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  • bimiio
    19.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    vampire femme + werewolf butch <33

    #my nails r very vampy #now all i need it a cute werewolf butch 2 come mount knot n breed me ^_^ #is*#m1n3#misc#nsft#ok2rb
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  • torturedbyfangs
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    We are all aware that werewolves stink, yes? And vampires do not.

    Consider the potential there in a vampire/werewolf couple. A vampire with a musk kink, and the only way they can really get that kick from their partner.

    I just think it’s utterly adorable to imagine one clung tight to their lycan companion, nose pressed against them as blood rushes between their legs. Filled with absolute adoration, writhing giddily, all cause the werewolf didn’t have time to shower that morning.

    The vampire wouldn’t be all excited like this if they hadn’t just fed. Lycan blood tends to have a sort of aphrodisiac effect on them, partially due to the excess testosterone all werewolves produce.

    They give their partner puppy-eyes for them to lift an arm or spread their legs. They do so, unable to resist such excitement from someone usually fully composed.

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  • your-liege
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Don’t Wander into the Wolf’s Den…


    Well, I haven’t posted any actual content in over a month. That’s great. Anyway here’s the most depraved shit my fucked up horny brain can think of.

    This fic includes: Dom! Alpha! Werewolf-like male, Sub! Omega! Human male

    Warnings: uh, everything?

    No but seriously, warnings for: Dubious Consent*, unwanted pregnancy, aggression, violence, kidnapping?, rut/mating (as in, actual mating), forced claiming, very slight bondage, crying, threatening, humiliation?, degradation, lying, captivity

    *life or death situation





    And uh, to my irl friend who follows me, I’m sorry lmao. You specifically are being warned.


    Ever since he was little his grandmother had told him that there was one rule he must always follow: under no circumstances, never, for any reason, should he wander into or even get close to the cave near the edge of town. This was a rule he always followed, as he was instructed. Everyone avoided the cave, not a single villager dared to get within 30 feet. That’s why it was such an exciting idea. I mean, what rebellious young adult wouldn’t want to break the only rule they ever had? Surely all the stories of the wolf man was just there to scare them, after all wolf or no wolf going into an uncharted cave isn’t exactly a good idea. But children would never listen to logic, so clearly the adults just told that story because they knew the youth would listen to it. Right?

    I guess we should start with why he would be there in the first place. You see, he had been out in the forest picking berries when it started to rain lightly. The drizzle, however, quickly turned into a storm. The winds so powerful that he was almost knocked over multiple times as he struggled back towards the village. Just as the exit of the tree line came into view, so did the cave. That’s odd, he could’ve sworn he was much farther away than this. He must’ve been pretty disoriented by the thick, pelting rain. He stops momentarily, holding onto a tree to steady himself. His basket of berries gripped tightly in his fist. He had a choice to make. Would he be able to get back to grandmothers safely and before the storm became worse? It was picking up by the second, and he seriously weighed his other option.

    He sighed, “cave it is”

    And slowly approaches the entrance.

    There was something exciting about doing the only thing he had ever been forbidden from doing. His timid footsteps approach the cave, rain soaking him entirely. He peeks inside but predictably can’t see anything. He ducks in.

    He sits down on the cold rock, shivering slightly and trying to figure out what to do from here. He takes a deep breath and relaxes for a moment. But the hair on the back of his neck stands up and suddenly a wave of dread washes over him, he feels that he shouldn’t be here, but it’s far too late when he feels the hot breath on his neck.

    Before he can react, his mouth is covered and he’s pulled into the darkness.

    He screams, but of course it’s muffled. He kicks and flails, struggling against the impossibly strong grip. That is until a spine chilling growl paralyzes him in fear.

    He tenses up, weakly pulling against the grip as he realizes the mistake he’s made.

    He closes his eyes tightly, preparing for whatever may happen next. He’s dragged into a room inside the cave, the complete darkness somehow getting darker. His mouth is uncovered but he remains silent, tears starting to drip down his face. The harsh grip moves to his arm, nails digging in as he feels something cold touch his flesh. He realizes in a second and tries to squirm away, but is only met with a harsher grip and an aggressive growl. The metal is locked around his wrist, and he starts to realize how much trouble he’s in.

    His assailant laughs, sorta. A deep, snarling laugh that simultaneously scares and demeans him.

    “So..” the gruff voice asks

    It.. can talk?

    He stays silent

    “Well, can’t you speak?”

    More silence

    He snarls and grips his arm again, digging his claws in deep. The young man cries out

    “Yes! I can speak!”

