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  • starfrckled
    23.05.2022 - 4 days ago


    @warnsyou​  (   as jean   )  says:  i'm the least terrible option you've got.

    evermore's walls are pressing in on him,   black and lifeless.  neil can almost feel it on his skin,  that unending cold choking all the air from his lungs and he keenly misses the familiar brightness of the foxhole court,  as eye strain inducing as it is.  he'd take bold orange over raven black in a heartbeat.  he is going back to his team,  he just has to make it through these few weeks at edgar allan first. 

    the hiss of french makes him look towards jean,  knowing he would find him not too far from where he is standing,  as his assigned shadow.  neil still finds the cultish mentality the ravens operate on insane,  but at least jean can't let him fall apart under riko's hands.  he needs neil to be on his feet and able to play. ❛  maybe you are,  but i don't have to like it.  and i won't pretend this team is any less psychotic than it is.  ❜   i won't be a raven sits between them,  heavy like the promise of blood in the air and jean's hands on him as he stitches his skin back together.   ❛ your master won't break me,  jean.  ❜   a promise,  quiet but unyielding.  he is not sorry if his insolence will cause jean trouble.  he is a fox,  after all,  and their mistake was thinking they could shape him into anything else.

    #neil j. — interactions #warnsyou #warnsyou / jean m. #ah yes. neil not good very awful christmas break @ evermore
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  • lovetaled
    21.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    1 and 3 !! <3

    book you’ve reread the most times?

    i think catching fire by suzanne collins ! my roleplay days barely missed my hunger games phase in high school that was very much my emotional support series. i would still consider it overall to be the strongest in YA that i've read ( or having the most relevant/mature breadth ) for the themes it utilizes and the speculative element of the society depicted. it also spawned that whole dystopian YA craze,  while none of the other additions came close. the depth of the themes, the lines, the romance subplot that was perfectly fit in the scope of a greater story ..  the friends to lovers,  the unlikely allies,  the fake dating because if we don't our families will die but oops one of us has actual feelings  ..  and i would say stylistically,  the irony that the author implied by the games being twistedly-absorbing to an audience that you actively take part in while reading really resounds with me.  i feel like catching fire even more than the other the two books showed the revolutionary aspect in the series the most,  introduced the characters i love ( finnick )  and is a strong example of a second book in a trilogy,  part of the reason i see that trend happening of me favoring the sequel in most of my favorite series.  never mind that it was tragic and disturbing and didn't exactly end happily ..  i'm sensing a pattern here because the other book i've read the most is clockwork angel.  for the plot.

    ( the plot: )

    3. what is your favourite genre?

    for the most part,  fantasy !  gotta have that magical component to a story for me to be really involved,  especially when it involves fairytale or mythology tropes and reworks them in an interesting way.  however ..  i do not like high fantasy in any respect.  can’t do asoiaf,  anything sanderson,  or those stories with too much worldbuilding and detail that bogs down my enjoyment of simpler tropes and characterization,  which is why my fantasy reading mostly stays in the YA category.  i also really enjoy a good romance/slice of life vibe and would say that’s my comfort genre.  and for classic literature i am into gothic romance.  works by the brontës,  mary shelley and other romantic era authors/poets,  old monster novels,  paranormal romance,  gothic feminist pieces  ..  love that stuff.  and finally my area of expertise with my lit degree so far is regency fiction/romance.  a subgenre i will never give up and hope to do my thesis on !
    #warnsyou #⋆   🦋  ◝    ooc ask.  ◟ fine make me your annoying dash presence. #you think i wouldn't mention the boys? #i've read clockwork angel like 3 times #and i don't tend to be a book re-reader #just going back through scenes throughout the series #but yeah i've read catching fire probably five times #and you know my genre taste already #would add onto that gothic/dark romantic short stories #like hawthorne or poe #and my favorite short story in general is the yellow wallpaper by charlotte perkins gilman... unhinges me and it's a mood
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  • lovechaotic
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    →          @warnsyou     -      ❛ you got me flowers? ❜ nesta at cassian or elain perhaps!!

    cassian  could  feel  his  face  was  turning  red  -                      maybe  it  was  a  bad  idea  to  give  nesta  flowers.  maybe  she  wasn’t  the  right  girl  to  give  flowers  to  after  all.  HE  GAVE  HER  THE  FLOWERS,  elain  had  sworn  him,  she  would  like  these.  scratching  the  back  of  his  head,  cassian  watched  the  made  fae.  ‘’  yes?  ‘’  he  eventually  said,  but  it  sounded  more  like  a  question.  he  wasn’t  really  sure  what  to  do  -                        the  feeling  he  always  get  when  he’s  around  her.  ‘’  elain  said  you  would  like  these..  so  i  brought  them  for  you.  you  should  thank  her,  not  me.  ‘’  he  muttered.

