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  • evilwriter37
    26.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    The Merry Whump of May Day 26

    Prompts: drugged

    Rated: mature

    Warnings: drugging, blood

    Pairings: none

    Word Count: 1,725

    Summary: Hiccup thinks Viggo is going to poison him and the Dragon Riders, but what he has planned could be even worse.

    #the merry whump of may #day 26 #I don't know what you mean #drugged#drugging#blood#whump#httyd #how to train your dragon #rtte #race to the edge #fanfiction#writing
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  • serickswrites
    26.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    Every Breath II

    Part 1

    Warnings: referenced kidnapping, referenced torture, sick fic, medical whump, drugging 

    The next time Whumpee woke, things were less hazy. They could feel the sweat on their brow, the cling of sweaty sheets to their body. And most of all, they could feel the pressure in their chest. They felt like they couldn’t get a good enough breath. And it had nothing to do with the sedatives they had been given. 

    “My dear, you’re awake again,” Second Whumper cooed in their ear. Whumpee cringed away from the sound. They had to get Second Whumper to help them. Had to get away from them. 

    “Second Whumper?” Whumpee made their voice sound meek, weak and tired. They were weak and tired. But not that weak and tired. They needed to lure Second Whumper into a false sense of security. 

    “What is it, my dear? What can I get you? Would you like some tea?”

    Whumpee nodded. They coughed. And coughed. Maybe they really did need the tea. “Pl-pl-please,” they croaked. 

    “I’ll be right back, my dear.” Second Whumper jumped up and ran out of the room, happy to help Whumpee. Happy to take care of them. 

    Whumpee took inventory of their surroundings. They weren’t tied down. They hadn’t acquired any more injuries. That was good. Much better physically than when First Whumper had them. But. But they were so much worse off now. They could barely catch their breath. They were sick. So very, very sick. They closed their eyes as they took a breath. They would continue to stay sick if they didn’t get away from Second Whumper. They might even die. 

    Whumpee slowly, carefully rolled onto their good side. The side without the stitches. The side without the thick bandages. But the side that was still bruised and painful. They let out a moan before they could stop themself. 

    “Oh, my dear!” Second Whumper stood in the doorway. “Don’t get up, let me help you!” Second Whumper was to Whumpee in an instant. They pushed Whumpee flat onto their back. “You need to rest.”

    “Pl-please. I-I-I need helpppp. Pl-pl-pleaseee.” Whumpee’s hacking coughs cut off their words. Left them breathless. 

    “Drink this,” Second Whumper held the mug to Whumpee’s lips. Without thinking, Whumpee took a sip. And immediately knew it was the wrong choice. “It’ll help you feel better, my dear. I’ll look after you.”

    As Whumpee slowly slipped back into unconsciousness, they began to feel hopeless. How were they going to get to help if Second Whumper kept drugging them? These thoughts chased Whumpee into darkness as Second Whumper hummed them to sleep. 

    Tags: @bright-whump @every-lokitten @bookworm3616 @lizzyverydizzyyo @emcscared-whumps @pretty-writing-things @just-lurking-aboot @only-shadows-dwell-where-we-are @moonknight-s-cumdump @michelleswhumpyreblogs @just-a-whump-blog @watermelons-dont-grow-on-trees @starliightwhump @whumpdumps @husbandoenjoyer

    #serickswrites#whump#whumpblr#whump writing#whump community #tw referenced kidnapping #tw referenced torture #tw sick fic #tw medical whump #tw drugging#queue #i have neglected this one #but have been wanting to come back to it #i think about this whumper a lot #enjoy
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  • whumpadventureprompts
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    Caretaker catches Whumpee dumpster-diving for food and takes them home to give them a meal.

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  • worldofwhumpcraft
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    4. What is something about your writing style that you're really proud of?

    5. What is something about your writing style that you think you could improve upon the most?

    good questions!

    Proud of? Well, i have a love/hate relationship with it but i'm proud of how I can convey a lot in a few words. I'll read over a chapter or scene I wrote that's very intense and reach the end and see it's only 1000~ words.

