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  • neocrackheadtechnology23
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    We have a problem



    Sungchan: It's always him...🙃

    Chenle: I didn't even do anything this time! 😐

    Jisung: Oh reolli?

    Jungwoo: Uh- Is it by any chance some pasta that is on fire?

    Lucas: YES

    Jungwoo: Welp, I might have forgotten my lunch 🤠

    Kun: ...

    Chenle: Time to die everyone, Kun just ran away. 🙂


    Winwin: Since when you're so invested in the house problems? 👀

    Taeil: As far as I remember, Ten was just invested in the house's gossip 👀

    Ten: I would have let the house and all of you burn but Doyoung is gonna fucking kill me if he founds out that y'all idiots set the kitchen on fire for the fifth time in this month.

    Jaehyun: What a bad idea to leave the house under Ten's supervision.🤡


    Winwin: But I still want to annoy you :(


    Mark: Why is the house smelling like burnt pasta?


    Mark: AH.


    Taeil: Did everyone learn to communicate by yelling or something?

    Chenle: Jisung has officially lost his mind, welcome to the club, crusty rat.



    Mark: I am honestly impressed by your insults and Ten's determination to solve the problem instead of worsening it.

    Winwin: Exactly! Ten should be receiving a Nobel prize for trying to help and not just lit the rest of the house on fire!! 🤡

    Ten: Winwin did you woke up in the morning with the only goal to fucking irritate me?

    Jaehyun: Let's take a moment of silence for Doyoung who is going to read all of the messages with Ten's cussing. 😀

    Ten: I did NOT ask for the reminder, thank you. 🙄

    Johnny: I've never been so happy to be on a business trip before. Suffer you stupid nuggets.

    Jungwoo: Don't talk about food when I burnt mine...😒

    Taeil: And whose mistake was it?

    Jungwoo: 😒


    Jaehyun: So you're telling me that you were doing nothing this WHOLE TIME?!

    Jungwoo: ... oh well, there was an attempt but he might have aggravated the situation 😒

    Lucas: HELP ME

    Xiaojun: Try invoking the fire god by dancing in front of the fire 🙃


    Xiaojun: I- 🙂🔪

    Yuta: I am coming to burn all of you.

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  • taeyongsfish
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    spreading the angel numbers to all of you 🫶🏻 thank you for your continuous support !!

    #working on silver rings pt 2 #ready for more dilf kun #plus some xiaojun too?????? hm?? maybe??? who knows
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  • liu-yu-xin
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Xiaojun singing a bit of 你瞒我瞒 on live... Brb i am fucking exploding. xiaojun literally NEEDS to sing more cantonese songs or i will pass away

    #cantonese music >>>>>> #cantonese xiaojun singing cantonese songs >>>>> #xiaojun#wayv #sidney talks shit
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  • strxberri-series
    27.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐯 𝐚𝐮.

    「...vampire clan」

    a/n: this is only for entertainment purposes, do not come for me for writing this! | all gifs are from pintrest

    *•.¸♡ navigaion. ♡¸.•*

    *•.¸♡ au. ♡¸.•*

    ‣ summary... wayv as vampire clan

    ↺ genre... fluff, vampire au

    ♪ listen to... kickback by wayv

    ♔ Qɪᴀɴ ᴋᴜɴ;

    name: qian kun

    hometown: fujian, china

    human birthday: january 1, 1996

    vampire birthday: october 12, 2018

    age when turned: 22

    human eye colour: brown

    vampire eye colour: gold

    food choice: animal blood

    powers: compassion

    abilities: elemental manipulation

    how he turned: bitten by ten

    warnings: i wouldn’t get on his bad side.

    elemental manipulation: allows them to physically manipulate the four elements of nature with his will: fire, water, air, and earth. this power is channeled through his mind and hands.

    ♔ ᴄʜɪᴛᴛᴀᴘʜᴏɴ ʟᴇᴇᴄʜᴀɪʏᴀᴘᴏʀɴᴋᴜʟ – ᴛᴇɴ;

    name: cittaphon leechaiyapornkul

    hometown: bangkok, thailand

    human birthday: february 27, 1996

    vampire birthday: april 9, 2016

    age when turned: 20

    human eye colour: brown

    vampire eye colour: red

    food choice: human blood

    powers: speed, strength, beauty

    abilities: enhanced self-preservation

    how he turned: spelled by a witch

    warnings: he’ll track you down if he has to.

    enhanced self-preservation: the instinctive need to keep alive. it allows realization when to evade danger as well as if the place she ran to was safe or not.

