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    here's what I see happening.

    Will comes out in Vol. 2. He confesses his feelings to Mike. His feelings aren't reciprocated, and it'll be very, very heartbreaking (Noah Schnapp WILL be coming for those 2023 Emmys). Mike and El meanwhile will resolve their long distance woes. Tumblr and Twitter will be a very, very annoying place for the next 18 months. Season 5 drops and the writers give Will a bf who'll be a completely new character (probably played by the kid who played Eddie in IT, just bc) introduced in the final season. Half the fandom will live for it, the other half won't be here for it at all.

    #stranger things spoilers #st4#stranger things #idk...i'm obsessive abt narratives and patterns and themes. i tend to remember details. lines. plot points and character arcs #in a way that results in me calling things IN RELATION TO character arcs #(not so much plot) #bc characters are always what drive interest in a show or movie for me #if I'm wrong i wont care too much bc while I have ships i like in ST I'm not as attached #as i am to my SW Witcher Scandal Buffy and other OTPs #but the character analysis some of yall are doing is just...whack #i had to put my 2 cents in to get it off my chest
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    i love pretty elf boys as much as anyone but Iorveth is a beast of a man. he is untwinkable. Vernon Roche however - that man wears shoulder pads and should be twinked at least once a month

    #the witcher 2 #i finally started playing it and I have issues #iorveth#vernon roche
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    I think my favourite pastime is pissing diehard fans off by stating that The Witcher is inspired by Scooby Doo as a devil’s advocate joke

    All I have to say is that Jaskier is Shaggy/Scooby as the loveable, goofy sidekick with an odd inclination towards friendship and courage. Ciri is Daphne as the pretty girl with a badass set of fighting skills. Yennefer is Velma as the sarcastic brains with witty comments, and Geralt is naturally Fred as the blonde-haired, level-headed leader who’s weirdly protective/obsessive of his horse/van

    Each gang of friends-turned-family travels and hunts monsters together, only to find out at the end of the day that the real unmasked monsters were the humans all along

    I highly recommend whipping this bad boy statement out when in the presence of one of those fans (you know the ones)

    #oh my gods I think I’ve nearly driven people to murder with this #the Witcher#Witcher#Ciri#Jaskier#geralt#yennefer #the Witcher s2 #the Witcher season 2
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    People of the Witcher/Geraskier fandom! I am once again calling on you to help me find a fic!!

    I started it but never got to finish it and then completely forgot about it but now it’s wedged itself into my brain.

    Essentially it’s Geralt and Jaskier get trapped in a cave or something similar and they’re running out of oxygen, it causes a bunch of confessions to come out as they know it’s the last chance they’ll get to tell eachother how they feel. (That’s as far as I got, I don’t know if they get rescued or not).

    Please help!

    #the witcher#witcher#witcher netflix#witcher fanfic#witcher fanfiction#jaskier#dandelion #julian alfred pankratz #viscount de lettenhove #geralt of rivia #geralt #the witcher netflix #the witcher season 2 #witcher fandom#geraskier #Geralt x Jaskier #whump#fanfiction#fanfic
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    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i am. absolutely terrible. at navigating towns in the witcher 2. every single time i finally roughly learn the layout of a town, i have like one more quest part before i move onto the next town. and then it starts all over again.


    #the witcher 2 #tw2#like #i've never really had this problem before in video games #normally i'm pretty good with town layouts #but maybe this is just bigger than what i'm used to and more complex and my brain fries??? #idk. all i know is i'd spend like 10 minutes running around vergen every time i had to find a place #vergen was the worst #well. i say that. but it was only the ... second ? third. third town #i don't know what's ahead of me #loc muinne is already killing me a bit #find the gargoyle seals! bro i can't even find a merchant. and there's like 5 of them #meet your buddy at the ampi...ambi...amptie...mehtTHEATRE. sure thing! just give me an hour to find it #i thought i found it accidentally #but then gargoyles started killing me and i was like oh. i found the gargoyle thing i guess. where's my buddy tho #at least it's all roughly on the same level #i struggled so much with vergen because there was like 4 different levels and i knew none of them
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    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Watch "Dark side of the Witcher 3 - Iorveth's Truth" on YouTube

    I know it shows Witcher 3. But with recent events, it feels very relevant sometimes... Our own failings our own darkness.

