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    A crow lands on Bari’s shoulder. It croaks softly and then rubs against his cheek

    Baribus had been standing atop a hillside overlooking a misty forest. It had a kind of lovely gloom, a melancholy beauty that gave him peace in his own immortal thoughts. He almost started as the crow landed on his shoulder, turning his head to look at the shiny-feathered corvid. With a smile, he reached up a hand and stroked his friend's feathered head.

    "Hello, Theodore," he greeted, running a finger over the bird's crown before scratching at his neck feathers. "I hope the mist hasn't bothered you tonight. It's quite foggy at this hour."

    #Baribus#Vampires #Vampire hunter verse #V: Birds & Bats #V: House of Blood
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    #my gif #Irina the Vampire Cosmonaut #black and white #monochrome#vampire#anime gif#anime edit
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    Klaus’s Pet

    Chapter Twelve:

    Warnings: violence, murder, all the fun stuff

    Tray Mountain, Georgia

    Lorelei’s Flashback:

    I stand alongside the other future members of the wolf pack.

    Future members on one side and current members on the other.

    It's initiation day and I'm terrified. I cross my arms over my cheat to try and keep myself from shaking.

    The day some of us become wolves and some of us die.

    The day we either trigger our curse by taking the lives of our friends and family or die in the process.

    The Alpha of the Tray Wolf Pack, Hector stands among his people and gives a hand signal. A few wolves dump lighter fluid into barrels of charcoal and light matches, giving us light as the sun begins to set.

    I never really had family here. They all got sick and died when I was 5. That's what Hector had said.

    We all live in the Tray Mountains in Georgia and every year, this ritual takes place.

    I feel like I'm going to throw up.

    "There aren't enough competitors to make an even match." One of the wolves says to Hector

    Hector signals for a young girl to step forward.

    My heart breaks when I see her step forward. She's got dirty blonde hair in braids and chocolate brown eyes. She can't be more than 13.

    Hector never picks someone so young. He waits until everyone is at least 16. She had three more years left. Three care free years exploring the mountains and gardening before she had to compete.

    This is wrong.

    But there's silence.

    Nobody would dare disrespect their Alpha. They all knew the rules. Rumor has it that if you rebel you're tossed off the highest cliff, about a 4,430ft drop.

    Not even a wolf could survive a fall like that.

    Hector starts calling our names and pairing us off one by one.

    "Taylor, Amanda.

    "Renee, Jason.

    "Timothy, Loreli.

    "Lewis, Emma."

    Is he serious? He's putting a 13 year old girl against Lewis? He is the strongest guy in the group. That's not even close to a fair fight.

    But this tradition isn't about fair. It's about carrying on the twisted legacy of the Tray Wolf Pack. I used to hear stories about the old days when I was young, how it used to never be this way. Then the people telling those stories "vanished."

    No doubt down a 4,430ft drop.

    We stand ready next to our matches. I keep my eye on Emma every so often. Timothy won't be much of a fighter. Never was.

    I grew up with him. He talked a lot of shit for a guy who couldn't throw a punch, but my main focus is taking care of Emma. Even if it kills me.

    I watch closely as Tim throws a punch. I dodge it. He grabs me by the hair and kick him as hard as I can in his balls. He backhands me and I roll across the damp grass. I charge and slide the way baseball players and my foot collides with his ankle, breaking it. I grab a large stick and stab him through the eye into his brain.

    Quick. Painless.

    The others are all a safe distance away, fighting each other and I search u til I did Emma. She's lying on the ground with Lewis on top of her, punching her in the face, laughing.

    He's enjoying this.

    I'm going to make sure I enjoy what I do to him.

    I charge before anyone can try and stop me and knock him off. I go tumbling as a result. Then as quickly as I can I find another sharp thick stick and jam it into the side of his neck.

    I rush over to the little girl as her competitor falls to the ground, gushing blood. I fall to my knees and my eyes glow golden. I've triggered my curse.

    After a moment I turn back to Emma.

    She's bruised but she's okay.

    "What are you doing child?" Hector demands

    "What's right." I say

    He grabs me by the arm and yanks me up. I look around, multiple people are falling to their knees, eyes glowing, triggering their curse while their kills are lying dead on the ground.

