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  • witchysolfan
    28.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Sundrop comforting you after a cry

    Audio: Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors

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  • boiling-potato
    28.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    We really need more trickster x y/n art 😌

    Hahah! Of course buddy! I'll draw more of them and post it as soon as possible! (✿^‿^)✨

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  • iguessigotta
    28.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Gentleman Dark. That is all.


    you no longer have to stoop so low as to touch a door handle, or light switch, or chair, or ANYTHING this man is ON IT

    is someone standing in your way while you're walking? not anymore they're not

    a puddle? it's taken care of - by way of you being subtly steered around it, or some other method - without you even knowing it was there in the first place

    someone being rude to you? you'll never notice, because your loving overprotective bf has already scared them off

    sometimes you wonder why he looks so tired all the time, when life is so easy. if only you knew how hard he worked to make things that way for you...

    #darkiplier headcannons #darkiplier x reader #darkiplier fluff #darkiplier x gn!reader #darkiplier x y/n #requests #you're right anon he IS a gentlemenan and he'd NEVER let me (or you!) #be sad #if u wanna hear me gush more about how much i love dark just ask me for more gentleman dark stuff lmao #[queued but not forgotten]
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  • slasher-male-wife
    28.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Hello, I saw that you are writing to my boy Brahms 💕 can I have a jealous Brahms with your Y/N gn? Thank you 😊

    Of course you can. I love the British wall man a whole lot so I hope you enjoy this too. Sorry it’s short writers block is a bitch and I’m trying to get over it. 

    You’re sitting on the couch with Brahms when you get a phone call. You check and it’s Malcom. You answer and move a bit. “Hey Malcom what’s up?” 

    “I just wanted to let you know I’m running a bit late today. Something came up at home and I gotta deal with it.” He says.

    “Oh that’s perfectly fine I don’t mind.” 

    “I hope Brahms doesn’t either. You know that doll creeps me out.” 

    “Yeah well I like it. It brings back memories for me. Anyway how late do you think you’re gonna be?” You ask as Brahms rests his head on your shoulder. 

    “I might have to make the delivery tomorrow. Depends on what happens here. But I wanted to ask you in you wanted to maybe go out into town on Saturday this week?” Brahms tightens his arms around you at this and lets out a low growl. 

    “Oh that’s really sweet Malcom but I don’t think I can make it. I’ve been feeling a bit sick these past few days and I don’t wanna get you sick too.” 

    “Oh alright that sucks. Well I’ll let you know when I’ll be there.” 

    “Alright thank you.” 

    “Of course. Bye.” 

    “Bye.” You hang up the phone and sigh. “Brahms I’d never go out with him ok? You’re mine. I’m yours. That’s how it is.” 

    “Malcom is always trying to steal you. It’s not fair.” He pouts. You turn in his lap and kiss his forehead.

    “Brahms you’ll always be my boy ok? I just wish sometimes we could go out into town together. We were able to go out on those walks.” 

    “People stared at me.” 

    “Brahms you asked why people weren’t staring at you. I told you we’ll tell people you’re just wearing a face prosthetic while an injury heals ok? There’s no need to worry.” 

    “But I don’t want people to try and flirt with you. You’re my Y/N and I don’t like it when people try to take you.” 

    “Brahms no one is gonna try to take me away from you. We’ve been over this I’m not gonna leave you ok?” You cup his face and look deep into his eyes. “Here I have a fun little song I can play for us. You’ll probably relate to this.” You get up and grab your phone. You pull up spotify and play ‘Jolene’ by Strawberry Switchblade. You set your phone down and go back to Brahms. He’s pouting right now but you know he’ll get over it. “Come on Brahms. You’re my favorite boy you know that?” You say grabbing his hands. He’s still pouting and you sigh. “Will a kiss make it better?” He nods and you lift up his mask a little. You press a soft kiss onto lips. You pull away but he pulls you back and kisses you harder. The two of you sit there kissing each other for a good long while. 

    #brahms heelshire #brahms the boy #brahms x reader #brahms my beloved #brahms fluff#slasher#Slashers #slasher x y/n #slasher x reader #slasher fanfiction
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  • wickeddeadlydenison999
    28.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    Who would lose the bet?

    POV: The two of you started a bet on who could go a week without using their quirk for everyday life. Yes, I am aware that quirk use in public is actually illegal but idc. This is a request so pretend that it's not ok?


    They would get desperate and antsy without being able to use their quirk. They would use it thinking that you wouldn't find out even though you did and refused to let them forget about your victory.

    Denki, reader with telekinesis, Sero, Keigo


    They were so determined to win or just didn't really need a quirk for everyday life in the first place. They would tell you how pointless the bet was and that they should've known that they would lose from the start. (the nice ones won't hold it over your face but would be happy about winning on the inside)

    Kiri, Bakugou, Deku, Shinsou, relentless winner reader, Dabi

    So which one are you? Do you have a quirk that you just simply can't go without or a need for victory? But depending on the pairing I think that the reader is more likely to lose...sorry 😅

    #bakugou x reader #headcanon #izuku x reader #kirishima x reader #sero x reader #dabi x reader #mha#bnha #deku x reader #kaminari x reader #denki x reader #fluff kinda#bet#contest#reader insert #mha boys x y/n #keigo x reader
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  • starduststevie
    28.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    okay so matt murdock has a no touching policy for clients and employees. so, what would happen if you left nelson, murdock and page for a large firm and he's opposing counsel for your first big case at your new job??

    'fuck, do you know how hard it was for me to not break my own fucking rule?' he'd growl in your ear, pushing you against the furthest wall of the room, rubbing his clothed hard on against your inner thighs.

    like he'd smell you when you walk into the courthouse. you're his favourite scent - the one that makes him weak at the knees and hard like a schoolboy. he'd fight the urge to bury his face in the crook of your neck as he hears your heartbeat quicken when you see him

    #matt murdock x y/n #matt murdock x reader #i'm thinking thoughts #the type matt would go to confession for
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  • chezzywezzy
    28.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    Yandere Batman & Catwoman (4/5)

    Word count ; 4.2k

    “Holy shit,” I gasped as we pulled up to his penthouse. It towered amongst Gotham’s skyscrapers. Never did I think I would be of such a status to enter a building as tall as this. My heart was thumping in my chest and I couldn’t help but feel unworthy of such a sight up close. I was in the passenger of Bruce’s rather humble sedan and he was driving. Not much conversation had been exchanged since I opted out to get a quick nap.

    “I’m aware that it’s a bit excessive,” Bruce chuckled,” but it’s the only home I’ve ever known.”

    “You’re one lucky duck, Bruce Wayne,” I hummed. “No offense, of course. I know even billionaires have their problems.”

    Bruce shook his head, driving into an underground parking lot. “None taken… What was your childhood like?”

    I watched in awe as we pulled into a private underground parking lot, each spot except one taken up. He pulled into it and stopped the car. I waited until we were both out and Bruce had taken my hand to lead me inside the manor. He was still suited up, and so was I, although I was sustaining a massive wedgie. Leather was badass looking, but it had its flaws.

    “Well… I grew up in the system before they gave up on finding me a family when I was a teenager. I met Selina at the orphanage and we’ve been best friends ever since. But, since we could never afford much to improve our resume, like college, we’ve been stuck with shitty jobs most of our lives. That’s about it, really.”

    “What about your parents?” he prodded.

    “How would I know? They abandoned me at birth. I know nothing about them,” I chuckled dryly. 

    Bruce nodded. 

    He led me up a set of stone steps, his grasp on my hand tight the whole time. The door at the top was password protected, but he quickly padded it in. The metal door opened, and the entire aesthetic of the building changed. Despite the exterior, the decor was old-fashioned and mostly wooden. 

    He led me down a hallway. The halls were lit by bulb-shaped lamps, and the house was mostly deserted. I felt my phone, which was buried in my pouch, continuously vibrating. I assumed Selina was desperate for me to return home. 

    However, I was entranced by the home.Despite how large it was - I presumed there was at least five or six stories -, it felt homely. It was desolate, but comfortable and safe. 

    He finally lead me into a quaint living room. There were two arm chairs opposing another and a long love seat between them. There was a dying fire in the fire place and the walls were littered with either bookshelves or very expensive Victorian portraits. 

    I pulled off my mask while Bruce nudged me into the room. “I’m going to get changed now. Wait here for me… Is your suit uncomfortable, though? I can ask Alfred to find something for you.”

    “You have women’s clothes lying around?” I asked suspiciously. 

    “No, just my mother’s old things,” he quickly answered.

    I clammed up and nodded. “Right. That makes sense.”

    I went and plopped down on thelove seat, my exhaustion taking the wheel once more. My body slumped, despite the adrenaline still coursing through my veins. My eyes fluttered shut as I watched Bruce walk out of the room.

    Damn. I really thought a man like him would at least be a playboy. It was hard to imagine that he was without some fatal flaw. I barely knew him, but the facade he put up was one of perfection. He was rich, humble, handsome, and a superhero. Was he a secret alcoholic? Or did his violent habits extend out of his superhero job? Was he lazy or lackluster?

