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  • cowabungacowboycat
    28.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    I feel a depth of sorrow and outrage to hear this victim-blaming around the Uvalde school shooting where some are blaming the incident in part on a door that may have been left open

    I just think it is beyond the pale and frankly insolent to blame a teacher for opening a door for the death of their students

    Irma Garcia and Eva Mirele were incredible human beings who by all accounts did everything they possibly could to save their 10yr students and attempted multiple times to call for help before they themself were killed

    We cannot blame the truly truly innocent victims for their deaths by their killer. of course, we have to do everything to keep our schools safe. At the end of the day though, this was a heinous and deliberate action by a person who wanted to kill and was able to purchase multiple semi-automatic guns and 1,600 rounds of ammo.

    The burden of protecting students' lives should never fall to a teacher or the students themselves trying desperately to call 9-11, it must begin outside the classroom in preventing the ability to purchase high capacity weapons or any weapon that could be used to inflict mass violence.

    #tw death #tw mass shooting #tw mass murder #tw child death #tw uvalde shooting #tw gun violence
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  • beautifulblazeangel
    28.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    Together forever

    Summary: She knows the truth but everyone thinks she's lied. She's the victim and he the perpetrator. But in everyone else's eyes he's the victim.

    This can be consider dark. It's my first attempt so here goes nothing.

    (There's drugging and references to domestic violence, gaslighting.) [Please tell me if I missed something.]

    It's been a month since she's arrived at the psychiatric hospital and she wants out. She's not crazy, unbalanced or in need of medication. What she does have is an obsessive ex-boyfriend who sent her here. 

    The room feels empty and cold and smells of cleaning products. She sits alone on her bed in the little cell unable to communicate with anyone. Hugging her knees to her chest, tears began to blur her vision. She wants her family and her mom. She hates it here. 

    She sits and cries for what feels like hours. She doesn't quite know there's no clock in her room but she can tell since there is less sunlight filtering through the small window then when she had first begun her cry.

    There is a knock at her door and the sound of jingling keys she quickly wipes at her cheeks with the palm of her hand and sniffles even though the male nurse can see her through the little window on the door. 

    He stands at the doorway "Ms. Cortez it's time for your therapy session. Ms. Todds is ready for you." Getting up slowly and slipping her slippers on, she makes her way towards him.

    He steps aside to let her out; there's another male nurse waiting. They begin walking to the one on one therapy session rooms while the other nurse locks the door to her room. The halls are relatively quiet the occasional yells can be heard from different directions of the hallways as they walk. 

    Arriving in front of the door one of the nurses knocks and she hears a muffled "come in" and the nurse opens the door. 

    The walls are white just like every other wall in this horrid place white and padded and only the minimum a two seater couch blotted to the floor and a one seater also blotted both sat in the room like to black smudges in the all white room. 

    Ms.Todd sits on the one seater in a pencil skirt and a white blouse and some flats clipboard in hand she smiles and jesters for her to take a seat. She does so and the two nurses leave, shutting the door. 

    Ms.Todd looks at her "So tell me how have you been since your last visit?" Horrible everyday looks and feels the same. 

    "Good." She attempts a small smile. 

    Ms.todd nods "How are you feeling now?"

    "Better." That was the right thing to say. 

    She nods again and writes something down on the clipboard. 

    "Good. Now we're going to go over something new. I'm going to ask you a set of questions and you're going to answer to the best of your abilities. Okay?"

    "Okay." She mumbles.

    "Do you know why your here?" 


    She writes on her clipboard. 

    "Can you tell me what happened the night of September 5." 

    "It's in my statement." She answers robotically. 

    She hums low in her throat." I want to hear it from your mouth. I want to know your side."

    "Does it matter?" She shrugs her shoulders slightly. 

    "It matters to me. I'm here to help you. I'm here for you." Is she really?

    She looks down her hands fist the material of her scrubs. She inhales through her nose and exhales out her mouth it calms her a fraction letting go of her pants she sets them next to her on the couch. 

    "That night I was with my boyfriend at his place. We watched a movie he'd been quiet and distant the whole time that wasn't like him. The movie ended and I asked if something was wrong he didn't answer but he had this Look I knew something was wrong."

    There was a pit in her stomach just from remembering. 

    "I asked again and touched his arm and he just Blew up. He said that I was a lying, cheating, whore and 'how could I do this to him' I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. He got more angry. He stood up from the couch, and grabbed me by the elbow, yanking me off."

    She can still feel his phantom grip on her elbow and the burn of his anger. 

