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  • apopcornkernel
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    ughhh this is so petty but i hate it when people use beigguang instead of beiguang bc it makes no sense from a chinese standpoint 😭 ningguang's name is composed of the two characters 凝光 níng guāng... notice where the separation is? >:(

    #poppy speaks #the only other example i can think of rn is xianyu which i ALSO hate bc ganyu's name is 甘雨 as in gan yu!! #AS IN JUST DO XIAOYU BC XIANYU MAKES ME WANT TO . aushsjshsjehej #i just. not everyone knows chinese yes but at times the butchering is just soooo.
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  • naysucc
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    He kicked some ass then got scolded by his gf

    #idek how to do backgrounds im sorry #xiaoyu#xianyu#genshn ships#genshin ganyu#genshin xiao
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  • bjdinfo
    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Switch (2016) and Island Doll normal by on 用户_21515362 on Xianyu

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  • bjdinfo
    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Soom Gluino hybrid on Granado 75 Adagio body by 果然是双鱼座 on Xianyu

    “The body line is very movable

    Wear with id75 clothes

    Slight chromatic aberration”

    [courtesy of Google Translate :’)]

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  • bjdinfo
    26.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Popodoll normal resin comparison by 轻怜于归 on Xianyu

    Popodoll normal (2018), Switch normal

    Luts brown, Luts white

    Luts normal, Spiritdoll normal

    #bjd#resin comparison#luts#popodoll#spiritdoll#switch bjd#from switch #switch powder beige #switch rosy white #normal resin#white resin#tan resin#resin match#comparison photo#photo reference#xianyu #luts real skin normal #luts real skin white #luts real skin brown
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  • mollicutes
    18.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    also new angelic pretty magazine scans for dress releases just dropped and i thank god every day that new AP is usually pretty mid or ugly cause i would not be shelling out the 30k-50k JPY i know some people inevitably will LMAO

    #mycotxt #i feel like there’s a bloodbath coming but i’m not sure what for…. maybe i’m just paranoid #i’m sure nakayoshi will have some fanfare but because the rerelease for that and candy fairy are like #not made of the same materials and don’t have all the colorways some people are like #yeah i’m just better off trying to snag the OG for a billion million yen on japanese mercari or xianyu #i’d like to learn how to use xianyu eventually but that shit frightens me for real the UI is just not even remotely intuitive
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  • sweetygirl90
    18.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    So I made a NSFW acount on twitter-

    This will be full of WangXianYu/XianYu/ZhanYu, yes

    Here's the link (?

    #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #the untamed #the founder of diabolism #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #wangxianyu#wangxianyu implied#xianyu#wei ying#wei wuxian#mo xuanyu #wei wuxian x mo xuanyu #cw: sugestive content #failed ritual AU #my drawings#sweetgirl90#canon divergence
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  • naysucc
    17.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


    My comfort ship

    #its xiao's bday #i dont have much prepared for him #just this one getting a hug #and maybe a lil fuck #from his adeptus gf #xiaoyu#xianyu#genshin ships
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  • hamberger23
    13.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    #they<3#xianyu#xiaoyu #ganyu x xiao #genshin impact #haha my back hurts from drawing this bu enjoyed it nonetheless #ganxiao
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  • sizhuyu
    10.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    OHH OK! OK! ! Can you do Xiaoyue, Xianyue, Jingfei and QIngyuan x reader then??? I wanna actually see how they will react to this : Reader










    Well I mean I never actually planned to write such but I guess I can make an exception? Here is your request??? ( these are more like headcanons I guess ) : Jingfei : She isn't the type of person who is clingy or affectionate so you could say she keeps her distance... A LOT of distance.. And if ever she considers you as a person who is close to her? You're in for a treat.

    Most she can let you do is let you hug her ( occasionally ) and she would never say it but she likes it a bit. You could say she would give you stuff you want and if you're a masochist, ( like me ;D ) she would gladly smack the shit out of you whenever she feels like it or you. In private, she would let you cuddle her of course.

