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  • sweet-babyrose
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Naps and Snacks (Ona Batlle x Reader)

    When you’d gone into the shower, Ona had been watching the Copa de La Reina semi-finals from the couch, screaming for her national teammates (on both sides).

    But when you’d come out, the tv was off and Ona was nowhere to be found. You both had decided a vacation together was in order and had booked a small getaway to the Portuguese coast for a week. Unfortunately, you both traveled a lot for work and sometimes you went quite a while before seeing each other again.

    Walking around, you didn’t find her inside and decided to look on the patio. You found her sound asleep on the patio daybed. Ona didn’t generally drink much so the whole bottle of wine you’d split before your shower had probably been too much for her. Closing the sliding door as quietly as possible, you walked over to her and laid down next to her. You’d both discovered on your first night that the daybed was the best nap spot for both of you.

    Feeling you next to her, she turned, tucking her head into your neck and dropping her arm around your waist. You turned your head a little, kissing her forehead and wrapped an arm around her, too.

    It was hot out there and you would both be sweating soon from the combination of the heat and being so close to each other but neither of you cared.

    You let Ona nap as long as possible, running your hands through her hair and tracing random patterns against her hip. But when your alarm went off, you knew she’d have to get up soon. She’d made dinner reservations for you at a restaurant she’d been dying to eat at. You knew she’d hate to sleep through it.

    You ran a finger down her cheek, pressing soft kisses against her face. “Mi amor, it’s time to get up.”

    “Five more minutes,” she mumbled, snuggling closer, kissing your neck.

    “I’ll give you three minutes.” She let out a soft snore and you knew she hadn’t heard you. Laughing to yourself, you continued to try to slowly coax her awake with gentle touches and kisses anywhere you could reach. When she continued to sleep through all of it, you slipped out from under her, moving down her body a bit.

    You lifted her shirt, pressing your lips in a line down her stomach.

    “Baby,” she said, tangling her fingers in your hair and lifting her hips towards you.

    “Uh uh uh.” You gave her one more kiss on her hip and sat up. She finally opened her eyes and looked at you with the most adorable ‘why’d you stop?’ face. “I tried to be nice but you just wouldn’t wake up. Come on.” You patted her leg. “I was promised that your outfit tonight was going to leave me speechless. I think it’s about time I see that outfit.”

    “We could just stay here.” She reached for your hand and tried to tug you back down but you didn’t let her.

    “Now where’s the fun in that? Plus you would regret missing this food.”

    “I have all the snacks I need right here,” she said cheekily, gesturing towards you.

    “Wow, vacation Ona is forward, huh.” You grinned at her, playing with her fingers. You were glad to see her happy, though. Ona had been stressed about her trade and moving and she’d been down for a couple months.

    “Vacation Ona just wants you to be naked all the time.”

    “I promise to be naked all night.” Ona’s eyes lit up. “But, I was promised a sexy outfit, so I want to look at a sexy Ona while I eat some overpriced sushi.” You leaned forward on your knees and whispered, “I’ll make it worth your while.”

    Ona jumped up off the daybed and ran inside, nearly tripping on the way.

    “Careful, baby. I don’t want to have to explain to your coach why you’re coming back from vacation injured!”

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  • footygirl114
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Compañeras de equipo (Mapi Leon x Reader)

    “Were a team” prompt is from @grapefruit-personified Hopefully this doesn't distract you from the important needle work you are doing

    Working in an ER was very hard but very rewarding. Doing 24 hour shifts that turned into 30 hours was very hard on you. You loved being able to help people and ensure that anyone who came into your ER felt safe and you knew you could offer them that. It was hard but rewarding work. The worst part was how you missed many games that your love played in. 

    You had met Mapi Leon when you were just finishing up med school. She has been with you through the worst. She knew what she was getting into when you started dating but you cant help but feel like you hold her back. 

    She never made you feel bad for missing games or events, but you always felt like she could do better than someone who couldn’t put her first. Thats why when ever you have the chance you are at every one of her games. It helped that you loved football so having to watch her games was never an issue for you. You knew all her teammates well and loved to watch them succeed. 

    Knowing you couldn’t get out of the double shift for the UWCL final was heartbreaking. Luckily your ER had a tv you could at least have it on to keep up with the score and the game. It started well you watched the first 10 minutes, then a trauma came in and the ER was a mess for the next several hours. You barley had a second to breath before you were pulled in another direction.

    You found out they lost, but didn’t have a chance to get to your phone until a few hours after the game ended. You saw the texts from friends and family in regards to the game, but you only had eyes for the messages from you love. She had told you that the team was having a low key night in to wallow and to call if you had a second. 