    She saw the therapist writing again. 

    "He starts yelling something about Mark and l flirting at the cafe we had gone to earlier that day. I try to talk him down and explain that there's nothing going on between us but he's not listening. He holds me from both elbows tightly, and looks right into my eyes and says 'there's nothing I hate more than lying whores'."

    She can still see his eyes in her nightmares trying to look into her soul. 

    "Were you having an affair?" She bristles.It feels like an accusation.

    "No of course not! I love -loved- Adrian." She corrects herself quickly.

    She hums and nods her pen once again moving across her clipboard. 

    "I try to get out of his grip but he won't let go. He tightens his grip, it hurts. I beg him to let go and for a moment nothing then he smiles and let's go. I try to leave. I get to the front door when I'm grabbed and dragged to the bedroom by my hair. I scream at him to let go please letgoletgoletgo LET GO!"

    She screams as if she's in the moment again her hands fly to her hair massaging her scalp all she wants is for the burning pain in her scalp to go away. 

    Ms.todd's soothing voice breaks through the vivid memory

    "It's okay. You're okay. Okay? You're safe." She soothes. She gives her reassuring smile. 

    She's not safe here it would be stupid of her to believe that but she nods anyways. She takes a moment to collect herself because she can feel the tears aren't far. 

    If the tears come she'll break down forsure.

    "When we got to his bedroom he threw me to the floor thank god I was able to brace myself if not I would've had a concussion. He walked towards me. I tried to get up fast but my knees were still ringing with the fall. He's faster, he turns and pushes me on my back. Both his knees are on either side of my waist."

    Underneath her scrubs both her knees still have purple ugly bruises. 

    "He looks down at me with this empty look in his eyes and says 'you only want my money they were right about you' I plead with him and repeatedly tell him how much I love him that I don't care about his money but he laughs and adjust his position putting more weight on my stomach and his hands move to wrap around my neck."

    Her hand instinctively goes to her neck she can still feel the weight of the much larger hand and the pressure of his grip.

    "He started to put pressure on my throat. I start to fight back and he cuts my airway off completely. I'm squirming, trying to claw at him, and begging him with my eyes but he doesn't stop, he just stares."

    The tears have already begun; they run down her cheeks in an unstoppable stream and a sob echoes in the empty room. She tries to control herself to get a grip but it only makes her sobbing worse. 

    She talks between sobs, sniffles and snot. 

    "I flail my hands around and I feel something near my right hand and I grab it blindly and hit him with it. It was a vase glass flys everywhere he fell to the side yelling. I try to catch my breath. I go to get up and so many shards dig into my hands but there's no pain, everything feels so surreal like I was in a fog."

    She looks down at her palms through her blurred vision  the smallest cuts have healed up and are faded but scabs still litter both her palms and fingers.

    "I try for the front door but my legs hurt and the room just spins I barely make it to the doorway of the bedroom when he grabs me by the elbow again, and drags me to the bed, throwing me on it. Sitting up I try to look and focus on him. There's a couple of shards that stick out on his left cheek and blood coming from somewhere on his head. He looked pissed seven ways to hell."

    She's no longer ugly crying just the occasional stray tear and random hiccup. His anger was a sight to behold and to be at the burnt end of it was worse. 

    Ms.Todds has been taking notes this entire time and nodding along.

    "I don't know what he was going to do before he could. There was a loud bang from the front door followed by more, it was the police someone had called them."

    At that point the adrenaline was leaving her body and the sting and pain of her injuries were becoming apparent. 

    "He gave me a narrowed look and left. I heard him opening the door and talking. I couldn't understand that well. My ears were still ringing a bit but I made my way over to them."

    She makes eye contact with Ms.Todds "You know the rest."

    She nods and looks down at her clipboard letting out a small sigh through her nose. 

    She lays the clipboard on her lap and slides a forest green file out that appears to have been in between the cushions of her seat.

    She flips it open and looks at whatever is on there. She has an idea of what it is.

    "He says that you attacked him first and that it was completely unprovoked. You deny that right?"

    "Yes of course! All I did was defend myself. He would have killed me." He'd look ready to. 

    "He says the same thing." She's still reading the file.

    "I thought you said you're on my side." Her voice cracks. 

    "I am but I'm also on the side of the truth. There are two versions but only one truth and I want to know the truth."

    "I just told you the truth." Why won't anyone believe her?

    "Tell me have you ever lost control before?" She's no longer reading the file and her attention is back on her. 

