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  • the-shared-brain-in-retrograde
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    We're back (again) baby!

    So excited for this one. Its gonna be fun, we're gonna have a good time. No one is gonna take a tactical nap half way through. Perfection.

    Also this:

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  • lycheepocketwitch
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    bishop studios id cards || let’s play

    here's some visuals for the id cards used by people who work for bishop studios or are affiliated with the company! also yes, the birth dates are mostly made up/altered. i'm well aware the only accurate birth date is natasha's.

    #au: let's play #c: carol danvers #c: natasha romanoff #c: wanda maximoff #c: monica rambeau #c: yelena belova #c: xu xialing #c: kate bishop
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  • natasharomanovf
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I’ve been asked how I made my red + black and white gifsets for No Way Home and Black Widow so I made a tutorial.

    Tutorials included: [A] colouring a gif to remove all the other colours and enhance the red + [B] colouring a gif to change the background to one colour. I also have a tutorial to make colourful gifs here for scenes with dark backgrounds.

    Knowledge needed: basic PS skills (how to make a gif, sharpening), I am using PS 2021 but I am sure this tutorial works fine with other photoshops!

    This is the gif without any edits. I picked this scene since it has some greens and blues in the backgrounds which will make the whole process easier. Whether you’re making [A] or [B] enhancing those colours will make it easier to remove/change hues.

    [*1*] I added a level adjustment layer but it was still a little dark for me so I added an exposure layer (exposure +0.39) and a colour fill layer (set to white, blending mode soft light and change the opacity to 15).

    [A] making it B+W plus reds

    [1] Add a hue/saturation layer. For yellows, greens, blues, cyan, magenta turn the saturation to -100.

    [2] The colour was a little faded and the red wasn’t vibrant enough so I added a selective colour layer and adjusted the reds as above. 

    For most gifsets with more even backgrounds I would just add my final adjustments to brighten and be done but I wanted to enhance the reds even more and I didn’t like the random bits of red in the background. 

    [3] I adjusted the reds again on a new selective colour, and added a brightness/contrast layer (brightness +46, contrast +56).

    [4] Add a new layer and select the brush tool (hardness 0px and size 90px or whatever is most comfortable for you). Draw over the parts where you want it to be black and white. Drag the slide on timeline from the first frame to the last to double check it doesn’t go over the face. Once you’re happy go to the blending settings for that layer and set it to colour.

    [5] With the background black and white I wanted to enhance the black so i added a selective colour layer and adjusted the blacks as above. 

    If you’re happy with your gif then add your sharpening settings! If you need to make some final adjustments you can do them here to and done!

    If you want a psd which does this for you, check out my psd pack (psd3). You will need to make some adjustments depending on lighting/colours but it gets rid of all the hues except red.

    [B] making it all red

    [1] This step follows step  [*1*]. I want to enhance the greens in this since it’s the main colour. Add a selective colour layer. I adjusted the blues/cyans to be more green, and the greens to become more vibrant and any yellow tones to be more green. 

    If your background is a lot of blue, then you would adjust it to make the blue tones more prominent. 

    [2] I added another selective colour layer but this time on absolute so that the greens were more cohesive.

    [3] Add a hue/saturation layer. My goal here was to make all the green parts red so I played with the slides until I was happy. I noticed that xialing’s face was a little effected so I selected the brush tool. On the layer mask for the hue/saturation I drew over her face to get rid of it.

    [4] Now that the background was red I wanted to enhance the colour again. I added another selective colour layer. 

    [5] I wanted to get rid of the uneven background. So I followed the same method of [A4] except this time I selected a red colour and drew all over the background and made sure that it didn’t cover xialing’s face. I then set the blending to colour.

    Now that the main colouring is done, you can add your final adjustment layers. I thought the red was a little too bright so I darkened it with one final selective colour layer.

    The basic process for the reds + black and white when the person isn’t the subject is: find the main colours. Pick which colour your want to make red and then use hues to make the rest black and white and enhance the reds the same way as above. 

    I hope this wasn’t too wordy and made sense. If you found this useful please reblog! If you have any questions let me know!

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  • novelsandnewfies
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    That was the best “my best friend is gay panicking over my sister” Eye roll in the world

    #Shang chi #can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet #marvel #katy x xialing
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  • lycheepocketwitch
    22.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    let’s play — downloadable content

    << main menu >> || << start >> || << load >> || << settings >> || << dlc >>


    homesick ▶︎ xu xialing x mentor!carol danvers (platonic)

    xialing should feel like she's on top of the world right now. nearly every esports team want her with them, and she's currently contracted with one of the best teams in the world. and yet... was she being ungrateful for everything she has? she can hear her father's voice resonating in her head that she is, but her coach has a different opinion on the matter.


    goodbye forever (until next time) ▶︎ natasha romanoff x fem!reader

    you should've known that your relationship with natasha wouldn't last.


    switch ▶︎ wanda maximoff x monica rambeau (platonic)

    what do you do when your work id card wrongfully contains your coworker's information and your coworker's wrongfully contains yours? according to wanda and monica, you just go to the other person whenever you need access to something.


    switch ▶︎ wanda maximoff x monica rambeau (platonic)

    what do you do when your work id card wrongfully contains your coworker's information and your coworker's wrongfully contains yours? according to wanda and monica, you just go to the other person whenever you need access to something.


    glitch ▶︎ kate bishop x yelena belova (platonic)

    kate bishop never loses, no matter what yelena says.


    homesick ▶︎ xu xialing x mentor!carol danvers (platonic)

    xialing should feel like she's on top of the world right now. nearly every esports team want her with them, and she's currently contracted with one of the best teams in the world. and yet... was she being ungrateful for everything she has? she can hear her father's voice resonating in her head that she is, but her coach has a different opinion on the matter.


    glitch ▶︎ kate bishop x yelena belova (platonic)

    kate bishop never loses, no matter what yelena says.

