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  • reds-whump-prompts
    26.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    “You know you could save your precious Caretaker, right?”

    Whumpee gripped the phone until they thought it would snap. “I’m going to kill you, Whumper.”

    “Hm, that won’t help Caretaker though, will it?”

    Whumpee buried their face in their free hand. “It’ll make me feel better.”

    “Yes, it will,” Whumper agreed easily. “Because that’s the kind of person you are, Whumpee. You’ll take your revenge, you’ll enjoy it, but you know what you won’t do? You won’t march yourself down to that police station and confess to take Caretaker’s place.”

    There was a long pause as Whumpee refused to admit Whumper was right, but their silence was answer enough.

    “Yeah,” Whumper breathed, making the phone crackle. “You don’t take after the good Caretaker after all, do you Whumpee? You’re just. Like. Me.”

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  • shywhumpauthor
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    May 26th- “I don’t know what you mean”

    [gambling | drugged | paranoia]


    Cw: noncon drugging, noncon touching, drooling, demeaning language, creepy whumper, pet whump-ish, Whumpee referred to as “pet”, implied captivity

    Whumpee’s eyes lazily drifted open and closed, their vision blurring more with each slow blink.

    The world around them was a canvas of color, golden ringlets surrounding the flickering candles that lit the table.

    Their head felt… light.

    Like it was stuffed with cotton, muddling their thoughts and turning their brain to mush.

    Whumper smirked, dragging their fingers through their pet’s hair, scratching Whumpee’s scalp as their head rested against Whumper’s leg.

    A small chuckle slipped from Whumper’s lips as they watched a small bit of drool drip from Whumpee’s parted lips.

    So pathetic…

    Who knew it only took two small white pills to render Whumpee completely and utterly helpless.

    #short #deal with it #whump#whumpblr#whump community#whump writing#whumpee#whumper #its me coal #coal wrote something #drugged whumpee #tw noncon drugging #tw noncon touching #whump prompts#whump prompt #the merry whump of may #writing prompts#writing prompt#captured whumpee#captivity whump
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  • darkthingshappen
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    May 26th "I don't know what you mean"


    Gambling | Drugged | Paranoia

    The pet knelt next to his owner, head bowed obediently and absolutely silent, the muzzle helped, but it wasn’t necessary.  The pet was very well trained. 

    Master’s card game had grown late and tense.  The man he played against, the only two left at the poker table, was a sort of rival.  The pet wouldn’t call them friendly, but maybe competitive. 

    If the pet had thoughts of his own, he would be afraid of the other man.  His master was often cruel, but the other man had a hungry look in his eye every time he saw the pet kneeling obediently.  The look made his skin crawl. 

    Nearly all the chips were in the pile at the center of the table.  In fact, all his master’s chips were there.  Surely that meant that they would be going home soon, right?  He was tired from being so still and quiet and his knees ached.  Master hadn’t needed a single thing for the last couple of hours. 

    “I’ll raise you another ten grand,” the other man said.

    “You can clearly see I am out of chips,” his master responded.

    “I see you have a pet.”

    “I’m not gambling my pet.”  His master reached over and stroked his hair, sending a warm feeling through the pet’s chest. 

    “How about renting?  Say, one weekend?  That would be enough to cover it.  And hey, if you win, it won’t even matter will it?”

    His master stopped petting him.  The pet held his breath waiting to see what Master would say. 

    “Fair.  Okay.  One weekend.  Hell let’s make it this weekend.  It’s Friday night.  That’s plenty of time.  But I’m not going to lose,” his master said smugly.

    The pet could barely manage to keep the tremors at bay.  He’d just been made into a bet.  A fucking bet against the man he feared more than all of his master’s other acquaintances.  The wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He’d learned enough as a pet to see it even when they thought it was hidden, the hungry look, the lust filled stare. 

    “Fine.  Call.  Cards on the table,” the wolf said, gleam in his eye. 

    The pet glanced up at the table, he was high enough, just barely, to see the cards and the bet that would decide his fate. 

    His master had four of a kind.  A good hand to bet on.  It could only be beaten by two things.  A straight flush and a… oh fuck.  A royal flush.  Damnit.  Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!  The wolf… of course the wolf had a royal flush. 

    The pet dropped his gaze to the floor immediately.  He wasn’t supposed to know that.  How the hell did he know that?  His master gave a low whistle. 

    “Welp.  Teach me to count my money before my debts are paid.”

    The pet watched from his peripheral vision as his master reached across the table and shook the wolf’s hand.  “Now about this bet.  I expect him to be returned in useful condition.  Nothing permanent.”