    You immediately stepped into the staff room and face timed your love. She picked up and you could see her on a bed with Leila on one shoulder and Alexia leaning on the other shoulder. “Hi baby” you say quietly when you notice Alexia’s eyes were closed. 

    “Hola mi amor, you look tired” she says immediately, you laugh at her worrying about you when she’s the one who needed to be looked after right now. 

    Leila looks over at her screen and sees you and chimes in “Hola Y/N, we missed you today” 

    You had become like a sister to almost everyone of Mapi’s teammates and you were generally the one who was able to keep them calm under stress. Working in an environment like the ER meant you were a calm person and some of the girls seeked that before big games. Leila being one of the players who was like a little sister to you. “Im sorry chica, I couldn’t get out of this double” you respond with a sad smile. 

    “Y/N you never have to apologise for saving lives, please don’t feel guilty” Alexia adds in, she was probably who you would consider your best friend on the team (other than Mapi) and knew that you struggled with not being enough for people. 

    “Hermosa, You didn’t need to see the disaster of the day today was, I’m glad you were doing something meaningful” Mapi chimes in with a small smile. 

    You shake your head knowing there’s no use in arguing “Well are you all doing okay then? I wish I could give you all a hug” you tell them. 

    Mapi looks around the room off camera and says to you “We have each other, were a team and we win as a team and lose as a team. We will come back stronger” 

    Your heart swells for your girl and how much she cares for her team, then your pager goes off on your hip and you know you have to go. “Im sorry, I have to cut this short. Get home safe you guys, I love you all” as you blow them a kiss and sign off. 

    Over the next few days you are barley home, the ER is overrun and short staffed. Mapi has stopped by a few times to drop you off clean clothes, food and coffee. Your heart swells every time she shows up for you. You hated that you missed the Cup semis for them after the loss but you couldn’t get away. 

    When you finally get a chance to leave and get a few days off you are mentally fried. You make it home, and barley have the energy to shower before you pass out. You know Mapi was at training and wouldn’t be home for a few hours. 

    When you wake up a few hours later you are confused but remember you made it home and were not in an on call room. You can hear Mapi moving around and smell some amazing food being cooked. You get up and go to grab a sweater and notice that all your laundry was clean, folded and put away. Mapi must have done it for you, you grab one of her sweaters and head down stairs. 

    In the kitchen she’s prepping your favourite dinner and you burst into tears. She turns immediately  and wraps you in her arms, she tucks you under her chin and rubs your back as you cry it out. 

    When you calm down and pull back from her she reaches up and places her thumbs under your eyes to wipe your tears as says “you’re okay babe I got you” 

    You shake your head and say “You’ve done way too much for me, I couldn’t even be at the biggest game of your career for you” you try to pull away but she doesn’t let you go far. 

    “Hermosa, look at me” she says softly, you look up at her as she grabs your hands “I love you, we are a team you and I, when you need me I am always going to be there for you. Just like when I need you, you will be there for me. That game sucked but I had my other team there for me, the team that I needed to experience that with. You needed to be here, and you needed me here to support you” 

    You shake your head and say to her “You deserve someone who can be there for you all the time, not just when they’re free”

    “babe, listen to me. I do not want someone else, I fell in love with you for you. I love the fact that you are saving lives, and that you are so passionate about what you do. The other day when I was there I saw the way you take care of every single patient, I’m in awe of you and how you have such a big heart. You know how I feel about my team, but this team” she points at you then back to her “is the most important team I am on, I love you and I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else”

    You surge forward and press your lips to hers hard, she responds eagerly and deepens the kiss, you both break apart when the oven timer goes off. Before you let her attend to the food you pull her towards you and say “You are my favourite teammate too, I love you so much”

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  • ta17fcbarca
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    New Signing part I - Alexia Putellas, Aitana Bonmati, Jana Fernandez X Reader

    Prompt: Y/N just joined Barca for the 2022/2023 season signing a three year contract. Y/N is new to the city and returns after a long time away from Spain. (Part I)

    After many rumors, the barca players are told by the president of the club, Joan Laporta, that Y/N would be joining the club, he expressed his wishes for the team to help the settling in process of Y/N. Y/N would be replacing Leila Ouahabi, which would explain why many players would still feel sad in the dressing room, nonetheless, they promised the president they would do their best to make Y/N feel at home.

    A week later Y/N’s signing was made public, even though she would be coming mid pre-season due to some personal problems.

    Y/N starts getting followers like crazy, all the teammates start to follow Y/N and messaging her to welcome her to the club, many of them offer to help her settle in and to take her out on the city to show her around.

