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  • davinasrebekah
    28.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    wow i'm actually really in my katherine pierce feels this ep, i didn't expect this lol

    at first i was indifferent to her even tho she's the kind of character i like (murderous morally ambiguous/corrupt character who became selfish and paranoid and narcissistic due to traumatic events they experienced and because of survival/greed/a desire for power - in this case klaus is a gr8 example) because they were wasting so much of her on demon and steffie instead of exploring her fucked up "relationship" with klaus or elena (aka more interesting directions for her narrative)... but also the fact that she's human is a very good move on the writers' parts

    for one thing katherine is vulnerable and messy now and for survival she's forced to care about other ppl and relies on them, something she never had to do before which is why she was always so merciless and comfortable screwing people over. and she's Imperfect now, because of her human state even though she takes pride in immaculate appearance (i mean i get how running for 500 years in high heels would give her a sense of power and self-satisfaction haha) so we're getting exposed to the cracks in the armor that she assumed making her a more relatable and humanized (literally and figureatively lmao) character

    and also her and jeremy and matt's interactions were hilarious because it revealed that she doesn't want or particularly need to be ruthless and mean, it just depends on the ppl she's surrounded by (klaus for example - and because she got so used to being ruthless in order to outrun him, she treated elena the same way too, not because elena personally victimized her but out of jealousy and spite). her violence didn't really come out to play, even as she remained the Snarky Asshole we know and love, because of 1) her weakened state and 2) the fact that jeremy and matt showed her genuine kindness, jeremy more than matt really (probably out of some kind of pity and twisted sense of brotherly affection, because katherine literally looks like his sister lol, which is also another interesting aspect the writers could explore).

    jeremy and matt didn't particularly like her, and had every reason to loathe her, but they're not sadistic like klaus. klaus murdered her entire family and had katherine stab herself in the thigh several times out of spite, because she inhibited his plans and was a variable he couldn't control, because she broke free of him. people have constantly been attacking katherine and doing so violently, and she grew accustomed to this type of violence from people who even mildly disliked her. but jeremy and matt are reasonable, and sweet teenage boys who are more predisposed to kindness and mercy even despite the fact that katherine put jeremy's death into motion. jeremy could have been a lot less nice to katherine (as he himself put it), but he didn’t because that’s not who jeremy is as a person.

    and then jeremy did something very fuzzy and warm and tender and gave her a blanket because, of all things, katherine pierce was cold, and suffering from a sinus infection, and he didn't want to see the woman who looked like his sister and was so pitiably vulnerable and human suffer. and this singular act softened katherine, enough for her to abandon her 500 year foolproof strategy of never looking back and allowing other people to suffer for her own survival (aka her ”better you die than i” philosophy) just because jeremy did ONE (1) nice thing for her. jeremy altered her entire survival strategy just by being himself - a kind and generous person to the woman that murdered him and the woman whom he has more of a reason to loathe than klaus - and telling her that her selfishness was the reason why she was lonely and always On The Run and being hunted down like an animal (by silas, by klaus, by any and all of her enemies) and seen as an object to claim and be triumphant over rather than as a person with human needs, because until now she never cared about anyone else’s needs other than her own.

    and like she’s not going to suddenly join the Good Guys or preach love and peace and non-violence but the fact that she went back for jeremy and matt at all - because yeah they were hostile but they were also humane in their treatment of her - is a significant improvement for her, and it reminds me of that one TGP quote about how people want and choose to be good because of the external love/support they receive, which katherine just proved. so yeah it’s a really fun new change for her character

    and i like how a lot of katherine’s crafty, manipulative, and vindictive personality was because she was a vampire who was kind of a foil to klaus, helping us understand him and his role in this extremely dysfunctional relationship. klaus was literally her enemy and katherine’s primary goal was survival at all costs, even above others’ lives, and the easiest way to defeat an enemy was by essentially knowing them in and out, and being able to predict their next move, which is why kath and klaus’s relationship has a hidden layer of intimacy to it (and not in the typical enemies to lovers or even lovers to enemies fashion, because once again he literally slaughtered her entire family). because katherine understood him so well and she relied on being cruel and intelligent and vicious, she became like klaus - selfish, egotistical, paranoid - and that’s why she was able to predict that klaus would feel drawn to the chance of fatherly love hope offered him in s4, because she definitely had her own issues with her lost chance at parenthood and due to the fact that she had to become him so it would make sense that she sees herself in him as well. klaus doesn’t put the lives of others above his own motivations, so neither does katherine, and she doesn’t particularly have to because after such a long time of being this way she couldn’t understand people like elena or jeremy or matt.

