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    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    *chef’s kiss* it is done


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    Why have we collectively decided Volga is blonde? What about this man made us all go 'Oh yeah, he's blonde.'?

    I used to have him as blonde but switched it to red with blonde tips. But why did we all decide he's blonde?

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    Scenes that, for one reason or another, had to be cut from Playing With Fire. Whether they didn't fit, were changed or my writing plan went in a new direction.

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    16.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Volga meets a kitten – Chapter 8

    A cute, cut scene for Playing With Fire chapter 8


    They left the General Store, ready to make their way home when Silva heard a noise. She stopped and looked around, trying to spot the source. She heard it again.

    A tiny meow.

    And from the grass near the store she saw it, a little orange kitten. It looked far too small to be out on it’s own, but had a little blue collar with a tiny bell.

    “Here kitty, kitty.” Silva went over to the kitten, kneeling and holding out her hand. “Pspspsps.”

    “What are you doing?” Volga walked over and stood next to her. “What is that?”

    “A kitten, a baby cat. Here kitty. Pspspsps.” She crept a little closer.

    “Why are you making that noise?” Volga crouched, watching the little creature walk over.

    Silva reached out and scooped it up gently, holding the kitten carefully. She lightly scratched behind its ears.

    “It makes them come to people, I think. People always make that noise at cats.” The kitten started purring, tilting it’s head back and exposing its neck. Silva chuckled and scratched it’s neck and chin.

    “What is that noise?” Volga looked fascinated. His hand twitched, like he wanted to reach out and touch it.

    “Purring. You can pet the kitten. Just be gentle.” Silva stood, Volga following, and turned so he could pet the kitten.

    He hesitated, looking at the orange puff ball before him. He held out his hand and carefully rubbed it’s head with his fingers.

    “It’s so soft!” Volga’s eyes widened and he rubbed more, the kitten purring loudly.

    “Kittens are usually very soft. So are cats, dogs and their babies, puppies.” Silva smiled.

    They stood there for a few minutes, just loving on the content kitten.

    “Orangie! Orangie where are you?”

    Silva turned; a young girl was looking frantic, looking behind everything she could reach.

    “Excuse me! Is this your kitten?” She held up the kitten for her to see.

    “Orangie! Thank you for finding him!” The girl ran over happily, carefully taking the kitten from Silva. “Thank you, my lady!”

    She walked off, scolding the kitten for getting out.

    “I’m glad we found the owner. Despite what people say, I don’t think cats should be left outside unchecked. So much can happen to them, especially kittens.”

    “Because they are so small?” Volga watched the child run off with her pet.

    “Yes. Adults aren’t much bigger.”

    “I see.”

    “They’re good for keeping down pests, however. That’s usually why people have them.” Silva turned to him. “Anyway, shall we head home?”

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    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    CW: OCs(if y’all don’t like that) OC x Canon(eventual, again if y’all don’t like that)

    Characters: Volga, Silva(OC), Lizalfos and Dinolfos

    Tags: Self-Indulgent, A whole village worships Volga, like a cult, Human Sacrifice, Gifted Bride, I’m bad at pacing, Wrote This For Me, Canon-Typical Violence, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, fat OC, just to keep that in mind, Friends to Lovers

    Summary: Silva and Volga spend some time together, talk gets awkward, and go to a festival.

    #playing with fire #volga #the legend of zelda #hyrule warriors
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  • shesplayingwithfire
    15.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Playing With Fire

    CW: OCs(if y’all don’t like that) OC x Canon(eventual, again if y’all don’t like that)

    Characters: Volga, Silva(OC), Lizalfos and Dinolfos

    Tags: Self-Indulgent, A whole village worships Volga, like a cult, Human Sacrifice, Gifted Bride, I’m bad at pacing, Wrote This For Me, Canon-Typical Violence, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, fat OC, just to keep that in mind, Friends to Lovers

    Summary: Silva and Volga spend some time together, talk gets awkward, and go to a festival.


    Month 8(August)

    Ever since Volga had appeared before the village they all tiptoed around Silva. The only ones who weren’t treating her differently were Myra and Kai, but they had always known Silva best and already faced the truth of what her mother was doing to her.

    Her mother kept her distance.

    Nathaniel hovered in the background sometimes, looking like he wanted to speak, but he never approached her.

    Silva still felt something towards him, an attraction to be sure, but he wasn’t as appealing to her anymore.

    She’d found… someone… more appealing and pleasing to the eye.

    Someone she knew she stood no chance with, but the heart wants what it wants.

    Silva had feelings for Volga, and seeing him so angry at her pain, so protective of her, had only made them bloom further.

    Silva did her best to hide her growing feelings, but it was hard when she saw him every day. When he approached her and asked how she was feeling, sleeping. When Volga asked her to sing for him it was hard not to choose a love song and express herself that way.

    She hated that she was ruining her friendship with him, and they had only just become friends. Was she so starved for love that she jumped head first into the closest chance she had?

    Silva sighed heavily and looked down at the handkerchief she was working on.

    A red dragon, ambitious for her beginner-level skill. Still, it was small and turning out well, probably because it was small.

    She ran her fingers over the pattern, trying to push thoughts of who she planned to give this to from her mind. She needed to concentrate, she didn’t want to prick herself after all.

    But thoughts of dragons and maidens filled her head, making her flushed. She’d never admitted, even to Myra, the sorts of books she’d snuck from the bar owner’s room sometimes.

    All were the sort of trashy novels you’d expect only the lower classes to read, or so she’d heard, and all were absolutely filthy.

    She had a favorite among them, one that made her even more embarrassed than she’d ever felt before.

    Ever since she’d been chosen as Volga’s bride, she’d favored this book even as she knew it was unlikely to ever happen.

    And how fitting to have, when your entire town worships a dragon?

    A novel about a dragon kidnapping a princess, and how they fell in love.

    It was the trashiest of trash, but younger Silva had eaten it up, dreaming of a similar story happening to her when she left to be Volga’s bride.

    Reality had quickly set in, even before she’d gone. Growing up had made her realize that some stories were better left as stories, and she’d gone to the caves shy and afraid, rather than eager to test for potential romance.

    She knew better now; Volga was nothing like the dragon in the book, and she was happy about that. He was so much better.

    He was kind, gentle, and strong. Sure, he was easy to anger and held grudges if what had just happened said anything to that. He had a distrust of humans, but she couldn’t blame him for that.

    She wanted to get to know him better. Would he be alright with that? They’ve known each other for over seven months now. He called her tribe.

    Only one way to find out.

    Silva put the handkerchief away and left. She walked the halls of the cave, wondering how to ask. She supposed she could simply say, ‘Hey, I’d like to get to you better.’ That was a start at least.

    Melusine and Tanit approached from the other end of the hall.

    “Hello, Silva,” Melusine said with a small wave.

    “Hello, you two. What are you up to?” Silva waved back.

    “Relaxing day. Spend time with hatchlings.” Tanit smiled.

    “Aw, I’m sure your hatchlings will love that! You two sometimes seem so busy, it must be hard.”

    “Hard, yes. But worthy work. Keep family safe.” Tanit nodded, crossing her arms.

    “What Silva do?”

    “I’m… well I’m going to try to spend some time with Volga. Even though I’ve been here so long already, I’ve realized I know very little about him.”

    “Master private, but may open to Silva. Silva is family.”

    Silva blushed a little and looked down, a small smile on her lips. “I hope so. I’m so glad you all see me as family now.”

    Melusine and Tanit both nodded, reaching forward to lay their hands on her shoulders.

    “Silva is family. Never forget.”

    She looked up, tears in her eyes.

    “I won’t.”


    She found Volga standing by the back entrance, holding his pike. He was unarmored today but kept his pike by his side. He turned when he heard her approach, nodding at her.

    “Hello.” She spoke quietly, nervous.


    He looked back outside, the sun shining brightly, with few clouds in the sky. It was a lovely day.

    “I was wondering,” Volga looked at her again as she spoke. “If you were alright with it… if we could sit and talk. Get to know each other better.”

    “We know much about each other.”

    “Do we? What’s my favorite color?” Silva smiled.

    “….does that matter?”

    “It does. It’s something about me you don’t know.”

    “I see. Then, what is your favorite color?” Volga had a little quirk of the mouth, a small Volga smile.

    “Blue. But I also like green… and red.”

    “I see.”

    “What about you? What’s your favorite color?” Silva turned fully to face him, hands folded before her.

    “I’ve… never really thought about it. I suppose I like red. But,” His eyes softened. “I’ve found I like blue as well.”

    Silva’s blush returned.

    “Maybe, we could go for a walk? Together?”

    Volga’s face softened further.

    “I would like that.”

    He held his arm out, gesturing to the path before them, and they set out. Silva felt strange not telling anyone where she was going but figured that she was safe with Volga, so she was fine. They walked in silence for a little while, Silva thinking of what to say.

    “It’s a nice day today, isn’t it?” What a way to start. She cringed internally.

    “It is. The sky is clear, and I can smell no rain coming. A lovely day.”

    “Right.” She cleared her throat. “So. Tell me about yourself?”

    “What is there to tell?” He looked at her as they walked.

    “Well… anything. I feel like I don’t know you that well. Um… do you have any other friends outside of the cave?”

    “I do.”

    “Really? What are their names? How did you meet?” Silva was excited. He was opening up to her!

    “Errier and Glycon. Errier is a blacksmith, the best there is among dragons. Glycon is an alchemist.”

    “How did you meet?”

    “Why does it matter?” Volga stopped, looking at her suspiciously.

    Silva walked a few feet more, before turning to face him.

    “I want to know you. I want to know your friends and how you met them. What foods do you like, and what do you like to do. I just… want to know you.”

    Volga was quiet, watching her. Did he think she meant harm?

    “Why now?” He walked over to her.

    “Because I’ve come to realize how little I know you. I do, but if I was asked about you by someone I wouldn’t be able to tell them much.” Silva looked down and fiddled with her sleeve.

    Volga remained quiet for a long moment. He’d never really had to talk about himself before; everyone who needed any information on him already lived with him all his life.

    “I met Glycon and Errier at the Gathering a few years ago. Errier made my armor, and my pike, for my father and mother.”

    She looked back up at him. “Are they… good friends of yours?”

    “I like to think so.”

    They resumed walking.

    Over their walk, he told her about the Gathering, his cousin Mythra and her family. He told her about Glycon, Errier, and Lixue; how he’d gotten close to them, how Lixue had been a teacher to him, and…

    “Lixue was your lover?”

    “My first. She taught me much.” Volga smiled again at the memories. Lixue had taught him many things, both in and out of the bedroom.

    “I see. So, you must have loved her then.” Silva looked down, trying not to let the negative feelings ruin the mood.

    “I do. She is dear to me. But, I’m not in love with her.” Why is Silva so down all of a sudden? Had he said something wrong?

    “You… you’re not?” She looked back up at him, confused. “I thought… to make love to someone you had to be married, or in love.”

    Volga was confused now. He stopped. “Where did you hear that?”

    “Well, that’s what my teacher taught us in school. To be intimate with someone, you must be married, or in love, but you’re typically married if you’re in love. Otherwise, you’re… easy.”

    “Easy? What does that even mean?” Volga’s eyebrow raised. What are these humans teaching their children?

    “It means you’ll… be intimate… with almost anyone. It’s shameful. Even more so if you’re a woman! You’re not supposed to… like it.”

    Volga’s jaw dropped a little; he was stunned. “What?”

    “Sex is for men and women to… reproduce. Anything else is… wrong.” Silva looked at her hands, picking at her cuticles, and any loose skin.

    “Silva, that’s…. there’s no way of gently telling you how wrong your people are about sex.”

