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  • tictactala
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    "(not so) sweet dreams” - xiao/aether fic


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  • aexiao
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    as per my name, I am an aexiao enthusiast n idk if its cause im new to the fandom but its so hard to find aexiao content😭

    #can anybody rec me some fics pls #ill love u forever🤧 #aexiao#xiaoaether
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  • thischickennugget
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago
    My friend wanted some domestic XiaoAether so here I am 🧍‍♀️💃
    #genshin impact #genshin impact fanart #aether#xiao #genshin impact art #aether genshin impact #xiao genshin impact #xiaoaether #genshin impact aether #genshin impact xiao #thischickennugget
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  • aexiao
    23.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    [Xiao having an angsty inner monologue] "In this world, I am alone. In this world, I have no one—"

    Oh hi aefer😳🥰

    #aether being the light #(and love) #of xiaos life #makes me wanna *** #xiao#aether#xiaoaether#xiaoae #xiao x aether #xiaother#aexiao#genshin#genshin impact #xiao genshin impact #aether genshin impact
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  • dearchilde
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Listen, I saw the trailer. I see XiaoAether content. Me like. Ganyuforces will make her comeback with this info.

    #–;calla's diary! #it's been almost a year since I last posted abg xiaoaethef on ao3 #it's time to change that #genshin impact#xiaoaether
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  • isingasongforyou
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I Sing a Song for You is now live!

    Finally assembled a whole entire sideblog where I’ll be putting a significant portion of my Genshin Impact fanart!

    I Sing a Song for You is an unapologetically self-indulgent Genshin Impact AU centered on queer fluff. This story follows the travels of a four-member team consisting of Aether, Xiao, Albedo, and Childe, affectionately known as the CUDDLE PILE.

    I’ve set up this blog with a few pages’ worth of background information about the AU, and I’ve also equipped the queue to gradually cycle through some older relevant works previously posted to my main blog while I work on some new and fresh content!

    Feel free to follow if you’re interested in future developments.

    Thank you for your support!

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  • aexiao
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    giant mushroom got the lgbt lights lesgoooo😼

    #okay but miss mushroom is simply stunning😩 #xiaoaether#xiaoae #xiao x aether #xiaother#aexiao#xiao#aether#genshin#genshin impact
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  • fightclubpresident
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Likes: almond tofu

    Dislikes: mora meat

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  • aexiao
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    • A small xiaoaether hc •

    Xiao wouldn't admit it out loud, but seeing Aether struggle to play the flute was equal parts endearing and…alluring. It was no secret the boy was incredibly handsome, but something about his sheer determination made Xiao feel things within him he could not explain. From the edge of the roof that shades the balcony of Wangshu Inn, he continued to watch the boy blow into the flute with frustration.

    After several broken notes and wheezes, Aether resorts to glaring at the wooden instrument before letting out a sigh in defeat.

    "Why don't you play the song on the lyre instead? You're really good at it!" Paimon tries to encourage, earning what sounded like a grunt in response.

    "It has to be the flute or I'm afraid I can't play it."

    Hm? Well that was certainly strange. Although Xiao didn't know how to play many instruments, he's sure he could play a song on any that he did. It was a matter of knowing the notes. Maybe it was just preference?

    "Do you not like the lyre?" Xiao adds in.

    The blond leans his back against the rails and looks up at the adeptus, a conflicted expression marring his angel-like features.

    "No it's not that…I just," Aether takes a moment to assemble what he wanted to say. It seems he wasn't sure they would understand. Almost as if he didn't understand his dilema himself.

    "There's a song I hear in my dreams. I can't remember how it goes, but I'm sure that if I play the flute, it will come to me. It has to be the flute. That much I know."

    Interesting. So he didn't have a preference. He just didn't know the song, therefore, he couldn't play it on anything else even if he wanted to.

    In the distance, Xiao senses an evil presence and materializes his polearm in an instant. He jumps down from the roof onto the balcony with grace and is in the middle of bidding the boy and his companion farewell when he catches a glimpse of Aether's face.

    His lips were jutted out the slightest and his eyebrows drawn together—he was pouting. Although he didn't like to see the blond have any other expression that wasn't outright joyous, this look in particular was enjoyable as well. The feeling in his chest was akin to when he came across a kitten or something of that sort.

    "Do you have to leave?"