    "The rules of the ritual are very clear. You kill one competitor and trigger your curse. You know the punishment for breaking this rule."

    Outcasted. Abandoned on the outskirts of the mountain to die.

    "Don't punish Emma for the choice I made." I say glaring at Hector

    "Oh rest assured child. No harm will come to her. You on the other hand are a different story."

    He hands me to a pair of his followers. They grab me by the arms and drag me down the mountain as I stumble over rocks and branches and throw me to the ground in the darkness. Then they turn and walk away without a word.

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    Vampire in the garden could have been so much more than what it was. I’m mad. It wasn’t bad but it was so short.

    #vampire in the garden #anime#sapphic#hope#freedom
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    Surrogate Lovers: The Female Body as Proxy for Consummating Homoerotic Desire in Dracula

    Happy World Dracula Day! 

    Dracula was first published on this day in 1897. To celebrate it’s 125th anniversary, here’s part of my favorite paper I wrote ten years ago in undergrad. Original paper covered Frankenstein, Dracula, and Carmilla.

    The Gothic novel combines that which is natural and familiar with the unnatural and unfamiliar in order to create the sense of uncanny dread that is hallmark of the genre. At its height in the 19th century, the subversion of Victorian ideals and the exploration of deviant behavior was a key part of the gothic and, in particular, the sub-genre of the Monster gothic. Though never explicit, homoerotic subtext runs rampant throughout Bram Stoker’s Dracula - from the Count’s possessiveness of Jonathan to the homosocial friendship of Lucy’s suitors. Restricted by the standards of the time, however, none of these would-be queer relationships are allowed to express their desire in the usual manner; instead, the male subjects consummate their desire via a female surrogate through the exchange of blood. 

    Our primary polycule is of course compromised of Quincey, Arthur, and Jack. Not only are these men old friends, war-time buddies, but in this post-war world they all fixate on one woman... Lucy Westenra. Lucy, who so boldly asks “Why can’t they let a girl marry three men, or as many as want her, and save all this trouble?” In this question she establishes herself as a sexual deviant in the eyes of the time, thus becoming the perfect candidate to act as proxy for the homoerotic marriage between her suitors. Though the men cannot express their love for Lucy, and by extent one another, in the traditional physical sense, her declining health unites them in a way that was previously impossible.  Through their blood transfusions, the three suitors and Van Helsing—who also expresses a level of attraction to Lucy—unite in one body.

    In her work Our Vampires, Ourselves, Nina Auerbach writes: “Dracula forges this male community of passionate mutual admiration, but he cannot join it. Only indirectly, by drinking Lucy’s blood after the four men have “married” her (and each other) in a series of transfusions can Dracula infiltrate the heroic brotherhood (Auerbach 82).”

    Dracula’s drinking of Lucy’s post-transfusion blood is a violation of the contract the four men have created with one another; he is an outsider, uninvited, imposing himself upon their sacred union. The drinking of Lucy’s blood not only establishes him as an active agent in the ‘marriage’ (whereas Lucy herself is a passive body), but the very nature of his participation is contrary to that of the other men. Instead of putting blood into Lucy in a symbolic act of penetration (male body fluid entering the female host), Dracula’s bite, though penetrative, removes the fluid that binds the men in the marriage. This can be seen as a reversal of the sex act, a further “abomination” in the eyes of Victorian heteronormativity.

    After the death of Lucy, the role of surrogate falls to the next available woman—Mina Harker, adding Jonathan to the homosocial polycule. This quick shift from Lucy to Mina brings into question whether or not the identity of the surrogate truly matters, or merely that she exists. (Note, this was written before I’d considered the coding between Lucy and Mina. They really went from Lucy to her girlfriend!) When Dracula targets Mina as his next victim, he again acts as the catalyst for the homoerotic marriage to be consummated in the new surrogate. By forcing Mina to drink his blood, Dracula formally introduces himself into the marriage, thus increasing the horror of the situation for the men. Their already diluted marriage (considering they did not directly give their blood to Mina as they did with Lucy) has once again been tainted. The elimination of Dracula becomes their primary concern out of vengeance and a need to restore the sanctity of their union - the men are eventually successful in this mission.