    << main menu >> || << start >> || << load >> || << settings >> || << dlc >>

    #carol danvers x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #monica rambeau x reader #yelena belova x reader #xu xialing x reader #kate bishop x reader #jaz writes #au: let's play
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  • katieskrsgard
    21.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Women of Phase 4 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

    Meng’er Zhang as Xu Xialing in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)

    #marvel #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #xu xialing#menger zhang#meng'er zhang#my creations
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  • kitschey
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    once xu xialing takes control the entire ten rings is gay

    #what can i say your honor she's a lesbian #xu xialing
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  • kevinfeiges
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Meng'er Zhang as Xu Xialing SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS (2021), directed by Destin Daniel Cretton

    #marveledit#shangchiedit #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #meng'er zhang#f: mcu #m: the legend of the ten rings #c: xu xialing #marvelcharacter5#**
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  • natasharomanovf
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    9K CELEBRATION ☆ TOP 10 FAVOURITE MOVIES (as voted by my followers) ↳ 5. SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS (2021) (48.6%)

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  • starryeyedrogue
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Thank you sm for all your reblogs and just- your kindness! You're so sweet and kind!!!

    I hope you're having a great day/evening 💕

    oh hey Luna!! :D

    yeah, ofc!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again until I die probably, your writing is absolutely fantastic and I love being able to boost it in any way I can, even though I only have like 180 followers or smth lol.

    i gotta say, I saw your post about the wips and then you posted so many so fast??? literally how, teach me your ways bc that’s actually insane (in a good way lol)! anyway, I’ll always support you & your work!! I really admire your dedication and you in general (that sounds weird but I’m sleep deprived and should be asleep so eh lol), I know firsthand how hard it is to keep writing and posting it etc etc, writer’s block sucks 😅 I can’t wait to see what comes next!! 💜💜

    #i remember finding your blog and immediately feeling so intimidated bc you’re a super popular Tolkien fic writer but you’re so sweet!! #okok I’ll shut up now lol #not me rambling the first chance I get 💀 #*proceeds to ignore myself and continue* #also!! i saw that you have a pippin fic coming up and I just *insert hyperdrive 👀 emoji here* #anyway I gotta stop doing the super long responses to short(ish) asks/literally any conversation ever I’m so sorry Ahhsjddkdd #askrogue #ft. luna xial #roguespeaks
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  • aazaadiii
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    the way shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings has become my comfort movie i-

    #damm your power #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #shang chi#xialing#katy#wong
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  • marvel-lous-jack
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Katy: I gave up my seat to a blind person on the bus today!

    Xu Xialing: That was very nice of you, but I still don't understand why Shang has a broken arm

    Shang Chi: She was SUPPOSED to be DRIVING THE BUS!

    #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect mcu#incorrect quotes#shang chi #marvel incorrect quotes #funny mcu quotes #mcu incorrect quotes #marvel mcu#mcu #incorrect marvel quotes #marvel #marvel cinematic universe #incorrect shang chi #shang Chi quotes #memes#funny#marvel studios#xu xialing#mcu fandom#mcu characters#marvel memes#mcu memes#katy chen #Shang Chi incorrect quotes #shang Chi bus #i am laughing #imagine
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  • littlesolo
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    So my head was accidentally yanked back into MCU thoughts. Mainly a NCIS Hawaii Kacy x MCU crossover involving Nick and Maria. But now it's having even MORE thoughts!!! Like how I uncovered my whole Sharon Carter/Xu Xialing fic idea.

    Should I pursue it or leave it be???? It might be a while before I spend REAL time on it, but I've got quite a bit already done... found a lot in my old folders...

    Then there's my whole Kate Bishop/Yelena Belova and NYC fic idea...


    But I'm probably gonna.

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  • hitchell-mope
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    He should’ve killed her

    #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #xu xialing
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  • hitchell-mope
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Here’s the probably annoying younger sister

    #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #xu xialing
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  • quite-stark-and-strange
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    i personally think that wanda maximoff and carol danvers are the examples of feminism that were shoved down our throats, but they're not the ones we need.

    the feminist icon we need is natasha romanoff, who outgrew her past, favoured what she thought was right, always faught for it no matter what, and in the end she sacrificed herself for the greater good.

    the feminist icon we need is every single female warrior of wakanda, and shuri who proved to be more useful than a man with seven phds. do i even need to elaborate?

    the feminist icon we need is mj watson. she's just a kid. she had a whole life ahead of her, but she refused to leave the side of peter, not only because she loved him but also because she knew it was the right side to be on. putting her future at stake for that was worth it to her.

    the feminist icon we need is karen page. if she sets her mind to what she knows is the right thing, you just can't get her to give up on it.

    the feminist icon we need is layla el faouly. she's adventurous, she's intelligent, she's brave, she's fierce, she knows her way of things, and she will never let anyone control herself.

    the feminist icon we need is kate bishop. she has always had a good relationship with her mother, but on finding out she had been shady all this time, she knows that letting her get arrested would be the right thing to do.

    the feminist icon we need is monica rambeau, who would stand against any authority so she can help who she thinks is deserving of it. not to mention she started field work only a few days after coming back from the blip and finding out her mother has passed away in her absence.

    the feminist icon we need is ying li. "she is beauty, she is grace, she will punch you in the face" personified.

    the feminist icon we need is xu xialing, who grew up in a mysogynist environment but it couldn't keep her from learning what she wanted to.

    the feminist icon we need is frigga allmother. kind, empathetic, understanding, but powerful and fierce nonetheless.

    the feminist icons we need are the valkyries of asgard, who have their lives fighting hela even though they must have been well aware of the consequences.

    while having the ability of blowing things up as and when needed is cool, i don't think it's something little girls (of colour or not) can relate to or learn from. i very firmly believe that since her very first appearance, carol danvers hasn't shown any character development, and wanda has only made her trauma everyone's problem (atleast in phase 4).

    mass killing isn't cool. destruction isn't powerful. mind controlling isn't girboss behaviour. i don't take any inspiration from all that.

    but i do learn a lot from the character mentioned above, and the others that i might have missed. their kindness, selflessness, thoughtfulness, determination, bravery, stubbornness, willingness to learn, and just overall growth in general is what i aim for in my own character as a woman. for me, that is where feminism lies.

    thank you for coming to my ted talk.

