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  • minkibug
    28.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Also, any luck I had with genshin pulls is now gone.

    I did 2 10 rolls for my friend right, on his acc.

    On the first, I rolled C1 Jean.


    I wanted Ayaka ;-;

    Oh well, Xiao will not escape me this time


    what if you pull a min before her banners gone? i see so many people do it


    #im pulling for c1 xiao #the only problem is im nowhere near hitting pity
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  • stellarflex
    28.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago
    Xiao Zhan, Zou Cheng and Fairy (Dog) behind the scene on The Untamed Episode 34 ....
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  • nicebonescomrade
    28.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    Everyone, say thank you to xiao mains 💕

    #just chatting #a xiao main came and helped with the quest woohoo #xiao mains have my whole heart <3
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  • angetm
    28.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    im alright!! going to a friends house for her bday in a few hours :]

    also im caving i might just pull for yelans bow its so cracked

    oooh nice!!!

    honestly this weapon banner is so good, hope u get a few widsiths along the way

    #♡.— jupiter #i would pull to r3 xiao's polearm but im already gonna drop around 70 pulls to get his c2 so
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  • salsflore
    28.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago


    #are you Stupid #i hate liyue comms btw but anything for xiao #⠀mika’s chatroom !⠀
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  • accio-victuuri
    28.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    source: LeoLibra丨0805x1005

    #xiao zhan #idol xiao zhan pspspspsps #i just have so many feelings about idol zhan zhan lately
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  • xinlingfamen
    28.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    每天的上午六点、八点、下午四点、八点、十点,都是菩萨亲自来的时间,菩萨必到的,所以念经讲话会很灵验;其他时间是护法神来,有时候讲很多,不一定马上灵验。 —— 卢台长开示解答来信疑惑(一百) https://instagr.am/p/CeGOlQasngW/

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  • ashistiredxx
    28.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    Genshin impact is really making me do math rn- like- I’m calculating how many primos I need to get Xiao-

    Schools need to implement this

    #genshin impact #genshin impact xiao
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  • jiannguo
    28.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago

    Soft, fluffy, Xiao Zhan during X Nine era

    Credit @羞羞羞羞脸 (Baidu)

    Hadn't seen these pics before...

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  • sarikha15
    28.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    Xiao is coming back! so here's some old fanart! 😊 Art prints and other merch on RedBubble! Link in Bio #genshinfanart #rkgk #原神 #Liyue #genshinimpactxiao #Xiao #魈 #anemovision #anemo #fanart🎨 #gaming #gamecharacter #art #illustration #artistsoninstagram #fantasygame #aether #lumine #liyue #guardianyaksha #conquerorofdemons #digitalartpainting #digitalarts #genshinimpactfanart #GenshinImpact #lanternrite #Sarikha #ClipStudioPaintEX https://www.instagram.com/p/Cd63mMNO7Tx/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=

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  • thatjadedhotmess
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    xiao isn't the biggest fan of affection [especially in public] but he'll still find ways to show his love for you. Whether that be giving you little presents when there's no special occasion or even holding your pinkie under the table while you guys eat, you can always count on him to express his love for you, even if it may not be in the most conventional ways. He probably won't initiate a hug or a kiss but if you do it he wouldn't mind but over the course of your relationship he would get bolder and start giving you side hugs that would slowly become the nicest warmest hugs ever. ahhhh

    #xiao#adeptus xiao#genshin xiao#xiao fluff #xiao x you #xiao x reader #genshin impact xiao #genshin #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact#sage🍂 scribbles
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  • sscarletvenus
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago



    also i am kinda proud of this layout because it doesn't really get any better than y2k catboy xiao zhan like i am obsessed with him sighhhh

    #seiiii my beloved #♡♡♡♡ #xiao zhan is literally my princess
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  • archonappreciator
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    ayo genshin kinnie callout post! (trauma version)

    fischl and sucrose kinnies, are y’all still trying to shift / isekai into your favourite historical fantasy media because reality is too painful and lonely for you to bear?