    The beast laughs again

    “Oh? Then why don’t you tell me what you’re doing here? In MY cave.”

    He’s silent again, that is until the claws dig deeper.

    “I just wanted to get out of the rain!” He sobs

    “Likely story” he trails a claw up his arm “but I don’t believe you.”


    “I don’t believe you.” The beast says. “I have no reason to believe you”

    He’s silent again

    “In fact, it seems like you were waiting for an excuse to come in here”

    A jolt of fear mixed with confusion shoots through him

    “What? No-I-“


    He does

    “I don’t want your excuses, human. I’ve seen you outside before. I’ve seen you gaze into this darkness, fighting the urge to come in. Well, you saw your chance and took it. Isn’t that right?”

    He gulps

    “So it is.” He clears his throat “well, what do I get out of this?”

    “Excuse me?”

    “Where’s my end of the deal? Your curiosity is sated, you know what lies within now. And yet I get nothing from this. Really it’s a shame, annoying even. Humans only think about themselves. It never crossed your mind that I avoided you just as much as you avoided me, did it? You didn’t even think about who or what you would be disturbing, or how upset they would be about it.”

    His blood runs cold

    No, he hadn’t thought of that. Clearly he should’ve.

    The beast sighs “well, I’m not letting you leave without giving me something in return.”

    He shivers, but has an idea

    “Well, I was in the woods to pick some berries. If you let me go they’re all yours”

    He laughs again

    “Foolish boy, they’re already mine. I simply allow you to harvest them, if I wanted berries I would get them myself.”

    Oh, well that didn’t work.

    “Hmm.. I have an idea of how you can repay me” he runs his claws over his arm again, blood starting to appear from the earlier grip.

    He hesitates “h-how..?”

    He can’t see it, but the beast grins…

    “You’ll see soon enough”

    He gasps, trying to wiggle away as the claw hooks onto his tunic

    “Silly boy, we need to get off these wet clothes. You don’t want to freeze, do you?”

    He rips the fabric easily, tearing through the wool fibers shielding him. He laughs again at his reaction, teasingly dragging his claws down his chest before hooking the top of his trousers.


    But it’s too late, the fabric is tearing away before he can stop it. Not that he could’ve stopped it, anyway.

    He whimpers, feeling even colder now as his damp skin is exposed.

    “Now, we need to warm you up. I have a few ideas, and lucky for you this would also count as my… payment” his voice gets even deeper at the last part.

    The boy looks at where he thinks the beast is, still completely blind in the intrusive void.

    “Um, what would that be?”

    The beast chuckles, dragging his claws lower.

    “Oh, dear… you don’t know? It’s spring”

    He’s confused for a moment before his eyes widen, shaking his head and trying to twist the shackle off.

    He chuckles even lower

    “I’m going to have some fun with you, human.”

    He tries to escape, whining and crying as he struggles. The beast watches in amusement for a few moments, before growing impatient and pinning him down harshly.

    “You have two options: I have my way with you and you get to leave, or you get to be my next meal. Which will it be?”

    He gasps, everything becoming too real all at once. Why did he have to come in here?!

    He’s silent for a moment

    “The-the first one” his voice breaks.

    He laughs darkly, “good choice…”

    The beast looms over him, hot breath fanning against his face. His body radiates heat, a harsh musky smell filling his senses. He struggles again, weaker now. Trying desperately to distract himself, trying to avoid letting himself fall into a daze.

    “You know, I’m being nice by trying to get you ready. I could always just go for it. You should at least take what little mercy I’m giving you.”

    He cries weakly, knowing he can’t escape this. He decides to take the advice. He may as well make this easier on himself.

    The second he relaxes his guard the pheromones flood his mind. Invading his brain and body and engulfing him in a strangely comforting warmth. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

    The wolf senses his submission, smiling down at his perfect prey.

    The grip on his hips is what draws him back to reality. Head swimming, mind fuzzy. But the grip is the least of his concern when he felt the beast press into him.

    The pheromones have prepared him well, it doesn’t even hurt as he pushes inside.

    The wolf doesn’t give him any time to get used to it, even if he had needed it. In seconds he’s thrusting into him deeply, growling and gripping his body harder.

    He cries out again, both fear and disgust; but both are overshadowed by an unnatural draw towards the feeling. He likes it. He hates that he likes it. He closes his eyes again.

