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  • senadimell
    25.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    So it turns out The Conscience of a King is one of those hard-hitting Star Trek episodes that people warn about.

    Anyways, there was a line that was really illuminating. Basic plot is (spoilers): Eugenicist governor decided to massacre half his colony during a food crisis to save the others. He was believed dead, but now lives life as an actor. Turns out, he does feel deep regret for his actions, but unfortunately, his daughter has been murdering the sole survivors of the massacre.

    Ex-governor: I was a soldier in a cause. There were things to be done, terrible things. Daughter: Stop it, Father! You have nothing to justify. Ex-governor: Murder, flight, suicide, madness. I never wanted the blood on my hands ever to stain you. Daughter: I did it for you. I've saved you. Kirk: By killing seven innocent men. Daughter: They weren't innocent! They were dangerous! I would have killed a world to save him!

    The bolded line is striking. They were innocent. All they had done was survive when they weren’t supposed to. Yet, to the daughter, they were dangerous to her father because they were witnesses to the atrocities he committed, and were capable of “hurting” him when he tried to put that life behind him. Yet she can’t see that, because she can’t reconcile “the father I love” with “a man capable of atrocity,” and so when faced with something that threatens her worldview, she decides that those survivors must not be merely inconvenient, but dangerous, and therefore guilty.

    I dunno, I guess it says something about victim blaming and how it’s too easy to jump from “makes me uncomfortable” to “must be objectively dangerous” and equate “dangerous” with “immoral.” And in the same episode, we have a really good counterpoint in Kirk, who was among those slated for death.

    SPOCK: Almost certainly an attempt will be made to kill you. Why do you invite death? KIRK: I'm not. I'm interested in justice. MCCOY: Are you? Are you sure it's not vengeance? KIRK: No, I'm not sure. I wish I was. 

    The distinction between a desire for retribution or vengeance and a desire for justice is crucial. The former focuses on satisfying personal feelings (and completely justified desires at at that!) and the latter focuses on the rights of the other person. At this point, Kirk cannot entirely verify that the actor is the same man from twenty years ago, and his desire is to make the man pay, but he’s aware that justice requires more of him than vengeance.

    Daughter (Lenore): There's a stain of cruelty on your shining armour, Captain. You could have spared him, and me. [...] Lenore: [...] You are like your ship, powerful, and not human. There is no mercy in you. Kirk: If he is Kodos, then I've shown him more mercy than he deserves. And if he isn't, then we'll let you off at Benecia, and no harm done. Lenore: Captain Kirk. Who are you to say what harm was done? Kirk: Who do I have to be?

    Gah, this exchange is really good. Kodos’ daughter condemns Kirk because he caused her father grief, but all Kirk did was confront the man with his past wrongs. To me, this boils down to a “nice is different than good” situation, because it’s not exactly nice to bring up buried guilt, but nice =/= good, and in this case, Kodos’ feelings about his past actions are more or less irrelevant.

    Kirk points that out with the line about mercy. There’s more at stake than an old man’s feelings. As far as Kirk knows at this point, all survivors of Kodos’ massacre have been murdered save for Kirk and another officer on the ship, and attempts have just been made on their lives. As far as Kirk knows, this is a murder who is murdering again, and Kodos’ feelings are irrelevant to the discussion of what needs to happen to him.

    Then Lenore cuts back and says “who are you to say what harm was done?” To Kirk. Who survived attempted execution and murder. Who watched fellow survivors die, including attempts on the life of someone in his care and an attempt on his own life that would have killed several decks’ worth of people he is responsible for. It is hard to picture someone more able or fitting to testify of the harm Kodos committed.

    Now, spoiler, Lenore is the one who’s been killing survivors, unbeknownst to Kirk, and she is willing to totally discredit and disbelieve them because their existence makes her father hurt (by reminding him of his own guilt). So no matter what Kirk says, she’s already made up her mind.

    But Kirk doesn’t justify himself with any of that. How could he? 4,000 people were massacred, and how can anyone argue against the reality of that harm? Yet Lenore tries. So Kirk follows up not with any justification, but a simple question: Who do I have to be?

    It doesn’t matter who Kirk is, or whether he has any personal stake in the matter of Kodos. This is not about vengeance. It’s about harm prevention. It’s about justice. In that line of dialogue, you can see that Kirk no longer worries about if he is pursuing personal vengeance or justice. He is doing what needs to be done.