    "No! What are you talking about? I was a victim! Yet look where I ended up while he is out there as if nothing happened."

    "You gave him a concussion." Ms.Todds sends her a serious look.

    "He strangled me. He wanted to kill me!"  Was it so hard to understand that!

    "Are you sure that's what happened?"

    "Yes of course!" The frustration is building up fast.

    "Maybe you're remembering wrong."

    "What?" She's taken aback. 

    "What I'm saying is, is there a possibility that you for whatever reason lost control of your emotions and became violent and he was only trying to calm you down."

    "By strangling me. By calling me a lying whore!" Where's the logic? 

    Ms.Todds purses her lips. 

    "I was thinking more along the lines of when he had you be the elbows perhaps he was holding you down to try to calm you down."

    She stands up. 

    "No no no that's not what happened at all why aren't you listening. I want to leave please please." She sobs again. 

    Ms.Todds sighs softly and goes to the door clipboard and file in hand. "I thought we finally made a break, but it seems you're still in denial. We'll try again next week."

    "What! No no I want to go home please just let me!"

    The same two nurses come in one of them with a needle ready in hand. She tries to dodge them but one grabs her holding her still while the other injects the needle in her arm.

    They walk her back to her room and she feels the effects as they near her room. Relaxed and tired.

    One of the nurses helps her into bed. 

    She drifts in that in between became that nurse that helped her is still there he's looking at her then glances towards the direction of the door then back. 

    "The longer you fight the more you prolong your stay. If you want to leave all you have to say is the truth that it's your fault. That you started it." 

    His voice sounds familiar.

    She tries to look at him but her kids are so heavy she can no longer keep them open. 

    Lips graze her ear "Apologize. And all of this goes away. We'll be happy again. Happy and together forever."

    Fingers stroke her cheek gently.  

    Finally the drug pulls her under before she can obsess over her last thought.

    How the hell is he here?

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  • templetonpeckcangetit
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #bud#ed #// bla.ckmail part 2 #alkfnasknf#violence tw #??? #idk it's a fight scene so do with that what you will
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  • claire-the-queer-dragon
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I don’t want to hear anyone outside of the United States say anything regarding school shootings as a comeback.

    “At least I don’t have to wear a bulletproof vest to school and risk getting shot in Math Class”

    Yeah consider that a fucking blessing.

    #y’all better shut the fuck up #it’s not a joke #uvalde school shooting #school shooting #tw gun violence #tw: guns#tw: death#uvalde shooting#gun ban#gun violence
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    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


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  • sawdyr
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I wouldn't make it in Othello because I would overhear Iago being like "I'm going to destroy him and everything he loves for not promoting me or something" and would not be able to restrain myself from being like "dude get a fucking life" and then they would find me in my bedroom the next morning with a pillow over my face

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  • incorrectspyxfamilyquotes
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Loid, slamming the purse-snatcher into the ground: May the dirt taste good when I feed it to you.

    #Spy x Family #Spy x Family incorrect quotes #Source: Dragon Age #Loid Forger#violence tw
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  • makeshiftstory
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    As promised, ITS HORROR TIME! It took a bit, but we're finally at the horror bit of the comic and its gonna be progressively gory from here. Also yes, fun fact, a fog is when you cannot see the surrounding area while an Overcast just covers the sky....Fernando really is that bad at weather terms :< Pg. 1: https://makeshiftstory.tumblr.com/post/682296757402599424/here-we-are-guys-the-comic-that-took-over-a-year Pg. 2: https://makeshiftstory.tumblr.com/post/682930783999148032/pg Pg. 3: https://makeshiftstory.tumblr.com/post/683564416833372160/oh-boy-so-this-week-has-been-a-stress-festival-on Pg. 4: https://makeshiftstory.tumblr.com/post/684198590739038208/woot-woot-were-inside-the-white-abomination Pg. 5: https://makeshiftstory.tumblr.com/post/684832771240345600/here-we-are-at-page-five-and-you-get-to-see-what Pg. 6: You Are Here! Pg. 7: Coming Soon! Pg. 8: Coming Soon! Pg. 9: Coming Soon! Pg. 10: Coming Soon! Pg. 11: Coming Soon! Pg. 12: Coming Soon! Pg. 13: Coming Soon! Pg. 14: Coming Soon! Pg. 15: Coming Soon! Pg. 16: Coming Soon! Pg. 17: Coming Soon! Pg. 18: Coming Soon! Pg. 19: Coming Soon! Pg. 20: Coming Soon! Pg. 21: Coming Soon! Pg. 22: Coming Soon! Pg. 23: Coming Soon! Pg. 24: Coming Soon! Pg. 25: Coming Soon! Pg. 26: Coming Soon! Pg. 27: Coming Soon! Pg. 28: Coming Soon! Pg. 29: Coming Soon! Pg. 30: Coming Soon! Pg. 31: Coming Soon! Bones and the world this setting is in belongs to @azirtheshark Catrina, Fernando the clearly immature brat, The awful smelling Familiars, and the Kingdom of Xana belongs to Me :3c