    The boy tries to distract himself but nothing could help him escape the overwhelming situation. He struggles again, trying so hard to pretend he isn’t enjoying it. The beast’s body presses against him heavily, hot pants and sharp claws covering his torso and neck. He growls, deep, bellowing, as his thrusts become even harsher. Fast but deep, the sound just added to the force. There was no way to avoid the reality, and he started to accept it.

    The wolf notices and laughs again “there you go, dear. After all you’re the one who chose this”

    The words cut deep and he whines again, “you didn’t give me much of a choice”

    The beast grips his shoulders and slams him against the ground, knocking his breath out. “I will happily go through with the other option, bitch.”

    He starts thrusting again, much more viciously, with absolutely no regard for his mate. The boy starts crying harder, sobbing as the wolf starts clawing against his sides and chest. Long, deep scratches that quickly start to bleed. He cries more at the pain, wondering why it had to be him.

    “Don’t lie to me,” he pants, thrusts becoming erratic “you love this, your body loves this”

    He cries again, choking and stuttering, body convulsing every time he pushes back in.

    The beast doesn’t bother taking his time to savor it, in all honesty the only reason he’s doing this is because he has to. Spring is such an annoying time, instinct overwhelming actual desires. If he could have his way this would be another wolf, but that’s not how it worked out. So a human will have to do, and it’s surprisingly satisfying. With another wolf you have to worry about actually courting them, this human just wandered right in. An easy target for his pent up hormones. Maybe it’s good that it worked out this way.

    Snapping back to reality, the wolf starts to slow a bit. Thrusts becoming less about the power he had over his partner and more about the pressure building up. His mind was swimming with possibilities of how this would end. He had promised the boy he could leave when he was done, but wolves are notorious for lying to get what they want.

    In a moment, many things happen at once. The boy stiffens, body reacting to the beast’s. He digs his claws in, forcing the knotted base to push inside of his captive’s body. With one more harsh thrust he’s filling him, and before he can think about it his teeth sink into the tender flesh of the boy’s neck. He cries out at the pain, the sudden rush of his own hormones pushing him over the edge and into the most humiliating orgasm of his life.

    The wolf stills

    He pants harshly, aftershocks running through his abdomen, small pumps of semen shooting out with every one. He doesn’t try to pull out, not that he would be able to anyway.

    The boy looks to the side, seeing stars in the blackness. Whimpering quietly as his body gives out.

    He comes to hours later, still chained inside the cave. He whips his head around, still unable to see.

    The beast looks over at him “oh, you’re awake” he was laying off to the side, voice echoing around the room.

    “Um, I get to leave now, right?” He asks, timidly

    “Oh, about that” he stands up and walks over to him, kneeling down and looking over his face

    “Funny you mention that, you can leave, sure. I’ll unchain you myself. But you’ll come back. I bit you, everyone will know what happened. And even if that doesn’t change anything, it’s spring like I said. Our bodies have done what they’re supposed to do, I can smell it on you.”

    He freezes


    The wolf laughs “your scent has changed. The human nose isn’t strong enough to pick up on it, but mine is. How should I put this-“ he pauses “well, let’s just say the next nine months will be very interesting.”


    Hmm… yeah, I should seek therapy.

    If you find any errors or typos let me know, I’ve proof read this multiple times but probably still missed a few.

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  • puppyboypluto
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Having your soft dom werewolf wear a collar during sex so you can tug on it if they get too rough. They want to make sure they dont hurt you, constantly asking if its too much or if they need to slow down. Pulling on their collar to try to make them hurry up and fuck you, only to use it as a tether as they relentlessly pound into you losing to their animalistic side

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  • sunandwhiskeysthots
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    POV: we’re cuddling in bed but I’ve got something else on my mind 👀😬👉🏽👈🏽🐺
    cis het men and minors DNI
    #a wild whiskey appears #pup play#butch#werewolf butch #tumblr it's fake #wlw#nblw#nsft#ok2rb
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  • sunandwhiskeysthots
    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago
    Woof, got a new toy...anyone wanna give it a shot? 😉👉🏽👈🏽🐺
    cis het men and minors DNI
    #a wild whiskey appears #I stg tumblr behave it's obviously fake #pup play#butch#werewolf butch#wlw#nblw#nsft#ok2rb
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  • fangfic
    15.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Why can't I just live in a sitcom setup where comedically share an apartment with a werewolf and a vampire and in exchange for rent reduction I'm free game for them and their friends.

    I never have to clean or cook because of all that time I spent with their cocks in my holes and they're respectful.

