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  • terrapia
    17.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    What I don't understand is how you can work with them. We were here. We saw what they did. I grew up knowing I'm less than them, that my place is down there. I want Powder to have more than that, and I’m willing to fight for it.

    VI │ARCANE (2021-)

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  • smolsawyer
    10.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Vi + development of her feelings towards Caitlyn

    (Catlyn’s version)

    #arcaneedit#caitviedit#arcanesource#loledit#animationsource#filmtvdaily#gamingedit#visource#videogamewomen#caitlyn kiramman#vi#dailynetflix#arcane#piltover's finest#piltover's gayest#myedits #whew this gifset was hell :D #and im not even such a big fan of it tbh #wish i could do better #but i think my gifmaking skills end here :D
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  • smolsawyer
    08.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Random Vi gifs (12/?)

    Because I’m gay and she’s hot.

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  • smolsawyer
    06.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    “If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?“

    #arcaneedit#arcanesource#loledit#animationsource#filmtvdaily#gamingedit#visource#videogamewomen#vi#dailynetflix#arcane #this woman is gonna be the end of me #i love her so much #protect her at all costs
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  • smolsawyer
    24.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Arcane characters + types of weather (insp)

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  • smolsawyer
    22.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    “I loved you completely. And you loved me the same. That’s all. The rest is confetti.” - Nell Crain, The Haunting of the Hill House

    Vander and Vi (Arcane)

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  • smolsawyer
    13.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Vi in Arcane (season 1)

    “I pretended to chase my own monsters away. I’d say… ‘No monster’s gonna get you when I’m here.’ Then a real monster showed up. And I just ran away.”

    (Caitlyn’s and Ekko's version)

    #arcaneedit#arcanesource#loledit#animationsource#filmtvdaily#gamingedit#vi#videogamewomen#dailynetflix#visource#arcane#myedits #i love her your honor #gonna do some more characters in this style <3 #its fun doing new stuff #1k
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  • smolsawyer
    06.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Ladies of Arcane

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  • tragedists
    04.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Vi Arcane ASMR RP | Vi Wakes You Up (A Sweet, Sleepy Morning)

    Vi wakes you up for an important meeting to help rebuild the cities; however, you'd much rather sleep a little longer: featuring sleepy!reader and Vi being... totally smitten *:・゚✧

    featuring: soft piano music, a brief Jinx impression, and mild sfx


    - this takes place in a future where the struggles of the series have been resolved and the characters/cities are reconciling (including Vi and Powder/Jinx).

    - if you enjoyed this and would like to be added to the taglist please contact me and I'll add you! alternatively, feel free to interact with my content via subscribing to my youtube channel ^.^

    taglist: @luv-indigo

    transcipt below the cut *:・゚✧

    Hey, wake-y wake-y, Sunishine. The day is getting away from you.

    Ah yes, there's that charming face that I've so missed. Oh, and the morning breath to match.

    What am I doing here? We've got a meeting at eleven, remember? With the raw materials trader? Any of this ringing a bell?

    Yeah, that one. You said that if you didn't show up when I knocked to let myself in and wake you up. I mean, maybe in not so many words.

    Just through the backdoor in the alleyway, you're going to want to put a better lock on that, especially with all your fancy planning documents laying around.

    (sfx: papers rustling as Vi looks through them)

    Some of these are different than the other day. how late were you up working on these. Jeez, and I thought I was the night owl.

    That explains the dark circles and the late start to the day.

    Seriously though, you should get up. I swung by early so we could grab some grub before hand.

    We should get a move on, no one likes to talk business on an empty stomach. And by 'no one' I mean me.

    Hey, hey no going back to sleep! You and I both know that you'll be mad as hell at the both of us if you do that.

    Oh, you're not going back to sleep, you're just resting you eyes a little more.

    Could have fooled me.

    Well then, scoot over. Come on, scoot scoot. I'm tired too.

    (sfx: blankets rustle as Vi climbs on the bed)

    Nah, it's nothing. Nothing wrong at least. Just had a late night hanging out with Powder. She wanted to show me this thing she's designing. I honestly have no idea how it works. But it lights up and makes this awful screeching noise. She seems happy with it.

    She says 'hello' by the way.

    No seriously she does! I mean, she didn't say 'hello' it was more like (Jinx voice) "hi" but still. It was only like 25% menacing.

    Yeah she's come around since you agreed to start letting her borrow your library card. She has taken out an arguably irresponsible number of research books, but, hey, I'm not going to stop her. besides the new Unity bridge is her design so clearly, she's onto something.

    Anyways, moral of the story is bribery will get you everywhere in the undercity.

    Bribing me? For what? Oh, to let you rest a little longer. Hmm that's going to be pretty pricy.

    Let me think about what I want for a minute.

    Alright, I think I've decided.

    Come on, angel, don't look so nervous. It's just me.