    Shower her with affection and she will be shy as fuck. She would blush alot and try to avoid you because she won't stop thinking about you. Qingyuan :

    THE ABSOLUTE MALEWIFE MATERIAL. No, I'm not kidding. He can cook he can clean he can do whatever you want him to if he could. Just.. One condition.. R E W A R D H I M.

    If you want him to beg for his reward, he'll gladly get down on his knees and beg. Showering him with affection? He'd ask what do you need from him but even if you did need something he would grab you and hug you.

    Xiaoyue :

    She is very much clingy, hugs, kisses, and praise everywhere! Xiaoyue would let you experiment her as long as it isn't so dangerous. And if you do shower her with affection, she would freeze for a moment and hug you tightly after.

    Xianyue :

    Unlike Xiaoyue, she is more like Jingfei. She isn't that clingy but she tries to be around you. She is quite good at comforting and listening to problems so she wouldn't mind anybody ranting to her. When you shower her with affection, she goes red and tries to think what should she do for you.

    A/N : This was very random but I hope you enjoy anon :')

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  • panda-yoo
    05.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Every dog has its day:China's largest second-hand trading platform - Xianyu

    Xianyu is currently the largest second-hand trading e-commerce platform in China, similar to ebay in Europe and the United States and Mercari in Japan.

    For a long time, there have been unique forms of second-hand transactions in various countries in the world, such as flea markets in Europe and the United States, ancient shops in Japan, or ghost markets in ancient China, which constitute an important part of the circular economy. With the development of the times, second-hand transactions are no longer limited to offline forms, such as eBay,…

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  • adventures-in-teyvat
    16.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    xiao: name a more iconic duo than my crippling anxiety and fear of abandonment. i'll wait.

    ganyu: you and me!!!

    xiao, tearing up: okay.

    #alternatively: traveler and paimon :D #i just think theyre neat!! #sweet little ganyu would make him feel okay sometimes i think #theyre besties your honor #blessings from the anemo archon barsibitos #adepti bobepti#xiao#ganyu#incorrect quotes#incorrect genshin#genshin impact #incorrect genshin quotes #genshin impact incorrect quotes #xianyu #xiao x ganyu #xiaoyu
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  • theoldwhisky
    19.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Can we please appreciate his looks ?!

    Like Look at him ?! how he looks in all the versions of him and how he looks with the body of  Mo Xianyu ? like if he would have his own body and stood right beside  Mo Xianyu you could think that they are brother or even father and son 

    #wangxian#mo xianyu#wei wuxian#wei ying#the untamed #the grandmaster of demonic cultivation #the grandmaster of diabolism
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  • artofmimi
    16.02.2022 - 3 monts ago


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  • frillycatlady
    15.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    My coord for Valentine’s Day! Just going with the safe option of roses.

    Dress: Mary Magdalene Old Rose JSK in Pink

    Blouse: a.r.w

    Shoes: Little Dipper

    Leggings: Red Maria

    Pink rose ring: Swimmer

    Top hat: Commissioned 索隆女人 on Weibo to make it

    Ribbon brooch, bracelet, yellow rose ring: Unknown

    More pics, musings and links to products on my blog.

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  • naysucc
    14.02.2022 - 3 monts ago


    Happy Valentines Day, y'all. Not me tho, I'm bitchless

    #i was about to post this earlier and then I realized I spelled valentine wrong lmao #i was so tired then #anyways #genshin impact fanart #genshin ships#xiaoyu#xianyu#genshin ganyu#genshin xiao
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  • elfiya
    06.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Making a post of my favorite ship atm ~ Xiao x Ganyu.

    TW: This otp may not be for you, read at your own risk, hate will be blocked.

    Includes: smut/fluff, somnophilia, dom/yan!Xiao, sub!Ganyu, slight gore mention/blood kink (kinda).

    ˖⁺ ☁⋆ ୭ .⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹༺⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹⋆ ༶ ⋆❀.⋆。

    It was another sunny day in the valleys of Liyue. Beautiful swans and birds made noise to the whimsical morning dew. Boar roamed aimlessly with their younglings, stopping at any bit of grass that caught their interest. It was another spring day. Flowers blooming and the ground warm for a sweet little adepti to nap on. Through the valley and over shallow waters an inn stood tall. Human life roaming and the scent of fresh meals being prepared for honored guests. The Wangshu Inn was a safe place, guarded by the well known Yaksha and his duty to protect those in danger. Today had seemed like any other day, people roaming, business going as usual. The weather was lovely and there didn’t seem to be any trouble lurking about. 

