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  • lizcambabe
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Why is the Mercury your least favorite team?

    they're not my least favourite team lol they're one of my least favourite teams to watch and it's just cause i find their offence and defence so boring and bland. maybe it's cause BG isn't there to get the big blocks or they've played the past few games without skylar? (but they've kinda always been one of my least faves to watch tbh)

    #lynx are miserable for me to watch - mostly cause i don't really stan any of their players and i'm annoyed for syl #the sky aren't really interesting to me but they might be more interesting now that kahleah is back <33333 #la are worse to watch than i thought they'd be lol (what did i expect w fisher???) #the sun and aces are SO good that it's kinda boring for me to watch lmao like turn the ball over or s/t hfihjisfjsifm #joking about that lmao but they'll win nearly every game they play so it's like. where's the surprise is watching that?? #*in. but i love all the players on the teams.???? #i think it's cause most of the players are established and good and we already know what they are and they don't really have/play #their rookies much??? and i love watching the fever to see the babies figure it out. the wings are chaotic... new york are young too #lmao you didn't ask for all this i'm sorry but phoenix are fine:) just. old maybe jfisifjs. or established. nothing is /new/ ya know/??
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  • ishades
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Making a D/C playlist while I’m barred from bed ✌🏻

    #I think it’s not only an indulgence but wholly necessary that I include Roísín Murphy’s Jealousy. #TWISTED AND COMPROMISED YET I’M LOVING YOU TRULY! #WATCHING YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP I’M THE ONE WHO WAS DREAMING! OH THERE’LL BE JEALOUSY BABY! #If I have to see one more playlist where it’s just comprised entirely of T. S songs I’ll fucking snap. #digital digital i wanna get digital
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  • ihatebnha
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    bakugo holding baby


    dad!Bakugo walking around like a... freaking sport coach holding your baby in his arms. Either they're clinging to his neck, hanging off his back, or being carried around like a lil football AND he can still do everything he was meaning to do even with them taking up the use of one arm.

    Cooking, typing, or writing one handed. Bossing people around while they sleepily watch. Going to meetings with them drooling on his shoulder.

    And people wonder why your kid is so mean....... because they've been stuck to Bakugo since day one.

    #bakugo#theyre buddies#its adorable#and attractive #i know bakugo takes ur kids to the park and gets hit on SO MUCH #because he's always just holding and rocking and cuddling the little one #and women love it #also thinking about him at the agency with ur baby #bakugo giving instructions to sidekicks with your kid on his back or front #asleep on his lap at his desk #definitely the type of thing where people think he isnt gonna yell at them so the child will stay sleep #nope. that kid is used to the yelling and will snore through any discipline event #berry s*xy #id love to watch #kids tw#ask#anon#caitie things
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  • indorilnerevarine
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    me making cosimo very lovely to look at yet realizing he HAS to be k*lled off in every verse he’s in with chiara has to be one of my biggest blunders isnt it ajshxjxj

    #insp: cosimo de laurentis #he really got the short end of the stick didn’t he! #one day ONE day I’ll give him a break where he’s alive in one of her verses….. if u see chiara baby boy run! #what rips my heart out though is her mcu canon and the way he dies there ✨🥴😖 #cosimo can’t have aaanythingksjzjxjxj he can’t catch a single BREAK #shhhh i may be making plans on writing a fic about how he dies in her mcu verse…… and she tells marc about it ✨🤧 #like an almost wanda type of ‘i blew a hole through my husbands head and that’s how i learned i was a sleeper black widow’ sort of thing? #‘so don’t tell me about sacrifice’ thing? WAIT THATS WHAT HARROW TELLS HER AND HER RESPONSE TO BEING TOLD SHE MURDERED HIM DELIBERATELY #like no…… she was a black widow sleeper assassin and cosimo’s nonna learned of that when she knew chiara was gonna leave her grandson #he tries to muck with her head by saying she feels guilty about killing him but like…… NOT BY CHOICE BABE #all because ​chiara fell in love with marc……! ✨🥴 #his fc……. cosimos.. yea. MY BIGGEST BLUNDER JAJSHXHX ✨🥴 #god gives his hardest battles to his prettiest soldiers! ✨🫠 #leg.txt #smoking tw #just in case! 🖤🖤 #still figuring out how he’s k*lled off in chiara’s other canon(s) kashjxjx keep cosimo in ur thoughts ✨🥴
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  • abdulajeez
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Babysantana real name: How Old is the Rapper?

