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  • strelles-universe
    27.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    Starclan actually being nice?! The shock!

    StarClan not being Holier than Thou buttholes? In my warrior cat fics? It's more likely than you think.

    In all seriousness, StarClan itself has much less power than in canon and really they can only report prophecies. They have no idea where they come from, what they mean, who all is implicated etc. They have as much knowledge as the living cats and don't get big heads because of it.

    #strelles meta#worldbuilding#warrior cats#erin hunter#fanfiction#fanfic #warrior cats fanfic #erin hunter warriors #the forest clans #the cats of strelles
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  • novaceresart
    27.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    Staple foods in Theberon range widely by region, with each of the three areas (and races within) having distinctly separate resources, preparation techniques, and day-to-day habits.

    A good example is the northwestern region of the magic lands: lacking a single proper town of any variety, this area relies on its primary export being scrap metal and fish. Thus, most denizens of this area are scavengers or fishermen, and day-to-day habits include a relatively active lifestyle, dissuading from complex eating and preparation techniques. A very common staple food is thus fermented fish (stored in ice shelves and beneath the snow), which is then gutted, stuffed with a variety of scavenged fungal matter, marine plant life, and animal fat, and thawed. If available, scavengers may supplement this meal with foraged tubers, berries, or dried strips of marine plant life.

    Other regions have developed a separate way of coping with the rigid seasons of the magic lands. The nomadic stag beetle families of the West have passed down a technique that accommodates the strict seasons: by breeding large colonies of isopods, the beetles are able to drift between the lands, raising and feeding the isopods off the land. While the isopods may be harvested for meat, that is usually reserved for the smaller "feeder" variety, which are no bigger than the forearm, as larger isopods are usually bred as specialized mounts. These smaller isopods are typically roasted shell-on, with the meat being rather bland. This contributes to a heavy emphasis on spices, particularly seen in larger stag beetle families, were handmade "spice boxes" are crafted and gifted as a farewell gift to leaving beetles. This meal is often supplemented with other natural items, ranging from fruit to tubers found in respective regions, and may be stuffed prior to roasting to form a natural stew.

    Further East, cultivated land becomes more prevalent, with the staple meal being a mixture of seasonal crops. However, the most common year-round meal consists of roasted and scraped avvakama (meat-like melons), eggs, and traditionally produced cottage cheese. This is prepared in a single pot or bowl, and based on season, can include anything from thinly-sliced sweet vegetable hearts to freshly hunted meat or imported fish.

    Anyone attempting to live further east is subjected to the immense heat of Traburna, an artificial mechanically-inhabited desert. Thus, the only foods usually consist of cured meats, typically isopods and crustaceans due to its close proximity to the sulphuric ridge. Agriculture is extremely minimal, and the only source of grown plants exists in the central city, Oziear-A91. Here, crops are only traded for extremely high amounts of scrap or parts, and thus cannot be considered part of staple foods. This results in various issues plaguing anyone who attempts to enter the area, often resulting in a low population and high amounts of travelers and scavengers.

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  • kaykay-13
    27.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    Old money vs new money but new money is honestly more corrupt than whatever the old moneys ways were?

    ooooooo do elaborate!!! my OG plan was that New Money was inexperienced and lacked the political power that Old Money had, but reasoned that power could have been bought by money regardless……… so i wasn’t too sure if i should continue on with that idea……..

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  • kaykay-13
    27.05.2022 - 38 minutes ago

    "Severely lacking" *has the kingdom's geography and culture planned down to a tee*

    This is going to be incredible 😭

    NOT A TEE YET…… i was going crazy trying to figure out if having mountainous regions next to the sea was Possible…….. and then i wanted this to be seasonal too, and then had to find the right climate for this god forsaken country……..

    a-ahem anyway……. i was trying to figure out if i should just do the Old Money VS New Money thing……. the aristocrats VS the commoners who suddenly got rich due to the newly opened trade route…………… feels kinda iffy……………

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  • kaykay-13
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Go ahead and world build at us :)

    okay,,,,, hehe

    s-so i'm gonna call this empire LUCADON (lew-sa-don). and there's a few notes of the empire itself listed down below


    mostly landlocked, with a small area reaching the seas on the west-side of the nation

    the gongsun duchy occupies this area

    other areas are mountainous, severing as a double-edged sword

    while it is hard for other nations to attack in the event of war, the nation is very isolated

    there are a three major trading routes, one being the ports, and two cutting through the mountains.

