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  • elfyourmother
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    @yloiseconeillants flailing about Artoirel reminded me of my absolute trash headcanon/plotbunny from when Gisele first got to Ishgard proper? about Artoirel being super thirsty for Gisele after the business at the heretic safehouse. Locking himself in the bath to “get it out of his system” and then feeling that Halonic Guilt(tm). And bc Haurche is very astute, he realizes what’s going on with Art and one day, prolly when Gisele’s off on the road trip, Haurche tells him out of nowhere one day that if he really wanted to, like, you know, he wouldn’t care and Gisele would prolly be down and Artoirel literally fled the manor and went straight to confession bc he was so mortified

    #artoirel is the most repressed of all the catholic elves and i will not accept criticism #the funniest thing about that trash hc #is that i came up with it way before the situation w haurche and steph and francel was so messy #gisele surana#lord baestone #i love mess.gif
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  • venomgaia
    21.03.2022 - 2 monts ago


    #i was gonna save these fr the mega log of arr/heavensward stuff iworkin on bit. no #wol x haurchefant #tethys ejinn#haurchefant greystone#ffxiv#driftoodles #slowly getting back to art #tethys is hopelessly in love w 3 people and one of them is haurch
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  • elfyourmother
    11.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    just so we’re clear though like…being gentle and tender in bed and being a thirsty dtf thot aren’t mutually exclusive character traits and characters aren’t necessarily going to play off other characters in the same way

    I joke a lot about writing thots with a heart of gold but that’s my whole entire jam in life for a lot of really personal reasons and like…that’s part of why jp/fr!haurche resonates so strongly with me and why he’s such a comfort character to me

    and while I’m at it kink is not synonymous w disrespect or abject cruelty either and gentle and tender characters can be into it. good, heroic characters can be into it. it’s not a character flaw or a sign of deviance.

    #this was sitting on my spirit and it persisted after I ate so I had to say something #prolly a combo of rsd and my literally writing smut #today even#w haurche #so I’m feeling extra vulnerable about it #this is intensely personal stuff #lord baestone
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  • elfyourmother
    19.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    ok basically tl;dr my Ysayle is bi with a very strong preference for ladies/sapphic folks but she thinks the (very) rare dude is neat

    it’s a long story but I think I felt this way all along and overthought myself out of it for reasons that don’t make a whole lot of sense to me anymore

    but I don’t want to perpetuate anything gross or hurt anyone w my headcanons so I’ll be revising/retconning my fics that reference her being a lesbian directly and probably comb through her tag to delete things

    #bisho liveblogs her creative process #this just feels more right to me #she had way too much chemistry w Haurche in this thing I was poking at and it set off a lot of handwringing #I still get wigged out by her and estinien tho lmao #ice wife
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  • elfyourmother
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    anyroad I’m thinking abt goth elves again to feel better bc ishgard is gaf

    Aymeric is obviously a Victorian goth (I mean he just is canonically imo. that’s why I can’t ever vibe w gposes where ppl put him in the more modern looking glams. you do you ofc it just looks Odd to me). Immaculate lace cravats are his calling card.

    Ditto Haurche, except he tends to dress like Vince Noir

    So is Gisele. Corsets corsets corsets!!!

    Ysayle is a new wave/romantic bc I NEED her in Siouxsie makeup. Elaborate hair situations with extra strength Goth Juice (made with the tears of Robert Smith) She also chain smokes cloves (Sampoernas NOT those trashy Black cigs. those are for mallgoths and she’s married to rich people)

    Estinien’s a trad goth. Spikes!!!