    Silva looked up then, staring at him in confusion. “What do you mean?”

    “Sex isn’t just for having offspring. It can be quite… pleasant.”


    “You don’t have to be in love with someone to want to have sex with them. Love and lust can be together, but they are separate things.”



    “Everything you’re telling me goes against everything I’ve known growing up. I…” Silva looked down again. “I just…”

    “Silva, look at me.” Volga put his free hand on Silva’s shoulder, gently squeezing.

    She looked up at him from under her eyelashes, feeling shy.

    “There is nothing wrong with having sex just for enjoyment. I’ve used sex to help other dragons through their ruts and heats. There’s much more to it than just having children.”

    This was blowing Silva’s mind. You could just… enjoy sex? You didn’t have to be in love, or married?

    Sure, in the novels she’d stolen to read, sex was a beautiful culmination of love, but it always ended up in pregnancy.

    Now here came Volga, telling her this didn’t have to be.

    All she’d wanted was to learn more about him.

    “Um…” She licked her lips. “D-dragons have heats and ruts?”

    “Hmm?” Oh, so she was changing the subject, but not entirely. “Yes. We don’t have a species-wide mating season, but we do have ruts and heats. There are rules connected to these, of course.”


    “Well, of course. Heats and ruts mess with our minds; we become obsessed with mating. We need someone we can trust to take care of us. There are those, dragon and otherwise, who might take advantage of this.” He frowned deeply, as though taken by a bad memory.

    “Has that ever happened to you?”

    Volga was silent, looking serious.

    “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that.” She looked down again, still picking at her nails.

    He shifted his feet, looking at the trees. “It has happened to me.”

    Silva’s head shot up. “It-it has?”

    “Her name is Eirwen. She wants dearly for me to be her mate, but I am not interested. I don’t love her. On one of her visits, I went into a rut. She took advantage of this and tried to forcibly mate with me. My kin helped drive her off, and she is banned from Eldin now.”

    “I’m so sorry that happened! That’s terrible!” Without thinking Silva reached out and rested her hand on his upper arm.

    “It is what it is, and now it’s over. Eirwen has not bothered me much since, even if she sees me at the Gathering.” Volga sighed.

    “Still, it’s a horrible thing.” Silva drew her hand back.

    Volga simply nodded.

    “Let’s change the subject.” Silva turned her attention to the wildflowers growing around them, anything but the awkward air that had taken over.

    Volga looked at her. “Tell me about yourself.”

    “Huh?” Silva looked back at him.

    “You asked me about myself, it’s only fair that you tell me more about yourself as well.”

    “I- fair enough.”

    Silva paused, thinking of things she could tell him. She took her lower lip between her teeth, worrying it lightly.

    “I like animals. We had a cow when I was younger. I named her Daisy. She was so sweet.” Silva smiled at the memory of Daisy. She’d been the sweetest cow. “Myra named one of her cows Daisy in memory of her.”

    “Cow? One of those large animals? With horns?” Volga stabbed the end of his pike into the dirt and let it stand on its own.

    “Yes, but not all have horns. Only the males have them, they’re called bulls.”

    “I see.”

    “We have many uses for them! We keep them for milk and pets. And meat.”

    “Milk?” Volga had never heard of milk before.

    “Yes. We get it from the cows' udders. We use it to make food, and we drink it-”

    “You eat something that came out of an animal?!” Volga was horrified. That was… disgusting!

    “You eat the entrails of deer and other animals.” Silva pointed out. What was the difference?

    “Not while it’s alive!”

    “It doesn’t hurt them! If anything it hurts them to not milk them! Then why waste the milk? It’s like with cuccos and unfertilized eggs-”

    “Your people eat eggs?!” That was truly horrible. Eggs! Of all things!

    “Cucco eggs! And they aren’t fertilized! Cuccos lay a lot of eggs, and not all of them hatch. If we just leave them, then they go rotten.” Really, what was the big deal?

    “We are… more different than I thought.” Volga rubbed his forehead.

    “It seems so.” Silva laughed a little. She hadn’t been expecting their conversation to take this turn.

    Volga shook his head, amused. Then he wondered; how long had they been standing there?

    But then again, did it matter?

    “How about this: you come with me to the village, and try milk? It’s best when cold.”

    Volga flinched. She wanted him to drink that stuff? The stuff that came out of an animal?

    “Why would I do that?”

    “Are you scared?”

    Oh. Oh, she was going there was she?

    “No, I’m not.” Volga glared but there was no heat behind it.

    “Then come with me and try it. If you don’t like it, I’ll never bring it up again. Eggs too.” Silva had her hands behind her back and was swaying a little back side to side, a bright smile on her face.

    “Fine! I will try milk and… eggs.” He almost felt sick saying that.

    Silva’s smile widened. “Then tomorrow we’ll go to the village. Myra usually makes her deliveries on Tuesdays anyway.”

    Volga grabbed his pike, knocking it against his boot to get the dirt off the end.

    “We’ve stood here for a while. Shall we continue?”

    “Of course. What else would you like to know?”

    They walked for a while more, exchanging information.


    The next day around nine they headed to the village. Volga had to be convinced to leave his armor and weapon behind; the village feared him enough. Silva didn’t have work that day either, so after their visit, they could simply leave.

    When they passed into the gates it was no surprise that everyone stopped to stare at them; not only because of Volga’s declaration but because this was only the second time he’d ever been to the village.

    Silva took him up the hill to the inn, which served as more of a restaurant than anything. They rarely received visitors.

    She sat at one of the tables, Volga sitting next to her. He looked around at the people staring at them, only for them to quickly look away. But as soon as his eyes were off them they went right back to staring.

    Ingrid, the main waitress, came over to them. She was practically trembling, constantly glancing at Volga, who stared right back at her.

    “W-what can I get you, folks?” Her voice was shaking.

    Silva smiled sweetly. “We’d like two plates of eggs and bacon, and two glasses of cold milk, non-alcoholic, please.”

    “Y-yes ma’am, coming right up.”

    Ingrid left to get their meals, whispering hurriedly to someone as she passed. They whispered back, in excitement, and there were rapid footsteps.

    “Now what?” Volga tapped his fingers on the table.

    “We wait, of course. They need to get our plates ready.”

    “What is bacon?”

    “It’s made from pigs. It’s meat strips fried up.”

    “Fried?” Volga raised an eyebrow.

    “You’ll see. Be patient.” Silva put her hand on his, stilling his tapping fingers, before pulling back, realizing what she’d just done.

    Volga didn’t say anything if her actions displeased him. There was a soft titter behind them, Volga turning slightly to see who it was, but they kept quiet enough after that he couldn’t tell.

    Volga was starting to become impatient when their food arrived. Two hot plates were set down in front of them, Ingrid leaving for a moment and then coming back with the glasses of milk.

    Volga stared at the plate as though it had offended him, side-eyeing the glass of milk, as Silva calmly picked up her fork and started eating. He stared for a moment longer before picking up a stripe of meat.

    “This is bacon?” He held it in front of his face.

    “Yes. Try it.” Silva picked up a piece as well, taking a bite. It was crunchy, but not overcooked.

    Volga watched her for a moment before following suit. The bacon crunched nicely as he bit into it, and he chewed for a moment before his eyes widened a bit. He took another bite, finishing the piece off, and grabbed another, all but shoving it into his mouth.

    “Slow down, you’ll choke!” Silva reached out and touched his arm.

    “Hrm?” He looked over at her, cheeks full. He chewed and swallowed, tilting his head.

    “It’s very good!”

    “Slow down! If you eat that fast you might choke. Take your time, enjoy it. The food isn’t going anywhere.” Silva laughed quietly before reaching over to take a sip of her milk.

    He watched that, looking as if he was waiting for something. Silva glanced at him then took another sip, setting her glass down and licking her lips.

    “Ah. Now for the eggs.” She drew the word out a little, teasing. Volga hadn’t touched anything so far but the bacon.

    He looked at his plate, bacon gone, and hesitated. He was not afraid. But this was… different. He picked up his fork and poked at the egg on his plate, watching it like he expected it to jump at him.

    Silva, meanwhile, was happily munching away, pausing now and then to sip her milk. Volga glanced at his, condensation causing droplets to form on the glass. He took hold of it, bringing it close to inspect it.

    He looked over at Silva again, still munching, and sighed before taking a sip, not noticing her pause to watch him.

    He set his glass down, licking his lips. It wasn’t the greatest thing he’d ever had, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. So the… eggs… must not be so bad, right?

    He cut off a piece and stuck it on his fork, holding it up to eyeball it. It was white and yellow, with a little brown crust on the edge, and looked non-threatening.

    Silva seemed to be eating hers with no issue.

    Volga popped it into his mouth and chewed. He wasn’t bothered by the taste, it was fine. But eggs were special, they were the vessels of hatchlings. These eggs Silva had assured him were not containing any babies, but it still felt wrong.

    He set his fork down, thoughtful. Silva set hers down as well, waiting for his verdict.

    “They aren’t… terrible. The milk is fine. It feels wrong to eat the eggs.”

    Silva nodded. “Well, you don’t have to eat them.”

    “When you ordered the food, when it came to the milk you specified what kind? There are other kinds?”

    “Yes,” Silva took another bite of eggs. “Depending on what you add to it, the flavor changes. Like chocolate.”


    “It’s sweet. We can get some from the General Store on our way back.” Silva took another sip of milk, Volga following suit. “Are you done?”

    “I think so.” His plate was mostly empty, and Silva’s was more or less empty.

    “Then let me pay and we can leave-”

    “No need for that, ma’am. It’s on the house.” The owner was suddenly there, wringing his hands nervously, a weak smile on his face.

    “On the house?” Volga’s brow went up.

    “Free. No need to pay. Anything for our Lord and Lady.”

    Silva’s mouth went dry. They were trying to earn favor. Was it because of what happened? Or just because of how the village felt about Volga?

    “No, I can pay-”

    “Please, my lady, there’s no need.” He began clearing away the plates. “Have a wonderful rest of your day!”

    With nothing else she could say or do Silva stood, Volga following, and they left.

    Silva felt a mixture of emotions, she felt sick almost. She’d never actually experienced the villagers acting differently concerning her and being Volga’s bride. Was it because Volga was here? It had to be.

    They kept walking until they were at the square again.


    “Yes?” She stopped and turned around, looking at Volga. He was stopped and turned to look at a building.

    “This is the General Store, correct? You work here.”

    She looked over. “Yes.”

    “You said we’d get...chocolite?”

    “Chocolate. We can get some if you’d like.”


    They went into the store, the little bell above the door tinkling.

    “Sil-ah! M-my Lord!”

    Volga frowned more. He hated titles from the humans. He was no one's Lord. He was only called Master by the tribe because he was their leader.

    “What brings you here?” The owner wrung his hands like the owner of the inn had.

    “We just want some chocolate.” Silva was getting nauseous.

    “Of course! How much would you like?” The owner had a wide smile on his face.

    “Just one bar, we don’t need much.” She felt a cold sweat.

    “Of course, of course! Let me get that for you.” The man came around the counter and grabbed a bar of chocolate, handing it to Silva. “No charge!”

    “I- fine. Let’s go.” Silva took the bar and turned around to leave, Volga silently following.

    They walked quickly through the gate, taking the path home. It was around eleven-thirty now, sunny and bright.

    Silva sighed. “They aren’t usually like that.”

    “They were much like that when we were there last time.”

    “I can’t tell if it’s fear or not.” Silva held up the chocolate bar. She opened it and broke off a small piece. “Here.”

    Volga took the piece of chocolate and sniffed it before putting it in his mouth.


