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  • dawn-ofthe-faggot
    27.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago
    #hes so sillyyy #venom#cronos#my videos
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  • bubunet
    27.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago
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  • collapsedbonesandbodies
    27.05.2022 - 47 minutes ago

    Daimon: Burn!

    Flash: ❤️‍🔥

    *picture2 by my friend

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  • neriuml
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    'cause I've read something nice about Eddie and Steven on ao3

    #moon knight#Venom#steven grant#eddie brock #eddie x steven #eddie brock X steven grant
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  • cheebuss
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    For the character opinion bingo Venom Punished Snake

    OOOYGHHH MY BLORBO.... Hands down one of my top three favourite characters in Metal Gear. If I tried to articulate everything I love about Venom Snake, this would deadass become an essay ksjfkfn. But I will say that a lot of my fascination with him comes from using him as a comparative tool to other characters, most notably Big Boss (Kaz, Solid Snake and Ocelot are honourable mentions.)
    As a combo they're so interesting in how they demonstrate that, no matter if two seemingly identical people have gone through the same experiences and memories (Venom obviously just having the memories implemented into him), they still can never truly be the same person. I love his compassion, his loyalty, and how humble he is despite being essentially used as a living decoy, and that he is ironically the FAR more deserving man of glory and reverence compared to Big Boss. He's understated as fuck, there is nothing glorious about his life, and his death is so fittingly underwhelming, but he just holds complete acceptance in the fact he exists to be scapegoated and forgotten in the end.
    Don't mind me, up here in my marble tower with my superior Snake taste while the BB dudebros bitch and moan that they were "lied to" that they had to play as the fake Big Boss1!!! >:((((
    #cheez rambles#venom snake #metal gear solid v #// my uuUUUUUUUIIIGIDD..... <33333333 #// been mentally ill over this man for 7 years and im still going strong #// me trying to say some clever shit in the tags but all my brain is going is going HRHRBHRHRH.... over VS skldgldks
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  • generalgri3vous
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    A creature from a dream i had, it being some cursed Darth Vader&Venom fusion. It was also eating candy from a human sized bird feeder.

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  • venom-mob-network
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Who is the worst venom in your opinion?

    We would prefer not to answer questions like this. Thank you for your interest in our work, and please feel free to ask us other questions.

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  • dispatchdcu
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Carnage #3 Preview

    Carnage #3 Preview #carnage #venom #spiderman #MARVEL #marvelcomics #comics #comicbooks #news #mcu #art #info #NCBD #comicbooknews #previews #reviews #amazon #extremecarnage #scream #absolutecarnage

      Carnage #3 Preview:     Years ago, Peter Parker spurned a puddle of black, extraterrestrial goo and inadvertently created one of the deadliest foes he’s ever encountered: VENOM. Years later, Venom’s offspring found a willing host in the form of Cletus Kasady, a dangerous serial killer, and together the two formed an even deadlier being called CARNAGE. But what will become of the Carnage…

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  • natalieironside
    27.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    "Ingrid trying so fucking hard not to call them transphobic slurs because the Queen told her she'd get extra Witch Mush if she behaved for once in her fucking life"

    #prince of venom #in the court of the nameless queen
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  • atomiclullaby
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Oh, so when I have a little voice in my head screaming about being hungry and craving flesh, Im "weird" and "scary", but when Eddie Brock,

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  • petergender
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    do we think the venom verse and webb verse are one and the same y/n?

    #its a solid yes from me #bc i like to imagine peter 3 sees morbius and venom happening + vulture squeaking his way in there #and just decides hes not in his spiderman3 era yet #thr mcus running into like 2024 and peter 3 is still sobbing to the neighborhood on mp3 player
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  • kungfuwushuworld
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Centipede v.s. Toad - Five Deadly Venoms (1978)

    #Five Deadly Venoms #Kung Fu Cinema #kung fu stars #shaw brothers#poisen clan#kung fu #kung fu world
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  • youwannaplaygames
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    I can't decide if the movie versions of Goblin and Venom would adore or despise each other. Thoughts?

    Depends which Venom. Topher Grace!Venom? Probably not. Gobby can get behind the "I like being bad, it makes me happy" thing, but where's the style? The artistry? The pizazz???

    Now Tom Hardy!Venom, I feel like they wouldn't get along at first but once they got to know each other? Bosom buddies. They bond by complaining about their respective headmates who never let them have any fun.

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  • its-raimubito
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago
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  • dy2phoria
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago


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  • pastelprince18
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    [Sweats] Hanaki au,,,Wolf and snake,,,maybe

    #ITS BEEN ON MY MIND I MIGHT DRAW IT #the bad guys #fluffy venom#ray rambles
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  • chosen-by-the-gods
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Wish Morbius was more like a fun bad movie instead of like the most boring bad movie to exist. Don't let the memes fool you its a slog to watch. 

    #its morbin time #mcu#marvel #come on the venom movies are at lest fun to watch #Morbius
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  • foxships
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Am I out here imagining Klara clinging to my arm as I walk??? Maybe so....

    #DONT MIND ME JUST BEING GAY AGAIN #sanura rambles #💕: venomous cutie
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  • guessimabasicnerdgirlnow
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    The vibe I got from movieverse is that V mostly just do their own thing when he and Eddie are at home. Definitely watches TV on his own, listen to music too, maybe browse the internet? Big fan of telenovelas, maybe watches cooking shows too. Probably try lots of diy projects.

    They have a whole life without Eddie. I mean, Eddie is there physically but doing his own stuff, paying little attention to what V is doing and just feeling thankful he is not causing trouble and destruction.

    The post credit scene was probably the first time Eddie actually watched that show with V.

    Eddie calls V selfish but V doesn’t depend on Eddie because he wants to. He does things for Eddie like the breakfast or helping him with work all the time (with variable success). He just has needs (food) and he needs Eddie to provide it for him, or consent to V use their body to hunt.

    And Eddie sees V as selfish because he doesn’t see V’s pleas as asking for food because he starving, rather he sees it as V asking him to kill people, which since the last movie Eddie realized he isn’t as okay with as he thought he was. I think he doesn’t get it, that most human food does nothing to V, that while they share Eddie’s body and Eddie’s body is okay, it doesn’t mean that V’s body doesn’t have needs too. (Wow picky eaters can relate to V here huh). But really, Eddie is the selfish one. For that and also for never allowing himself to know V. Do he and V do stuff together at home? Stuff that wasn’t already something Eddie does? I bet the post credits scene was the first time Eddie watched V’s telenovela. I bet he never cooked with V.

    But in the end, when they realize they are symbiotic, they make once again the choice to be together. They’re different, they’re flawed, but they are willing to work towards a good relationship.

    #symbrock #venom let there be carnage #let there be carnage #venom meta#my meta#meta #shut up brock
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