    ♔ ᴅᴏɴɢ ꜱɪᴄʜᴇɴɢ – ᴡɪɴᴡɪɴ;

    name: dong si cheng

    hometown: wenzhou, zhejiang, china

    human birthday: october 28, 1997

    vampire birthday: july 7, 2016

    age when turned: 18

    human eye colour: brown

    vampire eye colour: gold

    food choice: human blood

    powers: speed

    abilities: shield penetration

    how he turned: bitten by ten

    warnings: i wouldn’t wanna be a shield around him.

    shield penetration: can destroy or penetrate a mental shield.

    ♔ ᴡᴏɴɢ ʏᴜᴋʜᴇɪ – ʟᴜᴄᴀꜱ;

    name: wong yukhei

    hometown: hong kong, china

    human birthday: january 25, 1999

    vampire birthday: march 14, 2018

    age when turned: 19

    human eye colour: brown

    vampire eye colour: gold

    food choice: human blood

    powers: speed, strength

    abilities: pathokinesis

    how he turned: bitten by ten

    warnings: just dont get near him.

    pathokinesis: can feel the emotions of those around them as well as manipulate them according to his content. this gift is no illusion, mental shield’s would not protect against it. the likely consciously controls the manipulative aspect of the ability.

    ♔ xɪᴀᴏ ᴅᴇᴊᴜɴ – xɪᴀᴏᴊᴜɴ;

    name: xiao dejun

    hometown: guangdong, china

    human birthday: august 8, 1999

    vampire birthday: january 2019

    age when turned: 19

    human eye colour: brown

    vampire eye colour: gold

    food choice: human blood

    powers: speed

    abilities: mental shield

    how he turned: bitten by ten

    warnings: he can shield just about anything.

    mental shield: the shield is so strong that it has been working without them knowing. it protects them from "psychic attacks" that affect the mind.

    ♔ ᴡᴏɴɢ ᴋᴜɴʜᴀɴɢ – ʜᴇɴᴅᴇʀʏ;

    name: wong kun hang

    hometown: macau, china

    human birthday: september 28, 1999

    vampire birthday: january 2019

    age when turned: 19

    human eye colour: brown

    vampire eye colour: gold

    food choice: human blood

    powers: speed, strength

    abilities: psychic electrokinesis

    how he turned: bitten by ten

    warnings: dont let him near you when hes mad.

    psychic electrokinesis: can cover their body with an electrical current. upon physical contact while their gift is in use, depending on the power they put into it, the person can feel as little as static shock or great enough to cause their knees to buckle and have them on their backs.

    ♔ ʟɪᴜ ʏᴀɴɢʏᴀɴɢ;

    name: liu yang yang

    hometown: taiwan

    human birthday: october 10, 2000

    vampire birthday:  january 2019

    age when turned: 18

    human eye colour: brown

    vampire eye colour:  gold

    food choice: animal blood

    powers: compassion, speed

    abilities: lie detection

    how he turned: bitten by ten

    warnings: dont ever lie to him.

    lie detection: can sense if they are being lied to, can also tell if someone is lying by movement or facial expression.
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  • neocatharsis
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    [리무진서비스] | 샤오쥔 솔로 염불 외는 이무진 | EP.15 미방분 선공개 영상

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  • goofyjongho
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #i miss them babies so much 🥺 #wayv#nct#lucas wong#winwin#hendery#xiaojun #i wish they come back together to do a version with kun
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  • subbyyang
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Xiaoyang - 26 ("No cumming until I tell you to")

    “Oh, fuck, fuck, you have no business being this big” Xiaojun moaned as he slowly sank onto Yangyang’s cock, eyes fluttering shut at the stretch. No matter how well he prepared himself, it always took him a while to get used to it. 

    Yangyang tried to stay still as best as he could, hips tense as he did his best not to thrust up into Dejun’s tight heat, wrists tied up to the headboard to keep his hands from wandering. Dejun’s name kept slipping from his tongue, wrapped in whimpers and gasps as Dejun finally started picking up the pace, bouncing on Yangyang’s cock like he couldn’t get enough of it. 

