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  • mushrdd
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    God, more Leon? I can never get enough of him. Maybe detailed digestion and some difficult disposal? Luuuv yer stuff. <3

    Leon belched into his fist, a storm of gas escaping his mouth. “Please stop moving,” he begged, rubbing the bulge of the person he’d stuffed into his tank. The civilian was clearly unhappy in their position, cramped up into a ball inside the rookie’s stomach. The sac of muscle was already filled with acids, eating away at the prey’s flesh. “If you don’t struggle, it hurts less!” Leon said, hoping to console his unwilling meal.

    The blonde could see that his belly was softening up, the person inside becoming mushier by the second. He belched again, unable to hold it in. “I can’t let you out! Just stop squirming,” he pleaded, massaging the prey’s rounding body. The stomach was relentless, melting away its captive with ease. The stomach walls were brutal and crushing, assaulting the prey from every side. The stomach contracted as Leon burped, the air rushing out quickly. The sudden change in space killed the prey, snapping their brittle, acid-bitten bones. “FinaOOOUUURRPP- finally,” he said, laying back to let his guts do their work.

    The prey’s limp body was churned to a bloody slop by Leon’s stomach, sloshing around his active gut. After being thoroughly liquified, the man sunk into the intestines, Leon’s bowels absorbing useful nutrients. A fart slipped out of Leon as his prey made their way downwards, filling the air with a noxious, meaty smell. He groaned in discomfort, adjusting his position to let his legs lift so he could take his pants off. He tossed them to the side, leaving him just in his jockstrap with his hole now barely exposed to the open air.

    Leon’s gut’s shape shifted into more of a pear, the bulk of its roundness moving closer to his bottom as his prey traveled through his bowels. Feeling up his middle with his hands, he couldn’t recognize anything human; just mush. The more he kneaded his belly, the gassier he got. He couldn’t stop bubbles from rising up his throat in the form of thunderous belches, surrounding him with the smell of acidic digestion. The further his prey went in his body, the more gas escaped from his bare lower end.

    The cop hopped up into a squat, feeling a deep pressure against his ass. He grunted and squeezed, but his ball gut wouldn’t release anything solid- just gas. “Come on…” he moaned, pushing against his belly earnestly.

    He moaned in pleasure as the source of his struggle, a skull, passed through his anus. It took him a little more pushing to get out the rest, a train of brown logs following the large bone. His gut gurgled deeply as it wrapped up its process, a final piece falling to the ground. He stood up, sighing, and pulled his pants back on. He’ll have to get used to the feeling of skulls in that area, there’ll be plenty more coming.

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  • mushrdd
    07.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    You jump awake, a deep, rumbling sound awakening you. As you toss your sheets off and step out of bed, you realize the sound is coming from the living room of your apartment. You weakly open the door, still recovering from your sleepy state. A jolt runs up your spine in alarm at the sight on your couch.

    A man in a red and black spandex suit sprawled across the sofa, snoring loudly. The intrusion itself was alarming, but the bulging, massive belly hanging off his midsection was the most shocking part. It gurgled loudly, wet sloshes and groans reverberating in the room. A belch erupted from the suited man’s masked face. Was he burping in his sleep…?

    You get closer to inspect the sleeping stranger, creeping up to his front. Suddenly, two white, glowing eyes opened, and a thick belch smacked you across the face. “Goood morning!” the man said, sitting up and stretching his arms. His belly squished into his lap, settling between his thighs. “Oh, I didn’t realize he had a roommate! Let me introduce myself- Deadpool, lovely to meet you.”

    You stood in awe, unable to conjure any words to your mouth. “NoOUURRRPt a talker? That’s fine! I’ll do enough for the both of us.” Deadpool’s gut released a particularly loud gurgle, causing both of you to glare down at the belly. “Say, mind rubbing this for me?” He reached over and grabbed your wrists, puppeteering your hands over to his dense gut. “Thanks a lot,” he said, punctuating with a belch. His stomach seemed to be filled with something massive, and there were thick chunks of hard objects and thicker mush that you could feel. Was that your roommate in there, digested? “Yup,” he answered, somehow knowing what you were thinking. “Turns out someone didn’t like your pal here much. He was better with my gut than my traditional methods, which would’ve left a bloody mess in your place. You should be grateful, really,” he said, lifting his thigh and farting. “I’m really glad you don’t mind any of this,” he sighed as more gas exited his lower half. “Typically dudes get a little freaked out by the belly.”