    #╹ ’ *  ♛    ❪  interactions.   —    cassian #warnsyou
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  • abhorlove
    13.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    ╱⠀⥂⠀♯ ˢᵒᵐᵉᵗⁱᵐᵉˢ ⁱᵗ’ˢ ᵒᵏᵅʸ ᵗᵒ ᶠᵉᵉˡ ᵒᵘᵗ ᵒᶠ ᵖˡᵅᶜᵉ : @warnsyou [ liked for a one liner — ˢᵗᵅʳᵗᵉʳ ᶜᵅˡˡ ] charlotte

    ❝ you seem to look lost miss , is there anything i can help you with? ❞

    #warnsyou #𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗥𝗧𝗘𝗥. mutuals #𝗤𝗨𝗘𝗨𝗘. scheduled
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  • enternecers
    11.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

          it  is  not  in  kate’s  nature  to  be  apologetic.  edwina  has  always  been  the  kind  &  gentle  one,  while  kate  grew  up  outspoken  &  fearless.  it  is  why  this  is  so  hard  for  her.  especially  seeing  as  she  has  decided  to  apologize  to  him  of  all  people.  it  is  truly  the  last  thing  she  wants,  but  he  deserves  it.  she  is  no  stranger  to  the  burden  of  grief  &  the  absence  of  a  father.  pushing  him  during  pall  mall  had  resulted  in  traumas  resurfacing  and...  lord  bridgerton  deserves  better  than  that.  he  might  be  a  rake  and  an  alluring  man  with  his  carefully  chosen  words  laced  with  empty  promises  but  kate  crosses  the  line  at  this  one  topic:  the  loss  of  a  family  member.  

           it  is  the  only  reason  she  seeks  him  out,  mocha  hues  roaming  around  aubrey  hall  as  she  walks  towards  his  study.  though  she  finds  him  in  the  library  instead.  taking  a  deep  breath,  the  raven-haired  woman  enters  the  room  in  silence  as  she  watches  him  read.  he  truly  is  handsome,  kate  realizes.  it  aches  at  her,  the  memory  of  how  enamored  she  had  been  at  their  first  race  and  that  first  ball  before  he  opened  his  mouth  to  his  friends  and  professed  his  intentions  of  finding  a  wife  which  fit  a  carefully  crafted  list.  everything  about  anthony  bridgerton  was  carefully  decided,  kate  has  noticed.  except  playing  pall  mall  against  her  and  hitting  their  ball  close  to  his  father’s  grave.  

             right.  the  apology.  clearing  her  throat,  she  allows  knuckles  to  tap  gently  against  the  wooden  door.  ❝  lord  bridgerton,  might  i  have  a  word?  ❞  please,  do  not  make  me  regret  this.

    @warnsyou​​  /  sc.
    #warnsyou #* &.  𝗼𝗼𝗰  •  closed starter. #* &.  𝗶𝗰  •  kate sharma. #* &.  warnsyou  •  𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗻𝘆 𝗯𝗿𝗶𝗱𝗴𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗼𝗻. #* &.  𝗼𝗼𝗰  •  queue. #i hope this is okay !! #sorry it got so long
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  • horrorbestowed
    11.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    ❖ ┊ ❛ it's always my fault, isn't it? ❜ // @warnsyou​, jace.

    some nights on the field are just bad nights, though it never does get any easier when their are casualties. ( it's hodge hard, makes him doubt his training capabilities, at times. ) alec had gotten caught by a ravener demon's bite. the poison had been drained from his system now, and hodge had left the eldest lightwood to sleep off the stress of the night. ( of course, there'd been a tantrum when he'd advised two nights off would be required to ensure sufficient time was taking to fully heal. ) 

    now, hodge had left the infirmiary and had taken up residence back in the library, had barely a chance to sit down before jace made his presence known. gray eyes shift upwards to rest on a very distressed paid of golden ones, lips pressing together to form a somewhat sympathetic smile. ❛ i wouldn't go that far, jace, ❜ he murmurs, placing his chosen book down on the oak desk, turning to face the other. ( jace always liked to put on a show, pretend he didn't care about anyone, when it was so very clear that he absolutely did care about everyone. especially his parabatai. ) ❛ --- unless, of course, you and isabelle lied on your recount of the night and for whatever reason, you thought it would be funny to push alec into a crowd of ravener demons...❜ ( highly unlikely, really. perhaps he shouldn't toy with the boy too much though. )  a sigh now, hand coming up to rest on the younger's shoulder, offering what he hoped was a reassuring squeeze. ❛ it wasn't your fault, jace. you were all just doing your jobs and unfortunately, sometimes, that means getting hurt. ❜ the life of a shadowhunter is dangerous. they all knew that. it was drilled into them from birth. ❛ alec will be okay, and he'll heal a lot quicker because of your help. try not to stress about it too much. tomorrow is another day, and you should at least try to get some rest. ❜