    Babysantana real name: How Old is the Rapper?

    babysantana real name is Danielle Bregoli, and she was only 13 years old when her video went viral in September 2017. Since then, she has joined the likes of Cardi B, Blac Chyna, and Amber Rose by becoming an Instagram influencer with over 3 million followers. Babysantana has also become something of a meme (along with her mother) and has appeared on Dr. SOURCE…

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    #All Things About BabySantana #baby Santana #baby santana age #baby santana age 2021 #baby santana age rapper #babysantana real name #how old is baby santana antisocial #how old is baby santana rapper #How Old is the Rapper? #What gender is BabySantana? #What Is BabySantana&039;s Net Worth? #where does baby Santana live
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  • im-fairly-locall
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    okay but its so funny how ive been listening to his music all week bc its relaxing and good for studying and now that im like decently familiar w his music style/the themes in his music and of that album in particular im like…… they fucking……. posted a link to *that song* right after???? like dont get me wrong its still devastating and having context doesnt make it any less so! idk its just weird now bc w some musicians i start out associating their songs w being about the lyricist themself, and its only later that im like ohhhh yeah this can also be about me too. but this is literally the opposite, i used to cry every time i heard that song bc it made me think of the context in which i first heard it, but right now? right now i just listened to it and was like oh nooo he sounds like he was going through a hard time :(( anyway wild

    #no /im/ baby and so on and so forth #idk that was the first time ive ever listened to that song and genuinely just vibed and had a fun time #like clearly it bummed me out a little if im writing this! but it feels nice to know i can sort of reclaim that song #unrelated but theres something so *weird* about repurposing/trying to repurpose songs/shows/places so that you associate it w someone else #whether intentional or not sometimes i think about how i took two people to the park in the last few months #both in a romantic way but only one of them was an actual date #but its like dont sit under that tree thats where i sat w the other one and now i feel weird #or the way ive associated the same p/t///v song w like. at *least* three crushes/ppl ive dated by now #like its weird! but then i think of that park near my old house and the picnic table and runaway seagull #and 8am walks bright and early bc i wanted to hear their voice and pace in the dew while they got lost somewhere #and they were climbing over brambles and trespassing fields and i was walking in the same little loop i’d been walking all year #with or without them on the other line #and i have this overwhelming sense of realizing that space will never belong to anyone else— that spot under the tree that picnic table #where i had my evidence one horrifically windy day #its funny bc i *know* now that im thinking about it that i’d gone there w *** and m******* before! but never like that #anyway i for one would LOVE to speed up the process of me moving on bc goddamn i must be annoying #and not to parasocialize onto wi***r s**t but i wonder how long it took for him to get to that ending of the song right before it #do i even wish that they’re happy w someone else? or do i just feel like thats what i *should* want? #bc genuinely dont know what i want anymore. except maybe to be 30
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  • nexttothelamp
    30.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago


    #toh#toh spoilers #you've been warned #FUCKING KNEW KING WAS A BABY TITAN #IVE BEEN SCREAMING ABOUT THAT WITH MY TINFOIL HAT SINCE LIKE EPISODE 5 I AM D E C E A S E D #this was rose quartz is pink diamond all over again #AND LEAVE IT TO THE OWL LADY TO FIND A BABY TITAN AND RAISE HIM? GD EDA I LOVE YOU #also luz isnt moving back to the human realm #theyre gonna have to pull a svtfoe and connect the worlds permanently or some shit #god i love this bullshit show #but WHERES HUNYER #also what are eda and lilith gonna do to all those poor steves 🤣
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  • vexalia
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago


    #i gave it to my dad #so he and my mom aren’t going to get to go see the falls #my baby sister isn’t going to have anyone at her last ever dance recital #my love can’t see the twilight movie in theaters that she’s been looking forward to for weeks #her friend is going to have a hard time getting on campus for classes #he seems okay so far but if he gets it i’m Going to cry #i don’t know what this means for moving plans #i don’t know how my dad’s going to handle it he’s got 3+ comorbidities #there’s like no way i’m not gonna give it to my s/o #huelyn is Never gonna be able to come visit so they’re never gonna get to eat a taco #just kill me in my house where i live #use a ranged weapon for ur physical safety #🎶i ruin everything i touch🎶
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  • horizonzerodawnaesthetic
    25.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I just think Erend and Aloy should have red-headed triplets