    It was a simple question, but one that made him falter. Not the question itself, but the way in which it was said. As if it were an indirect plea for him to stay.

    Xiao was never one to deny his duties. He'd always done them without qualms and fought tirelessly against evil since the day of his creation that it had become muscle memory at that point. But who was he to deny Aether a few more moments of his time. Who was he to deny Aether anything? His Jade spear dissipated from his hand and he watched with contentment as Aether's eyes lit up with his next words.

    "No. I don't."


    Weeks pass and they rendezvous at the base of Mt. Tianheng by the waterfall. It seems Aether had apparently "mastered" the flute and he was eager to show the adeptus. The blond had traveled to Mondstat where he was certain he'd conquer the technique to play the flute.

    "I figured that since it was the land of wind, maybe I'd learn to blow air differently or maybe I had to channel anemo into the flute."

    Xiao places a gloved hand delicately over his mouth, hiding the grin that was threatening to break into a smile. Channel anemo into the flute? If something like that was required, then no ordinary human would be able to play the flute. It was such a silly theory he had to stamp down the urge to laugh so that Aether wouldn't think he was making fun of him.

    "And what did you find?" Xiao inquired as he watched the blond unwrap the wooden instrument from a purple cloth.

    "It was neither! I was just really bad at playing the flute." Aether responds with a chuckle while rubbing the back of his neck abashedly.

    This time he couldn't hold himself from letting out a snort. His chest felt light as he allowed himself to laugh, gasping for air when he went too long without breath. He didn't have the time to worry about how he was being perceived by the boy when he was so at ease. It was always this way with Aether, he was able to be unguarded, at peace. Like nothing else in the world mattered. In his bouts of laughter, he completely misses the sparkling eyes and look of pure adoration that is directed towards him from the other boy.

    Once he had collected himself, he gave his undivided attention to the blond who immediately began to stammer and fumble around. He found it a little odd, moreso because he couldn't understand a single thing he said, but paid it no mind. He perched himself atop a boulder across from the blond who decided to take a seat on the grass.

    "Are you ready?" Aether asked with barely contained excitement. Taking his nod as a cue to begin, the boy brings the flute to his lips and commences to play his melody.

    At the sound of the first note, Xiao feels the air get sucked out of his lungs. His body trembles, overwhelmed by the various emotions racing through him.

    It can't be…

    His heart throbs fervently, almost painfully against his chest as Aether continued to play the entrancing tune. With every skillful press of fingers against the holes of the flute and every precise breath, the karmic debt tormenting Xiao from within began to dispel from his body. Like the seed of a sun sowed in an endless shadowy darkness, gradually dispersing it with its radiance as it blooms. Already his mind felt more clear than it had in years, however, the effects were so potent the yaksha found himself feeling a bit lightheaded. He can't recall at what point in time he'd spaced out, but Aether comes into his line of vision visibly concerned. He couldn't comprehend why he sounded distant when he was standing right in front of him.

    "Xiao! Are you okay?! Xiao!"

    There's arms embracing him, he realizes belatedly. Somehow the warmth and security he felt being held by Aether had more of an effect on him than the song he'd played. He finds himself wanting to drown in the sensation. Drown in him.

    "That song…" Xiao manages to croak out and he wonders when his throat had become so dry. Aether listens to him attentively, his large golden eyes filled with worry as he patiently waits for the adeptus' next words.

    That song is the same one that saved me all those centuries ago

    ☆ yes yes I know I read somewhere that it was Venti who played the flute (though I'm not sure if that is canon or juss a hc) either way I liked the idea of it being Aether (for obvious reasons teehee😋) but him not remembering as he has no recollection of who he was or what he did after being practically comatose for 500 years. Sure he had to re-learn the flute but the song remained. Aether indirectly saved Xiao centuries back n has no idea that he did :)
    #obvious reasons being that i ship the adeptus yaksha conquerer of demons xiao #with sassy sunshine boy Aether #disclaimer #i am not a writer😅 #if this is ass close ur eyes #i had fun lol #xiao#aether#xiaoaether#xiaoae#xiaother#aexiao #xiao x aether #xiao x traveler #genshin#genshin impact
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  • aetheternity
    14.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Alright I can finally come back properly now that I've finished the xiaother fic I started forever ago.