    You kept rubbing, watching as his belly got smaller and smaller in size. Your roommate was filtering lower and lower through his intestines, as was apparent by the constant glorps and bubbles of his lower gut. “Keep going, man… he’s almost there.” Deadpool moaned as his belly processed his prey, the remains of the man inside almost ready for expulsion. Suddenly, he scooted backwards, making you slide off of his belly. He stood up and lifted a thigh again to fart before making his way to your bathroom. “Gotta let him out now,” he announced, not bothering to close the door as he sat his muscular ass on the seat and began to grunt. You could hear him push out logs of your roommate, splashing down into the toilet water. After a few minutes of effort, he wiped and stood up to wash his hands. “I’m not gonna attempt that flush… have fun with that,” he said, handing you a $20 bill from his pocket. “Here’s for the plumber. Thanks for your help, man,” he said. “Oh, and one more thing-“

    The antihero grabbed your body, pulling your face close to his before unleashing a titanic belch from the depths of his stomach. “See ya’ round!” he said, letting you go. He turned around, left your apartment, and that was it- he was gone. And so was your roommate.

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  • mushrdd
    25.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Can you do a Jim hopper vore one

    Hopper belched loudly as he rubbed along the curve of his gut, the dome smooth now that his prey had digested. He’d needed to break into a Hawkins lab facility to access some important information, and the guard was just in the way. By the time he’d returned to his home and showered, the man was nothing but a slop of meat and bone inside Hopper’s deadly dad gut. With each step he took, his belly sloshed and swayed in front of his torso. He could feel the remains of the man and whatever solid objects he’d taken with him on the trip down the gullet float around, his belly full of liquid and solid remains. “This is gonna be a bitch to pass…” he said, feeling the bones already move into his bowels with a wet pop. Soon, he’d be back in the bathroom, grunting as he squeezes an ex-human dump out of his hairy ass.

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  • mushrdd
    23.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Harrington Hunger


    Steve clutched his belly, reaching under his shirt to rub his aching midsection. His stomach was killing him. He’d woken up late and had to skip breakfast to make it to work on time, resulting in his unfortunate situation. Usually he’d rely on his coworker, Jay, for a snack but he was working alone today. The shift was going by rather slowly. The boredom did nothing to assuage the biting sensation in his stomach. It felt like it was clawing from the inside, desperate for anything. He groaned, leaning on the desk and clutching his pained middle.


    Steve’s head darted up, the jingling bell signaling that a customer had entered the video store. He corrected his posture begrudgingly, standing up straight. “Welcome in!” he called, giving a sheepish smile across the store. The customer was a young man, probably college aged. The denim jacket draped around him was covered in splatters of paint and colorful embroidery. An art student, Steve figured.


    Steve’s stomach called out, the growl so loud that the customer’s head swiveled to look at him, interrupting his perusal of their horror section. Steve gave an awkward, closed mouth smile at the student, his cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment.

    The thick, awkward silence in the store, interrupted by ravenous growls, was ended when the student narrowed down a few tapes he liked and made his way to the register. He placed the films on the counter, sliding them over to Steve- at the same moment Steve went to reach for it. They touched, Steve’s palm on top of the student’s hand. He gulped, looking at the student with a mortified glare. “Sorry,” he said, embarrassed. But he wasn’t letting go- his body didn’t want to. It roared, needing something inside its empty, acidic cavern.

    The student tried to tug his hand away, pinned down by Steve’s grip. “Uh, dude-“ was all he could say before the cashier was yanking him over the counter, shoving his head into his mouth mercilessly. All inhibitions left Steve’s head as he gulped ravenously, forcing the wriggling student into his throat. The slick tunnel of pink muscle expanded to allow its prey to slide down. Thick saliva lubricated the journey down, making the denim that covered him wet and slimy. Steve continued to swallow, forcing the student in up to his waist. At this point, the student’s head had breached the stomach. The inside was atrocious- it smelled like vomit, and the little light that came from Steve’s mouth illuminated the glossy pink walls of muscle, a disgusting display. Steve was working entirely on instinct, his body on autopilot as the student slid more and more into his belly. By the time he’d reached the feet, his gut had expanded to an alarming size. With a couple final gulps, Steve sealed the student’s fate, looking down to see the bulge in his neck disappear as his prey was emptied entirely into his stomach. He stumbled back, caught off balance by the sudden weight to his torso. Regaining his composure, he rushed to the storage room and sat down on the floor.

    “BWWOOUUURRRPPP!” Steve belched into the air, a meaty smell filling his nostrils. His stomach was moving, the prey within attempting the impossible task of finding a comfortable position within his predator’s acidic chamber. “I-I don’t know what came over me, man!” He said, speaking to the bulge in his abdomen. It spoke back, but not in any intelligible words- Steve’s flesh, fat, and muscle muffled whatever the student was trying to say. He burped again, the bubble of gas forcing its way up his throat painfully. “I can’t let you out, man, you’ll get me fired,” he said, another acrid burp coming up. “Anyone finds out, and I’m done for, man. I’m just gonna have to let you… uh… process, in there.”