    “Good?” Silva broke off a piece for herself, delighting in the taste. It was plain milk chocolate, nothing added.

    “It is. Can we get more?”

    “We can, later. Let’s just enjoy the bar we have now.” she broke off a larger piece for him, and took another for herself.


     Month 8(Near end)

    There was a festival coming up to celebrate the summer. It always happened at the end of August and went for a full day.

    There were food stalls, people selling their goods, music, and dancing. Sometimes there were other things, like eating contests, but not every time.

    Silva looked forward to it this year, though she couldn’t tell you why.

     Maybe I can get Volga to come with me.

    But was that such a good idea? After what had happened?

    “Silva? Everything alright, dear?”

    “Huh?” Silva snapped back to the world, she’d been lost in thought again.

    Mrs. Eristen smiled at her. She was a kind old woman, she’d always been sweet to Silva. She’d given Silva cookies and advice as she grew up, always lent an ear.

    “Do you have something you need to talk about, dear? I’ll always have a free ear for you.”

    Silva smiled, but that smile was tempered by the knowledge that if Mrs. Eristen wasn’t harassed by the town for what Silva told her, she might brag about having the Brides favor and being her confidant.

    Just how much of her kindness was actual kindness?

    “Sorry about that. Here’s your package.” She handed a medium box to the older woman and scurried off.

    Silva had a few more deliveries to make before she was done, and then she had to straighten the store shelves.

    It was quick work, the deliveries, and she had no further problems with slipping into thought. Silva headed back to the store, putting her bag away and starting on the shelves.

    The door opened, the little bells jingling.

    “Welcome, how can I help you?” Silva stood straight, smiling.

    It was Nathaniel.

    “H-hello Silva.”

    “Hello, Nathaniel. How are you?” Before she might have been stuttering when speaking with him, but time spent with the dragons of Eldin had boosted her confidence.

    He cleared his throat. “I’m well. And you?”

    “I’m doing well. Not much longer to work today.” Silva adjusted some of the products on the shelves, noting there was a new supply of chocolate bars.

    Volga had, unintentionally, scarfed down the rest of the one they’d been sharing the other day. He definitely approved.

    “Good. I was wondering if you have time if we could… spend some time together?”

    Silva was stunned. “Spend time, with you?”

    “If it’s alright I mean-”

    “No, it’s fine, I...I’d love to.” she smiled again, a little blush on her cheeks. She wasn’t as attracted to him as she was once, but she’d love to make a new friend.

    “Great! I’ll be in the square then. See you soon?”

    “See you soon.”

    Silva finished up just as the owner came in.

    “Good job! I have nothing else for you today, so, you can take off if you’d like.” He handed her a pouch of rupees. “Your pay for the week.”

    “Thank you! I’ll see you on Friday then.”

    They said their goodbyes and Silva headed out the door. Nathaniel was lingering by a stall, trying hard to seem inconspicuous. He looked up and spotted Silva, waving with a nervous smile.

    She went over to him.

    “Hello again.”


    “What would you like to do?” Silva fiddled with her sleeve.

    “We could just… walk around. Talk.” Nathaniel seemed very nervous.

    “Alright. Are you alright? You seem very nervous.”

    “Sorry. It’s been a while since I’ve talked to someone new.” He rubbed the back of his head, black hair sticking out oddly when he did.

    “It’s alright. I understand.” Silva tried to smile nicely, hoping to calm him.

    They walked around the town, just chatting. Nathaniel showed her his house but strangely avoided taking her inside. He introduced her to his friends, David and Gabe, and they were polite enough. He told her about his favorite hobbies, and how he was training to become a blacksmith like his father.

    “I really wanted to apprentice with Daniel, the tailor, but… my father wanted me to follow in his footsteps.” He sounded very sad.

    “I’m sorry to hear that. I… know how it feels, having your future decided for you.”

    “Yeah, I guess you do…” Nathaniel went quiet, looking at the sun as it lowered in the sky. “I guess you should get going. Your husband is probably waiting for you.”

    “Ah- yeah, he probably is.” How could she tell him Volga wasn’t her lover? How could she tell anyone, save for Myra and Kai? The shop owner was even talking about names for children now.

    “Well, goodbye Silva.” Nathaniel smiled at her, waving as he left.


    Silva headed for the forest path that would take her home.


    Silva debated on asking Volga to come with her to the festival. On one hand, she’d be able to show him more foods, and what a human celebration was like.

    But he’d stood on a house and threatened them. Taking him to the village to try milk, eggs and bacon had been one thing, they hadn’t really interacted with anyone since it was early.

    At the festival, there’d be people staring at them, watching their every move. But would it be awe or fear? She couldn’t tell anymore.

    She wanted to ask him to come with her, she enjoyed spending time with him. But the town, knowing they’d be watched, wondering about fear…

    Was it worth it?

    She decided in the end that it was. It was another chance to spend time together, and have fun.

    Silva tracked him down to the keeps on the east side of the cave system, where he usually went to train. There was a crowd this time, bouncing around and cheering. She managed to squeeze her way through and to near the front.

    Volga was shirtless, again, wrestling with Ormarr, the Dinolfos chieftain.

    “Get him!”

    Alina, Ormarr’s mate, cheered from beside her. Silva felt a little laugh bubble up in her throat, looking over at the Dinolfos beside her. She looked back to the match, wondering how long they’d been going for.

    Ormarr flipped Volga onto his back, pinning him down and holding his leg.

    “You can do it!” Silva shouted, before realizing what she’d just done and covering her mouth.

    Volga’s head moved like he was tilting it a bit. Did he hear her? She wouldn’t be surprised, she had yelled pretty loudly. He got his second wind, grabbing Ormarr’s arm and swinging his free leg around, wrapping it around Ormarr’s back and forcing his way up.

    Volga pinned Ormarr in return, holding him in place by the throat until the Dinolfos smacked the ground in surrender.

    Volga let up, sitting back. He met Silva’s eyes, making her blush and look away.

    “Who’s next?” He challenged, getting up off of Ormarr. Alina went forward.

    “Avenge mate!”

    No further words were exchanged, Ormarr barely managing to roll out from under their feet. They grappled with each other, a wild smile on Volga’s face. Alina managed to push him back a bit, but he retaliated just as strongly, sending her back and regaining his place.

    Silva’s cheers were quieter now, but she still cheered. The longer it went on, the more into it she got, getting louder; but she always stopped short as she got louder. She didn’t want to stand out, even though she knew it was ridiculous.

    Alina gained the advantage several times, but just like with Ormarr, Volga came out on top, winning the match.

    He was grinning widely, out of breath, and flushed. The crowd gathered around him, cheering him on.

    Silva stayed where she was, smiling. It was nice, to find him doing something other than training or patrolling.

    She turned to leave, intending to talk to him later.


    She turned. Volga came over to her, the others chatting and wandering away.

    “Did you enjoy the match?”

    “Yes! You did very well!”

    “I heard your encouragement.”

    Silva’s blush returned. “You, ah, you did? I didn’t realize I was that loud. Sorry.”

    It came out of her mouth before she could stop it.

    “Why are you apologizing?”

    “I… I always apologize. Sorry.”

    “Stop saying sorry.”

    Silva bit her tongue.

    Volga sighed. “Either way, you enjoyed yourself?”

    “Yes, it was very entertaining. I’m glad to find you having fun sometimes, instead of always training or patrolling.”

    He nodded, a small smile on his lips. “Did you need something?”

    “Actually, I wanted to ask you something. The village is having a festival, to celebrate the summer. Would you… like to go with me?”

    “To a festival?” He seemed doubtful.

    “Yes. If you want to, that is. It lasts a day, so I’d probably stay in the village overnight, and if you came you would too.” Silva felt a little nervous at that. Staying with Myra was one thing; he knew she was safe there.

    But overnight in the village, with what had just happened?

    “Absolutely not. You will not stay there overnight.”

    There it was.

    “I’ll be fine-”

    “You’ve said that before,” He crossed his arms with a frown. “And look what has happened. No, I will not allow it.”

    “Then, come with me.” Silva blurted out. “If you’re there we can come back in the dark.”

    He looked at her with narrowed eyes, not saying anything. Silva waited with bated breath. Had she pushed too far? He seemed very set in this.

    “Fine. I will go with you.” Volga didn’t seem pleased.

    “You don’t have to. It’s alright.” Silva felt bad now; he obviously didn’t want to go, or even for her to go.

    “No, it’s alright. I will go with you. Besides, I’m curious now as to what a human festival is like.” He let his arms fall to his sides.

    “Master! Rematch!” Ormarr called out to Volga, waving at him.

    “Very well! I will see you later then, Silva.” He waved to her and walked away to his rematch with Ormarr, the chieftain waiting eagerly for a chance at vengeance.


     A few days later

    The morning of the festival Silva spent helping care for the hatchlings. It would take a while for things to be set up, anyway, so there was no reason to be there. The general store didn’t have a stall this year so she didn’t have to help.

    Scylla made herself at home on Silva’s shoulder, hiding under her long hair and peeking out with tiny giggles.

    She was Silva’s company throughout the morning, a constant warm presence.

    It was shortly after lunch that Silva and Volga headed out to the festival. He wanted to bring his pike, but Silva begged him not to. The villagers knew now, they knew not to anger him. He reluctantly left it behind, though he was fine dressing in his casual clothes.

    They walked to the village, taking their time. It was a lovely day, with not a cloud in the sky. And the festival went on all day. There was no rush.

    By the time they arrived, it was in full swing. People gathered at stalls to buy things, and children ran around, chasing each other. There were clothes, food, and toys to buy. Some of the stalls had games set up.

    “Well, what would you like to do first?” Silva smiled up at Volga. She wanted him to take the lead, after all, this was his first festival in the village.

    He sniffed the air, looking around. “What’s that?”

    Volga pointed to a game booth.

    “That’s a game we can play. It looks like you try to hit the targets.” She led him over to the booth, already hearing the excited whispers of the villagers.

    “Welcome! My lady, my lord! Welcome!”

    Volga scrunched his nose at the title but knew there was no point arguing.

    “How much per game?” Silva pulled out her rupee pouch.

    “Nothing at all, my lady, not for you. Please, have fun.” The manager set several small sandbags on the counter.

    Silva frowned a little but, like Volga, knew better than to argue. There was no getting through to them.

    “Do you want to try?” She turned to Volga, who picked up one of the sandbags.

    “Just hit the target?” He tossed it up a few times.

    “Yes sir, just hit three targets and win a prize!”

    “Just remember your strength, Volga. Try to hold back a bit. Please?” Silva just hoped he didn’t destroy the booth by accident.

    “Right.” Without another word, he launched the sandbag at one of the targets.

    And punched a hole right through the back of the booth.

    Silva’s jaw dropped. Was he holding back? And still, did that?

    “It seems I didn’t hold back enough.” Volga’s mouth twisted a little, trying not to smile.

    “I am so sorry! Sometimes he forgets his own strength.” Silva glared up at Volga, with a sneaking suspicion he did that on purpose.

    Volga looked away, handing Silva the other two sandbags.

    She set them down and got out her rupee pouch again. “Here, let me pay for it.”

    “No, no, it’s alright. This is an old booth anyway, I can patch it.” The man laughed a little and went behind the booth to see the damage.

    Silva tugged on Volga’s arm. “Alright, we’ll leave you to it. Let’s go…”

    He let her lead him away, glancing at the other stalls and booths. The food at some of them looked interesting, and there were other games to play, but he doubted Silva would let him get away with more destruction. It wasn’t meant badly, but he couldn’t help it. He was showing off his strength, it was just… something he wanted to do.

    Volga wanted Silva to see how strong he was.

