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  • scrivnomancer
    21.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    Goodnight out there, whatever you are.

    #goodnight out there whatever you are #goodnight #goodnight out there #black and white #weird#the weird#horror#film#movie#monster#silent film#silent movie#Nosferatu #Symphony of the Night #vampire#undead#fiend#max schreck#fw murnau
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  • knightscanfeeltoo
    21.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    Elite Knight of Astora, Oscar decided to play a Different Soulsborne Game by From Software since he still cannot Beat the First Boss of Dark Souls for “some reason”...

    (Though he does not understand why Every New "Soulsborne" Games should be Harder than the Last One and Disagrees about Difficulty being their "Main Selling Point"...)

    #dark souls#elite knight #knight of the undead asylum #soulsborne #oscar of astora #crystal lizard#ps4#hidetaka miyazaki#olivia #olivia the crystal lizard #crest shield #astora's straight sword #astora #knight of astora #oscar#sfm#source filmmaker#from software#elden ring#eldenring
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  • crow-drawing-their-cards
    21.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    some of my undead family headcannons (now with the addition of Oyster and Crowberry cookie!)

    Truffle and Crowberry are sisters, Crowberry is older

    Oyster is their mother! but sadly cannot meet up with family as much anymore because of her duty as a council member

    Licorice and Twizzly are siblings

    the family use to live in the Cacao kingdom before moving to someplace warmer and for more opportunities

    Truffle is very blind sighted when it comes to magic types, so when Licorice started to express his interest into black/dark magic she went above and beyond to find him some books on it

    she knows its illegal but no one actually knows that Licorice is related to her as she tries to keep her kids out of the media until they can consent

    this is how Zombie and Bat-Cat came to life!

    Bat-Cat was an accident when licorice tried to make a cat alive again but accidently used bat ingredients.

    Schwarzwälder was from Red Velvet (no one knew how big he was gonna get)

    Twizzly loved making mini robots when she was a kid

    she also loved making potions

    Licorice was playing hide and seek with onion when she became a ghost

    he's still trying to get the confidence to go home and revive onion

    Twizzly and Licorice have not met Pumpkin Pie just yet

    Poison Mushroom is Licorice son through black magic (he created them through mushrooms and his own DNA + plus a tiny amount of Dark Choco's DNA)

    Dark Choco does not know, but he assumes a tiny bit from PMs skin colour

    im torn on making Zombie Truffles Husband or just a random person Licorice made alive and moved in

    Alright that all i have for now, if you want anymore please just let me know or just interact in general!!

    #undead family cr #cookie run kingdom #crk#licorice cookie#cookie run#crob#oyster cookie#truffle cookie #twizzly gummy cookie #onion cookie #poison mushroom cookie #zombie cookie #dark choco cookie #crowberry cookie #1000% gonna draw some things for this
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  • dragondusst
    21.05.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    Even with knowledge on how to use magical razor wire practicing it is still difficult

    #oc#undead#fallen angel#character art#lazarro#david #early days he got a lot of cuts
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  • supreme-kais
    21.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Once again thinking about changing my url but I haven’t in years augh As soon as I figure out one I actually like it’s over

    #michael talks #something undead something fox something princey #i have a brand but there are so many PARTS
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  • demonfamilytherapist
    21.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Please read l'espirit de l'escalier by catherynne m. valente. It’s basically “died and came back wrong” with modern day Eurydice and Orpheus. I read it and couldn’t help myself but want to apply it to mc/the demon bros

    TW for graphic descriptions of death, decay, and a reanimated corpse, tho

    I finally got around to reading this one anon and I love it so much. Just - people are not meant to return from the dead. Perhaps MC was not dead for long. Perhaps their soul, caught by Lilith, did not fully pass on to wherever it was meant to go.

    Their body, the one they inhabit now, the one they dropped into, kicking out the soul of its original inhabitant - this body has never been dead. The heart has never once stopped beating, the mind never lost the impulses that sparked between each neuron.

    There were two copies of the same person in this timeline, for a little less than 30 minutes. One lost their body, one lost their soul, and now they are one.

    There is no reason for this body to decay, but the soul - sometimes, the soul forgets that it is alive. Forgets that it has a body it needs to nourish.

    In the lounge room Asmo must shake their shoulder, remind them to breathe. The instinct disappears, sometimes. The movement of the lungs becomes a manual process. He tries not to panic, in these moments. Asmo likes to have their concern and sympathy on him, but their eyes are distant and he must wait for their love and care to return.

    Mammon holds them as they sleep, head rested against their chest to listen. In the dead of night, he sits up and pumps his hands against cooling flesh, count of 30, checks their breath. The nerves that once controlled the heart's beat forget, when his human is deep asleep. He must do it for them.

    Beel has the relatively easy task of reminding them they must eat. It is a task well-suited for him and, in truth, the only one his brothers want to allow him to take. Beel, they know now, has always shouldered far too much of the burden when it comes to guilt and grief. It is better that he simply adapts to their change in taste, providing them with meat served bloody rare.