    “Dejun, please, please, faster” Yangyang cried out, fighting against his restraints, wanting to grab him by the hips and fuck up into him. 

    “Toys don’t speak,” Dejun said, voice high and breathy as he covered Yangyang’s mouth, starting nonetheless to move faster, a bead of sweat dripping from one of his thick eyebrows, “fuck - fuck you’re so deep”

    Yangyang whined against Dejun’s hand, pleasure shooting up his spine every time his hard cock was swallowed by Dejun’s tight walls. He almost considered licking his hand to get him to uncover his mouth but Dejun would probably slap him for that and for some reason that made his cock twitch. But before he could do it Dejun uncovered his mouth, going back to leaning back on Yangyang’s thighs as he continued to ride him. 

    For a while the only sounds that could be heard were the wet slaps of skin on skin and the noises both of them were making, a mix of airy moans and deep groans, peppered with some gasps in between. 

    “Kiss me” Yangyang whimpered. He knew he shouldn’t speak, but with his hands tied up he had no other way of asking for what he wanted.

    Dejun almost faltered at the sound of Yangyang’s voice. He sounded so cute, so desperate for the smallest amount of attention that Dejun didn’t have the heart to tease him for it. Hendery was right, maybe he was getting soft. He leaned down, slotting their lips together in a slow kiss, smiling when he felt Yangyang sigh into his mouth. 

    They pulled away from the kiss, breathing against each other’s lips as Dejun went back to fucking himself on Yangyang’s cock, one hand flying to his own. 

    “Close” Yangyang moaned, eyes shut in pleasure. Dejun always felt so good, always had him on the edge so quickly. 

    “Yangyang,” Dejun said, his voice low as he grabbed Yangyang by the cheeks, keeping his face from moving, “no cumming until I tell you to”

    “But - but, Dejun, it feels so good, De -“

    “If you cum before I do, you’re not cumming for a whole week, Yangyang…now be quiet”

    Yangyang whined pitifully as Dejun covered his mouth again, bouncing happily on his cock as Yangyang thrashed underneath him, trying to keep his orgasm at bay. He knew better than to doubt or disobey Dejun, especially when he got like this. 

    Dejun went back to jerking himself off at the same pace he was fucking himself on Yangyang’s cock, his other hand still on top of his mouth. Going by the way Yangyang trembled underneath him, he knew he wasn’t going to last too long and Dejun too was getting desperate to cum, getting closer and closer to the edge with each thrust. He tried changing the angle a little, moaning loudly at the feeling of Yangyang’s long cock hitting his prostate. It seemed to be all the stimulation he needed as only a couple of thrusts in this new angle were enough to have that taut coil of pleasure break in his gut as he came all over Yangyang’s chest. 

    “You did so well” Dejun said in a breathless voice as he finished riding the last of his orgasm. He uncovered Yangyang’s mouth and undid the restraints on his wrists before leaning down to kiss him. “You can cum now”

    Yangyang didn’t need to be told twice, flipping them around so he was on top of Dejun, desperately fucking into his tight hole, shivers of pleasure running down his spine, their lips connected but not moving as they breathed into each other’s mouths. It didn’t take long until Yangyang was pushing in one last time, cumming as deeply as possible into Dejun, his body going limp above his boyfriend’s as he petted his hair.

    “My good boy” Dejun said tiredly before pulling Yangyang into a slow kiss.



    Based on these prompts, requests still open

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  • joongfm
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ❀𝔀𝓪𝔂𝓿 𝓵𝓸𝓬𝓴𝓼𝓬𝓻𝓮𝓮𝓷𝓼❀

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  • koreaguides
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    NCT Tour

    Our Bakery: 

    Taeyong’s favorite bakery in Dosan 

    Mongmyeok Sanbang: 

    NCT filmed ep. 8 of HOT & YOUNG Seoul trip at this hanok restaurant near Myeongdong. This restaurant that had Michelin 1 star for 3 consecutive years serves authentic Korean cuisine. 

    Anthracite Hannam: 

    Go to the second floor of this popular cafe in Itaewon to see where Jaehyun took his selfies. 

    The 100 Food Truck: 


    This restaurant offers a comfortable yet luxurious atmosphere along with great food. 

    Coffee M Stable: 

    This Gangnam cafe is where Johnny sat down to take a faceless selfie. 