    Here it is for everyone's viewing pleasure

    #xiaoaether#aexiao#xiaother #the farm au fic is finally complete #i'm exhausted all the time
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  • stcllariis
    12.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    {okay i dont wanna like spam dash with them lol so i’ll do more later <3 like or send me a character/ship u wanna see! for sure i’m going to do thomaether and ayakaether <3}

    #⋙ 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕜𝕖𝕖𝕡𝕖𝕣 𝕚𝕤 𝕗𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕒𝕨𝕒𝕪 {ooc} #maybe xiaoaether too but all my xiaos are on breaks rn adfsfd
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  • aexiao
    12.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    “As I got to know you, I began to realise that beauty was the least of your qualities. I became fascinated by your goodness. I was drawn in by it. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. And it was only when I began to feel actual, physical pain every time you left the room that it finally dawned on me: I was in love, for the first time in my life.”

    -Choderlos de Laclos

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  • virdisdrachen
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Xiao needs to recharge ~~~💚💛

    #genshin impact#aether#xiao#xiaoaether #xiao x aether #xiaother#my art #genshin impact xiao #genshin impact aether
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  • ffrenky
    07.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago
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  • mars00nmar
    06.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    My art for the xiao aether Big Bang on Twitter! Find @memoriesofsalt on Twitter to get their fic on Ao3 and find out why xiao can’t seem to remember aether name and face 👀

    #xiaoaether#xiao fanart#xiao#genshin xiao #genshin impact xiao #genshin aether #genshin impact aether #aether
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  • lessliesh
    05.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    it's like a dream but i'm glad you smile...

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  • lessliesh
    04.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Your kiss is lighter than almond tofu.

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  • lessliesh
    03.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Please, Xiao! You are not a monster! Don't leave me in this darkness!

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  • lessliesh
    03.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Xiao, do you see those stars? Maybe I came from there ... I'm so confused, but next to you I feel at home...

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  • sukizuhafics
    03.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    「 Till Death do Us Apart 」


    The wrath of evil spirits, omens of calamity, and.. your voice. That’s all I need to hear.

    “Did you summon me?”

    “Who else is here?”

    Right there, sitting on top of the adeptus, a blonde haired traveller from another world. It is now the 17th April, the day a yaksha was born.

    “Was it necessary to tackle me like that?”

    “Ehehe.. You’re quite red though~?”

    “In.. your dreams.. get up.”

    “Ahaha!! Fine fine, no need to push!” He chuckled, the love wasn’t aware of what he had in his sleeves for the day. It could be a trick, it could be a gift, nonetheless, the adeptus believes he has no such intentions.

    The blonde traveller invites him on a walk.

    “How was Inazuma festival?”

    “Well.. there were quite some problems but it was fun! I also met a lot of new and familiar people. There’s this Ayato guy.. he’s elegant and pretty! Just like his sister, he also..”

    “Ah.. Am I rambling..? You look upset..”

    “Upset? No, I’m not upset.”

    “You clearly are.. You can’t hide everything from me you know.. Did I do something wrong?”

    The adeptus found himself blushing.

    “It’s.. nothing really. I love listening to you but you’re complimenting another guy in front of your own lover..”



    “Why are you laughing??”

    “Hahah!! Nothing, I just find that adorable.. sorry for making you jealous!”

    “I’m not.. whatever..”

    “Eheh.. oh look! Crystalflies!”

    “They’re beautiful.”

    A beautiful view. They sat and started recalling memories together.

    Remember when you tried catching one to put in my hair and ended up catching a lot more than you wanted?

    They were just a simple gift.. I was thinking about you.. that I didn’t realise.

    Glad to know you couldn’t think of anything else other than me.

    Remember the first time we met? I was honestly intimidated by you.. ahaha

    Oh and my favourite! The time you carried me when I was falling off fighting Osial!!

    Don’t.. mention that.. I only did what I was supposed to.

    Ahaha! But you were so hot that time I almos-

    Don’t finish that sentence.

    They both laughed together while leaning on a tree, holding hands. Soon the talk turned into a flirting session, they both ended up being a blushing mess, along with a soft kiss.


    You are a gift from the gods to me.

    I’m glad I met you.

    Even if we die, and reincarnate multiple times.. Even if I have to leave this world.. Even if you can’t accompany me with my journeys..

    I’ll always love you.

    Till death do us apart.

    “Happy Birthday.”

    The End


    This was for Xiao’s bday I forgot I had tumblr

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