    Steph’s a straight up rivethead. Big stompy boots and wallet chains and 90000 piercings and gauges that could double as cup holders

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  • elfyourmother
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    literally the only reason I don’t claim Haurche is bc his backstory w his mom makes that a huge N O P E

    also Garleans are Slavs bc I like to think about Zenos annoying Varis by doing the Slav squat when he’s bored. Fancy track suit on and everything

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  • elfyourmother
    03.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    I know the anhedonia’s gotten hold of me bc the met gala is my personal superbowl w my intense interest in fashion but I just. don’t care

    also people are starting to be weird in the tags of my Hien/Haurche gpose and it doesn’t feel good at all and I don’t want to start crying again about how the term “crack ship” feels like a pejorative to me as someone with a lot of rarepair ships and I really don’t want it near me or my work because it makes me feel really bad and sets my rsd off

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  • elfyourmother
    11.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    a lot of downer ship talk, very long, and  i am begging you not to reblog this bc i am just talking about my own feelings on my own blog and don’t want to put bees in anybody’s bonnets

    hmm but like. talking about Gisele’s conception of love and her inherent polyamorous orientation and worldview here made me think again about Thancred and why I rarely discuss or write Gisele/Thancred fic despite shipping it like burning and having a lot of feelings about it

    their relationship arc was very different than with most other wols I’ve seen shipped with him, as a start. there were some heavy (albeit unintentional) parallels with Imani/Kaidan’s relationship arc in Mass Effect, what with one believing the other was dead for ages until they suddenly popped up again, and with Heavensward being their “Horizon moment”, though it wasn’t hostile so much as...many things left unspoken and hurt on Gisele’s part when Thancred inexplicably took this “I want my beloved to be happy so I will let her go” tack totally unasked and undiscussed solely bc of his intense feelings of guilt and his insecurities. and they didn’t reconcile until he damn near died in Amh Araeng all that time later on the First).

    of course different isn’t bad, and I have to keep reminding myself that. lord knows fandom would be boring af if everyone wrote ships in the same way and I’m sure there’s an audience out there for this sort of thing, even if niche. but like...I really feel like myself and my wol stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of small white/light wols who are 100% monogamous with him (but for an occasional fridged Haurche before they got together). there is nothing wrong with writing that sort of thing but as a poly femme it’s just really demoralizing sometimes to consider that so many people seem to view Thancred’s promiscuity as a flaw that needs to be overcome somehow, that it was a sign of his emotional immaturity and that with proper character development and growth (and True Love from the right person) he will necessarily “settle down” into being monogamous. I see this idea expressed so frequently in fic and art and it hurts so much because it reminds me of nothing so much as the way Zev and Isabela got treated in da fandom (Zev’s actual romance in the game codified it as canon even), and it dredges up a lot of very old, very bad memories.i mean that one infamous scene at the Stones gets pointed to a lot but it’s like...the multiple gfs weren’t the problem, it was his lack of honesty about it. and it’s always contrasted with him in the latter stages of ShB, especially when it comes to the uri/than shippers. Weary Dadcred is wholly incompatible with Suave Thotcred to these people.

    it’s like people think poly and/or promiscuous characters are not allowed to have any kind of depth or complexity, their romantic/sexual proclivities are treated as either something for laughs or a defect they need to work on. and I wholly, emphatically reject that not just wrt him but with Gisele also, her entire characterization and story absolutely puts the lie to that sort of thing. they do not and cannot relate to each other in that way. their conflicts were entirely down to his insecurities and a lack of communication on both their parts, not because they didn’t love each other enough because polyamory. shit, the whole reason Thancred couldn’t hate Haurchefant even though he rather irrationally wanted to at first was because of the compersion he felt seeing Gisele with him. and Gisele had been telling him to shit or get off the pot wrt Y’shtola for actual years. 

    but outside of like 1 or 2 people, I really don’t know anyone else who views him that way and so I feel like I need to make myself scarce in those corners of fandom. especially since I also highkey ship him and Minfilia W. like listen I never played 1.0 and went into ARR knowing fuck all about anything and thus them being all “ugh no we don’t feel that way about each other, why would you think that???” in that one “no hetero” scene made me feel like absolute garbage considering I had OT3′d them and Gisele literally right up to that point. It felt like the game itself was shaming me, and then I saw that it was very heavily frowned upon in fandom for Important Lore Reasons and I was quite new and intensely self-conscious about having Wrong Opinions so I just made myself stop and turned it into a V with Gisele as the shared point. And ftr ShB only made the angst worse because it reminded me of it and it was all I could read it as (romantic angst) and I started hurting about it all over again, in large part because I felt like I couldn’t discuss it with anybody at all for fear of being viewed as a freak. The only thing I permitted myself to do was mention OG Minfilia having unrequited feelings for him a la Phedre and Anafiel in the Kushiel books, with her never telling him because he would never have seen her that way. (Never mind that he did end up with Alcuin; and I know some view that as very, very sketchy given the circumstances but I take no issue with how it went down bc D’Angeline social mores were very clear on Alcuin’s agency as a free & consenting adult when he made that decision. But that’s apropos of nothing here bc Min was a grown ass woman in ARR so.)