    “Of course.  I’ll take excellent care of him.  He won’t want for a single ounce of care… and all the pleasure I can give him.”  The wolf winked at the pet, sending a shiver of terror through his body, which only served to widen the grin on the wolf’s face. 

    The pet had to stifle a whine.  His master leaned over and kissed the top of his head before standing. 

    “Up!” Master ordered.  His master handed his leash over to the Wolf.  Master took the pet’s chin in his hands and made him look at him.  “Be a good little pet for him.  You’ll be okay.  It’s only a few days.  I’ll see you Sunday.” 

    The pet’s eyes pleaded with him.  He didn’t dare beg here.  He was not supposed to speak in front of humans, only his master.

    The wolf smiled his wolfish grin as he ran his hand across the pet’s shoulder, down his back, over his ass and squeezed there, as if appraising livestock. 

    “You’ll do just fine,” the wolf said at the pet’s panicked whimper and terrified glance toward his master. 

    “Now don’t look at me like that.  He won fair and square.  And you know I always pay my debts, don’t I?”

    The pet nodded and didn’t resist when he felt the wolf tugging on his leash. Still, his pulse raced, and he couldn’t keep the paranoid dread out of his mind.  Every fight or flight sense in his body was telling him to turn and run to his master and beg for him to save him. 

    He turned and the best he could do was give his master one last guilty glare as he was yanked through the door and towards the wolf’s lair. 

    #the merry whump of may #gambling#paranoia #lost in a bet #noncon touching#human pet#muzzle #implied future noncon #fear of noncon #whump#whump community#whump writer#pet whump
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  • longlivethewhump
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago


    Hakuōki Hekkesturoku - Ep. 10

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  • serickswrites
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Every Breath II

    Part 1

    Warnings: referenced kidnapping, referenced torture, sick fic, medical whump, drugging 

    The next time Whumpee woke, things were less hazy. They could feel the sweat on their brow, the cling of sweaty sheets to their body. And most of all, they could feel the pressure in their chest. They felt like they couldn’t get a good enough breath. And it had nothing to do with the sedatives they had been given. 

    “My dear, you’re awake again,” Second Whumper cooed in their ear. Whumpee cringed away from the sound. They had to get Second Whumper to help them. Had to get away from them. 

    “Second Whumper?” Whumpee made their voice sound meek, weak and tired. They were weak and tired. But not that weak and tired. They needed to lure Second Whumper into a false sense of security. 

    “What is it, my dear? What can I get you? Would you like some tea?”

    Whumpee nodded. They coughed. And coughed. Maybe they really did need the tea. “Pl-pl-please,” they croaked. 

    “I’ll be right back, my dear.” Second Whumper jumped up and ran out of the room, happy to help Whumpee. Happy to take care of them. 

    Whumpee took inventory of their surroundings. They weren’t tied down. They hadn’t acquired any more injuries. That was good. Much better physically than when First Whumper had them. But. But they were so much worse off now. They could barely catch their breath. They were sick. So very, very sick. They closed their eyes as they took a breath. They would continue to stay sick if they didn’t get away from Second Whumper. They might even die. 

    Whumpee slowly, carefully rolled onto their good side. The side without the stitches. The side without the thick bandages. But the side that was still bruised and painful. They let out a moan before they could stop themself. 

    “Oh, my dear!” Second Whumper stood in the doorway. “Don’t get up, let me help you!” Second Whumper was to Whumpee in an instant. They pushed Whumpee flat onto their back. “You need to rest.”

    “Pl-please. I-I-I need helpppp. Pl-pl-pleaseee.” Whumpee’s hacking coughs cut off their words. Left them breathless. 

    “Drink this,” Second Whumper held the mug to Whumpee’s lips. Without thinking, Whumpee took a sip. And immediately knew it was the wrong choice. “It’ll help you feel better, my dear. I’ll look after you.”

    As Whumpee slowly slipped back into unconsciousness, they began to feel hopeless. How were they going to get to help if Second Whumper kept drugging them? These thoughts chased Whumpee into darkness as Second Whumper hummed them to sleep. 

    Tags: @bright-whump @every-lokitten @bookworm3616 @lizzyverydizzyyo @emcscared-whumps @pretty-writing-things @just-lurking-aboot @only-shadows-dwell-where-we-are @moonknight-s-cumdump @michelleswhumpyreblogs @just-a-whump-blog @watermelons-dont-grow-on-trees @starliightwhump @whumpdumps @husbandoenjoyer

    #serickswrites#whump#whumpblr#whump writing#whump community #tw referenced kidnapping #tw referenced torture #tw sick fic #tw medical whump #tw drugging#queue #i have neglected this one #but have been wanting to come back to it #i think about this whumper a lot #enjoy
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  • worldofwhumpcraft
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    4. What is something about your writing style that you're really proud of?