    #it's just perfect to me I think they should be like the boys from Brave #So mischievious #and aloy's all 'YOU did this to me' #and erend faints when he finds out #(i also think they should be able to have that scan that people get I cen't remember the name #where they put the gel on and see the baby #and the tech is like 'what healthy baby boys' and Aloy:' I'm sorry. boy/s/??? mulitple??' #Erend: we're having twins? Tech: 'triplets :)' #They wreak havoc on Meridian but everybody loves them too #ereloy#erend#aloy#mine#babbling
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  • infinityrevengers
    16.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    every April a very stressed out Sam Wilson helping Bucky and Steve file their taxes

    #Sam wilson where were you when i needed you #mcu #and then later joaquín HAHAHA #he’s baby #he’s 26 i think #a baby 😌 #s speaks#Sam wilson#Steve rogers#Bucky barnes #but really there’s no way it was like this in the 40s???? #thoughts #Sam wilson thoughts #Bucky barnes thoughts
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  • waka-chan-out
    01.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    where the fuck is my aran plush

    #THEY HAVE THEM FOR THE MIYAS AND KITA AND S U N A #WHERE IS MY BOY #RELEASE HIM #genuinely a little heartbroken though #even on etsy there are like two aran items #appreciate my baby boy #meg’s thoughts
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  • kakusu-shipping
    28.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Debated with myself like all day about posting this but Heck! This is MY blog! I’ll post the cringe baby self insert if I want to! It brings me great comfort, actually, so shush.

    #Emile's Arts#Sun #Aight let's avoid main tags jdgkjksgjkds #Draws Sun without reference #idk what this Self Insert is like I siad sun turned my brain baby mode and I can't undo that so #Here I am I guess #I found a knock off Sun plush on Amazon and you have no clue how much I wanted to but it #It's $20 I do not have #Yes I DO have a Foxy plush I've had him sense the first games came out #I thought the plush designs were cute even after being horribly traumatized and ended up getting a knock off on Wish for $5 #I burried him in the closet when he triggered me again and then the game with the murder Foxy plush in the closet came out #And I yeeted him into a storage box #but I got him back out for exposer therapy and now I kinda like the little dude again #Should I talk about this s/I? Sure but someone's going to block me over it #As you should really #Just a kid who lives permanently at the daycare after his parents didn't come get him one day #Sun is very attached to him thus why he didn't just turn him in and instead started hiding and taking care of him #I do not know where their relationship falls on the Platonic-Familiar-Romantic scale #It's a grey mess that Sun doesn't want to admit to and I am too young to fully comprehend #Moon is neutral to the whole thing and usually just avoids me though he is also judging Sun like. Constantly. Quietly tho #It's just good ol' fluff really #I'm ignoring all in game and previous game lore for this one because I. Do Not like the series dkgjdkjgk #And think it's complicated #And that's fine Sun and Moon are very far removed from everything else in game so kfgjfdkjgkd #This is for me and me alone and I ask that you do not make a deal out of it #If you wanna know more you may ask but please I am begging. Do not make a deal out of it. Block me. Thanks. #I think anxious Sun makes a fun Yandere to a child s/o and I simply wrote that for me myself and I #I also think Moon makes a really funny conscious/third party to the entire ordeal #I could probably ramble for a ridiculous amount of time about Sun and his Yandere type and his attractions and guilt and anxiety #Certainly a healthy amount of thought
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  • andy-clutterbuck
    22.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    5x12 | Remember

    #judy's just like who is this clean young man where did my bear dad go #Rick Grimes#*#rg#S5 #put all the babies in those big ol hands #i would also be petting his neck #excuse me sir please put your forearms away thank you #F A C E #even his adams apple is nice i hate myself #bout to make like that time i played Life and had so many kids i had to get an extra car #welp there's the primal cavewoman again #H A N D S ??? #H A N D S
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  • maraczeks
    20.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    newsroom rw thread pt 37