    but now that katherine no longer has klaus’s super strength in common, now that she’s mortal and human and weak, her survival is still her primary concern, but she feels empathy for jeremy and matt because she’s as vulnerable and human as they are, which is why she can come to understand their worldview because it’s now her worldview. (there’s also potential for this to mirror elena’s compassion and empathy that somehow simultaneously coexists with her ruthless streak, and a study on how morality isn’t black and white and just depends on perspective - katherine had to be a Bad Person to advance her own agenda, but so did elena).

    #anyways is this like a redemption arc #tbh i don't think she really needs one?? at least not in the traditional sense #redeeming klaus is a tough job because he's a lunatic but like #for kath it's different because she truly does have her Moments and she was never an outright antagonist like klaus #she was selfish and petty and vindictive and did a lot of bad things yes #but also there's the factor of the interest of her own survival #which would take priority over being nice to ppl if i was in the same situation tbh #so yeah she's not necessarily an antagonist in traditional terms #and she doesn't really need a ''redemption arc'' she just needed to chill and have freedom #and not fear for her life and look over her shoulder #like of /course/ that situation's going to fuck up her morality??? #katherine pierce#tvd#tvd spoilers#5x01#5x02#tvd 5x01#tvd 5x02#jeremy gilbert#matt donovan #ugh i love these three #they're such a weird and unexpected combination
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  • smallfrenchstudyblr
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    For some reason, my current mood is Angry Feminist Woman Agressively Supporting Other Woman.

    @ brain : not sure where this is coming from, but ok, keep it up.

    #back to work now #I have just been thristing for... idk angry feminist content #not man-hating at all #but angry vindictive and unapologetic feminist books music and speeches #will now chanelling this into work energy
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  • frigidlord
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    " i don’t need a break. " (but for forbidden lore verse)

    He checked his pocket watch. 1:32 AM.

    "No, I'd say you need a bit more than that, at this point."

    He'd seen plenty of dedicated workaholics drive themselves to exhaustion. Sometimes out of passion, sometimes out of escapism. Perhaps both in this young man's case. While he was more than willing to feed someone's self destruction when it suited him, doing so would serve no purpose in Giovanni's case. In fact, it could drive his budding organization to collapse before it could be of any use. Ghetsis was not willing to let Giovanni waste his time in such a way.

    "I'm sure you think that pushing yourself like this is a display of strength or willpower. Quite the contrary, it implies of a lack of self control and you are far too old for such childishness. You must learn to manage your time wisely and that means allowing for adequate rest. It's time for bed, Giovanni. That's not a suggestion."

    #vindictes #gio wracking up sleep debt just to spite ghet for telling him it's bed time once lmao
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  • sasorikigai
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    bold - canon verses  italic - modern(-ish) AUs

    ʀᴀɪɴ.   melancholy at best, introspective, severely misunderstood, pleasure in the subdued, helping in your own way, dreams in poetry, the slowness of falling asleep, refreshing meditation.

    sᴜɴ.   sun-bleached clothes, futures that are too bright, everything at arm’s length, balancing intensity, blind encouragement, comfort of sleep, distracting sunspots in your vision, necessity of growth.

    sᴛᴏʀᴍ.   chaos with a purpose, emotions running high, natural comfortable anarchy, high volume, leaving your mark, brief flashes of violence, rambling quickly, the intensity of desire.

    ᴡɪɴᴅ.   running towards instead of away, instinctive motivation, making an impact, knows everyone who knows anyone, playful pranks, mood swings in a split second, collecting old trinkets, uncontrollable focus.

    sɴᴏᴡ.   serene on the surface, cold blooded heart, love it or hate it attitude, good memories, heavy discussions, sharp determination, relentless resolve, not as scary as it seems.