    He caught the scent of meat in the air, roasting.

    “Where can we get meat?” He sniffed the air again.

    “Oh, over here! This is where they set up the fire pit each year.” Silva linked their arms and led Volga to the pit.

    Large bird legs were stuck on a spit and being turned over a fire, a huge pot of what appeared to be a meat-filled stew, and metal grills held chunks of meat big and small.

    His mouth watered. Whatever they had used to season it, for he assumed they seasoned it like Silva did, had just added to the delicious scent.

    “There are drinks over there, and obviously the meat, but there’s other stuff too. What would you like?” Silva waited for his direction.

    There was a particularly large piece of meat being grilled that caught his eye, but he didn’t recognize the scent of the meat. He pointed it out.

    “What sort of meat is that?” He started walking over, Silva’s arm still wrapped around his.

    “Hmm? Probably beef. From cows.” They used a mixture of beef, cucco, wild bird, and venison at the festival each year. If Volga didn’t recognize it as venison, it had to be beef.

    “I’d like that one.” His stomach might as well have been growling.

    Silva laughed a little. “Alright, that one it is. Excuse me!”

    Before anyone else could get the steak Silva grabbed the cook's attention. Once he realized who he was serving he stood up straight and cleared his throat.

    “These pieces please.” Silva pointed out the large steak and a smaller one for herself.

    “Of course, my lady! Let me get those for you.” He hurried over and plated the food, handing it to the duo.

    Silva thanked him, Volga eyed his food, and they went to sit down.

    “I’ll be right back, I’m going to get something to drink. Would you like anything?” Silva set her plate down.

    “...Water.” Volga hesitated to try the human drinks. Some of them had a strong smell that hurt his nose.

    Silva nodded and walked off, leaving Volga to his steak. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the villagers watching him, the cook included. Probably to see how he ate, and if he liked the meat.

    He snorted softly and used his hands to pick up the bleeding steak. What had Silva said? She’d called it rare or something when it bled still? He shrugged and took a large bite, tearing the meat apart. Some of the blood trickled down his chin, but he didn’t pause to wipe it away. There was just going to be more anyway.

    “You know, there’s a fork and knife right there,” Silva set a flagon of water down near his plate, eyes narrowed slightly. She picked up her napkin and without hesitation, without thinking, wiped the blood from his chin and neck.

    She yanked her hand back. “I’m sorry!”

    The crowd waited with bated breath.

    “Why? You didn’t need to, but thank you. It was starting to itch.”

    There was an exhale. Silva didn’t know if it was from her or the crowd.

    “Here.” She handed him the napkin.

    He took it and wiped his mouth further, Silva sitting down and taking up her utensils. She kept glancing at the villagers; most had returned to their fun, and the spectacle of their Great One eating died down. Others were still looking over now and then, likely wanting to get a good look at their mysterious Lord.

    Silva sipped at her heather ale now and then. She didn’t usually indulge in things like this, usually only at the summer festival. She knew she was something of a lightweight, however, so she took it slow.

    Volga was halfway through his steak now, pausing to wipe away the blood sometimes. Sometimes Silva forgot she lived in a cave now. He usually used utensils, but today he wasn’t for some reason.

    He’s going to have to wash his hands. She thought idly.  At least he rolled up his sleeves a bit.

    She sipped her ale again, wondering where to go next. No throwing games, Volga had already broken one stall. Maybe shopping? Someone had to let her pay for something. She set her ale down and went back to her steak, eating as quickly as she could without making herself sick.


    After managing to keep Volga from licking his fingers(now she knew he was messing with her), they put their plates in the pile and walked away, Silva taking the ale with her.

    It was a little under half gone and she was feeling warm and relaxed. She eyed the stalls offering goods and wondered what she could bring back that everyone would get to enjoy.

    There was a stand with some books, but she probably had those already. Still, wouldn’t hurt to check. A toy stand. Nothing there made for little dragons. Leather goods and jewelry, the blacksmiths stand(Nathaniel wasn’t there surprisingly).

    The main square was set up for dancing and music, but Silva never danced. She wouldn’t dance alone, and no one had ever asked her to.

    They walked by for now. Maybe later they could listen to some music.

    Pottery. No, they had no need. Candles. Alright, she needed more of those.

    “Let’s stop here for a second. I need to get some candles.”

    Volga quietly followed after her.

    “Hello!” Silva exchanged greetings with the owner, picking out several large candles and a few holders. They were put into a cloth bag and handed to her.

    Once more they refused payment, and Silva led Volga away again, aware of all the eyes. She was starting to sip her ale more often. She thought about getting another one.

    Her skin felt too tight, her chest was getting there. Her eyes darted around. Goddesses they kept looking at her!

    They were closing in, too close, too many.

    So many eyes.

    “Silva? What is it?” Volga stopped walking, bending a little at the waist when she didn’t look at him.

    “Can we… sit away for a while?” Silva was quiet, her heart starting to beat faster.

    “…. Alright.”

    They walked to a quieter area, Silva sitting down and trying to take deep breaths. She drained her ale in a desperate attempt to control something, letting the flagon roll away.

    She slowly calmed down, head buzzing, heart pounding slower and slower. It took the better of ten minutes for her to feel calm again, and even then she could feel the tiredness coming on.

    “Are you alright?” Volga knelt in front of her, hesitantly putting a hand on her thigh. Silva tensed and he removed it.

    Silva closed her eyes and focused on breathing. With every breath, she said a number until she reached five. She tried to remind herself that this would pass, it always did.

    She hadn’t had one of these since she’d moved to the caves, an easy escape always accessible.

    Volga waited patiently for her to speak, not quite hovering but staying close.

    “You’re safe, Silva. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He kept his voice soft, trying his best to be a comforting presence.

    She opened her eyes, smiling weakly. “I’m alright. I’m alright.”

    “Are you sure?” Volga scooted a little closer.

    “I’m sure. Thank you.” Silva jerkily reached out and put her hand on his shoulder, letting it linger there.

    Volga reached up and put his hand over hers, looking into her eyes.

    “What happened?”

    “It’s… it happens to me sometimes when I’m in certain situations. I haven’t been in a crowd where I had no real escape for a while. In the caves… there’s always an escape. And no one really crowds. I forgot that this happens. I hoped that it wouldn’t…” Silva looked away, teary-eyed. “I’ve ruined your fun if you were even having fun.”

    “Silva. Look at me?”

    She looked back up, trying not to let the tears fall. One escaped but was quickly brushed away by Volga. His touch was gentle, just like last time he’d brushed her tears away.

    “It’s alright. There was no way you could have known this would happen.”


    “No buts. You said it’s been a long time since this has happened. You couldn’t have known.”

    Silva stopped trying to protest, Volga gently stroking her cheek. She wanted to say something, but she was afraid of breaking this moment.

    He leaned closer. Silva’s already pink cheeks darkened.

    Then he pulled away. Volga cleared his throat.

    “Are you… feeling better?”

    Silva tried to hide her disappointment. But, really, what should she expect? She looked away.

    “Yes. I’m feeling better. We can go back now. I think I’d like another ale.”

    She stood up, Volga following.

    “Let’s go.” She tried to smile.


    They walked around more after Silva got another ale. She drank it a bit faster this time. She also got a bottle to go.

    Together they stopped at a few more places to get some things, including the blacksmith stall to look at daggers. But nothing compared to the ones Volga had given her.

    Their final stop was the fletcher, Silva picking up a few bundles of arrows. She wanted to test the difference between the dragon’s arrows and the villages.

    She dropped her flagon somewhere, not sure how empty it was. It was fully dark now, fires roaring around them. Mothers and fathers gathered their children for bed, saying their goodnights.

    As Silva and Volga passed by they were given similar goodnights, thanks for joining the festival or buying things.

    Silva sleepily said her goodnights, waving at an almost sad-looking Nathaniel.

    Outside the gate, Volga took her into his arms, carrying her the way he’d carried her the day he found her hurt.

    Silva snuggled against him with a hum, bag dangling off her elbow.

    He spread his wings and flew them home.

    #playing with fire #volga#hyrule warriors #the legend of zelda
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  • ya-ka-sha
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    Semyon Fridlyand , Volzhanocka (Girl from the Volga region), 1930s.

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  • huariqueje
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    In the summer on the Volga at Ples  -   Alexey Belykh , 1980.

    Russian , b. 1923  -

    Oil on canvas

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    he pulls lightly on epona’s reigns,  bringing her to a stop just before the grass on the side of the road dies off,  overtaken by the rocky base of the mountain.  she whines  &  trots back  &  forth a few paces as link looks above  &  around momentarily.  he dismounts the horse,  patting her neck as he nears the entrance of the caverns  (  he doesn’t bother to tie her to a tree or post,  he knows she won’t run off.  )  

    silently,  he enters the lava filled mountain,  wiping sweat from his brow as he ventures further in.

    @radixnt-gxrden​  for  volga !
    #radixnt-gxrden #radixant-gxrden ; volga #' silent guardians. ( verse : main )
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    Got the bad ending in all 3 Metro games...

    Considering it's based on morals, I dont know what that says about me as a person

    #/j #if killing all the nazis is wrong i dont wanna be right #okay in exodus *maybe* i could've been more careful in the volga. #im sorry Duke I didnt know😭 #metro exodus#metro 2033 #metro last light
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    Got a random request ideea. So what the villains + Robbie & Midna’s love languages?

    This is a good one to get back on track, thanks anon! Also I will make this one in two parts because I don't want it to be a really long post so I hope you don't mind!

    The Villains + Robbie & Midna's love languages (Pt. 1)


    Acts of service & physical touch.

    Zant is generally touch starved, and clingy. Which means he feels like he can combine both the new to be close to them and his love for them by either holding their hand, hugging them from the back, holding them by the waist etc.

    In terms of acts of service, he wants to be there for his S/O and help them in any way he possibly can. Most likely the acts of service start when he falls in love with them, which leads to him going out of his way to help them and making it obvious he is in love with them.


    Gift giving and quality time

    Ghirahim would give them the moon if he could. He has no problem in spending large amounts of money in things for his S/O. Even if they don't ask Ghirahim to get them stuff, he does it anyway. Simply because his S/O deserves all of the best things.

    Also when he is not working or busy, he much rather prefers being with his S/O. They could be doing their own thing and Ghirahim could be doing his own thing, but the fact that they are both together is more than enough for Ghirahim. On occasions he joins on whatever his S/O is doing and on other times he prefers to watch them.

    On the topic of quality time, his dates are all absolutely showstoppers, and tend to last an entire day.


    Acts of service, words of affirmation, gift giving

    How Ganondorf acts with his S/O in the privacy of their room is a vast difference on how he presents himself to the world and his enemies.

    To most he is viewed as a monster, but only to his S/O he becomes vulnerable and shows them his human side.

    Ganondorf will often praise them and encourage them to keep working on their career, passions, hobbies and basically everything they do. He never stops telling them how important they are to him.

    Even if Ganondorf is filled with work, he is willing to drop everything to help out his S/O on anything they need, even if they don't ask for help. Other times he leaves a cup of coffee/tea on their night table before he heads to work or bring them their breakfast in bed.

    He is also big on spoiling his S/O with lavish presents. After all, they are Ganondorf's S/O and they deserve the absolute best. Though he constantly tells them how much he loves them, he finds its better to show them with many gifts for them.


    Acts of service, quality time

    Volga is terrible at verbalizing his feelings towards his S/O and though he tries his best to use his words he feels its better that he shows them how he feels by helping them out even if he has a lot on his hands.

    Another thing is that he loves to spend time with them no matter what. They could just be reading and Volga would have them on his lap as they read and unwind. Mostly its them reading to Volga until he falls asleep and they continue reading in silence while Volga snores softly.