    Finally, Y/N arrives in Barcelona, somehow the press knew she would arrive that day and a couple of reporters waited outside the airport to get the first words of the new Fc Barcelona signing.

    “Hello Y/N, how are you feeling? What does it feel like to have signed for a club like Fc Barcelona at such a young age?” Asks a reporter.

    Even though the reporter was very cute and caught your eye, Y/N was asked to not reply to any media until the club had a chance to media train her, so she said hello to the reporters but avoided all questions. In the background, you kept hearing questions, but your representative and the Barca security helped you get away from them. You entered the car they had sent for you and started talking to your representative, saying how crazy it was and being all around mesmerized by the city and everything you saw around you.

    When you got to the Ciutat deportiva of Fc Barcelona, a couple of the barca players were waiting there to welcome you to the club.

    “Hello, welcome Y/N to barca. We heard you caught the attention of the media, I hope they didn’t scare you”, smiled Alexia while she welcomed you.

    “What do you mean Lex? Scared Y/N will be the new media star?” Laughed Patri, “Welcome Y/N, over here we are all made of laughs”.

    You chucked at their frantics, “Hello, wow I didn’t expect anybody here” Y/N said while she looked at almost half of the team.

    “Oh this, it’s nothing, wait until you get to the dressing room, we are all here to welcome the new star”, said Aitana while she came in for a hug.

    “Oh hi”, Y/N said surprised.

    “Oh, don’t you steal the first hug Aitana” said Jana as she did her little sprint to steal a hug from you.

    It was then where you saw a couple of players talking quietly to themselves laughing at the little competition that your arrival had started.

    “I see some are developing a new crush here huh” Laughed Mapi while she welcomed you from a safe distance.

    Y/N ignored the subject and followed them to the dressing room. A couple of cameras followed them taking pictures of the first moments of Y/N in Fc Barcelona.

    When they arrived, Y/N was the last to come in and did the go around around the room being mesmerized at the facilities while getting hugs from all the players welcoming her to the team.

    “I know it’s Y/N’s first day so we will do a small training session to welcome her and the ascension of our Barca B players to the team” Said Jona, the Fc Barcelona trainer. “So girls get changed and we will be waiting on all of you on the training ground” He said while walking out with the staff.

    “Oh we are starting already?” Y/N asked surprised.

    “Don’t worry, it’s only a rondo session and maybe some shooting practices” Said Alexia trying to calm you.

    While changing, Y/N noticed that some players were looking discretely at her when she was changing her shirt, Y/N heard how some players were commenting on Y/N’s tattoos so Y/N turned around to see where the comments were coming from. Y/N looked straight in Jana’s and Aitana’s direction, and saw how both their faces started to get red when Y/N looked at them.

    “But we were all on holiday star” Said Patri while looking at you, “How the hell did you keep your six pack that defined during party season” she said while laughing.

    “Oh, I didn’t really go on holiday.” Y/N said and when she noticed some sad faces she mumbled “I just had some unfinished projects back at home and wanted to finish them before coming here”

    “So that’s why you were the last to arrive” joked Ingrid.

    “Don’t laugh too much that last year you came in pretty late too” said Aitana when she tried to defend you.

    Mapi was having none of it and stirred up a quick reply “Aita, at least try to hide it no?” mentioning the crush Aitana had developed.

    The dressing room started some small frantics while Y/N kept ignoring the situation.

    “Well girls, it’s time to get back to business no?” Said Alexia while making her way to the door.

    “Oh there you go, taking all the fun” Said Patri half singing it as if it were Alexia’s new theme song “Or are you trying to hide your interest?” she mumbled so only Alexia would hear.

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  • footygirl114
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Desafío (Leah Williamson x Reader)

    For this prompt “you're not obligated to do this, you know.”

    The best part about playing in England was being able to watch some amazing football games in every city you were in. You loved the atmospheres that the big stadiums had for the mens games. You couldn’t wait until you could play infront of those sized crowds, but for now you went to as many mens games as you could. 

    Playing for Arsenal meant that you were able to go to a lot of big games for the mens sides at the Emirates. You loved it, and it helped that you had started dating Leah who also loved to got to any games she could. It was a typical date night activity for you. 

    You had met the England captain when you signed with Arsenal, she was the first person who greeted you at the training facility. You found out you both loved a lot of the same music and tv shows. It took a couple weeks of dancing around your feelings before she finally pulled you aside and asked you out, you of course agreed eagerly. The rest was history. 