    Tagged by: @sonxflight​  Tagging: whoever’s reading this 

    #✗ obsessive cathartic (headcanon) #✗ the ineffable testimony of spawned hellfire (scorpion) #✗ seeking reconciliation with his own humanity (iii) #✗ ugly syllables of conjured vindictive crimson (modern au) #(tagged things) #(hanzo/scorpion is not as intimidating and scary as he seems) #(and obviously his trauma and pain is severely misunderstood as other characters judge him wrongly)
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  • shayochism
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

         Shit. Boss liked the post.

    #🦷 [Pᴜʟʟɪɴɢ ᴛᴇᴇᴛʜ] In character #vindictes
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  • naitsu
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    i wish mcdonalds kept its mascots because they are all so weird. i hate the happy meal box creature

    #i wnat grimace #the burgler #the vindictive clown
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  • vriskacircus
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    postcanon is to me what time travel is to hearts boxcars

    #my thoughts only go as far as #how dare you take these good kids and make them bad people after everything #i refuse to validate it by engaging with it on an intellectual level it doesn't deserve it #thats all there is to it #homestuck #i dont care what point you are trying to make its not more powerful than the growth these characters had over the course of hs proper #your shitty vindictive attempt at pretentious meta crap is stupid
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  • haerith
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago
    @vindictes​ //
    lifts him by the scruff :)

         Oh shit oh fuck oh lord oh no. It’s the twerking, isn’t it???? Just because his ass is iconic.

    #vindictes #★ [Sɴᴀᴘᴘɪɴɢ ʙᴀᴄᴋ] ★ In character #;; feels ... cross... between crack and not LMAO
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  • anglerflsh
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    tiktok audio voice that twelve hour straight panic attack was poggers bestie but now i have to tell you about the piedmontese witchcraft practice

    #[.txt] #he ignored me instead of being angry we win these we win these #ANYWAYS ABOUT PIEDMONTESE WITCHCRAFT BECAUSE I might have read an entire pdf book about it. #no but it's interesting they /were/ persecuted but not? that much? the general consensus towards 'strie/masce' was to leave them be #also it was a strictly matriarcal line of power and they were characterized as petty and vindictive but not outright evil? weird stuff #a lot of it has to do with being immortal and shapeshifters and dancing with devils so standard stuff
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  • lateaugustpdf
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago


    #she is so mean and vindictive #and she has a stupid grading system and weights her grades down #and has the final be retakes but i cant retake two things from the same unit and now im gonna get a b. even though i know the material #anyways #fucking hate her
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  • galarianrocket
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    So I was talking to @vindictes and I sort of had a brainwave that yes, Rocket are criminals, but there is a very good reason that (for the most) they will ‘play fair’ and battle you with their Pokemon instead of just, y’know, stabbing you or shooting your Pokemon with a gun.

    Pokemon society is different from ours. While yes, someone stealing your Pokemon would be taken seriously I imagine that it would be a whole different ballgame if someone was armed, dangerous and willing to shoot you to get what they wanted. It would be an extreme escalation. The authorities would pull out everything to come after you.

    Also, you know, better you fight their magical murder beasts with your own rather than giving them reason to attack you directly, right? You’re only human. Look at Legends: Arceus to see what a thundershock from a Level 2-5 Shinx can do. It was enough to put Akari in the medical bay for a week (iirc).

    So it pays for Grunts to be a little more discreet and to “play by the rules”. I’m not saying violence doesn’t happen (far from it) but there’s a reason why Rocket - and even Giovanni - don’t just pull a mafia on you every time they want something.

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  • haematophiliac
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    ⯈ Working on? // @vindictes​

         The rather pristine silver lighter is shut with a snappy click to extinguish the flame, moments later being placed into the admin’s pocket. A sly smile contorts his lips as his vivid gaze fixates upon his boss’s own eyes, though the look only lasts for a split second as instead he peers to the surface of the table. He knows that staring someone in the eyes can be seen as a challenge of sorts, stares down his own victims all the time. All he has for Giovanni is respect, and he wishes to show that at all times.