    It was so impossible to tell what was wrong with him. Everyone had their flaws. Selina was too untrusting and only believed in herself. I was the opposite of her, welcoming and friendly and definitely a himbo. Both of us were withdrawn from general society, too. But what was Bruce’s problem?

    “Hello, Miss Y/n.” I shot up, only to be met with an old man who I presumed to be Alfred. I sent him a smile. In his grasp, he had some neatly folded clothes. “I hope you don’t mind, but I pulled this out of Bruce’s wardrobe. Any of the former Miss Wayne’s wardrobe is in storage and too dusty for further wear.”

    “That’s perfect, actually. Can you direct me to the bathroom?”

    I rose to my feet, meeting him in the doorway. He smiled kindly and I took the clothes. He motioned down the hall. “That way. The room to the right. If you desire a shower —“

    “I’ll be alright for now, actually. It’s so great to meet you, Alfred.”

    “You as well, Miss Y/n. Enjoy your stay.” He nodded humbly and went the other direction.

    I was quick to enter the bathroom. It was oddly small for a mansion. I washed my face and splashed some on the sweatier parts of my body. I even sprayed some perfume that I had in my bag just in case. It’s not like I had anticipated this or anything. 

    Bruce’s clothes were large and loose over my much smaller frame. It was rather flattering, actually. And when I sniffed it, it smelled like him. I couldn’t name his smell, other than that it was his. I folded my suit and returned to the living room. He still wasn’t back, but I assumed his room was on a higher floor or something.

    I laid back on the couch again. I clutched some of the excess t-shirt like a teddy bear. Even in my weariness, I enjoyed Bruce’s scent. It felt intimate to be wearing him clothes, even. And to know such secrets about his life - it felt like things were going in the right direction.

    My eyes fluttered shut once more and I welcomed myself to the entire love seat, stretching out and lying down on my side. I didn’t plan to sleep yet. Actually, I was hoping for the night to go in a completely different direction, even though I had work in the morning.

    If you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

    “Sorry to keep you waiting - Oh. Were you sleeping?”

    Bruce had entered the living room with casual clothes. The same fit as me. A t-shirt and sweat pants. I shook my head and smiling sweetly, sitting up. In his grasp were two glasses and an expensive bottle of champagne. 

    “I wasn’t. Just resting my eyes. Catching criminal scum tires you out, you know?”

    Bruce laughed and sat beside me. He popped open the bottle and poured into the glasses. My heart was already thudding. Just from being in close proximity, my heart started up when I was with him. Our glasses clinked together in a polite silent toast.

    I leaned against his shoulder, sniffing his neck. “Are you wearing cologne?”


    A laugh bubbled in my throat and I silenced it by taking a sip of the fruity liquid. “…Hey, Bruce?”


    “Something about you is bothering me. You’re just too perfect. What’s the catch?” I inquired quietly.

    Bruce tensed. “I… I hold on to the past. I’m too serious and obsessive. Ever since my parents died, I’ve wanted nothing more than to fight crime. And you can say that it’s because I have a strong sense of justice, but in reality… I know it’s to fill the void in hopes that one day I’ll discover who killed my parents.”

    I intertwined my arm with him, nuzzling into his neck further. “…I understand. Thank you for being honest with me.”

    “I want things to work out with you.”

    “The feeling is mutual, Bruce. “

    He downed the rest of his wine, setting the empty glass on the table in front of him. I sat up, mimicking his behavior. The moment the glass hit the table, my attention was tore away as Bruce grabbed my jaw and pulled my into a passionate kiss. I threw my arms around his neck, moaning quietly.

    I felt him trying to push e against the couch, but I rivaled it, pushing him against the couch and straddling his lap. One hand was gripping my thigh and the other wandered underneath the ill-fitting t-shirt, ghosting over my bare waist. I separated from the kiss, blinking and making eye contact with him. His lips chased mine, but I ducked away, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses across his jaw.

    He pulled me even closer, a new feeling blossoming in my stomach from his body warmth. Bruce threw his head back, his grip on my body tightening. While I began to kiss and suck on his neck, my hands wandered down to his shirt. I pushed my hands under, palming at him prominent six-pack. 

    Bruce cursed quietly and huskily. I pulled away, my lips wet and swollen with arousal. Bruce, with half-lidded eyes, suddenly grabbed my ass. I let out a squeak as he stood up. I wrapped my arms and legs around his midsection. I buried my head in his neck, laughing a the abrupt change in positions. 

    Bruce forced me to abandon my things but I didn’t mind. When I met his intense, passionate gaze, I melted. No words were exchanged as He carried me with ease into an elevator. The moment he hit the button and the door closed, I attacked his lips again. 

    I lost complete awareness of my surroundings, even when he exited the elevator. To me, he and I were the only things of this world. Everything that was important faed into the background. And as Bruce dropped me on the bed, immediately resuming a position above me, he was the only thing that mattered.


    I hummed quietly, a feeling of pure ecstasy and peace consuming me as I woke up. I felt an arm around my waist. My vision was still groggy as I turned to my other side. I was confused as I came face to face with her. She was sleeping. I took in her naked, sleeping form. Hr beautiful caramel skin, her short, messy hair, the blanket that covered her upper chest. She was breathing softly. And yet, I was in the same bed as I was with him…

    Her eyes blinked. She gave me the softest smile.

    “Sleep well?”

    I blinked, and suddenly, it was Bruce. A blush of embarrassment and shame spread across my cheeks, but Bruce interpreted in different. He chuckled, leaning closer and pressing his forehead against mine. I melted as he pulled me closer and pressed a kiss to my lips. 

    I brushed off the hallucination. It meant nothing. It was nothing. It never happened. As our lips separated, I breathed in response,” Yes. Last night… was perfect.”

    Bruce blushed. “Good. It was… my first.”

    I let out a gasp of excitement. “Really? Oh wow, I feel honored. Oh - it was good, wasn’t it? I should’ve made it way more special —“

    He shut me up with another kiss, his nose scrunching in amusement.He had a lovely, natural smile on his handsome expression. His eyes were soft. They made me feel soft. “It was incredible, Y/n.”

    My worries washed away and I sunk back into the comforter. I glanced past him, looking at the curtains. The sun was shining through them, and a realization flashed in my mind. I rolled onto my other side, grasping for a phone. I didn’t have mine - I left it downstairs -, but Bruce’s was on the bedside table. I snatched it, immediately seeing that it was… only seven o’clock. My shift started at nine today. Thank god.

    Bruce rolled closer to me. “Thinking about work?”

    “Yeah. I’ll have to head home at some point to grab my uniform.”

    “Just quit. I can easily fund for you to be a full-time vigilante.”

    That struck a chord with me, and not a good one. “N - no, I couldn’t. I have to make sure Selina and I can pay the rent.”

    “I’m sure you’ll make a much greater impact if you can scour the streets for criminals full-time.”

    “Selina wouldn’t like that.” I rolled on my side to face him again, feeling rather stressed from the sudden propositions. 

    “Selina doesn’t like a lot of things,” he countered, caressing my cheek. “I could easily help you out. It would be making a difference for the city. Plus, you’d be able to live a cushier life.”

    “You make it sound like it’s a sugar daddy arrangement.”

    “No, nothing like that. I just… trust you. I believe in you. And a part time job isn’t good enough to fund suit and weapon upgrades.”

    “It would put a dent in our relationship. Selina wouldn’t stand for it.”

    “And what about you?” he grimly remarked. “It’s always about what Selina wants and thinks. What do you think?”

    “Well… I… It’s a nice offer, I have to admit,” I sighed. “I just…”

    “Just?” he prodded further.

    “I’ll just think about it. Is that an acceptable answer?” I chuckled.

    “For now.”

    He suddenly stretched, rolling onto his back. He kicked the covers off, and out of embarrassment, I covered my eyes. He laughed in amusement, but didn’t comment. I heard him look through hi warder, and I parted my fingers just enough to peek before covering my eyes again. I heard him slip on his sweat pants, and I finally removed his hands. I couldn’t help but admire his bare chest, though.

    “I have an online meeting to attend for about an hour. When you’re hungry, just head to the kitchen and ask Alfred to make something,” he informed as he pulled a dress shirt over his head.

    I hummed in response, finally sitting up. “Alright. I might not see you before I have to get going to work, though, Bruce.”

    He just nodded, giving me a curt wave. “I’ll drop by the diner at lunch.”

    “Bye, Bruce.”

    I giggled before finally removing the blanket. I stole some of his clothes. I was about to leave the room to freshen up, but his phone buzzed. Out of curiosity, I grabbed it. For such a secretive man, I was surprised it wasn’t password protected. I quickly noticed that the notification was from the GPS tracker app.

    I opened it. The tracker had stopped inside a large storage unit by the sea. 

    She was probably at her base. Good. But Bruce was already working and I had work now. I… could take the day off. Selina wasn’t working now, either. And it would be a good chance to prove to her I wasn’t completely dog shit at this whole vigilante thing. Because I was certain that when she realized that Bruce - Batman - and I had a thing, she immediately thought that he was carrying e through the process.