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  • of-mutts-and-men
    15.05.2022 - 4 days ago


    idk if you'd do this

    but you asked for asks to write some scenarious

    what about a werewolf on heat? is this ok?

    thank you so much if you do make a scenario with this even tho is a bit basic

    More than okay, anon! We all love some werewolves in heat. This is my first writing request so I'm testing out the waters, for future reference, these drabbles will probably be gender neutral unless specified.

    Imagine one night, on a dull evening you decide to masturbate before bed. There's this burning feeling in your stomach that just won't go away no matter how hard you try to will it away, in fact, it spreads throughout your whole body with a tingling sensation. You start with simply humping your pillow and stroking some of your erogenous areas. But so quickly does it turn into using any toy you can find in your room, stuffing yourself full with your arms shaking trying to thrust at a pleasurable pace.

    Your naked body is slick with sweat and your mouth is almost permanently stuck open with how many moans and whimpers escape you, an intense heat taking over your body. Clumsily, you push open the window to let some cool air in, the prickling chill blowing in doing nothing to help.

    With your ass up in the air and your drooling face pressed into the mattress, the light of a full moon perfectly shines over your curves and lights up your body, giving a perfect view to the rutting werewolf outside your window that was drawn in by your tempting scent and the way you're presenting yourself, just begging to be bred.

    Ripping through the screen of the window, they are immediately on top of you, their own heat possessing them. Smelling the sweet sweat on your skin, a rough tongue lapping over your back, and their hot cock pressing against your leg. At this point, you still have a dildo nestled deep inside of you, but with the suddenness, you don't have half the mind to remove it.

    Part of you is fearful, heart beating in your ears. While the other part of you is incredibly horny. Especially when the werewolf wraps its huge hands around your waist and lines up its hot cock at your already stuffed hole.

    Impatiently, they drag their cock around your hole, catching on the small spaces the toy held open and making you keen, only growling in response. Once they find the perfect positioning, they press in with one push alongside the dildo, the stretch forcefully slow and absolutely mind numbing. Their hips land against your ass and you let out a loud groan.

    The tight fit allows you to feel every vein and every throb of the werewolf's cock, even more so when they start thrusting. Picking up a fast pace immediately and pressing against your back, their head resting over your shoulder as they pound you into the mattress, a slick mess spilling below you.

    Rapid and wild thrusts jostle your body around as you try your best to keep your arms steady and your face out of the sheets. The beast has you arched at their will and a greedy grip on your body. As their knot starts to swell, you feel a harsh bite on your shoulder, the werewolf clamping down for leverage as they piston their hips with purpose.

    You all but shriek when the fat knot somehow pops into you, cumming so hard you might pass out if you move another muscle. The pressure of cum filling you to the brim adding to the euphoria.

    Once the wave passes, the two of you finally collapse, tied together as the werewolf gently licks and strokes your body as you finally fall asleep for the night.

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  • of-mutts-and-men
    13.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Send monster fucker asks and I'll write a little drabble/scenario? 👉👈 check my pinned before you do ofc.

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  • fangfic
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Can I have a werewolf boyfriend who belittles me for being a little werewolf whore and threatens me with his claws while fucking me with his big knot.

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  • lovely-lavender-doll
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    She looked so tired in the days after her transformations. Your poor, loyal knight, her voice hoarse, dark circles under her eyes.

    You made fewer requests of her on those days, or at the very least easier ones. You learned how to attire yourself without her help, how to make your bed, how to help her into it when exhaustion threatened to take her off her feet.

    The nights when she was the wolf were thrilling and terrifying in their own right, yes, and there was something wonderful about surrending yourself to her during them. The days after, though. Those you came to enjoy just as much, for the ways in which you both needed one another to be close.

    She forgot to call you Princess in a moment of exhaustion once, and you didn't think to correct her. You just adjusted the pillows around the two of you and held her drooping head to your chest, running your fingers through her hair, along some of the fading scars of battle that crossed her face.

    You woke up some time later, unaware that you had drifted off. She still slept soundly on you, her breathing even and soft. You kissed the top of her head, and let yourself drift away with her again, the smell of her hair now familiar, welcome, loved.

    #wlw nsft#nsft#royalty kink#princess kink#werewolf kink #i mean it's not super nsft but it's a continuation of stuff that is
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  • sunandwhiskeysthots
    07.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    👉👈 What if I was a vampire trying to establish myself, and you were the alpha of a group of werewolves in the region, and instead of fighting, we decided to forge an alliance between our people by having me become your mate?


    Hey there 🌊 nonnie!! Look at you just dropping this delicious lil idea into my inbox 😍🤤

    What if I said yes? 👀

    And by that I mean holy fuck YES!