    #warnsyou #❖ ┊ ❛ hodge starkweather. ❜  →  answered. #those kids are the only reason he endured the institute as long as he did tbh
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  • rubyfall
    03.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

      @warnsyou​​  (  spoink  )  sent  💬  . . .   for a meme-based sentence starter 

              THE CICADAS RUB THEIR WINGS AND DROWN OUT THE SOUND OF AN INFREQUENT HEARTBEAT.   there is something of her too dead and buried in that coffin and maybe that is why the crypt had become a frequent haunt in the passing weeks   (   death is your gift,   might as well give it a firm handshake and introduce yourself to it while you were at it   )   the gathering of shadows here is a stark demarcation between the fluorescent high school halls she had walked hours prior.   YOUR SISTER HAS BEEN MISSING VALUABLE CLASS TIME,    MISS SUMMERS.   miss summers,   miss summers,   miss summers   ━   but that's not me. 

        ❛   you’re the only one she’s counting on.  ❜   coming to,   a finger traces the dust off the stone slab covering the tomb.   glancing up she catches the sight of him perched on the armrest of a lounge chair,    the muted television coating the pale of him in a blue cast.   ❛  and you know she has a crush on you…   hey,   before you even start   ━   no,   i'm not jealous it just gives her another reason to go all teenage freakout on me.  ❜  pulling herself onto the cool slate surface,  with her weapons laid to rest beside her   (  both metaphorically and physically  )   comfort,  or at least the illusion of it with the respite she displayed in the caverns he called home.   ❛  as if playing parent hasn't made it bad enough.  ❜

    #buf and spoink <3 #this is season 5ish somewhere #post-joyce's death tho because pain! #it's the way they both co-parent dawn for me!!!! #.  ˚ ⋆ ✷  (  𝚟    .  ic  /  buffy summers  * #.  ˚ ⋆ ✷  (  𝚟    .  warnsyou  /  spike  * #if u see me posting them from hiatus no u don't <3
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  • storiedwords
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    "does  it  bother  you  -  the  herondale  thing?"    he  speaks  before  really  even  noticing  exactly  what  it  is  that  he's  just  said,  what  he's  just  asked,  but  it's  weighing  on  him  (  and  has  been  for  a  while  now  ).  he  understands  now,  why  exactly  he'd  been  watched  over  as  he  was  -  why  it  was  done  but  there's  that  voice  in  the  back  of  his  mind  asking  'why'  and  he  needs  to  know.    "it's  why  you  helped  me,  watched  over  me  when  you  were  ...  "    he  trails  off,  remembering  when  jem  wasn't  jem.  he  bites  the  inside  of  his  cheek.  "you  did  all  that  because  i  reminded  you  of  him,  right?  because  we  were  related?"


    #warnsyou #jace herondale  ( INTERACTIONS ) #( my mind went: they need to talk about will because of course they do ) #( sorry! if you'd like something else just let me know! ) #queue.
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  • dubovoye
    29.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    “  HAVE  YOU  MET  HER?  ”  NO  LEAD  UP.  HIS  QUESTION  IS  SIMPLE.      charles has had it in his mind since he found out the technicalities of his relation to kazheir.  waited, wondered whether it was worth it to ask  ----  to know what she was like from someone else.  someone who, unlike charles, has not grown to bristle at the sound of her name, to guard himself against her presence.  it is hard to imagine it  :  eris, existing on her own.  not his mother, not his tormentor, but a goddess who thought nothing of her half - mortal son but that he was a blight.  she is so little to him, and so much  ----  she, the absence in his childhood, the knife at his throat, to stirring violence in his center.  and he knows  (  intentionally  )  almost nothing else of her.  so he approaches kazheir after dinner, does not hold himself back, does not try to make himself friendly.  he doesn’t even really want an answer.  but he must ask.  “  eris,  ”  he says,  “  you know her?  ”

