got mixed up. Still can't imagine why she of all people would even want to, but I guess I'll just have to ask her when we get home.


    #smile for me game #meanwhile in the comic breakroom #Avalon#Jones#Oleander#Dawn#Yuri#Natsuki#Sayori#Monika #Avalon keeps adopting teenagers they have an army of teenagers at this point- #oleander the mint green twin #together they make watermelon #anyway undertaker vs undertaker how we feelin about summerslam 1994 gamers #because if Avalon misses this because of some SHMUCK tryna take his teeth he will riot-
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  • trans-p03g
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Petition to change Lost Souls AU name to Oops all fan kids

    Not that I'm complaining, if anything I'm excited to see them all 👀 fankids are my weakness they're always so adorable

    Oops, my hand slipped, I can't stop making kids

    They shall take over the world

    #asks #in total they have 11 kids now #technically. half of them are adults #3 from moras prev marriage #2 from lech/leshy #zoey from poe whos still a kid so she being raised by them #now we came up with the idea that they could adopt 3 sibs. one older boy whos like anyear or two older than zoey. and twins one girl one #boy who are toddler age or a bit older. #and they also get a girl thats biologically moras and lechs and a boy thats biologically lukes and poes #so many fucking babies
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  • dittolicous
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    for the indeedee idea you brought up, i wouldnt think its uncommon for pokemon to just. stowaway or travel on their own little journeys w/o a trainer. like sure, they COULD stay in their native region but whats the fun in that? maybe the indeedees just woke up one morning n said fuck it journey time hey look at those 2 funny monochrome train guys

    Pfffffffffffft that is VERY true. makes me wanna choose the goofiest fuckin way for them to end up in unova, like it makes no sense BUT YET HERE THEY ARE and they're going to make it Unovans problem lol

    #ditto rambles#submas #but also i really want it to be lady Sneasler who takes one look and goes SMALL FURRY TWINS??? LIKE BIG HAIRLESS TWINS???? #and adopts them on the spot #she's got a theme damnit #catching trains fic
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  • staryarn
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    All the NSR bosses have objects that explains their backstory. What would be Ingo and Emmets? I thought of a series of newspaper articles explaining how 4 people arrived out of no where, then a one talking about a new train system being installed, a new model being hired by Eve…… what do you think?

    Ooh I like the newspaper series and while that'd definitely work for all of them I'm unsure if it'd work individually.

    My first thought went to the trophies (?) You get at the end of the fights to display (such as the golden rose or the USB stick). My mind went to figurines because of the actual submas figurines and then to the plushies (because it'd be hilarious to see those in-game).

    But newspaper articles + possibly one interview (either by the news or a job interview with nsr).

    For them seperately I'd like to think of possible symbolic things that tie to them as characters. Such as volo with a hand mirror (vanity / godhood etc), elesa with a scrapbook or Polaroids (I feel like she's sentimental and appreciates her times with her friends), and the twins with some sort of diary however it's not set in stone and very open ended

    (they're the ones I actually leave up in the air because I'm not entirely sure ehat their personal motives would be other than keeping vinyl city safe and making sure public transport is accessible. The other two are a bit more fleshed out to me vs these two who seem a bit flat when it comes to their motives).

    #i mean the twins aren't exactly new to blackouts considering ninbasa city and the gym there #at least according to the first game #still itd probably talk abt 1 how they appeared out of nowhere 2 how the rose up to nsr level etc etc #asks#anon #but youre correct on the lime of events going from 'they appear' to 'new model nsr manager and subway system adopted in vinyl city' #nsr submas au #nsr#submas
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  • thescoopess
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Sisters separated at birth meet for the first time

    Sisters separated at birth meet for the first time

    Hannah Abrams and Juliana Borrazzo meet for the first time after finding out they are sisters when a DNA test told them they were a close match. (more…)