    Alright, here are my terms. You get to laze around for another... let's say ten minutes? I know, I'm generous today. And in turn, you take a night off from work and let me take you out.

    Probably somewhere in Zaun, not that I don't like your stuffy little Piltover friends.

    Nope, it's gonna have to be a surprise. I promise, you'll like it.

    Come on, food, drinks, a delightful evening on the town with yours truly, and a little extra rest, I mean, really it's a win-win for you.

    Excellent, I'll begin the preparations immediately.

    Hmm? Yeah, it's not a problem, you can lean on me.

    Sorry if the jacket's...not the freshest, shall we say?

    I was gonna to wash it, but it was cold last night. And I mean, this is my best jacket.

    Yeah no, it does definitely actually slightly reek, I am now smelling that myself.

    Oh, I'm sorry, what was that?

    Ah, okay, okay. So I wash the jacket, or else you push me into the shower fully dressed? Two birds one stone, is it?

    Well then, I will make use of that delightful washing machine invention you've got up here. And I'll get to use that fancy soap of yours too, right?

    What do you mean? Yeah, it's not exactly the normal scent I'd usually go for, but I like it. It reminds me of you.

    You should see the look on your face.

    Wow, I need to be careful. (Vi yawns) Lying around with you and talking like this... it's making me sleepy.

    Seriously though, I get it. This bed is fucking incredible.

    Yep, no, that's it: the commute is an absolute nightmare. Not that I don't like literally sprinting across two cities just to get to work.

    Okay, nope. I am not going to succumb to your strangely cloud-like bed. Some other time, but not today.

    Okay, getting up!

    (sfx: blankets rustling)

    Yeah, no, you too. Ten minutes are up. Yeah, I was paying attention. What did you think that I was going to forget?

    Give me your hand, I'll help you up.

    (sfx: blankets rustling)

    Aaand there we go!

    Look at us, out of bed and ready for the day. I mean, well, you're in your pajamas, but I'm ready for the day.

    Get dressed and then we're going to go grab salty-ass food, and head to the marina for the meeting.

    Alright, I'll wait downstairs.

    See you in a bit.

    (sfx: door opens and closes as Vi leaves)

    #vi arcane #vi x you #vi x reader #vi arcane x reader #vi the piltover enforcer #arcane x you #arcane x reader #vi arcane imagines #arcane x y/n #visource #vi x y/n #arcane roleplay#arcane asmr #🌸—original content. #arcane#vi
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  • bargalaxies
    03.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Vi vs. Chemtanks

    Arcane [1.08] Oil and Water
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  • smolsawyer
    01.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    “One day, this city is going to respect us.”

    Vi before and after spending her whole youth in prison.

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  • tragedists
    26.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Vi Arcane ASMR PR | pov: Patching Up (and Flirting With) Vi After a Bar Fight *:・゚✧

    After a nasty bar fight, you try to patch Vi up back at your apartment while she... is a complete nuisance ;) .... A meet-cute scenario featuring medic!listener *:・゚✧

    featuring: calming piano music, mild sfx

    note: forgive me, my Vi impression needs work lol

    transcript below the cut:

    (door opens and shuts) (muffled footsteps) (Vi coughs, pained) Where are you dragging me to? Shit... This is... Is this your place?

    Wow, look at you, rolling out the red carpet for little ol' me.

    Between bringing me back home and hitting that guy with a chair, well, you're just full of surprises aren't you? It's not everyday you see some sweet little topsider decide to get in a brawl to help someone from the undercity.

    Either way, thanks.

    I think we've lost them, so I'll be getting out of your hair--what? My name?

    It's Vi. Why are you asking?

    Look, that's a nice offer, sweetheart, but really, do you think that the two of us should be spending any more time together than we have to?

    Oh, you're a medic, huh? And I suppose it goes against some oath of yours to let me go without patching me up first.

    It's fine, really. this is nothing to worry your little Pilty head about. A couple of days and I'll be right as rain. I've dealt with way worse than this.

    Oh you insist. Is that so? And if I refuse you'll hit me with the chair. Well, that's quite the credible threat.

    Ugh, fine. I'll let you help, but I swear if the Enforcers track me down, I'm blaming all this shit on you.... of course, to do that, I'd need to know your name.

    Hm, I will keep that in mind.

    Okay, I'll wait here. If I get blood on your couch, I'm not paying to have it cleaned.

    (fabric rustling as Vi sits down)

    Oh, you're back already. I guess you probably always have that stuff on hand.

    What's a kit like that cost anyway? Actually, nevermind, I do not want to know.

    So what's first?

    My nose? What, you don't think this is going to contribute to my roughish good looks. No need to worry about setting it just get the bleeding to stop, alright?

    Seriously? You want me to count? You're going to set it on three? Trust me, I'll be fine.

    Don't give me that look

    Fine, I'll count. One, two-- Shit!

    (Vi groans)

    Who'da thought my guardian angel would be so fucking mercenary, huh?