    anyway tl;dr i don’t feel like i or gisele especially belong in thancred enjoyer land bc of my weird and apparently controversial views about him as a character so I tend to stick with fussing over my painfully victorian & catholic elves in public instead. i don’t even have wips that don’t see the light of day, i just straight up don’t write them lol

    #gisele surana#thancred tag #like they still don’t even have a ship tag #that’s how self-conscious i am about it #negativity cw#tbd probably
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  • elfyourmother
    14.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    please don’t reblog this because the last time someone reblogged my venting re: Haurche people got shitty and i literally do not have the spoons for it today

    like I know. I KNOW it’s not the same because the virulent misogyny inherent to the women in refrigerators trope is the entire point, it’s never the same with a male character much less a white male character so please don’t get it twisted

    but if Haurchefant’s only role in a WoL’s story is to cause them angst when he dies saving them so they can cry about it in the arms of their ~~real LI~~ (usually Aymeric, sometimes Estinien (or both), or whomstever) I just channel my inner RDM and Displacement and nope right tf out

    nope non nein nyet absolutely the fuck not

    and it’s not just because I love him so much ftr, even though that’s certainly part of it. I just hate when people do that to characters period, treating them as little more than pit stops on the way to “real love”, whether it’s because they die in the story or w/e. and I hate it when this type of thing is like...the sum total of the shippy content you find

    christ i remember when 90% of the fic in the Blackwall tag was somebody’s aggrieved Quiz (almost always a damn Trevelyan at that) going on about how betrayed they were by the reveal and then running to seek comfort in noodle head’s arms

    and like trying to find Haurche fic that doesn’t make me want to tear my hair out is similarly fraught because guess what the popular narrative is!! just take a wild fucking guess!!! I’m punched in the face with it literally any time I talk about him and Gisele, because inevitably someone has to bring up how Haurche was like. their character’s sexual/romantic awakening or w/e and then he died and boohoo it was so sad isn’t it sad????

    lmao fuck off

    i just want my faves to mean something beyond just being vehicles to wallow in wangst 24/7

    [and like ftr. Minfilia didn’t become that for Gisele just because they were star-crossed. Minfilia had a vitally important role to play beyond just being Gisele’s gf and inspo. And Ysayle didn’t “replace” her either.]

    #negativity cw #i am in a Mood today
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  • elfyourmother
    08.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    gonna be physically painful trying to stop myself from inserting Haurche and/or Ysayle into all those prompts but I’m really trying to not be Like That for once so boats don’t get rocked

    ngl this is also part of why I stalled out on wolianger week in hindsight if I’m honest, it wasn’t just work hell making me too tired to do anything when I got home (though that was a big part). it felt really weird making pose art that ppl who don’t know Gisele and her relationships would see and assume she’s monogamous w him or something.

    it’s just always felt rly awkward to me participating in fandom ship weeks unless they’re explicitly poly focused (which are like…super rare tbh I legit can’t think of any) bc like…I don’t do otps and never have. my ships always look like Royal Caribbean cruise ships lol. and presenting them differently, like they are a standard otp, feels…odd, and makes me feel vaguely bad. for some reason it reminds me of when I dated R. and L. and R. constantly insisted on presenting he and I as some het monogamous couple while simultaneously gal paling me and L, even though we were a legit triad, and even to people who it didn’t even matter to (I understand not telling our business to family/work, but…our WoW guild???)

    like it just makes me feel bad, as if I’m hiding an important part of these characters the way I write/perceive/love them in order to fit in. it makes me feel like I’m hiding relationships just like I’ve had to hide them my whole life irl. so I tend to just not post things except on my own, because I figure nobody in those organized fan spaces wants the weird shit I’m putting out. (dagron age absolutely torpedoed my confidence specifically about this thing)

    I mean this time I managed to find backbone and actually asked if it was ok so we’ll see.