    Improve on? Emotions. 1000 percent. I tend to fuck up the pacing of emotional responses and have people get over stuff way too fast. (you'd think as a whump writer i'd do better but nah xD)

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  • fanfictasia
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Whumpay Day 26

    “Let me help you.” / Long-term Captivity

    Spoiler: This is an excerpt from The Wrong Time-Travellers

    Ahsoka is pressed against his side as if he’ll disappear if she lets go, not that Anakin can blame her. They’ve been together only a couple weeks after not seeing one another for months. Ahsoka may not have been in total seclusion, but Anakin was, and after having seen the next half-decade or so without each other, there’s nothing either of them want more than this.

    He still doesn’t understand how they saw these… visions. He can’t figure out who caused it, if anyone at all, or if it were simply meant to happen.

    It’s nice to have Ahsoka here – it gives him someone else to focus on. He would do anything for her, because he loves her, and nothing else. It’s… not the same with Obi-Wan. It never has been, but that’s truer now. No matter how many times Anakin reminds himself over and over that his master would never hurt him and that was just part of a possible future, he still finds himself tensing anytime he moves too fast.

    Obi-Wan finally reenters the room – he’d been off on Council meetings or something of that nature. Once Ahsoka would have had the sense of mind to pull away, but she doesn’t now. Neither of them moves, and quite honestly Anakin doesn’t care what his master thinks about it anymore.

    “Anakin,” he says on greeting, pausing before slowly approaching them. Their relationship is awkward now, like they don’t know how to be around each other. It’s like they’ve forgotten how to interact.

    “Master,” he responds quietly.

    “You can call me Obi-Wan. I am not here as you’re superior anymore. I’m here as your friend.”

    “I don’t really have friends,” Anakin mutters. A year ago, he would’ve appreciated hearing that. Now, he doesn’t know. He also knows how he’s spiraling down a pit of depression from which it feels like he can never come back.

    Ahsoka leans a little closer, and Anakin lets her. She’s warm against him and it feels so… right.

    Obi-Wan settles down on Anakin’s other side, gently laying a hand on his arm. “Anakin, let me help you.”

    “I don’t deserve your help.”

    #star wars #star wars fanfiction #fanfiction#whumpay #whumpay day 26 #day 26#whumpay 2022#anakin skywalker#obi-wan kenobi#ahsoka tano#ahsoka #anakin and ahsoka #anakin#obi-wan #anakin and obi-wan #day twenty six #let me help you #long-term captivity#whump#angst#anakin whump#anakin angst #anakin needs a hug #protective ahsoka #obi-wan is trying #obi-wan is anakin's father
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  • jordanstrophe
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Caretakers on adrenaline:

    Those sweet, calm people who turn into complete monsters when they feel whumpee’s threatened. They grab their arm and yank them back so hard whumpee slams against their chest and is held protectively, tightly.

    A little too tight. 

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  • lesbianwriter
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    “Do you want to go on a date?” Villain blurted out.

    Hero blinked, pausing mid-punch to stare. Usually, Villain was shy. She hardly talked and was mostly absorbed into her creations and research. This was…unexpected.

    “Really?” Hero gaped. Villain nodded with a coy smile. “Oh, okay! Where?”

    Hero tugged at the leather straps firmly planting her wrists to the table. “When you asked me on a date I didn’t envision an experimentation table.”

    Silently, Villain adjusted the bright light overheard.

    “Do I get a lollipop?” Hero squinted, straining her head to watch where Villain was going next. Her heart was beating faster than she wanted to admit.

    Villain shrugged noncommittally as she grabbed an anesthesia mask. “You won’t be lucid enough.”

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  • just-whump-and-suffering
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Are you planning on doing any other Sentai whump lists other than Zenkaiger?

    Yes, I will be doing whumplist on the other sentai seasons. When I'm done with Zenkaiger, I will move to Donbrothers and the previous seasons. I'm thinking of doing Kiramager and Kyuranger.

    Any other suggestions? :)

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  • i-can-even-burn-salad
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    2. Share a snippet of an old wip that you never posted.