    Steve’s stomach grew louder, suddenly gurgling at a much higher volume. Immediately after the shift in noise, the prey inside began to struggle harder, and it was apparent to Steve that he was screaming. “Acid gettin’ ya? Oof. Sorry, dude.” All he could do was lay back and rub his belly, massaging the orb of flesh as it writhed and shifted around. The struggles weren’t doing much but stirring more gas for the young man. He felt the pressure begin to build up, the digestion of meat and the violent movements causing more gas to fill his abdomen. “Fuck…” he muttered, kneading at his own gut to dislodge the almost painful pressure.

    Suddenly, he felt a bubbling sensation as the pressure broke apart. Steve lifted his thigh, making an open space for the meaty gas to escape. He farted, the air filling with the smell of his bowels. As the student broke down more and more, more gas kept piling up inside that needed release. He erupted into another belch, right before farting again. His throat was on fire, bubble after bubble forcing its way up and out of his mouth. A sudden crunch came from his middle, and the struggles stopped. Steve watched as his gut noticeably shrunk, the body of the student decaying from the effective stomach acid. Soon, his belly was just a spherical ball of meat and bone, already beginning to drain into his intestines. “Rest in peace, I guess…” he muttered with a small burp.

    Steve stood up with a grunt, needing a little extra force to lift the weight of his belly. It sloshed wetly from the sudden elevation. Steve ripped another fart, his movement stirring up more gas to expel. He cranked his leg up, letting out a few more before leaving the stunk-up room. He walked to the front of the store, marking it as closed. He belched again as he made his way back to the storage room, sitting down again to finish processing his meal. His hairy gut shrank more and more, compressing as the meat inside was absorbed of its nutrients and compacted into waste. He moaned as he rubbed his satisfied stomach, feeling the student’s remains pass through him.

    His next fart was significantly louder- and worse-smelling, telling Steve that it was time to dispose of his hunger’s victim. He made his way to the employee bathroom. He locked the door behind him before tugging down his pants. He turned around to face away from the toilet, sitting down with a belch. Steve’s bare asscheeks touched the cold of the seat, assuming the position to dispose. His paunch rested between his thighs, the taut belly splayed out over his hanging cock. With a grunt, he began to push. His tight hole spread open, allowing a dense log to slide out. The solid piece held a few bones, splashing into the toilet after a few seconds of straining. Steve’s hands pressed down on his middle, helping his bowels move along. He had a lot to push out, the logs continuously sliding out of his ass. An involuntary moan came from him as he emptied himself, feeling what was probably a skull pass his sensitive hole.

    With a final bubble of gas from his ass, Steve was finally done. He wiped and stood up, not even bothering to attempt a flush before washing his hands. “That is not going down.” As he moved back to the front of the store to flip the open sign again, a belch erupted from him. “Last words, I guess.”

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  • mlmvoreconfessionals
    12.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I got a request for ya if you're up to it. Decided to replay shield and got reminded of your milo prompts + story. So if you'd be down for some Milo, Chairman Rose, and Kabu eating 'mons with disposal?

    Oh, yeah, this one does sound like fun! Gladly!

    M.ilo puts a hand to his mouth as his gut let out a rumbling protest. The big guy didn't think he could get indigestion but it seems like he was proven wrong this time. In order to celebrate the coming of a new champion, a lot of the gym leaders were doing special shows and requests for fans. For M.ilo, that meant he was doing a special binging session where he'd eat as much as people brought him for a couple hours in an effort to break a record. He'd broken it, of course, after slurping down the kicking back end of a S.colpiede to add to the mass of P.okemon stewing and bubbling away in his bloated gut. But it seems he went to far. The twenty or so people who had been happily feeding their P.okemon to the gym leader not got to watch as M.ilo let out sickly belches and groans while trying to sooth his stuffed gut. Bulges of squirming beasts inside gave everyone a wonderful show of seeing his belly process so much live meat. In fact, as an extra reward for helping him beat the record (and mostly to help him deal with that protesting belly), he let the people that sacrificed their P.okemon to his guts to rub as well. With so many hands rubbing and kneading and pressing down on his gut, it helped it work much better, and all those squirming bulges steadily shrink and soften up as they're thoroughly processed. A finally booming belch that would ring out through the field of the gym finally signaled that M.ilo's stomach had settled and done its job as usual. The gym leader got a round of applause as he set to work on sending the helpful trainers home with his own brand of manure. He couldn't do much about teams getting mixed up, though, but he made sure each trainer got 6 bags of the muck to cart home for their own uses, each one filled with whatever was left of their once beloved Pokemon. M.ilo would wave them off, his body heavier than before after processing such a massive meal. He rubs over his heavy gut watching the last of the trainers leave. He'll definitely need to resize his gym uniform...it's starting to rip. But soon he'll be able to release some new trading cards for his gym at least!