    Hours had seemed to pass, the sun beaming even brighter above now. Many humans had come and gone, passed through the inn seeking either food or a place to rest their head. The Yaksha had been keeping watch, eyeing anything he deemed suspicious, even if only a little. Somethings had caught his attention here and there but now there was a new passerby sending a sense of unease through him. At the highest point of Wangshu he kept trailing the figure. They seemed to be cloaked in an usual attire not like that of the usual customers coming in to seek refuge. Keepings tabs on the new aura, he waited as they had grabbed a single bag of unusual herbs from the weekly merchant and began their way to leave. He eyed them up until they reached the farthest bridge. This strange presence stopped in its tracks and seemed to come by a simple lady on her way to find food only to stop her in her tracks, beginning to seem very prejudice towards her. The Yaksha watched the clothed being very carefully before watching as they became too close to the lady for comfort. In one swift motion the Yaksha realized that hidden inside their cloak was a dagger of some kind they had begun to unsheathe. The Yaksha made haste and wasted no amount of time to quickly appear by the innocent lady’s side, appearing in front of her and shielding her from the strange clothed being. With no means to make proper human communication the Yaksha turned his head in a fast motion, eyes piercing through the woman. “Leave. Now.” His voice was sharp, husk and forceful. The lady had no time to reply before her feet reacted before her mouth, running far away from both the Yaksha and new threat. 

    The being stood unmoved, pressing forward with his motion to withdraw his dagger. In one sharp whiff of air the Yaksha quickly realized that the dagger was laced with a dark ominous scent, one that nearly made the breath he had knock out of him. It took no time before the dark presence made the first move, quickly aiming for the Yaksha. The Yaksha quickly dodged his sudden movement, coming behind him and using his polearm to start slicing the being. There was a lot of back and forth. Both of them dodging, swinging, the clashing of metal. Heavy huffing and grunting of battle. The Yaksha was usual to quickly end a usual fight, though this was different, making him actually have to put up a fight. Both of their movements were swift, quick, hasty. In what felt like hours had only been minutes. A heavy battle between the two, something the Yaksha was not familiar with dealing on the roads of Liyue. Even longer it seemed that the two kept clashing weapons not able to make a single blow to one another, that is until the Yaksha caught the presence by surprise by using dark energy to hold his feet to the ground, him digging his polearm deep into the spine of his enemy. Blood gushing all over the sharpened head of his blade. The Yaksha was ready to pull out his weapon until the figure dissolved into nothing but smoke, the dagger having a mind of it’s own and using the last bit of dark energy it had left to dig into the Yaksha’s side fusing it’s poisonous energy into him. The Yaksha grunted out heavily and the surge of sudden overwhelming pain, ripping the dagger from his skin, it falling to the ground turning into a normal metal weapon, the smoke completely dispersing. 

    The Yaksha began to feel his body heat up like fire, throat burning and wound gushing in blood. He quickly brought his gloved hand to suppress the wound, growling from the sting. “Fuck.” He scolded, sharply inhaling as he stumbled forward, bringing his other hand to a fist, using the last bit of his strength to teleport to farther away where no one would find him. High up in the mountains he found himself stumbling through a field of flowers. A hot spring residing by a sacred adobe. Laying down completely unbothered and deep in sleep lay a body, pale blue hair and reddened horns. “Ganyu..” The Yaksha sighed shakily, not realizing how quiet his voice was from the amount of blood he was losing. Continuing to stumble he found his body falling to it’s knees in front of the lady Ganyu. Trying to call out to her but his voice only being caught by the roaring fire in his throat. He huffed out, become irritated and furious from feeling so worthless not even being able to speak. For a moment he closed his eyes and inhaled a sharp grunt. ‘What am I going to do?’ he began to think to himself. ‘Dammit, I'm bleeding so much.’ he gripped his wound tighter, feeling his glove now coated in a thick layer of blood along with his attire. Opening his eyes slowly he yanked his hand away from his gaping wound and brought it to his lips tearing his blood covered glove completely off with his teeth. Spitting it out to the side he leaned further forward feeling weary. His now half lidded eyes met Ganyu’s sleeping body, peering at her innocent shape, so calm and sweet laying in a flower bed. 