    #witcher 2#iorveth #we only kill each other #Youtube
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    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Yennefer obviously got Jaskier in the divorce

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    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Пожалуйста, нарисуй свадьбу или день рождения или любой другой скоятаэльский праздник в отряде Иорвета. 😳

    #the witcher#witcher 2#iorveth #comics and doodles
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  • the-scarlet-vision
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    on an unrelated note I’m thinking of starting a side blog dedicated to all the video games and/or non-marvel TV shows I like because there are way too many and I need an outlet.

    #i need a place to rave about red dead redemption 2 #and dragon age #and fallout#and witcher#and hannibal#and supernatural#and bridgerton#and-
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    The Rune of Cymoril - Chapter 3

    Fandom The Witcher
    Pairing Cedric x f!OC
    Summary Cedric does not get involved and one ancient elf tries to overcome language barriers.
    Warnings None so far, other warnings may apply for later chapters.
    Words 1576/4643
    AO3 Link
    A/N   If you could experience this chapter in first person, you'd probably get motion sickness. But it is a fic and can't harm you. Not physically anyway. 

    Ghost among the Dead

    The moment his feet hit the first level Cedric could feel the tell-tale prickling of his skin just there at the nape of his neck. As swift as he could muster he ascended the remaining steps to the top platform, his shaking arms making it harder rung by rung. Shivers started chasing each other down his spine in fast succession as he pulled himself up on the walkway and staggered to his storage chest. Apart from arrows, it was empty, and there was nothing to douse what would follow.

    Cedric had often thought that perhaps he could have lived with the visions better if not for this moment where he could feel it creeping up on him. Desperately he clutched at a nearby tree to ground himself. This was the worst part. When his body was spiralling into a state of high alert, every nerve on fire and a simultaneous crushing numbness overcame him. In the end, he could not even perceive himself sliding down the tree to sit with his head between his knees.

    With no sense of self, he was reduced to a silent spectator as two cloaked figures hiked up a plateau in the forest and came to a halt there. Lovers, no doubt, as their intertwined fingers showed. They conversed in hushed whispers before deciding on ‘yes, this is the right place’. Hen Llinge, Cedric noted, and indeed when they dropped their hoods he saw the two familiar faces of Eldan and Cymoril.

    Even if at times in his life Cedric seemed to be a cynical and hopeless elf, in truth through it all he had always remained a romantic at heart. Yes, he had memorized the faces of the eternal lovers well from staring at their statues but he also knew the legend behind it. Eldan, the Wanderer, though quite highborn, before being the lone survivor of an early pogrom had him disgraced among the Aen Seidhe. He had done everything he could for the beautiful and intelligent Cymoril before he had even laid eyes on her by daring to speak up at a council deciding on her fate. It was a privilege watching part of their journey unfold before his eyes now, although he knew what sad end awaited them.

    The pair settled there on that hill, starting with a small camp. Over time Cedric watched them build a home away from where their love was objected to, and where instead it was the foundation for something greater, a safe place. They danced, they laughed and they loved. Other Seidhe joined them, and not only homes were built but families and kinship. It was a timelapse of a community raising itself from the ground up, and all in the forest he himself loved so much. For a moment Cedric forgot that this was nought but one of his dreaded visions and he could feel the unburdened happiness and joy emanating from the scene. Yet, he could not help but fear. The visions were seldom that simple. There must’ve been something to learn that he did not already know, something not commonly known as part of the tale.

    A single leaf twirling in the autumn winds diverted his attention as the surrounding forests of Flotsam blurred and his vision focused on Eldan carving a runestone for his beloved who was playfully trying to take it from him.

    “It is beautiful. And it is enough.”

    Undeterred, he kept on carving even as she extended her hands to him.

    “Your enchantments are a work of art and so should be the vessel that holds them,” Eldan explained with serious voice although a sly smile was playing on his lips. Clearly, it was not the first time they’d had this discussion.