    It wasn’t always easy, since you were from Spain, you often went home for breaks and international training camps. You both knew you what you wanted and were willing to work on yourselves as individuals so that you could be a better couple. Your love for each other never wavered, and it always made coming home to her so much sweeter. 

    The one good thing about the Euros being in England this summer was you would get to be around your love more. The downside of them being in England whilst you were playing in England was all the hype around the Lionesses. There was constant media attention bad mouthing you and your Spanish team-mates and you always got annoyed. 

    Leah had taken to not letting you on your social media at night because you would get sucked into the vortex of how terrible you were, and how your teammates are all overrated. It sucked but it also grew your fire to win, you were both very competitive people and worked hard to keep it out of your relationship. 

    You were so proud of her to be named captain, but the obligations she has now took her away from you when you already had little time with her. You often took to tagging along to events with her just to spend time with your love. 

    It leads you to tonight, you were tagging along with her as she was invited to an England Mens national team friendly. They were highlighting the euros at halftime and wanted the captain to be there and be involved. 

    You loved the game and the atmosphere so figured why not tag along, you’d get to see your girl shine and watch some good footy. You both settled into your seats and had a great view of the stadium from where you were sat, you both loved to analyse the game and spent the first 30 minutes in heated discussions about the game and plays. 

    At the 35 minute mark a representative of the national team came to grab Leah for the halftime show, they were going to be doing a shooting contest and wanted her to be the offical for the fans. When the representative noticed who she was with, she asked if you wanted to be involved too. You figured why not so you joined in. 

    They asked you to join the competition as a star player, you agreed, and they warned you they were going to play you as the enemy so you would be boo’d. You loved the game, and knew this would bring attention to the euros so you agreed. 

    There was a few minutes before half and you were both near the tunnel waiting for your sign, when Leah grabbed your hand and pulled you around the corner. “Love, I know you think you have to do this but you’re not obligated to do this, you know.”

    You placed your hand on her cheek and squeezed her other hand with yours and tell her “Hermosa, I know I don’t have to do this, but I want to, I know how much attention it can draw to the games”

    She shakes her head and turns her head to press a kiss on your palm she looks back at you and says “you are amazing you know” 

    You pull her into you at that and wrap her in your arms, you press a kiss to her temple as you whisper to her “Too bad you aren’t participating, so I can kick your ass” 

    She laughs and pushes you away and says “It’s on, Im going to tell them we will go head to head at the end now.” you can see the competitiveness ignite in her eyes. 

    “Bring it babe, you know I can outshoot you in my sleep, since I am a goal scorer. You just stop goals” You taunt her a bit knowing she loves it. 

    She looks at you offended and says “Oh this is happening, loser has to do the chores for the next 2 weeks” She hates to do chores, and you do them all for her at home anyway. 

    “Not fair, I do them anyway. Winner gets to top for the next 2 weeks” You counter with a wink. 

    She laughs and turns to head towards the tunnel as she passes by you she whispers “I hope you like the view from below me” as she smacks your ass and heads up to talk to the organiser. 

    You shake your head as you stare after her, you cant wait for the end result either way. The competitive nature in you won’t let her win though. 

    They start with the kids shooting competition and with a few minutes left they announce they have a treat for the crowd. You knew this was your cue. You head out onto the field with a wave to the crowd as the announcer introduces you “We have Y/N YL/N, Striker for Arsenal and the Spanish national team.” 

    You get over to where Leah is ready with the balls and the announcer. You wink at her and offer her a double high five. She reciprocates and leans into your ear and says “you are going down, in more ways than one” she pulls back with a wink. 

    “Okay! Leah and Y/N will both be playing this summer right here in the Women’s European Championship! We are going to highlight how amazing the football will be with a friendly competition. Penalty Kicks, each player will get 3 kicks then will go head to head if needed. Leah you are up first.” The announcer tells the crowd. 

    Leah Buries one in the back of the net and the crowd goes wild for her. You step up next and feel the sense of calm you feel on the field set in. You also bury your kick in the side netting, the crowd boos for you. The next 2 shots both go the same way, cheering for Leah, and booing for you. 

    On shot number 4 the announcer says “Too easy for the professionals with no goalie, so we will switch to a cross bar challenge” The crowd loses it and Leah looks at you and smirks. She knows she has this in the bag, you hate the crossbar challenge, you never win at training. You spent your games avoiding the crossbar not hitting it. 

    Leah nails the cross bar right in the centre on her kick. As you step up the crowd is booing at you and you decide that you are going to give them this one, but put on a show. You make a show of the run up, stutter step, then chip the ball into the net, no way you were missing an empty goal. The crowd goes wild as the announcers says “There you have it folks, your lioness captain Leah Williamson is the winner of this challenge! Lets continue the support this summer at the Euros!” 