    The Yaksha began to study all of her sleeping features, from the curve of her hips to the way her chest rose and fell to the sheepish way she napped. How peaceful she looked, so sweet and fragile. A searing pain stopped the Yaksha in his thoughts and made him grunt once more from the feeling. ‘Adeptal energy...’ The Yaksha breathed out shakily in his thoughts and let his eyes meet Ganyu again, as if his breathing wasn’t already heavy enough just eyeing her body so vulnerable was enough to make him nearly pant. Moving his ungloved hand to her thighs he trailed his fingertips against her, just barely grazing over her skin. ‘So soft...’ he was almost in a daze, combing her thighs up and down with his fingers alone. Ganyu was deeply asleep, every time she took a nap it would take the whole of Teyvat shaking to wake her up. Feeling the warmth and squishy feeling of her skin his eyes fluttered in approval, trailing his fingers in an up motion to slide between her thighs, toying along the white fabric piece that covered her leotard. 

    “Xiao...” Ganyu seemed to be talking in her sleep as it startled the Yaksha, thinking she had jerked awake. His eyes widened and rested before realizing she was dreaming. ‘Is she... dreaming of me?’ he lingered in his thoughts before he felt a thick warmth graze over his fingers, a heat emitting from between Ganyu’s thighs. Trailing his fingers further the fabric had lifted up on his own and Xiao’s eyes found the bottom of Ganyu’s leotard, slick leaking through the fabric. It brought another sharp inhale from him before he brought his fingers to graze over it. ‘So sticky...” Maybe it was the poison or maybe it was his true desires leaking through him, but how could he help himself from feeling Ganyu’s sweet spot? She calling his name, surely she must be in heat for him, right? His little goat getting so needy for her master. How else was he going to heal himself from his bad wound? Ganyu surely wouldn’t mind letting him use her for adeptal energy. Anything for her teacher. 

    Xiao found his fingers circling over her sweet spot, slick coating his fingers as Ganyu leaked out so much. Gaining soft sleepy whines from her as she stayed in her deep nap. He couldn’t help himself, she was so vulnerable, all his to take. He brought his other hand to her tights, pulling them down her body gently, stopping with they were at her knees. Inhaling deeply he could smell how sweet she was, bringing his shaky hand to his lips as her slick coated mixed with his blood came over his tongue. Licking at it like a thirsty dog. Groaning to how she tasted combined with him he couldn’t help but rut his hips forward against the air. When did he become so needy for her? Maybe it was all the times she came to him, such a sweet angel in need of help, needing Xiao to take care of her. Xiao couldn’t take it any longer as he gently picked her up in his arms, flipping her over onto the flower bed where she lay on her stomach. Almost as if she wanted it just as much as him, her butt was wiggling in the air, Ganyu making soft sleep noises to assure him that she was still sleeping. A sigh of relief escaping from him as he couldn’t help himself but reach forward to Ganyu’s bottom half of her leotard, pulling it to the side to reveal her dripping wet center. So wet that it began dripping down onto the flowers underneath her. Xiao slowly took his gloved hand and began to play along her folds, wiping the slick up and down, smothering it like paint, her exposed parts glistening in the sun from him spearing it. ‘So pretty’ he let his mind drag on, inserting his two fingers into her hole as she was already coated with so much slick that he could easily slide them into her. Groaning at how tight she already felt around his fingers he pumped them in and out, curling and uncurling them, noticing how in her sleep she was still humping against his hand, her scent swelling in his nose only making the forming bulge in his pants rock hard. 