    #this actually occurred to me when my mum told me she relates to may parker as a single mother #natasha romanoff#princess shuri#okoye#nakia#black panther#mj watson#michelle jones#spiderman nwh#karen page#daredevil #layla el faouly #moon knight#kate bishop#hawkeye#monica rambeau#ying li#xu xialing #shang chi and the legend of the ten rings #mcu frigga #thor the dark world #valkyrie #anti wanda maximoff #anti carol danvers
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  • elvencantation
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    shang chi liveblog. kind of the last half cause i watched the first half on the plane

    xialing can step on me. wow. wow my god I'm gay

    why do i feel like the masked person is their mom. or someone else dramatic i guess. hence the mask. also trevor cracks me tf up even though i barely even remembered who he was

    dragon come save our boy!!!

    trevor and morris are best bros i love them help

    you know whats great? watching action that's well choreographed and not overdone. what a pleasure to see works of art on the screen again after too many lazy marvel movies


    the fire versus the lightning!!!

    uhhh wait srsly. just like that the dads dead?




    xialing's crooked half smile wow im in LOVE

    i cant stop laughing over shang chi and katy telling this story over dinner to those ppl who clearly are like- ur insane

    oh this movie was so much fun. lets put it with ragnarok and black panther as my top faves. and captain marvel. but ragnarok will always be on top

    however. i cant be the only one who thinks these marvel movies would work better if they were in separate universes. like yes the scene with wong was cute but marvel has too much going on. leave the avengers universe to the avengers and let everyone else be

    #shang chi #shang chi liveblog #i guess#blue watches#xialing #shang chi spoilers #marvel#marvel liveblog
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  • brat-tatatat
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I love flawed, complicated characters. I love heroes being villainous and villains being heroic. I love anti-heroes. I love the redeemed, characters deep in their redemption arc, a stones throw from the clouds but wobbly on their ladder. I love damned characters who are hurtling downward but flapping their wings feebly. I love morally grey, the indecisive, the confused, the lost. Don’t give me that strictly good, strictly evil bullshit. I don’t want pure, perfect heroes. I love confused disasters, trauma-ridden, guilt-driven. Give me the gremlins fed up with the world, too weary to care, once selfless now selfish or once selfish now selfless. Give me flawed, complicated characters.

    #this one’s for my faves 😘 #Wanda Maximoff#Scarlett Witch#loki#natasha romanoff#Black Widow#Tony Stark#Iron man#Xialing#Nebula#Xi#marc spector#Steven Grant#Jake Lockley#moon knight#marvel#mcu #people telling me I shouldn’t like characters for doing shitty things make me love them even more #i love them BECAUSE they kinda fucked up #marvel cinematic universe #doctor strange multiverse of madness #multiverse of madness
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  • dctrlover1969
    12.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Why no one didn't tell me that mandarin actor was in shangchi and played a really cool character with a pet faceless butterfly winged dog???

    #morris and mandarin actor's friendship stole the show #you can't change my mind #shangchi #also I ship katy & xialing #also wong... #why did father have to die like that #he could've try to fix things he broke #he could've had redemption #but who I'm tellin this #marvel&disney union never really cared about telling good story where villains hav #redemption and fixing what they tried to destroyed #🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️
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  • overtherambeau
    12.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Flatline - 4

    Series Masterlist

    Words: 7k

    Warnings: Mention of drug use, implications of sex, minor medical speak.

    A/N: I know this was supposed to be out yesterday but I had some kinks to work out! Sorry in advance <3

    Despite your activities the previous night, one of the first things you wanted to do when you arrived at work was find Wanda. You hated the way you left things with the woman. As your eyes search faithfully for the neurosurgeon, your attention is caught by a familiar voice down the hall.

    “That is crazy!” Yelena laughs heartily with one of the nurses.

    You smile at the woman’s dramatic tone, “long time no see,” you say with a smirk.

    “Well I’ll be damned. Small town,” she nudges your shoulder with her own. “Who knew I bedded a doctor.”

    “I could say the same, you must be the visiting Ortho surgeon for the limb transplant.”

    “The one and only,” she smiles. “What’s your specialty doc?”


    “Oh wow, so a resident? I would say I was robbing the cradle, but I skipped a few grades,” she shrugs.

    “I guess I’m the cradle robber.”

    “Well Dr…”


    “Y/L/N, you want to show me around the hospital?”

    “I’d love to. I need to check in with one of my supervisors then I’ll meet up with you by the coffee cart in an hour.”

    “Works for me.”

    You smile at her before darting down the hallway. You eventually give up on your efforts to find Wanda so you go about your day as planned. Every morning, without anyone’s knowledge, you’d stop by the room of New York Mercy’s longest patient.


    When you finished your visit, you were shocked by who was waiting for you outside of the room.

    “What are you doing here?” Xialing asks.

    “Visiting a friend. What are you doing here?”

    “My brother’s a nurse on this floor, I come to talk to him sometimes,” the two of you begin walking towards the elevator to head back to your floor.

    “I didn’t know you had a brother.”

    “Why would you?”

    You lower your head, “yeah, I guess I haven’t been the best friend. I’m sorry.”

    “I understand. You have to be discreet when you’re sleeping with a married woman.”

    “They’re separated.”


    “Anyway, we’re not seeing each other anymore. Which means, I’m free to try this thing out with you, if you like,” you move closer to the woman.

    She pushes you back lightly, “nice try, hotshot. I’m not interested in being your third choice, fourth counting Hill.”

    “Come on, I’m sorry,”

    “I’m not upset, I just don’t see you that way anymore. I’ve got my eye on someone else,” she says with a smirk. She winks and steps out of the perfectly-timed opening of the elevator.

    You step off the elevator with a sigh of relief when your eyes lock on Wanda’s back in the pediatric wing of the hospital.

    “Where have you been? I couldn’t find you when I came in this morning” you try to say casually.

    “I had uh, I had a meeting, then a consult with Barton and Stark,” Wanda says. “What’s going on?”

    You sigh before pulling the woman into a nearby supply closet. You had limited options for privacy in the peds wing.

    “I wanted to say that I’m sorry about last night.”

    “It’s alright, that was on me” Wanda shrugs.

    “It’s not. I was too childish to admit that my feelings were hurt and I took that out on you instead of talking about it. I’m really sorry.”

    Wanda’s heart swells with your apology. “Thank you for saying that,” she said sincerely. “Would you want to maybe hangout or grab some coffee, your treat?” She moves closer, searching for your lips with her own but you never close the distance.

    You pull away, trying to physically separate yourself from the alluring woman. “I’m sorry I can’t. I have a, uh, meeting with Dr. Belova. She’s the visiting doctor on that Ortho case,” you say with a sultry smile.

    Wanda’s heart stops beating in her chest as panic runs through her as she registers what you’ve just said.

    “Did you just say Belova?”

    “Yeah why?”


    “Yeah,” you say excitedly, “you’ve met her?”

    “That’s my sister.”

    “Wait, what?”

    Wanda shakes her head, “She’s Nat’s sister,”

    You can’t hold back the laughter that bubbles from your chest, “I can’t believe I fucked Natasha’s sister,” you say with a chuckle.