         “The lab has various projects in motion at current.” He starts, right hand’s fingers toying with the base of the glass of wine just before him. He’s taking his sweet time drinking the contents, wanting to not get wasted in front of the boss. As a lightweight? It’s proving difficult to not appear unhappy with the choice of beverage while also drinking a good amount in a decent window of time. How troubling! But after a few seconds of trying to think and dim down the copious amounts of projects into one little sentence, he picks up the glass, swirls it, and takes a sip, all the while smiling so wide.

         “But you will be pleased to hear that ah...” A quick glance around. Not that anybody nearby would hear his low tone, nor would Giovanni allow anybody nearby to use such information anyway. But he’s always paranoid either way, planting the glass back in front of him. “Mmh. We are advancing further and further into what you requested with... the M-two project. In fact, I would suggest it is over half way complete, sir.”

    #vindictes #✘ [Mᴀʏʙᴇ ᴡᴇ'ʀᴇ ᴊᴜsᴛ sʟᴇᴇᴘᴡᴀʟᴋɪɴɢ] ✘ In character
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  • sanktallinas
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    that feeling when your extended family you’re currently in a lawsuit with sends you a box of things from your grandma you were supposed to get five years ago when she died and the box is trashed and ripped and all the frames of the pictures are fucked and the glass is all broken and the few meager pieces of jewelry are thrown in among the wreckage of the memories that no longer mean anything good to you. you know the feeling.

    #the fact that it doesn’t even surprise me #because they’re so vindictive and always have been #and this just proves how they never gave a shit about me or my family #personal
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  • thealchemickalwitch
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Lmao im so fucking depressed this week. I lost my safe space to vent and was judged and told my feelings were unreasonable and invalid. I don't have the money for a longtime therapist who will have time to dissect my issues. Got called an asshole for literally agreeing with someone, got called fat by one parent and told my ff story was boring by the other, all while being pressured to move back in with them while also pressuring me to be an adult while also telling me I need to quit my news job while also telling me this is the job for me why would I quit and I cant deal with the narcissistic shit rn

    Oh and my bodily rights were taken away while constantly reminding me that if I'm raped again it's some God's will that I don't even believe in and all because some triggered white men want to assert small cock dominance and try to turn back history and keep people with uteruses oppressed and objectified but god forbid you say this on tumblr and people who aren't even affected by this scream iTs NoT jUst Men- shut the fuck up

    I'm tired of it all. Truly. I know I'm dramatic and trust me I feel fucking guilty for posting this and making it all about me but I'm at my wit's end. I'm so not okay and there's nothing I can do about it anymore and there's nothing anyone can say and I'm just so fucking sad I don't know anywhere else to put this

    #vent#rant #i dont fucking care anymore #also tumblr youre not as nice you think or claim #half of you are vindictive as fuck #tw depression#tw ptsd#tw abortion#tw rape
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  • sasorikigai
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    "you are a terrible influence." ( from modern bitchy icicle )

    150 Random Writing Prompts || @biiingbao || accepting

    💥 || Memories could be the morning breeze coming in through his window, on time like the sun, then abruptly become the whipping wind that would sweep him away. How Hanzo Hasashi still desperately writes letters to Harumi and Satoshi’s ghosts, because he cannot feel them unless he closes his eyes. They were like flowers in the winter, born between cold tiles, grown stuck together with the hope of someone picking them up, instead of crushing and destroying them asunder. The time no longer converses about the Hasashis and maybe that is why Hanzo continues to struggle ruminating about them, in their resplendent, unmarred beautty, instead of them being already pulverized and violated on the concrete floor, as he too, would lick his wounds in fevered tremble, as his heart and soul burned ablaze. 

    Like a glass blower, the tragic experience shaped him into a vessel for Commander Hasashi’s legacy; watching myriads of colors swirl handsomely to the surface, lest there may be some imperfections. He could become more malleable to suggestions, but he would still be unyielding and obstinate too retain the heat of his fervor and intensity. For his catalytic rebirth was colossal with the torch probing his subconscious and unconscious, as he gradually begins his escape from his shame and grief, which holds him as a hostage. As blank and hollow as Death his heart had been, but no defect of other sorts no longer affects Hanzo, for Bi-Han’s levelheadedness and objective output keeps Hanzo’s infinite idealizations and imaginations grounded and at bay. 