    the hua viscounty occupies one of the routes, having newly opened it up. their sudden influx of wealth from this route has caused their status to skyrocket from that of a commoner standing to aristocratic

    the ma march occupies the other route. they have a long standing feud against the gongsun duchy in the struggle to gain economic power, and have been kept in balance for a long time.

    the hua viscounty flipped the playing field, shattering the precarious balance that had been established for the last few centuries

    capital is location off-centre, leaning to the west. near beaches, closer to the ports for access to fresher goods.

    has a very dry climate, often having mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers.

    agricultural potential is hampered by poor soil, inadequate levels of precipitation. however, some plants are able to be grown

    corn, wheat, barley, peaches, tomatoes, cotton (clothing), olives, grapes (to a certain extent), melons (to a certain extent), potatoes (to a certain extent), oranges (to a certain extent), sugarcane (to a small extent)

    sugar is a luxury good

    animals reared for consumption:

    sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, chickens, fish

    seafood are a luxury food


    a british-empire ranking system, could possibly be the victorian era since i’m quite well versed in the culture there

    patriarchal society

    i think that dark colours should symbolise the power of the families. i’m fucking genius. OMG BECAUSE DYES ARE HARD TO COME BY AND GET THEM STUCK TO CLOTH. SO DARKER COLOURS = WEALTHIER. fuck my obscure knowledge is coming in again.

    religious. yearly rituals during the summer/winter solstice. sacrifices are commonplace, be it through physical things or personal sacrifices

    the blood of god flows through the emperor/reincarnation of the god — varies from telling to telling. agreed consensus is that god has allowed the imperial family to remain in power

    temples are commonplace to pay respects + house the dead (pay respects to our ancestors)

    no centralised church — no power struggle between religion and imperial family

    that's what i have so far but!! it's still severely lacking as i haven't quite established the political climate yet >:3 neither have i truly fleshed out the characters............. if anyone was wondering i have this exact sheet for werewolf fic too *falls forwards and lands on my face*

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  • pastelispunx
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Yes I am aware I am a textile nerd. But I'm frothing at the mouth to learn more about how textiles are created and the culture around it for Star Wars.

    Like I know we mostly see Tatooine clothes by and large. But there are others! Even if you look at the just the outfits worn by Jedi and sith and every day background characters it all is definitely handmade and of various naturalish looking materials.

    All I'm saying is this is ripe for a bit of world building. Include weavers or knitters or sewers or any kind of fiber artist in the background! I'd love to see it! Pls!!

    Like, can't run around naked constantly. Tell me about textiles! We hear about foodways and the midrim planets being the bread bowls of the empire/republic but never about those who literally make something as ubiquitous as the clothes on our favorite characters backs!

    #textiles#star wars#worldbuilding #pls i beg #mainly bc id love to see a force sensitive weaver or knitter
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  • mysteryfleshpit
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Billboards outside Gumption, TX.

    #mystery flesh pit #found objects#unreality#worldbuilding#horror#horror worldbuilding#cosmic horror #mystery flesh pit national park
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  • candyradium
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    exu calamity update. i finished the episode. holy fuck

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  • mmdaylight
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Development log #1: Hello!

    Hey everybody, I'd like to once again welcome you to Majora's Mask: Daylight, a fanmade project that extends the world of Majora's Mask! The goal of the project is to provide fans with more Majora's Mask content since a future game within the realm of Termina is extremely unlikely. As an artist and writer myself, I am also hoping to use this project to improve my art, writing, and world building skills.

    Because of how heavy the task of expanding the complete Majora's Mask universe is, I have decided to give you some fun developmental updates from now on! To start, here is some information:

    I have the majority of the characters and locations drafted in terms of how they function in the future. My goal currently is to post all the basic characters and locations and then revise them all if needed once I am done. I am basically trying to lay out the information and I want to go from there.

    I do have a few item and mask ideas as well, which I may post periodically in between bombers notebook posts.

    After it is all said and done and the bombers notebook is complete(ish), I may start posting short stories, quest information and things like that. However, due to the sheer amount of characters and underlying story Majora's Mask has, I am assuming it will take a while before I get to that point.

    I am thinking about opening up an ask section as well, because I want you guys to be able to get answers about the lore that you want. Ask section is open, click contact on the navigation tab!