    “My sister-in-law!”

    “Wanda,” you try to interject but the woman keeps talking.

    “I mean of all the doctors in the world, of all the doctors in New York you fuck my sister-in-law”

    “and you fucked Natasha” you say dryly.

    “This is different. This just makes everything even more complicated,” she says while running a hand through her hair with a sigh. Now the woman knows exactly how you felt the previous night. Her heart aches with the realization.

    Your words pull her out of her thoughts.

    “How? You and I are not dating Wanda, you made sure of that.”

    “You can’t hold this against me forever,” she shakes her head.

    “I’m sorry, but you clearly have a lot to figure out with Natasha. You can’t blame me for what I do with my life while you do.”

    Silence hangs between the two of you in the air before Wanda sighs and fills the void.

    “Do you have feelings for her?” She bites her lip in anticipation of your answer.

    “We just met,” you shrug. “I’ll catch up with you later, okay?”

    Wanda nods and you peek out the side of the door before exiting the closet, leaving a regretful Wanda behind.


    Your chest heaves as you try to catch your breath. “That was fun. you’re really flexible, must be an ortho thing,” you say with a smirk.

    “You have no idea,” she growls out before straddling your hips and crashing your lips together.

    Before you can pull apart, the door to the on-call room swings open followed by a gasp. Yelena rolls off your body to face whoever invaded your intimate time.

    “Oh come on,” Natasha says angrily before she notices who’s lying next to you, “what the fuck Yelena?”

    “O moy Bog!” She covers her top half with the thin comforter.

    “idi snimi komnatu!” Nat screams before shutting the door.

    You and Yelena share a look before bursting into laughter.

    “She’ll never let me live this down,”

    “I wonder if this will make her hate me more or less?”

    “My sister hates you? Wait a minute… you’re the resident who’s screwing Wanda!”


    “Natasha told me all about you,” she says with a smirk.

    “All good things I hope,” you say sarcastically.

    “You really know how to piss my sister off.”

    “It’s a gift,” you shrug.

    “So wait, are you and Wanda not exclusive.”

    You release an ironic laugh before sobering up at the blonde’s confusion, “sorry, that seems to be our main point of contention right now. No, we aren’t exclusive. Just former fuck buddies.”


    “Yeah, she has some things to work out with your sister. It’s just too messy and I didn’t sign up for that.”

    “But you liked her?”

    You shrug, “she’s still married, so I knew we weren’t going anywhere.”

    “Doesn’t mean you didn’t want to,” she places a hand on your shoulder and kisses your cheek before climbing out of the bed. “Want to get lunch?”

    “I can’t, I’m on a trauma rotation today. Rogers is a stickler on time.”

    Her butt wiggles as she pulls up her scrub bottoms, “Next time.”

    “Next time,” you promise.


    Yelena slides into the empty seat next to Wanda, slapping her lunch tray against the table to announce her arrival. “Rumor has it I’m screwing your girlfriend.”

    “She’s not my girlfriend, Lena.”

    “Sure, sure. Is that why you haven’t looked at me since I sat down?”

    Wanda pointedly casts her eyes on Yelena, “there.”

    “Real convincing,” Yelena says sarcastically with a roll of her eyes.

    “Can I help you with something?” Wanda says in an annoyed tone.

    “Just wanted to check in. You never call anymore.”

    “I’ve been busy with work and… everything.” Wanda’s mind was consumed with thoughts of you. She couldn’t believe she let you get away so easily. And she couldn’t believe the effect her wife was still having on her life. Her feelings for you became clear once you broke things off. Those feelings were even more apparent when she found out you were sleeping with her sister-in-law.

    “Speaking of, what the hell happened with you and Nat? The two of you divorced? You were fine at Christmas”

    “We’re separated and that was for the family’s benefit. We haven’t been fine in years.”

    “So why not end it and get a divorce? Instead of having sex while my parents were in the next room,” she says avoiding Wanda’s shocked look as she takes a sip of her juice. “My mama told me allll about it. Don’t look at me like that, you two are loud, always have been.” Wanda sighs exasperatedly. “What are you doing Wanda?” Yelena says, squaring her shoulders.

    “I don’t know.”

    “I understand your feelings are complicated right now,”

    “Mind your business,” Wanda interrupts.

    “You cannot string two people along like this.”

    “You don’t think I know that? Everything just happened so fast.”

    “I love you. You’re my sister and you always will be, and you need to figure out what it is that you want. Either forgive Natasha or let her go so she can finally move on.”

    “I tried letting her go, Lena. I’m the one that asked for the separation.”

    “She still loves you, that much is clear” Yelena says knowingly. “The question is, do you still love her?“The blonde  lets her question hang in the air before she continues, ''Look, I know she feels guilty for what happened a few years ago, but everyone makes mistakes. I honestly thought you guys had gotten past it once she told you,” Yelena says with a pout before noticing the confused look on Wanda’s face. “I—“

    “What are you talking about? Told me what?” Wanda’s face scrunches in confusion.

    “...I think you should talk to Natasha.”

    “What did she do?” Wanda tilts her head to the side.


    “Tell me, Lena” Wanda pleads.

    “She slept with someon—“ Before Yelena could get the words out, Wanda was on her feet.


    “Hey loser,” you taunt before sitting down next to Yelena, not knowing who occupied the seat before.

    “Loser? You weren’t calling me that last night… or this morning… or this afternoon.”

    You laugh heartily, “fair point.”

    “I thought you couldn’t do lunch.”

    “My schedule cleared up,” to be honest, you weren’t sure you wanted to dive deeper with Yelena. But the more you thought about it, the more the single blonde intrigued you. Despite her living thousands of miles away. You figured you’d have a little fun while it lasts.

    Sam, Xialing, Monica, and Peter each  take a seat at the empty chairs surrounding the table as lunchtime moves along.

    “Who brought the intern,” Sam sneered.

    “I can—I can uh, sit somewhere else. If you like?”

    “You’re fine, Peter,” Monica says, waving Sam off. “He’s just a bitter old man,” Monica says with a laugh.

    “I hate you,” Sam says dryly, but with humor in his tone.

    “Do you all know Dr. Belova?”

    Everyone greets the blonde doctor and she smiles and waves to everyone in turn.

    “So, you and Wanda?” Yelena starts.

    “Not really… have you talked to her?”

    Yelena blows out a breath, looking down, “wish I didn’t.”