    You follow Leah off the field and into the tunnel, as you turn to head back to your seats, she grabs your hand and yanks you into a quiet room. She presses you back against the door and presses her body into yours as she kisses you deeply. 

    After a few moments she pulls back and says “I love you Y/N, thank you for doing that for me” 

    “I had fun, I’m sure I won’t hear the end of it from my teammates but you are worth it babe, I love you too” you tell her and press your lips back to hers. 

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  • footygirl114
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Casa (Aitana Bonmati x Reader)

    This one is based on “I’ll be right here by your side” from @cneasai who's been wanting an Aitana fic for awhile 

    The only good thing about not making it out of the champions league group stage is that you were able to travel and watch the rest of your girlfriends games, when they didn’t conflict with your league games. 

    You had met Aitana years ago when you both played for the Barcelona B team. She had got signed on to the main squad, and you had ended up signing with Hoffenheim. It was tough being in a different country than your girlfriend, but you were from Spain and your family was there. You spent holidays and breaks back in Barcelona, you saw her a lot during those times. 

    You even helped her pick out her apartment in Barcelona, and pay a small bit of the rent so that you can live there when you come home. For all intents and purposes Barcelona was your home, more so she was your home. You always knew in your heart you would end up back with your love. 

    Watching the team cruise to the final was amazing, the hiccup in Wolfsburg being the only downside. The team was resilient and you knew they would be amazing. 

    Thats why watching them lose that final broke your heart. You knew a lot of players from your Barcelona days, but also from spending time with them when you were back for breaks. You couldn’t bear to watch any of them being so upset, but the fact that you were stuck in the stands while your love and her family were crushed on the field sparked something in you. You made the decision right then and there, that you would not be watching them from the stands anymore. 

    The following summer was one of the hardest ones of your life, keeping the fact that you were pushing to come back to Barca a secret was so difficult. It worked out in your favour, as much as it hurt the team that Leila was leaving, you were a left back, and she made your chance to come back a lot easier. 

    After a lot of begging and pleading, your agent finally convinced the Barca management to bring you back. There were a few conditions and you may not be making the same money but you knew at the end of the day being back home with your love was worth it. 

    Wanting the news to be a surprise, you reached out to Alexia to help you. You knew the captain could be trusted, but also you knew she would do anything to help the team overcome the defeat in the final. She never outright said it but she knows the team needs some better wingers to help with crossing, and you had wicked speed and a lethal left foot for crosses. 

    The whole off season, you could tell the defeat weighed heavy on a lot of their minds. The team spent a lot of time together, you could tell they needed each other and that they would be the best people to get each other back on track. It was nice that they included you in a lot of it, they didn’t know you signed with them but you knew it was the right fit. 

    The first day of training was always fitness training, Alexia organised it so that you would be able to do your testing with her prior to the team coming in so that your surprise wasn’t ruined. While the team was getting testing done you were working hard on your surprise on the field for when they were done training. 

    When the team came out of testing they were all so shocked to see the surprise. You had got the local animal shelter to come out and bring all the puppies they had to the field, you knew all the girls had a soft spot for them. 

    The squeals and laughter were enough to warm your heart. You knew that having this memory be one they could hold on to for the season and it was amazing to see. You were standing off on the side (dressed in Barca training gear they hadn’t noticed that with the puppies) when Aitana walked over to you. 

    “Hermosa, this is amazing, I cant believe you would do something like this for us” she said to you with a small smile, she was standing beside you and you couldn’t help but to reach out and wrap your arm around her waist and smile down at her. 

    “I would do anything to see you smile love” you tell her and press a kiss to her temple. 

    She turns to you and says “Anything?” with a smirk

    You laugh and shake your head and reply “get your head out of the gutter” 

    She laughs at you and then looks at you with a confused expression “Why are you in Barca gear babe?”

    You smile at her and say “Well I have to match my team right?” 

    She shakes her head and replies “I think you may have hit your head this morning” 

    “No, babe, I did this because I want MY team to have a happy memory to hold on to for the start of the season. Not the sour note the last season ended with. Think of is as my first offical act of being a good teammate” you tell her with a small smile, your still nervous cause you aren’t sure she will want you on her team after all. 

    She freezes and looks at you and asks “are you serious?”

    “I am, but now I’m thinking I shouldn’t have kept it as a surprise. Im sorry babe, I can see if I can go get them to reverse-“ you don’t get to finish as she has surged forward and pressed her lips to yours in a deep kiss. 