    #negativity cw#sorta #mostly whining tbh
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  • elfyourmother
    12.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    this concept of marginalized ppl having differing and sometimes conflicting needs has been on my mind all day ever since I saw a really angry & heartfelt post that inadvertently implied that any exploration of amab gnc/femmehood in fiction is inherently transmisogynist

    and ngl it shook me and made feel really bad…i’m literally writing an entire 35k+ word smut fic revolving around this concept. I’ve joked that it’s just Gender the Fic but yeah. aymeric and i aren’t the same agab obviously but I’m working out A Lot of issues thru this fic in terms of him grappling with his own feelings and the expectations of society, and gisele’s and haurche’s reactions to them being a healing thing

    which is a lot for a kinkfest fic. the prompts may have had “cross dressing” but I’m trying to make it very clear that this isn’t about a fetish even if it’s presented in a highly eroticized way. i love gnc bi men and have always been deeply attracted to them and quite frankly have been shamed for it my whole life like a lot of bi women are esp by but not only our str8 counterparts. so some of it is definitely wish fulfillment, thru gisele. the sexy yes but also giving support. cuz mainly this fic is abt aymeric being given permission to just be, in a way he rarely lets himself, w the enthusiastic encouragement of his lovers. the “moral” of the fic, insofar as there is one, is that there’s no one right way to be, and that love isn’t and shouldn’t be conditional upon anything, much less gender presentation.

    the way aymeric ultimately identifies is an open ended question, deliberately so, mostly bc he’s not sure. gisele asks him at one point if he thinks he might be a woman, and he says no but makes a clear distinction between presentation and feelings (by bringing up lucia’s butchness) and says something like “how does one measure such things?” gisele explains the way she sees him as a femme, a kindred spirit. and it resonates with him.

    it’s ok if some of y’all can’t read it. its ok if nobody reads it. it’s terrifying tho and I think it’s one of the reasons this fic has taken so long to write. it’s intensely personal and I don’t want to hurt anyone with it. all i can do is tag stuff and do my best to avoid stepping in shit.

    #bisho liveblogs her creative process #I almost didn’t even want to post this abt it tbh
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  • elfyourmother
    10.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    I tagged that stupid fanon post w estinien but it could have just as easily been haurche

    and I’m not even talking about the differences between en and jp/fr when I say that ftr, bc tbh that’s not fair, most ppl playing in en are not aware of those differences and I don’t blame anyone for hewing solely to en haurche even if I blend them together (and even if jp/fr!haurche does bleed into en!haurche on occasion, eg that famous heavensturn quest)

    I’m talking about how fanon haurche is flanderized to a sweet perfect cinnamon roll who exists solely to make wol cocoa and he’s stripped of any kind of nuance or depth. it’s like they forget that he has anger issues stemming from an emotionally abusive upbringing that he worked ridiculously hard to overcome. they forget how he became a knight in the first place: basically going Taken hunting down Francel’s abductors, and fucking snapped and killed them all (grown ass men!). As a teenager. They forget he had to be held back by half a dozen knights because he was going to haul off and go after a fucking primal all to protect WoL. And was salty af about it.

    yes he’s walking sunshine best boi but that’s not all he is. he’s a deeply passionate man, he’s deeply determined, he does nothing by halves—ever—and can and will throw hands at the slightest provocation if his loved ones are under threat

    and what makes me especially angry about the shallow reading/portrayal of fanon haurche is that I can’t shake the feeling that a good chunk of why it’s so popular is because it heightens the tragedy of canon all the more so they can wallow in it. it’s not at all dissimilar to the way aerith’s been flanderized over the years, actually.

    #negativity cw#lord baestone #anyway that’s my rant of the day
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  • elfyourmother
    21.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    Ysayle for the meme!

    How I feel about this character:

    Love of my life light of my heart my queen my angel my everything!!!

    ...this got very long.

