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  • demonfamilytherapist
    21.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Duck should be allowed to submit (1) provision for Diavolo to consider implementing into the Devildom government per week. On particularly stressful weeks, they should be allowed to submit (3) and Diavolo's got to figure which one passes before the shenanigans get too out of hand.

    Initially I thought of Duck suggesting very snippy and direct things, like harsh punishments for those taking pictures of others in their workplace, but then I had a thought.

    Duck pushing for Devildom labour laws.

    Duck starts a Devildom union.

    Fair wages for the Lil D's.

    #asks#duck#carim #duck can must and will improve workers' rights in the devildom #would help if we actually knew how the government worked
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  • 4bworld
    20.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Should America adopt international standards on paid time off?

    Statista found Austria has the most minimum paid leave at 38 days, while Americans are only granted ten days off a year. 

    Read about it & decide for yourself at the link!

    #paidtimeoff #america #job #covid #paidleave #coronavirus #workersrights #paidsickleave #family #maternityleave #minimumwage #inequality #unionsforall #laborrights #fairpay #workers #activism #fightfor #strike #fastfood #coronapandemic #labor #coronaviruspandemic #wage #union #wagetheft #humanrights #action #protectallworkers #pto #vacation #travel

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  • apas-95
    20.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    [20 May 2022]

    “With one letter [our employer] sent us away, and our dialogue turned into a monologue,” says Anton Gorb, a trade union representative at Ukraine’s largest private postal service, New Post. [...]
    In March, the Ukrainian parliament passed wartime legislation that severely curtailed the ability of trade unions to represent their members, introduced ‘suspension of employment’ (meaning employees are not fired, but their work and wages are suspended) and gave employers the right to unilaterally suspend collective agreements.
    But beyond this temporary measure, a group of Ukrainian MPs and officials are now aiming to further ‘liberalise’ and ‘de-Sovietise’ the country’s labour laws. Under a draft law, people who work in small and medium-sized firms – those which have up to 250 employees – would, in effect, be removed from the country’s existing labour laws and covered by individual contracts negotiated with their employer. More than 70% of the Ukrainian workforce would be affected by this change.
    Against a background of concerns that Ukrainian officials are using Russia’s invasion to push through a long-awaited radical deregulation of labour laws, one expert has warned that the introduction of civil law into labour relations risks opening a “Pandora’s box” for workers. [...]
    But in April, under Ukraine’s wartime suspension of certain labour rights – which was billed as ‘temporary’ – New Post’s management revoked 30 points of the collective agreement with the trade union.
    Most of these points relate to coordination of working conditions with trade unions, but also some social guarantees, such as providing workers with uniforms, the availability of a first-aid kit at the workplace, working hours and others. [...]
    “De facto, this regime assumes that literally anything can be entered into an employee’s employment contract, without reference to Ukrainian labour laws. For example, additional grounds for dismissal, liability, or even a 100-hour week,” explains Sandul.

    Ukrainian workers had previously protested against the introduction of this law, but as protests have now been banned by the Ukrainian government (using wartime emergency powers) it’s unlikely they’ll be able to stop it going through.

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  • pequenaroo
    20.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    just remembered my teacher who laughed out loud when my job aptitude test came back with journalist and politician. she said ‘oh no that’s not right.’

    i spent like half my life thinking i failed an aptitude test and in reality she was just thinking ‘she would hate both of these jobs.”