    Also I am going to be signing any and all official artwork edits no matter how small. This is not because I think they are up to par with the original or a masterpiece but rather some of the edits are very small and I do not want people to mistake them as official. In saying that, id also like to reiterate I plan to redraw some of the artwork and edits that will be presented, I just want to lay out the information.

    If any of you notice any odd inconsistencies or information relating to the original game that is incorrect please let me know! I am trying my hardest to make this all flow consistently and to be accurate to the characters, but I am human and may have made a mistake!

    This extended universe functions on the idea that Termina is a real place, however, whether that be in another dimension or astral plane is up to interpretation. It is worth noting that the theory of Link being dead within Majora's Mask simply just doesn't work within this universe. What exactly happened to the Hero of Termina?

    Only time will tell.

    #majoras mask #majoras mask daylight #zelda #the legend of zelda #concept#worldbuilding#update
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  • fanaticismrestrained
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Homestuck fans either are indifferent to the clowns, think too much (affectionately) about the clowns, or actively shun the clowns.

    #I shun them personally. #Not like. The characters specifically. But the general clown cult concept. #Mainly because I just do not like them very much. #However everyone who is really into it has some really incredible worldbuilding ideas. #Even if I don't necessarily agree with them.
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  • 444names
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    the entire article about famae saf on wikipedia + the entire neo-sindarin vocabulary

    Acavell Achass Achund Acrionad Adoch Aereep Aethol Agearn Agoil Airtst Alverie Amlith Andedrens Anlarwary Annar Annele Annellop Aremerank Arouble Arros Astardow Athful Athron Aubjew Awyerf Balding Baleamod Banced Barth Bastale Baught Becit Bedhost Beling Beraing Bilhang Bleamp Boweling Brascrity Bration Bravannad Breas Brificy Brishalte Bublence Buragate Busing Buted Cadyn Caebested Caker Calig Calighty Calink Calthinte Camaen Cangleig Cannigus Canon Caperyav Carump Caurn Cautashe Cauttest Chaday Chung Clearmed Clend Clith Cluse Commorma Conod Copecut Cotte Cound Counk Crock Currucha Cused Dableing Dagerinew Dardel Degnang Deregol Deruidy Dessin Destart Destinnal Destol Dibing Dikersui Dimpate Dinift Dirialin Disfift Disixen Dollsty Dorthaw Dover Drenceru Drilk Droada Dronthan Duich Dward Dweda Dýgazel Edise Edishose Ednelly Ednepill Ejeren Elativen Eling Emble Emesteed Enisseing Ennead Equaleg Esive Evnuilin Excia Exclus Exthed Fachia Failed Faltev Famense Fashiont Fater Fatherth Fawanady Feran Ferinnot Fersome Fieleing Filphy Fingrod Floweel Flustur Foiloary Fords Fornaet Foron Forrad Forted Foweg Freele Frong Frougs Fureive Furly Gadorrosg Gainoth Garvil Gawas Gicoicet Gilwier Gings Glash Glenc Gless Glion Goappenn Golle Gorst Govalay Gowls Grady Grame Grant Grast Grath Greateg Grenespe Grennas Grestaid Gromper Grose Guakilly Guarn Guarthui Gulde Gwaing Gwalve Gwansta Gwarfuld Gwarodrel Gweafals Gwishil Hanne Hanoy Hareas Hastang Havred Heactil Heing Hemas Hendows Hipbunse Hiped Hirch Hograud Hoodynx Hooth Horaunder Hostamped Hught Hwarn Híras Inagol Indow Indrant Innarf Intor Ishen Istatian Itiven Jagence Jants Jewen Jokey Kediffich Knoung Lackerout Lanaducep Laraunt Lathor Lefensm Lhight Lhilgil Lhined Linge Lintray Lisext Listrath Lithark Livaeb Lizaribit Lodrest Loell Logrinu Lonflour Lopen Lucirt Maggy Mainna Malas Manch Mannary Mannated Mannathid Mannowedh Marsarb Meaderu Mediant Merathan Mercha Mindamoon Mishige Mitha Mostal Mould Muigh Muitui Munse Míninim Nadaff Nader Naggyth Nakininen Nationy Necketha Nelarnat Nenthress Nessixedh Nestrui Nisilant Nobare Nodne Nordwe Odain Odnessul Oetol Orthal Osmation Ostaurach Othainna Otiove Otpru Otres Ottleth Outeethra Ovent Padogares Paent Paerch Palanui Pastab Pects Peloged Penew Phanch Phelf Pisome Pistarn Poothlia Postal Postoring Preen Prescle Pring Prooth Proug Puffirru Puilin Pullanc Punnos Purgill Queery Rachepte Radjumboy Raetele Rainets Ralveth Ratiderog Readwoon Redionna Redirthap Reffort Reirst Reple Rhúlaser Richelu Rigovow Rocaph Rokenwil Rolop Rucalail Sabent Saery Sallindib Sannette Scarre Scorty Scrowlset Sephre Shencess Sheraing Shily Shuned Sickong Siddy Sigild Siging Sigobwead Siress Slablê Slavea Slothered Smaked Smort Socalad Solleard Sontent Sormerch Sorria Spaeg Spign Splind Spoorst Spothosm Spuff Stairs Stannodod Stoble Stres Strim Suithin Suret Swarel Swelin Swindui Sîdhr Taeth Tallach Tased Taten Tathrect Teann Teress Thaba Thabyeth Thatealt Theet Thenc Therics Thiad Thight Thirwaer Thried Thron Tionth Tiper Toopgay Toost Torcha Torring Towederay Traise Trathir Trepark Tricalk Trisaf Trubmadh Truing Tumper Tustird Tweadgic Twiss Unterch Upecked Vaill Vasocion Vingarry Vorougmed Wacenthad Waelender Wainct Wathad Wedrathia Weint Welch Weryn Wiriddoun Wistler Woutheass Wraeg Wring Wriss Yessaew Yougle Îdhrowlse Îdhug