    @warnsyou   ❤️
    #oooOhohohohohohohoooooohohohhhohooooo im excited >:^) #charles / canon #warnsyou
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  • lovetaled
    29.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    will had grown used to it over the past few weeks,    almost like it was a known routine.   one.  the boy with the silver hair would come into the cafe,   armed to the teeth with an apathetic expression that invited no more notice than it desired   (  will was probably the only one who did:   notice him that is,   as more than a regular who liked plain lattes and never made conversation with the staff.   he’d a new appearance since will saw him last,   one that promised utter alteration from the person he’d once been,   and further suggested inward change,   a persona rewritten.  )   two.  their stares would meet,   while james was in line or waiting for his order or sitting in the farthest booth in the left corner working on something that looked like sheet music.   three.  will would pretend not to recognize him,   then try to figure out what it was he was absorbed with,   as furtively as he could manage.   he’d look up quickly from the bar just for a second before focusing on something else.   or make himself busy cleaning off a table nearby to poke at the other’s reserve just a little — to test the theory that he’d be noticed,   or that jem was capable of anything but a frown now. 

    four.   he would remember with a sudden clench in his heart the boy that this older stranger version of that boy had been.   a friend that trailed him around the football field in primary,   and liked to talk sense into will when he wanted to take down their bullies or lie about the finished state of his homework,   that refused to copy will’s notes in english class out of innate honesty.   he’d remember crinkling corners of bright eyes that outshone characteristic shyness,   and how even at twelve years old will had liked to think he was the cause of someone’s cautious close-to-a-smile.   curiosity would refuse to let will herondale forget that a tether to his old life still existed,   as much as it unsettled him to know that any part of his past could walk in on him at least three days a week in the late-morning to mid-afternoon.

    he was on step three of the routine that tuesday,   as golden light filtered in through the storefront windows,   a sunset that’d snuck between the high rise buildings of the neighborhood.   soon will would clock off and head to his evening class,   listen to a lecture on some chemistry topic that was duller than lettering on old tombs.   and jem would leave,   snapped shut like a book to be read incomprehensibly another day.   out of the corner of his sight he notes the other now,   as he had marked his presence like a consistent point of unrest earlier in his shift.   head down,   pen at the ready,   tapping back and forth between the table and his chin,   bleached hair falling between his eyes.   he was paler than will remembered,   and the light was doing him less than a favor to hide it,   while at once capturing in its glow a strangely content expression.   he’s in his element,   will thinks.   and since he’s so fond of interrupting mine —   ❛❛   what are you working on ?   ❜❜     he asks,   the question invasive enough to be irritating and vague enough to keep will’s cards close to his chest.   the rise of his own voice in the room feels tighter and more intent than he’d have liked when the other looks up.    as if will depended in some way on the answer.   ❛❛   it’s just that you’ve perfectly channeled the angsting twenty-first century teenage musician.   i am wondering if it is a true habit or a study you’ve made of the lifestyle.   ❜❜ 

    *  @warnsyou​    ⋆ ›     jem carstairs.

    #*◝  ✧    will herondale.  ◟ interactions. #›    au. ◝   when we rise or fall,we do it together.  ◟ modern. #warnsyou #›  jem carstairs. #.... SO UM #-claps my hand- remember that coffee shop au- #today is just a day for dragging up the plotting! #will's like i've got a cafe crush (my ex-bestie)
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  • lovetaled
    29.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    *  @warnsyou​  (  jace herondale  )  ⋆ ›   ‘  everybody loves pretty,  everybody loves cool.    /  not accepting.

    it’s hard for simon not to roll his eyes  —  and really,    he thinks of himself as a nice guy,    even if he is a vampire.    but people like jace make him so unfortunately aware of that trite saying everyone liked to pass around in high school.    nice guys finish last,    or however that cliche went even for guys that drink blood,    and which seemed to be leather boy’s slogan,    and which held true when it came to what clary wanted.    that was fine with him,    though it didn’t used to be so much.    he’d gotten used to it now,    or as used to it as he could ever be:    seeing fray throw in her lot with these shadowhunters,    jace particularly,    and resolved in himself at one exasperated point to be supportive of his best friend,    even if sometimes jace acted so ridiculously that simon wanted to point his thumb at him in an invisible camera like can you believe this guy ?    instead he settles for giving him a withering glance,    before returning his attention to the glaring tv screen on his dresser.    ❛❛   is that why you picked bowser ?    no offense man,    but you look like a ripped turtle.   ❜❜  

    the game system was new,    meant for burning the daylight hours,    though simon had played at clary’s house before,    back when normal things like video games and having friends over were consistent in their lives.    how the times had changed,    and while it never occurred to simon he’d have jace in his apartment,    the brilliant idea to distract him with the wii occurred so he wouldn’t go poking at simon’s rolling stones posters and ask stupid questions like what’s a millennium falcon,    just so he could hear simon explain and act like rocks were bonking around in his brain.    it was funny,    he had to admit:    watching jace try to maneuver the white remote and act like it was more nonsensical than a magic angel wand that drew instantaneous tattoos.    even the star wars reboot had better worldbuilding.  