    razor and ganyu kinnies how is the diaspora trauma going? 

    venti, rosaria, kaeya kinnies, watch y’alls livers. 

    qiqi kinnies: stop pretending that you can remember your homework without writing it down in your planner. you know you won’t. WRITE. IT. DOWN.

    jean, lisa, xingqiu, keqing and ayaka kinnies... is this gifted kid burnout you have?

    diona, chongyun and noelle kinnies, you’re about to burn out.

    xiao kinnies, still pushing your loved ones away and blaming yourself for everything bad that happened to you?

    bennett, scaramouche and sayu kinnies how are the abandonment issues?

    shenhe and diluc kinnies it is time to handle your daddy issues.

    childe, ningguang, beidou and ayato kinnies do you still blame the circumstances for robbing your childhood? for turning you into someone that people called manipulative and monstrous?

    ei kinnies, sugar and self-isolation does nothing for your trauma.

    hutao and yae kinnies do yall think about how your extroverted front is used to hide your loneliness?

    sara kinnie how does it feel to devote your entire life to a lie?

    zhongli and mona kinnies please learn some financial literacy.

    itto kinnie get a real job. i know you hate capitalism but pls stop being in debt.

    albedo kinnies, this isn’t you, this isn’t the you that we all know and love pls don’t destroy mondstadt.

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  • friswastaken
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    This is basically what happened, right?

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  • jiannguo
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    CCTV 8 Weibo Update 220528

    【#What fantasy dramas do you expect to see#? 】 Recently, Xianxia dramas such as "Yugu Yaoyao", "Agarwood like crumbs" and "Canglan Jue" have appeared on the summer drama list. It seems that the gods from all walks of life are going to "fight in groups"~ I want to see deep heroism, and I also want to see chivalrous fluttering, so I look forward to it!

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  • kzmfizz
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago



    Fangirl mood!

    Xiao Zhan update. ❤️❤️❤️

    Hello Saturday guys.😁


    CR: bubly微笑趣泡 weibo


    CR: NARS weibo


    CR: 欧莱雅PRO weibo


    CR: 益达-嚼出我的范 weibo

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  • anantaru
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    ˖˚˳⊹ how they kiss you feat. heizou : ayato : xiao x gn! reader

    ˖˚˳⊹ genre: fluff : slightly suggestive

    ˖˚˳⊹ 𝗛𝗘𝗜𝗭𝗢𝗨

    breathtaking. If anything, Heizou never wants you to forget how it feels whenever he kisses you. Sometimes he'll just straight up kiss you out of the blue without any warnings. Though becoming startled every damn time he catches you off guard, you can't help it but feel the heat rise up your cheeks.

    Whenever Heizou does pull a stunt like that, the kiss is more energetic than anything else and he's always using his tongue, probably doesn't even know how not to use it at this point. It's all about teasing you and making you crave for more to him, that's just something he'll never stop doing.

    But, lets think about following scenario, the both of you are laying on the grass accompanied by various animals which all live around inazuma city. Heizou will prop himself up with his arm as you lock gazes. He's advancing towards your face and placing your chin in between his thumb and pointer finger, slowly but surely moving you to where he needs you the most, his soft lips waiting patiently until they finally taste you.

    ˖˚˳⊹ 𝗔𝗬𝗔𝗧𝗢

    intimate. Ayato is a true gentleman, that we‘re all certain of. Naturally, this certain trait of his will apply to his kisses as well. When it comes to being intimate he rarely shows intimacy between the both of you when you aren't alone. It's more a 'staying professional in front of others' than actually being scared of being intimate in public.

    Ayato is aware that everyone in Inazuma knows of him, so he always tries to keep an almost perfect demeanor in front of everybody to avoid any other future troubles that might occur. Though when the two of you are finally alone, Ayato is more than delighted to finally feel you against his burning lips.