    “Is everything okay?” you ask.

    Yelena thinks for a moment, she looks around the table and decides to be vague, “I said something I shouldn’t have.”

    “I’m sure it’ll be fine. Wanda’s tougher than she looks.”

    “Yeah, I know, but this… I just should have kept my mouth shut.”

    You stared at the woman and figured if she were going to tell you what was going on, she would have already. “I’m sure whatever it is, you can work it out.”

    “I hope so.”

    “Anybody got any cool cases?” Peter asks innocently.

    “Seriously kid?”

    “Doing a spin in the neonatal unit with Dr. Potts. It’s amazing,” Monica says excitedly.

    “I’ve pretty much committed to Trauma, but Peds isn’t too bad.”

    “I like plastics,” Xialing shrugs. All eyes around the table are locked on hers, “what? It’s more than ass lifts and butt implants. But I like ortho a lot too,” she casts a smile in Yelena’s direction.

    “We’d be lucky to have you,” the blonde says flirtatiously. Xialing smiles in return.

    “I think I'm interested in ortho as well,” Peter says meekly.

    Sam rolls his eyes, Peter clearly not picking up the moment.


    Meanwhile, Wanda sits in a bathroom stall, pondering her life and all of her choices.

    Her head was spinning with all of the new information she’d gotten today. You and Yelena. Natasha and a random hussy. Images of her wife fucking a faceless nobody float through Wanda’s head. At her lowest, instead of waiting patiently for Wanda to recover, Natasha found comfort in someone else.

    The urge to relieve or ease her pain was fleeting, but the thoughts remained as she felt her feelings.

    Was she actually upset about Natasha’s infidelity or was she projecting her feelings about you and Yelena onto her? You and Yelena feel like a heavier betrayal to the brunette. Natasha’s family had become her own over the years, so to have her sister sleep with the person she's falling in lo—the person that she likes was heartbreaking.

    Wanda rubs the creases of her forehead, of course you had every right to form other connections, especially with other single people. But why did it have to be Yelena? Sweet Yelena who wears her heart on her sleeve. Who’s opened her home to her countless times. Who would go to war for Wanda, without question. God forbid if you make the blonde happy and vice versa, she’d have no choice but to support it.

    Then what does that leave her with? A selfish wife who refuses to hold herself accountable or admit to her faults. Or a wife who would do anything to have her back in her life?

    A stall adjacent to Wanda flushes and she remembers where she decided to come to decompress. Her face twists in disgust at her own choice for solace. She waited for the unknown person to leave before exiting the stall and going about her long day.


    The day had dragged on and you couldn’t help but crave conversation with your favorite neurosurgeon. You hoped she wasn’t too caught up with you and Yelena but you also hoped that she had some sort of feelings for you that remain.

    You were zoned out when your supervisor’s hand landed firmly on your shoulder. Your body jolts in surprise.

    “Y/L/N, come on, we got a two car collision.”

    Your body begins shaking involuntarily, an image of your dying father floats through your head.

    “Y/L/N, can you handle this?” Steve asks sternly.

    “I’m good, let’s go.”

    Yelena tosses you a look of concern before bidding you farewell and heading to the pit as well.

    When you reach the ER you’re met with the sight of a man with multiple traumatic injuries, mainly his head and chest.

    “Y/N page Romanoff and Maximoff.”

    You gulp before pulling out your phone, texting both women 911. The last place you wanted to be at 2am on a Friday was in an OR with your boss, your fling, and her wife.


    While the four of you were working diligently in the OR, Wanda kept casting a look of concern in your direction. You almost forgot you had told her about your father, about why you became a surgeon in the first place.

    “I’m fine,” you mumble, so the woman next to you can hear.

    “I know you are,” Wanda had no doubt about that, but still, the woman couldn’t help but worry.

    “Something you’d like to share with the class?” Natasha says, tending to the many bleeders in the man’s chest.

    “It’s personal,” you say blankly. Rage burns inside of you at the redhead’s audacity. Why would you share with her anything about your life?

    “Fair,” she shrugs then turns her attention away from you. “So Steve, you free for a run tomorrow?”

    “I’ve been wondering when you were going to join me again,” Steve says with a smile, stabilizing the man’s limbs.

    “My schedule has cleared up lately. I need to get some exercise somehow. I’m not as active as Y/N and Wanda here.”

    Wanda tries to suppress a scoff or a bitter comment. The woman knew how to push all of her wife’s buttons, but Wanda refused to sink to her level.

    You on the other hand, did not hold back, “I heard you’ve been getting in some exercise of your own, Romanoff.” You hate that your comment dug at Wanda as well, but you couldn’t let the redhead off that easy.

    Steve’s eyes shift to the women in the room, “is there something I should know?”

    “No.” The three of you say simultaneously and the muscular man shrugs.

    The four of you continued working in silence until you and Steve exited.


    “Hey, I’m sorry if this was a tough case for you. I should’ve realized when I saw your reaction in the pit,” Steve says as the two of you scrub out.

    “It’s fine, it’s my job to control my emotions for the good of the patient.”

    “Either way, you did a nice job all things considered.”

    “And if you didn’t consider those things?”

    “You still did good. You’re a damn good surgeon.”

    “Thank you, Dr. Rogers.”

    “Just telling the truth,” he splashes the water against his arms and scrubs harder, “…so uh you and Maximoff, huh?”

    “Nope, not talking about this with my boss.”

    “Fair enough,” he says with a cheeky smile.


    Natasha is elbow deep in the man’s chest cavity, Wanda is situated next to her, working on the brain bleeds in the patient’s head. The young man had been in a car accident and once you and Rogers stabilized his traumatic injuries, Wanda and Natasha were brought in and left alone to finish it off.

    “So, you told Y/N about us?” Natasha asked, seemingly uninterested, obviously already knowing the answer.

    “I kind of had to,” Wanda says, focusing on a particularly persistent brain bleed. “She broke things off after I told her and said that I had some things to figure out… seems to be a common theme,” despite their not being together, Wanda couldn’t help but bare her soul to the woman.

    “Yeah, I walked in on her and Yelena this morning...”

    “Mmph” Wanda groans softly at the image of her lover, her wife, and her sister in the same room. Moreso disturbed by the fact that you and Yelena were still sleeping together.

    “I’m sorry, Wanda, I know you really liked her.”

    Wanda laughs bitterly, “I’m sure you are.”

