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  • badly-drawn-doflamingo
    16.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago
    #one piece #op kid pirates #kid pirates#eustass kid #eustass kid and killer #killer#op killer#donquixote doflamingo#doflamingo#doffy #one piece fanart #one piece art #donquixote rosinante#donquixote pirates#doflamingo donquixote #one piece luffy #monkey d. luffy #Luffy #one piece trafalgar law #trafalgar d. water law #traffy
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  • katkembley
    16.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Freakin’ wet...

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  • noempathyy
    16.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    goooooood night fellow henchmen i am heading off 🤣🤣 i had a good laugh today fam thank yous hahah :33

    bruh sunwoo is so fucking funny wtf is wrong w his dumb ass AGHGHG 🤣🤣🤣🤺🤺🤺🤺

    yo bro you know the drill 😌👌 get yourself some fresh ass water when you can (esp before you go to bed or after you have coffee or you’ll be dehydrated asf 🏃🏻‍♀️🤧)

    don’t forget to give yourself a break, between work or school, whatever it may be 😌🤚 don’t be so hard on yourself fr 🤧🫵

    aight broskis gn gn i hope you have a good day or night wherever you are 😼👊💕💕 cha cha delinquents :3

    #ssae.goodnight [😌] #i hope you enjoy that clip 😵‍💫😵‍💫 god hes an idiot 🥹 #yo pls get some water when you can do aight?? yuhhh #noempathyy
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  • phiathon
    16.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    What Are The Features Of Hot And Cold Water Mixing Station

    A hot and cold water mixing station provides the water with the proportional flow of water current valves. It is the best way through which you can control the temperature of the water while getting a shower. It is what people and with the help of hot and cold water mixing station, you will be able t get the right temperature.

    For More Information Please visit, brass hot and cold water mixing valve

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  • kwondoodle
    16.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    He's actually sneezing 🤧

    Spare some change?

    #i really thought he was drunk and screaming into a water bottle #nah but he does look like hes sneezing #glad i got it to look like it cuz his fave took me like 8 tries #💕meme time meme time #doodle#drawing#sketch#marker#pen#Kwon Soonyoung#Hoshi#Seventeen#kpop#carat#kwonspeaks#kwondoodle
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  • apostatefrog
    16.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    i’m starting to understand why new parents go check on their babies like 30,000 times a night, even with a baby monitor

    i wanna check on the tadpoles but i don’t wanna wake them up :(

    #chattykatie #i’ve only had these little guys for 10 hours #but if anything happens to them… #(i actually used water test strips on the water i put in my bucket with them #and the only score that wasn’t perfect was the water hardness test #which makes sense bc of all the limestone)
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  • sleepygaymerdisease
    16.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    i thjnk i should take a shower but i literally feel too exhausted to move rn so maybe i should just sleep

    #ive been sleeping all day thoughh 😔 also ill have to get up anyway for some water so maybe i could convicne myself to shower. who knows #anis gaymer moments
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  • climavenetam
    16.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    Variable Primary Flow Chilled Water System

    The advancement in technology for HVAC controls applied to chilled-water systems  makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact and operating costs.

    Chillers are the biggest power consuming equipment  in the chiller system but other equipment such as pumps, cooling towers and or dry coolers, Cooling tower fans and other motors should also be considered

    A variable flow distribution pumping system to serve the HVAC load is one of the methods to reduce the initial cost and operating cost — depending on the application and the spread area of chilled water load. (speed and pressure modulation is usually accomplished by providing the chilled water pump with a variable frequency drive)

    In primary variable flow system,  chiller water flow rate is varied in the chiller depending on the load. This enables to work on higher deltaT  unlike  lower delta T syndrome happening in traditional Primary + Variable secondary systems. The effect is reduction in the cost of procuring water and pumping load,  translating into savings in  initial cost and as well as the operating cost.

    In primary variable flow systems,  evaporator shall be suitable for variable flow operation. i.e. designed to perform proper heat transfer at different water velocities across the tubes.

    Generally the flow will be varied between 40% to 100% of the design flow, depending on the load condition. Another important factor to be considered while designing primary variable flow system is that the chilled water flow change rate change should not be  more than 2% from the previous flow within 10 Minutes of band. Very fast flow variation to the chiller can lead to operational problems and impact the efficiency of the system and the evaporator as well.

    Water flow to the chiller is to be ensured within the chiller operating limits even during the low load operation. So, we need to employ sophisticated control arrangements for the primary variable flow operation. 