    Cradling you into his embrace, he'll look down on you right into your eyes which he had missed all day. Before he'll actually dive into the kiss, Ayato will always pamper your face at first. A quick peck laid on your forehead, advancing to your cheeks and lastly the tip of your nose when he places his lips on top of yours while relishing in the feeling of tasting you.

    ˖˚˳⊹ 𝗫𝗜𝗔𝗢

    hesitant. For Xiao, it will always be hard to open up to someone new, considering all his past friends died, some of them in front of his own eyes. If anything, it's you who has to initiate that you want to kiss him. He'll most likely not initiate it ever, not that he doesn't want to kiss you don't misunderstand, more that he doesn't know how to actually do it properly without overstepping any boundaries between the both of you.

    It can happen that some sort of miscommunication can develop between the both of you because of those exact things. You wouldn't want to overstep any boundaries with him as well or don't want to make him uncomfortable with your presence. For now it would always remain in simple hand holding to reassure him that you're his and here with him, alive and breathing.

    Though there was a moment once and you were certain you wouldn‘t ever forget it in your whole life. The lantern rite festival was visible all across liyue, illuminating the night sky in a mesmerizing way as the two of you took a seat on the roof of wangshu inn.

    It was one of Xiao's favorite spots to sit and meditate on and once you looked at him, he met your gaze in lightning speed and before he was able to say anything to you to break the silence, you placed your hand on his cheek carefully while rubbing around circles with your thumb. Xiao's face had the color of red painted across his features but he didn't move away rather relished into the feeling of your touch and that's when you decided to take the chance to place a small yet firm kiss on his lips.

    Xiao pulled back for a minute to look at you with an almost dumbstruck expression but then immediately went back to meet your lips again as this was certainly the most passion filled kiss you have ever witnessed in your life.

    do not! share, copy or repost my work. ✎ ©ANANTARU 2022

    #heizou x reader #xiao x reader #ayato x reader #shikanoin heizou x reader #kamisato ayato x reader #genshin impact xiao x reader #genshin impact heizou x reader #xiao#heizou#heizou fluff#Xiao fluff #xiao x you #genshin impact fluff #genshin impact ayato #ayato#ayato fluff #genshin impact ayato x reader #ayato x you #heizou genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact kamisato ayato #genshin impact x reader #. ꔛ genshin!
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  • watchmakermori
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    me, who has never ever got the weapon i wanted from the weapon banner: what if I pulled for primordial jade winged spear

    #it's just that the four stars on yelan's banner are soooo bad i feel like i can't even justify trying to get her #so maybe? instead? #at least i can use aqua similacra on like childe or fischl if i get it #if i get an off banner though...ugh #i just wanna gear xiao like he deserves okay #genshin impact #and at least there are a few decent 4 stars on the weapon banner #i'm running low on stardust so i do want to pull on something. but im low pity on both banners #i'll at least do a few ten pulls on the weapon banner but whether i go all the way to pity...idk
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  • anantaru
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    God, thank you pumping out that sweet, sweet Heizou content. You nailed perfectly how I imagine he’d be. I too feel Heizou easily swings both ways for his S/O. He just comes off as such an easy going, open to anything kinda dude despite being a little shit.

    Gonna inhale your Heizou content like whore for this man that I’ve become. Gonna slap his fine ass on my Xiao team even though he’s a DPS.(becuase oh my gawd am I excited for his play style)

    ╰┈➤ TYSM !!!! i‘m so glad you agree with the way i write him <3 since Thoma mentioned it‘s not easy to get along with him it‘s safe to say he‘s a little shit because imagine someone like Thoma saying that about you 💀 AND HIS PLAYSTYLE IS SO NICE SO TRUE !!! <3

    #. ꔛ mail : xiaos-defenseless-backwindow! ₍ᐢ. .ᐢ₎ #. ꔛ askyoru!
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