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  • random-writing-thoughts
    18.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Thought #54

    Warning: swearing

    "You're going to stay here." Supervillain circled Hero with a smirk.

    Hero glared at them struggling against their restraints.

    "Don't worry sweetheart I'll be back after..."

    "Supervillain!" Came a shrill voice.

    "Shit." Supervillain bent down frantically untying Hero.


    "Shut up. You need to get out of here right now." Supervillain looked over their shoulder.

    A woman rounded the corner. "Supervillain!"

    "Damn it." Supervillain whispered. They turned to Hero. "Stay here. Don't say anything."

    Supervillain stood and turned towards the woman. "Hello Mother. Why are you here?"

    "I just wanted to see if my child was being a good citizen or if they had back peddled into terrorizing the city again." She made her way to Supervillain and her eyes landed on Hero. "Who are they?"

    Supervillain swallowed. "That's Hero and we were..."

    "Making out." Hero stood up next to Supervillain. "So if you could leave us be we would like to continue."

    Supervillain blushed and Mother looked between them.

    "A... as you were then. I will show myself out."

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  • some-messed-up-writing-for-you
    18.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Short Prompt #746

    "It's over, Villain!" - the hero shouted across the old warehouse, staring at the cornered criminal. "Stand down, and come quietly!"

    The villain grinned, pulling something out of their pocket. "Over? No, no, Hero. We're just getting started!"

    #hero x villain #villain x hero #writing#writeblr#hero#villain#prompt#short prompt#writing prompt #heroes and villains #hero x villain community #writing community#smuwfy #some messed up writing for you
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  • gaylittleinnkeepers
    18.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    the boost of serotonin i get when someone comments on my fics makes me want to just ARAGGHDHSHFHJD

    #fic writers#writeblr #dont lie and say this doesnt make ur day #honestly writing makes me so happy but this makes me so happy too i— #like i really love everyone who comments on fics #no matter how long or short #altho long comments are cool
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  • spoiledforchoices
    18.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    Realizing that if you want to read something super specific and self indulgent, you have to write it yourself, is so sobering 💀

    Desperately craving your own content when you’re in no position to create it is just so -


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  • iantheconqueror
    18.05.2022 - 47 minutes ago

    It is endlessly funny that some fantasy fans get so hung up on whether the size of a dragon's wings would be realistic.

    Harry, it's a dragon.

    #Fantasy#Writeblr#High fantasy #writers on tumblr
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  • gay-ghostwriter
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Cool fictional characters to steal personality traits from for your OCs

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  • weirdbutnotreally
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    it feels good to be sad.

    it's refreshing.

    i don't think i want to be happy ever again.

    i wouldn't know what to do with that.

    it feels good to be sad because i've been sad since day one.

    and it doesn’t get old. or boring.

    it gives me company. keeps me from feeling lonely. ironically enough it makes me feel happy too.

    makes me feel like i've got some purpose in this world.

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  • elobotomy
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Chances of Stealing your Man:

    No Chance:

    12. Taurus

    11. Aquarius

    10. Capricorn

    Little Chance:

    9. Cancer

    8. Virgo

    7. Leo

    Half Chance:

    6. Pisces

    5. Aries

    4. Gemini

    Fat Chance:

    3. Sagittarius

    2. Scorpio


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  • elobotomy
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Most Likely to get STDs

    No risk:

    12. Virgo

    11. Leo

    10. Aquarius

    Small Risk:

    9. Capricorn

    8. Cancer

    7. Sagittarius

    High Risk:

    6. Pisces

    5. Libra

    4. Taurus

    Most at Risk:

    3. Gemini

    2. Scorpio


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  • elobotomy
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Worst Advice Givers:

    It's not that bad:

    12. Cancer

    11. Sagittarius

    10. Taurus

    Okay, it's bad:

    9. Libra

    8. Aries

    7. Pisces

    Woah, it's really bad:

    6. Aquarius

    5. Capricorn

    4. Scorpio

    Straight Up Evil:

    3. Gemini

    2. Virgo

    1. Leo

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  • obsessivepaladin
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    So I decided to start writing one-shots. If you're interested, my "collection" is gonna be posted on Quotev. The link's up there.

    The rules are in the book, but I'll take requests from tumblr through my asks. I'll post those requested one-shots here, as well.

    Soooo, ummmm, yeah. Have at it. 😂

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  • jennablackmorebooks
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Tonight I have drawn a scene from chapter 23 of Regards (page 207 in the physical copies) where Sidus confronts Adrienne and Adelaide. Scene drawings from events that happened in my novels are some of the most fun art pieces for me, lately.