    ❛❛   and mario kart is cool.    you’re just playing wrong.    if you hit the control pad you can throw that power up.   ❜❜    simon,    with more sensible taste or perhaps in a way that was reflective of his character,    was driving around a tiny mushroom guy.    he might have sighed with the realization,    some recognition of how they each saw themselves.    he zooms past bowser,    as jace starts going off the cgi walls with his sense of direction.    ❛❛   no,    the control pad.    the giant plus sign.    the thing that looks like a crucifix that i’m somehow touching.    seriously ?   ❜❜    he laughs,    immediately aware of the sharp gaze burning through him mercilessly,    which reminds simon that jace is a skilled demon killer and wouldn’t find this funny.    neither would he find  “lighten up,   dude”  to be a light conversation topic.    ❛❛   just hit up or down on the pad and you’ll get the other guy with a flying shell and knock them out of the way,    and just like that you win.    that’s in-character for you,    right ?   ❜❜

    #*◝  ✧    simon lewis.  ◟ interactions.  ◟ voicetest. #warnsyou #›  jace herondale. #remember when we plotted them playing mario kart like a month or two ago? yeah i gotchu #IT WAS SIMPLY A MUST YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND #also shots were fired i just heard an audible oof in the audience #or should i say shells were fired
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  • gunbash
    26.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    chuckles what if i kiss you tenderly on the forehead for being incredible and talented ... what then 😳

    what  if  i  take  a  moment  to  remind  you  i’ve  followed  you  for  years  at  this  point  with  no  sign  of  stopping  ??  because  wherever  you  go  and  whatever  you  do  ,  you’re  out  here  weaving  the  most  beautiful  writing  and  the  most  detailed  characters  known  to  man  and  i  love  you  for  it  ??  but  i  also  just  adore  you  period  ??  you’re  the  best  .  the  absolute  best  and  i’m  obsessed

    #OUT OF CHARACTER. #I VERY VIVIDLY REMEMBER #I SENT YOU AN ANON YEARS AGO #TELLING YOU HOW MUCH I ADMIRED YOU AND YOUR BLOG #AND THEN I CAME TO YOU OFF ANON LIKE #'ahhhh that was me who sent that' #DSALKFJHKSDLFJSH #AND THAT'S WHERE THIS BEGAN #can you please remind kenneth i love him please???????? #but also remind YOURSELF i love YOu #also HOW ARE YOUR CATS???? #warnsyou #SAVE.
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  • horrorbestowed
    12.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    ❖ ┊ ❛ [ HUG ]:  sender, upon reuniting with the receiver after being apart for a lengthy duration of time, rushes over to them and pulls them into a tight, desperate, emotional embrace. ❜ // @warnsyou, jace.​ 

    it's been fifteen years since the mortal war, and the lightwood's memories are finally starting to return to him in drips and drabs. ( the fact he is a lightwood being the biggest memory he hadn't known he'd lost ! ) it had been alec that he remembered first, glimpses of a shock of black hair and big blue eyes creeping into his consciousness until he was able to pull a face together, and with a face, a name. it all seemed to be a blur from there, with max arriving in new york city within a few weeks of the memories resurfacing. 

    the institute was his first stop, though the nerves had begun to set in by the time he reached the place. there's a tremble in his hands, and he can hear his tutor telling him he needs to stop being so soft, that real shadowhunters wouldn't be scared. a breath is sucked in to steady himself before he's reaching for the door, though it seems to open before he gets the chance. 

    there's golden eyes on him then, blond hair in slight dissaray and a very confused looking expression before realisation seemed to dawn on the other and the distance was closed between them. it happens so quickly that max barely has a chance to register it at all, simply blinks a few times as he feels arms tightly embrace him, then, as if from thin air, the name ❛ jace ! ❜ leaves his mouth, and the memory of a toy soldier being gifted to him creeps to the front of his mind. a figurine he still has to this day. ❛ jace, ❜ he says again, and this time, he hugs him back, forehead tipping forward to rest against the other's shoulder. big brother jace. how could he ever have forgotten ??