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    #Adoption Stories#Hannah Abrams#Juliana Borrazzo #twins meet that were separated at birth
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  • thoughtlessarse
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    A new study of monozygotic twins raised apart in South Korea and the United States provides unique insight into how genetic, cultural, and environmental factors influence human development. The new research has been published in the scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences.
    “I have studied identical twins reared apart for many years. They pose a simple, yet elegant experiment for disentangling genetic and environmental influences on human traits. This case was unique in that the twins were raised in different countries,” said researcher Nancy L. Segal, a professor and director of the Twin Studies Center at California State University in Fullerton.
    The twins were born in 1974 in Seoul, South Korea. One of the twins became lost at age two after visiting a market with her grandmother. She was later taken to a hospital that was approximately 100 miles away from her family’s residence and diagnosed with the measles. Despite her family’s attempt to find her, she was placed into the foster system and ended up being adopted by a couple residing in the United States.
    Not only did the twins experience different cultures growing up, they also were raised in very different family environments. The twin who remained in South Korea was raised in a more supportive and cohesive family atmosphere. The twin who was adopted by the U.S. couple, in contrast, reported a stricter, more religiously-oriented environment that had higher levels of family conflict.
    read complete article

    The Korean twin had the advantage of her natural family and fitting into the local population. The American twin's adopted parents looked nothing like her nor did the local population which is a disadvantage no matter how well integrated into and accepting of her her adoptive family is.

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  • goops-art
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    HAHA!!! The little troublemaker is learning the ways of the chesire cat boy

    Brought to you by:

    @twinanimatronics & @dana-chan-the-control-brain


    Ok ok i know the relationship between these two havent completelly reached this levels yet and alice may not be the best book to cosplay at cuz the lore™ BUT IT HAS BEEN LIVING RENT FREE IN MA BRAIN AND I NEED IT TO GET IT OUT!!! (Besides needed an excuse to draw the trolling cat boy twink in someonthing more than a really bad idea of an anime adaptation but like a cursed one)

    Anyway heres some extra!!

    [U r my daaaaddd UR MA DAD UGGIE UGGIE BOOGIE ~ 🎶]

    #twin animatronics with too much time on their hands #fanart #five nights at freddy's #fnaf sb#fnaf moon#halley#fluff #lofi beats to capture children #this two i swear they gonna be the end of me!!!! #adoptive child gives me lifu!!!! #i swear i can hear the it dont bite with sun and moon refering to moons adoptive daughter #also yeh i had an accident with the ink frame panel #doodle#tradicional art#crosshatching #on my defence my vission got crappy and it started to see fucking double without consebt #brain litterally went nah fam ur free trial of nice quality pictures is done for today #try again tommorrow #i kinda want to make the concept of cursed cat boi moon a reallity #hahahahhaa just joking jk #unlesss.....
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  • katherineameliaa
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    This has been a Twin Temple Tour appreciation post

    #twin temple#zachary james#alexandra james #think they would adopt me?
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  • lilyminer
    05.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Thinking about my new dsmp vampire au . . .

    Techno has only had Wilbur for 200 years but he’s already more sick of him then he’s been of Phil in the past ~3000 they’ve known each other. Their sibling dynamic is alive and thriving in this au.

    #thank you Wolfy for the inspo to actually sit down and think this one up #Phil adopts several children every decade but none of them have annoyed Techno as much as his biological kid does /affectionate #idk it’s somewhere between an uncle and brother dynamic #mcyt#dream smp#dsmp#dsmp au#twins duo#sbi#philza#wilbur soot#technoblade #I finally made an au where Tommy is the protag #yay me
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  • goddessofroyalty
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    I just had those thought omw home and I just realized that when they first meet. Jayce things that Vi and Powder/Jinx are Viktors biological siblings. So, to that logic, Viktors gotta have some recessive gene about crazy colored hair.

    So he's gotta wonder at some point while Viktors pregnant wondering just what color hair their kid would have.