    But, when she realized I had caught Harley Quinn and was going to take her down and was going to carry Selina, she might actually respect me in this ‘business.’ So, I quickly stole Bruce’s phone and went to my phone. 

    I raced to the living room to grab my things. I quickly texted my boss and then I called up Selina. I could only hope that she wasn’t asleep. But, she answered immediately.

    “Where have you been? You didn’t come home last night. You better not have been with him —“

    “For your information, I was,” I interrupted in anticipation. “Listen, Br - Batman’s in a meeting right now and Harley Quinn’s at her base. I’ve taken the day off work. Come with me to catcher. Please?”

    “I’ll go by myself —“

    “Jesus, Selina. You really think I’m that incompetent?” I snapped.

    “Harley Quinn is dangerous —“

    “So, I guess I’ll just go by myself.”

    “No. No! Just… Fucking fine. Come home first and we’ll go from there. How about it?” she caved, much to my glee.

    “Great!” I exclaimed ecstatically. “I’ll be there soon. Give me… half an hour. The taxi might take a while with morning traffic and all.”

    “But there’s only traffic downtown. Tell me what his address is —“

    I hung up on her, grabbing my stuff. And so, I was off.

    The taxi trip went by in a flash. Before I knew it, I was in my apartment building.

    “Selina?” I called as I opened the front door. I was shaking in my combat boots with anticipation, as my boss regretfully let me go for the day. I knew the diner needed me, but the city needed me even more. 

    The house was seemingly barren as I entered. Selina had yet to emerge. I set my bag and suit on the counter.

     “‘Lina?” I called again in confusion. 

    I rounded the corner, figuring that she was in her room changing.

    I didn’t have time to react as something large and metal hit the side of my head. My vision went dark.


    My first reaction, when I came to, was to sit up. However, my head was pounding. A sturdy arm pressed me back down and I struggled, until my vision became clear and I saw that it was only Bruce. 

    I was confused, gazing around my apartment. I was lying on my couch, and the sun was peaking through the window, high in the sky. So many questions were going through my head. Where was Selina? How was Bruce here? What time was it?

    Bruce brushed some of my hair out of my face, hushing me. “Before you ask, she’s gone. She knocked you out and took the tracker.”

    “How are you here, though, Bruce?” I inquired hoarsely. 

    “I tracked my phone.”

    “But  she has the phone.It should’ve led you to her,” I countered immediately.

    Bruce sighed. “I followed the path to what I figured was your apartment. I had a feeling that I’d find you here. I didn’t think she was so violent,” he hissed.

    “As much as I appreciate the thought, it would’ve been more productive to follow her,” I squeaked, raising my voice. “She could have been caught already. Or worse, killed! I trust her, but Harley Quinn has henchman and she herself is a complete psycho. That’s two-man job and I thought she’d understand that!”

    “Good riddance,” Bruce huffed underneath his breath.

    “How dare you,” I gasped, pushing him away and immediately kicking my feet off the couch. “I know she can be a pain, but she’s still my best friend, my sister! God, Bruce, I know you don’t like her, but you can at least —“

    “At least what?” Bruce grunted, towering over me as he grabbing my shoulders. I tried to shrug him away, but his grasp was tight. “She treats you like you’re her property. She doesn’t think you’re capable of anything and she’s clearly violent. She controls your every move —“

    “Then what are you doing right now?” I seethed. He finally took a step back, released me. Shame washed over his expression. “You’re not any better than her. And at least she’s known me for, what, a decade now?”

    “If you doubt what I feel for you —“

    “I don’t. I never said that. But what I am saying is that you’re fucked for even implying that she’s better off dead. Now, shove off and leave it to me.”

    “But you need the address.”

    I rose to my feet, but halted anyways. He was right. I bowed my head. “Whatever. Just… let me handle the whole rescue mission when I get there. I’m… going to get changed.”

    Bruce’s gaze followed as I grabbed my outfit and went into my room, suiting up.


    We were only a few storage units away. And that was when we decided to start being sneaky. We were walking, but we peered around every corner and eyed every camera. The storage units were surprisingly barren. Whatever they were planning clearly wasn’t taking up a lot of space. Hell, it was hard to believe that all of Harley Quinn’s weapons and men resided in one storage unit.

    I was still completely pissed at Bruce. But, for the time being, I needed him. 

    “It’s this one up ahead…” He grabbed my arm suddenly, stopping me. “This doesn’t feel right, though. Something’s off.”

    “I think so too. Do you think it’s a trap?”

    Bruce bit his lips. “Maybe. But it was probably a trap for Selina. I can’t imagine them sticking around the crime scene for long.”

    “So… you don’t think it’s their base?”

    “No. She’d need at least a dozen to have enough space for everything.These storage units aren’t that large.”

    I nodded in agreement. “If this is your way of saying that we should go in together, no way in hell. Selina seriously needs to learn to see me as a capable person.”

    “Sure.” I appreciated Bruce’s ease. Even though I was mad, that certainly lightened the mood. Maybe his feelings made him biased, but at least he thought me to be strong. “I’ll keep a look out. Stay safe, Y/n. And go through that side door.”

    That was all I needed. I took the green light. I went to the back door, the storage unit looming over me. I grabbed the handle and pushed.

    It opened with ease. 

    I cringed as it squeaked loudly. And yet there was no noise from inside.

    Confused, I pushed it open. The storage unit was spacious and open and… empty. But there had to be a catch.

    I entered, withdrawing my whip. However, all was abandoned as I realized that there was only one chair in the center, and tied to it was Selina.

    I dashed over to her, occasionally glancing around the storage unit. It was empty, except for her. Clearly, Harley Quinn and her henchmen had packed up and left. I tucked my whip away again, tears sprouting to my eyes. The moment I made it to her, I crouched in front of her, drinking up her appearance.

    She was still in her Catwoman garb. Her wrists were tied behind the chair while each foot was tied to a leg. Hr head was bowed and she was clearly passed out. However, I was shocked to see that she was completely unarmed. Harley Quinn had no real reason to spare her life, unless if there was a message behind it.

    I grabbed her head and tilted it up. I shook it vigorously, trying to get her to wake up. It was in vein, though, so instead, I moved to untie her. I was sure that the rope’s grip left some bruises, but I was glad that was the only harm dealt to her. 

    “Bruce!” I shouted, hoping he’d heard me.

    Indeed, he had, as he dashed in with his fists clenched. He expected a fight, clearly, but when he saw us, I could tell the dots connected in his head. He rushed over, also checking Selina over. 

    “She’s unharmed?”

    “She seems to be,” I sighed in relief. “But it’s… stranger. Quinn had her chance. She could’ve tortured her for information, killed her, anything… And yet, she’s unharmed. It’s like they were rushing to leave.”

    Bruce clicked his tongue. “She’s a distraction.”

    I gasped. “Y - yes…! You’re right, I should’ve realized it sooner. Bruce, check the news!”

    Bruce pulled out his phone. I rose to my feet, peering over to look at his phone. He pulled up the browser and typed in the website for Gotham news. My heart sank in realization as there was a new headliner.

    Bruce clicked, enlarging it so we could read the article. 


    “A mayoral runner up. That’s oddly specific. It was targeted. Political,” I hummed.

    “You don’t think she’s trying to put a stop to the election, do you?” Bruce theorized.

    “It… makes sense,” I agreed. “It would explain the bank robbery. The targeted murder. The need for a distraction.”

    Bruce was about to reply, but a quiet groan turned both of our attentions to Selina.

    “Y/n,” she coughed out. 

    Immediately, I melted, crouching in front of her.I cupped her cheeks. She coughed again, blinking, but as soon as she realized it was me, energy flooded her systems and she collapsed over me into a hug. I hugged back, laughing. 

    “I’ve got you, Lina. You’re safe.”

    “I’m sorry,” she heaved into my shoulder.

    I didn’t respond because if I answered with an ‘I’m fine’ it’d be an obvious lie.Instead, I let her recover as Bruce hovered behind me.He’d already put his phone away.

    “We have to plan. Y/n, Selina, your apartment is closer than mine. Let’s head there.”

    Selina tilted her head, confused. “Plan? For what?”

    “We’ll fill you in,” I reassured, helping her get to her feet. 

    Selina just nodded, clinging to my side. “…Thanks.”


    #yandere#x reader#x y/n#self insert#batman 2022 #batman x reader #robert pattinson #catwoman x reader #batman x catwoman #batman x reader x catwoman #yandere catwoman#catwoman#selina kyle #the batman 2022 #the batman#batman#bruce wayne#dcu#dc batman#yandere dc#yandere batman #yandere bruce wayne #bruce wayne x reader
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  • emily-and-everything-else
    28.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    •imagine being from our world and teach Elrond how to use a vibrator (and possibly using it later on Lindir)•

    #lord of the rings #lotr x reader #lord of the rings x reader #lotr#the hobbit#lotr imagine#th #lord of the rings imagine #th x reader #th imagine #the hobbit x reader #the hobbit imagine #tolkien#elves#rivendell#elrond#lindir #elrond x y/n x lindir #elrond x reader #lindir imagine #lindir x reader #elrond imagine #could be interesting
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  • errorbxtchmariah
    28.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    Creepypasta Incorrect Quotes


    Y/N: *Struggling to open a water bottle*


    Nina: Let me help you with that, baby.