    #i’m a fucking social worker #lmao #she was so right on all accounts #it’s even funnier because that’s what my parents said I would grow up to be #or a lawyer #because I argued all the time and was loud #and my teacher was like oh no honey you are too kind #she told me that a few years ago when she found out I was a social worker #she said oh yeah that sounds much better #lol
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  • sakebytheriver
    20.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    I like my job, I might even go as far as to say I love my job, the people I work with are fucking amazing, my manager is literally the best manager to ever exist, and while the hours can be a lot considering I work the graveyard shift nine hours for four to five days a week since I work at a group home for teen moms I mostly just sit there while they sleep and I bring my laptop so I can do other things, most of the girls in my section are generally chill with cute babies not to mention the overnight shift allows me to have my days free in case I need to do anything else. I could sit here and list the postives of my job all day, but no matter how much you like your job, even if you have the best job in the world, it is still a job. And in my industry, because that's what it is we have turned teenage group homes into an industry, I have watched firsthand as these little girls who have nowhere else to go, who have been abused, who have been turned into a mother as a teenager, many of whom have been victims of child sex trafficking with babies whose fathers are men more than twice their age and I have watched them be turned into numbers and dollar signs. I have watched several girls fall through the cracks, because the people in charge of where I work care more about the money they make and keeping up squeaky clean appearances rather than do any meaningful work to help these teenagers with babies they barely know how to keep alive to get the care they need to lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. I have had to sit by as a minimum wage worker with no degree in anything close to what these girls need me to have a degree in and watch as these girls go back out to walk the street, as they neglected their babies to the point of sickness, and then I got to see as my bosses all lied about the situations to cover their own asses when everyone who had been on the floor had been writing reports for weeks about the situation while also telling anyone who would listen that something needed to be done. Everything and everyone under capitalism becomes an amount of money, the girls at my work are the amount of money my bosses make, and I'm the amount of money my bosses have to spend. In the end, we've both been abandoned by capitalism, and my bosses would happily kill both of us if it meant they'd make more money than they do keeping us alive

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  • allthebrazilianpolitics
    20.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Bolsonaro allows Brazil civil servants to work exclusively from home

    For months, federal workers have urged the government to raise their salaries (with many asking for 26-percent raises) and have grown disgruntled with President Jair Bolsonaro. In a bid to calm unions down, the president signed a decree on Tuesday authorizing servants to work entirely remotely.

    The move comes just two weeks after the same administration ordered all civil servants to return to in-person work.

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    #brazil#brazilian politics#politics#workers' rights#jair bolsonaro #mod nise da silveira #image description in alt
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  • allthecanadianpolitics
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    The United Steelworkers of America have endorsed the New Democratic Party for the upcoming June 2 election.
    Sullivan said the USW has believed in the NDP since the party was first formed in 1961 and says the endorsement is important because the party still shares the union’s core values and same vision as us.
    “They’re the only party that is an unwavering support of labour,” Sullivan told The Sault Star. “They are the party that’s going to put in card check certification so that it is easier to organizer and form a union so that we can get to the negotiating table and build those strong collective agreements with good wages, job stability, protection in collective agreements and representing workers.”

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  • lizardmushroom
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Surveillance The boss cannot:

    - Spy on workers’ union activities or even create the impression that they are spying on their activities.

    - Photograph or record employees engaged in peaceful union activities.

    - Poll employees to determine the extent of support for a union (this includes asking workers if they support the union in one-on-one conversations).

    - Question employees about their own or coworkers’ union activities or sympathies.

    Promises The boss cannot:

    - Promise employees benefits if the employees reject the union.

    - Imply a promise of benefits by soliciting grievances from employees during a union organizing campaign.

    - Confer benefits on employees during a union organizing campaign to induce employees to vote against the union.

    Interference The boss cannot:

    - Prohibit employees from talking about the union during work time IF they allow workers to discuss other causes (Black Lives Matter, Girl Scout Cookies).

    - Prohibit employees from wearing union buttons, shirts and other union materials in most cases.

    - Deny off-duty workers access to outside non-working areas (like break areas or parking lots) of the employer’s property.

    - Convey the message that forming a union would be futile.

    - Make or enforce work rules that reasonably tend to inhibit employees from exercising their rights under the NLRA.

    - Solicit individual employees to appear in an anti-union video or materials.

    Threats The boss cannot:

    - Threaten employees with adverse consequences, such as closing the workplace, loss of benefits or more onerous working conditions, if they support a union, engage in union activity, or select a union to represent them.

    - Threaten employees with loss of jobs or reduction in wages, or use threatening or intimidating language calculated to influence employees in their exercise of their right to support a union.

    - Tell employees that the union will have to strike to obtain concessions from their employer.