    Not one retelling of the legend had ever mentioned Cymoril as magically adept, but Eldan had clearly said ’enchantments’. And thinking about it, it made sense that she might have been a mage. It was said that Cymoril had had a strict upbringing and education, which was unusual for the Aen Seidhe, and - at utmost - thrust upon children that showed potential for magic.

    The woman was still holding out her palms, until at last her lover seemed to relent, took her hand in his and allowed himself to get pulled into an embrace. He slowly started to sway them side to side, which Cymoril quickly took upon herself to speed up to a more joyous pace. Soon they were spinning in circles, the plants and winds around matching their ever faster movements until their surroundings melted into a distant blur and the runestone lay forgotten on the bench. Only when their twirling gradually caused a whirlwind to form, did the surreality of it all dawn on Cedric. He then knew this was not one of his usual visions. Then Cymoril slowly turned her head and fixed him with a knowing look.

    Abruptly, the whole world tilted over and everything - including Cedric - got hurled out of his vision. His perspective shifted as a cold hand grabbed his own and saved him from falling.

    “Come, we do not have much time.”

    Cymoril pulled him back up and guided him to continue the dance with her, keeping the whirling vortex around them going.

    Her grip on him was unsteady and she looked at him with sad blue eyes.

    “She cannot understand me. She cannot listen to me,” she lamented.

    Cedric wanted to respond but he was unable to. He could not do anything but hold onto the person in front of him. His movements were not his own and his voice would not work. She was leading their dance and controlling the conversation. As if he was the ghost in this long-dead woman’s domain and her the corporeal being.

    “However, I can speak to you. And you can speak to her.”

    ‘No,’ he thought with all his will. ‘I will not. No good ever comes from meddling with specters.’

    “She needs to know,” Cymoril continued, and Cedric found she was speaking Common now.

    When he searched her eyes for answers on whom she even meant to speak him to he found they were all of a sudden the colour of a deep green.

    “The Rune will save her. And it will save much more.”

    The winds picked up and he was now struggling to keep his hold on her amidst the spiralling. Cymoril’s appearance shifted further, her frame growing smaller, hair darkening into a rich brown colour and the updo changing to cover her receding eartips.

    The face of the woman named Aerinn only stared at him for a moment in time mirroring his confusion before their fingertips slid over each other and she fell out of his reach. He jumped to catch her, but as the ghost he was in this realm he could not do anything. Aerinn tumbled out of his view into the swirling vortex.

    And then he was alone. Still in the woods, but it was quiet now, unmoving. The whirlwind had disappeared along with the woman it had swallowed. Cedric bated his breath. This was surely where the vision would end. Yet, nothing happened and the forest stood still as if trying to give him time to contemplate.

    ‘I won’t get involved,’ he conveyed his thoughts to whoever would hear. ‘I won’t.’

    At long last, a fresh breath of wind carried the images away and him back to reality.

    An involuntarily pained sob escaped from his throat as Cedric supported himself on his forearms. Another pitiful noise when he scrambled to his legs. Night had fallen on Lobinden and the only person around was the Witcher who was using Cedric’s kettle outside his house to brew something. Likely something very toxic. Cedric made a mental reminder to scrub the kettle five times over before using it again.

    As soon as he made his climb down Anezka was just leaving his house and exchanged a few words with the Witcher. They gave each other a wave in passing as she left around the corner and Cedric took a seat at a sensible distance from the brewing.

    Worldlessly the Witcher handed him a flask and Cedric took a generous swig of the strong liquor. A glance at the White Wolf confirmed that he had likely heard the whole episode.

    “That did not sound pleasant up there,” he remarked with all the empathy the common folk believed them not to possess.

    Cedric handed him the now considerably lighter flask. “It never is.”

    Instead of offering unhelpful advice like so many others would Gwynbleidd only leaned forward to stir his potion. Cedric caught a faint sniff of endrega venom.

    “I keep expecting to see Iorveth. But it’s not him.”

    The Witcher turned back to him. “What then?”

    “Something long past. And…” He nodded towards his house.

    “Her?” the Witcher asked bewildered. “Then we should find out why as soon as possible.”

