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  • allthingssoulful-garden
    23.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Polar berry blossom is even prettier than the blackberry.

    Also taller than me. I did drag a chair in the garden to be able to take the first photo.

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  • porblebird
    23.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    It came to me in a vision

    #white mask varre #elden ring varre #elden ring#my art #this is phantom of the opera inspired i refuse to talk about it #my brain is just feral rn
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  • whitebunnieca
    23.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    White Bunnie Digital Solution

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    #White Bunnie Digital Marketing
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  • wocs
    23.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    no cause im kind of sad that oscar get tied down with a white woman like he’s trapped and he needs us!!

    dont remind me of this i periodically forgetting for a reasofnsnkf

    #anon#answered #like who in they right mind would eat white coochie #i woudlntn even do it for the yt women i think are good. like
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  • nokomitsu
    23.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    cannot believe that AI said knowing more than one lil nas x song is bad. genuinely can't wrap my head around that

    literally......it's such an oddly specific category too like i would think the rhapsody + tmbg + alestorm would do something TERRIBLE but i guess all it got me was being called a boomer which is 100% fair but come on you can do better than that if there's a specific #roast specifically for lil nas x methinks.......

    #to be fair if i were an ai i wouldn't know what the fuck to do with my own music #being xalled a boomer for alestorm and not wu bai makes me insane i thinm i've never met anyone over 30 who listens to them #meanwhile wu bai is VERY much dad car music #like at least say white-dad-who-was-radicalized-a-little-bit-but-not-nearly-enough-in-college bad for tmbg + alestorm + rhapsody #or middle-aged-man-who-still-plays-dungeons-and-dragons bad #u know?
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  • askthewhitequeen
    23.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    What's something that you have to see or do whenever you're at Disney?

    Eat and drink around the world at EPCOT of course!

    #(disney world au 2) #(the white queen answers)
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  • illusionsofdreaming
    23.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    After writing for White Star in the prompt yesterday I was hit with an idea and it wouldn’t leave me alone.

    this sounds hypocritical of me since I’ve just just declined a request based on triggering topics (nonny, you can come over and whack me over the head with a bat) so I’ve censored it to the best of my abilities to focus on the enemies to lovers plot and left it as an outline (since even if I decide to write it it won’t go on this blog). Still, I’ll put up warnings regardless.

    Trigger warnings: Political hostage situations, manipulative relationship

    enemies to lovers, slow burn tragedy where reader’s a political hostage in White Star’s company. In a convoluted desperate bid for freedom, you challenged WS to a little game. If you can make him care about something/someone other than his ambitions even for a second, he’ll set you free but until you achieve this, you’ll cooperate as his political hostage and not cause trouble until your use is over. WS for some strange reason agreed to your little game, perhaps found your idea amusing. “You know what happens to people I grow affectionate for don’t you?” And you do, but you’d rather die a free person than a tool in another’s plan. (I haven’t really thought this through let’s just say the game is all I had in mind, not the details). 

    Slow burn stuff happens in the middle. I didn’t really think of much aside from the typical WS apathy, internal struggles of being a political hostage, etc etc. but because you are an important political hostage (for now) you are treated decently even if restricted. So you do your best to stick around WS to wear down his barriers (or his sanity, whichever comes first). Throughout political shenanigans, WS realises aside from a talent at being borderline annoying - that tenacity hides an incredibly sharp mind. Just because you’ve agreed to be cooperative, it doesn’t stop you from subtly manipulating the odds slightly in your favor from time to time. Obviously, nothing too dramatic that’ll foil his master plans, but enough of a change for him to realise you doing damage control and find it amusing. He begins to sees through your facade and slowly, even encourage your hilarious attempts to tempt humanity from him. Maybe, he begins to consider what happens after, how he should put your tactical brains to use. That he’d rather have you as an ally and if that’s not possible then, dead. And maybe, your use as a political hostage in his plans have been over for a while but he has yet to discard or kill you.

    And while having a casual dinner together suddenly you spit out blood.

    It took a moment for the shock to wear off before the both of you realise at the same time what it means. And you just wipe your mouth in the heavy silence and smile. “It looks like I’ve won our little game.”

    He’ll be pissed off. He’ll rage. Because it shouldn’t be possible, it can’t happen, because it’s him. He shouldn’t been able to feel affection, that he was distracted from his ambitions for even a millisecond for this insignificant being- it’s ridiculous. But the truth is laid bare between you and you won, he sends you off angrily - he keeps his words. Hopes you’re satisfied now, he’s furious. 

    You won your freedom. Even if it’s not for long. 

    I’ve got two endings for this. But I’m not sure which one I prefer..