    Nina: *Struggles to open a water bottle*


    Jeff: I'm 10 times funnier and sexier than you!


    Ben: 10 times 0 is still 0 though.


    Jeff: Jokes on you, I can't do math!


    Masky: I’m going to take you out.


    Y/N: Great, it’s a date!


    Masky: I meant that as a threat.


    Y/N: See you at five!


    #creepypasta x reader #creepypasta x y/n #jeff the killer #masky#ben drowned #nina the killer #creepypasta x you #creepypasta incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes creepypasta
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  • mad-elia
    28.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    heyy can i get a 🖊️ with george weasley?

    I'm 5'3, I have red (dyed) shoulder length hair and I have brown eyes. I'm a gryffindor, aries and entp. I really like rap and hip hop but I also like pop, my favorite artists are kanye west (I only like their music i swear), lana del rey, gorillaz, mitski, harry styles, etc. I really like fashion and cinema, I study cinema. My personality trait is being funny. I am quite outgoing and I always enjoy making friends, one of my favorite things is to get together with the people I love for a snack, dinner or just go to the park. I love coffee. My favorite fanfic tropes are fluff, angst and exs to lovers!!!!!

    I hope it's not too much, if you don't want to, don't do it!!! I love your work, xoxo

    YES GEORGE IS MY FAVEEEEE (have a cool fic idea for him planned- stay tuned 👀👀)

    🖋 - send me a character and as much information about yourself as you want and i’ll write a blurb about what i think your relationship would be like!!

    You were trying to ignore him. You came here to watch a movie with your friends, not to be distracted by your super hot ex who you were definitely still in love with. It was impossible, though, with the way he was laughing with Lee Jordan and his brother Ron, looking like he was truly enjoying himself for the first time since Fred's death.

    He looked the way he'd looked before your relationship started going downhill, before Fred had died. He looked happy.

    "(Y/N), c'mon, you've been wanting to see this movie forever!" Katie whispered unhappily. "You can't let George distract you like this!"

    "I'm sorry," you whispered back. "I just... he looks so happy and I miss him."

    Angelina sighed, rubbing your shoulder. "Just focus on the hot guys in the movie, girl."

    How were you supposed to do that when there was a hot guy sitting in front of you in the movie theater?

    The movie was over in two hours and you processed none of it. Angelina, Katie, and Alicia dragged you out, a bit annoyed but too nice to show it plainly.

    "(Y/N), wait!"

    You turned around, breaking away from your friends' holds. "George?"

    He was staring at you, a pained expression on his face. "Hi," he said softly.

    "Hi..." You laughed nervously.

    George swallowed. "So, it's, ah... been a while, huh?"


    George sighed, running a hand down his face. "I want you back, (Y/N/N). I miss watching movies with you, I miss letting you pick out outfits for me, I miss your jokes, I miss drinking coffee with you every morning... I miss you. I shouldn't have broken up with you after Fred died, I just... I was in so much pain, and I - "

    He was cut off by your lips as they pressed desperately against his.

    "I miss you too," you whispered after you broke away.

    George let out a silent sob. "I love you."

    "I love you too. I never stopped."

    #elia's 800 follower celebration #george weasley x reader #george weasley x you #george weasley x y/n #george weasley x fem!reader #george weasley x f!reader #george weasley imagine #george weasley fluff #george weasley angst #george weasley oneshot #george weasley blurb #george weasley drabble #george weasley fanfiction #george weasley fanfic #george weasley fic #george weasley
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  • wannabestarkeysgirl
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    Payola {3}


    Rafe Cameron x fem!reader

    (My work is not to be copied or transfered. However, you may reblog the shit out of it.)

    Warnings: none, unedited,

    "We need to talk." You and Wheezie looked up at him simultaneously, his gaze going from you to her and back. "Why? What's up?" You asked, putting your phone away. "Yeah, what do we need to talk about?" Rafe shot a glare at his sister. "Not you. C'mon." You got up to follow him, nearly bumping in to his back when he stopped suddenly in the doorway. "Don't follow us." Wheezie rolled her eyes and went back to her phone. "It's not like I care about what you guys are doing up there anyway. It's probably gross." You both ignored her, jogging up the stairs to his room. You immediately went and plopped yourself down at his desk. Having seen the stress behind his eyes and the tension in his jaw, you gave him no place to go but the bed, but he didn't sit down. Rafe paced the floor, hands busy by his face as he tried to gather his thoughts.
    "I think - I think something's going on with dad and John B." "Why?" You asked, getting up and grabbing his hands in yours to calm him down. He took a breath, fingers twitching against your palms. He had a special kind of anxiety symptoms, luckily you knew how to deal with it. "I saw them - I saw them head to the dock this morning. They took the Druthers. Rose says they're fishing." You gave him a confused look. "Ward took the Druthers fishing with Big John Routledge's son?" Rafe broke free from your hold, stepping back and tapping his temple in a contemplative manner. "See? See, exactly! Exactly. It doesn't make any sense." "So what do you think is going on?" He paused, walking back over to you. He looked at the wall, at the desk behind you, before meeting your gaze. "I'm not sure...but it's something. It's definitely something."
    "I believe you," you told him honestly and he audibly exhaled, always needing to hear those words from you. He usually got them. He usually deserved them. "but like is it any of our business what they're doing? Like I mean it could just be he's offering him a job with the company. He's been living here for free and you know like me, I pull my own weight." Rafe nodded, you had a point. "But I think- I think it's something else." You sat down on the bed, pulling him between your legs. You knew the closer he was to you the more rational and level headed he'd stay. "Okay, so we wait. We wait and see what's going on. If something's happening John B is going to tell Sarah and you know how she is." He nodded, his sister had a big mouth. "Okay." "Okay?" "Yeah." "Alright, good," you waited for a minute, smiling up at him with your hands on his hips. "Do you want to go get ice cream?"
    You swing the door open, hoping out of the truck before he gets around to your side. Naturally, your foot caught on loose gravel and you would have busted your face open had Rafe not been there to catch you. "See, this is why you should be patient and let me help you." He scolds like a parent, standing you up right and rolling his eyes as you dust off the dirt that would have been there had you actually fallen. "I'm a big girl, Rafey. I got it." You smile, snatching your bag from the floor board of his truck before he shut the door. "Except you're not. You're the size of a baby sea otter and can't even get in the truck without a struggle." You turn and look at him with a face of awe, pouted lips and big puppy dog eyes frustrating him further. But you did look cute like that. "I love sea otters." He sighed, leading you towards the door of the shop. "I seriously can't with you some times." Kelce must have heard his voice, turning to wave the two of your over. "Hey guys!"
    "Hi, Kelc!" You beamed, skipping over to give the boy a hug. He lifted you, spinning you around before setting you back down with a grin. Rafe rolled his eyes. "What's up man?" He greeted Topper, going in for a bro hug before trading off with you. "What are you guys up to?" Topper asked and you grinned. "Ice cream. I wanted some so I made him come." "Yep which means I'm driving and I'm paying and spending extra time out here when I could be doing other things." You turned to glare at him, his mischievous smirk broadening. "Like you didn't want to come just as bad as I did. And I'm not asking you to pay, you just never let me." "Yep and it's going to stay that way. Cookies and cream?" You nodded and he took off with the promise to be right back with ice cream. "You have him wrapped so tight around your finger it's embarrassing." Kelce laughed and you rolled your eyes brushing off the comment. "He's just sweet."
    "Rafe Cameron is not sweet. He's in love with you." Now you really laughed, turning to Topper for back up. "He is not! Tell him Top." Your friend only smirked and took a sip of what was most definitely not apple juice. You rolled your eyes, a slight blush starting to creep up your cheeks. "You guys are ridiculously." You scoffed and Kelce laughed. "At least we're not stupidly oblivious though." You went to snap back at Topper but just then Rafe returned, not a single one of the three of you daring to resume the conversation in front of him. Nobody had a death wish. Rafe spared a suspicious glance at the three of you before handing you your cone. Triple scoop. You beamed, thanking him and happily licking away at the treat, ignoring the two boys giving you obvious looks.
    You hung out with Topper and Kelce for a while before you got hot and asked Rafe if you could go for a drive. You tried to get the others to come with you but they said they had other plans, shooting you a wink and sending you on your way. Rafe turned on his playlist for you, the perfect mix of The Beatles and Billie Eilish. You had very particular taste. Some might even call it trash. "Any specific destination or are we just burning gas?" You rolled your eyes, turning the music up slightly as he rolled the windows down. "Well excuse me for wanting to spend time with my best friend where it's nice and cool in the air conditioning rather than roasting in the eighty degree heat." He barked a laugh at your sass, fingers brushing your leg as his right hand rested on the console. A light yet purposeful touch, even if he didn't know that it was. Rafe spent every day touching you in one way or another, reminding himself that you were real. You were his. Not really, but you were.
    "You're the one that wanted to come for ice cream." He reminded, grinning. "I did and it was delicious and I said thank you... and now I miss the a/c so here we are." He chuckled and shook his head, leaning back in his seat as he drove you around the island. Far more relaxed than he'd been this morning. It was good. "Rafe I think we should do something sometime." He turned and gave you a confused took, amused smile tugging at his perfect lips. "We just did something." You chuckled and rolled your eyes, he wasn't understanding. "No I mean like do something do something. Like an adventure." He laughed. "An adventure?" You nodded, grinning, and he realized that you were completely serious. "You're ridiculous." He laughed and you laughed along with him, folding your legs up under you so that his fingers pressed further against your skin. "Maybe...but I still think it would be fun." "I'll think about it."
    You walked towards the house, the sounds of yelling there to greet you. You and Rafe exchanged confused looks. Suddenly Ward rounded the corner, more panicked than you'd ever seen him, a bandage wraped around his left bicep. You didn't get the chance to question him before he was spitting one of his own at you. "Have you seen Sarah?" He asked, frantically searching your eyes for a sign of something. Anything. You turned to Rafe who looked from his dad to you. "No, sir. We've been together all day. Neither of us have seen her." Ward didn't look so certain, questioning you again. "Are you sure?" You gave him an odd look. Ward rarely second guessed you. "Dad she said we-"
    "Ward, she's over here! She's okay, she's over here!" You ran after Ward to the back yard, Rafe hesitating momentarily before following behind you. Sarah looked distraught as Rose and Ward pulled her in side. You followed them, making eye contact with Rafe's panicked sister, you saw something buried there. Fear, sadness, maybe guilt, and then it was all gone. You walked in to the house, Ward took Sarah to his study and sent both you and Rafe up to his room, Rose stayed in the kitchen. The second the door was closed you turned to Rafe. "Something's wrong." "I know." "Ward's hurt and Sarah is panicking-" "It's because of John B." "You don't know that." "Y/n think about it!" He near yelled, snatching you up by the shoulders and pulling you close to him. Your eyes went wide but you didn't fight him, relaxing in to his touch the way you knew would make him loosen his grip. And he did. "Think about it. Dad's hurt, he was with John B all day, and Sarah is upset. What else could it have been?" You sighed and nodded, he had good points.
    "Okay. But we can't prove any of that." Suddenly Ward started yelling down the hall and you both froze, two pairs of eyes flying to the closed door. "We might be able to in a minute."