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    Golden Gods Chapter 3

    Summary: Volga and Crest get into a fist fight. It gets ugly.


    In this chapter:

    Hero of Minish - Picori “Cori” Minish, Lead Guitar/Keyboard Hero of Warriors - Crest Warriors, Drums

    Mentioned: Hero of Legend/AlttP - Light Legend, Lead Singer, Guitar Hero of Twilight - Canis “Nis” Twilight, Bass Guitar Hero of Hyrule- Yousei "Yo" Light


    Mind tags and rating, luvs ^-^ And have fun with the LoZ Rrockband AU!!! (My blorbos)

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    I see requests are open, heres a funky one:

    Villain’s reaction to s/o asking “would you still love me if i was a worm?”

    Anon this the best ask I've ever gotten kzjdkrkr


    Assures them that he will still love them.

    Also insists on becoming a worm too so they can have worm dates


    He's annoyed, they've asked him the same question a million times now.

    He says no just for funsies, immediately regrets it. Now his S/O is crying and he feels bad.

    Comforts them and apologizes saying that yes he would love them even if they were a worm.


    He loves them regardless, but its 3am and he wants to go back to sleep

    Holds them thight, kisses the top of their head and calls them his little wormy and immediately passes out


    Doesn't hesitate with saying yes

    He will be the worm defender

    Then goes on about how he would make them the best worm enclosure


    Turns them into a worm to see if he does love them as a worm

    He does love them anyway, but wants to mess with them for a bit

    Immediately turns them back to normal and concludes that yes he loves them as a worm


    He says yes and nothing else

    Then his S/O interrogates him on why

    And he just tell them that they will always be the wormy shwormy of his heart and gives them a kiss on their forehead so they can drop the subject


    Hell yes, he will make banana costumes for them if they turn into a worm

    Call them his banana worm


    He loves them in anyway they are, but asks them why they ask him such a question.

    They don't know why, they just thought about it

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    Playing With Fire

    CW: OCs(if y’all don’t like that) OC x Canon(eventual, again if y’all don’t like that) Concerning this chapter: child abuse, broken bones

    Characters: Volga, Silva(OC), Lizalfos and Dinolfos

    Tags: Self-Indulgent, A whole village worships Volga, like a cult, Human Sacrifice, Gifted Bride, I’m bad at pacing, Wrote This For Me, Canon-Typical Violence, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, fat OC, just to keep that in mind, Friends to Lovers

    Summary: Volga is given a sacrificial bride from a nearby village as tribute. Volga wants nothing to do with the situation, but if it will get the villagers to leave him alone, then she can stay. Her name is Silva.

    AN: The song Silva sings is Shalott by Emilie Autumn.


     Month 7(July)

    Silva had managed to convince Melusine and Tanit to train her. They were hesitant at first, after all, Silva was human and not as inherently strong as a dragonkin. That, and she used daggers instead of a sword or spear.

    Still, they saw her determination and heard her insistence. They were willing to train her, or at least help her out.

    Every day that Silva wasn’t in the village for work, she spent with Tanit and Melusine training. She spent so much time with them, in fact, that Volga was feeling… a little concerned. It was as if Silva was obsessed with getting stronger.

    Alright, he was more than a little concerned.

    It had been months since he had last thought Silva might be a threat to anyone in the caves, but this sudden obsession with strength had the thought niggling at the back of his mind.

    He needed to talk to her about this.

    But Silva was always busy it seemed; if she wasn’t training, she was working in the village, and she always returned tired. She had made a decent amount of rupees, at least, she hadn’t needed any from him lately.

    She was always tired at dinner, she said it was from running around the village, delivering packages, and then the walk home. She hadn’t introduced them to any new foods recently, but promised that she would bring something called ‘pasta’, she just needed to make sure there was enough for everyone who wanted to try it.

    He would have to take her out of training to be able to talk to her.

    But today Silva wasn’t with Melusine or Tanit. She hadn’t gone into the village either, but he couldn’t find her in the caves. The only other place he could think of would be by the river. So to the river, he went, hoping she was there. If she wasn’t, he didn’t know where she might be, and that didn’t sit well with him.

    Volga left the caves to find a cloudy day, dark clouds promising a coming storm. If nothing else, Silva needed to come home to get out of the storm.

    He wonders when it changed from ‘Silva coming back to the caves’ to ‘Silva coming home’.

    Volga shakes his head and sets out, the river was only a mile or so away. He can smell the rain in the air, and can’t help but wonder if it’s only rain or an entire thunderstorm that’s coming. As he gets closer he can hear something, carried by the breeze.

    Singing. Someone was singing.

    He gets closer to the river.

    It’s Silva. Silva is singing.

    Volga slowed his walk. He’d never heard Silva sing before. He didn’t know she knew how.

     And it’s raining

    And the stars are falling from the sky

    And the wind

    And the wind I know it’s cold

    He stopped walking. She was waiting to die? Did she mean when the villagers thought he was going to eat her?

     I’ve been waiting

    For the day I will surely die

    And it’s here

    And it’s here for I’ve been told

    That I’ll die before I’m old

    And the wind I know it’s cold…

    It’s only a song. He thought with another shake of his head. She isn’t waiting to die. Right?

    There, He thought again. See, just a song. She isn’t locked up anywhere.

     But there’s willow trees

    And little breezes, waves, and walls, and flowers

    And there’s moonlight every single night

    As I’m locked in these towers

    He still couldn’t bring himself to move his legs. He just wanted to listen a little longer. Besides, it would be rude to interrupt, right? Lixue would scold him terribly for manners if she found out he had interrupted someone.


     So I’ll meet my death

    And with my last breath I’ll sing to him I love

    And he’ll see my face in another place

    And with that the glass above

    Silva and Volga jumped at the loud roll of thunder, both looking to the skies. The clouds had gotten much darker in the short time since Volga had left the caves to find Silva. If they didn’t hurry back, they’d get soaked.


    She jumped again, looking behind her at Volga.

    “Volga? How long have you been there?” Her cheeks flushed, eyes wide. Was she embarrassed he might have heard her singing?

    “It doesn’t matter. We’d best hurry back to the caves before the skies open up.” Volga walked over to her and held out his hand, Silva taking it and standing. “Hold tight.”


    He took off in a run, dragging a stumbling Silva behind him. She tried to say something, but he wasn’t listening, determined to get back to the caves before the rain started. Volga finally slowed when they were within a safe distance of the caves.

    “Don’t- don’t do that! I…” She paused, hands on her knees and panting heavily. “I can’t keep up with you like that!”

    Volga was quiet for a moment. In his haste to avoid the rain, it had slipped his mind that Silva couldn’t run as fast as he could. She probably had barely kept her feet as they ran.

    “I apologize. I was in too much of a hurry.” He stood there, feeling awkward as she caught her breath.

    “Please, just don’t do it again. You’re a lot faster than I am.” Silva looked up at him, face red and still trying to get her breath even.

    “I understand.”

    She stood up fully, panting slowed to something softer, and looked at him. “Why were you at the river? Were you looking for me?”

    He could understand why she’d think that. For one, he was. Secondly, he rarely left the caves, and if he did it was with a purpose. Hunting, patrolling if humans were spotted too close. Looking for Silva. These were the only reasons he ever left the caves. He had no reason to otherwise; everything he wanted or needed was in the caves. Even when the Gorons rarely visited to check on the cursed ring, or to trade perhaps, they came into the caves. He didn’t exit to meet them.

    “I was. We need to talk.” He kept his voice neutral, not wanting to frighten or confuse her.

    It didn’t work.

    “Talk?” Silva’s voice shook a little. She panicked a little. “Am I in trouble? Have I done wrong?”

    “What? No, you-” The clouds chose that moment to release the rain they held in an unceasing downpour, soaking the two of them.

    They had stopped just outside of the caves but had remained fully exposed to the weather. Silva let out a squeak and the pair darted into the caves, dripping wet and a little stunned. Without thinking Volga shook his head hard, hair flying wildly and splattering water.

    Silva brought her hands up to block the droplets from hitting her face with a giggle, bringing her braid forward and wringing it out a bit. Their clothes dripped steadily onto the floor, and soon a small puddle was forming. The rain had hit hard and fast, and they had lingered just long enough to get wet.

    “Well,” Silva said with a small laugh. “I guess we should have seen that coming.”

    Volga brushed the hair out of his face, sniffing softly. “Yes, we should have.”

    “I suppose we should go get changed.”

    “Yes. But, remember that I want to talk to you.”

    Silva bit her lip. She kept her eyes low, afraid that she had done something wrong. “Am I in trouble?”

    Volga sighed. “No. Like I was about to say before the rain hit: you aren’t in trouble. You haven’t done anything wrong. I just have a concern I feel we have to talk about.”

    “Alright. Meet in the dining area?” She finally looked up at him.

    “Meet in the dining area,” Volga spoke gently, trying to soothe Silva’s newly frazzled nerves. It sometimes felt like walking on eggshells around her, but from what little he had seen of her relationship with her mother, he could understand why she might be so nervous.

    They went their separate ways, still dripping water.


    Silva changed into a dress rather than pants and a shirt. She looked around her den; it had changed a bit from when she first got there.

    There was her nest, a mass of blankets and pillows, just enough of each to be soft and not a pain to sleep on. She had three chests now; one for clothes, one for books and her embroidery kit, and one for her lotions and shampoo. The lotions and shampoo took up a chest of their own, if only because she didn’t want to risk the jars breaking. Silva had collected several rocks and loose crystals, some stored in the chests, some scattered around her den.

    Den. She called her room her den. Just like the dragonfolk did. Well, she supposed it was only natural that she would pick up their vernacular.

    Even then, it was more of a nook in the wall than it was a proper room. Deep enough that she could store all of her things and her nest, but not really a den per-se. Not like Volga’s was, no doubt.

    That got her thinking; she’d never seen Volga’s den. She’d never had reason to. Silva wondered what it looked like. She’d probably never get to see it.


    Volga pulled his wet shirt over his head, tossing it to the side. He shook off more water from his hair, carding his fingers through the shoulder-length red locks, blonde tips still damp enough to cling to his fingers.

    His den was large but smaller than some family dens. A nice open room, a hot spring in the west corner kept the room slightly warmer than some of the other areas, but only near the spring itself, which was blocked off by a partition.

    His nest was large as well, large enough for him and a potential lover or two. It was an indulgence, to be sure, but not one he would change. He had plentiful blankets and pillows, and silky sheets.

    It was a nest worthy of a mate, but he had yet to find a partner he wished to court.

    Volga also had several work-in-progress statues and statuettes, his woodworking tools near one he’d barely started. It was a way to relax, one he’d picked up relatively recently when he was one hundred and ninety-four.

    There was a large mirror just standing in the room, in no corner in particular. He didn’t recall where he’d gotten it and truthfully didn’t know why he kept it. Volga stood in front of the mirror for a moment, fixing his messy hair.

    Pillars of stone sectioned off the east part of the room. There he kept his armor and weapon stands, and a collection of weapons that pleased his eye. A sword with red metal going through the blade and a dark red hilt. A smaller spear of bright, shiny silver with a blue crystal nestled in a crescent-shaped head. Both were merely decorative, but the rest could be used in battle. Several swords, a greatsword with a black blade, and a few daggers lined the walls.

    But his favorite was a hand axe, the blade of which was designed to look like a dragon's head in profile.

    All were, for his purposes, purely for decoration. He would always use his pike. Inherited from his mother, armor from his father, he was set in his desire to use nothing else.