    She breaks the kiss when she hears her teammate hooting and hollering behind you. She looks up at you and says “I cant believe this, I am so happy you won’t have to leave me again” 

    “I love you Aitana and I will always be right here, by your side ” you tell her. 

    “I love you too hermosa” she replies to you as she pulls you into her arms. 

    You feel the rest of the team come up and wrap you both in a group hug and everyone shouting that they love us too. You are so happy this is your new team. 

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  • thebrain97
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    maybe a Lia Wälti one

    #arsenal wfc imagines #lia walti imagine #woso x reader #lia walti x reader
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  • vrsvivendi
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    A la finaaal 💙❤️⚔️

    📸 Aitana on Twitter

    The final will take place on Sunday 29.05 11:30

    Now could someone explain this time to me????? I have my own match a hour later so I can’t watch it… again 😭😭😭

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  • nathco05
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    6/6 partidos ganar contra los blancos esta temporada 🤭

    #fc barcelona femeni #fcb femení#fcb femeni#futból#sports #copa de la reina #futfem#woso
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  • wosonobbs8
    25.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Even Viv is getting in on the banter 🤣

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  • onlyhereforthestories
    25.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    We Both Win In The End (Alexia Putellas x Reader)

    So i wanted to write this after the final but thinking about Ale crying was still a little too much. In honour of game day I wrote it today in hopes for some reverse karma. I hope you enjoy

    Today was a day you were both excited about and dreading. You had been working towards this goal for the last 2 years and today was the day you finally got the chance to prove how far you had come. You were part of the Wolfsburg team that lost in the final to your current team 2 years previously and you never wanted to go through heart ache like that again. Lyon picked you up right after that final but you lost out to PSG in the quarter finals, you had played the first leg but missed out on the second through injury. So you were excited to have made it all the way this year and you were ready to play in front of the crowd.

    The only reason you were dreading it slightly was the fact that your girlfriend, the best player to ever pull on the Barcelona jersey in your opinion, Alexia Putellas was part of the team you would have to beat in order to reach your dreams. You really didn’t want to crush hers in the process but you knew you would have too.

    You and Alexia met when your Wolfsburg team knocked them out in the semi-finals the year you lost to Lyon. You had been slightly in awe of meeting the woman and it turned out that La Reina of Barcelona took and instant liking to you. She came and watched you lose in that final after which she took you out for your official first date, so that day wasn’t all sad.

    After a few texts with your favourite midfielder you focused in on the game ahead, Carina had already headed down for breakfast so you knew you needed to hurry up. Not being public about your relationship made it hard to communicate properly sometimes.

    When you walked into the room you could feel the mix of nerves and excitement hovering in the air. On one side of the room you had the younger or more outspoken players laughing and enjoying their morning together and on the other side you had the older or the more relaxed players quietly talking and preparing for the game ahead. You being only 23 should have headed to the more lively side but that had never been your scene, so you grabbed your food and went and pulled a chair next to Danielle who had been very supportive of you since she joined.

    “Ready to show those Barca girls what we are made of?” Being a lifelong Barca fan didn’t help in this situation but you were playing for Lyon and you would always give your all to a game. “They might have the bigger fan base but we are still going to fight.” You sent a silent sorry up to your grandad for that one, you promised you were still a massive Barca fan.

    The rest of the morning was a blur. You got the coach over to the stadium, walked the pitch with the team and met the officials, you got your warm up gear on and completed that and now you were in your kit ready to walk out the tunnel. You chanced a look forward and right only to find your favourite brown eyes to be looking back at you. You mouthed a good luck to which she sent you a wink before she turned and walked out.

    You had done it. You had finally done it. Dan was the first to reach you after the final whistle blow, she had you in the air and spinning around. You had actually won the Champions League final. There was only one person you wanted to celebrate with but you knew you couldn’t, you still looked for her anyway.

    After searching the sad faces of the Barca squad and not seeing your girl you pulled away from the celebrations, she had to be here. That when you spotted her, well her body lying on the floor sobs racking through it as she covered her face from the world around her. It was the most heart breaking thing you had even had to witness from afar. All you wanted to do was go over and comfort her but you couldn’t, you weren’t allowed to. You didn’t take your eyes off her until she was standing again, and when your team started to make their way to say their apologies you made sure you went straight to the woman you loved.

    Pulling Alexia into a hug you whispered so only she could hear “Lo siento mi amor, I wish there was another way this could have gone. You will be back and next year I’ll watch you lift this again.” As discreetly as you could you pressed a kiss to the woman’s neck before moving on to commiserate some of the other girls.