    Taglist: @outerbankspov @maybankforlife @outeredits-jess @glassheart1993 @pattnscn @wishing-i-was-rafes-princess @kaelibaby @avaparker1972 @gillybear17 @hiitslee @vintageobx @precious-silvercloud @toystory2wasjustokay @drewstarkeyobsessed @luversgirl @dang-shawty-okay @fiction-is-life @teelagurl558 @piscesbabe222 @1-800-imagines @bethanyoconnor @hoodforcalum @maybanks-luver @lovelyjj @my-baexht-ls @rafecameronswhore @vinniehackerrr @louisprettybaby @valeriiecameron @unbelievablystillafangirl @phxntom-2021 @conans-folk @itsmytimetoodream @truewdw1 @pvnkcloud @tracymbcm @phildunphyisadilf @kayleiggh @onmykneesforrafe @rootbeerfaygo @dirtytissuebox @asimpwriter @slvtformaybank @mrslizzyolsen @tenaciousperfectionunknown @blueicequeen19 @hopebaker @itsalexwin @ailee-celeste

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  • mentallyfineiguess
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    Never Again

    Chapter 13- IDK THIS GIRL

    PAIRING: Choi Beomgyu x fem reader; fem reader x ???

    SYNOPSIS: You and Beomgyu break up every other day but what happens when you decide moving on would be better for you.

    GENRE: angst, crack (maybe?) SMAU.

    WARNINGS: Toxic Relationship, Cheating, Gaslighting, Substance abuse, death jokes, Beomgyu and you are assholes, suggestive, yall both are really bad for each other, crude or disrespectful language

    --IM BACK YALL im off hiatus and will be posting every saturday so be ready🥳

    <>|| Masterlist

    #txt post #txt x y/n #txt x you #txt x reader #beomgyu x y/n #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu angst #beomgyu social media au #beomgyu smau#txt smau #txt social media au #txt social au #txt taehyun#yeojun txt#beomgyu txt#txt beomgyu#txt angst #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #kpop smau#smau #social media au #social media fic #beomgyu#choi beomgyu#taehyun txt#choi yeojun#yeojun#txt
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  • strawhatsoraya
    28.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    Only | GOJO X READER


    WORD COUNT: 1,264 words
    fic prompt picked by and for @soleilnomoon. I'm gonna be honest--I have no idea what happened with this fic. I had an initial objective and I forgot halfway through writing it lol. I still hope you enjoy some aspects of it.

    You couldn’t shake the smell of sulfur clinging to the inside of your nostrils; parasitic and unrelenting. uninvited, intolerable. Flashes of what you barely escaped rattle in your chest, clawing at you  as you breathe in and out. In and out, repeatedly,  like the knife–your weapon of choice–sliding and slicing into the now dead creature’s neck. Hot blood had squirted out, a sign of life you were stealing away; it splattered everywhere. It was still there on your face, hands and clothes. You gripped your shaking hands together, both in an effort to hide their movement from the silver haired man next to you, and to try to dust off the caked blood staining brown skin. It flaked in coppery dust; you flicked it off your lap with small fingers.

    A quite casual gesture for someone who had just escaped death once again.

    You both sit in silence, thigh to thigh. You were not used to the heaviness of it. His voice was always invading your thoughts when he was nearby, prompting you away from your inner monologue. Now you stewed in your darkness as he sank into his. An ache flooded your chest; different from the one that weighed down your tired muscles. Dark brown eyes roll upwards and stare at the ceiling, looking for a pattern to count–anything that would help.

    “Hey, Toru,” you ask, eyes still fixated on the ceiling. Your jaw tenses as you chew down on the words stuffed and jumbled in your mouth. “How many dots do you think there are on the ceiling? A thousand? A couple thousand?”

    The bed creaks as he moves. You feel him turn towards you. In an instant he has your ear pinched between thumb and index finger. He pulls at it roughly.

    “Ow-ow-hey!” you wrap your fingers around his wrist, not really trying to free yourself. It was your punishment, and his distraction. The universe knew you would be the last one to ever take anything away from Gojo.

    He had lost enough as it was.

    The nerve of her, he thinks, pulling at the ear some more. He ignores her complaints. His mind was still reeling. He could see the terror in her eyes still, the small tremble of her bottom lip even as she dived towards danger. He had called out her name like a roaring plea but she didn’t listen. There was nothing he couldn’t handle then why didn’t she let him handle it?

    “You,” his breath is hot against your ear. There was annoyance in his inflection. Saliva became difficult to swallow and it took a few attempts before you could push it all the way down your throat. “Now is not the time for your little jokey jokes.” He lets go of your ear and you immediately cover it with a hand, tilting your head in that direction.

    As far as you knew, Gojo Satoru always had time for jokey jokes. Your eyes search his face. He kept his blindfold on for most of the time you have known him. The few times you caught a peek at his clear blue eyes it was purely unintentional, in the middle of battle. They had never been aimed at you. Heat brushes your cheeks, and you shift your weight on the bed, avoiding embarrassment as it swipes at you. There was no need to take it personal, you think, after all–he had his reasons.

    You count the dots on the ceiling–five at a time. You had gotten up to forty five when his knuckles brushed against the side of your face. Slowly, you turn to him with knitted brows. There was a dry spot of blood by the side of your mouth he was determined to rub off with his thumb.

    Blood was drying on her face, on her hair, clothes and hands. Gojo’s eyes followed the splatter pattern behind his blindfold. For a moment, all he could see was red. 

    “Are you okay?” he asks, rubbing harder now; it was stubborn, so he brings the thumb to his mouth to wet it before he tries wiping again. Your eyes close for a moment.

    “I’m fine!” you reply with a bright smile and move away from his hand. Your own hands fly out in front of you, and you wiggle your fingers. “See? Ten fingers. Perfect condition.” Although you could understand his concern, at the same time, it was puzzling. Sorcerers came with expiration dates. Yours was etched somewhere on your body–out of sight. It was only a matter of time before the day came. Instead of agonizing over the inevitable, you lived day to day, not thinking of the future. 

    You did what you wanted, and said what you wanted–for the most part. Actually, that part was a complete lie.

    “Are you worried?” you ask him, placing a gentle hand on his cheek. “I’m fine. It’ll be fine. I’ll get stronger, although you’ll always be the strongest.” Praises had always managed to distract him but today was a failure. Anxiety floated in the room, heavy and rapid. You wished you could slice through it with your knife, stab it until it stopped moving. You’d do anything if it meant making Gojo stop looking at you the way he did; as if he couldn’t hold you tightly enough, as if you were slipping right through his fingers.

    A false promise rolled around your tongue. I’m not going anywhere. I won’t leave you.