    #feelings are not reality #just because something feels uncomfortable doesn't mean those feelings match reality and that someone is really dangerous #feeling good =/= doing the right thing #because sometimes doing the right thing doesn't feel satisfying! #if you don't have a moral code beyond *people who I feel good about are good and people who make me feel bad are Bad and deserve punishment* #you might not have a very developed moral code #nice is different than good
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  • bonesblubs
    25.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    Extremely quick/messy SQH gif

    #art tag#svsss#shang qinghua #I just wanted to draw him uncomfortable #as he should be #maybe ill make more of these but plan better next timebsshajgf
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  • kyuntual
    25.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    i kind of want to ditch this account and go back to my very first one... i miss it...

    #miss my old kkyuns url ... it was so cute #i want to switch back #idk... i regret switching blogs over and over again #i think im having like an existential crisis #im questioning everything i have ever done #help #i only switched blogs because of some uncomfortable asks i received #about some personal issues #and being on the blog made me feel sad #helpppppp #🌙.txt
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  • rabid-catboy
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    It's 86 degrees at 8:45 PM/sunset I love it here I get to sit in the vague darkness and mild gloom and also feel like I'm being baked alive::))))))))))

    #/gen!!!!!! #it's very comforting. also uncomfortable. but it feels like home and im not cold so epic win
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  • saschagemruler
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Thank you sex ed for teaching me absolutely jackshit about my downstairs area

    #now I’m uncomfortable and confused and google isn’t helping #the worst part is #I can’t fucking just… show it to somebody. #damnit #imma assume it’s irritation #vent
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  • vivi266
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    pulled my (left!) arm so now it hurts to lift things again.

    broke a glass teapot at work (only had water in thankfully).

    my mother has decided she will be back on thursday and i'm too conflict-averse to tell her to go fuck herself, at this point i'm tolerating her until she moves anyways

    #and that's uncomfortable!
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  • planarians
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    petscop is so good i wish i had actually finished watching it the first time i viewed it a few years ago

    #its just such an interesting way to play w the idea of something haunting a console or game #i just appreciate that it finds a way to be unnerving without like. screaming in ur face #or having flashing imagery #i never finished it a few years ago after learning about that rebirthing case where that girl died #and it made me so uncomfortable i just dropped petscop entirely #and it still does make me super uncomfortable tbh #but im trying to push past it because im in love with how petscop it executed just all around #and i rly wanna see how it ends #im not finished w it yet btw i just finished 15
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  • whatarrows
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    when when the when he when the when they

    #cj watches burnt #the kiss..... in front of helene and god. #they really are the freakiest little triumvirate i love that #'hey come on. a laugh or something' and then he kisses him SICK #'thank you....' #'[chuckles uncomfortably] okay.... stay here and make sure this idiot doesn't have a concussion.' #*runs away* #AND THEN HE KISSES HELENE #amazing nnoo notes
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  • hannibalhadalittlelamb
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    so so very emotionally and physically tired

    #my friend leaves tomorrow and then….it’s recluse time #i feel like i sound like an asshole but a week and half is just a little too long #at least for me who hasn’t truly gone out/hung out with anyone in two years #our ​wildly opposing personality/social types do not help either lol #now apparently her mom is looking for jobs+housing for us where she lives???? #i’m sorry but that’s so weird and uncomfortable to me #like girl LET ME BREATHE FOR A MINUTE #i have so much freelance to catch up on too but then… #self indulgence city babyy aka…hannibal #it’s been years #littlelambspeaks
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  • buriedinagarden
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I follow your blog for your text posts lol. I only occasionally mind the body horror, not so much gore, blood is fine, its the like fake anatomy that gets to me.

    /* Oh. I don't really write textposts here much anyway, and when I do they're mostly mundane complaints so I don't know why anybody would read them... I'll tag the future posts as #g if you would like to filter it. */

    #Sounds kind of self-deprecatory I think although that's not exactly what I mean #More like there's something between me and things that are not me so I have a hard time digesting what other people think and do #Often I don't conceptualise the idea of people paying attention to me unless I've bothered them somehow #Not really because I feel poorly about myself but more that I don't feel I 'exist' so people can't notice me #Something like that.. #Admittedly I also make people uncomfortable because I'm a creep I'm a weirdo what the hell am I doing here etc. #I've grown used to the idea that nobody looks at me with anything kinder than pity #diarypost #How do I express this feeling without sounding like I'm begging for attention lol #I probably do want to write about whatever here more and post vignettes/fiction perhaps #I have felt a vague sense of unpleasantness in the past few months or so that make me not want to do... Anything involving myself #When I do write it's just informational posts with a non-emotive tone #Something something #Talking about me in a way that requires me to reflect on my feelings is... #Not painful exactly so much as it makes me blank out #Like being in a room full of things but it's too dark to see even when you squint
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  • fanartandvents
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Really wish I could be like Tails rn and not wear any pants