    Cedric stopped him. “Let her rest first. And tell her she is welcome to stay with me until she recovers.”

    “Careful, Cedric. Wouldn’t want you to get involved in matters you don’t want to.”

    “I won’t,” Cedric replied grimly. “Tell me, Gwynbleidd, have you noticed her appearance?”

    The Witcher shook his head. “Not closely.”

    “Protecting folks from coming to harm is what I do around here. And for a half-elf, there is much trouble to run into in these parts.”

    #the witcher#tw 2 #The Witcher 2 Assassin of kings #cedric witcher #cedric (the witcher) #Aen Seidhe#aen saevherne#Scoia'tael#starstranded
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    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    And it’s not even June yet.

    #My art#Iorveth#scoia'tael #the witcher fanart #The Witcher 2
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    The sentence:

    We provide you with a trash bag to collect your non-human waste during the trek.

    Everything my brain is able to produce:

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  • tonymontana833
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    Hey Witcher! Is this Ciri or Cirilla? Mug. Someone looking for coffe cup only for Witcher fan? There you go! You wondering when Witcher season 2 and season 3 will release? - we also :D

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  • tonymontana833
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Hey Witcher! Is this Ciri or Cirilla? Spiral Notebook. Spiral book for Witcher fan? No problem! Amazing and elegant spiral book for every fan of Ciri or Geralt

    #findyourthing#witcher#netflix#witcher geralt#ciri #geralt and ciri #monolith#voleth meir #witcher season 2 #witcher season 3
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    pspspspspsping at the witcher fanbase so hard. and yet

    #i do not know how to make a place for myself in a fanbase anymore #joined a couple of servers #and they seem nice but i dont know how to get a read on them #making a Fair amount of witcher art but i cant get people to engage #and thats fine but that is how i've made fandom friends in the past skjdfnkjenfkjnfekjrn #all in all its fine #my wonderful partner is amazing and he'll listen to me ramble sdkjn #but man. #how the FUCK does social media work nowadays with fandom #i sorta dropped off the radar after my elton days #bc covid nerfed me really hard creatively #so its been like 2 years since i've actually interacted with people in a fandomy way #anyways #i have been fixated on the witcher for six months holy shit #non fandom#lea speaks#sorry
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  • naity-sama
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    What we have here...is a WIP.

    Been reading @akilah12902 and @sassaffrassa (I swear you had a tumblr but i have no idea what handle) 's fic 'black dog' on AO3 and I got that urge to do a thing.

    So here's some In Progress Feral Fuckin Temerian. I was not supposed ro do a full lineart. I may not even USE the lineart (sobbing). But we have a lineart.

    Whoever decided 10000 buckles and belts and a fucking CHAIN were a good design was right, but god does it suck to draw.

    Enjoy my working notes 😂

    #Vernon Roche#Roche#Vernon#witcher 3#witcher 2#witcher #whos a good boy thats right its roche
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    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Fanfic: Rience (The Witcher TV Series)

    Chapter 11: The Healer (Part 1)

    Rience felt the room they were in had suddenly crowded of people. Figures he hadn't quite recognized had swarmed around them as soon as they'd arrived. Dammit! Why the hell were those people there? He just needed Faye. He began to feel dizzy and his head bursting with pain, but he didn't take a single step back and maintained his attack stance. His hands burned with a hot, raging fire, sending up sparks that burst into the air. The two strangers shifted uneasily, and Rience wondered what was going to stop him from burning them to ashes. But he already knew the answer. Faye. She ordered them to stay behind her and make no move as she advanced on the wizard.

    Rience - she called him raising her hands towards him - There is no danger here. They are friends.

    Rience turned his hurt gaze and looked at her closely, though he could only catch a glimpse of her out of focus. "Friends" he drew a sarcastic half smile on his lips, which fortunately had not suffered any damage. He took another look at the two people taking cover behind her. Rience found it amusing that a tall guy, quite a bit taller than him, and a big girl were hiding behind her, so petite.

    Oh, for all the Gods! – the girl moaned - Look at his face!