    #mar 20 2022 #jim is actually very annoying relationship wise ! #best part of tis ep is sloan don seriously where is mac #NEAL AND HIS ARGUING PAENTTTSSSSS MY FFAVORITR TROPE #wahhh #wills superstitions <33 #you feel responsible for a lot of things 😖😖😖 #godddd wills dadism i'm crying #LOSNA AND DON ARE INSANEBENDHSNEJWHEHDHWHEHSHAHSHHSHAHSJAJDJD #MAC SMILING AT CHARLIE #her engagement ring is so 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 #kate harper my bff #SCREECHING THEYCREALLY CANNOT CATCH A BREAK 😖😖😖 #i love my parents so much #MOLLY AND MAC ARE SOO!!!!! #mac is !!!! so!!!!!!!!! im oaks hdjdjdj s MY BABY #charlie and mac are so unhinged i love them #mac talking abt the wedding during thiseldkennsndnfndjdjdjdj #her lil hip jut with her hands in her pockets 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖 im so obsessed w her #YOURE getting The FISH AND THE FISH IS GONNA SUCK LLSKSJDBDBD #HELLO THAT WHOLE CONVERSATION HIS EYES I HATE HIM SO MUXH THE ADORATITON AND SMITTEN IMDKSNDBDJDHFHDHHSHDJDJDHFHDHEJDHDHSGRHDHE HAND ON A$$ #AND HER EEACHING BEHIND HER FOR HIS HABD LIEKEEEDHDHEHHEJ #oh s3 was so so messy #MAX IN BLUE #CORRESPONDENTS DINNER #I DO NOT GO BESERK YOU ADDLE MINDED BIT OF TRIPE THIS IS A SAD DAY DOR DIGNITY ILL NEED A DRESSSSJSJKSKSKDJFJD #skipping jim hallie scenes i'm free ❤️❤️ #TOOFER #WILL MARRYING HIS EP #SHES MY EP
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  • depresseddepot
    19.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I was talking abt college costs with my grandma (I can afford it if I save every single penny I make) and my dad came over and said "well you can spend some money, you gotta eat and have fun" and judging by his reaction, I think I looked at him with such disdainful exhaustion that he saw past the professional father-daughter facade and saw the years of distrust that comes from emotional neglect and had the audacity to look suprised and concerned as if he hadn't put me here himself

    #ive been in college for almost 4 years now and for the FIRST TIME he said 'you don't have to kill yourself to make it work. we can help' #OH? OH I WONDER WHERE I MIGHT HAVE LEARNED TO BELIEVE OTHERWISE. HMMMMMM #anyways you can just ignore this #i know he's trying to be nice and encourage me to enjoy living but girl that shit died out when i was 12 and it's probably not coming back #ive planned it all out in my head abt how to make it work and ofc now that it's convenient for him he gets to come in and play the hero #for his little baby girl that he DEFINITELY nurtured and didn't put the fear of god and men into. /s #one of these days im going to lose it and they know me so little that they're going to think it was unprecedented #the absolute audacity of this man to think that i was having FUN when i was 14 and didn't have to worry about money. we are so so fucked up #does anyone have a good trusting relationship with their dad?????is that even possible???? i think its a myth #vent
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  • thelovelesslesbian
    10.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    gg2 finallyyyyy

    #I’ve missed the anne(s) so much #next month #they’re so cute I adore them #that bit where they both said the line about the dissection together #babies#I’m screaming#gentleman jack#anne lister
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  • icarodamiano
    09.03.2022 - 2 monts ago
    Damiano + 👅

    pt 1. pt 2. pt 3.

    #Damiano David#maneskin#måneskin#maneskin damiano#she speaks#my posts #put that thing back where it came from or so help me #damiano#👅 #good job baby #the one from sanremo is so cute for no good reason #mulletiano #esc iano hair #101521#sanremo#sanremo 22 #global citizen 2021 + må #s#sd#q
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  • partyinthemysterymachine
    07.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    -- ok rq a&s Harry is DEFINITELY the darkest of them all and really canNOT be trusted, idk theo, that guy. that guy’s Got Things Going. like. OOF that Harry

    talk about problems disorder and lying to your therapist,

    #ches wries#a&s #good LORD where is this coming from. maybe bc i've been reading the a&s docs lmfao dont look at me. i might be lookin at the post #ok. i. listen #RUBS FACE #GOOMT PLEASE PLEASE BABY LET ME GET THRU THIS ARC PLS UR KILLIN ME SMALLS #slides hand across the table tho and stuffs a&s in my face
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  • b99peraltiago
    24.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    toby future dad?????

    #so THIS is where the baby comes with hats will come from i guess?? #i only know about that line bc of a b99 fic but it always stuck with me ashsksk #adele watches tww #s i'll have to go re-read that fic of yours once i reach that part of the show haha #to finally fully understand the references and all!!!!!
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  • musicallisto
    22.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    okay new ask game. suppose I am a time traveler / otherwise immortal being that has voyaged through time and space. which time period do you think I belong in?

    #where is my soul's home you feel #like i am a 00's baby of course but am i a 1800's baby?? do i give you roaring twenties vibes? #i was told once i have a 'renaissance beauty'. which i don't know what that means but she was a pro makeup artist so i guess she was right? #basically if you had to catapult me in a historical setting where do you think i would fit best. based on aesthetics alone ofc #i'm really curious #ask meme
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