    “Of course I am! I may hate the fact that you’re moving on, but I hate seeing you upset even more.”


    “I’m serious Wanda,” Natasha says but she’s met with no response. “Well, how've your stress levels been?” The redhead tries changing the subject.

    Wanda exhales heavily, “Increasing as we speak thanks to you.” She wasn’t sure how she was going to broach the topic of Natasha’s infidelity yet. Preferably outside of the OR. The nurses were notorious gossips.

    Natasha shakes her head, “I’m sorry, my behavior earlier was childish and uncalled for. I just miss you and was butthurt about the other night. But I’m here for you and I care about you, Wan. And If you ever need me I’d be happy to go to a meeting with you.”

    “I went to one this morning, I’m fine. I’m not going to start using after every setback.” Wanda was thankful that her wife normalized her disease, but she sometimes felt like Natasha only saw her as a recovering addict instead of a person. It made her feel incapable sometimes.

    “I know that, I’m sorry for making it seem that way.”

    The two women work in silence for a few more moments before Natasha breaks it again. “You never called me…”

    “I‘ve been a little busy.”

    “Well I enjoyed myself the other night and I know you did too.”

    Wanda couldn’t hold back, she was almost done with her part and was too irritated that the redhead even brought up her temporary lapse in judgement, “Not nearly enough as you enjoyed fucking around with god knows who a few years ago.”

    Natasha's face pales at her wife’s words. Her mouth opens and closes, at a loss for what to say. How much did Wanda know? What could she possibly say. She decides to start with an apology.

    “Wanda… I am—“

    “You’re what? An adulterous bitch? A liar?” Wanda asks calmly despite the anger swirling inside.

    “It was a mistake. We were—things were strained and…I just needed to feel something.”

    Wanda releases a bitter laugh, “well as long as it was a mistake then everything must be okay. When did it happen? Was it that conference in Florida you told me about? It was, wasn’t it?” she says bitterly. “It was perfect. I was still away and you were free to do as you pleased. And you treated me so well when we came back, so attentive. So loving. I should’ve known something went on. I’m an idiot for thinking you were just being supportive.”

    “I was—I—Can we please talk about this later?” Natasha’s eyes glance toward the scrub nurses before desperately returning to Wanda’s.

    “There’s nothing to talk about,” Wanda shrugs before throwing her surgical instruments back on the tray with a clank. “I’m done here, you can finish up on your own.”

    Natasha was in the middle of a stitch and couldn’t move to stop the woman, “Wanda, wait!”

    Wanda scrubs out aggressively before marching down the hall. She rips off her red scrub cap, a messy bun revealed underneath as she sits against a nearby wall. Her head between her knees.

    Maria Hill exits her OR across the hall when she sees the distressed woman. She tentatively kneels next to Wanda, “you alright?”

    “I’m fine,” Wanda says, muffled, never lifting her head.

    Clint exits the same OR and sees the two women. He gestures for Maria to give them a minute. Hill pats Wanda’s knee affectionately before standing to leave.

    Clint slides down the wall so he’s seated next to Wanda. He was Natasha’s best friend and through the years he had become just as close with Wanda. “Did you lose a patient?”

    “Did you know,” Wanda’s red-rimmed eyes raise.


    “Natasha cheating on me.”

    Clint audibly gulps, “it was none of my business.”

    “You should’ve told me.”

    “Wanda, you were in rehab, Nat didn’t think it was a good ide—“

    Wanda scoffs, “So I’m just the big dummy, staying in a marriage because I felt guilty when this was happening all along.” Her guilt wasn’t the only thing keeping her in the marriage. She loved Natasha and desperately wanted to start a family with her, but she had trouble letting go of the sins of the past. Wanda spent enough time feeling alone in her life, she didn’t need a wife that contributed to that.

    “Natasha told me it was just the one time.”

    “Once is enough.”

    “She was going to tell you.” Clint places a hand on Wanda’s knees, “She fucked up. I know she regrets it.”

    “Please just go away, Clint,” she waves him away.

    The man stands up without a word and obeys her request.


    Natasha sighs in relief when she sees her wife lying on the bed of the on-call room, alone.

    “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

    “I should’ve never had sex with you,” Wanda says, lying on her back with her arms over her face. “I could’ve divorced you and started something with Y/N! But you made me feel guilty,” she shoots up to face the woman. Betrayal lacing her green eyes.

    “Wanda please let me explain,” Natasha holds her hands up in defense.

    “You know, you hadn’t fucked me in months before we separated.”


    “Was that why?”

    “Is that why you asked to separate?”

    “That was one of the reasons, yes. Amongst you not being there for me when I needed you. And to find out it’s because you were fucking someone else…” she shakes away the images returning to her head.

    Natasha’s face displays her apologetic state, “Wanda, please. It was one time and it’s the biggest regret of my life. Please, I love you, you are the love of my life.”

    Wanda stands abruptly, “I can’t believe you. I really can’t. You made such a big deal about me and Y/N, when you’ve done the same. Only we were still together. Who was she?”


    The brunette could tell by her wife’s tone that it was definitely someone she knew, “Who was it?” She invades the redhead’s space.

    “I don’t see how this would be productive.”

    Wanda waits.

    Natasha sighs, “Sharon. Sharon Carter.”

    “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Wanda laughs with a scoff, “that bitch has been after you since med school.”

    “Baby, please,”

    “No. Natasha no, you do not get to call me that. You should’ve told me.”

    “I couldn’t. I was worried that you might fall off the wagon or l-leave me. You had just gotten out of rehab.”

    “I am tired of you throwing my addiction in my face. You’ve done it multiple times today, I'm sick of it.”

    “I don’t mean to be throwing it in your face Wanda, but I was there. I was the one that had to hide your prescription pad. I was the one who had to pick you up off the bathroom floor. The one who had to hunt you down while you were God knows where looking for drugs! Me. I will always stand by you, in sickness and in health, but your relapse was hard on me too.”

    “I never said it wasn’t hard for you. But you want to know what’s hard? Coming home from rehab to an empty house because my wife’s too obsessed with her job. Going through the hardest part of my recovery alone. That’s hard.”

    “You’re right. I should’ve been there for you. I fucked up and I’m so sorry.” Wanda sits quietly, her head lowered. Natasha approaches her and speaks softly, “After we thought Pi woke up and you started using again…that was devastating for all of us, Wan. I figured your wife being unfaithful would have a similar effect, okay? I just couldn’t handle seeing you go through that again.”