    After NCT filmed with MC Shindong on Shindong Gayo, he took the group to a fine KBBQ restaurant. 

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  • thetypingpup
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Fire and Sun AU- The Sun’s Heat

    Female reader x Yandere!Xiaojun

    College!au, Romance

    Word Count: 1.9K

    Content Warning: some stalking

    Xiaojun is absolutely unreal, because even your dreams couldn’t concoct someone as dashing and breathtaking as him. When you first saw him on campus, he truly made you do a triple take. With sharp, gorgeous features, expressive brows, and an absolutely winning smile, he looked like someone out of an artist’s wildest dream. And just as you thought he couldn’t look any better, when you first saw him that day, the leaves happened to wreathe around him in a spiral of amber and orange, and he looked absolutely mesmerizing framed by the splendor of autumn. 

    He was so unreal, in fact, that you ended up avoiding him. It had been inadvertent, and easy to do since you had only seen him around campus a few times after that crisp autumn morning. You just didn’t want to orbit too close to the sun, lest the intense heat of his presence makes the wax of your resolve start to melt. But once the two of you shared a class together, you found yourself near him far more often. From initial seating charts, to happenstance instances around the library, you saw him so much more than before, and it made you far more flustered than you can comprehend. 

    Little did you know, these little happenstances were all according to plan, a calculated attempt to keep himself in adjacent proximity to you and make you think of him more often. He too experienced the same rush of enticing warmth when he saw you that day, seeing you framed by the picturesque scenery of the campus yard. As soon as he saw you amongst the backdrop of warm toned autumn leaves, which stood out against the ambiance of the brick buildings, he knew he had to see more of you. His gaze went right to you and it’s as if a single moment slowed to the speed of ten, and if it wasn’t for someone calling his name, he would’ve spent countless moments more fixated on you. He had never seen anyone as exquisitely beautiful as you, had never felt this strong of a magnetic pull towards anyone, and he quickly found himself drawn to the source of the heat that welled within him. 

    It wasn’t hard to obtain your schedule. A few well placed connections in the registrar’s office and a charming smile for good measure made that a simple task. He perused your curriculum for the semester until he settled on the class that would arouse the least suspicion if he joined. With the allowance of adding and dropping classes still available until the following week, it was as if fate decreed that he sign up for the class with you. From there, the short meetings in the library practically planned themselves, since he would have to be in those sections of the library to find the required course reading, if he conveniently ignored the fact that digital copies of the exact material were available online. It was too perfect of a coincidence to pass up the opportunity, and seeing the shy smile of surprise on your face was worth it every time. 

    To you, Xiaojun was just the pretty guy you admire from afar, far too beautiful to ever get up close. Xiaojun was just far too attractive, the kind of attractive that made you swoon and make you long wistfully for romantic domesticity. You spent the first part of that semester simply orbiting around each other, revolving around each other like Pluto around the sun, allowing fate to decide when your elliptical orbit would bring you closer together. 

    His plan worked like a charm. You ended up looking forward to the days of the week you have this particular class, with an eagerness you didn’t feel even for your core classes. You look forward to seeing him in class, to hearing what he had to say, to getting a lingering whiff of the cologne that only attracts you to him more. He quickly worked out which scents drew you to him more and made sure to wear them every time he knew he was going to see you. Likewise, it wasn’t difficult to figure out what colors you liked to see on him more. All he had to do was feel the weight of your gaze, and wear whatever made that density more palpable. He also figured out that blatant shows of academic prowess compelled you to fixate on him more, and it wasn’t hard to utilize his natural intelligence to get you to focus on him during class discussions. Still, even if you happened to agree with an opposing point he made, every comment you make about his insight never failed to bring warmth to his cheeks. Despite how obviously smitten you were, you still managed to maintain your own train of thought, and it only made him admire you more. He couldn’t wait to know more about what goes on in your mind, knowing that the inner workings of your mind must be as beautiful as your outward appearance.

    You found yourself thinking about him all the time. Thoughts of him lingered in your mind with each time you happened to see him in the library, remembering what he wore and the endearing way he looked at you. He never said much, but his every word to you became etched into your mind, imprinted onto the surface of your waking thoughts. He just had a way of leaving a lasting impression. When you fixated on him, the world phased out of focus, and for those fleeting moments nothing else seems to matter.