    So while there are absolutely enough clues for people to realise that Vi and Powder/Jinx are adopted Jayce also isn’t looking for them and I feel like even if he did realise it he’d also almost forget it a bit at times. Which to be fair to him the girls aren’t treated any differently from the boys or talked about differently so it is very easy for him to just think of them as ‘Viktor’s siblings’ and because the default in his head is biological siblings he never questions further to come to the realisation they are adopted (or you know regularly forgets that fact).

    This probably comes to the natural climax at some point in the pregnancy where they are talking about the baby Jayce: I wonder what colour their hair will be. Viktor: Almost certainly a shade of brown. Jayce: Yeah but what if they get blue hair like Powder. Viktor: That wouldn't be possible considering that Powder and I... Viktor: -processing- Viktor: You do know that my sisters are adopted right? Jayce: Ah... no?

    Which like that conversation could still happen even if Jayce did know that the girls are adopted because he momentarily forgot that that means they don’t share genetics with Viktor (just you know his last response is a “Ah... yes?”). All he was thinking is “Viktor’s sisters have blue and pink hair so our kid might inherit that from them”.

    #Zaun Family#Jayce Arcane#Viktor Arcane #Ramblings of the Goddess #Q and A with the Goddess #Anon Question#Arcane mpreg#mpreg#Jayvik #And to be fair to him I do think everyone in the family sometimes forgets #that the girls are adopted #You know warning them about things that 'run in the family" #and having to be reminded again that the genetic component at least isn't a problem #because they aren't inheriting those genes #So is this the point where I mention I've been playing around with the idea #of Silco being known to say he has five kids and had four pregnancies #(because of a late enough term miscarriage he feels like it counts) #And does that mean Jayce thinks Vi and Claggor are twins? #Actually even without that what does Jayce think the deal is with Vi and Claggor? #Does he think the age gap is bigger than what it is? #Or does he think they're twins?
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  • dookugayicon
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    star wars characters i think dooku would be romantically involved with (aka my stupid dooku ships that won’t leave my brain)

    - sifo-dyas.  his first love and his longest love.  ends in tragedy but dooku: jedi lost early chapters was a great insight into how a healthy relationship between the two might have been.

    - general grevious.  might be a bit of a rarepair bc i haven’t seen them talked about much but they have very “disgruntled co-workers who are secretly in love but they won’t admit it” vibes.  also idc what the rots novelization says, my dooku isn’t xenophobic towards droids for some reason.

    - jocasta nu.  might be a controversial take but i choose to believe that dooku and jocasta weren’t in love, exactly, but they did have a fling when they were younger that didn’t work out.  they still were friends though up until he left the order and she remembered him fondly until he turned to the dark side.

    - tarkin.  whether its as lovers or besties (i do lean towards besties, but lovers is good too) they would be the ultimate star-crossed pair.  I think if Dooku had become the leader of the Empire/whatever instead of Palpatine (Palpatine dies for real the good end) then Tarkin would’ve been his right-hand man.

    - me.  don’t call me cringe just bc you don’t understand.

    #count dooku#dooku#star wars#oswincore#my post #there is a very niche audience this post is directed at #i don't ship dooku with anyone in the lineage btw #however i do think he should have been allowed to meet luke and leia and adopt them #once he yknow stops being awful man #it would be really funny if he hated anakin with a passion but LOVED the twins as if they were his own grandchildren.
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  • hempoilbodywash
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    my friends love me for my twin sisterly charm

    #a 17 year old boy will see me and decide I’m his adopted twin with no input from me #he keeps texting me calling me a bum can i do my work please. Please #🌿🌿🌿
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  • spearxwind
    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Fellas me and my partner have been doing some super cool dev on our joint headworld so I will probably talk about it soon bc I love it so much I would love to share it sometime soon 👉👈

    The setting is really cool and the ocs in it are also rly cool and I love all of them very much thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. (For your own reference, the ocs in this are David, Cassim, Midas, and the ice twins, among others)