    Wanda’s eyes welled up with tears, “It all comes down to being my fault, huh? Me and my disease.”

    “Wanda, this is not your fault,” Natasha says sadly.

    “That doesn’t mean anything coming from you.”

    “What can I do? Tell me how I can fix this and I’ll do it.”

    “You can leave.”


    “You neglected me for the better part of two years,” her voice crawls out through a harsh whisper.

    “I was saving lives. I won’t apologize for that.”

    “Saving lives is fine, Natasha, but making surgery your entire life is not. You were so work-obsessed you never spent any time with me. You didn’t even notice how unhappy I was!”

    “Then you should’ve talked to me, Wanda. I was busy trying to work hard enough to provide for us, so we could start a family,” Natasha cries desperately.

    Wanda stares in shock, her wife’s words sobering, “…y-you were ready to start a family?”

    “If it were up to me, you’d be pregnant right now,” Natasha’s words cut through Wanda’s resolve like a knife. Wanda and Natasha had always planned to have kids together once they pursued every professional opportunity that interests them. Wanda figured her wife abandoned the plan as more and more opportunities arose. Wanda wanted kids more than anything. After losing so much family of her own, she couldn’t wait to make one with the woman she loved. The fact that despite everything Natasha still wanted a family with Wanda, left her thinking about her wife’s unconditional love and unwavering faith in her.

    But she couldn’t give in so easily. Not when what she had with you lingered in her mind. “W-Why are you just now telling me this?” Wanda asks misty-eyed.

    “I was going to ask you that night, at dinner.”

    Natasha pulled out all of the stops. She made Wanda’s favorite dinner, and decorated it for a romantic evening. The table was adorned with candles and a bouquet of roses. She wanted to do something nice for her wife, to show her appreciation for her patience.

    Natasha tasted the paprikash before wiping her sweaty palms on the apron before removing it. She was in a tight, black dress that happened to be her wife’s favorite, her hair fell along her shoulders. The red painted on her lips was bold, but not overwhelming.

    She paced slightly, trying to decide the best place to stand so Wanda can be amazed the second she walks in.

    Things with the Kilfer Grant finally came to a close and Natasha wanted to broach the topic of starting a family with her wife this evening. She decided to sit and wait anxiously at the dinner table as she watched the door for her wife.

    Moments later, Natasha perked up when she heard her wife’s keys clank against their scarlet door.

    “Nat?” Wanda calls out.

    “In here.”

    Wanda walks into the kitchen slowly, her face unreadable as she takes in her wife’s display.

    Natasha smiles nervously.

    “What is all of this?” Wanda asks, her tone exhausted.

    Natasha never lets her smile falter, “I wanted to do something special for you. Work has finally calmed down and I wanted to show my appreciation for how patient you’ve been with me.”

    Wanda’s eyes begin to fill with tears, which briefly flatters the redhead before she realizes they weren’t tears of joy or love, but tears of regret and guilt.

    Natasha rushes toward her, “What’s wrong?”

    “I want a divorce.”

    Natasha stops in her tracks, her mouth opens and closes as she searches her mind for a response. “I–what do you mean?”

    “This would be the first time we’ve had dinner together in a year.”

    “That’s not tru–”

    “Yes it is! Every single night I sit here in this big, empty house, alone. I can’t do this anymore. It’s not good for me.”

    “Wanda, please. Work is slowing down, things will be different now.”

    “It’s too late, Nat. I’ve reached my wits end,” Wanda turns to leave, overwhelmed with her own decision.

    Natasha rushes after her “Wanda, wait! How was I supposed to know you were feeling this way?”

    Wanda whips around, “That’s exactly the problem Natasha. You never ask me how I feel. You never spend time with me anymore. When would I tell you how I’m feeling? On the phone when you have the decency to call me between surgeries?”

    The cardiac surgeon shakes her head, “Please don’t do this. Y-You can’t.” Natasha’s heart was slowly breaking. Her wife wanted to leave her, she was too late.

    “I’m going to stay at my place across town, I’ll pick up my things tomorrow .”

    “Wanda please,” Natasha reaches out to her.

    “I’m sorry,” Wanda says before leaving Natasha, alone by the beautiful table.

    “You should have told me.”

    “I didn’t get the chance. You just gave up.”

    “Oh please,” Wanda scoffs.

    “You don’t think you gave up too easily?” Natasha asks.

    “You do”

    “I do. We’d been through far worse as a couple and we worked through it. Of course I’d feel like I’m not worthy of you. Of your love. You left me.”

    “I’m sorry you felt that way, but you left me long before that.”

    “I fucked up. I know I did, but I love you. I’m sorry I never told you or showed you enough. We’ve always had this understanding, an unspoken bond. I guess I should’ve spoken on it more, but we’re solid. It’s you and me, always.”

    Tears stream steadily down both of their cheeks.

    Natasha holds Wanda’s face between her hands, simultaneously holding on softly and for dear life, “We can get past this. W-What if we just start over?”

    Wanda shakes her head, still in Natasha’s grip, “it’s not that simple.”

    “It could be. We’ve both made mistakes, but we can forgive and we can love each other harder because of it. We can see a couple’s counselor,” Natasha says hopefully. “We can learn to communicate better, that was our downfall. Please, give us another chance,  please,” Natasha drops to her knees.

    Wanda’s eyes widen in shock at her wife’s desperation. She’d never seen her wife so submissive through their entire relationship. Natasha’s head falls between Wanda’s knees, her hands raise to grab her wife’s wrists as she shakes with the force of her tears.


    “I-I need some time,” Wanda wipes her tears, “to just think about everything.” The brunette pulls herself out of her wife’s hold. The woman is left on her knees with tears filling her eyes as Wanda goes away as far as she possibly can.


    You head towards you and Wanda’s favorite on-call room to get some rest before heading home. You were completely and utterly exhausted and had no business operating a motor vehicle. You walk a little faster, excited to lie down. The sheets were cleanest and the bed was the softest in this room.

    When you enter, you’re shocked to find the brunette crying on the bed.

    “Wanda? Are you okay?” You tentatively enter the room and close the door.

    “Sorry, I thought I locked it.”

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Apparently, erm, Natasha slept with someone else while we were together.”

    “Oh my God, really?” you rush to sit down next to her, your hand rests comfortably on her back.

    “Yeah. It happened a couple of years ago, but I just found out.”

    You rub small circles onto her back, “I’m sorry, I know that must be hard.”