    You mood didn’t really pick up after that, you put on a smile and celebrated the trophy lift and got your medal with the Lyon girls but seeing the love of your life that upset just wasn’t what you wanted. In the changing room after the ceremony the girls were deciding what to do about partying and when asked you said you wouldn’t be joining them.

    “What? We just won the champions league and you aren’t coming out to celebrate. Come on y/n even Wendy is coming out.” The girls all laughed at Wendy’s protest to that comment but you were standing firm.

    “I have somewhere else I really need to be, but have a drink for me.” With that you grabbed you bag and left, you could shower later.

    Luckily Alexia had told you the hotel she was staying at and you knew from the fact that you had managed to facetime her the day you got there that she was roomed alone and want to be alone after that game. So you made your way into the hotel and up to the room you had seen on the call.

    The first time you knocked you received no answer but you did here the rustle of a bed cover moving so you knew she was in there. You knocked again and this time you heard your favourite voice, slightly strained and tear filled but still your favourite. “Lo siento, I really want to be alone.”

    Trying to keep your voice down but also not caring too much if her teammates found out you spoke lowly to the door in front of you “It’s me mi amor. Can you let me in before the hated opponent is caught in the Barca hallway por favor.” The door swung open and before you could even look at your girl you were being pulled into the room.

    With the door shut just as you got through it, Alexia nestled her head in the crook of your neck and broke. All you could do was hold her as tight as you could and run your fingers through her hair as she let it all out. After a few minutes of standing in the middle of the room you led her to the bed to get comfortable.

    “Why are you here? As much as I love it and I’m so, so glad you are you should be celebrating.” Alexia’s grip on your t-shirt tightened significantly when she said this betraying her sentence slightly.

    “I am celebrating with the only person I ever want to celebrate with.” You pressed a soft kiss to the woman’s waiting lips. As you went to pull away Alexia chased you and initiated a harder more desperate kiss. You bit down on her bottom lip as she pulled away and enjoyed the breathy moan it pulled from her.

    “I might not have won the trophy but I’m winning tonight.”

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  • vrsvivendi
    25.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Need to work todays afternoon, so I can’t watch the match :( Could someone keep me updated on how it’s going? Not the scoring sheet, but you know… Tactics and mood of our players and so on. Would be lovely 😊 in english, español, en català I don’t care

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  • loenas
    25.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Olympique Lyonnais Féminin and every time they’ve won the champions league

    #wendie renard owns the uwcl actually #ol féminin #olympique lyonnais féminin #uwcl#woso#champions league #women’s champions league #loenasgifs
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  • female-buckets
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Okay... I saw this character bingo ask game and got inspired.

    Send me a player and I'll give you my take on them!

    #I don't know soccer players that well but I'm gonna put this in the soccer tags anyway #wnba#wospo#woso#nwsl#uswnt#usa basketball#ncaa wbb#wbb#wta #and tennis too why not lol
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  • homoeroticsubplot
    25.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    My Love You Should Know (The Best of Me Left Hours Ago)

    Maybe Portland is ruined for her. Or maybe she can just give it all over to Kelley, trusting her to make it all feel okay again.

    OR: Sonnett's goal is called off, but Kelley wants to reward her anyway.

    [Rated E, 6k, Oneshot; friends with benefits, praise kink, oral sex, light d/s dynamic] 

    Read on AO3 ; My Other Stuff ; My Personal Blog

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  • pernillecfcw
    25.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    It’s a Chelsea thing 💙

    Sam wins Barclays player of the season✅

    Emma wins Barclays manager of the season✅

    #Chelsea fcw#barclays fawsl#emma hayes#sam kerr #it’s a Chelsea thing #up the chels #player of the season #manager of the season #woso #best club in england #blueisthecolour
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    25.05.2022 - 17 hours ago


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  • misskelley
    25.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Random Wednesday

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  • sweet-babyrose
    25.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Super Secret LA Spot (Laia Codina x Reader)

    Waiting (im)patiently for this sweet beautiful clown to return to Barcelona

    “Where are we going?” you asked, gripping your girlfriend’s hand tight and trying not to trip. ‘Girlfriend.’ It was still so amazing to you after four months together that she was finally your girlfriend. You’d been trying to get her to notice your terrible flirting for nearly the entire year. Every time she’d giggled at your bad jokes, you’d fallen more and more in love with her.

    Laia had come to your hotel room an hour ago with a backpack and asked you to come with her, telling you to wear comfortable shoes and bring a jacket. But you hadn’t expected that she was going to make you hike anywhere in the near dark.