    Guess it fits the bill.

    What, you gotta problem with the nickname? But you swooped in right when I needed you... My hero.

    Fine, fine, I'll shut up and let you work.

    What's that for?

    A...to shove up my nose. How elegant. I guess somethings are the same topside.

    Why'd you become a medic anyways?

    Why am I asking? Aren't I allowed to be curious?

    You wanted to help people. How noble. I thought everyone that wanted to 'help' just became an enforcer.

    Oof, you got frosty quick. Never thought I'd meet one of you that didn't like the enforcers.

    What does that mean? Forgive me if I'm a little punch drunk to be reading tea leaves.

    You just didn't want to hurt anyone. Ha, tell that to the guy who you bashed with that chair.....I get what you mean though.

    It feels impossible. No good deed goes unpunished, right?

    I guess I used to feel like that to. Like what mattered most was protecting everyone.

    Yeah, that ship sailed.

    Turns out, when you try and save everyone...let's just say there's always someone that slips through the cracks right.

    What am I trying to do now?

    Just... putting things back together I suppose. Trying to figure out how to pick up where I left off. It's been a long, long time since I thought about the future.

    It's strange. I'm not sure I even know how to anymore.

    God, forget I said that. Ugh, that was... so uncool it's causing me actual pain.

    Oh...so you do think I'm cool.

    Funny. You know, everyone from the undercity is convinced that you guys are incapable of humor? I guess I'll have to report back that said rumor is incorrect. 'Cause you, angel, are fucking hilarious.

    No, no I'm not making fun of you, I mean it.

    Hm, what's that?

    (bottle uncorks)

    Ah, not for drinking then. Disinfecting alcohol, delightful. I'm guessing it stings like an absolute bitch? Perfect.

    Okay, lay it on me.

    (liquid sloshes in bottle)

    Shit, you were not kidding, huh? I guess that's the good stuff then.

    You seem like you'd be a good medic.

    What? Flattery will get me nowhere? Heh, I mean, it's gotten me this far, hasn't it? Ah, no of course, you're a professional, I nearly forgot.

    The savior complex is cute, but a little impractical.

    What, so you can drag a stranger back home in the dead of night, but you get shy now? Over a little compliment?

    Ah, don't worry about that one, it's old. From a couple weeks ago. Nearly all healed up now.

    Yeah, it happens, more often than most people would like. That's what you get when you go hunting down monsters though. Sometimes...the monsters hunt you back.

    Man, you did a nice job. I won't lie, I'm impressed.

    So you don't think it'll scar? You worried about my face that much?

    Anyways, I should probably get going for real this time. Somehow I doubt that it'd be a good look for you if I just waltzed out of here, so I'll go out the window, unless you mind.


    (curtains rustle while opening)

    Really though, you should know better than to bring strays home


    Because, they might come back.

    Don't go getting into trouble without me, 'kay angel? I'll see you the next time I bust my face.

    Don't look so excited. Or else I might think that you want me to come back.

    Bye, now.

    (Window opens and shuts with a click)

    #vi arcane #vi x you #vi x reader #vi arcane x reader #vi the piltover enforcer #arcane x you #arcane x reader #vi arcane imagines #arcane x y/n #visource #vi x y/n #arcane roleplay#arcane asmr #🌸—on the line. #🌸—original content. #i'm posting this and running away #i think its technically a voice-reveal?? #not that this is what I actually sound like lol #I sound like rattling tin cans but I'll try n be smooth for the loml
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  • smolsawyer
    18.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    The time Vi didn’t come back + the one time she did

    Requested by @whimsical-adhd-gal-pal-1910

    #arcaneedit#arcanesource#loledit#animationsource#filmtvdaily#gamingedit#vi#videogamewomen#dailynetflix#visource#arcane#piltover's finest#piltover's gayest#requested#myedits #this gifset turned out more heartbreaking than i expected #thanks for the request #im so sad Vi lost everybody that night #even her sister #1k
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  • smolsawyer
    16.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Characters of Arcane (season 1) - Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Vander

    Part 2 | Part 3

    #arcaneedit#arcanesource#loledit#animationsource#filmtvdaily#gamingedit#vi#dailynetflix#visource#videogamewomen#arcane#caitlyn kiramman#vander#ekko#myedits #second and third part are almost finished too :) #hope you will like them all #gonna put the links in when i post it #0.5k
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  • smolsawyer
    14.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    They are perfect for each other.

    @caitkirammans your wish is my command :)))

    #arcaneedit#caitviedit#arcanesource#loledit#animationsource#filmtvdaily#gamingedit#visource#caitlyn kiramman#vi#dailynetflix#arcane#piltover's finest#piltover's gayest#myedits#requested#kinda :D #those two idiots are made for each other really :D :D :D #cant wait to get some canon kiss or more intimate moment #imma die with it :) #1.5k
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  • terrapia
    14.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    (happy valentine's day, chooms!)

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