    #warnsyou #❖ ┊ ❛ max lightwood. ❜  →  answered.
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  • dubovoye
    10.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    @warnsyou said   :    ' how did that happen? ' kaz @ ... charles mayhaps ? 🤔

    IT’S  A  SHAME  HE’S  SO  USED  TO  VIOLENCE.        it appears on him as normal as anything  ----  cuts and bruises, slattered across his skin like birthmarks.  it doesn’t hurt so much, doesn’t bother him.  he’s faced anger far worse, that had cut much deeper, and so this black eye, this bleeding nose, doesn’t really signify.

    it hadn’t surprised him either  :  a camp half blood, everyone knew to avoid charles.  they knew about what being around him could do to an unchecked temper, or an underlying frustration, or a casual anxiety.  they knew the damage that could come of it.  so, to avoid mutually assured destruction, they kept their distance for the most part.  but he is not known here  (  not yet  )  at camp jupiter as a son of discord and chaos and strife, not known as someone to flee for the mere act of existing.  someone had come to close, and even as charles had tried to step away, tried to calm them, even though he had not himself thrown a single punch, there was little to be done to avoid violence.  it stirs a bitter heart  :  here to plead a cause, he couldn’t help but ruin it against his will.  just as he’d ruined himself before.  just as he would again and again and again . . .

    and of course he didn’t know where the infirmary was.  having pulled someone aside and asked for directions, he trails behind the other as they lead  ----  at a little distance, as if this small amount of proximity will make him less awful to be around.  he doesn’t expect a question, but maybe this is just his habit  :  charles has never had a chance to become accustomed to someone asking him about his bruises.  “  it’s nothing,  ”  he says, unwilling to stick blame so soon on one of this man’s roman comrades.  “  just a mix - up.  i came out of it worse.  ”

    #sorry this got long i love my oc AND i love ur oc so i had to be unhinged about it #warnsyou #charles / canon #queue
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  • nofable
    09.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    @warnsyou   :        ( sarcastic ) i’m incredibly likeable. practically adored by the gods. / percy @ grover!

    grover looks from the mysterious package to his old friend...      it had shown up on the doorstep of the poseidon cabin,   which obviously meant it was for percy   --   even when there were zero identifying marks,   no labels on it,    no notes left behind:     nothing but brown paper wrapped neatly around a box.     their past history with the weird and the horrifying made grover’s hairs stand up at the sight,   prickling against his thighs and at the back of his neck   [   it wasn’t really his job to protect percy anymore,    since his life had brought other summer - softened roles to play,    but he’d always come when the other called   --   he owed percy that   ].        ‘         you’re joking,  right?   that’s a joke.     because i’ve watched you anger every god we’ve ever met.    you could meet the chillest god and still manage to make an enemy...    what?   i’m being honest!       ’         as much as he admired percy,   there was no denying he could be a real thorn in the side of whatever enemies he made.        ‘       which means this could totally be a percy - specific killing bomb.    in a box.         ’

    #warnsyou #ch: grover underwood.
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  • rubyfall
    08.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


           IT TAKES OVER FIVE HOURS TO GET TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FROM SOUTH CAROLINA —   and she had not caught a wink of sleep on the flight.   pre-game jitters, though she would not be the one on the court that night.  NATALIA,   THERE ARE OTHER REASONS TO BE NERVOUS.   yet she was stained glass pieced back together; renee walker was a girl reconstructed from a thousand shattered bits of brilliant color   (   nothing in this new life had shaken her so severely as this   )   the patience of a saint and resigned tranquility of a martyr on the pyre.   then she saw him smiling,  even through the glinting metal gate,   and then the voltage of it increased when the trojans scored their last goal   ━   the helmets coming off for a mid-court celebration.  she had been out of her seat before time had even been called not to cheer or clap but get a better at a light that seldom flickered on. 

            their time at the afterparty does not last long.   renee,   while used to being achingly sober at events of varying degrees of insanity,  had only a short-time with the backliner before she was due back with foxes to carry out the rest of their season.  it had been his suggestion to slip away from the festivities early.   the usc campus was crawling with stumbling revelers beginning their drunken walks home or en route to their next conquest for the evening.   the nights here are balmy,   only carrying the whisper of a chill when the breeze picked up but she could not feel it when stood so close to him.   ❛   you were looking really good out there today.   ❜   the cuffs of her sweatshirt are pulled over her palms and her fingers curl and uncurl over the fabric before she twines both her hands together behind her back.

        ❛  i don't mean just playing well.  ❜  in shaking her head strands of rose-gold fall against her cheek.   the color is almost entirely honeyed under the yellow street lamps which illuminated their path back to the dorms.   ❛   you looked like you were enjoying yourself for once.   ❜   she was not bold enough to assume she was responsible for the shift in mood   ━   not entirely  (  though the cause mattered little to her   /  there was no right or wrong journey to healing  )  they are fast approaching the residence hall with the goalie a few paces ahead of him.  ❛   i'm glad i got to see you like that.  ❜   she has begun her ascent up the stairs but halts to turn to him and they are now nearly eye-to-eye from renee's vantage point.  only realizing she had avoided his gaze for most of their conversation until the slate gray of his irises bore into the sepia of her own.  IT HAD ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS,  SINCE THE FIRST DAY THEY HAD MET.   how many rooms have you searched for me in ?  