    Still, you didn’t allow yourself to develop true affection for him, having been burned far too many times in past romantic endeavors. Platonic intimacy and casual flings were more than enough for you, or so you convinced yourself. But now, now that you felt a fluttering in your heart every time you saw him, now that the heat of possible romance started to simmer beneath the surface, you realized you missed that feeling. You quickly dismissed it, deciding that the wax on your wings of detachment haven’t melted just yet. 

    Little did you know he wanted you to get closer. He wanted it so bad it would make his heart ache. He wanted to be in your presence so bad it would turn to longing in the moments he wasn’t with you. Having that class together, as advantageous as it was, only made yearning fester in his heart so much more. But you seemed so hesitant, and he didn’t want to ruin the delicate balance with too bold of a move. He’d get you to come to him through more…indirect means.

    That’s when he decided to turn up the heat. He could sense you wanting to get closer, orbiting just out of his reach, but some unknown repelling force was holding you back. That’s when he decided to make the first move. When he saw you in the library in the middle of November, with his heart pounding and his entire body thrumming with excitement, that’s when he asked, “Hey, you wanna be part of my group for this project?”

    Little did you know, your ‘yes’ to that question would fundamentally change the trajectory of his emotions.

    What started as a flirtatious fixation turned into a full on obsession for Xiaojun. He flew too close to the sun, and now he was plummeting head over heels into deeper feelings for you. Suddenly, his waking thoughts and even his dreams centered around you more and more. The way you laugh, the way you smile, the way you style yourself, your mind. Slowly peeling back the layers of your mind was such a rewarding experience. Getting to know your work ethic, your study habits, your aspirations, all of it was beyond fascinating for him. The beauty of your mind almost eclipsed the beauty of your countenance, and he found himself drawn to you more and more with each passing day. You seemed to tint the world rose gold with your aura and he finds himself wanting to bask in it for as long as possible.

    His feelings were the kind artists use as sources of inspiration to create grand works that serve as declarations to the world of their sentiments. And he wanted to create such art so bad. He wanted to let you and the world know that his passion for you was unrivaled by any other emotion he’s ever felt. Somehow, someway, he kept his displays of his feelings at bay, wanting to take his time kindling the flames of his tender amore. Besides, it was satisfying to witness the well of your feelings deepen in real time along with his, though his ran much deeper.

    As for you, you kept yourself guarded. You continued your normal routine of platonic intimacy and casual flings, trying not to interact with him outside of classroom obligations. For the sake of your sanity, you had to act like nothing changed. You never even obtained his number, or searched for him on social media, not wanting that sort of attachment to him. The less you knew about him, the easier it would be to break your fever of fervent want. You couldn’t let yourself get caught up in the whirlwind of new romance, no matter how exhilarating it was. No matter how alluring the warmth of potential courtship was, you just couldn’t do that to yourself. Not again. So while the heat did rise, you never let it get to a boiling point. You told yourself you just had an ordinary crush on Xiaojun.

    A simple crush, and nothing more, and you told this to yourself so many times you ended up believing it for the moment. 

    So when you saw him at your door at the first gathering of the new semester, to say you were gobsmacked would be an understatement. You’d convinced yourself you were never going to see him again, having kept him out of your mind over break, and knowing his major often kept him on the opposite side of campus. Suddenly all that repressed heat starts rising to the surface of your cheeks, and your heart beats at double the speed.

    “Hey,” Even though your voice was quiet, it takes everything in him not to suddenly embrace you upon hearing it. 

    “Hey, is this your place?” He doesn’t even care that his question is rhetorical. He’s just so happy to see you again.

    “Yea, mine and my suitemates.” He can hear you strain ever so slightly to get the words out, and your overwhelmed bashfulness is nothing short of endearing to him.

    “Cool,” He nods, trying to keep up a casual façade as he continues, “Yea I came with Hendery and Yangyang. They know Renjun.”

    “Y-yea, I know.” And Xiaojun know’s he’s flown far too close to the sun, because he finds your slight stutter absolutely adorable.

    Your voice brings him out of his brief riviere, “So uhm…yea come on in. It’s good to see you again.”

    It’s almost too easy to get you to swoon, for all he has to do is reply with a simple smile and a simple statement of, “It’s good to see you too.”