    The universe is called Rubix, you probably heard me mention it before. I went ahead and updated my tag page with a little dropdown for the characters in this setting that I own :] 

    we haven’t really talked about it a lot so idk what’s in those tags in terms of lore, but most of the posts are old and we’ve nailed things down a lot better this time x) And also ofc strike has their own share of characters in here as well! But yeah I’d love to talk about it if people are interested in it even tho it’s still a heavy WIP

    #not pictured; the twins' dad... who ppl are obsessed with for some reason despite strike and i not even having a design for him #well we do have ONE design. and its an adopt I got from a cool artist that's become his monster form #hes a horrid hell deer bastard #thunderclap #putting this in the universe tag for organization purposes #if people are interested I will make a lore post and such #rubix
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  • bamposworld
    26.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    It takes a certain type of cognitive dissonance to read 'your *insert white character* sister' fics as a poc.

    #like ok am i adopted? #no we're twins? #like....fraternal? from different mothers? #really have me trying to rewrite biology
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  • matrose
    26.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    head in my hands…

    #silm lb #trying to ease the guilt huh #let one pair of twins presumably starve out in wild so the next pair you find is getting adopted
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  • brownsugarteabooks
    25.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    headcanon that the opinions about the black brothers’ looks among hogwarts students range from “they look so similar, they could be twins” to “one of them has to be adopted”

    #remus is team twins #james is team adopted #sirius black #sirius black headcanon #regulus black #regulus black headcanons #wolfstar#jegulus#black family#marauders#marauders era#the marauders#marauders headcanon#hp marauders#remus lupin#james potter #james & peter & remus & sirius #dead gay wizards #hogwarts #harry potter headcanon #black brothers#mwpp#mwpp era #i solemnly swear i am up to no good
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  • nightmarearian
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    BRAVO . . . fuck

    I gave Ingo a half mask, in contrast to the full masks everyone else has. Namely because: One, s y m b o l i s m. Two: Grimm can just feel the absolute incompleteness of Ingo being separated. They do not want to add to that. So, just. Ingo's there, Grimm took him under their bat wing for the time, just not permanently like the others (See: Brumm. You destroy the ritual and then amnesiac and not GrimmTroupe him shows up in the town. They're hypnotized or whatever.)

    First one is Grimm seeing Ingo from afar, before approaching him and snapping him out of the Radiance + Surprise Adoption. Text in Image: (Arrow pointing to Grimm) Seeing Ingo for the first time. "... about as full as a LAYS chip bag. dang it radiance. (Surprise Adoption it is!)" Second one is after Grimm and Ingo fought. They loved it. It was fun. Grimm loves preforming + "dancing". (Ingo nuff said.) Text in Image: (Arrow pointing to both Ingo & Grimm) Just fought and had the time of their life during "Bravo! Bravo!"

    Ingo otherwise tends/hands around the Grimmsteeds. Stags, Grimmsteeds. Yeah. ....Wonder how he'd interact with Brumm. Nothign bad, but still. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    #submas #au? #au of an au #hollow knight au #I guess? #submas hollow knight au #Grimm Troupe#Grimm#Stagway Masters #So you've seen the addition to the stagway master things with the sprites and stuff with ghost meeting the twis #*twins#yeah#so#grimm just #picks up ingo and yeets him into the troupe #surprise adoption
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  • sugarysketches
    21.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Twizzler Demon!

    Worth $25, but if bought for more they'll come with a bonus flat chibi.

    #Artists on Tumblr #Adopt#Adoptable#Demon#Twizzler#Candy#Red aesthetic#animecore#himedere#twin drills #World is Mine Teto cover plays in the bg
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  • merulasnydes
    20.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    just going through my screenshots and this was as far as i got in doing a "through the years" kind of photoset

    #mcms #mildly confusing if you dont know their timeline... which only i know djfgs #they adopt the twins and THEN mc gets pregs
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