    He couldn’t wait any longer as he was too impatient, giving his fingers a wiggle and a thick gush sound coming from the way he pumped his fingers out of her. Shedding himself of his clothing sloppily he brought his erect cock to the entrance of her sopping center and let himself sheathe into her, head throwing back from how tight she was around him, length twitching and a raspy groan leaving his lips. Her slick already coating him, he hastily began to pound himself into her. Rutting and huffing lustfully, grabbing the base of her hips with his hands and gripping so tight that he’d probably leave bruises against her skin. He slammed desperately into her, bottoming out inside of her and watching as her ass bounced with each slam of his hips. The sight making him pant and growl filthily.  ‘I can feel my wound healing from our energy lacing with each other.’ he rambled on in his head,  ‘Dammit, I shouldn’t be using Ganyu like this.’ he rutted even harder into her, pumping his thick length into her cervix, slapping sounds emitting from the skin on skin contact, his balls hitting right against her clit and making her center only leak more for him. Her walls clenching around him so hard that it made him groan over and over, drooling on himself. ‘But, she feels so good... !!’ he slapped a hand over his mouth, trying to suppress the growls that were escaping him but to no avail. With one final squeeze he couldn’t contain himself and came deep inside of her. His thick cum spewing into her and being so thick that it splat out of her hole with him still inside, dripping down his shaft and pattering onto the ground. “Hah ~ hh-hah..” he panted roughly. He wasn’t able to control himself, wanting more, needing more. He slammed his hips sloppily into her continuously, his grip so tight that it began to wake the lady Ganyu. Her soft sleepy noises turning into panted moans. Xiao was too wrapped up in her, too consumed by how good she felt that he didn’t care to stop, only going rougher, needing his fill. Ganyu’s reaction was compliant, soft and submissive, he felt so good inside of her. How dirty she was, dreaming of her master using her as his little toy, dripping all over herself every time she napped. “Xiao...” she moaned. “S’ good. hahh! ~ so good.” 

    Xiao’s pace didn’t falter, only became more animalistic as he heard her beg for him, babble on about how good his heavy load felt swelling her up so full. Groaning as he felt her wrap the tightest she has around him, feeling her walls convulse around him as she screamed into the ground, her legs shaking and cumming all over him. Her cum dripping down his length, mixing with his. “Nasty girl, you wanted me to use you this whole time, didn’t you?” Xiao panted through groans, cum all over Ganyu’s and his thighs. “Ye-Yes Master, all for you, only you.” she babbled on, earning praise from Xiao by his movements quckening, making her cum a second, third, fourth time and him a second. His load swelling her up so full that she was lolled out into the grass, drool and sweat dripping out of her tear stained face. Her body shaky and sensitive. Whining and screaming every time she came for him. Xiao aggressively flipped her over and ribbed her top in half, fondling and groping over her heavy breasts, watching them bounce as he kept pounding into her. Her eyes now looking at his, both of them half lidded and overcome with lust. His piercing golden eyes watching how her body moved for him, watching how her mouth was parted, begging and pleading. “Xiao! Too much, hurts, hurts!” he only scoffed at her and unsheathed himself before ramming completely back into her cervix. “Shut up and endure it.” He spit, grabbing onto her thighs and pounding sloppily inside of her, sweat forming above his brow. He let out one deep growl before cumming once more, his nails digging into her from the one hand that wasn’t wearing a glove. He felt his body jerk softly to his orgasm, heavy red washing voer his cheeks and Ganyu so full of his cum that it messily gushed out onto both of them, Xiao smirking in approval. 