    And he knows he’ll be seeing you again. Little did you know he took the liberty of signing up for an elective that’s a required class for you this semester, so there was an absolute guarantee of seeing you again. There’s an absolute guarantee of making the embers of attraction spark and come alive with flames of unbridled fondness.

    For Xiaojun’s love for you is like the sun’s heat: radiant, warm, alluring.

    But if you’re not careful, the sun’s heat can burn.

    #fire and sun au #the pup actually types #nct scenarios#wayv scenarios #nct dejun scenarios #nct xiaojun scenarios #wayv xiaojun scenarios #wayv dejun scenarios
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  • multifandom-01-rewrite
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Relationship with WayV

    Main Masterlist
    NCT 127 // NCT Dream // NCT U // WayV
    A/N: I added Lucas' part in it because I really REALLY cannot leave him out - my over-organised, OCD mind cannot leave it out, or else I will legit get crazy internally at an 'incomplete' post. If you don't like it, you can just skip his part 👍

    Kun is quite close to Nari since she also helped him when he first came to Korea

    Close like siblings - and it's not really clear who would be the 'older sibling' because they treat each other equally. Like, one would nag the other and vice versa, depending on the situation

    Since they're quite close and work well together, they are like WayV's parents for the other members

    Kun is grateful to have Nari helping him with the leadership role since she has experience looking after 22 other kids

    Both love to chill together in each other's studios to produce some tracks

    Kun is the main one out of the two that does the cooking, and he's always happy to cook something up for Nari whenever she comes to the WayV dorm for a visit, or to stay for their comeback era - since he knows how tired and exhausted she can get with many schedules from NCT 127 and WayV

    Sometimes Nari will do the cooking though, cuz even he can get exhausted looking after the other members (you know how chaotic one can be)

    Most conversations in WayV go like this: "Kun-ge, can YangYang and I go outside?" "Did you ask Nari-jie?" "...no." "Go ask her first." "Nari-jie, can Hendery and I go outside?" "Did you ask Kun?"

    Yeah, when these two are together and in a playful mood, Kun is on his own HAHAHHAA

    Ten low-key brings out Nari's wild side - her wild, sexy side

    Always hyping each other up in whatever they're doing (so similar to the Johnny x Nari besties relationship, except the sibling part)

    They like hanging out together whether to just chill and relax, or do art/dancing together

    The two are pretty close as besties, they can talk about anything - even relationships - so if Nari wants to talk about her relationship with Taeyong, Ten is there to listen and give advice

    When it comes to severe situations though, they can become serious and work well together - especially when it comes to helping their members or other people, they work well together

    Ten was raised with his mother and sister, so he has major respect for females - especially for Nari. So if something bad were to happen to Nari, he would not like it at all - will fight anyone for Nari

    Those two are like, the cliche, chaotic besties that some people would wish to have

    WinWin doesn't like physical affection much, but just for Nari, he will accept it - especially since she did help him a lot with the Korean language, and always made sure to make him feel comfortable and involved

    Looks to Nari a lot for guidance and support when it comes to being in Korea and working in Korea - but when they're in China, he's dang confident and is the one more likely to guide and look after Nari since it's more his area

    Although he seems 'shy' and 'meek' in Korea, he will defend and protect Nari if necessary - and he's much bolder when in China

    When it comes to the younger members like Chenle and Renjun, the two of them really work well together to look out for them - those two Dreamies look up to Nari and WinWin a lot, actually

    Nari really loves his dancing, and she and Ten are always hanging around WinWin, wanting to try contemporary dancing

    Nari is the one that knows WinWin the most and is closest to WinWin - she is the one that he would go to for anything and everything, and he is one of the few that calls Nari by her Chinese name

    Also, the two love to annoy Yuta when they give each other attention rather than to the Japanese man - they know they have Nakamoto Yuta wrapped around their finger hehe

    WinWin knows that he can go to Nari for support, encouragement, and love in anything he does

    Lucas really acts like a younger brother when with Nari - lowers his guard and really clings onto Nari and wants to hang out with her like a younger brother

    The only time he seems 'older/mature' is when Nari's life is in danger or is threatened or something - he kind of becomes her bodyguard, lol

    People actually see him as just a 'giant goofball', but Nari knows the true Lucas who is very passionate, caring, and thoughtful about the things around them

    So whenever they're doing an interview or something, Nari makes sure to speak up about how Lucas is more than just his looks

    Whenever they do variety shows together in China, he's always looking out for her and making sure she's doing okay

    Modelling duos - the only one Lucas will acknowledge who has higher visuals than him loloolololol

    “I am the most handsome in NCT/WayV, but Nari is the most beautiful one. Together we are BOOM!”