    #art#writeblr #artists on tumblr #writing #writers on tumblr #Regards#adrienne passer#sidus sagebrush#adelaide#pandora#digital art#ocs#oc#book characters#booklr #authors on tumblr #yes two of the characters' outfits are inspired by the outfits in a music video this was very on purpose #it's because music to me is Blorbo Radio where half of it reminds me of my characters somehow lol. this is half a joke but half not lol
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  • eclairbrun
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    *clutching chest in pain*

    I have a bad habit, when I’m really into whatever I’m doing but have a story idea, of opening a notepad file and jotting it down there and saying “I’ll sort that into the correct project folder later.” Or of writing something for a distant future scene on mobile and then porting it to my computer, but leaving it in a doc or odt file instead of adding it to the actual scriv project it belongs to. It can get pretty messy, and today’s one of those days where I feel energized to de-clutter my desktop, so I’m really kicking me for leaving this mess behind. I’m still sorting out a notepad file that I think I must have transcribed from a few dozen various notes written at separate times on my phone and then transcribed all at once. It’s a mix of plot concepts, world building idea, revision reminders, and even bits of dialogue for four different stories, with my workplace locker combo and a shopping list thrown in for good measure.

    This means I’ve seen a lot of outdated story ideas, both in these notes, and in the scriv projects I’m sorting them into. For one story, I just encountered whole, late-story scenes that actively involve a character who I since made plans to kill off before this part of the story. It took me a long time to come to terms with the idea that this character had to die, and seeing my baby still alive in a timeline that will never be has me in mourning anew.

    #clair's corner#writeblr #btw i still haven't bought one of the cleaning supplies on this shopping list #i wonder how i could have forgotten for so long /s
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  • felix-mw
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Whenever I read this, I feel about the time which led me to write these words. Sometimes I need a reminder to remember that I felt that way. A reminder to know that it was good I felt that way.

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  • thehomeyoubuilt
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    “i want you to fuck me” i whisper aggressively. my eyes don’t leave his. i watch him as he reaches inside his drawer to pull out a condom i snatch from his hands. “without protection” i demand. “what is there to be protected from anyway? love?”. i let the condom slip from my fingers to the wooden floor beneath us. i don’t leave him room to answer because my hands are speaking now, gently stroking his dick. unspoken words cloud the air between us as he grips me on the bed by the waist and rams himself into me harder than i expect. there’s no way to suppress the moan that escapes me. it’s pain first, then pleasure as he feels deeper inside me with each thrust. we go on like this for several minutes before he slows down, groaning in my ear as he cums inside me. it envelops me like a warm hug. love is the protector.

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  • dressnow
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I was reminded of you today.

    No one said your name,

    and yet there you were in my mind.

    I sat alone,

    and drank my tea,

    and the calm sweetness reminded me of you.

    From now on,

    should I call you my Lady Grey Tea?

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  • officialleehadan
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Out the Back

    Hello darlings! Story time! Today's story was brought to you by Jennifer! Darling, thank you so much for all your support!

    Prompt: Pride of Place


    “Look out!”

    Tilly really should have known better. Politics were difficult of course, and the kingdom was a safe one as far as things went, but she had two unguarded Royals in her kitchen. It was only a matter of time before someone noticed.

    Of course, the kitchen was a much worse place for an attack than most people figured.

    “Get them out of here,” Coppa told Tilly hurriedly, all sense of awe for their royal company gone at the sight of ragged, desperate men crowding through the door. “Keep their heads down. They’re dressed simple. Get into the gardens and vanish.”

    “Right,” Tilly said, terrified, but willing to put that aside until she got Atteila and Hanver to safety. “Watch yourself.”

    “Will do. Go!”

    Tilly ducked away and blessed her short stature. She was nobody’s idea of a threat, and it helped her now. When she reached them, Hanver had one of the long meat knives in hand and a hardened expression on his face that belied his usual carefree cheer. Atteila was behind him, pale with fear.

    “Keep that knife low and come with me,” Tilly whispered to both of them as the men started pouring into the kitchen. There was a subtle shifting in the kitchen ranks. The tallest of the men moved towards the back, offering cover. The scullery maids, always quick and quiet, eased the door to the scullery open and cleared a path to it. “Come on. Move quick.”

    “I can fight,” Hanver protested, his eyes on the men who were shoving through the kitchen staff. They laid about them with their fists, but it was clear that they were focused on their goal. “If I get them in a door, I can give you time to get Atteila away.”

    “If you get yourself killed, I’ll beat you flat with my best rolling pin,” Tilly growled at him, and nudged him after Atteila, who was very sensibly creeping towards the open scullery door. “Go on. Out the back. Follow Atteila.”

    He looked like he wanted to protest, but Tilly just shoved him onward, nearly as strong as he was after years in the kitchen, and much more determined. They didn’t have long before they were noticed.

    In fact, they had no time at all.