    You swallow the lies. It didn’t matter how much you wanted it to be true–with every cell and tissue of your being–you couldn’t force it to be true.

    Lying was easy to you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to lie to him.

    A sense of dread crept up behind him, reaching out with cold fingers. They wrapped around his neck, squeezing, doing their best to strangle him. Words couldn’t make themselves out. He swallowed, thankful that he was still able to do that much. He takes in the size of his hands–large with long dexterous fingers–hands he had used to fight, and kill–to protect; hands that had failed to save as well.

    Shaking fingers tighten into fists and he reaches out towards you to grab a piece of hope. He brings your head against his chest and holds you dare, gently, afraid of what was so frail and unnamed–this, whatever it was–that he was scared to even hold. 

    He whispers your name into your hairline, brushing lips ever so lightly against your temple. 

    Your breath is trapped in your lungs or at least it feels that way. Your heart has left you and chose to fly somewhere close to the ceiling perhaps. A sense of flight shakes you to your core; with flight there was always a fall. It terrified you.

    “You,” he starts but stops. His voice faltered and so did his resolve. In an effort to gather his courage he holds you even closer to him, wrapping his free arm around you. His scent, his warmth–are distracting enough. You urge yourself to stop thinking, to allow yourself to sink into this moment. Was it so sinful to seek comfort after what you both had been through? 

    “You know me–me for who I am,” he starts again. A heatwave of embarrassment flew over his body, leaving blistering splotches of red wherever they kissed his pale skin. His heart races, doing his best to get away from him. “I don’t have to pretend.” He smiles a little, dropping another kiss on your forehead. “So please, don’t be an idiot anymore. Just stay put. Stay with me.”

    #gojo satoru#jjk gojo #gojo x reader #gojo x y/n #gojo x you #jjk fanfic#jjk fanfiction
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  • therunawaykind
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    Green Eyes - Part IV

    Pairing: Leigh Shaw x Reader

    Word Count: 14.1k

    Warnings: Curses, Drug usage, Sorry For Your Loss spoilers I guess?

    A/N: So here it is, we've finally gotten to the last part of Green Eyes, I decided to post this today as a little celebration of me posting my first story on this date a year ago. So what better way to celebrate it and reminisce than by finishing one of my most beloved stories. I am sorry for taking so long on getting this final part out...in all seriousness, I really just did not want this series to end. I just adore Leigh Shaw so much. I already know I'm gonna be trying to come up with some sort of series for her again next. But as an apology for taking this long getting this out for you all. You all are getting a 14k part. I just want to give a special little shoutout to @when-wolves-howl and her work/notes on this series as well. This series honestly wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you. I hope you all have enjoyed this series as much as I have enjoyed writing it. So go forth and get your dose of the beloved and adored Leigh Shaw. The love of my life (sorry 8bit) if y'all see me write and post one or two drabbles for this story after I said this was the finale....you see nothing


    | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

    *please do not repost or translate my material or claim as yours. reblogs, comments and likes are always appreciated!*

    It's been nearly a year since that whole predicament between you, Leigh and Danny. You were happy to say after that whole situation with Danny appearing at your house which led to the most significant disagreement you and Leigh had about your entire relationship, but you were glad to say things had started to run smoothly for the both of you. Due to the small scare, Danny gave you by appearing at your house, out of the blue you decided to move house purely out of safety and if in one of his bouts of anger he decided to leak your address. Considering you were moving house, you ran the thought by Leigh of her moving in with you albeit you both knew it was far too soon in the relationship for such a thing to happen. So, you both compromised in a sense, Leigh would come and stay with you for three days in the week and spend the rest of the time in her apartment since Amy her mother decided to sell their family house due to her going back to Alaska.

    Even though none of you voiced how sad you felt about not living together permanently it was an unspoken agreement between the two of you that it was a bit too soon in the relationship to take this big of a step forward. As well as that Leigh still wasn’t completely certain about moving on with someone completely even if it was with you, so she was taking things slowly and at her own pace that she was comfortable with and she was happy to know you were completely understanding of that as you agreed upon back in Vietnam. Although she couldn’t help but feel bad about it since she felt like she was holding you back, but you reassured her that everything was okay.  

    Whilst you were back in music and writing mode fully. Leigh was still working with Drew on her essays about her grief and how she is coping and not making the mistake she did before, by leaving you the person that was helping her, and she was doing everything with whilst also working on the advice column as well. However, a thought crossed Leigh’s mind recently and she didn’t know who to bring it up to or even how to bring it up with the possibility of people doubting her. Sure, she is a writer and has been writing things continuously for years, but it was never anything of this size. Leigh wanted to become an author….an actual author. She had a lightbulb moment as she was writing one of her essays where she thought why doesn’t she just put all of her thoughts, experiences and journey through grief and being a widow into one book.

    She knew she could just collect all of her essays and throw them into a book but that didn’t please her and didn’t seem authentic enough for her. She just felt and knew some good could come from this if she just figured out how to work this out and who to tell to help her in this venture. Of course, she could tell you, you were her partner she knew you’d support her in any endeavour she wanted, it would also help considering you write for a living as well albeit in a slightly different manner, but then she had Drew who may be suited better for something of this calibre, but Drew may also be too harsh. This was the loop she was stuck in that she couldn’t get out of.  

    Here she was in your house waiting for you to get home sitting at your table, elbows perched on top of the table whilst her hands are placed on her temples. Staring at a rather unplanned word document for this book, thinking of how to talk to you about this. Just as those thoughts crossed her mind, she heard the jingle of your keys unlocking the door. “Leigh honey, I’m assuming it’s you in here with all the lights on and not some sort of robber or crazy fan.” Leigh chuckled softly as she got up from the chair to approach you “I can assure you that it’s only me Y/N/N.” As you kick the door shut you can’t help but grin as you stare at Leigh “And boy am I so glad to see you.”  

    “How come, rough day at work?”  

    You can’t help but let out a groan as you fall back onto the sofa “yeah I guess you could say that, it was just us doing a bunch of tedious stuff-” You notice Leigh arch her eyebrow for you to tell her what exactly you were doing “I was getting to it Leigh, we were just rearranging and changing the littlest of things whether it was with my vocals or the instruments. Nothing writing-wise don’t worry all the lyrics are exactly the same as when you last heard them.” You couldn’t see it, but Leigh was grinning to herself before she spun around and placed a quick kiss on your forehead as she approached her laptop again. As you were staring at Leigh, you squinted your eyes and pursed your lips “what are you doing over there Hun?” You heard the immediate inhale come from her and her hands froze over her keyboard. You couldn’t lie, that reaction did make you quite nervous, but you trusted Leigh.

    Very quickly Leigh got her thoughts under control, she cleared her throat and turned towards you slightly “Right I’m going to tell you, but you got to promise me you won’t judge me or anything.” You can’t help but laugh lightly at the statement, but you clear your throat to get serious as you see Leigh look pleadingly at you “I promise you Leigh Shaw I will not be judgy purely because I was the college student who had the wildest dream of becoming a musician…. now here I am doing that honestly quite weird career.” Leigh couldn’t help but laugh at your ramble, she glanced back at the screen again and took a deep breath. “Iwannabecomeanauthorandwriteabook.” You honestly had no other reaction but to stare at Leigh in complete and utter confusion as your mouth opened and closed as if you were a fish out of water.

    As much as you tried not to you chuckled slightly but covered it up with a cough “Leigh, honey, sweetie I did not understand a word that came out of your mouth because you talked so fast.” Leigh threw her head back as she sighed “I said that I wanna become an author and write a book.” Leigh watched you expectedly waiting to gauge your reaction; she couldn’t help but smirk slightly as she saw a grin spread across your face. You dashed off of the sofa and pulled her up into a tight hug. “Leigh I am so proud of you, this is such a big deal and I believe in you one hundred percent, I really do hope you know that.” Leigh nodded quickly in response as her arms went around your neck, you gazed at her in pure adoration as you started to speak in a sing-songy voice “soooo what’s it going to be about?” Leigh took another deep breath in as she glanced back down at her laptop screen. “I think It’s going to be about how everyone deals with grief in different ways, specifically focusing on my journey and process through dealing with grief and becoming a widow and how I got to where I am today.”  

    As you were gazing at Leigh listening to her tangent of what her plan was for this book the soft grin that spread across your face couldn’t be stopped. You always got like this as she rambled about something she adored, whether it be some article she was writing or advice she was giving someone for her advice column. But whatever it was about the discussion of this book this was a far more passionate a side to Leigh you have never seen before with all your years of knowing her. You assumed it is due to the topic of conversation and what she will be discussing in the book, it left you with an immense feeling of pride for your partner.

    Maybe you were in a daze for a lot longer than you were anticipating considering the next thing you felt was Leigh’s hands cupping your cheeks “Y/N/N, Babe you good?” You nodded instantly “I’ve never been better.” As your eyes ran over Leigh’s face, she let out a little giggle as she placed a quick peck on your cheek and ran her thumbs over your cheekbones. “Good I’m glad.” You gave one last squeeze to her hips as you loosened your grip around her hips and placed another kiss on her lips. You slowly started walking backwards still keeping your eyes on her “Alright I’m just going to run back upstairs with this bag with my laptop, all my music things and stuff in it and I’ll be right back down, and we can relax for the rest of the night watching movies, that sound good?”  