            and then jean  (  @warnsyou​   )  glances down,   a near-miss,  before his eyes dart back up yet she is too close to overlook the momentary lapse.   shame was the last notion she wanted to bring into this,  she had had enough of it back in detroit.    ❛  it's okay…   i'd like you to.  ❜  when she speaks she soothes,  the lull of her voice quiets into a further torpor.  upon hearing her words there is hesitance and then an obligation as he bowed his head towards her.  he does not get far before her hands unclasp in favor or cupping either side of his face and he is impossibly cold in her cradling but his lips are warm when her mouth is brought to his own.  and just like so…  there are no fraternity brothers screaming profanities across quad or throngs of girls laughing followed by the click of their high heels staggering across the pavement   (   it is quiet when she kisses him and she feels no remorse,   no need for repentance   )  when she presses further into the embrace it is more like prayer as they share a breath,   a faint inhale  ━   not quite a gasp.  it is no less reverent the instant she allows herself more than needed and her hands ball into the front of his shirt.  fists that are tender,  fists that are gentle;  unfit for a knife. 

    #i assumed this is before they properly start dating though i mean can they be more obvious? #ANYWAY everyday i remember this boy is 6'5 and it sends me into a spiral #i missed them terribly #.  ˚ ⋆ ✷  (  𝚟    .  ic  /  renee walker  * #.  ˚ ⋆ ✷  (  𝚒𝚟    .  asks  /  renee walker  * #.  ˚ ⋆ ✷  (  𝚟    .  warnsyou  /  jean moreau  * #warnsyou
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  • fenixburned
    07.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    @warnsyou said : [ ONE ]  for sender to take an arrow for receiver. / percy and nico!  | YOU CAN KILL ME BUT DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH THEM 

    It all happens too fast and for just a second Nico hears nothing but his own frantic heartbeat, while Percy begins to stagger infront of him. He wants to scream, but no sound escapes from his throat and then the other demigod falls and Nico is occupied with catching him. There’s an arrow stuck in his chest. An arrow that has been meant for Nico. It suddenly feels like icy cold fills his whole body. No, this can’t happen. Not again. Not him. Please not him. One arm wrapped around Percy to keep him standing, the Son of Hades manages to fight off the attacker closest to them. At least it seems like Percy is still breathing, even though laboured and barely noticable. They need to get away from here as quickly as possible, he needs to save him. So Nico summons most of his ghost soldiers, hoping that they can buy him enough time. 

    Dragging Percy with him, Nico stumbles away from the battle. “Why would you do that? You stupid-” But the words die on his tongue. He’ll need all his remaining strength to escape. “Percy? Stay with me, alright?” Panic clearly seeps into his voice and he hates himself for it. 

    #warnsyou #❈ 「 𝐈𝐂 」 nico di angelo . #aiden thanks this is tearing my heart out so hope you enjoy :))) #no context only pain :)))
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  • nofable
    06.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    @warnsyou   :        ' it's not a hallucination. ' darkling @ genya!

    the blue - violet taste of poison still lived on her tongue...     it was her first experiment in downfalls,    a body coated in a concoction she had made herself   [   because she might be a creature swamped in beauty,   but she was a soldier first:      violence called to her with its soothing tongue,   the only power she could truly own   ].     she had sweetened her lips with too much of the forbidden flower,     her throat clogged with sticky faintness.      she had been bed - bound for the past week:     her mind had not stopped refiguring her plan,    wondering how best to dilute the herb so it did not dig itself into her veins.     SHE KNEW THAT THE POISON WOULD SHORTEN HER LIFE,  A FEW MONTHS TO CUT DOWN HIS YEARS,   BUT THERE MUST BE A WAY TO STOP SUCH QUICK AFTER - EFFECTS.     the king did not suspect anything   --   at the most extreme,   he perhaps assumed she was faking it.        ‘        you can never be too sure.    i think i have a brain fever.         ’         her hair brush had been lifted and thrown at him,    assuming he was some phantom come to haunt her.    she realised her stupidity when it had bounced off him.        ‘       oh,   please tell me you’ve come to play caretaker.   i could use a good laugh right now.        ’

    #warnsyou #ch: genya safin. #genya said sorry cant talk my poison is backfiring
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  • rubyfall
    01.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    ✒          PHANTOM  THREAD  SENTENCE  STARTERS   . . .   ⥽   NOT ACCEPTING !  ⥼

             MY BIRTH RITE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT OF UNSPEAKABLE HORROR.   her first love had also been her first ghost.  valarille cushing,  if that had been her true name,  fell behind her at every step,  the whisping outline of a valkyrie.    even here in this house brimming with phantoms she was queen onto all.  for the sake appearance she ignores the matriarchal spirit instead for the boy before her   ━   the  shadowhunter boy before her.   edith hailed from a long line of nephilim herself and yet when it came time to take up her own weapons she reached for a pen instead of a seraph blade.  