    Forget about his face, - answered the boy with a deep and apparently serene voice- look at his eye, there is nothing we can do now. Faye, he's a fire mage and he's out of control, how did you come to bring him here? It is clear that he is suffering from pyrokinesis delusions. He has to get out of here…

    No, he won't go - she didn't even have to raise her voice for them to shut up, her soft voice sounded surprisingly powerful - I'm going to heal him, you're going to help me and you're not going to tell anyone anything.

    Rience could feel the power of her chaos emanating from her as well and dropped his aching arms. His hands faded, but they felt strange and alien to him. Like two sharp glowing claws. He felt a sharp stabbing pain in his head that made him groan and clench his jaws tight. He took a few steps back and felt Faye's small hands grab his own, keeping him from falling backwards. At first he wanted to let go of them, cause he thought he was going to hurt her with his claws, but immediately he noticed the softness of her skin in contact with his and both intertwined their fingers. He closed his eyes and felt that the room had started spinning nonstop. Faye called for help when she felt his grip loosen.

    Help me carry him to the stretcher - she said urgently. – Quick, he's losing consciousness.

    The girl and the guy ran to do as she told them. Urco, the young elf, grabbed him under his arms and Maia and Faye held his legs. In a corner of the room there was a strange stretcher with a fine but soft straw futon where the patients with whom the Academy taught practical healing classes were treated.

    He is very skinny. Too underfed for a sorcerer. At least a good one…- Urco commented as he lifted Rience's body to place it on top of the stretcher. - Where did you find him, Faye? In a sewer? He stinks.

    It is a shame about his face! – Maia said once Rience was lying down – he must have been very handsome…

    Oh come on Maia, he's a mage, - Urco commented with a snort - he'll just hide his scars with a simple appearance spell.

    I'm worried about his eye, - Faye said as she absently ran a hand through his hair, brushing the strands away from his burned and sore skin. The others fell silent and they looked at each other. - Help me undress him - she continued. – We have to clean him up first.

    Urco and Maia both pounced on the wizard's belt, fighting with their hands over who would be the one to lower his pants.

    "Boots first," Faye told them, nodding her head toward his feet. Meanwhile, she unbuttoned his shirt slowly and carefully.

    He is conscious - she turned her head towards her companions. – We have to give him something to calm the pain. Maia, you go to prepare the laudanum concoction, but only adds two drops! Urco, we're going to need clean bandages and the ointment for the burns. Leave that, it's not important, quick!

    Rience shook his head and tried to open his eyes. His left eyelid fluttered, but his right had skin so damaged that it stuck and tore easily, like a butterfly's wings when wet. He had never lost consciousness and was listening to the conversations between them. He was glad to be with her. He thought that it was the best place where he could be at that very moment. He watched her out of the corner of his healthy eye as she leaned over him. He felt her soft hands on his chest. He felt his hair stand on end and remembered that night they had kissed. Had they kissed or had it been a sweet dream of his like so many others he had with her? He was sure he still had his memory of her lips on his. He couldn't erase that from his memory, just as he couldn't erase the memory of that terrible night where he discovered her secret.

    She had undone all the buttons and exposed part of his chest. The blood and sweat had made the fabric stick to his skin and his chest hair. She leaned over him again, closer to him, to check on the state of his injuries. He felt her breath on his skin and turned his head, seeking her lips with his parted. He wanted to kiss her one more time and whenever she wanted, but Faye had grasped Rience's chin and with two fingers of her right hand would open his right eye slowly and carefully. The mage let out a groan, not sure if it was pain at his eye, or frustration that her lips passed him by.

    The two stood still and looked at each other. Maia gave the elf a knowing smile and he rolled his eyes, tossing the mage's boot aside in disgust, but the two of them went off to get what Faye had asked for. Rience followed them out of his one non-damage eye, half-smiling when they were alone. He was beginning to understand that Faye's power wasn't just in her blood… the fact that the two healers obeyed her in everything she asked them had aroused the wizard to the point where an erection was beginning to be evident under his pants. But she hadn't noticed, or she was pretending not to do it and kept inspecting his eye very carefully.