    He walked over to his armor, debating on if it needed maintenance today before deciding it didn’t. No he’d taken care of it yesterday, once he’d taken it off. His pike was just as tended, gently and lovingly, the sole reminders he had of his parents, save for memories.

    Volga closed his eyes, fingers brushing over the grip of his pike, memories of his father and mother flitting through his mind.

    They were faint, but there. His mother's gray eyes and tender smile. His father's blonde ponytail and gentle hugs.

    He remembered the softness of his mother’s voice, how she always spoke gently to him; but she wasn’t afraid to be firm when needed. His father was tall, taller than he was now, or so it had seemed in childhood. But weren’t parents always larger than life?

     Silva’s eye was blackened. “It’s my fault, honest! I should have spoken up sooner!”

    Volga let his hand fall to his side. Not all parents are so kind. Silva’s mother was not so kind.

    Silva. She was waiting for him.

    He kicked off his boots and damp trousers, leaving them where they fell, and walked over to the large wooden wardrobe that sat just to the north of his nest.

    Volga went through the drawers, pulling out a clean shirt and trousers, pulling them on, and finding his spare boots.

    Redressed, he headed to the dining hall.


    Silva was waiting there when Volga arrived, seated at a table. There were a few others in the hall as well, who looked up and waved at him as he arrived. Volga nodded to acknowledge them and headed to Silva’s table. She looked up as he arrived, nodding at him with a little smile.

    “You wanted to talk?” She asked softly.

    “Yes,” Volga dragged a chair out and sat down. “We need to talk about your sudden obsession with strength.”

    Silva froze, eyes going wide.

    “All you’ve done recently is go to the village for your job and train. Melusine and Tanit are getting concerned. As am I.”

    Silva looked down, expression pensive. “I just...want to be strong. Like…”

    Silva raised her eyes to Volga’s. “Like you.”

    Volga shouldn’t have been surprised. From the very start, she had expressed her admiration for his strength. Still, she was obsessed with training lately. Too obsessed.

    “I understand wanting strength, but you’re going about it the wrong way. You’re going to exhaust yourself and do more damage than good. Besides, you have all of the tribe here to protect you if something happens and you are not ready. There’s no need to rush yourself.”

    Volga tried to keep his words gentle as his mother would have. There was no need for cruelty.

    “I know...I just feel like I’m not making any progress.” Silva looked down again.

    Volga sighed softly. “You’re making progress, it just doesn’t seem visible yet. Nothing comes all at once.”

    Silva looked up again. “I suppose so.”

    “Take it slow. There’s no need to burn yourself out.”

    Silva nodded.


    After that she slowed down, taking days to herself rather than training endlessly. She would sit and read to the hatchlings again, and she started practicing embroidery. Her first few projects ended up discarded, Silva grumbling softly about how they looked.

    The hatchlings would gather and watch as she sewed, Silva gently scolding them when they tried to get into the needles. Silva described her technique to them or would tell stories to them as she sewed.

    Sometimes, Volga would come to watch. There was something about the way Silva looked when she was sewing, or telling stories to the hatchlings.

    There was a softness about her that Volga found...appealing.

    He wasn’t sure if he should be bothered by how little he was bothered.

    Silva had lost more weight, but she was still nice and plump, fat replaced by muscle in some areas. It seemed that living in the caves was good for her, in that aspect at least.

    Today was an in-between day; she didn’t have to go to the village for her job(she said it was her day off), but she wasn’t training either. It was a day of rest, simply put, but that meant boredom. Silva was bored; she didn’t want to train or sew or read. Melusine and Tanit were busy with the hunting party, and Silva had already pitched in and read to the hatchlings.

    Maybe practice singing? She was sure Volga had heard her the last time, though…

    It wasn’t that she couldn’t sing, it was just a little embarrassing to sing in front of other people. Until she knew she wasn’t caterwauling she didn’t want to bother anyone with it. If someone, like Volga, stumbled across her as she sang? She’d shut up. If someone came investigating that meant she was a bother, right?

    She decided to go to the river again, there was rarely anyone else there after all.

    Silva packed a small lunch and headed out, smiling and waving at anyone she passed.


    “Hmm?” She turned around. “Yes, Bomris?”

    “Master left, went outside. We patrolled, sighting of humans close. If see Master, please tell that there is no worries. Only hunters of deer.”

    “Volga left on his own? Did he say why?” That was a little concerning. Volga never went outside without purpose.

    “No ssay. But, Master did not seem concerned or upset.” Bomris nodded to himself, confident he had read his master right.

    “I see. Well, if I do come across him while I’m out I’ll let him know that it’s safe.”

    The two said their goodbyes and headed their separate ways.

    Silva stopped just outside the caves and took a deep breath. The bushes near the entrance of the cave had flowered, and other flowers were growing nearby as well, giving the air a pleasant scent. She smiled and made her way down the path.

    Over the months since she had moved to the caves she’d worked out a path to the river, moving bushes and patting down the dirt and grass with repeated, almost daily, trips. She’d used her daggers to trim branches and soon her little path was complete. She’d even uprooted and replanted some flowers, to make it look nicer.

    Silva hummed to herself as she walked, letting her free hand brush over the branches and other plants. She was half daydreaming when she exited the forest. She stopped short when she saw who was by the river.

    Volga. And a woman? They looked like they were friendly, and having a pleasant conversation.

    Silva’s chest felt a little tight.

    She was about to turn around or go a little further down the river when she heard someone call out.

    “You must be Silva! Come over here, would you dear?”

    Silva swallowed hard. How had she been spotted, it wasn’t as if she was making a lot of noise. She looked over at the two, Volga suddenly standing with his back straight. They were watching her.

    So, Silva went over. It would be rude not to.

    As she got closer she got a good look at the woman; wavy brown hair, bright blue eyes, full lips. She was a head taller than Volga, wearing what looked like leather armor, her boots with a slight heel. She had a smile on her face, and her eyes were warm.

    Volga kept his eyes on Silva as she got close.

    “So, this is Silva. Been keeping Volga here on his toes, have you?” The woman smiled wider, teeth exposed now. They came to a slight point, obviously sharper than human teeth.

    This person was another dragon.

    “I…” Silva didn’t know what to say. She stared at them, mouth slightly agape, as she floundered for words.

    “Oh, how rude of me. I haven’t even introduced myself! I’m Lixue, an old friend of Volga’s.” Lixue posed a little, hand on her hip, waiting for Silva’s reaction.

    An old friend of Volga’s? Silva had no idea. Even after seven months she still knew so little about Volga.

    “I-I’m Silva. I only came to the caves in January.” Silva gave her best smile, holding out her hand to shake.

    Lixue looked at her extended hand for a moment, almost confused. Then she did something that surprised Silva: she took her hand and kissed it.

    “Quite a cutie, isn’t she?” Lixue’s smile was playful now, still bent over Silva’s hand. When they finally stood back up and let go of Silva’s hand, Lixue let their eyes roam over Silva slowly.

    Silva blushed brightly, her loss for words at its peak now. She’d never had anyone call her a ‘cutie’ before, or look her up and down like that.

    Volga was also lost for words, not sure how he felt about Lixue’s playful flirting. Silva wouldn’t go for it...right? Silva wasn’t attracted to female-presenting people. Or was she? Volga suddenly realized that he didn’t know.

    “Speechless? I get that sometimes.” Lixue laughed a little and winked, teasing. “I can’t help myself when I see a cute little thing like you.”

    “I...thank you.” Silva’s cheeks felt so hot, she’d never been flirted with before. And from such a beautiful person!

    “So, Volga, what happened to have this sweet thing come to live with you?” Lixue turned to Volga, hand back on her hip, grin still on her face.

    “Silva can explain it better than I.” Volga’s eyes were still on Silva’s pink cheeks. She sometimes blushed like that with him. Wait, did that mean she liked Lixue?

    “Well, my dear?” Lixue turned back to Silva, head tilted quizzically to the side.

    “My…” Silva suddenly realized how insane her story sounded. “Well. My v-village. Sent me to be...Volga’s bride. They s-see him as a...divinely sent protector. And they wanted to pay tribute to him. So…they sent me.”

    Lixue cupped their chin with their hand, resting their elbow in their other hand, looking quite surprised. “So they sent you as, what, a sacrifice?”

    “A tribute.”

    “Right, right. Tribute.” Lixue put her arms down. “So, they knew he would let you stay?”

    “Ah, not really.” Silva looked down. She was dreading this from the moment she started talking. “They weren’t sure if he would...eat me or not.”

    Lixue’s eyes went wide. “They thought he might eat you, and they still sent you to him?”

    Volga shifted uncomfortably.

    Lixue turned to him. “What did you do?”

    “I drive bandits and other dragons away from this area. A few times the village was saved from damage.” Volga shrugged, not really caring. He had been defending his territory, nothing more.

    “I see, I see…” Lixue held her chin again, nodding. “Well, there’s no helping it I suppose. He’s treating you right, isn’t he?”

    There was something in their voice that made Silva feel they were implying something. She decided to ignore it. “Yes. Volga has been very kind to me. I’ve had no trouble since I’ve come to stay with him.”

    “Good, good.” Lixue’s tone still implied something, and Silva had an idea as to what it might be. Lixue’s eyelids lowered somewhat, still smiling. She looked...hungry. “So, Silva, tell me. Do you have a mate?”

    Volga choked on his spit.

    “You alright there, Volga?” Lixue half-turned around, looking completely innocent all of a sudden.

    “You can’t-” He paused to cough. “You can’t just ask someone that!”

    “Why not?” Lixue’s voice was full of innocence. She batted her eyelashes and pouted. “It’s a perfectly harmless question, after all.”

    “Not when you ask it isn’t.” Volga insisted, glancing at the stunned Silva.

    Lixue shrugged and turned back to face Silva. “Since I already asked, you may as well answer.”


    “There’s no need for such shyness, my dear. Do humans have such issues declaring themselves mated? Is it some taboo?”

    “N-no not at all! I’m just...surprised, that’s all!” Silva’s face was pink again, brighter than last time. “No...no, I’m not mated.”

    “Interesting.” Lixue’s eyes glimmered. She was intrigued. “So then, you’re...available?”

    “Lixue, that’s enough!” Volga suddenly snapped.

    “Oh what? What’s wrong?” Lixue turned to face him again, pouting. “Can’t I flirt in peace?”

    “Silva has only just met you. She doesn’t know your sneakiness.” Volga glared at Lixue, arms crossed and frowning deeply.

    Lixue smiled slyly, eyes half-lidded again.

    “So protective! Or maybe…” She lowered her voice. “Maybe you’re interested in her.”

    Volga’s back snapped straight, jaw-dropping and his eyes went wide. “What-”

    “Come on now. Maybe you’re upset because you want her attention.”

    “That’s-! That’s ridiculous! Silva is tribe, and I will not have you bothering my tribe.” Volga wasn’t blushing, not him. He turned his face away a little, biting the inside of his cheek slightly.

    Silva felt a little disheartened. She knew she should be glad he saw her as tribe, as family, but for some reason, it...stung a little. But then, what was she even sad about? She’d known from the beginning that she wasn’t the type of partner Volga would want.

    Volga couldn’t help but notice the droop in Silva’s ears, or how her face fell. Lixue noticed as well, giving Volga the side-eye in response.

    Volga looked away, feeling a little guilty.

    “S-so Lixue, how do you know Volga?” Silva spoke up, hoping to dispel the awkwardness.

    “Hmm? Oh, I knew his parents! I came to see him a few years after their deaths. He was...fifty I believe. Isn’t that right?”

    Lixue turned to Volga again.

    They’re going to hurt their back at this rate. Silva thought. I’ll move over to where Volga is.

    But Volga must have had the same idea, as he came around to stand near Silva.