    5. What is something about your writing style that you think you could improve upon the most?

    good questions!

    Proud of? Well, i have a love/hate relationship with it but i'm proud of how I can convey a lot in a few words. I'll read over a chapter or scene I wrote that's very intense and reach the end and see it's only 1000~ words.

    Improve on? Emotions. 1000 percent. I tend to fuck up the pacing of emotional responses and have people get over stuff way too fast. (you'd think as a whump writer i'd do better but nah xD)

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  • oddsconvert
    26.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    I REALLY wanna use the whole "when did I ask? 🤪" thing in a piece, purely because I think it's so harsh yet so funny. Just the whole:

    Whumpee: "I'm so sorry! It...It was a mistake, I - I didn't mean to!"

    Whumper: "When...?"

    Whumpee (super confused): "Wh-What?"

    Whumper: "When did I fucking ask?"

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  • intrestingatparties
    26.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Car Seat

    I don't know the logistics of this, but hear me out:

    Whumpee is restrained to the front passenger seat of a car. Preferably a tall whumpee because their legs would be scrunched up.

    Then the car seat moves forward, and their legs are crushed against the dash.

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  • a-crumb-of-whump
    26.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Warning: Whips.

    Musician whumpees being made to play/sing something for Whumper and their friends, but every time they make a mistake, it equals one whip. Whumpee then has to tally up how many whips that is afterwards.

    #works well in a famous au setting #whump#whump things#whump community#whump stuff#multiple whumpers#whump thoughts#whumpee#whumper #whumpee x whumper #whumper x whumpee
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  • yetanotheraltwhumpblog
    26.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    a drawing of one of my whump ocs

    (the song is let go by art patrol and veronika redd)

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  • shamefullittleghost
    26.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    consider: defiant whumpee who is broken in both ways. they want to fall apart, they want to sob and hurt, they dont want to be strong anymore, but even with escaping from whumper, anyone could still hurt them so they wipe their tears and brush of their feelings, leaving it to fester and rot within the back of their mind, leaving it til the dead of night, when shadows covered everything, they’d break. theyd sob into their pillow til there was nothing left except for a hollow hole in their heart, with the aching question of “what is my purpose?” and in the morning, they piece themself together. because there is no room for weakness, when perfection is the standard.

    #im sorry i have a lot of thoughts about defiant whumpees #defiant whumpee#whump scenario#whump prompt #maybe?? ig it is #writing community#whumpblr #defiant whumpee prompt
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  • serickswrites
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hi!! 5 croissant anon here! Would you maybe consider continuing this piece? I thoroughly enjoyed it and I wanna know what happens next!


    Tasty food friend! Absolutely I can continue this. I hope you enjoy this next bit!

    Part 1

    Warnings: kidnapping, drugging, restraints, yandere

    Hero woke slowly. Everything was hazy. It felt as though their limbs weren't quite connected to their body. Everything felt...off.

    "Oh, my darling, you are awake!" Villain exclaimed with delight as they lay down next to Hero.

    "YOU!" Hero slurred. Their tongue wasn't quite up to speed yet.

    "Yes, me, my darling. Me and you. Forever." They took a strand of Hero's hair and tucked it behind their ear.

    "I'm going to--" Hero strained forward, but couldn't move. Their wrists and ankles were tied down. They let out a frustrated moan.

    "Don't worry, darling, we've all the time in the world. You've been asleep for so long." Villain cupped their cheek.

    Hero tried to call their power to them, but couldn't. "What did you do to me?"

    Villain smiled. "Something so that you and I can have our time uninterrupted." They patted their breast pocket. "Nothing permanent. Just so that you can get comfortable here."

    Hero took a deep breath and strained again against the restraints. "When I get out of these cuffs, I'm going to--"

    "Be so loving and wonderful! I know! I'm excited, darling." Villain pulled a needle out of their pocket. "But I don't want my darling exhausting themself before they are fully ready."

    "Don't!" Hero shouted as Villain plunged the needle into their exposed arm.

    "It's no trouble at all, darling. Only the best for you." Villain continued to stroke Hero's cheek and murmur sweet words to Hero as they lost consciousness again.