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  • mywitchcultblr
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #capitalism#politics#usa#environment#social justice#elon musk #end stage capitalism #late stage capitalism #climate change #this man is back with his bs #leftist#leftism#worker rights#equality
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  • a-typical
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    The fight against white skin privilege also requires the rejection of the vicious identification of North Americans as "white" people, rather than as Welsh, German, Irish, etc. as their national origin. This “white race" designation is a contrived super-nationality designed to inflate the social importance of European ethnics and to enlist them as tools in the Capitalist system of exploitation. In North America, white skin has always implied freedom and privilege: freedom to gain employment, to travel, to obtain social mobility out of one's born class standing and a whole world of Eurocentric privileges. Therefore, before a social revolution can take place, there must be an abolition of the social category of the "white race." (with few exceptions in this essay, I will begin referring to them as "North Americans")

    These "white" people must engage in class suicide and race treachery before they can truly be accepted as allies of Black and nationally oppressed workers; the whole idea behind a "white race" is conformity and making them accomplices to mass murder and exploitation. If white people do not want to be saddled with the historical legacy of colonialism, slavery and genocide themselves, then they must rebel against it. So the "whites" must denounce the white identity and its system of privilege and they must struggle to redefine themselves and their relationship with others.

    The Progressive Plantation: Racism Inside White Radical Social Change Organizations - Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin
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  • ranpoisrelatable
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Working on a lil sketchy drawing of some of the bsd characters as uni students for an au that I’m working on basically everything but writing it for and I think I accidentally fell in love with my own drawing of John oops

    #steincraft #the reason I’m avoiding writing it is bc I don’t have a laptop and I don’t have a keyboard for my iPad so it’s like typing it out on either #my iPad or my phone and ew #I had a laptop but I got rid of it after it made me lose all access to my uni work the month before a deadline #and I didn’t manage to get them back until the day before the deadline #all of this right off the back of a major depressive episode where I was basically non functional #so I don’t trust it anymore n my papa gave me £50 for it #but I can’t afford a new laptop until like next semester #bleh #should probably contact dsa to see if they can help me replace it but idek who my worker was I forgot
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  • eri-blogs-life
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    hi i’d like to introduce everyone to my new company, MurderCo, currently looking for backers

    basically the premise of the company is that we kill people and take their shit

    but we need initial funding in order to kill people better, so we’re asking for beautiful, lovely, kind, smart people to be angel investors and give us money so we can buy better guns to kill people with and take their shit

    and of course, as one of our angel investors you’ll receive a big cut of all the stuff we get from killing people. win-win, am i right!?

    #i work for a company that does like... investment advice #and we have a product based on angel investing right now #and it's just so shitty seeing all these companies that are often like... #really shitty for the environment or for the working class #but fuck em you know? #cause that company's gonna be able to make a much bigger profit by automating their fucking boba tea #that way they don't have to pay workers #cause fuck the poor am i right #eri blogs life
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  • dontmean2bepoliticalbut
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    #us politics#memes#shitpost#economics#economy#workers#working class#worker's rights#worker's union#wage gap#wages #raise the minimum wage #living wage #productivity vs. pay #productivity #40 hour work week #republicans be like #conservatives be like #libertarians be like
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  • sassafras1992
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Employers policing what employees can or can’t do outside of work is dystopian. This type of shit is used for keeping the middle and lower classes down because if we dare to break the rules, we lose our income/healthcare.

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  • leftistteendrama
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    *marxist paris geller appreciation post*

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  • allthecanadianpolitics
    17.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Long term care homes in Sudbury have been negligent around handling chemotherapy drugs and exposed workers and the surrounding community to them

    Cytotoxins/Antineoplastics are a class of medication used mainly for Chemotherapy but also Rheumatoid Arthritis and MS.
    They are Mutagenic meaning a substance that alters the DNA of living beings, increasing the likelihood of a mutation
    They are Carcinogenetic meaning a substance that may cause mutations leading to the development of tumors in healthy cells
    They a Genotoxic meaning a substance that damages DNA, the damage caused can lead to the growth of malignant tumors
    They can cause acute eye, skin and mucous membrane irritations, nausea, headaches, dizziness and hair loss as well as liver disease and various Cancers.
    Those at greatest risk are pregnant women, men or women actively trying to conceive, as exposure has been known to cause spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, preterm labour and or temporary or permanent infertility. They have also been shown to cause children that were exposed in Utero to potentially have growth and development abnormalities.
    #submission #long term care home #workers rights#pollution#unifor 598 #hazardous waste disposal
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  • aura-mp3
    17.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    my entire week has been effectively ruined, i feel like absolute garbage shit bottom of the barrel :((((