    “Yes, I had just turned fifty a few months before,” Volga confirmed.

    Silva was suddenly struck by a realization. He was fifty? Just how old is Volga?

    “Surprised cutie? Dragons live for a long time.” Lixue was teasing, but they weren’t lying to Silva. “It’s true. We can live up to thousands of years if we play our cards right.”

    “Mythra is over one thousand, I believe,” Volga said. He seemed to remember something funny, for he laughed a little, a small smile on his lips.

    “What’s so funny?” Lixue tilted their head again.

    “Just remembering something Mythra did at the last Gathering.”

    “Oh, with the fruit? I can’t believe she did that!”

    The two laughed at a shared memory, leaving Silva feeling very left out. She chuckled awkwardly, looking between the two of them, suddenly feeling very short. She was average height for a Hylian but standing with them, she was very short. She only came up to Volga’s pectorals.

    “Ah, good times. Mythra doesn’t do it often, but she can be quite a character.” Lixue wiped her eyes, tears of laughter having formed. “Anyway, I have to go. I have others I have to see, and things to do.”

    She reached out and pinched Volga’s cheek, tugging playfully. “Bye, little Red.”

    Volga slapped her hand away, looking grumpy. “I’ve told you not to call me that!”

    “Aw, but it fits so well!” Lixue winked at him, giving him a toothy grin.

    Volga glared at her, narrowing his eyes. Lixue laughed, throwing their head back, before stepping away. In a dramatic flash of magic, Lixue was now in their dragon form; sapphire blue with golden flames coming from their neck and the back of their head. It was hard to see their eyes against the blue scales.

    Lixue stretched their wings and roared, head thrown back a bit. Silva brought her arms up to cover her face from the flying dirt as Lixue flapped their wings, kicking up dirt and leaves. With a few more strong flaps she was up in the air, flying away.

    Silva lowered her arms, looking after Lixue as she flew away. She’d never heard of another dragon, or dragons, in the area. With the caves as far away as they were, several miles covered by forest, the village might have simply never seen them.

    “They seemed...nice.” Silva was still a little flustered by the flirting.

    “Yes… ‘nice’.” Volga rubbed his cheek, hoping Silva wouldn’t bring up the nickname.

    “Oh, that’s right! Bomris wanted me to tell you: the humans spotted near the cave were only hunting deer.”

    “Is that right? Good.” Volga nodded. “What brings you to the river today?”

    “Oh, nothing. I was just… coming to spend a little time by the river.”

    “For how long? You brought a basket.” He pointed to the small basket on her arm.

    “Snacks. Are you hungry?” She looked down at the basket. “There are a few sandwiches. Some cut-up fruit.”

    “….a snack would be nice.”

    They sat together by the river, Silva opening the basket and handing him a sandwich before grabbing one for herself. It was quiet for a while, the only sounds being chewing and the sounds of nature.

    “You were singing the other day.”

    Silva stopped chewing, eyes widening a little. She swallowed hard and looked over at Volga, who was looking at her.

    “I was?”

    “Yes. It was lovely.”

    Silva looked away, cheeks pink again. “You… really think so?”

    “Yes. What were you singing?” Volga scooted closer.

    “Just a song I heard a traveling merchant sing once. I thought it was pretty, so I asked them to write the lyrics down for me.”

    “Do you know other songs?”

    “… yes….” Silva’s face got hotter.

    “Will you sing for me?” Volga had set his sandwich down, looking serious.

    “If you’d like.”

    “But would you like?”

    Silva looked over at him.

    “I would.”


    Silva ended up singing for more than just Volga.

    She sang as she cooked dinner. She sang the hatchlings to sleep. She sang just to sing. And she’d never felt more relaxed to do so.

    Sure she was nervous at first, singing in front of people, but she found she got over that surprisingly quickly. Silva enjoyed singing, and not feeling afraid to sing was freeing to her.

    She couldn’t count the times hatchlings or Zysyss or one of the other nursery workers asked her to sing the hatchlings to sleep.

    Then there was Volga; he sought her out now and then to hear her sing. He said it was relaxing. Sometimes Volga would stand by the nursery entrance and listen as she sang a lullaby, not leaving until she was done.

    At dinner time some of the others might gather to listen as she sang while cooking. They had songs, she’d heard them sing before, but their throats weren’t meant for the kind of singing she did. They liked her singing and would sit and listen for a while whenever she sang.

    Silva wondered if it was simply because they couldn’t sing in the same way. She hoped they got some enjoyment out of how she sang.

    Of course, she didn’t just sing, she practiced her embroidery, and she purchased a sketchbook. Silva tried to fill her time with things other than training and work.

    When she went to work that Wednesday, however, she wished she was anywhere but.

    Her mother was following her.

    Everywhere she went, every corner she turned, it seemed as if her mother was there. Silva felt sweat dripping down her back, and not just from the heat.

    Silva spent the day looking over her shoulder, always making sure that she was around someone. Her mother wouldn’t dare confront her in front of anyone.


    Right. She knew this because as the day went on, her mother never approached her. As long as she was around other people, her mother kept her distance. She watched Silva, eyes cold, but she never approached.

    And then the day ended.

    The days' end meant people returning to their homes, closing their stalls, and leaving Silva to lock up. She’d spent enough time running errands that the owner had given her a key to lock up with, trusting she could do it.

    But that meant that she was vulnerable to her mother now, as the owner had left for the day. There were still people in the square, so Silva thought she might be safe.

    She headed to the gate, feeling confident that she was in the clear.


    Her heart dropped into her stomach.

    Her mother was standing a half-mile outside the gate.

    Silva’s mouth went dry. “M-mother.”

    “So. You’ve made quite a bit of money, I hear.”

    “Yes,” Silva kept her eyes on the ground, looking at her feet.

    “When were you planning on sharing, hmm? Do you think your father sends enough money for me each month to last to the end?”

    “I-I didn’t know! I thought you had some saved?” Silva made the mistake of looking up at her mother.

    “Selfish brat! Little bitch! What do you know? Even if I had some saved, don’t you think I deserve to be more secure? What do you need money for anyway?”

    Her mother came closer.


    Volga was very displeased, standing outside of the caves, arms crossed over his chest.

    Two hours. Silva was late by two hours.

    The sky was long since dark, and it was cloudy, it might rain at any moment.

    Where in Din’s name was she?

    “Melusine!” Volga called out without turning. He knew she was near; Silva was her friend, and she was worried as well.

    The Lizalfos warrior ran up, sword at her side. “Yesss, Master?”

    “I’m going to look for Silva. Stay here, just in case. She isn’t to go to her den until I return if she returns before I do.”

    “Yesss, Master.”

    Volga hesitated a moment, wondering if he should change into his armor or grab his pike, but decided against it. He was more powerful than most everything in this area, after all. Volga would be just fine.

    He set out, glancing at the sky once more. He could see in the dark, his eyes were made for such things after all, but unless Silva had a torch she was likely to be lost. Volga only hoped she was as close as she was last time she was out after dark.

    But he passed the midpoint and still no Silva. Where could she be?

    Then he spotted her.

    She was using a large, sturdy stick as a crutch, opposite arm hanging limp.

    “Silva?! What happened to you?!” Rage filled him. Who dared attack a member of his tribe!

    He ran forward, catching her as she fell, tripping over a large root.

    “Volga? What are you- of course, it would be you. You always come looking for me.”

    “Silva, what happened?” He carefully started to lower them, only for her to cry out in pain. He maneuvered them the opposite way, but when they got lower she cried out again when her arm started to bend.

    “What happened? Who did this to you?” Volga was seething.

    “It’s nothing! Nothing to worry about!” Silva wouldn’t look at him, but he knew her face was covered in bruises.

    “This isn’t nothing! Tell me who did this!” He felt himself heating up and had to force himself under control once more. “Tell me.”

    Silva let out a broken sob. “She’ll hit me again! I don’t want to be hit again! I already messed up, please don’t make it worse!”

    Volga knew exactly who she meant, and it made his blood boil. “I’ll kill her…”

    “No! You can’t! Please, just leave it be!” Silva looked up at him, covered in bruises. “Please, Volga!”

    “No! This is inexcusable! She will not get away with it this time!” Volga’s eyes burned into Silva’s. He would not look away this time. Her mother would be punished.


    “No! Not this time, Silva. I will not allow this. Look at yourself!” He gestured to her clearly broken limbs and looked at her bruised-up face.


    “No. Never again. She’ll never touch you again.” He carefully picked her up, grateful to have left his pike behind.

    Silva whimpered softly, head resting on his shoulder as he took them home. He stepped carefully, trying his best not to jar Silva too much. She was in enough pain as it was. She didn’t need him adding to it with carelessness.

    Melusine met them at the entrance, hissing with shock and rage.

    “Who did?! Punish them!” She snarled in anger, hopping in place.

    “Not now, Melusine. We have something more important to worry about. Send for Astarot. Tell him to meet me at my den.”

    “Yesss Master.” Melusine ran off.

    “Your den? No, we can go to mine, I’ll be fine!” Silva squirmed in his arms.

    “Nonsense. My den is bigger. I can keep an eye on you, and your recovery, there.” Volga headed inside, not waiting for a reply.


    “No ‘buts’, Silva. Let me take care of you.”

    Silva blushed and lowered her eyes, staring at the arm carefully folded onto her stomach. She didn’t pay any mind to where they were turning, or how deep they went.

    She finally looked up when they arrived; he was right. It was much bigger than her den.

    The nest looked nice and fluffy, there was actual furniture. She noted the weapon wall as she was taken in. Volga set her in his nest and moved to take off her boots.

    “Ah, I can-” She tried to reach with her good arm.

    “No, you can’t. Just relax. I’m here to help.” Volga gently pressed her back. He untied her boots and removed the left with no problem. He was very careful with the right, pausing whenever Silva hissed in pain.

    With her boots off he propped her up on some pillows to wait for Melusine and Astarot.

    “Silva, how are you feeling?” Volga gently prodded.

    “Like I’ve been hit by a cart. I can heal myself, you know. I just need the broken bits straightened out.” She tried to sound upset, but she was touched. He, they, cared so much.

    “I’ll take care of you. And I’ll deal with the village tomorrow.”

    “The village? What have they done?”


    “Huh?” Silva was confused now.

    “What have they done about your mothers' abuse of you? Nothing! And I do not doubt that others treat their children similarly.” Volga could barely contain his anger.

    “What were they supposed to do?” Silva asked quietly, looking down at her hands. If she could, she’d be twiddling her thumbs.

    “Stop her, of course! They certainly shouldn’t have allowed it to continue!” Volga carefully put his hand on her shoulder, drawing Silva’s gaze. “They should have protected you. You were a child.”

    Silva was tearing up now. No one had ever stood up for her when she was growing up, except for Kai and Myra, and what could they do as children?

    She started when Volga reached up, catching her tears with his fingers and softly brushing them away.

    “I will not allow it to happen again. She will never hurt you again.”

    She looked into his eyes for a while, stunned that this was happening. She knew she was blushing again, and he looked so serious. Volga glanced away, then back at her, lips parting.


    Volga quickly pulled away, sitting back. He looked over his shoulder at the dragonkin entering, Astarot holding a leather bag.

    Volga moved away to let him look over Silva, coming around to her right, and settling near her shoulder.

    Astarot was surprisingly gentle for his large size; he was larger than most dragonfolk, even larger than Volga. He looked gruff and was covered in scars, but he was one of the gentlest people Silva had ever met.

    “Will hurt. Prepare.” He took hold of Silva’s right leg, warning her.