    ♠    from the stairway landing jem   (   @warnsyou​   )   appears   ━   his bearing of tranquility maintained though there was tension in his limbs  ,  ❛  there is an air of quiet death in this house . . .    we better get out first, and then i promise i'll tell you everything.   ❜ 

            it is her father's falchion strapped to her back;  the cruel curve of iron melded with adamas designed to harm demon and fae alike.   she is no warrior though she could possibly fool the untrained eye with her sudden defensive stance.   ❛   are you certain we should leave,  we were just about to get some answers.   ❜  tucked beneath her arm are a pile of missives,  words exchanged between a certain vampire lord and her now deceased guardian.   the carstairs boy had agreed to accompany her into the city as london was every bit a foreign maze to her   ━   from upstate new york no less!  metropolitan life did not suit her well.   ❛   you are aware death hardly frightens me.  we are very well acquainted…  but if you insist.   ❜

    #me in the trenches trying to keep these ask replies short #anyway hello <333 #sorry if this is wonky i am still fleshing out edith's shado.whunters verse but i am Excite #.  ˚ ⋆ ✷  (  𝚟    .  ic  /  edith cushing  * #.  ˚ ⋆ ✷  (  𝚟    .  warnsyou  /  jem carstairs  * #warnsyou
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  • lovetaled
    01.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    *  @warnsyou  (  theresa katsaros  )   ⋆ ›    '  yeah,   yeah,   I'm okay  ...  are you okay? '    /    accepting. 

    there’s a lot eden doesn’t remember:    not so much the major things,    like the fact that he was stuck in a block of ice like captain america until yesterday,    that he’d been to camp half-blood before because everything about it was so deja vu even though there were things just enough off about it to feel like a literally-campy horror film,    and that chiron looked at him like he knew something and wasn’t about to tell eden what it was.    what confuses him most are the details,    taking foreign shapes   like grass growing up the pillars of the pavilion,    the way columns sink into the ground,    that campers hum songs that he’s never heard and different lettering on the cabins.    the food they throw into the fires tasting strange in his mouth — or the way he’s forgotten who his godly parent is when everyone else seems to know theirs or be satisfied with not knowing,    but he remembers his dad’s face the last night he saw him  ...  that no other faces are familiar to him,    save those he knew before,    in his mind and still sharper and clearer than what he saw now with his eyes.

    he startles from the sense of belonging to another plane,    as he’s asked a question and he reels back into a present he isn’t yet a part of.    ❛❛    oh.    yeah,    ❜❜     the demigod stammers,    confused why the aphrodite girl he’s partnered with would even talk to him or why he asked her first like she’d actually answer   (  he recalls them being kind of like those cliques in school,    the kids that were rich enough or prep enough for car phones and preferred the music on mtv to the vinyls he liked.   that treated him differently for a little while when he made the hockey team sophomore year and hung around a few jocks,    then quickly moved on.  )    hesitantly,    eden turns to the girl — theresa he’s just been told — and sizes her up.    brown hair,    short and unstyled by a blow dryer or curlers.   which,    when talking stereotypes for “it girls,”    was weird.    it actually looked wet,    though it hasn’t rained since he returned to camp.    one way of putting it.    return of the frozen amnesiac jedi.    a shake of his head,    as his earthen eyes drift across the field where the competition is about to take place,    and adrenaline cannot match  his anxiety over everything else.    he almost imagines the earth quaking,    as though some unseen hand were reaching its finger over the grass they tread on,    pulling the canvas of their world back like a page-turner just as it’s getting interesting:    threatening to tear the ground out from under them.    but the air had no breeze,    and it was late spring,    so he shouldn’t feel this cold inside.  

    he shakes his head,    pulling back the hood from his jacket.    ❛❛   it’s just ... well,    i’m not sure who i am ?    and i fail to see how rock climbing over magma is going to help with any of that.    oh,    and i almost drowned in the lake yesterday,    in case you didn’t hear.    throws you off.    ❜❜     

    #*◝  ✧    eden thorn.  ◟ interactions. #›    verse. ◝   son of demeter,cold as ice.  ◟ pjo. #warnsyou #›  theresa katsaros. #throws this at you #oooop #eden is bio-less but not banter-less apparently! #rattles my tin coin spare unlikely-friends to lovers good sir
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