    There was a shout behind them and Tilly didn’t hesitate.

    “Scatter!” she yelled to the kitchen staff and trusted them to find their own way out of danger. Hanver paused again, so she simply muscled him through the scullery door and slammed it behind them. Before their attackers could get through, she snatched up the heavy bar and slammed it into place. It was a heavy wooden door. It would hold for a long while. “Go! Out the back. Don’t stop.”

    “Where are we going?” Atteila asked when Tilly pushed past them towards the little door that led out into the kitchen gardens. Most people didn’t even know it was there. Now it would get them clear of the castle in a hurry. “Tilly? What about the staff?”

    “Don’t you worry about them,” Tilly said and hauled on the door. It was always sticky when the weather was bad,. Hanver threw his muscle into it before it budged. “Those men aren’t after them.”

    “Where are we going?” Hanver asked. His long knife went into a loop on his belt and he followed along a step behind them, a self-determined rear guard. Tilly might not know anything about fighting, but he did, and she was glad for him. “The castle must be badly compromised if they were able to get so far into the kitchens.”

    “Where will be safe?” Atteila asked. She was out of breath, and small wonder. She wasn’t exactly allowed to run about as a princess. She had put on some muscle since she started helping Tilly with the bread in he mornings, but that was a far cry from proper training. Tilly was puffing herself. Running was not her favorite thing. “Will the castle guard help us?”

    “You’re royals, so I assume so,” Tilly said, and decided on the stables. There were lots of good places in the stables, and there was a small guard post there. It wouldn’t be much, but there might be a real sword for Hanver. He was the only one of them who could fight, and even Tilly knew that a knife was a bad weapon against an armed assailant. “But first we need to get somewhere safe enough to make a plan. This way.”

    The stables were far enough from the castle that the smell of horses wouldn’t stink up the place, but they weren’t a difficult run if they cut through the gardens. Tilly put all her experience into taking them through the little side-paths left only for the gardeners and used by servants who didn’t want the nobles to see them. It was longer, but hopefully safer.

    Someone screamed in the distance. Tilly flinched hard enough to stumble over her own feet. Hanver caught her and kept her steady without breaking pace.

    “Keep going,” he said grimly, but not without the kindness she had come to expect from him. Atteila was terrified and Tilly was sure she wasn’t much better. “We can’t help them like this, and it will do them no favors if our enemies catch us.”

    “You know a lot about this?” Tilly asked to try and take her mind off the noises from the castle. Noises that sounded uncomfortably like the deaths of people she knew, and cared about. “Running from people trying to kill you?”

    “I’m a spare prince. My father sent me to war as soon as I was old enough,” Hanver said bitterly. Atteila reached back and took his free hand for a quick squeeze. “I’m told my presence was very good for morale.”

    Nobles and their spare children. Tilly should have known. She would have to keep a closer eye on him. He wasn’t the first former soldier she had met. No wonder he was so willing to die to get them out of the kitchen.

    She hoped she wouldn’t have to take him up on it.

    “There,” she said when the stables came into sight. “Slow up. Are any of those fighters here?”

    Together they peered through the bushes. The stables looked deserted, but Tilly wasn’t willing to trust that. Not with her lover and her friend’s lives.

    “Wait here,” she said and swallowed down her fear. She pulled off her apron and stuffed it into a nearby bush before dusting as much of the flour out of her hair as she could. When she was done, she looked like any other kitchen maid. Atteila caught her hand, and Tilly threw caution to the wind. Hanver knew they were lovers. She cupped her princess’s face tenderly and kissed her, slow and sweet. “Wait here until I whistle for you. Promise me.”

    “You shouldn’t go alone,” Hanver tried to protest. Tilly leveled a hard gaze on him. “Let me go. I’m expendable.”

    “No, you’re not,” Tilly and Atteila said in unison and shared a wan chuckle as the three of them huddled together. “If I get caught, they’ll just think I’m a maid. If you get caught, they kill you. That’s why I’m going, not you.”

    “Be careful, my honey-sweet lady,” Atteila whispered. Her hands shook with fear, but her faith gave Tilly strength. “I cannot be without you.”

    “I’ll be fast,” Tilly said and steeled herself. Terror nibbled on her mind like rats on a rotten loaf of bread. She pushed it away. She couldn’t afford to be afraid now. “Remember, only come if I whistle. If I call for you, don’t come. It means I’ve been caught and they know we’re together.”

    “Better than a war-trained general,” Hanver said, and clapped her shoulder as he would a soldier. “We’ll listen for you.”

    “Get her out of here if they catch me.”

    “I promise.”

    Tilly leaned over and kissed Atteila once more before she steeled herself and slipped through the low bushes away form them, towards the too-quiet stables.

    Time to find out if their enemies were smart enough to guard the horses.