    Tags: @keeper-of-all-the-random-things @freefallingup13

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  • meowsikbox
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Today's vibe is thinking about the cosmic and existential horror of having an immortal character/a character with healing abilities that's been dragged to some sort of scientific facility where they torture them endlessly for as long as they can keep themselves alive until they're a husk of their former self or have been maimed and mangled into being completely unrecognizable and stripped down to their basic functions to just barely keep them breathing.

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  • longlivethewhump
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    "Tell us everything you know".

    Joker Game - Ep. 11

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  • shywhumpauthor
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    May 25th: “A little louder”

    [Buried alive | failed escape | handcuffs]


    Cw: kidnapping, restraints, failed escape attempt, recapture, gagging, nature whump, left alone outside, bugs, injuries

    “NO- NONONO PLEASE- PLEASE WHUMPER-” Whumpee screamed, their voice cracking as they twisted and thrashed. Sleek metal cuffs encircled their wrists, painfully tight, digging into their tender wrists.

    The rough bark of the tree dug into their arms and back, each movement only causing it to push further into their skin. Their arms were wrenched behind them, awkwardly twisted around the tree, creating an ache in their shoulders that only worsened as the seconds passed.

    “YOU CANT LEAVE ME HERE- PLEASE-” They sobbed, kicking their legs out as a beetle began to crawl up their thigh.

    “Oh shut up,” Whumper groaned, pulling a long strip of cloth from their pocket. “You obviously wanted to go outside, I’m just giving you what you want.”

    Whumpee sobbed, their efforts to twist their head away futile as Whumper grabbed them by the jaw, swiftly gagging them.

    “Perhaps a few nights out here will help you learn your lesson,” They spat, double checking Whumpee’s restraints before stalking inside and slamming the door shut behind them.

    #another short and sweet one #deal with it #whump#whumpblr#whump community#whump writing#whumpee#whumper #its me coal #coal wrote something #captured whumpee#captivity whump #failed escape attempt #the merry whump of may #creepy whumper#recapture#whump prompts#whump prompt#writing prompts#writing prompt
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  • cursedscribbles
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Break and condition your whumpee's so much they thank whumper for everything, even after torture because they are grateful for some form of touch and affection.

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  • worldofwhumpcraft
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Caretaker: Whumpee, it's going to be okay

    Whumper narrator: It was, in fact, not going to be okay

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  • serickswrites
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Bright eyes is so positively creepy I love it 💞

    Thank you so much! I love it so much lololol. So glad you are enjoying it. This story has one more installment after this one here. (It's already complete on my Ao3 if you want to spoil it for yourself lol).

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    Warnings: referenced captivity, referenced torture, referenced noncon, blood, blood loss, wounds, hospital, caretaker and whumpee

    This was agony. Pure agony. Caretaker had tried to wake Whumpee. Tried to get them to open their eyes again. But it was to no avail. As the paramedics hurried into the room, Caretaker felt the first of an endless flood of tears slide down their face and drip onto Whumpee’s. But Caretaker did not stop keeping pressure on the wound. Wouldn’t stop keeping their Whumpee alive. 

    One medic slid their hands on top of Caretaker’s, reassuring them that they could take over. Their partner put a hand on Caretaker’s shoulder, asking for Whumpee’s medical history as they worked to get a line in Whumpee’s arm. Caretaker regurgitated everything they knew from over the years, eyes never leaving Whumpee’s still face. 

    “Are you coming with us?” The first medic asked as they and their partner carefully lifted Whumpee onto the gurney. 

    Caretaker nodded, not trusting their voice. They followed along closely, wanting nothing more than to take Whumpee into their arms, kiss them, and hold them close. Instead they had to settle for sitting in the corner of the ambulance, fingers brushing Whumpee’s. 

    “You can hold their hand,” the medic said kindly. They continued to swap out bandages, keep pressure, and monitor Whumpee’s heart rate. 

    Caretaker took Whumpee’s hand in both of theirs. They squeezed Whumpee’s cold, cold hand tightly. Fourteen days. Fourteen days and now this. Caretaker couldn’t lose Whumpee. They couldn’t be too late. They needed Whumpee. “Please,” they whispered to Whumpee as the ambulance came to a stop suddenly. “You never listen to me, but I need you to listen. Just this once. Stay. Please.” 

    The team of medics pulled the gurney out of the back of the ambulance and set off. Caretaker jogged to keep up with their pace. They could hear the lead medic quickly sharing all of Whumpee’s relevant medical history as well as their current status. 

    “They’re coding!” A young nurse said hurriedly as a swarm of doctors and nurses descended on Whumpee. 