    Silva nodded, bracing for the pain. Without thinking she grabbed Volga’s hand and squeezed hard as she could as Astarot examined her leg, carefully moving it. He walked around to Silva’s left to look at her arm next, warning her again and lifting it.


    But he was too quick, bent too far. Silva squeezed Volga’s hand as hard as she could, never noticing how he squeezed back.

    “Careful, Astarot!” Volga wasn’t trying to scold, but that’s how it sounded.

    “Forgive Master! Didn’t mean!” Astarot held Silva’s arm much more gently, carefully turning it here and there.

    “It’s alright, Astarot,” Silva was sounding out of breath. “You didn’t mean it. Just hold it straight out, and I can heal it.”

    Astarot looked to his Master for confirmation. Volga nodded, running his thumb over Silva’s knuckles. Very slowly the Dinolfos held Silva’s arm out straight. She bit her lip and whimpered softly, letting go of Volga’s hand and reaching out with her good arm to hold her hand over the broken arm, hand glowing softly.

    It took about five minutes for it to fully heal, Silva gingerly bending and twisting it.

    “Alright, my leg next.”

    Astarot went to her foot, very carefully holding the limb straight. Silva cried out softly, writhing a little in her seat, before finally taking a deep breath. She put her hand over her leg, having to bend a little. Once more it took about five minutes before she was sure it was healed.

    When she was sure it was, she had Volga help her stand. He took her under the arms and lifted her, moving her up slowly. Silva walked around the room, confirming that her leg was healed.

    Then she caught sight of herself in Volga’s mirror.

    “Oh, Goddesses…”

    Her face was covered in bruises, her lower lip split. She swore for a moment that a tooth was chipped, but thankfully it was just the lighting.

    Silva stared in horror at herself before covering her face with her hands and flinching away.

    Volga came over to her, putting his hands on her shoulders, noting the golden glow around her face. When she pulled her hands away her face was pristine, not a mark in sight, save for the tear tracks.


    “I am so sorry you had to see that! I’m so sorry!” She covered her face again to hide the tears.

    “Ssilva…” Astarot seemed to shrink in place, becoming smaller.

    Volga felt a mix of emotions; anger, sorrow, and the one he hated. Pity. Silva deserved better. Better than the mother and village she was raised with. Better than his pity.

    Volga embraced her from behind.

    Silva gasped softly, lips parting and pulling her hands away, wide-eyed. Astarot looked away, feeling out of place all of a sudden.

    They stood there for only a few moments, but to Silva, it felt like an eternity.


    His eyes were closed, forehead pressed to the back of her head.

    “I’m the one who’s sorry. You deserve so much better. They won’t get away with this.” He finally opened his eyes, moving away. “You should stay here tonight.”

    “I-! Here?! With you?!” Her face turned crimson, jaw-dropping.

    “Yes. I want to keep an eye on you.” Volga didn’t seem to see the problem.

    “W- I-” Silva was stammering now. She had no idea what to say.

    “Just for tonight.”

    “….” Silva looked unsure, shy. “Alright. Just for tonight…”

    Volga let out a relieved sigh and his shoulders relaxed.

    “Honestly, though, I am fine now.”

    His shoulders tensed again.


    Silva went to her room to get her nightclothes but returned just as Volga had requested. She changed behind the partition and came around to wait.

    But Volga was also waiting.

    “Umm… who gets in first?” Silva asked as she fiddled with the sleeves of her nightgown, looking away.

    “You, of course.” Volga was only in a pair of pants.

    Silva swallowed hard. He was gorgeous; perfectly muscled in every way, and she could see everything perfectly. Every dip, every inch. And with his arms crossed over his chest like they were, some muscles were flexed.

    She felt very flustered, very hot.

    “Well? Get in.” He gestured to the nest.

    Silva nodded, trying to keep her eyes on the floor. She carefully crawled into the fluffy nest, tucking herself in. He followed suit, getting comfortable, his back to Silva.


    “...Goodnight…” Silva snuggled down, cheeks still hot.


    Volga was having difficulty sleeping. It had been some time since someone had shared his bed, for one reason or another.

    He looked over his shoulder at Silva, her back to him, breathing even. She didn’t seem to be in any pain, but then, he didn’t think she would be. She was an astounding healer, capable of feats practically unheard of.

    Truth be told, he wanted her close so he could protect her.

    Volga knew she was safe in the caves, but the state he’d found her in, knowing that her mother had been the one to put her in that state, had disturbed him.

    So for tonight, at least, he wanted her by his side. So he could protect her, even if he knew she was safe.

    He put his head back down, trying to sleep.

    “Ngh… no, wait…”

    Volga lifted his head, looking over his shoulder again.

    “Wait… please…” Her breathing had picked up a bit.

    A nightmare? He rolled over. He shouldn’t be surprised, honestly.

    “Shh…” He gently rubbed her shoulder.

    Silva whimpered softly in her sleep, curling up a little.

    “You’re safe here.”

    She moved her head back and forth, in a no.

    “You are, Silva.” He put an arm around her.

    Silva stiffened, breath catching.

    “You’re safe here, Silva.” Volga didn’t think, he just reacted. He leaned forward and nuzzled her shoulder, rumbling softly.

    Just like Desele used to when he was upset as a child.

    Silva calmed, uncurling, and her breathing slowed. Volga continued to rub her arm and shoulder, trying not to think about how an hour or three ago it was broken.

    With Silva calm, he knew he should let go and roll over again. But…

    He liked how she felt in his arms. She was warm, and soft, and fit against him nicely.

    She was small enough that he could easily curl around her, keep her safe and warm.

    This is… really nice. He thought. Staying like this a little longer wouldn’t hurt anything, right?


    When Silva woke up she was nice and warm, a little too warm, but that was alright. Her bed was comfy, and she didn’t feel like getting up. Her eyes cracked open a little, and she looked around.

     Wait… this isn’t my den. And what’s so heavy on my waist?

    She looked down; there was an arm there.

     An arm? Wait, I’m in… I’m in Volga’s nest…

    Silva felt herself drifting off. Until it hit her hard.

     Volga’s nest!

    She was wide awake now, fully aware of her surroundings and the fact that Volga had an arm slung over her waist.

    How to get free without waking him?

    Especially when he just snuggled closer?

    She carefully tried to free herself, but he was strong. His arm tightened around her, humming softly in his sleep. She tried again, squirming as much as she dared.

    She was stuck. There was no way she was getting free.

    Silva lay there for a while, drifting in and out. She wasn’t sure exactly how long she lay there, waiting for a chance to get out of the nest, but finally, Volga stirred.

    “Mmm…? Morning…”

    He kissed her shoulder.

    Silva froze in place, swallowing a gasp. Did he realize what he’d just done?

    Volga rolled over, sitting up and stretching with a quiet noise. He stilled.

    “I… should not have done that. I apologize.” He looked over his shoulder at her.

    Silva sat up, blushing and looking down. “It’s… it’s alright. I know… you didn’t mean to.”

    Volga’s mouth was dry, too dry to properly respond. He cleared his throat.

    “How do you feel?”

    Silva looked up. That was the end of that, then.

    “I fell fine. I told you last night, that I was alright.”

    “Still, I wanted to keep an eye on you.”

    Silva looked down again, cheeks feeling hotter. “Thank you. For caring, I mean.”

    He got up from the nest.

    “I have to go into the village today. I’d like you to come with me.”

    “The village? Wait, you’re not going to-”

    “I am. I told you last night. Your mother will not get away with this.”

    Silva bit her lip. How would the village react? They would know this was her fault, who else could be at fault. Would they hate her? Her mother…

    Goddesses her mother.

    She was going to hound her for this.

    “Please, there’s really no need.”

    Volga turned around. “There’s every need. I will not allow this to continue.”

    Silva looked down again, more tears coming. She knew she should dread the fallout, but…

    She was happy he cared so much. She really was tribe now.

    “I understand. I will go with you.”


    “Listen to me, and listen well!”

    Volga stood atop one of the village houses, wings flared out. Silva stood behind him, trying to hide from sight, not wanting to be judged just yet.

    The villagers gathered around, excitedly murmuring about a visit from their Lord himself. And he brought his Bride!

    “Is everyone here?” Volga looked over the assembled crowd, people filling the square, and going up the various paths. “Good.”

    “Just last night, Silva did not return to the caves before dark, so I came to find her. And what do I find?”

    Volga bared his teeth, wings snapping.

    “Broken limbs! Bruised face and split lip!”

    The crowd gasped, looking around. Who among them would do this? They all knew, but did their Lord?

    “Where is Silva’s mother?”

    He knew.

    The crowd wasted no time. They searched among themselves for the woman, ready to sacrifice her if it mean appeasing their Great One. She was found near the back of the square, trying to work her way out of the crowd. They grabbed her and pulled her forth, parting easily and shoving her into the space.

    Silva bit her lip as her mother stumbled forward, dress sleeve torn.

    Volga launched himself from the roof, leaving Silva stumbling. She looked on in terror. Fearful of what the dragon might do.

    He landed in front of the Hylian woman, the impact denting the ground and causing Silva’s mother to fall onto her rear.

    “M-my lord, please! Have mercy!” Silva’s mother scrambled backward, arm up in weak defense of her face.

    “Mercy?! You dare ask for my mercy!? After you offered none to Silva?!” He stalked forward until he was looming over the frightened woman.

    “Volga, please!” Silva came to the edge of the house, calling down to him. He looked up at her, and she swore his eyes were glowing.

    Volga looked at her for a long time, Silva’s mother cowering before him, the crowd gathered as close as they dared.

    He turned back around, facing the Hylian before him.

    “You will never put your hands on Silva ever again. Do you understand me?” He snarled.

    “Yes! I understand! I swear!”

    “As for the rest of you!” Volga flew back up to the house, landing near Silva. “If I find out any one of you has harmed your children, you will face punishment! I will find out!”

    Volga wrapped an arm around Silva’s waist, pulling her close. “Hold on tightly.”

    Silva nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck. He held her tight and took off, flying back to the safety of the caves, Silva’s mother still cowering, surrounded by the villagers.

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    CW: OCs(if y’all don’t like that) OC x Canon(eventual, again if y’all don’t like that) Concerning this chapter: child abuse, broken bones

    Characters: Volga, Silva(OC), Lizalfos and Dinolfos

    Tags: Self-Indulgent, A whole village worships Volga, like a cult, Human Sacrifice, Gifted Bride, I’m bad at pacing, Wrote This For Me, Canon-Typical Violence, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, fat OC, just to keep that in mind, Friends to Lovers

    Summary: Volga is given a sacrificial bride from a nearby village as tribute. Volga wants nothing to do with the situation, but if it will get the villagers to leave him alone, then she can stay. Her name is Silva.

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    As part of the very complicated AU where BOTW Link is Volga's squire, Volga and Urbosa have a little fling. It came mostly out of a silly thing my friend and I were talking about but I guess its real  now, ha. Here they are doing a little sizing up before a spar. I have some other parts to this but they're not done yet. An attempt was made at a background but I don't know if I'm fully happy with it. Volga's abs are really good though.

    If you want to see things up to 2 days early, get some behind the scenes, or get monthly commissions, check out my Patreon.

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    (Podcast) La leggenda delle auto nere maledette

    (Podcast) La leggenda delle auto nere maledette

    https://open.spotify.com/episode/2uqCZiEVPzg82i98b5te8J?si=1ef213882582434f Una Volga Nera si muoveva lungo le strade periferiche della Russia sovietica, ma anche di altri paesi aderenti al Patto di Varsavia (soprattutto la Polonia).A bordo dell’inquietante auto si dice che ci fossero…… Agenti del KGB in cerca di persone da sequestrare, per rubare loro gli organi.… Stregoni al soldo del…

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