    #Overcast#Horror#Comic#Fantasy#TW Blood#TW Violence#TW Death#Vampires#Ahuizotls #Bone clay Familiars #Catrina#Fernando#Bones#Danza#Canto#Estelle #I told you this would become gory and this is like the tip of the ice burg
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  • dontmean2bepoliticalbut
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago
    #us politics#uvalde shooting#Uvalde police #robb elementary shooting #2022#shitpost#memes #defund the police #acab #fuck the police #police the police #gun violence#gun control#gun rights#mass shooters#mass shootings #tw school shooting
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  • supreme-smokey
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    im gonna fight and beat the everloving shit out of whoever the fuck thought it was a good idea to throw my fucking cake away I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO EATING IT I HATE YOU SO DAMN MUCH 

    #smokey vents about shit #/nbh#/npa #i might delete this later #tw threats#tw threatening#tw violence #tw violent language #tw vent
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  • myescapetowonderland
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Today was the final session of the Trauma Therapy Group me and my mum went too. It was really useful and I liked that it was a small group, it made it less scary, overwhelming and such with my anxiety and more accessible. I feel like I came away with a greater understanding of the connection between trauma and the body. And that maybe it’s now given me the skills to work on that connection and not neglect it i.e forgetting to eat or drink or sleep. I think sharing this is rather apt given the work I’ve been doing in the group these past 6 weeks. Whilst this starts off sad (it’s a collection of 3 short micro poems) the final poem ends on a rather hopeful tone about my trauma and the way its affected me and it mirrors how I’m feeling no. I feel hopeful that one day I can move past my trauma I know it’s changed me in ways that I’ll never get back the person I used to be, and I no longer crave to be the old me. But there are things that impact my daily life that I hope to overcome, so that I can stop living in the past, stop being so afraid, and to look forward to a brighter future. This does come with a TW as it does discuss themes of abuse/domestic violence nothing graphic or anything just thats what the poems are about and the first two are sadder. Actually I feel like they represent different stages in my POV on my trauma - the first anger that they could do this to me. The second is sadness, hopelessness almost but mostly just sad and this feeling like I’ll always be haunted by my past hence the hopelessness. But the final one is me accepting or hoping I’d say fits it better, hoping that maybe one day that won’t always be the case I won’t always be haunted or tormented by my past. It’s a more hopeful outlook than the poem prior and I think for the most part my thoughts now remain similar to the final poem and less so the second but I still struggle to reconcile how they could behave such a way and that conflict is well expressed in the first poem and despite my hope that conflict is still ever present. Anyways this is long enough you didn’t need this explanation/summary on the poems so maybe just go read it instead?

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  • dreamties
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    fucking SCREAMS. i was working on answering an ask and tried to save it to my drafts and tumblr just DELETED IT. what the fuck

    #this better be one of the things it does where it pops back on my feed #or in my drafts #like 2 days later #like haha silly little prank tumblr #ur so funny #strangling this site #tw sid preaches violence against an online website #dreamties rambles #if anyone sees a half answered thing abt 5cream on ur dash from me... #uu know why
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  • surreal-static
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago


    #tw violence #the thing about that one kid in the shooting who put blood on herself and played dead #and that’s how she survived #. i remember hearing about a shooting a couple years ago and how some kids survived by playing dead #and a lot of us worked out that the best way to survive when the shooter is in the room #is after the first round of gunshots just Drop and Don’t Breath #Look Dead #because then they’ll move on to another room #. #the fact the kids have evolving tactics but the cops supposed to save them don’t #the fact it’s on the kids to protect themselves because the police won’t #columbine happened before i was born i grew up in the haze of drills and news and drills and plans in case a gunman ever came to school #every shooting horrifies me obviously but like. i’ve got the fucking exhaustion that people talk about as well #we are ‘the school shooter generation’ #and so will the next generation. and the next. and the next #and we’re getting so tired and we’ve heard the stories so many times #and we’ve lived the theoreticals over and over and over #and we know the best way to survive is to wait for some other people to die first and then play dead
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  • freelyhauntedduck
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    So, I know I really shouldn't be paying attention to anything that the Right is saying about alternatives to gun control, they just want to keep getting blood money from the NRA and will never see the reality of gun violence in the US. But.... doors? Getting rid of doors? Making sure that all schools only have one entrance/exit? AKA, putting everybody in a potential fish-in-a-barrel situation because you have one fucking exit in and out?