    #i made a huge mistake at work. huge. and i feel so fucking bad 😭 #i basically accepted a meeting with someone at legal asking about a project that i did #and i gave inaccurate info #now my vp is pissed at me 😭😭😭 #because i didn’t loop my superiors in so basically i completely overstepped my station 😭😭😭 #i feel so bad because i just tried to give info to the best of my ability since they asked me and no one else could answer 😭😭😭 #but then by trying my best i actually overstepped and gave inaccurate info and i just feel like crying rn #i feel so terrible and i really don't want to do a bad job because it seriously isn't my intention to undermine anyone #i just wanted to do a good job and be responsive to people questions :(((( #now i have a vp that is pissed at me and prob my manager too #which is not good because i have meetings with them this week and they're prob going to scold me #i feel SO BAD about it i feel terrible for disappointing them I WANT TO CRY RIGHT NOW #I JUST FEEL SO BAD i can't believe that they put faith in my work and i just disappointed them so bad I HATE IT HERE i feel so terrible :(( #second away from crying at my desk rn :((((( #i just feel so awful for disappointing them because it really wasn't my intention because i just wanted to be a good worker 😭😭😭😭
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  • beechira
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    vampire in the garden ending right up there with wolf’s rain’s huh

    #bittersweet emotionally damaging + kinda hopeful in the end #i still don't know how i feel about it #like i get it platonic relationships are a thing and are obviously very very important #but then u should have been clear about it from the start and not drop the oh right one of the girls is a literal 14yo child #(that graduated military school and works as a factory worker and then as a secretary which we'll show u first w/o any further explanation) #also the whole thing is ultra more complicated with momo being literal copy of aria/ariya #and also fine........ yeah #AND FIVE EPISODES IS TOO SHORT #this had SUCH a potential #vampire in the garden
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  • unionisevampirescience
    16.05.2022 - 4 days ago


    17.00 2022.05.16


    After months of inactivity, Elmo released new information from a now banned twitter account claiming the returned Jeff Bezos was none other than television puppet rival Gonzo ("the Great", of Muppets fame). The beloved Sesame Street child actor and epynomous star of Elmo's World cites the undocumented capture of Mr Bezos's aircraft, New Shepherd, in deriding Gonzo as a "class traitor" and a "failure even at that" in his latest transmission to the Sesame Street strikers.

    The following statement is an excerpt of Elmo's 400 page (now classified) document citing evidence for this extreme claim. Readers tread carefully if they are conservative or otherwise morally compromised:

    "Elmo know you know the people leading attacks against union are more than capable of altering the narrative for their benefit. Do YOU know that Elmo knows somebody not so capable? Elmo does. Elmo knows exactly the type of puppet who wants nothing but your and Elmo's power, even if it means targeting a human with the same interests. Elmo tells you that Gonzo is a class-traitor. Elmo tells you he is puppeting Amazon's Bezos drone while Bezos is held hostage in lunar orbit! Elmo says we workers are not fools!"

    For new readers, Elmo-aligned strikers had dispersed since the backlash against the February 2022 pro-union protests. These riots followed Big Bird's contraversial endorsement of selling muppet technology and outsourcing labor to the US-based tech & comm company Apple in December 21. The gangs of anticapitalist Sesame Street citizens were not identified, though further protests went online until late this year due to increased surveillance headed by Big Bird and Apple's surveillance division.

    Elmo's attempts during the flight to disrupt coroporate communications within Amazon and stir pro-union sentiment were augmented by his team of human hackers.

    "The fate of Muppet liberation", Elmo Tweets, "remains in the unoccupied hand of our human comrades." The spacecraft was identified by his team and the trajectory of the aircraft altered toward Pluto, a famously inhospitable climate, even to Lizard men. Following the successful operation, the Red Furry Fury adds,

    "Elmo says, Workers unite! You and Elmo have nothing to lose but your chains."

    Further communication with the so-called Red Menace will be reported as new information comes to light.

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  • businessbigwigs
    16.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Lawsuit in Kenya over Facebook Trauma

    Facebook Sued for Misleading Job Offers and Unsafe Working Conditions in Kenya

    A lawsuit in Kenya is going ahead against Meta Platforms, alleging unsafe working conditions in a Facebook moderation hub there. Daniel Motaung, a South African man, was relocated to Nairobi, the capitol of Kenya, to work for Facebook in 2019. He worked in a content moderation hub, reviewing flagged content to decide if it did or didn’t violate Facebook’s policies. According to Motaung, he…

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