    Outwardly, Dracula holds up the moral ideals of the time as the most aberrant characters are ultimately punished; in reality, however, it remains queer through the homoerotic marriage. Lucy is ultimately destroyed as is the direct mingling of blood that unites the men in marriage. Dracula, the source of the reversed sex act, is also destroyed through an act of manly sacrifice on the part of Quincey Morris. While the disrupted marriage of the remaining companions cannot exist as it once did, it continues on via their surrogate. Through Mina and her son Quincey, the mingling of the blood continues. The young Quincey becomes a product of the homoerotic polygamist marriage, a true symbol of the love the men felt and continue to feel for one another.  TL;DR The men of Dracula all fixate on the same woman, first Lucy, then Mina, because they all actually want to bang one another but can’t because of heteronormativity. Giving blood transfusions to the same woman is the closest they can get to sexy times with each other. This book is very gay. 

    #this book is very gay #it's all queer coded #this was my favorite college paper #I'd argue this is applicable to a lot of stories as well #like twilight #edward and jacob are def actually gay #happy gay dracula day #world dracula day #dracula daily#dracula #vampires are gay #but so are the humans in this book #my best friend jonathan harker
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    Since my laptop took a shit I've had to reacclimate to drawing on my phone and I'm struggling 😭

    girl; have you EVER had to draw a tiny face on a 6'x3' screen?? 😭😭

    my beloved Piroska and her bonkers proportions 🥺

    Anyway, here's the reference photo:

    #yeah she looks different every time I draw her and what about it? /lh #i love her sm #she's a 2 sauce killing machine #vampires#vampirecore#vampire#vampyr#vampire aesthetic#vampire girl#vampire core#vampire oc#Piroska #my oc stuff #my oc#my ocs #my oc art #oc art#my art #Scott B. Hanson dni
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    for yandere klaus to meet his beloved's family (headcanons)

    yandere klaus mikaelson meeting your family would include…

    warnings: none


    before klaus meets your parents, you’re nervous as hell

    your family has always been important to you, and their approval of klaus would mean the world to you

    especially because you're sure you've found the man you're going to spend your life with

    "just promise me you'll behave yourself"

    "i always behave, love"

    this earns him an eye roll

    his thumb and index finger find your chin, guiding you to look at him

    "i promise you i'll be good," he assures you, pecking your lips softly and you can't help but smile at him

    when you enter your childhood home, he greets your parents with a smile

    you heard me

    a smile

    you'd almost forgotten how damn charming this man can be

    klaus offers to help your mom out in the kitchen and you swear that freya put a spell on him before you guys got here

    during your dinner, your dad begins to talk about history because he's a huge history buff

    and of course, this is klaus' perfect opportunity because he's been alive longer than your entire family combined

    "you are very well educated when it comes to history, klaus. how do you know so much?"

    "let's just say that it feels like i've lived through it"

    klaus casts you a knowing smirk and you have to cover up your laugh with a cough

    your parents love him

    they're borderline obsessed with him

    your older brother on the other hand?


    yea, it's a hard pass from him

    to be fair, he's never trusted any of the guys you've been with

    but he doesn't entirely appreciate the fact that klaus always likes to have a hand on you, whether it's resting on your thigh, or on the small of your back

    and he refuses to fall victim to klaus' charm the way your parents have

    at least he did

    until klaus mentioned that he knew people that could get your brother season tickets for his favourite basketball team, courtside, of course (in true mikaelson fashion)

    after that, it was hard not to like him

    as for your younger sister, she loved him

    you weren't necessarily worried about them getting along though, because you knew how good of a father klaus was to hope

    klaus is damn good with kids

    and they adore him

    by the end of the night, she's attached to him at the hip

    "klaus, do you wanna come to see my room? i have a barbie dreamhouse and it's really cool"