    “A little further. We’re almost there.” The team had been invited to a club invitational in Los Angeles to play against LAFC, Chelsea, and PSG. “I found this place a few years ago when I visited. I come up here every time I come to LA now.” After another ten minutes, she finally stopped in front of a large rock.

    “Where exactly is ‘there,’ Laia?” you asked. If she’d made you hike up here to look at a rock in the dark, you were going to be beyond annoyed. It was so cold in Los Angeles compared to home and you had already been snuggled into bed with Netflix when she showed up.

    “Just a sec. Wait here.” She jumped up onto the rock and disappeared. You tried to look up and see where she had gone but you couldn’t see anything.

    After two minutes alone, you began to worry that something had happened. Gripping the rock with one hand, you tried to hold your cell phone flashlight steady in the other, to climb up onto the rock. Your foot slipped as you were climbing, but an arm reached out and grabbed you before you fell on your butt into the dirt.

    “No patience?”

    “I got worried,” you said.

    “Everything’s fine. Want me to come down and help you up and do you think you can climb over the top?”

    You were nearly to the top of the rock formation. “I got it.” You were glad that she kept a strong grip on you as you climbed up the rest of the way.

    “Welcome to my super secret LA spot.” You looked around, surprised to find yourself looking out over the entire city lit up below you. Laia had spread out a blanket and put out a few fake candles around it.

    “This is so beautiful!” You started to walk forward to take in the view but she wrapped a strong arm around your waist from behind, preventing you from going further.

    “It’s pretty dangerous up here, actually. So maybe just stay right here and don’t wander too far from the blanket.” She pressed a kiss under your ear and released you, lacing her fingers with yours. ”I brought hot chocolate to keep you warm.”

    Of course your girlfriend knew you would be freezing. And of course she had been her normal considerate self and made sure to bring something for you. You sat down with her, letting her wrap her arms around you and pull you back against her. You reached for the thermos, taking a sip.

    “Thanks.” You leaned back further into Laia, turning your head to rub your cheek against her.


    “For showing me your super secret LA spot. I’ll be sure not to share it with my other girlfriend,” you joked. She dug her fingers into your ribs, making you laugh.

    “You’re the only one I’ve shared it with. So I’m trusting you to keep my secret,” she said, leaning down and pressing kisses to your shoulder.

    “You missed a spot,” you murmured, turning around to kiss her. Putting the thermos down, you cupped her face, stroking your thumbs over her cheeks.

    “I’m really glad we get to do that now. I liked being friends with you but I like this much better.”

    You kissed her again, turning more fully around with your knees on either side of her hips. “I like this much better, too.” Laying your head against her chest, you wrapped your arms around her, sinking into her when her arms came around your waist.

    “Y/N, I’ve never brought anyone up here before.” You could feel her heart thudding faster under your cheek. Leaning back, you rubbed a hand over her cheek.

    “Thank you for sharing it with me.”

    “I love you,” she said, leaning her forehead against yours.

    Squeezing your eyes tight, you tried not let your smile get too big. You’d been waiting months to tell Laia how you felt. You didn’t want to push her too fast after you’d patiently waited so long for her. But here she was, saying the words that you thought you would have to hold in a little while longer.

    “Is this silence a bad thing?” she whispered. “No pressure for you to say it back. I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.”

    “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this? Just give me a minute.” You held her for another moment before you leaned back, wanting to be looking directly at her.

    “I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with you. It might have been the day we met, when you spilled your protein shake all over me. It might have been any of the hundreds of times you smiled at me or laughed at my idiotic jokes. It might have been when you stayed with me when I got really sick last year, refusing to leave me alone. I don’t really know. But I know it happened before you agreed to go on a date with me and before we kissed the first time. I’ve been in love with you for so long. And I’ve been waiting as patiently as possible for this moment.

    I love you, Laia.”

    She smashed her lips to yours and you could taste her tears on her lips.

    “I love you,” you said again, kissing her cheek, so happy to finally be able to say the words aloud. Laia hugged you tight. You hadn’t thought about a “perfect moment” to tell her you loved her. But this was as close to perfect as you could ask for.

    You gave Laia one more kiss before you turned back around in her arms, settling back against her chest. You offered her the hot chocolate as you looked out over the Los Angeles skyline.

    You wouldn’t have forgotten the first time Laia said those three words regardless of where she’d said it. But Laia had made the moment even more special by bringing you here. Only the two of you existed in this little corner of the world. Although you were freezing, you wouldn’t have changed anything.

    You loved Laia. And now you knew she loved you, too. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

    #woso imagine#woso imagines #woso x reader #laia codina x reader #laia codina #I am still v buzzed #vacation is going well ☺️ #sorry for mistakes
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