    Wanda angrily wipes her face, feeling betrayed by her emotions. “I don’t know why it’s upsetting me so much.”

    “Because you’re still in love with her,” you say easily.


    “Of course you would be, you’ve been together for so long. You’re family... I can’t compete with that,” that last bit was said quietly to yourself as an afterthought.

    Wanda’s hands slowly raise to your face, she takes in your exhausted appearance. “I could love you. I could love you so easily,” she brushes her thumb along your cheek, you shudder with the amount of emotion flowing through your body. Wanda knew she could love you, but she wasn’t sure you could ever love her. Not when you didn’t even know all of her yet. Natasha was safe. Natasha has seen her inside and out and loved her all the same. She couldn’t risk trying with you if you wouldn’t do the same.

    Natasha is her person. The one she’d call if she needed to bury a dead body. The one person who knows what she’s thinking with just a look. The reason she’s been able to become as successful as she is today. Losing her family once was painful enough, she couldn’t do it again.

    You watch Wanda as she gets lost in her thoughts. You sigh sadly. “Maybe we should end things, like really end them. For good,” you say barely above a whisper.

    A tear falls from her eye, “I think you’re right. I have to at least try with Nat.”

    “I just want you to be happy…no matter where you find that happiness. I may not like her, but I know she’ll take care of you… not that you need it.” You move your hands to take position on either side of her face. You stare into her green orbs, “Natasha is a lucky woman.”

    “I’m so sorry,” she cries harder and you pull her into a tight hug.

    “Stop that,” you pull away to wipe her tears with your fingertips. “It’s okay.”

    “Can we still be friends?”

    “We’ll see each other at work,” you kiss the top of her head.

    “I’ll always be here for you, Y/N, I mean it.”

    “I’ll always be here for you too. Whatever you need,” you stare deeply in her eyes to convey your sincerity.

    She grabs your wrists, keeping your contact,“Kiss me goodbye,” you request softly.

    “I don’t want to say goodbye.”

    “Kiss me ‘see you later,’” you shrug.

    “You’re so corny,” she smiles sadly.

    “I know. Now kiss me like you mean it Dr. Maxim—” before you can finish you’re swept up in everything that is Wanda. Your favorite place to be. You deepen the kiss, desperate to hold on to any piece of the woman. Etching the feeling of her lips into your memory since this was the last time they’d meet. Your hands drift from her face to her lower back. Your hips press hotly against one another, moving in tandem to feel anything.

    She pulls back as she gently pushes you away, “we can’t,” her forehead rests against yours, your breathing in tandem.

    “You’re right,” you nod then chuckle sadly, “Jeez, I wish I knew that the last time was the last time.”

    She nods in agreement. “I’ll see you around,Y/N” she reaches down for your hand and squeezes it tightly before placing a ghostlike kiss on your knuckle. She drops your hand, and walks out of the room. Down the hall, Natasha eagerly watches the door and sighs in an odd mix of despair and satisfaction when you exit a few minutes after wanda; as she expected.


    “Natasha!” Yelena shouts when she finally catches a glimpse of her sister. The redhead quickly changes directions to avoid her sister.

    “Leave me alone,” Natasha numb from all of the emotion she expelled earlier that day. Thanks to her sister.

    “Nat wait,” Yelena calls out, jogging down the hallway to catch up with the Cardio surgeon.

    “Fuck off.”

    “I’m sorry, I thought she knew. I thought that was the reason you two were separated. You told me you were going to tell her ages ago!”

    “You should learn to keep your big mouth shut. Go get a hotel, sleep on the street for all I care. You’re not staying with me.”

    “Natalia!” the woman continues to walk away, “Ugh,”

    she says, throwing her hands up exasperatedly.

    “Whew, seems like you pissed off the wrong person,” Xialing makes herself known. “Even newbies know not to get on Romanoff’s bad side.”

    “She’s my sister.”

    “Oh yeah, I heard Romanoff’s sister was roaming the hospital.”

    “The one and only.”

    “How many times have you said that today?”

    “No matter,” she smirks. “Want to uh, grab a cup of coffee?”

    “No thank you,” she says plainly. “Have a nice night, Dr. Belova,” the woman walks away, exaggerating the sway of her hips, knowing that the blonde was watching.


    To say you were shocked to see Yelena standing outside of your apartment would be an understatement.

    “Could I stay with you for a few days?”

    “Uh sure,” you move out of the way and widen the door so she can enter. You were feeling rather lonely since your conversation with Wanda earlier, so the blonde’s presence is welcomed.

    Yelena could have easily gotten a hotel, but she enjoyed your company. Besides, you were practically family at this point.

    That night, you and Yelena only cuddled, you were up front about the fact that you weren’t in the mood. She understood, given everything with you and Wanda. Your heart ached for the woman that could never truly be yours, despite the time you spent together.


    Five days later…

    Natasha sits at her kitchen counter on a high stool, reading the paper and drinking a cup of coffee when the doorbell rings. She huffs in annoyance, figuring it’s her younger sister at the door. Yelena had stopped by every morning since their brief interaction at the hospital.

    She opens the scarlet door, ready to yell when she’s met with the sight of her wife, holding a suitcase.

    “Okay, let’s do this.”

    Natasha is so caught off guard, “D-Do what exactly?”

    “Try again. You’re right, I gave up too easily, we should have tried to work through things before separating.”

    Natasha supresses a smile, not wanting to get her hopes up too quickly. “…So this is us trying?”

    Wanda shrugs, “if it works, it works.”

    “And are we… exclusive?” Her sharp eyebrow raises.

    “If you’re asking if I’m going to stop seeing Y/N, the answer is yes. I love you Natasha and I want to try to work things out. Really try this time. I want this,” she says determinedly.

    Natasha wraps her arms around her wife and pulls her in for a passionate kiss. Wanda’s head spins with the force of the kiss. Natasha drifts along on cloud nine as she’s reaquainted with the woman's lips. She pulls away slowly, savoring the brunette’s taste, “I love you so much,” she rasps out. “Things will be different this time, I swear.”

    Wanda plays with the ends of her wife’s hair behind her back, staring lovingly into her eyes, “I know they will,” she pecks her lips. “Now let me in and pour me a cup of coffee.”

    Natasha grabs Wanda’s bag and throws it into her house. Wanda squeals in amusement as she’s swept off her feet.

    “Nat! What are you doing?”

    “Starting over,” she says as she carries Wanda across the threshold, bridal style.


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