    --- end of notes ---

    and.. that’s about it. Thanks for listening to my ted talk, make no mistakes, this is no redemption arc for WS as it was softened before posting on the blog, it’s just me spending hours thinking about the mind of a villain suffering from chronic exhaustion and really, my dumb mind came up with ‘reader spits blood over dinner meal’ and just ran with it-

    #chatter #tw: manipulative relationship #tw: political hostage situation #tcf #trash of the count's family #white star#cale barrow #just throwing ideas around #plot bunnies#ignore me
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  • shukruutsrb
    23.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago


    #white ppl on facebook are so fucking racist #came across a post about the snow white remake and so many comments were like #snow brown or some other nicknames #or mocking the actress somehow saying snow latina #first off she's not even latina xd #and damn they all really think that everyone in latin america is brown #not like I'm surprised though #these people are so ignorant it's almost funny to rile them up jwjdkwj its so easy #yknow what now i want a latina snow white and i want a dwarf to be named juan and another can be named jose and the other diego and the oth
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  • maxheadroooom
    23.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago
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  • sun-warmth
    23.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    When I saw that mystery woman’s appearance for the first time, it is very similar to Lottie in Pandora Hearts! I could tell she will be ruthless just like Lottie toward Oz in the beginning. I am getting an ominous feeling from her

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  • haxanbroker
    23.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    Hanks Guitar Store. London, September 2014.

    #black and white photography #city photography#denmark street #hanks guitar store #london#original photographers #photographers on tumblr #photography#shopfront#storefront#urban photography
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  • cloudsephi
    23.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    Chapter 276 [Tianyin Pavilion] I Came to die with you

    Panel 2/9

    Chu Wanning’s eyes were originally red. When he saw the blood and spirit core fragments on the silver tray, he collapsed even more.

    Commoner 1: Is this the legendary Immortal Elder Beidou?

    Commoner 2: It’s Mo Ran’s Shizun!

    Commoner 3: Didn’t they say they severed ties?

    CWN: You all… can’t treat him like this…

    Crowd: “What’s he saying?” “Is he crazy?” “Mo Ran is a crazy murderer!”

    He placed his hand on the Tianyin Pavilion’s transparent barrier and choked with sobs.

    CWN: Wrong judgment… Wrong judgment…

    [Don’t stab him with a dagger. Stab me. People say Taxian-Jun is ruthless. In the previous life, everyone criticized him and couldn’t wait for him to die. However, Mo Weiyu drifts along. In this life, it was difficult to escape from the inner condemnation day and night]

    Artist: Weibo @葵呆呆

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  • diazpoems
    23.05.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    I wish everybody (lookin at you white ppl) who primarily, voluntarily eat the dry, dehydrated, deathly pale meat of a good chicken a very What the Fuck is Wrong With You.

    #bear talks #i just saw a fat-loss thing that said to eat ‘leaner white chicken meat’ instead and I said fuck no my guy #I’ll cut down on my poultry consumption but by God you’re not gonna sucker me into giving up juicy dark meat #i hate myself but I don’t hate myself that much
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  • cloudsephi
    23.05.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    Chapter 276 [Tianyin Pavilion] I Came to die with you

    I never thought I’d see an illustration of one of the critical moments in the 2Ha story. It brought back all the emotions of when I read this chapter the first time. I love the way 葵呆呆 (artist for the printed novel 海棠微雨共归途) infuses all the emotions into her art. I want to share her art without altering anything in her drawings so I will just share the panels, which you can find on her Weibo account and supplement with the English translations. This is my first attempt at translation, so please be kind. I tried to stay as true to their characters as possible and the many ways of interpreting a single word in Chinese. For some of the panels, I added some lines in those scenes from the book to give it context. Scroll down for the TL. Enjoy!

    Artist: Weibo @葵呆呆

    You can find me on Twi @cloud_sephi

    Big thanks to Joy - Editor!

    Panel 1/9

    All of a sudden, a shocking voice exploded inside his brain like a thunderclap.

    Chu Wanning: Mo Ran!

    Crowd: Look—-! What’s that!?

    CWN: Mo Ran——!!

    Mo Ran: Shi… zun…

    Crowd: “Yuheng!” “Shizun!” “Elder Yuheng!”

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  • defeatedwhiteman2
    23.05.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    I follow her on Twitter this is not a joke she actually wants this

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  • quanxui
    23.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    white twitter calling a filipino woman racist for saying “white people” while tweeting about how they shouldn't look down on the philippines for ending up with a bleng blong under a tweet saying Filipinos are even more outrageous than Tr*mp supporters LOL i just cant. the audacity of these people to pull the racist card on a person of color

    #she replied to one with: Why are the white very oppressed here in the Philippines? #and god these people are so frustrating #what racist??? #ako
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