    My brain is melting. At this point those fuckers are throwing darts at a board of random crap and using that as an excuse to not allow gun control. "It's video games, no no it's mental health, oh wait no, it's fucking entryways"

    #every right wing-nut has blood on their hands #gun control#uvalde#mass shooting#gun violence#texas #children died you sadistic fucks #trigger warning#tw #sorry should have put a trigger warning first
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  • heller-castiel
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    just in case some of y’all didn’t know.

    The kids in the Uvalde school shooting were trapped in their classroom with the gunman for at least 40 minutes. The gunman barricaded himself in the room and was in there, with them, for forty minutes. The kids were alive and terrified with him. they were calling 911, begging them to send the police to save them.

    the police assumed those children were a lost cause and left those kids to be murder for forty minutes, while parents begged them to go inside.

    #gun violence #tw gun violence #us politics
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  • flippinbroadwayfreak
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    guess who has to (key word has) receive a check from GREG FUCKING ABBOTT on memorial day?? this bitch who thought hey, i need money for a car, and writing an essay is easy, and i might get a check from the governor, not knowing how awful he was, and then he goes and FUCKS THE WHOLE STATE UP AND REACTS IN THE WORST POSSIBLE FUCKING WAY TO THE UVALDE SHOOTING I WANT TO PUSH THAT FUCKER OFF THE STAGE SO FUCKING BAD BUT I CANT B/C THE SECRET SERVICE OR WHATEVER. i just wanted money for a car, and now i have to go and talk to the man who let this awful thing happen, and my fucking scoutmaster was at the nra convention in houston (i’m like 99% sure abt that) and i have to go on a fucking backpacking trip with him and i have to pretend like he’s a decent fucking human being when he basically condones children getting FUCKING MURDERED i literally hate everything and i haaaaaaaate living in fucking texas where nobody can SHUT THE FUCK UP AND AGREE TO NOT LET 18 YEAR OLDS HAVE FUCKING MURDER WEAPONS if y’all have any advice abt what to do pls let me know as i am hating every minute of this. i’m probably gonna end up donating some of it to one of the charities involved with the shooting, but idk what to do y’all

    #tw: gun violence #tw: guns#tw: language#tw: death#tw: vent#tw: violence #i’ve never had to tw any of my posts so i’m just covering all the bases
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  • violetmuses
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Black Rose Update! 😳 🍿

    J Krew: @nerdysuperchick @a-reader-and-a-writer @babblydrabbly @lacontroller1991 @shadowkittybucky @loverhymeswith @justin-hammers @weallhaveadestiny @xoxabs88xox @katjnordstrom96  @skvatnavle @mayhem24-7forever @lilisangel @peakyrogers @sociiallydiisoriiented @heresathreebee

    Hi! Be on the lookout for an epilogue.🙌🏾

    Also, please watch this space for Book II. 📖

    Thanks so much for reading my work as always! 😄

    Love you all. 🥰

    - V. 💜

    Black Rose - Masterlist 🖤

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  • pervynbgirl
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    TW // CNC, violence, abuse, blood

    Abusive mean dom that threatens to beat you within an inch of your life and then follows through with it, telling you how much your blood on your hands turns them on while you beg for them to stop.

    #cnc #trigger warning for violence #abuse kink#blood tw
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  • palefireonthewesternshore
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    This is obviously completely coincidental due to the time line but I never realized that the incident that caused the "bruise" that TMZ captured & led to AH's getting a TRO was a cellphone that JD allegedly threw at her during a drunken fight. (I put more below the cut, TW abuse/IPV/domestic violence)

    My memory sparked for a second and I realized wait, I've heard this somewhere before. Where else did I hear about a cell phone being thrown and causing injuries?

    Melissa Benoist.

    Tbf, Melissa did not reveal that she was a survivor of IPV until late 2019. AH got the TRO in 2016. Yes, Melissa was married to Blake Jenner before 2016 (2015 I think?) and they divorced in 2017 I think it was. The cell phone injury happened in 2016. Based on the story Melissa tells, not many were aware of what was happening at the time.