    Of course, to be annoying Leigh started groaning “ugh Come on if it’s just your laptop and stuff leave it here bring it up when we go to bed. I feel like we haven’t seen each other in ages.” You grinned as you played with the strap of your bag as you walked up the stairs “I’ll be super quick, you won’t even know I’ll be gone. Your treat, you can pick what movies we watch, what snacks we eat and what drinks…. If it’s alcohol or not you get the idea.” Leigh slowly approached the sofa as she was staring back at you trying to suppress a laugh with her eyes narrowed at you “fine, that’s a good deal. No, go hurry up.” The second those words left her mouth you raced up the stairs to do what you had to do.  

    That night, as you both were lying in your bed asleep something, happened to Leigh that hadn’t happened to her since her and Danny were at the resort. She actually dreamt of Matt again. Though for some reason this time around she did not want to be dreaming of him, as much as she tried to wake herself up nothing was letting her. So, in her dreamlike state, she decided, albeit reluctantly she let her body relax. And the second she decided to settle she could hear Matt’s voice…faintly but she could hear it.

    “Leigh, I’m here. Leigh, stop. Leigh, listen to me.” It was when she finally calmed did it hit her why she couldn’t look him in the eyes anymore, well for one reason she had you and she couldn’t lie she has never felt happier than when she is around you. However, on the other hand, she literally cannot stomach the sight of Matt since Danny decided to blurt out the fact about what could have happened…...may have happened…. or possibly did happen between Matt and Nina and it made her sick to her stomach. Although she literally could not complain it could be said it was the exact same thing with you and her. God her and Matt together were really…. something when you sit and think about it. So unwillingly Leigh raises her eyes to look at Matt. She swallowed dryly as she spoke “Matt.”  

    Matt smirked lightly at the sound of his name leaving her mouth “Leigh. I know I can tell you really don’t wanna be here right now. But trust me when I say I will not keep you here for long. I just want to tell you and let you know it is okay to move on and live your life with Y/N. Don’t hold yourself back any longer from letting yourself fall fully for them. It’s been long enough Leigh of you holding yourself back from being in relationships with people. Even holding family members at arm's length. Dive in fully Leigh.” Leigh didn’t notice the tears building up in her eyes until she felt them roll down her cheeks as she nodded subtly and whispered “Thank you, Matt, this was something I needed to hear, and I didn’t even know it. But I want my last thing for you to hear is…I did really love you, I loved you a lot, Matt.” Matt smiled…a truthfully happy smile, one that Leigh hadn’t seen for a long time since Matt’s depression got worse. “I know you did Leigh, and I hope you know I did really love you too.” Leigh stared at Matt as she accepted everything that just happened, the acceptance of everything but before she could say anything else the scene around her slowly started to fade out. 

    As Leigh woke and came to her senses as her eyes opened in the middle of the night. Her eyes scanned around the room she was currently lying in as she got her bearings again. She realizes she’s in your room, she can hear the soft inhale and exhale of your breathing as you continue to sleep. She turns over to face your back, as much as you two slept together in the same bed you both kept to yourselves and your sides of the bed as you slept. Both not being fully over the guilt and accepting you both can move on now. But as Leigh layed there coming to terms with the dream she just had, as she watched your shoulders rise and fall with each breath you were taking a small smile escaped across her face as what she imagined to be acceptance, finally allowing herself to fall and enjoy this relationship fully. Leigh slowly and very hesitantly propped herself on her elbow as she inched over closer to you making sure to not wake you in the process.

    She draped her arm across your stomach and grabbed onto some of your shirt to make sure she was as close as she could be to you. Leigh breathed out a sigh of relief as she laid her head on the pillow beside you and took in your scent. Being able to relax fully for once…in a really… really long time. Leigh knew at that moment that would have to be another topic she would have to discuss in her book…. How it may have taken a while to accept and realize that it is okay to move on and find love again but that it is totally okay and proper. Needless to say, when you woke up the next morning you were surprised to see an arm draped over your stomach and the feeling of Leigh’s breathing hitting the back of your neck. Whilst it made you smile slightly you couldn’t help but feel the annoying gnawing feeling in the back of your mind and stomach. That guilt you still haven’t been able to come to terms with. You knew you’d have to deal with it and face it head-on sooner or later. But for now, you take a deep breath, place your hand on top of Leigh’s and close your eyes with the plan of going back to sleep.  

    Needless to say, the next few weeks were busy for Leigh, as well as working her normal daily jobs the second she was finished she would either end up in her apartment or yours working on her book. You both were currently sitting in your office Leigh working on her book and you doing what seemed like a hundred and one things. From going between doing work on your laptop, writing things down in your notebook and going from instrument to instrument figuring things out,  Leigh honestly couldn’t figure out how you dealt and kept up with it all. You couldn’t lie ever since that morning you woke up with Leigh cuddling you, she had become a lot more affectionate than she already was and was spending a lot more time with you and around you…again not like you were complaining. You had no idea what changed with her, you adored it, but you couldn’t help but feel even more guilty about not giving her the same in return. “Hey Y/N/N?”  

    You spin in your chair to face Leigh as you hum “mhmm what’s up Leigh?” 

    “Do you mind if I make you my soundboard for a sec, just to see if what I have written makes sense and well…make sure it sounds good?”  

    “Yeah sure of course, I mean…you listen to my ramblings far too much it’s the least I could do for you Hun.”  

    “Okay so uhhh, here is what I have.” Leigh pauses ever so slightly and clears her throat “My analogy has always been, we all have this backpack that we wear that is full of trauma and pain and loss. And we walk through life with this weight on us. When you lose someone, the backpack doesn’t change the person doesn’t become forgotten, you just have to adjust how you get through life with that adjustment and that new weight.” You hear Leigh take a deep breath and her eyes stay stuck on her laptop screen “So um…. yeah, that’s what I have at the moment…. uh how does it sound?”  you stare at her mouth agape, you close your eyes and blink rapidly to and get rid of the tears. You clear your throat and shake your head “Leigh that…that is amazing. Perfect even. It… it explains everything so well and in a way that is so easy to understand.” As you gazed at Leigh as she started doing a little happy dance in her seat as she concentrated back on her work, it was in that moment you realized you were going to have to face your issues head-on with this guilt of Matt dying and dating Leigh. It was time to come to terms with it.

    As you glanced at the time you realized just how long the both of you had been cooped up in this room, “hey Leigh d’you want me to go downstairs and make some stuff for lunch? Or do you just want me to do like…an early dinner?” You smirked as you saw Leigh’s hands pause over her keyboard as she thought about it “uhhh just make some lunch and we can do something for dinner later.” You push yourself off of your office chair and stride over to her and kiss the top of her head “I’ll try to get it done asap for you miss Shaw.” Leigh grinned up at you as you kissed her head relishing in the contact with you. Leigh watched you as you exited the room and heard the padding of your feet as you went downstairs.

    She spun around and looked at your desk, as her eyes were darting across the table, she saw a huge folder with big LS initials on it and in tiny writing were the words, Leigh Shaw. The smile that spread across her face couldn’t be taken off her face as she approached your desk. As she flicked open the folder, she saw a bunch of music sheets with melodies written on them and some with just lyrics. Leigh didn’t realize how much time had passed as she was looking through all these songs that somehow relate to her or are just about her, some unreleased, some for your upcoming album and some she’s never ever seen or heard of. She was in awe right now seeing this collection of work that was all dedicated to her. Leigh was so enamoured she didn’t even hear you come up the stairs and into the room and jumped slightly when she heard the plates and mugs being placed on the desk. She laughed sheepishly as she looked up at you “heh….hi.”  

    You bit your lip slightly to stop a laugh from escaping as you raised your eyebrows slightly “Hi Hun… so what you got there?”  

    Leigh started moving her hands in the hair “psshh…it’s nothing…. well, no it is something and I’m sorry for snooping in your things I- I just saw my initials then my name and curiosity got the better of me Y/N I am so sorry.”  

    You couldn’t stop the laugh that left your mouth “Leigh, Hun it’s fine, you’re fine, you’re okay. It's not like I was exactly hiding that huge folder it was out in the open for literally anyone to see and read. I was just wondering how long it would take you to find it or at least notice it.”  

    Leigh grinned to herself as she ran her fingers on the page that was opened. “But, wait hold on Y/N there are so many songs here that you have written here that in some shape or form relate to me? I thought the only song you wrote about me before was Green Eyes? Where did all these come from?”  

    You sighed as you sat down on your chair as you wrapped your arms around her waist and dragged her down with you to sit on your lap. “I always had a bunch of songs written about you Leigh, you…you were my muse….my inspiration. Green Eyes just happened to be the song I finished the quickest and also happened to be the song I was the proudest of but I- of course for obvious reasons didn’t want it to be released. The others just took so long to write but they did end up getting finished. A lot of them were during our college years…but as you now know a lot of them are either getting put on this album or the next or the next or the one after that.” Leigh couldn’t help but laugh at you droning on about the possibilities of what songs could be on what albums, so she did one of the few things she knew would shut you up.