    Satan does not generally flaunt his position as an elder brother, but he does feel protective of the twins and Asmo at times. He shields them from just how much more vulnerable their human has become. Little wounds, even paper cuts, do not close. The bleeding is slow but it does not stop. All the magical strength of the fourth born is focused on their healing, yet it feels like a bandaid. Satan swears that if he looks closely, he can still see all those little wounds. He keeps healing them anyway.

    Levi was a general, is an admiral. He can think ahead, and as soon as he notices these little problems cropping up, he strategises. He has blood thinners for the days their heart is working too hard to move blood that is sluggish, slow, pools in their legs and feet. He stocks his room with vitamins, orders a sun lamp, gifts them with warm Ruri-chan socks and sweaters for when they can only feel the cold. He does this with all the care and boredom that comes with ordering Henry 2.0's food and cleaning his tank.

    Lucifer cannot hide everything from his brothers, but he does try to take on the most brutal of the work.

    He slices through skin that does not bleed as vividly as it should. Satan takes care of the surface - Lucifer takes care of what's inside. He banishes any rot that sets in their lungs. Pinches and fixes any veins - or, his father forbid, arteries - that have split. Ensures each organ is in its place. Sews them back together good as new. They never thank him. He doesn't ask them to.

    And Belphegor - what can he do? Whenever he approaches, their skin cools, their breathing slows, their heart skip-skip-stops. The greatest miracle any of them have ever seen, and he cannot even touch it without it breaking.

    Souls were not meant to return. The price for a miracle never stops being paid.

    #asks#anon#obey me #obey me mc #death tw #body horror cw #undead mc #to clarify - my opinion is that mc died #their soul was shoved into the body of timeline 2's mc #and timeline 1 mc's body disappeared #hence the two versions are combined
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  • dndcreaturesinfo
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago
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  • wxrk-is-never-dxne
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago


    I'm just imagining Gaud embracing a raging DM and letting whatever happens happen even if she starts scratching him up worse than wild beasts could.

    || AH THE ANGST!

    The trauma and anguish she has been building up inside for so long until she couldn't keep it in anymore! Could Gaud snap her back to reality before she causes damage to the world or to herself?

    #;;queen of the undead #bauwolf #|| Dead just needs lots of therapy
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  • little-viking-draw
    21.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Join the Rotgarde we got Ulwa merch 🌺

    This was supposed to be a silly quick drawn meme but ended up taking hours haha

    Based of this

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  • mechahero
    21.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    //forever thinking about how the seams on lambda’s chest are supposed to look like autopsy stitching when the body’s been reconstituted 

    #//like it might not come across that way in art but yeah #//i just think it's a really cool idea and i think about it all the time #//like yeah! this is a cyborg! yeah we're rolling with the undead motif! #//he can do both! #backup log {ooc}
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  • twinblade
    21.05.2022 - 7 hours ago


    More than anything, the Hunter of Death wished to avoid death, avoid it grasping anyone still blessed by the Erdtree’s rays. Exterminating the ones who plagued the land with their rotted forms was a neverending task, graveyards across the Lands Between littered with accursed remains. One such journey led him to the vast lakes of Liurnia, the eye of the beast quivering within his effects. Wading through the reflections of starry waters proved to be fruitless, feeling lost in the maze of ruins and gnarled trees. He only wished to come across his mark sooner rather than later, should the beast clergyman succumb to his hunger.

    Before long, night fell, an unfortunate fact of nature that only increased the frequency of obstacles in his path. The water gave way to a clearing, ominously empty of any signs of life—or death. Despite the relative stillness, D sensed something was amiss. The sound of a distant crash alerted him, rubble falling into shallow pools from the sky. It wasn’t hard to seek out the source of this disruption, a foul Deathbird staring him down as he ran forward in his search. Though it wasn’t him the Deathbird wanted, as he spotted another man holding his own against the massive creature.

    “Need a hand there?” It’s shouted out above the din as he approaches, readying his sword with blessed golden rays, in preparation to aim his discus of light for their skeletal foe.

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  • undead-merman
    21.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    When they add the dog kennel and you can go play with dog boys all day.

    #dol #degrees of lewdity #undead's lust for dog men
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  • unofskylanderspages
    21.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Did you know? Cali mentioned that ghosts have the ability to scare curses away, and intended to use them to scare away the curse that plagues Monster Marsh.

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  • shumaicore
    21.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    ahhhhh the chanting at the end with my voice is making me feel an emotion ausgshsgdhd flail arms

    #enstars #i never shut up about singing whatever it's fine #undead#<3
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  • spotlightstudios
    20.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    The Nash Logs #2

    (A large Timeskip of events that will come later. This is relevant after Nash's Death.)

    A king has to be strong. He has to be willing to sacrifice himself for his people. That was something Nash couldn't understand. Why had his party brought him back at the cost of one of their own lives?