    I mean I was pretty much doomed to stan Ysayle considering Shiva has always been bar none my favorite classic FF summon (alongside Phoenix), and the XIV design is my absolute favorite after X's Shiva. But Ysayle is one of my very favorite characters in the game and always will be, because of so many reasons I could go on and on and on about (and have), but mainly because of how unapologetic she was in her convictions even as she was incredibly vulnerable as a person. This is a woman who lost absolutely everything there was to lose as a young child and was dealt the most rotten hand imaginable, but when presented with proof of a profound injustice, threw herself into fighting it with everything she was. On the surface, in another other game (*cough*WoW*cough*), she could very easily have been a 2 dimensional one note sort of villain, but she has amazing amounts of depth to her, and her redemption arc is the gold standard to me as these things go, much less in XIV. They haven't gotten it right since her tbqh. Way too often in these kinds of stories, the heroes can't actually end up finding any lasting common ground with the antagonists and there's these arbitrary roadblocks put up largely to underscore ~the tragedy of it all~ and it just ends up being frustrating as hell, but Heavensward threw that right the fuck out and had us go on a roadtrip with Ishgard's Public Enemy #1 and she was reasonable. She wasn't some cackling stereotypical witch/femme fatale type leading us to our doom or we talked out of what she believed. Fuck, she was even right! It's just how she was going about things was awful, and she expressed genuine regret about it, even as she accepted the blood on her hands and the loss of her personal virtue as the price for peace. She was even willing to team up with the Azure Dragoon, someone she considered a genocidal butcher, if it meant peace. How could I not fall in love with her??? And she loves moogles. fhdsfksd

    In short, Ysayle is literally everything I could have ever wanted in an Enemies to Friends story, except in how it ended obviously. Wonderfully complex character. Pretty.

    All the people I ship romantically with this character:

    Gisele is obviously #1, for all the reasons I've gushed about before and will continue to gush about, but first and foremost because they are absolutely perfect foils for each other in nearly every respect, and they compliment each other stunningly well. Only Emet has these two beat for Enemies to Friends to Lovers goodness and that's only because he's got the reincarnation romance angle to add to it. But Gisele x Ysayle have this air of capital-F Fate about them that is so fucking intriguing to me, there's the battle couple thing because they fight Primals together, but also in that of all Gisele's lovers, only Ysayle understands what it means to be chosen by Hydaelyn. I keep thinking of Tia Dalma's "touch of destiny" line every time I think of Gisele and Ysayle.

    After Gisele, there's the lads ofc and Estinien foremost among them, with the heavy caveat that I'm very particular about that pairing to the point it honestly squicked me out for the longest time and I only started to ship it very recently. But in a not-grossly-heteronormative context, it's such a fantastic ship because much like with Gisele, Ysayle and Estinien are great foils for each other, have a ridiculous amount of things in common, and the adversarial distrust they had turning to grudging respect turning to low key affection turning to love is such a wonderful progression. And that's before the whole love triangle-to-metamour angle.

    Aymeric and Haurche both have the metamour-to-lovers dynamic with her as well, but Aymeric is especially tasty given how very fraught it is--there's a forbidden fruit vibe with those two and I am a weak and simple femme. Her and Haurche are just...sunshine, really. They make me feel warm and cozy, and they will forever be bound by their love for Gisele making them nearly lose their lives to save her.

    Y'shtola because Magic Baes but mostly because they're very alike, in that they tend to keep their cards close to their chest, are incredibly stubborn, and will go their own way and damn what anyone thinks. Them fucking off from the Crystarium and building a life together among the Night's Blessed is probably one of my fave ShB headcanons.

    And Urianger, which I talked about when I did the chart.

    My non-romantic OTP for this character:

    Before I actually started shipping them, I would have put Estinien here, and everything I said up there also counts. But I would also add Emet, among the Scions she's not romantically involved with, bc that metamour relationship they have is incredible and I need to write more about it. And the twins obvs, most especially Alphinaud, who is very much a little brother to her.