    Pride of Place :

    Strawberry Roses

    Orange Bubbles (Subscriber Only!)

    Wine Shower

    In Hot Water (Subscriber Only!)

    Under Orange Blossoms

    A Little Bitter

    Folding Puff

    Cookie Cutter Friends

    Out the Back

    Rescuing Allies (New!)



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  • westywrites
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    hey you!!! thanks for the earlier ask :> would you care to share some facts about your wip The Corvine? I loved reading that ROYGBIV post about them!!

    Thanks for the ask! Your comments on that post were very kind! I appreciate it a lot

    The Corvine is a YA fantasy duology, the first book (which those excerpts are from) is called Essence of Stars - I'm working on the 3rd draft now and it will hopefully go out to beta readers soon-ish. The second book is Angel of the Astrifer, it's still in the outlining & zero-drafting phase.

    The logline as it stands now is:

    "In an unending, star-speckled sky, ravens keep watch. There is a tear in the barrier between realms. There are prophecies about the children who might seal it."

    Set in a fictional kingdom during the Industrial Revolution in an alternate history of Earth (known by some as the Realm of the Raven), the story follows Lennox, Cambridge, and their friends. An impulsive fifteen-year-old boy with a lot of faith in magic, Lennox makes a brash decision to try to save his friends from their dreary futures by getting them Stardust, which will let them access the magic that comes from the Astrifer, the space between realms.

    Most people who use this magic are called the Corvine. These witches believe in the Word of the Raven and vow to protect the magical barrier between realms to stop the evil Vulpsin, who worship the Fox, from coming through. The Corvine have prophecies that say a group of youth will seal the barrier once more and save the world.

    When Cambridge starts having strange visions of a tear in the universe, the kids realize the prophecies might be about them. And Lennox realizes he got them all in way over their heads.

    Basically, Lennox makes a big decision and a promise he doesn't know how to keep, and it brings destiny's attention to him, his three roommates and a new friend they make along the way.

    The masterpost, which includes a whole presentation on the story and characters, is here! There's also a good intro to the characters here!

    I try to tag all the excerpts from the story with "the word of the raven" so you can read a lot of them there :)

    #west answers#writeblr #writers on tumblr #amwriting#the corvine #here I'll tag it #the word of the raven #so you can just click that and look if you'd like #I love this story and I love these children #but alas they must suffer for Plot #I am not great at concise summaries because there is so much going on in this series! #lots of worldbuilding #lots of layers of things happening #because yeah Lennox is like the main main character #but Cambridge is nearly as much of a main character as him #in the first book at least #in the second book the others (avenir ivory and helio) get their chance to be mains #but they all still have pov chapters in the first book anyway! #so many characters #why do I always do this to myself lmao
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  • writingandcheese
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    “Advancing the plot” and “character development” are the same thing. Character development should drive the plot and vise versa. If character development is an entirely separate element to the plot, that makes for a disjointed story.

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  • sackofcrows
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    - - -

    Based on a writing prompt (#1946) by @promptsforthestrugglingauthor

    Word count: 342

    - - -

    “I wasn’t lying to be cruel! I was trying to protect us! Please, understand.” Spittle flew from Ethan’s split lips as a fist collided with the side of his jaw. His body ached, back pressed flush to the wall. His eyes, red and swollen with tears, met Harper’s as she grabbed his chin and pulled it toward herself.

    “I can’t trust that anymore. You know that.” Her lips were pulled into a thin line, hiding the tremble at their corners as she dropped his head to his chest once more. “You sent them away to die, all of them.” Her fingers knotted into his hair as she drove his head into the wall again. Chest, stomach, head. A pattern. Systematic enough to follow, even as her vision blurred with the tears that pricked the corners of her eyes. “They loved you, you know that, right? They fucking loved you, Ethan.”

    A hoarse whisper escaped him as Harper crouched closer to his head. “I loved them, too. I never wanted them to get hurt.” A sob tore through his chest as he doubled over the knee that pummelled into his stomach. She released his hair and he slid down the wall, a shimmering trail of sweat and blood following him to the ground.

    “I’m sorry,” Ethan heaved a breath. “I’m sorry,” the words mumbled into a chant beneath his breath, head cradled in his hands, until the words lost all meaning.

    Footsteps trailed from across the room as Harper sighed, shrugging off her coat and hanging it on the back of a chair. She let herself fall into it, head tilted back against the wood as her eyes focused and unfocused on the ceiling. Across the room, the sobs settled into whimpers, the man curling in on himself to cover his bloodied and bruised skin beneath the harsh lamplight above.

    “Fuck, Ethan. Where do we even go after this?” Her words were murmured over his pained breaths, a hand coming to her temple to soothe a rising headache. Blood hammered behind her eyes.

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