    The diagram below explains the configuration and working principle of the primary variable system.

    Chilled water flow is varied according to field demand.

    Flow through each chiller is monitored and compared against design through a flow meter. 

    Chilled water pump speed modulates to maintain a set field DP across the chilled water system i.e. between the supply and return header.

    As field demand decreases, field DP will increase.

    An increase in field DP above set-point will reduce chilled water pump speed and thereby the flow.

    A decrease in field DP below set-point will increase chilled water pump speed and thereby the chilled water flow.

    The chilled water bypass valve remains closed until any one of the operating chillers flow rate falls below 80% of design (is also user configurable)

    Chilled water bypass will also modulate to maintain a minimum safe flow through the chillers.

    If the bypass valve is opened 100% and flow rate across the evaporator is less than the minimum flow required, (in case of low loads) pump speed will be ramped up to maintain safe water flow through the chillers.

    For more details visit us  

    #Chillers#HVAC #Chilled Water System #Chillers system #primary variable flow system
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  • titobarkvillier
    16.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    why do i root for teams

    #not once have i felt joy #imma start watching some whack shit like water polo #stars lb
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  • killer-queen-stims
    16.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    🧜🏻‍♀️ || via mermaid_jules

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  • siobhnroy
    16.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    maine is so crazy and cool i’ve been here three weeks tomorrow (!!!) tomorrow tomorrow i embark upon my first camping trip/research excursion out to sea for many days ..! it’s so foggy here i can’t see the moon cross but your fingers for clear skies tomorrow. we long to see the moonrise on the big and blue horizon

    #happy scorpio eclipse to my water signs and dreamers
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  • hoops-mccann1235
    16.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    A collection of photos by Andy Warhol picturing Fran Lebowitz and John Waters

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  • andaniellight
    16.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    It's very rare that me and my friends are having one (1) day off at the same time so I'm going to meet them and bring my tablet to draw as I hang out with them let's see how that will go for me

    #rambling #i've been friends with them for a decade and some more #but only one (1) close friend of mine #(which is my best friend since elementary school) #I'm comfortable with in sharing and spending time with while I draw a fanart of my current obsession #so I'm going to test the water with these bitches since they love to talk so much
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  • americleanpumping
    16.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    What Is The Importance of Storm Drain Cleaning In Miami?

    The storms during the rainy days cause rainwater to flow from different places to water bodies. During rains, the water flows from houses, roads, buildings, and ground collecting dust, pollutants, garbage and finally drains into the lakes and rivers.

    However, usually, the debris, twigs and leaves clog the storm drain during the dry seasons and when the rains come, there is overflow of the rainwater. Additionally, for proper rainwater harvesting in most cities, it is essential to make sure that your storm drains are cleaned regularly. Thus, contact like Storm Drain Cleaning professionals in Miami and for such help.

    Types of pollutants

    Most of the homeowners are not aware that regular maintenance is important for smooth flow of water. They start to panic when the water floods their property. However, you need to be aware that clogging can take place due to various substances and materials. This includes:

    • Organic waste like animal matter, fallen tree leaves • Garbage like plastic bags, cans, cigarette waste

    Use of Storm Water Drainage System

    The storm water drainage system prevents the flood water from flowing into the water bodies and thus helps in preventing the water pollution. We must protect the lakes for our good health, as a part of one community, we must all come together to make the step of arranging storm water drainage systems. The storm water drainage systems are maintained  by Storm Drain Cleaning experts in Miami. This arrangement has to be completed during the hot weather because it would be difficult to arrange it during the rainy season. The stormwater drainage system needs to be inserted before the rainy season arrives.

    It is a wise decision to approach professionals and get all the drain problems sorted out. The team will inspect your premises and offer you immediate solutions that are long-lasting. You can check the time required to attend to the problems and cost involved in Storm Drain Cleanout in Miami.

    Why do storm drains get clogged?

    Most of the Storm Drain Cleanout services in Miami know that improper cleaning and maintenance leads to overflowing especially in the hurricane season. If you ignore it, you know how bad the hurricane season can be and if the water does not drain away, water will pool in on your property and damage your home.