    The deep fucking love I have for the vampire/werewolf dynamic and being not grumpy for ONE person? Haha it me! Taking a cute lil vampire as my mate? And also taking them as my mate??? 👀👀👀

    Sign me the fuck up!! 😍🤤

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  • lovely-lavender-doll
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    It's been several months since the bite. How you and your princess managed to keep your new problem a secret from the rest of the palace you'll never know, but you suspect it has something to do with royalty getting privacy when royalty asks for it.

    Those first few changes were the worst. You could feel the cold iron against your fur, smell the hot blood pumping through your princess' veins as she watched you from her bed, eyes wide. She talked to you then, but you cannot remember any of the words, you remember only the red of her mouth and wanting more.

    A few more cycles, and you could understand her words when she tried to be soothing. She even got brave enough to get closer to you, though she flinched the first time your fangs snapped a little too close to her outstretched hand.

    "It's my turn to protect you now, alright?"

    It's what she says the first night you're in control enough to let her touch you, her hands soft in your silvery fur. She hugs herself close to you, and you can smell her. Gods, you can smell every part of her. Her hair, her sweat, her blood, her sex, every last inch of your princess fills your mind. The growl you give her is one of desire, not warning.

    The thought that rolls through your mind in that instant, as she slips off her gown, is that you're honestly surprised she can undress herself on her own.

    The next few months after that are a learning experience. Privacy for a few nights can be easily explained, after all, but the shallow claw marks along your princess' back? Well, those take a bit of time to cover up in the morning.

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  • mangosweet
    30.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Somehow two orgasms and a nap later, I'm STILL horny

    #sigh if only a big strong werewolf could come take care of this for me #posts from the mango tree #nsft#nsft post#nsft text
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  • of-mutts-and-men
    29.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Thinking about being bred by a werewolf, what's new. Being a good little pup and having my face squished into the ground and standing on my tip toes as a werewolf holds me by my middle and pounds my ass senseless. Being sweaty and tired as I am helplessly manhandled and fucked by an animal in heat.

    Thinking about them groaning and whining above me as they chase their high with incredible speed, cock hot and throbbing. Their internal need to breed someone full the only thing on their mind. Each hard thrust jostles me up and down as I try to grip the ground, my eyes rolling back and my tongue lolling out of my mouth.

    When they knot me for the first time and bloat my stomach with hot cum they can't stop their hips from still trying to move. Their swelling knot trying to pull against my clenching hole and causing me to yell out obscenely. Cumming my brains out from overstimulation as we go round after round.

    By the end of it we sit back together in a comfy nest where I cockwarm the werewolf. A big clawed hand moves my sweaty hair from my face and rubs my round, cum filled stomach. Finally falling asleep against a soft and broad chest all safe and warm.

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  • fangfic
    29.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    How werewolves choose their mates.

    How vampires choose their mates.

    How demons choose their mates.

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  • torturedbyfangs
    29.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    reblog to make a vampire go “arf arf!” for a werewolf in a sexual sense

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  • torturedbyfangs
    29.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    thinking about biiiigggg eggs… oh and sudden idea- you know how werewolves can’t handle how much they ate turned? Some creature could deposit a huge egg into a turned lycan, which they have to deal with the next morning with much, much more struggle.

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  • prince-theee
    29.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Okay but seriously tho, imagine a werewolf king putting his giant crown around the tiny human prince’s neck as a collar. Imagine him calling the prince his pet and making him crawl on all fours. Imagine the prince being made to cockwarm the wolf king every night and for every meeting. Mouth, pussy, ass, it doesn’t matter. The wolf king isn’t picky and sometimes a certain area is too sore after being used a lot the previous night. Imagine the newspapers and news channels are all about human kingdom wildly searching for the missing prince, but when the wolf king tries to show the prince, the prince gets frustrated that he can’t understand the words. “Oh, that’s right. People stuff is too complex for little pets, isn’t it? I’m sorry, darling. Come here, let me melt all those annoying thoughts away.” Imagine the prince pet bouncing away on the wolf king’s cock, happier than ever. Imagine.

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  • fangfic
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Werewolf roommate that lets you live in their house in exchange for sex because being a werewolf makes them horny a lot.

    just imagine whipping up a quick breakfast in the kitchen because you need to hurry and they pull down your pants and thrust into you because that's what you agreed on.

    So they breed you as you try to not let your omelettes burn and with a full stomach you leave for your appointment, if you know what I mean...

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