    I rewatched her MB's statement and then my jaw dropped:

    (TW: domestic violence/IPV/abuse)

    Melissa talks about how she was dragged by her hair over pavement, how she was headbutted, pin downed and slapped over and over, punched so hard that the wind would be knocked out of her, that she was shoved into a wall so hard that the drywall broke, pinched so hard her skin broke, choked, she would lock herself in rooms but to no avail since the door would be broken down, the first instance of abuse was a smoothie being thrown at her face...then talks about how Blake would break down in tears and cry and apologize.

    Didn't AH say that JD dragged her by her hair over broken glass, that he slapped her over and over, that he choked her and shoved her into the wall, that she would run and try to lock him out of rooms he would try to get into, that he headbutted her, threw wine in her face?? And that after the first slapping incident she told us about (re: the Winona tattoo) that JD broke down in tears and apologized?

    Look, I'm not saying AH copied Melissa's incidents of abuse word for word. At all. But this does just make me slightly wonder... One of the examples of her hitting JD was justified by her as she claimed she was trying to protect her sister because she allegedly believed JD would do to her sister and then her what he did to Kate Moss with the stairs back in the 90's.

    We all know that a couple of weeks ago when she first testified, that she used a former assistant's (was it Kate James) SA account that was suspiciously similar to what she accused JD of doing.

    We all know that her testimonies are performances and some on the internet have found striking similarities of her wording of her accounts of abuse to movies and television shows.

    Like I said, I'm not saying MB's account came into play here but those bouts of abuse AH claimed are oddly specific and somewhat similar to what MB made. Tbf, Idk what the timing was of the UK trial was or what was released/provided by either party before it so it's possible AH made these specific assault claims before MB ever came forward with her story. But this is just...strange.

    Especially, since Melissa talked about resources and help out there to help other survivors of IPV. She herself had to take advantage of some of these resources to get away from her ex-husband and out of that situation. If AH was as badly abused as she claimed, where was her using these resources (other than the TRO & divorce)? If she was so afraid of him, that he was going to hurt her so badly and possibly her life was in danger, why meet with him after you've gotten away from him completely? If he is not contacting you or trying to get you to come back? I don't know MB's full story but I don't remember hearing that she met with her ex after completely getting away from him.

    And you don't have Blake Jenner suing Melissa for defamation. Did he speak up after her statement eventually? Yes. Even though she didn't name him, he did eventually speak to the allegations and publicly apologized while also accusing her of being equally abusive. Which I think iirc MB did admit to reactive abuse. But both parties took responsibility. Now, look at this article and compare Blake's statements to AH's and the ones her attorneys have made during this trial. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? And Blake is a self-admitted abuser in their relationship.

    And moreover, with the damage Melissa describes here from the cell phone injury, would just a simple bruise be leftover 6 days later when Melissa had to wear an eyepatch (and get medical attention) which took time to heal?

    And last but not least, hearing Melissa read her statement, you can visibly tell this is not easy for her. Which I'm assuming is why it's a statement, it's easier to read something on a page rather than to try to access your memories of abuse to tell your story. (I'm not saying it's the exact same for everyone obviously, but from personal experience, it's easier for me to focus on what I'm reading and saying than letting the thoughts and memories in of what I'm actually reading, it also provides a little disconnect so it doesn't come back on you as hard so to speak) You see Melissa hurrying to read through the incidents of abuse she mentions and how she lets out deep sighs because you can see it's getting to her.

    That is what a real abuse survivor recounting their abusive and traumatic past looks like. Not fake crying or performing or changing from one emotion to the next in seconds. This is the real deal.

    #sorry just had to get this off my chest #anti amber heard #amber heard is an abuser #amber heard is a liar #justice for johnny depp #i stand with johnny depp #i stand with melissa benoist #justice for all dv and sa survivors everywhere #tw abuse#tw violence#Youtube
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  • blessedarethequeer
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    just saw a Dominican brother on Twitter claim that "transgenderism" is a far greater threat to and affront on the humanity of this nation's children than the actual violent mass terrorist-murder of small children in their own classrooms and never before have I been filled with such indignant rage at someone on the internet

    #brother i am praying for the healing of your soul that you may see the true humanity of others #even for transphobic views this was horrifically twisted and vile thing to say #if you would rather children be violently killed than be trans i beg you to reexamine your heart and your faith #tw gun violence #tw transphobia #this isn't even an exaggeration of his claim #lord have mercy on us #tw school shooting #tw uvalde shooting
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