    Slowly he slid himself out of her, their juices instantly pouring out of her from how much was inside, it causing a puddle on the ground between them. Ganyu struggled to sit up, Xiao changing his whole rough demeanor and helping her. “Master, you’re hurt.” she whined, crawling over to him. Xiao now slumped down, laying against the trunk of a tree that was behind them, breathed out in a smile. “I’m better now...” he almost laughed. “Since we shared adeptal energy, I healed faster.” Ganyu nodded, but approached him further, still on all fours she bobbed her head down and licked at his twitching length. “Let me heal you completely.” she trailed off. Xiao flinched and gasped, watching her as she took him into her mouth and looked at him with those eyes that said *Please?* He complied, letting out another groan as she eagerly licked at his sensitive tip. He couldn’t help himself from encouraging her. “Just like that. Hahh ~” Before he knew it, Ganyu was swallowing him entirely, catching a heavy pant from him. “Hey, don’t strain yourself, hnn. Take it easy.” Ganyu not listening to him only swallowed him happily, using the warmth of her throat to please him, sliding him up and down against it. Xiao slammed his head backwards against the tree, gripping onto her horns and bucking his hips upwards into her throat, letting the sensation take him over. Ganyu let out small gags and sloppy slurp noises, her drool drifting down to his balls, sticky strands as he now controlled her head bobbing her up and down by her horns. “Haa... Ganyu! If you keep doing that i’ll-” Xiao groaned out, his length twitching and his hips shoving upwards suddenly out of the sudden rush of pleasure that overcame him from his final orgasm. Ganyu moaning happily to the feeling of his warm cum going down her throat, slowly sliding her out of his mouth as she licked her lips, keeping any from falling. “So sweet ~” Her voice was soft, almost a whisper. Xiao stroked her head softly and pulled her up to his lips, kissing her so hungrily, so filled with lust and admiration that when they parted, strands of saliva was connecting both of their lips. 

    They looked at each other lovingly, the silence that surrounded them was loud but comfortable. Both of them retaining true and genuine feelings for one another, Xiao always letting her be his soft spot, no matter how rough on the surface he may seem. Ganyu knowing that Xiao’s harsh behavior was always only to protect her, he hated seeing her sad or hurt. It was his duty to take care of her, always be by her side. She was the light within him, taming what no one else ever could. “Little lamb, never leave my side. Promise me.” Xiao pulled Ganyu closer, wrapping her in a warm embrace that said he never wanted her to leave. “I promise, but only if you never leave mine.” She spoke to him with love in her words. “I promise.” he hummed back, pressing his lips to her head, his nose swelling with the scent of her soft hair, the sun setting as they both sat in each other’s arms, always by each other’s side. 


    I know there are those who see them as siblings but I see them more like friends who grew up together and always had a crush on each other, thanks.

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  • alternatefandom
    05.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    New ship! Kinda a rarepair this time. Two gentle adeptus, survivors of the Archon War, adrift in Liyue’s dawning age of humanity. One steeped in darkness, alone, fighting an eternal battle against darkness for the sake of Liyue, while the other is a paragon of benevolence, working amongst humans for thousands of years for the well-being of all living things in Liyue. Xiao and Ganyu, Rex Lapis’ loyal retainers. They deserve to find peace and rest.

    #genshin impact#xiao#ganyu#xianyu #genshin impact photography #hello! #this post doesn't mean that i'm gonna be active again #i'm sorry #until my rl stuff is in a better situation I don't think I can handle actively fandom-ing again #will post once in a while though #thank you friends ily <3 #in another news i got ganyu! #and thus my adeptus army collection is now complete #now i just need to finish the archon collection
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  • danurso
    26.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Goat magnet

    Aether: Xiao?

    Xiao: *appears* You called?

    Aether: Yep, can you do me a favor?

    Xiao: As long as it is within the realm of possibility.

    Aether: good. *Places primogems on his hand*

    Xiao: What are these for?

    Aether: Can you toss them as far as you can?

    Xiao: *confused*

    Amber: Just humor him please.

    Xiao: *sigh* fine. *Turns to the horizon, tossing the primogems as far as he can*

    Aether: *whistle* Nice throw.

    Xiao: I fail to see the point in this-

    *A golden meteor lights the sky*

    Amber: Here it comes! *Stands back*

    Aether: *stands back as well*

    Xiao: What is? *turns around, only to see a golden meteor crashing on top of him*

    ???: Oww. . .

    Xiao: Ugh...what was- !?!?

    Ganyu: *on top of him* That hurt a little. . .where- *red* X-xiao!?

    Xiao: *red, confused as all hell*

    Ganyu/Xiao: *silent awkwardness*

    Aether: . . . .I can't believe that actually worked. 

    Amber: Told you~

    Aether: Fine, you win. *Hands her a bag of mora*

    Amber: *hugging the bag* Hehehe, I love being right.

    (Game has been kind to me recently, ty mihoyo)

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  • xianyuob
    04.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    sketch of bbg ganyu in my overwatch themed sketchbook-

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