    Thank you for the ask! From this ask game.

    Well, unless a bunch of people wanna learn German really quickly, that limits it to about two files. I’ll pick the end of my Starbound character’s backstory here.

    "Warning. FTL drive repair not finished. Probability of it breaking when trying to jump: 65.12722%. Probability of this being fatal: 99.99999%." He had no idea what this word percent meant. The only thing he understood was that trying to escape could cost them their lives. Staying would. He stared out of the window into the dark endlessness, littered with countless sparkling lights. Then he looked back at the bird person. He could try to beam it down to some close planet, then lure their persecutors away, but what good would it do? It would probably just die down there and he would die up here. There was only one choice that would give them at least a chance.
    He pressed the button.
    #salad-ask#suspicious-whumping-egg #Do I have a thing for hurt plant people? Apparently I do.
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  • s-o-starscream
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Some beat up and bloody Stars under the cut

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  • oddsconvert
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I REALLY wanna use the whole "when did I ask? 🤪" thing in a piece, purely because I think it's so harsh yet so funny. Just the whole:

    Whumpee: "I'm so sorry! It...It was a mistake, I - I didn't mean to!"

    Whumper: "When...?"

    Whumpee (super confused): "Wh-What?"

    Whumper: "When did I fucking ask?"

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  • deluxewhump
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Bloodbag AU Rescue Arc: We’re Alone

    Summary: a Vampire has rescued its beloved mortal pet after he was kidnapped and poorly treated by a group of cruel Vamps.

    CW: vampire whumpers and caretaker, bloodbag whumpee, abuse, rescue, drugging, bruising


    Carlo pushed against the iron arms that held him. He twisted in his bad dreams, cold and sweating all at once. He couldn’t tell how much force he was using— his strength was a thing that came and went, and sometimes using it left him so dizzy he blacked out.

    Blacking out was better than waking.

    “Can’t,” he murmured, trying to twist away. “Please, no. Please.”

    Whichever Vampire held him felt monstrously like strong, and he knew his resistance was pointless. Still, he did not think he would survive much more. Even a little drink might be more than he could take.

    “Hush,” the Vampire said. Such a familiar voice. But not Erik. “Don’t fight me, Carlo. You’re safe, little one.”

    He faltered, and the Vampire took his wrists in one hand and secured them so he could not fight and push away anymore. He opened his eyes blearily, sure he was not dreaming for the first time in hours.

    “Hello,” Maxim said gently. Carlo looked at the smooth planes of his ageless face, the inhuman shine deep in the pupils of his eyes.

    “I thought you were one of them,” he apologized hoarsely. His throat was scratchy, from screaming or being choked he could not remember.

    The Vampire shook its head. “You’re home. Well, one of my homes.”

    Carlo looked around. He was in an unfamiliar bed, half in Maxim’s arms. The walls were knotty pine, the ceiling vaulted and dark.


    “Far away from the city. Northern Maine, actually. We’re on a lake, deep in the woods. The only way here is an access road, which hasn’t been maintained since the eighties.”

    Carlo blinked at him, taking it all in as best he could. He was hundreds of miles from Baltimore, from Erik and his fledglings and cruel Vampire friends, from the house that had been his personal hell— again. “We’re alone?” he dared to hope.

    Maxim smiled at him a little sadly. “Entirely. Here.”

    He scooped a handful of pills and capsules that may have been vitamins from a bedside table into his palm.

    “Can you take these for me?”

    Carlo did, without question. He sputtered on a bottle of lukewarm water but got them all down, his throat aching in protest. He touched his neck and hissed, drew back his hand.

    “Don’t touch,” Maxim said softly, drawing his hand away. “Let them close.”

    Carlo turned his neck experimentally this way and that, feeling the deep bruising on each side. He lay his head back, closing his eyes so he would not cry.

    “They’ll heal,” said the Vampire, as if reading his mind. “You’ll heal. I won’t let anyone else touch you, ever again.”

    Carlo opened his eyes. What sort of promise was that?