    Now, their tender memories soften with his gentle intoxication, as grief and despair melts into melancholic sorrow, settled between his furrowed eyebrows. How fond recollection brings him relief, comfort, and peace in the thought, along with Bi-Han’s solid presence, barely touching, and yet, immensely felt. Silence may be all that permeates, but Bi-Han’s sarcastic quip brings an audible snort, as his bottom lip presses onto the moisten rim of the tall glass. “We all need a precious moment to sit down in stillness, listen to our thoughts, letting go of the distractions, and feeling our bodies working. To become calm and chill, to get focused and relaxed.” 

    Hanzo Hasashi’s eyes may still wield the forlorn hope, as his fathomless dark amber eyes become a field of radiant umber, reflecting the absent bright orange sun blazing through a perfect azure sky. How his impervious, yet gaze full of candor reflects the submerged loyalty, bestowed in life and death without thought and closure, burns through the agent; for they manifest the dualistic stronghold of tact and talent, lest they both harbor proverbial darkness, haunting despair of loss that stems from the literal and metaphorical loss of selves, along with the ensnaring light and passion to do good. “Amidst the equilibrium of wistful thoughts in the nights of bliss and suicidal ride of my cruel, brutal subconsciousness, such pause of deceit and dissuasion of my head via our strengthening relationship proves the inevitable mortal relief. With all our simple pain and rigid turmoil, I sincerely hope I bestow you the same sentiments.”  💥 ||

    #✗ the ineffable testimony of spawned hellfire (scorpion) #✗ ugly syllables of conjured vindictive crimson (modern au) #✗ the frigid wildfire of justice (bi-han || biiingbao) #(bihanzo) #(I miss them dearly) #biiingbao
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  • adcraball
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    :) (hi kris)

    “Ah! I’m sorry, sir, I--”

    Imagine this: you bump into someone while you’re busy getting groceries, and it turns out they’re a former Gym Leader!  Now, imagine this: you’re also one of the few people who know for sure that this Gym Leader is also the leader of one of the most powerful and terrifying criminal organizations in the whole world and that he wouldn’t hesitate from shooting you dead only because you’re friend with someone who was a little bit of a nuisance to his Team ten years ago.

    What are the odds!

    “Ah-- Uhm!”

    Taking a step back and clutching to her bag, she just. Lowered her eyes, cleared her throat. Last thing we need is to make a scene.

    “...........e-excuse me.”

    ...and speedwalk out of there, what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck--

    #vindictes #∞༺♥༻✧ [ 💗 [ | Kris | ] 💗 ] ✧༺♥༻∞ #∞༺♥༻✧ [ 💗 [ | interactions | ] 💗 ] ✧༺♥༻∞ #kris kicking the lab's door: ELM HOLY FUCK
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  • offmychestfinally
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Who am I?

    That’s a long and complicated answer so I’ll see if I can break it down easily.

    Im the person that loves deeply and strongly.

    The person that will put his life on the line for you, will bend over backwards to make sure you have everything you want and need, even at the expense of myself.

    I’m also that same person that fixes everything. If something is crashing, goes wrong, cannot be found… i handle it and get it done.

    On the flip side?

    I’m the same one who is vindictive, If I am wronged. If you hurt me after I give you everything I have to help and support you.

    I will take my whole network and my existence to make myself whole at any expense to destroy those who wrong me.

    Im powerful, both in a positive and negative sense. I will use that power to help you, to support you, and get you to level up with me. On the flipside I will also use the power to take everything that matters to you if you are disloyal.

    I was raised and brought up to always win, at any cost. Even if it means taking from those who I gave so much to. Be made whole, I’ve always been taught to be made whole. 

    I like knowing I have the ability to take everything, to make you want to swallow a bullet and destroy those who deserve it.

    Some may say it’s wrong to feel that way, or to do it. But those are the same people who are on the pointed end of the sword. When I use my power to help them, to give them the world. They never complained

    I feel like very soon that demon will need to be let out of its cage again. If it is what I think it is. I won’t stop until I physically see them swallow the bullet, and I’ll do it with a smile on my face.

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