    My unpopular opinion about this character:

    One of my few criticisms about Heavensward is that there's parts where it felt like they didn't know what to do with certain characters after a while and Ysayle's ultimate fate is probably the worst example. After having such a central role to the story for the heart of the xpac (the Great Dravanian Road Trip), she just kinda inexplicably fades out after quelling the riot, only to just come back for a Heroic Sacrifice. And she absolutely deserved better than to be treated like a loose end they forgot about and needed to tie up real quick.

    She also deserves much more than to be treated as more than a footnote in Estinien's journey toward healing and being a Real Dragoon. I mentioned it above but I used to think Estinien x Ysayle squicked me so bad because I saw Ysayle as a lesbian, but then I realized I actually didn't, and I was just grossed out by how heteronormative the stuff I saw with them was. How often she was reduced to being a footnote in his character development, and that similarly to the way Haurche often gets treated in Haurche/WoL ships that follow canon, too often her whole role in teh content I saw was to be a love martyr and die so Estinien grows as a person and she's the Lost Lenore or w/e. Like fridging on steroids. And I find it repulsive (which is him naming his armor after her gave me hives). For a long time I mistook that for being squicked by Estinien x Ysayle period.

    Then I realized what my pain point actually was with that ship (because I realized she had a ton of chemistry with Haurche in a thing I was doing), and that none of that gross shit actually applies in my verse, not just because she survives but more importantly she has a whole ass story of her own that he has absolutely nothing to do with Estinien. Ysayle's post Dragonsong arc involves her journey as a Scion, reckoning with what she did, and trying her best to atone. She continues to work for peace between Dravania and Ishgard as a Scion but she has a similarly parallel journey to Estinien's in that she has to figure out who she is now, if not Lady Iceheart the reincarnation of Saint Shiva. She's her own person with agency and a life and struggles and healing to do, not just some sad ethereal angel watching over him as he lives on. I still think that is a tragically unpopular opinion in some quarters.

    One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

    First and foremost that she had survived to join the Scions, like in Gisele's verse. But if we couldn't have that, that her memory actually be honored the way Haurchefant's continually is. I love Haurchefant to death of course and I'm not upset about that (insofar as much as I am angry and sad that canon took him away too) but there is a glaring discrepancy in how the legacies of these two characters are treated in the game, and it absolutely reeks of misogyny. We are constantly able to make call backs to Haurche and what he meant to us, we talked to random people in Gridania of all places about him, during the Firmament quests.

    Meanwhile, there was the E8 debacle which I've ranted enough about previously (and at length) but it will suffice to say that given our emotional connection to her, it was a slap in the face to Ysayle that she apparently warranted all of 1 fucking offhanded line and wasn't even an afterthought, when she should have been the emotional touchstone of the whole damn tier.

    But it happened again, in a more subtle example, in 5.5. The entire patch Estinien is walking around in armor that he named after Ysayle and yet when we return with him to the place of her death--Azys Lla--on a mission to free a member of the First Brood no less, there's not a fucking peep about Ysayle. The talk you have with him about Fandaniel, where he expresses concern about what your plans are for him? There's a dialogue option like "I want to understand him" or something, I forget verbatim, but the point is it would have been a prime opportunity for him to respond with something like "not all your foes are like Ysayle" given that she was a foe we tried to understand, and eventually did, and became allies with. Shit, Ysayle is alive and well in my 'verse and went with them to free Tiamat, and Estinien and Gisele still had that conversation in my headcanon (with the added benefit of Emet being a good point too). And if that wasn't enough, later on in that (frankly infuriating) scene w Fordola after Paglt'han, Estinien says something like "some dreams are worth fighting for" and like...Ysayle's thing was referring to her dream of peace between man and dragon, she literally mentions it right before she turns into Shiva for the last time to make her big sacrifice. And we get nothing. Another opportunity to reference her and the impact she had on WoL AND Estinien, totally wasted. When I talk about it feeling a lot like they treated her as a loose end that needed tying up, so they killed her and then forgot all about her? This is the type of shit that I mean. And it just keeps happening, and it's so infuriating.

    They just did Ysayle absolutely dirty and they continue to do her dirty and it's why I'm so adamant about writing her the way I do and giving her all the happiness ever.