    #FUCKING SENSORY OVERLOAD it's so uncomfortable it's making me freak out I want to cry so bad #I can FEEL IT against me and [bites clean through a rock] it HURTS #not art #vent ish???
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  • caulo
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    my step-father, infamous for his ‘stating offensive things and then playing it’s just a joke bingo’ victim complex, got fired from his job today, apparently, because he called a senior home a mortuary in a text to his boss. you know, a totally reasonable and not at all idiotic thing to do in basically any circumstances.

    #at least that was the reason they gave #very real possibility that they are using it as an excuse to avoid dealing with his recently recognized health issues #which obviously sucks and is very scummy #and i am not defending them for that at all #but there is a sense of karmic justice i am experiencing that his shitty idea of jokes had actual consequences for once #little bit of retribution for every time something he said hurt me or made me uncomfortable #he'd 'it's just a joke ): why are you so mean to me - a grown man - by not laughing and encouraging me to make more chingchong china jokes?' #annoying high pitch ringing in your ears
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  • perfectlymassivetimetravel--blog
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I'm honestly a little-I mean a lot confused. I got to this interview twenty minutes early, Interviewer was twenty minutes late. I shock his hand- gross and matches his grip. Gave him my undivided attention answered all his questions, made light banter assured him that the problems he was having would not be an issue, and all he did was talk like the job I was applying for was the hardest thing in the world. It was housekeeping for a hotel, and he had this weird ass elitist thing, like "..the job it's self was self explanatory, we want to assure our guess that they don't have to worry about the person coming in before them. We start at nine in the morning...you start at 10 may get a pay raise if I like how you work. You get training, everyone here is like family, we help each other out, if you're sick make sure you call a head of time, that's how you request time off, stay home" which is fine, but he said the same things over and over and over again like he could talk me out of taking this job.

    "I call you around this afternoon to say weather or not you got the job" it is now as of writing this 9 almost ten at night, so I have to assume that I either didn't get the job or he forgot I even showed up.

    Now I understand that when your the only manager you can't remember everyone's name, but also remember you shouldn't make promises that you can't keep don't say your your going to contact me after wasting my time, weather that was intentional or not.

    Not to mention I like the switch your front desk has, first off intentionally ignoring me and talking to the person next to me or behind me when I'm standing in front of her. Then easedropping on my conversation when I explain to the person that I have to take home that the person who is supposed to be my boss, and interview me it 20+ minutes late with no explanation and you just sat there and told me that he would be out in five minutes. She watched me the entire time I was there, now I get that I'm in the Midwest, however, I need them to understand disrespect will inturn garner disrespect, the whole staff was essentially like a mob test. So I guess I'll waste time calling them tomorrow and explain that they shouldn't be bullshiting people like that, and if you have no plans in hiring me say it right then and there, because I know your mind was made up when we met.

    Was it the mask

    My hair

    The fact that I dress like I could be your manager

    The fact that you felt the need to dumb down housekeeping

    Was it your all white staff

    Was it the front desk person whispering in your ear.

    And because he was so busy shooting the shit with everyone in the interview that he purposely skipped over his 11:00 for his 11:30, and was still late. I finished my interview in a timely manner so he could get to his next interview on time with fifteen minutes to spare... So he was intentionally to all his interviews and that's absolutely dis refuckingspecful.

    #managers#like bro #dude what the fuck #people #like why would you do that #purposely waste people's time to see what if I'm going to saving grace sweep it under the rug #am I making you uncomfortable
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  • bringmefoxgloves
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    watched saw 3 last night with my brother and his friend and realized. cis men? just don’t get mandy. 