    He liked that she gave him her attention, and he felt the touch of her little hands like a caress, like a balm on his skin, but he just wanted to close his eyes and let the pain go away. Rience brought a trembling hand to hers, which held his eyelid firmly so it wouldn't close, murmuring her name.

    The elf boy walked in just then, carrying what Faye had asked for. He set everything down on a wooden table as he glanced at Rience.

    Is he still awake? – he asked reluctantly.

    Yes, - Faye replied. – Look at this… Bring a gauze and water, I need to remove the blood to better check the extent of the damage.

    Urco stepped closer as Faye pried open the sorcerer's eyelid and he hissed in pain. The pooled blood was drying and forming a sticky crust. The elf began to carefully remove it. He seemed like a grumpy young man, but his hands were skillful and delicate when he worked. When he removed all the remains, he leaned in to get a better look.

    Let's take his eye off - he said without further ado.

    No – answered Faye – You can check the eye is not very damaged inside.

    There is no guarantee he will keep his vision - answered Urco laconically - What good will it do him? Anyway, his face is ruined. I can do it fast and we can even do without the laudanum…

    Faye stared into the elf's eyes as she held Rience's hands with hers, preventing him from launching an attack.

    That's not going to happen – Faye explained again – I'm going to heal his eye, and he'll keep it. I'm asking for your help. What's wrong with you?

    What´s wrong to me? What's wrong with you, Faye?! – Urco answered angrily as he grabbed the girl by her arm and took her away from Rience's side- What do you care about him? Why have you brought him here? That guy has the word "trouble" written all over his fucking burned face. Why are you doing this to me?

    I want to help him. - Faye answered with a sweet and soft voice - And that's all I'm going to say about it. I promise you nothing will happen to you, Urco.

    Rience watched through his eye as the two of them hugged each other and spoke quietly. Meanwhile, a new feeling clawed its way from his gut. He felt the fever rising, making his forehead boil and his fingers begin to crackle. His whole being wanted to catch fire, he wanted to burn himself and burn everything around him until they was consumed forever. With an energy he didn't know he still had, he rose from where he was lying as he flexed his long fingers.

    What's going on here?! – Maia had arrived and she had been surprised to see the mage. - How can he still stand?!

    Faye looked first at Maia and then at Rience. She came to his side in a hurry.

    Rience - she said in a whisper.

    He grimaced in pain. He didn't say anything, just looked at her. He didn't understand why he felt so vulnerable because of her. He had her in front of him and brought his hand to her cheek. Urco made to move closer, but she ordered him to stay away from them. Faye felt his fingers very hot. So hot they left red marks on her skin. She put a hand on his chest and felt his heart beating very fast, like crazy. His whole body was very hot. He couldn't help but run his thumb over her lips as he watched as they swelled and parted in wounds that began to bleed. Faye moaned and her two companions shifted uncomfortably and alarmed in their positions, but they didn't dare do anything. They just hoped that this damn madness would end as soon as possible.

    Urco nodded for Maia to come over to them with the laudanum drink. Faye took the glass with one hand, the other never leaving Rience´s chest. She offered it to him who accepted it without hesitation. Rience drank down its content and she began to notice how little by little his heart was slowing down. As soon as he was done, his face turned serene and his vision unfocused, collapsing on the floor at Faye's feet who, though she tried to hold him, she couldn't.

    I told you to add just two drops! – She said to Maia as soon as the girl and Urco ran to help transfer Rience back to the stretcher.

    Yes, that's what I did! – Maia replied concerned as she sought the supportive gaze of her elf companion.

    Well, now he will sleep an entire day - commented Urco - and we will be able to heal him without fear that he will reduce us to ashes.

    Faye brought her hand to her mouth and with her fingers touched her lips covered in blood blisters. The elf approached her with a bowl of thick, viscous cream. He dipped his fingers into it and applied it with gentle strokes.

    End of part 1

    (part two is coming soon)

    #Rience #The Witcher season 2 #netflix#fanfic#mine
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    Geralt "French Girl" of Rivia

    #the witcher #geralt of rivia #I've had this image saved on my playstation for like??? 2 or 3 years lmao #gaming #draw me like one of your french girls #itskindofme #id in alt text
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