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  • 444names
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    satellite galaxies of the milky way + top 100 most beautiful english words according to justenglish.me

    Ablia Abucce Abyriasago Adessagulf Affecomages Aftecon Aftecozy Allisisit Alook Ambul Amoint Anaïvercark Aquala Aquat Arberiase Argetus Aring Asagnion Ateco Ations Ative Banceappy Banossa Beamonsen Beappenthal Bearth Beartherace Becenceive Becesile Becionord Becozy Begast Begiflum Begones Begrus Beral Bether Betile Beturus Bleous Bliap Bloquer Bript Brium Bubblim Bucce Buehance Buethe Bulla Bundents Buntinum Bunut Cartheance Cater Cateresser Catindial Cativelager Catte Cespottere Chort Clicynon Clity Collany Comajory Comant Comatagon Comeadownce Comearina Comelic Cominglicks Comirrhic Compity Conessam Conquillice Cotinour Crear Danessances Dectabolum Dectight Degook Degres Denchat Dencoman Dereterr Dering Desce Desser Destial Diatink Dinde Dindegrable Dinguera Dipientness Dippery Discentio Discrative Disun Dolis Dowarat Dratic Drattravy Dwafter Dwargo Dwave Dwaved Eager Earlart Earthus Eaved Ebeci Ebegiap Effle Elienax Emble Emblence Emesuathus Ention Eptorial Eptual Estwilee Etery Ethhor Etioucompse Etuous Evantan Evocank Evocato Exhal Exiblion Extagrank Fecenisping Fersung Fervery Fetion Filearge Finnal Flang Flescetch Flook Floon Flowfurien Flowncip Flucovery Focalook Focanich Forallaring Frace Fracends Fraciantory Frant Fravy Fropoiet Frovel Fulater Fulutuouing Furstor Furth Gactor Gasanixirr Gastacon Gastragely Glanus Glivir Gragning Grell Grurcesegue Gulcy Gulptoyanci Guork Haden Halacklina Halam Hance Harental Hausistrip Hauture Headowearat Heant Hearet Hingal Hisue Hores Horicescity Hydrally Hydratace Imbly Imely Iment Imping Imple Inder Inessexible Influxure Ingue Inguor Iningarge Inity Inkning Innsolete Intnew Irreetery Jadmince Jadmins Jorrove Joyfugge Joyfuting Kimbreve Kinge Knion Laginst Lagity Lagnind Lagraces Laguen Lapple Laraci Larly Lation Lemple Lentorator Lextagulf Licato Lichemured Lifleoushor Lillapple Linderan Liter Living Logiasser Lossesse Lotia Loves Lovocans Luggifle Lugging Lumme Lummelient Luounsemly Luoushileo Lution Luxurople Magithery Maglagnia Majorius Majoyance Mallancean Manchaut Manitype Manoratight Manus Mation Melip Mellma Meriallarts Metuousunt Moidal Moide Moiet Moing Mosus Mounger Movern Murces Murrocaterr Murrourity Mususce Napharion Neame Nespe Nonful Noren Offle Oftesce Onqualf Opharbegres Ophauty Opidal Opotions Oppyrial Orelivir Ovelly Palist Panextan Panioung Paripant Parius Patoriant Peecitter Peeth Pegistring Pegue Peral Phorr Pidal Piend Pithery Plean Plent Plenusion Plexhaus Poidemy Poinguent Prehanciant Prety Procateci Progle Prophat Prophemouer Proue Prouing Prove Pyricully Quange Quart Quates Quatilet Queme Quinchar Quing Racks Ratio Ration Redow Reece Reent Remeting Rencozy Rention Resnemel Reved Ridance Ridetudeses Rinten Ripip Riushanaïve Rubbin Rured Rusquan Scion Sculf Secon Seepingénus Seetchala Segon Sence Sention Sersa Sessen Setingulut Setudde Shinative Shing Sible Sibleank Skinal Slinge Slinkly Slion Slitor Slutit Sluxuroud Smanstion Smeravere Soldinges Souilet Soundiniass Souser Sousque Sousure Spent Sphor Sphorina Spicat Spines Spoting Spotivera Stend Sting Stive Stwee Suareention Suenax Suggelly Sumpith Sumpsentnes Sunus Surabyrrhic Surearian Sured Sureturent Suripidegue Suriving Surmus Surroing Sustrage Sweargon Sweeptio Sylvanich Sylvant Sylvar Thanutter Thearbinon Thilmy Thinia Thusuances Tican Tilte Tinding Tious Towaffere Treare Tricity Tucce Twher Twishory Uncals Unded Undiand Unsegulenus Vance Vances Vaning Vanuempiete Varbin Vinnsyllmy Virge Warioue Warip Wavinew Wavir Weark Wernacks Whicat Whilliss Whing Whingulce Wileadowful Wistorailly Withe Woeiangat Womathust Wominon Woripal Yoneades