    Caretaker’s heart stopped. The cluster of people around Whumpee moved in sync with each other as they continued to move them into the trauma bay. A hand on Caretaker’s shoulder had them flinching back. “Hey, you came in with them, yes?” A kind, young nurse had their hands up in a placating gesture. 

    Caretaker nodded, not trusting their voice. “Let me take you to the waiting area for families. My name is Nurse and I’ll look on you once we have him a little more stable.”

    Caretaker followed along behind them wordlessly. They sat in the uncomfortable waiting room chair and stared down at their bloodied hands. Hands with drying flecks of Whumpee’s blood. Whumpee. 

    Caretaker wasn’t sure how the next several hours passed. All of a sudden they looked up, Teammate One and Two were there, and the daylight was fading in the window just beyond them. 

    “How long?” Caretaker croaked. Their voice was hoarse from all of their crying. 

    “Eight hours,” Teammate Two replied quietly. 

    Eight hours. Eight hours gone. And Caretaker still didn’t know anything. “Whumpee's mother?”

    “Whumpee's sister took her to get some food about,” Teammate One looked at their watch, “an hour ago.”

    Caretaker opened their mouth to reply, but shut it as a doctor in scrubs came in the waiting room. “Family of Whumpee?”

    Caretaker stood and stepped forward after an encouraging nod from Teammate Two. “Me. I’m…I’m their…” Caretaker didn’t know how to answer. 

    “Are you Caretaker?” The doctor interrupted Caretaker’s thoughts. 

    “Yes, I am.” 

    “Whumpee has you listed as their next of kin.”

    Caretaker’s breath caught. Not their sister. Not their mother. Caretaker. When had Whumpee changed that?

    “Caretaker, I’m Dr. Doctor, Whumpee’s primary surgeon.”

    “Are they…are they?” But once again, Caretaker found that they couldn’t speak. 

    “They’re alive.” Caretaker staggered as waves of relief flooded them. Whumpee was alive. Teammate One came up and put their arm around Caretaker’s shoulders. “But they’re not out of the woods yet. We were able to stop the bleeding. They coded twice while we were working on them. But we got them back. We’ll probably need to go back in and…”

    But Caretaker had stopped listening. Coded twice. Whumpee’s heart had stopped three times today. Three times. All because Caretaker took fourteen days to find them. 

    “Let me take you back up to see them.” The doctor looked around the waiting room. “Normally, we only let one person back, but I’ll make an exception for the three of you. But you all get five minutes. Then, it’ll just be one of you I’m afraid.”

    Teammate Two stepped up and took Caretaker’s hand with a squeeze. The three of them followed the doctor to Whumpee’s room. Caretaker froze at the door. Whumpee was covered in leads and tubes. The quiet hiss of the ventilator let them know that Whumpee was breathing. Just as the slow, but regular beep of the heart monitor let them know that Whumpee’s heart still beat. Which was good because Whumpee looked like a corpse. Their skin was so pale and they was so still that Caretaker was not sure that the monitors weren’t lying to them. 

    “Oh, kid,” Caretaler whispered as they stepped forward, tears once again flowing. They immediately sank into the chair by Whumpee’s bedside, taking their hand once more. This time it was a little warmer, but still not much. 

    Teammate One and Two did not stay long. Whumpee's mother and sister arrived before they had departed and Teammate One and Two caught Whumpee's mother and sister up to speed. Whumpee's, shakily, stepped into the room, hands immediately covering her mouth. She had dissolved into tears before she could say anything. Whumpee's managed to lead her away, telling Caretaker that there wasn’t much point in all three of them being there. Especially since Whumpee's was making such a scene. 

    This left Caretaker alone once more with their thoughts. With their guilt. And with Whumpee. They rubbed circles on Whumpee’s hand with their thumb. Endless, endless circles. “Kid,” they croaked after a few hours, “you can’t leave me. You can’t do this. Please. Stay. I need you.” A lone tear slipped down his cheek. “I love you.” 

    Only the whirring of machines and hiss of the ventilator answered Caretaker. Whumpee's peaceful, still face remained just as peaceful and still as when Caretaker had walked in. And they remained just as silent and unresponsive. 

    Caretaker sniffed. “And that’s why you aren’t allowed to die. Hear me? I love you.”

    Tags: @husbandoenjoyer @appleejuice

    #serickswrites#whump#whumpblr#whump writing#whump community #tw referenced captivity #tw referenced torture #tw referenced noncon #tw blood #tw blood loss #tw wounds#tw hospital #caretaker and whumpee #queue#requests
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