    With a final slurp of the dragon's fiery tail, C.hairman R.ose could sit back with a soft groan and relax. L.eon hadn't wanted to listen to him when he insisted on cancelling the match today so they can talk. But R.ose was a man of action! And this was a very important matter to him! So, if he can't convince L.eon, he'll force him. The chairman smiles, rubbing over his bloated gut and pushing down on the pissed off face of the Charizard bloating out his middle. A bubbling belch rumbles out of him and he smacks his lips. "Oh, that wasn't very becoming of me," he comments to no one in particular. Maybe to the Pokemon stuffed in his gut, but really, there's no chance they're listening. They're currently fighting for their lives, likely hoping in some vain effort that L.eon will come and save them before they can be digested. But R.ose is in his private quarters and there's no chance the champion will make it here before they can be saved. The chairman licks his lips again as he watches the P.okemon's futile attempts of escaping his gut, pushing and roaring as they fought to resist it. Stealing them off L.eon had been surprisingly easy. eating them all had been even easier. Surely with them out of the way, L.eon won't be able to fight at all, and then the two of them can sit down and really talk--no interruptions. Of course, that'll have to wait for later--for now, R.ose has a lot of processing to get done. It took a few hours but eventually, everything settled in. Even that roaring Charizard went soft on him, bubbling away into sludge like the rest of that team. R.ose lets loose another crass belch and pats his stomach. He does love it when things stay on a good schedule. Speaking of which, he'd be busy passing the whole lot of them come that evening, just before his rendezvous with L.eon. He was hoping to finish up before the man arrived, but the champion walked in just before he could be done. L.eon would walk in just in time to see his C.harizard's skull spreading the chairman's ass, adding to the mountain of dung the rest of the team had turned into. R.ose would quickly stand up straight and adjust his outfit, which hugged his fattened frame far too tightly. He puts on a professional smile as if the he didn't just take the biggest crap in his life. "L.eon, so good to see you. We have much to talk about. And I ensured there would be no interruptions. I hope you understand."

    Being one of the oldest of the gym leaders, only beaten out by one other, K.abu was seen almost as a figure of authority among his peers despite the fact that he's not a native to the region. It was nice and he tried to keep their spirits up with his usual fiery personality. Of course, behind closed doors, he's training harder than all of them in an effort to remain on top. He wants to some day beat L.eon and he has to keep himself moving at 110% in order to do that. One of the ways he was doing that was...stomach training. He wanted to match his P.okemon and their furance-like guts in digestive prowess. the best way to do that is to send P.okemon down the hatch over and over until he was melting them at record times. Today, he was sitting in the locker room of his gym after a match, using a sauna he had in an effort to help his training. He'd taken the trainers he beat today aside and gotten their teams off of them one after another, and now he was able to spend a good few hours training his stomach on their weaker P.okemon. They went down the hatch one after another, each too tired to fight back against the predatory gym leader guzzling them down. K.abu's stomach steadily expands over time as his belly processes the P.okemon and pumps them away. By the time he was swallowing the last one, a hefty R.illaboom from a trainer that thought mindless grinding could be strategy, his guts had mulched, melted, and pumped the P.okemon away in just under ten minutes with a steamy belch all that it had to show for its life. By now, he had a pile of empty Pokeballs on the bench next to him, and his belly rested in his lap as a heavy pot gut that squished and wobbled whenever he moved. The gym leader was contemplating how to work all the new weight off when a sharp groan reminded him of the consequences of eating so much meat. He threw off his towel and squatted down in the center of the sauna, wincing as his body began to vacate the mass of waste his training had caused. By the end of it, he'd left a massive pile of crap sitting in the center of the sauna, filled with bones from the various P.okemon sacrificed to his belly. If he hadn't been sweating already, he certainly would be after that. He'll have to get someone to clean this all up for him...but he can't say he wasn't pleased with the end results. Now his gut would burn as bright as him.

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  • digestavore
    20.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    I'm literally writing this as my hairy ring is being stretched around a mass of thick brown logs that I've been saving up all day 😏 though you should know so you can jerk off to that thought....

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  • gluttons-of-garreg-mach
    28.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Gurgle and Dump Rhea to Edelgard

    The battle had come to a rather surprising conclusion... the Aedrestian Empire had completed its conquest and war against the Church of Seiros when Edelgard let loose a monstrous belch, parts of her ensemble destroyed and ripped as the Emperor inlet there, belly swollen and bulging with the Archbishop herself thrashing about. Nothing could save her from the powerful acids within Edelgard’s stomach, and would meet her fate slowly as Edelgard was helped off the battlefield.

    It’s said that after the battle, Edelgard journeyed deep below the monastery with her professor turned lover and released what little remained of the Archbishop into the catacombs, looking much fatter than she did at the battle.

    #kink tag; ssbbw #kink warning; disposal #Edelgard#rhea #kink tag; vore #kink tag; weight gain
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