    “Erik has made his last mistake with me in harming you,”Maxim explained, brushing Carlo’s hair back with gentle, carding fingers. “I’ve tolerated him too long already.”

    “Why?” Carlo whispered. He was so weak, and the gentle touches were making his eyes heavy. No matter what Maxim decided for him, he would accept it. There was safety in that. Peace.

    The Vampire shrugged. “It’s how it is, sometimes, with Vampires and their makers.”

    Carlo frowned. He made a sleepy noise of confusion.

    “It’s why I’ve put up with him as long as I have. Why he does things to keep me under his thumb, or at least angry enough at him to speak to him. He’s always been like this.”

    Carlo’s mind was growing hazy. Outside the black window, a tangled windchime spun in a sudden gust. Rain began to patter against the pane. Erik…. Maxims maker? It was difficult to imagine, and it made some old alarm go off deep in his bones, though he did not know why.

    But you’re nothing like him, he wanted to say, but his mouth was no longer under his command. He wondered gratefully if Maxim gave him something to make him sleep.

    “Shh,” the Vampire soothed, his petting growing slower, more infrequent to let his pet drop off to sleep. “Sleep, little mortal.”

    #pet whump #an opposite vampire au #bloodbag whumpee#vampire caretaker #drug use cw #abuse cw#bruises cw #will add taglist later #vampire whump
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  • theres-whump-in-that-nebula
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Musician Whumpee always looks like they’re going to burst into tears when they sing; but that’s just how their face contorts when they’re trying to concentrate — there’s nothing wrong with them. So, when they’re actually injured or distressed; no one notices until they collapse onstage.

    #whump #This is 100% based on me #A year ago I started recording videos of myself playing and singing for my girlfriend and I had to get delete some good takes #Because my face made me look like I was gonna start sobbing lmao #So I learned how to control my face a little better #Now I only look mildly melancholic which is a big improvement I think #I can only make myself look so happy because my face is just naturally very “poor little meow meow” but in a sickly kinda unsettling way #writing prompt#angst#h/c#whump prompt#injury prompt
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  • whumpty-dumpty
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Nobody (2021)

    requested by anon

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  • xionandpluto14
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    how I imagine Xiao would react to being saved

    #he would definitely pull the ''i have nothing to do with you'' card #does it all the time #''beidou? I have nothing to do with her'' ''this is my burden to carry. it has nothing to do with you.'' #genshin impact#my writing#whump #xiao genshin impact #comfort character
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  • reds-whump-prompts
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    We make fun of the “it’s not my dream, Dad, it’s your dream!” trope, but have you ever had the realisation that the person your parents would be proud of will never exist?

    Because that’s good shit.

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  • spencermyangel
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


    “I never wanted anyone to know,” Spencer whispered, and Morgan studied him carefully. Spencer took a deep breath and started rocking back and forth.

    Spencer tells Morgan a secret he thought he would never share with anyone.

    Written for the May 2022 Whump Spencer Reid Challenge

    New Story, Read it here

    #spencer reid#derek morgan#diana reid#criminal minds #criminal minds fanfiction #spencer reid fanfiction #moreid #spencer reid whump #spencer reid angst #hurt/comfort #criminal minds moodboard
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  • angelcitizen
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    where has my inspiration for whump art gone

    #ocee whump : ( ............. #i want it i need i make it
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  • intrestingatparties
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Car Seat

    I don't know the logistics of this, but hear me out:

    Whumpee is restrained to the front passenger seat of a car. Preferably a tall whumpee because their legs would be scrunched up.

    Then the car seat moves forward, and their legs are crushed against the dash.

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  • callaeidae3
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    "If it was your fellow mer who did this to you, then you might want to consider doing what I did."

    "Which was-- hhngh-h...what?"

    "...becoming human."

    (second part to Left in the stormwater drain)

    #mermay#whump art#mer whump #non human whumpee #rescued#blood tw#first aid#bruises#stitches #characters based off my ocs #kyle kindall#amelia ihserh #this art connects to the other mermay art I've been drawing :3 #I'll combine all the art into a single post later (after I've finished the last one I want to draw!) #hurt comfort
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