    Nari first met him when she was walking past a practice room and heard his beautiful vocals and original lyrics

    The two love listening to movie soundtracks together, as well as songwriting and producing music

    One expresses their true thoughts and feelings through songwriting, so the two know each other's inner thoughts quite deeply

    He really leaned on her when they debuted, always looking at her and listening to her tips and advice

    At the same time, she's also like a nagging mother to him when he's not doing the right things - like eating snacks instead of proper meals or playing too many video games with YangYang

    “I told you two to clean your rooms!” “It’s not like you live in there!” “And I don’t want you guys running to me asking where your stuff is, because you can’t find it among your messy room!”

    We all know how clumsy he is, so you bet Nari is always hovering around, trying to look out for him and make sure he doesn't hurt himself or break anything

    He, in turn, helps her with songwriting, singing, and just being there for her when needed

    Sometimes his weirdness concerns her, but at the same time, he can bring out the weirdness inside of her

    Since he already has three older sisters, it's easy for him to lean on Nari and treat her like family (though to be honest, he finds himself closer to Nari by JUST A TINY BIT, and that's only because she understands the struggles of being an idol with him)

    But to be fair, he is quite close to her because when they were on Dream Plan and Hendery's ranidaphobia (fear of frogs) was shown, Nari was one of the main members that helped calm him down - and you know when someone helps a person when they're vulnerable, you tend to have that closer connection with them...if that makes sense...

    Yeah, Hendery is someone Nari definitely has to help Kun watch over with his craziness lol - poor Kun when Nari actually joins Hendery in the weirdness

    Hendery really admires how hardworking Nari is, and how much she helps NCT/WayV, he definitely looks up to her and finds himself sometimes seeking her approval in things he might be doing whether it's his rapping, singing, dancing etc.

    Nari really likes his rapping and dancing though and finds herself going to him a lot when they record WayV tracks and comebacks, asking him how to do certain things that he is good at

    Hendery feels quite happy and proud being able to be the one to help Nari when she asks

    He's not as obvious as other members, but he is pretty protective of Nari and will protect her when necessary

    Don't put YangYang and Haechan in a room together with Nari - they will annoy her so much she will somehow find a way to disown them if necessary lol

    Soooo mischievous towards Nari and Kun (but also include Ten who constantly calls YangYang his baby lol), they truly look like parents when looking after YangYang in WayV

    But he does listen to Nari more than Kun, so when being spoken to seriously, he will listen to Nari

    In all seriousness though, he felt touched when he found out Nari was learning German off to the side to have something in common with him for just the two of them - invited her to join his German classes in SM so they study together even though she is a bit behind compared to him

    You bet both of them giggled when they would teach the other members sentences that weren't actually the sentence the members wanted to learn kkkk

    When it comes to serious things, of course, he will listen to her and follow whatever she says - whenever they're somewhere new, most of the time he is right at her side, staying close to her - will full-on hide behind her small form if necessary lol

    And since he is basically like another kid of hers, of course, she will protect him like a Mama Bear - and he would protect her back if necessary.

    He may act all childish and lean on her most of the time, but if Nari is in danger, he will step up and protect her and look after her (swooning many fans when they see him protect his Noona ajajjaajjaja)

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    the hope the surprise is him doing a cover of lgbt by cupcakke

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    !* heejin do you like my new lights? :0

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    !* sieun ohhh nooooo! clumsy little me fell over! what a shame 😱 no one here to help me up :(

    !* beomgyu oh noo im clumsy too! i fell into the shower with my clothes one 😱

    !* eric chaewon i got you a dog please respond to me i love you

    !* xiaojun someone should join me and finish the heart but instead of finishing the heart we f-

    !* jaehyun me and her WHENNNN

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    !* seeun the grass is poking through my blanket :(

    !* gaeul pretty pretty

    !* harvey titterdoos titterdees

    !* yeonjun i was listening to the mlp soundtrack

    !* sunwoo i sat in water

    !* taehyun i tried doing crafts for haewon :(

    !* changmin haven't picked this up in a few years

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