    + a shorter names version

    Affelim Affettiap Affing Affshing Afteratty Afterint Afterning Afturch Airgo Alcent Allace Altern Analare Ancity Aqual Aqualoria Aquasa Arichall Armursa Asambing Atilutuor Ation Atorbery Banood Bansylle Beambre Bearf Bearlien Bearts Becia Becovely Becozy Becrent Begook Belisint Bleiany Bleives Bleme Bletion Blisus Blotice Blove Brial Bridans Broble Bubblove Bucon Bully Bulumble Bution Butty Buturce Byrrook Cance Cariction Catecents Catine Cating Cation Cesumpser Cheaurow Cliaphat Clietus Clike Clish Collary Comal Comate Coming Comingule Comint Compity Comple Coverly Cractory Cynousce Dalcent Decozy Decrive Deeption Deething Degar Degatern Deloglia Dended Derial Derive Desuccet Desugges Desus Dethre Dingulcy Diphilete Dirre Disude Doldis Dologince Domer Doweaky Drace Draing Dware Dwavy Ealce Earge Eausci Ebery Ebution Effla Eleive Elial Elicenity Elictive Elinst Elintage Ellio Elove Emelity Emound Emplisce Emsper Ephan Epince Eping Ercul Eroting Errium Essage Fethal Fetrage Flent Flood Flotious Floun Flouting Focate Focation Focato Foralood Forickly Forinesse Forther Fragnix Frending Frent Frocandes Frogle Fropless Frounnax Fulagnice Fution Gactario Gamea Gassne Gasul Gated Gialovery Glence Glication Gulcent Hantlis Haresibly Haring Hatte Hernice Hifter Hisia Hisurusem Hoeive Horent Hydrace Hydraci Imbropul Inactits Indial Ingesus Ingle Inglis Inguous Inklio Innitort Inque Insto Intaust Intine Intionful Irroing Jadminal Jadoming Joyana Kimblous Kipple Kniculum Kninge Lable Lablier Lagracion Lagulpto Lanith Lappe Larlarlap Lassilmy Lastor Laterave Latery Latormure Lendial Lends Letchisis Licathint Licattra Lieffinle Liefugace Lient Limbleous Linqual Linsyll Liscent Lisugge Lixibly Lixir Loquarts Lurion Lurmirr Luttrity Magule Majorth Majoyance Mance Manceiate Manch Matic Matile Mating Mearting Melowful Mesuans Meterea Moiecomir Moiery Moing Molum Monce Mouill Mouscon Moved Moveres Muree Mures Muroud Mursugal Mururing Nable Nappred Nessenna Nessing Ninceisme Nismage Nitus Norial Onfut Opidal Orbet Ovelisicy Ovely Pally Panesset Paning Pannit Parchory Parly Partilut Pegis Pends Penitoyan Peride Phiscre Pients Pienuset Piera Pithe Plimptory Poeber Poeism Poiece Poinds Poinescre Proble Proge Proidalce Proieffsh Proution Quete Quile Quitheard Ragnial Ratives Redow Reemblen Regul Reguor Rehineart Relion Relisung Rembing Retived Revara Revere Riambral Ricia Rient Rione Rivel Rubbleive Rurming Rusunduse Sagracip Scethus Sectittio Segulf Semery Senap Sencion Senous Senus Sesce Sessous Setheravy Sexhaning Shiless Shorance Shork Shory Shydrace Shydrus Sibla Sibleap Siltor Sinflete Siouder Sisus Skimpina Skines Sking Slearis Sletheant Sletion Slichal Slier Slike Slimbra Sloqually Slosung Sloust Slovell Sluxure Smantar Snesus Soffet Soldisity Somatio Somirate Sompt Soring Sorion Soundes Spasa Spent Speterve Sphaning Sphemove Sphence Sphisus Spidedow Spoeive Spoidalf Stant Stici Still String Suckly Suddegule Sudece Sumbra Suncen Surobleme Suscenon Sustwerce Susuant Syllate Sylling Syllist Sylvanoon There Tholus Tinind Tionook Tioundul Tivent Toges Traglace Trago Trelow Trinch Umply Undis Unguery Unnable Unnial Untioure Urept Urius Urthe Urthus Vanax Vantive Varthe Venourre Vescit Vinnace Visce Visting Waffinvir Warge Wargo Wavittion Weeme Weenomes Werair Wheana Whery Whiche Whistaus Witus Womirgo Worace Woring Worthrea Wrial Wrinaïve Wringe Youcat Yource Yourich