    The horror on the faces of his people was understandable after he was told what had happened, he wished he'd handled it more gracefully, but with the whole crisis? He just had been so scared for his party. Though, his death isn't what bothered him. Nor was it really pain over Nylia's sacrifice. It was more that the reality of what he was had finally sunk in.

    His parents had always warned him away from certain temples and taverns, and he'd felt the strange burning sensation after using certain spells before. His species just wasn't meant to exist solely in the mortal realm, unfortunately. He knew that, though. His main issues were with his new problems.

    He felt physically sick within a certain radius of their Church for Hera. Before he'd only tingled, but now he worried he'd collapse if he stepped one hoof onto the holy soil. The same occurred if the Paladins orCleric came too close. He was skiddish, their energy making him flinch. Countless spells were also vividly deadly to him now. Particularly, the ones that crumpled hoards of reminded creatures in their wake. Nash constantly worried about being caught at the receiving end of one of those. Locations and Spells were worrying, but his physical qualities also gave him too much heartache. His blood had stopped flowing. Upon receiving a scratch during training, he learned that his blood is curdled and pitch black. A nasty sludge. His Blood Curse still functions as normal, but Nash finds the sight of the substance a gruesome reminder. He was cold to the touch as well. He guessed he never noticed, he'd always had cold hands and he stayed around fire enough that it was a blessing in the past. Now though? His siblings flinch when he gives them hugs, as though he were a sculpture of ice. He only learned this fact when he'd shaken hands with Gray after a well-won game of darts. (Gray was a Rogue, so of course he'd won easily.) They'd had a few brews, and Gray had said Nash felt cold as a corpse. They'd laughed it off, but Nash remembered. It bothered him to know.

    His least favorite part of this new shape is something that Maldric informed him of, a few weeks after Nash returned. Nash had remarked on how he could feel Maldric's heartbeat when they hugged, and how he loved it. Maldric had been quite. Later on, he'd leaned against Nadh for a few minutes, and whispered softly that he couldn't feel Nash's heartbeat anymore. And Maldric was right. Nash's heart, the place over which his Tattoo centered, the part of him filled with so much love and compassion... had run cold. Nash should've known better, but he didn't ever stop to think. He never did.

    It's not uncommon for Nash to be alone and press his hand to his chest, holding his breath, hoping that someday it would start beating again. It never will. He realized, after some thinking, and some talking with his Advisor, that his body will fall into such disrepair that he'll be of no use to his party or people. Unfit to rule or be seen. He'll rot away, and his soul will be guided away once again. That is, if he doesn't corrupt into an unthinking undead first. He hopes that his party would give him the mercy of a private execution, and they'd return him to his crypt, or burn him on the pyre like a proper warrior.

    He's not a proper warrior though. He knows that. He's some ungodly creature, given a second chance out of loyalty and sentiment. Gods forbid, he loves his party dearly, but in the dark of the night, sometimes he wishes they'd saved themselves the pain of having to watch him die twice over.

    #The Nash Logs #The Foundation of a Great Beginning #oc#dnd #Nash is absolutely mlm and is married to Maldric #they're kings of this newly established kingdom and are wholesome af #Maldric's a Mountain Dwarf Artificer that's my bf's character #maybe I'll do one about how Nash developed a crush later on #also my boy Nadh classifies as Fae/Undead so literally any holy spell could banish him from existance :) #dm really nerfed him after I gave his 23 ac at lvl 7 #he really likes being alive #being undead makes his entire self-image deconstruct
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  • fangirlsfavoritebardboy
    20.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Jaskier edit #5 - Zombie/Undead Jaskier

    #jaskier edit #jaskier the bard #zombie#zombie jaskier#the witcher #the witcher netflix #made with pixlr #undead
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  • unofskylanderspages
    20.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    "Now that's a skull cap!"

    - Grim Creeper, when putting on a hat

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  • carlyraejepsans
    20.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    I've never been able to relate this to any truly perfect concise theory, but I thought that it is interesting that there are seven humans that have died in the underground by the time Frisk arrived (Chara and then the six other children) and there are six unique monsters with complete mysterious history that are based on what humans think of afterlife (Sans, Papyrus, Gaster, Ruins Dummy, Napstablook, Mettaton, and Mad Mew Mew).

    never heard of this theory before but can anyone PLEASE tell me what religion believes in sexy trans robot catgirl reincarnation as one of its core beliefs i want to sign up IMMEDIATELY

    #JOKING. i am messing with you my friend don't worry #that's a nice observation but i don't think it was intentional on Toby's part #because then you'd have to include flowey. who is the most undead of all #and the amalgamates technically #answered asks
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  • shedawn
    20.05.2022 - 13 hours ago
    the amount of vampire muses who follow me is hilarious considering that vex'ahlia, historically, hates vampires.
    #lord b.riarwood pull up #also the whole vax her brother champion of the raven q.ueen who's all about hunting undead jgvjyvj #⊰   ↣    𝖎𝖎.    —   ooc.    ❝   currently dissociating into the astral plane. *
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