    "i'd love to, sweetheart"

    you'd be lying if you said that seeing him with hope and seeing him with your sister didn't make you wanna try to have a few kids of your own

    he's just so sexy when he's with children

    he's a total DILF

    we all know it's true

    when you two are leaving, klaus offers to have your family over for dinner at the compound and they graciously accept

    just as you're about to leave, klaus approaches your brother when he thinks you aren't paying attention

    "just so you know, y/b/n, y/n has told me all about the ways you've tortured her over the years. making jokes to your friends at her expense, forcing her to walk home alone from school when she was only 5 minutes late, and so on. but i want to make it perfectly clear that as long as i am in the picture, you're going to treat her with the utmost respect. your sister deserves nothing less"

    and your brother is just standing there like🧍🏼‍♂️as he watches you two leave

    you get into the car, "thank you for being so sweet, but was threatening my brother really necessary?"

    "love, i am never going to be the man who sits back and watches while people hurt you, or treat you as less than you are. i'm always going to defend you, no matter who it's against"

    and you kiss him

    because even in his own possessive, crazy-ass ways...

    he's perfect

    and he's all yours


    a/n: i hope this is alright for you, love! enjoy!

    #klaus mikaelson #klaus mikaelson headcanon #klaus mikaelson x reader #klaus mikaelson imagine #the vampire diares imagine #the vampire diaries #the originals #the originals imagine #tvd universe#tvdu#joseph morgan
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    Nothing better than teaming up with your bestfriend's wife to beat the hell out of him at tennis 🎾

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    #my gif #Irina The Vampire Cosmonaut #anime gif#anime edit #black and white #vampire#monochrome
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    Broke: hundres of years old vampire going to high school to keep up apperances.

    Woke: hundres of years old vampire going to high school because they spended so much time way from humanity that now theyare so behind when it come to science they now less them a high school kid and they need to keet up.

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    Strangely cute vampire woman illustration by Neo Nesta1, if you would like to check out more of this creators artwork tap the link above to see their deviantART account. 🖤

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    𝚂𝙰𝙽𝙶𝚄𝙸𝙽𝙴𝙷𝚀 is a 𝘴𝘦𝘮𝘪 𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴 & 𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘪𝘯𝘢𝘭 roleplay inspired by  true blood, teen wolf, supernatural, sirens and more. just two years ago, the world as humanity knew it was changed forever when the existence of blood-sucking creatures—known as the vampir—was revealed to the world. in the present day, other supernatural species have found their lives irreversibly changed by the revelation and are far from pleased with the turn of events. as the rest of the supernatural community hides behind closed doors, the world watches. they have one question for the vampir and subsequently the supernatural community as a whole: what secrets are you hiding? 𝙹𝙾𝙸𝙽 𝚄𝚂 𝚃𝙾𝙳𝙰𝚈 𝚃𝙾 𝙰𝙽𝚂𝚆𝙴𝚁!
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    Blood-Stained Teeth (2022) #1

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    Vampire Duo

    (Featuring Plasticbottru’s OC Alasdair )

    Side note: vampires in my story’s universe are obsessed with beauty, so they wear "skins" of different species in order to cover their grotesque true forms.

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    It is real. I know that it is. The Vampire Diaries 4.08 ‘We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street’ / 4.23 'Graduation'

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    Im about to vibrate out of my own skin

    #vinny rambles#post #i wanna watch the new EP of YJ AND draw Damian and Dick as Vampires #I am trying so hard to write this essay and also getting distracted
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                      WHAT’S A GOD TO A NON-BELIEVER ?

    Lizzie breaking the sire bond to save aurora’s life and conspire against hope was a turning point for all . setting out to find the gods ( or at least one god ) to bend time back to a time when tristian is alive,  to when her father wasn’t broken, to when hope had her humanity and josie was still with her. 

                                           the saying goes : careful what you wish for .  

    before hope manages to kill her, lizzie takes chronos’ hourglass and turns back time, dropping the hourglass in the middle of the chaos happening, breaking it. sending everyone in that school back . back to the start . before mystic falls had its troubles brewing in the shadows . back to the beginning . . . or so they thought .

    #TEMPUSFM   is an appless tvd / to / legacies roleplay set a month after 4x12 . brining those who were in the school back to the past when klaus returned back to mystic falls ( tvd 3x06 ) . 
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