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  • localwarlockunion
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I kind of want to DM again if only to have a valid excuse to fill a world up with my little stupid rules. Like a player character will casually wish an NPC "good luck!" and i'll be behind the dm screen shuffling notes, flipping coins, and rolling 6d100 because the party is unknowingly in the territory of a minor luck deity who may (or may not) now intervene on the NPC's behalf, and I'll say "oh sorry, its nothing :)" because either it didn't happen (most likely) or it did but the party wont see the effects of it unless they pass back through there at least a week later. This is fun to me.

    #no time for that though :( #worldbuilding#sort of#post
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  • number-1-fresh-lemon
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Digit, Goddess of Countdowns

    During the creation of Weaver, the Clockman realized that Weaver would need something to measure the threads of time with, and created Digit as an infinite ruler of sorts.

    Digit's centipede-like body stretches from the beginning of the Fabric of Time to the end, making her body infinite and unending. Her many metal legs are entwined with the fabric of time, simultaneously measuring it, and holding it in place.

    Her eyes have the appearance of the segmented display of a digital clock. Her eyes are incredibly reflective, giving the appearance of giving off light. She can see for miles, though her eyes are very sensitive to light, to the point where too much can impair her vision.

    Her body is quite blocky and angular, each segment having the appearance of a steel block. Though, due to the amount of segments, literally being infinite, from a distance, her angular body is hard to notice.

    The digital clock display was inspired by Digit's eyes, along with the name. Her followers believe that time is always limited, and to waste it is blasphemy. To them, she represents the fragility of life and the impermanence of everything.

    At the End of Time, when the Fabric of Time is cut, so is her body, sending her into a blind rage, and makes her way to the crumbling universe to attack everything she sees. During this rage, she will use her extremely long (though no longer infinite) body to banish all light from the universe.

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  • rascheln
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #audio#video #ar tonelico's entire worldbuilding tbh #but yeah having a language that is both running a program and also needs to be sung to create science magic???????? heloow???
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  • ddwcaph-game
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Hello everyone!