    #character opinion meme #askbox memes#ice wife #5.5 spoilers
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  • elfyourmother
    13.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    The Chart (tm)

    Used Excel for this, apologies if it’s difficult to read. But as a gross oversimplification, thick solid pink lines mean some kind of romantic and/or sexual relationship, hashed blue lines mean a strictly platonic relationship. Many of those pink lines are Complicated, some are FWB, romantic friendship, etc; it’s just a catchall for “not platonic”.

    Note: this is intentionally limited to Scions and immediate close allies. So this isn’t everyone I ship with Gisele (Lucia’s not here). G’raha is literally just on there as a placeholder bc he’s not involved w anybody.

    We start with Gisele, above. More under the cut, starting with the rest of the Scions and a couple of leaders.


    Note: the Thancred line is…complicated.




    Note: he flirts outrageously with Cid but isn’t actually serious about it.


    Note: he’s in some pretty hardcore denial about his feelings for Haurchefant and Hades.





    #gisele surana#master posts #taxpayer money was well spent today as you can see #no the numbers don’t add up bc the formula broke 🤷🏾‍♀️ #if y’all want the rest I can put them in another post #I just hit the limit is all
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  • elfyourmother
    09.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    Aymeric having nothing but love and support and encouragement w exploring his femmehood is so crucially Important to me and that’s why Haurche needed to be in this. Cuz he literally just wants him to be happy (and also his extreme thirst is encouraging). it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside to write.

    #bisho liveblogs her creative process #I always say I would ship the lads even without gisele but it’s so true #and this is a prime example of why
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  • elfyourmother
    15.03.2021 - 1 year ago

    one of the IT morons at work didn’t turn my computer back on so I can’t remote in so I’m just gonna do crimes all day w haurche

    #they did network updates over the weekend
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  • elfyourmother
    23.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    Gisele and Aymeric being in the NRE stage of the relationship and getting to know each other better is so fun to write

    her absolute delight at discovering just how secretly thirsty and raunchy he is (every bit as much as Haurche, he’s just not horny on main) is just vjgjcjcn

    they’re at the stage of truth or dare where she’s asking him about his First Time with Estinien and he’s just casually talking about how much he used to check him out and never got caught out bc he was too good at being sneaky w his thirst and btw he did the same thing to her nbd wink wink

    #bisho liveblogs her creative process #i can’t with him
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  • elfyourmother
    26.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    @allycryz the direct thought/emotional process:

    me: *writing a thing and discovering Ysayle and Haurche have way too much chemistry* oh no

    me: *thinking about how I tried to repress this feeling before bc of arbitrary rules i put on myself and putting ppl’s expectations and comfort before anything I want or need from my own story* oh no

    me: *unpacking these feelings and inadvertently discovering unexamined internalized biphobia lurking in the corners of them with the dust bunnies* oh no

    me: *getting that heart singing compersiony feeling thinking abt Ysayle and Gisele and Haurche just being cuddly together and not even sexual* oh no

    me: *remembering that Aymeric staked his reputation on keeping her safe from the folk who wanted her thrown into Witchdrop for her crimes no just for the sake of peace but bc she meant that much to Gisele* oh no

    me: *really examining where the sensation of squick re: her and Estinien came from and if it’s still present if she’s bi, and discovering it really isn’t in the context of Gisele’s verse where she gets to live and see her dream fulfilled and is a fully realized character w agency rather than a martyr fridged for Estinien’s character development like so much content I see* OH NO

    me: *remembering how in my fic about it, Estinien caught them both when Gisele jumped off the airship to save her * OH NO

    me: *being Reminded that the mood for 2021 has been a certain irl wine loving deity making me his liberation project, specifically forcing me to examine all these petty rules I place on myself to punish myself and helping me to feel more comfy w ambiguity and change in all aspects of my life*

    #bisho liveblogs her creative process #I’m only half joking #meanwhile dionysos is like ‘you thought this would be easy?’ #I know this is gods stuff bc of the feeling in my gut when they’re involved #but I do feel very ambivalent about the whole thing for Reasons #as if I’m a massive hypocrite and contributing to the issue of everything being about romance and shipping #bc Ysayle and Estinien being friends in particular was really important to me #so
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