    #cai babbles#saw #this is a bit of a joke post but also. not? #like literally. they were both insulting her and i was just like. uncomfortable #like. cis men don't get her at all. they don't understand her character one bit #the mental anguish and manipulation she went through. her clear gender/sexuality differences. her self-harm and addiction. #how she was repeatedly tested (3 TIMES!!!!! NOBODY ELSE WAS EVER TESTED THAT MUCH!!!!) and then ultimately abandoned by john #her complex and layered relationship with john who honestly was a master manipulator #anyways. no cis man gets  mandy.
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  • oof-i-did-it-agaaiiin
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    with each passing episode I wish Star Trek was a screwball comedy more and more

    #just finished ​s3 ep10 ‘Fascination’ and it was half very uncomfortable and half HILARIOUS #and that one point where Bareil tries to give Dax a bajoran betrothal bracelet #and she then gives it to Benjamin #I wanted that bracelet to MAKE THE ROUNDS #bareil gives it to dax and dax gives it to benjamin and benjamin tries to be rid of it through jake and jake gives it to kira #and kira and julian play hot potato with it #STAR TREK IS A COMEDY #I WANT IT TO LEAN INTO IT SM #post i made #Star Trek#ds9
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  • l0lal0ve
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Confession: I’ve apparently avoided most of the consequences of having no standards for partners by being a shut-in. 😐

    mood??? especially since covid became a thing??? only recently did I start dealing with my crippling hypochondriac tendencies and started doing shit to combat being a shut in myself. which included trying to have a social life. which led to my partner and I wanting to fuck someone so we decided to hang out with them to get to know them better. big mistake??? this person kinda sucked and then I realized my bitch ass needs higher standards bc some men are fucking nasty inside and out. point is we deserve better. how do we get it??? idk don’t ask me cause I don’t have a clue I’m just trying my best and most of the time I end up feeling like I’m too nice and people take advantage of that 🙄🙄🙄 it’s a fucking struggle!!! i’m trying to put myself out there and step out of my comfort zone and some people make me want to scurry back into it like a terrified bunny :/

    #if you want higher standards tho i would recommend treating yourself like you would a cherished friend #if you saw them in a shitty relationship or with a shitty person you’d probably be like ‘hm you deserve more’ #that’s helped me remember my worth when people make me uncomfortable or don’t treat me right #anon ask#lola answers
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  • worthyking
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    OH can't believe I forgot to whine about this but: my ring fell down the drain yesterday and made me miserable. very tragic, much sad (genuine)

    #it was nothing really. not worth anything and no sentimental value. least valuable of all three of the rings that i wear daily actually #so im not AS worked up about it as I'd be if i lost one of the other two #but ive been wearing it for years and every time i rub my finger or go to play with it i get really uncomfortable that it's not there #guess one of my many neglected rings gets to come out and dance now. cause can't be leaving that finger single after it was in such a #committed relationship #omg throwback to when I had one of my first‚ proper‚ full blown panic attacks when i thought i lost my favorite ring (ive been wearing for #six years). fully thought i was having a heart attack and the entire time i kept thinking 'are you fkn kidding me? over a ring? that's the #kind of person you are?' #i found it thank god thank god thank god #(my mother found it actually. she's very good at that.) #but those like four months without it were proper painful #it's more of a security blanket thing than anything #askdjsj thank god nobody ever saw/heard me when I was panicking that day #anyway yeah theres no getting this one back :/ #kirastfu
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  • girltestosterone
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    its 4;20 am Yayy🎉🎉 I should go to sleep especially since I have to wake up at 930

    #I DONT WANT TO and i have a valid reason. evrry time i try to settle down i get realky uncomfortable and itchy
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  • multishipper-baby
    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Since in my future AU Owynn is a full-on celebrity, I wonder how he and his family deal with fans who are a little... Too into him.

    #fnafhs #owynn loves it because of course he does #sometimes he gets a bit uncomfortable if they get too graphic in their little fantasies #but he loves the spotlight and having people talking about how hot his voice is or how incredible he looks fills his ego #eak meanwhile just doesn't give it too much attention #he knew what he was getting into when he married a famous singer- crazy fans are to be expected #he has a harder time dealing with haters tbh #like he doesn't mind people saying his husband is hot bc he agrees but he does mind people shitting on him #ray meanwhile... he does *not* handle people lusting after his dad well #it's usually not too much of an issue because the only reason he'd ever search his dad is for the music #and it's not like there's not places to listen to it without reading people's comment #but he's probably dealt with classmates who want to fuck his dad and honestly? #he's probably thought of asking eze to use his shadow magic to curse those people more than once
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  • lordiavolo
    24.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    anytime i comment on or reblog lucifer memes he hangs me up like a coat on the rack

    #i am not uncomfortable i am just stuck #go forward link
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