    If you haven't been following the @in-auctorem-credimus-if blog, I've been posting a bunch of worldbuilding stuff about Wayne's Story World.

    You might be interested in this post if you're looking forward to some possible fluffy scenes/activities with the crush options 😊

    Anyway, the latest post is about star signs, and I thought it might be fun to share what would the F6E and Patrick's signs would be. There's no big spoilers below but I'll explain some of my worldbuilding process.

    Avian Star Signs

    Wayne: Psittaciform (parrot constellation)

    Roselyna: Sphenisciform (penguin constellation)

    JM & Lily: Passeriform (corvid constellation)

    Brandon/Beatrice: Anseriform (waterfowl constellation)

    Patrick: Passeriform (sparrow constellation)

    If you're not familiar, the constellation names are the taxonomic orders of real birds (also because I'm bad with coming up with names, hehe). Originally I wanted to use bird family names, but there would be too many and it's pretty much impossible to choose just a select few, so I settled with orders instead. I was already using the bird family names as last names for the Avians, anyway.

    Passeriformes is the largest bird order, which means that a lot of birds will fall under this order. That gave me the idea of having uneven time divisions between the signs, unlike the Zodiac.

    Anyway, there's a different number of bird orders depending on the classification you look at, so that also gave me the idea that Avian astrologists have different interpretations of the constellations. The Passeriform "superconstellation" is made up of smaller constellations, hence why JM/Lily and Patrick are under different constellations despite having the same sign.

    I'm not sure if there'll be a choice in DDWCaPH! where you can choose your Avian star sign (since there's a lot and I haven't actually come up with the actual time divisions as that's super unnecessary), but you'll be able to learn more about them and choose what you feel about astrology in general.

    But if you want to assign your twins Avian star signs anyway: pick a bird that symbolizes them the best (or choose an ironic one), and look up which bird order they belong to. This is how I assigned the F6E their signs. The twins can have different signs too, since the signs are based on the time of birth, and they're born five minutes apart.

    Oh, and in case it's not obvious yet, there'll be a few stargazing scenes in the story 😊

    #ddwcaph #in auctorem credimus #worldbuilding #wayne's story world #f6e#bb#patrick
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  • talesofillaros
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    The Flying City

    Magic: From wizards to warlocks, clerics to druids, all magic is practiced and welcome here in equal measure. The Flying City's travels introduce them to all sorts of foreign magic. Their city is even powered by the sorcery of those with elemental or celestial ancestors. The city's magic is centered around the core, a massive, rune-carved opal at the center of the Bridge. The core houses and refines the raw magic given by the city's trained sorcerers into lift, as well as atmospheric control and propulsion when in the vacuum between planes. Sometimes powerful beings will give magic enough to fuel the core for years as payment for some good or service. FC citizens have little qualms about what is essentially warlock magic. To them, magic is magic, and it is everywhere. Between a large portion of the population being outright sorcerers and most of the rest being some other form of mage, as well as magical items being commonplace, it's no wonder FC citizens see magic as just another part of their lives.

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  • brielle-of-the-notions
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I was trying to puzzle out some of my worldbuilding and realised I had forgotten the dragons. Again.

    Never forget the dragons when writing.

    #writing#fantasy world#worldbuilding #I'm always forgeting details if i haven't worked them into the plot yet #not that them being in the plot always makes a difference
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  • portergage
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Fallout Raiders

    That’s all for me, thank you

    #bless them #i could worldbuild about them 24/7
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  • drkroots
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Wolves + Death

    When it comes to death, the is something of a lowkey ceremonial process. When a born wolf dies, they turn into the wolf, which is considered to be their true form and that wolf will be left on a table / bed adorned with flowers, foliage and material trinkets that may have importance to the individual. The body will be left there in for a few days so all that have to can grieve, then the deceased will be buried as is in a hole, no shroud or coverings at all. Wolves believe themselves to be an embodiment of nature, so back to nature they will return.

    The ceremony is pretty much the same for those who die as alphas, but their bodies are left in front of the ceremonial tree and left out for much longer to be grieved and respected by the whole pack, then to have the same sort of burial.

    Upon death, wolves are big believers in reincarnation, but it’s not an instantaneous thing. The main belief is that they get to roam and hunt Anuka’s realms which are ideal environments for wolves, and that they’ll return when nature / the world needs their kind of spirit.

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