    Additionally, animals live in these storm drains, building nests or dams during the dry season. Trees take root and one of the biggest reasons for the build up within these drains. Oftentimes, these are overlooked and causes blockage is easy flow of water. That is why if there are samplings in the storm drain, it is important to get it removed. For more information visit Our Website

    #Storm Drain Cleanout #Storm Drain Cleaning #Storm Water Drain Cleaning #Grease Trap Cleaning #Grease Trap Pumping
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  • t4tails
    16.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    i loooove surge and kit. little devious guys. up to no good. what are they doing? thats for them to know and you to find out!! they both bite things for fun and recreation. ive never read any idw comics least of all imposter syndrome

    #og post #also kit looks greasy i know hes made of water or something but spiritually he doesnt shower
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  • inexplicablz
    16.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    What the hell......

    #z rambles #LIKE IK IM SICK AND MESS UP NY HAIR 20 TIMDS BUT AING THIS A BIT MUVH #good lord..... #i need to bring ny water spray ti school i cannot do this abymkre
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  • braindeadmaggot
    16.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    I see no difference.

    #one piece #sonic the hedgehog 2 #one piece wano arc #the similarities are uncanny #sonic the hedgehog #been holding off on this for a while now because spoilers #but i think the movie has been out long enough #eustass kid#Trafalgar law #monkey d luffy #sanic the hotdog #nipples the enchilada #tails doesn't have a weird nickname for some reason #miles prower #miles tails prower #knuckles the echidna #eustass kidd #eustass captain kid #Trafalgar d water law
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  • mushroomcaphat
    16.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago


    #did not realize that my school's John Waters event in fact features John Waters coming to my university and performing a one man show??? #jules.txt
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  • rain-writes-fics
    16.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    Sunny belongs to @teakoodrawz

    "To Catch a Fish"

    The storm raged on, thunder mixed with the deep bellow of the ship above her.

    Keep quiet, keep still. Maybe they wouldn't see her through the rain?

    Nets deployed regardless. She yelped, racing away as fast as she could. The bellowing continued, the rush of noise disorienting her. She didn't know where to go, where she had been.

    All she wanted to do was look around the new area. She’d never been to this part of the ocean before. And now she never wanted to come back.

    Suddenly she was pulled from her hiding place, sucked out into shallower water. The sand felt rough and coarse beneath her, like no sand she'd ever felt before. She breached the water's surface, scanning the layout.

    Land-dweller nests laid in a row in front of her. A long piece of rock to her other side only barely stopping the waves that crest over the top.

    Oh no.

    Oh no, no, she had to swim away. She dove beneath the water, maybe she could jump that odd-looking rock? Anything to get away from the land-dwellers.

    Each attempt was met with failure.

    More bellowing, more thunder, more sounds. She couldn't focus, couldn't think. Too much all at once.

    Then she was swept downstream as debris plagued her space.

    She swore she could hear the distant shouts of a land-dweller... she swam further away, closer to somewhere she hoped was safer.

    But nowhere was safe in a storm.

    A large log with black vines fell over her, electrifying the water. She swam further down, so far down the water was running out, she couldn't dive below the water anymore.

    She dragged herself across the land, desperately searching the area for anywhere to hide--

    "There we are!"

    She turned, pushing back on her hands as she looked at the blue land-dweller who appeared behind her.

    "Queen will love you, yes she will! Such a beautiful pattern."

    Sunny didn't know what this person was saying, she tried to crawl away only for a whip to wrap around her tail, pulling her back. She screeched and yelled, yelled for help from any merfolk who could hear her. She didn't want to go wherever they were taking her-- She didn't want to be taken-- She didn't want--

    There was a sharp pain in her tail, then her eye fell close. The last thing she saw was the cheshire-grin on the land-dweller's face as a tarp was thrown over her body.

    #this is just a short raindrop to explain what that 'cube' Cap'n saw in the water was #in the cove chapter 11 #raindrop#the cove#oceanrune #[Explanation just in case cuz I wrote this while I was tired: #Sunny was the 'cube' Cap'n saw in chapter 11 #Sunny was escaping from the big ship out in the ocean and got caught in the water being sucked onto the road #scared of the new and strange environement she kept trying to jump over the flood barriers #but she got swept down further and further from her previous spot #until Tasque captures her on land and places her in a tarp #] #After that Tasque probably put the collar on her when they got back to the research center #and that's where Sunny will be in confinement for a few days then she gets integrated into the tank with Mark and Stereo #<- might write a small piece about their meeting when it gets closer #idk yet tho #maybe not cuz i want to leave some stuff up to interpretation ya know? #drabble
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