    Leigh rolled her eyes and placed her hand over your mouth to quieten you down. “Okay Y/N sweetie, I get it now.” You stared up at her with soft eyes and you made sure when she least expected it, you decided to lick the palm of her hand. With the look of disgust that crossed Leigh’s face, you couldn’t help but laugh as she wiped her hand against your shirt as Leigh whined “ugh Y/N you’re so gross, why’d you have to ruin the moment.”  

    As your laughter died down you stared at her “I’m very sorry, how inappropriate and very gross of me to do such a thing. But you can’t deny that you don’t love me, you love me very much.”  

    Leigh sat against you with her head on your shoulder by your neck as she grabbed her food to start eating it. “You are very right, I do love you, I love you a whole lot.” You both smiled happily as you reached over for your food and started eating together.  

    A few days after that incident, the piece that Leigh wrote would not leave your head, which of course ended up in you basically thinking about Matt constantly and you trying to move towards this acceptance and get on with your life and relationship. So, you tried to move towards that acceptance the only way you knew how…albeit you felt slightly weird about it. You started writing a song about Matt…. a song for Matt? Either way, it was a song aimed at Matt. which eased your guilt ever so slightly. Leigh told you she’d be gone for a while since she was meeting up with Drew about her advice column and to discuss her book with him as Leigh said “he seems like he’d know how to help me with well….this book stuff.”  

    So here you were now walking in the graveyard looking for Matt’s gravestone to…. talk to him or maybe more so talk at him. As you were navigating around the graveyard you started clicking your tongue as you muttered to yourself “alright Matt where the heck are ya. I’ve been wandering around this graveyard for quite some time now.” As you continue to aimlessly walk through searching for his gravestone, eyes scanning every inch of the graveyard. If you weren’t so apprehensive about doing this you would’ve found the next thing to happen quite cute, although it was probably coincidental. Your eyes had just gotten a glimpse of the name Matthew James Greer on a headstone just as a butterfly landed on it. As you approached his grave a million and one thoughts crossed your mind. Honestly, you didn’t really know why you came here, you met him once as a favor to perform at his wedding for his bride…his wife… who was your best friend in college…. who you are now dating. Maybe you should have made more of an effort in college to get to know him better, for all of your sakes.  

    You clear your throat “Uh Hi Matt, this is kind of odd…. mostly because I know you can’t respond to me but also because you probably only know me as the person that performed on your wedding day for your wife Leigh. I don’t know how much you actually heard about me from Leigh after that performance or even before when you both started dating during college because-” you can’t help but shake your head and laugh slightly

    “if Leigh ever did mention it to you before something about a best friend, she had during college that was always stubborn and too busy to meet you because of their music. That was me, I was that best friend. Thinking back now I obviously wasn’t the best because I should’ve tried to get to know my best friend's boyfriend regardless of anything else that was going on or being felt. I guess I just want to actually introduce myself to you as Leigh’s best friend…even though I know it is a very odd and weird situation. But nevertheless, Hi Matt, nice to meet you I’m Y/N Y/L/N Leigh’s best friend. We can ignore the music career for a moment. I just want to tell you…. if you’re hearing me somehow. That I kept my distance from you and Leigh because I had feelings for her for years all the time back in college and I didn’t know how to cope with that and thought I didn’t have a chance with her. So, I saw she was happy with you, and I let her be at her happiest with you. Those few hours I saw the two of you interacting on your wedding day, I knew you were good together and looked out for each other…now I of course don’t know the whole ins and outs of your relationship, but I know you cared for her and did your best and you truly loved her. And I know it’s probably weird now your wife’s new partner coming to talk to you about all of this…. but I just want you to know I will protect her with everything I have, and I will shower her with all of the love physically possible. I….I guess I just want you to know that she’ll be safe with me…or well to the best of my abilities.” you paused slightly to wet your lips after talking so long.

    “Although about my music career, a few days ago Leigh read me an excerpt from a piece she had written for a book she’s writing about her journey with grief, acceptance and moving on. There was just something about it that hit me very hard, which resulted in me very quickly writing a song about, you, Leigh and I guess me kind of? And this weird situation. Considering I don’t know you well or at all. But it was therapeutic for me…. hugely. I never reference any of us by name and I’ve ever so slightly changed what actually happened, but it just sums up how I feel or well maybe felt about this whole situation it's called The Good Side. And I imagine it all probably could’ve been handled and dealt with better. But I-uh I just wanted to let you know first before anyone…not even Leigh knows. I’m not 100% sure if it’ll actually end up on any album of mine…but maybe it will if I get the courage to share it with people. But…...yeah thank you, Matt.”  

    You take a deep breath after that speech and place your hand on top of his headstone as you tap it slightly as you walk backwards staring at his name. Before you finally turn around and walk away with home in mind.  

    What you didn’t know earlier that day before Leigh went to meet with Drew again for her book and advice column. She went to the graveyard to visit Matt and talk to him, she couldn’t lie, she was ashamed she wasn’t going as much as she should have. Leigh stared at his name as she fumbled with a ring she was holding in her hands.

    “This is going to sound terrible when I say it out loud first. I’m not staying here long to talk because well I have to meet with Drew to discuss work and my book…I’m writing a book about my grief and my journey with it…. It’s called Sorry for Your Loss. But the reason I’m not staying here long is that I have another way I actually want to do this…to speak to you. Remember that time when my mother got in contact with a friend, and I took drugs to meet you on your plane instead of mine. Well, I’m going to try to do that again so we can have an actual conversation and I know you’ll be hearing what I say, and you can respond accordingly. But anyways why I’m actually right now to bury this little ring I bought for it to be with you…and for you to have a piece of me at all times with you. Because you weren’t getting my actual wedding ring, whilst I may not wear it as much now, I still want it, to hold and to keep, to remind me of what I had once and what was good to me and for me once. That it wasn’t all just made up and a lie that my brain made up. Maybe at some stage, I’ll end up wearing my engagement and wedding ring on a necklace or something…. maybe…but there is a possibility it might get lost….and you know how I feel about losing things…especially things that are precious to me. But now I’m rambling and not doing what I’m here to do.”

    Leigh kneels down into the grass as she starts digging a hole for the ring she bought, making sure it was deep enough that nothing would happen to it. Leigh sits back onto her legs as she stares at Matt’s name engraved into the stone and the now covered hole that’s protecting the ring. Leigh sighs as she stands up dusting off her pants and hands. She smiles sadly down at the plot of land as she whispers “I’ll see and talk to you soon Matt, I have someone else I need to go talk to.”  

    As Leigh was approaching the door to their apartment, she couldn’t help but repeatedly mumble the phrase to herself “please don’t slam the door in my face, please don’t slam the door in my face.” She waited patiently in front of the door, she knocked and as the person approached the door on the other side, she could hear their footsteps. As soon as they opened the door Leigh’s head shot up to look at the person as she nervously bit her lip. The second Danny realized it was Leigh on the other side of the door he promptly went to slam the door she ran over and stuck her foot in between the closing of the door as she pressed her hand against it. “Danny, Danny, Danny. I won’t be here long I’m just here to say sorry and apologize for everything I did and how I acted around you. It was frankly unforgivable and horrible. So, if you just give me a few minutes and I’ll be out of your hair for good. You’ll never have to see me again. As Leigh was scanning Danny’s face trying to get a read on what his answer was going to be. Danny loosens his grip on the door and leans against the door frame as he lets out a breath and nods. “Okay say whatever you have to say.”  

    Leigh lets out a deep breath as she fumbles with her hands and fingers. “Danny I’m so sorry for how everything went down and happened between us since Matt’s death. How everything happened was truly unforgivable. As terrible as it is to say it was a way for me to deal with my grief…it was a weird part of my grieving and healing process. Because…. Because I think in a way even if I didn’t admit it openly to me or to you…. though you may not want to hear this…you reminded me of Matt…. you- you were that last link to Matt for me and when we were doing whatever it was that we had going on. I was acting how I was when I was with Matt and honestly, it makes me sick that I treated you as a copy of him and as a coping mechanism-” Leigh paused as she ran her hands over her face and groaned as she mumbled “God this is going to sound so pretentious of me but I wrote something the other day for my book specifically about that time in my life and grief I wrote. We suffered a loss, and you don’t make major life decisions when you’re reeling from a loss. And that is exactly what we did, what we all did, we made a huge decision at the peak of our grief that changed our whole dynamic, that we cannot even stand to talk or even see each other anymore. For Christ's sake I was married to your brother, to me we’re still family no matter what. But due to the choices that we made it’s ruined that dynamic. So, I just want to say again I am truly sorry for what I did Danny and for treating you as if you were Matt, and as a coping mechanism.”  

    When Leigh finally gets the courage to look Danny in the eyes she swallows dryly as she sees his unreadable expression. She raises her eyebrows slightly to get any response. He starts to nod slowly as he clears his throat. “Leigh, your apology is accepted, and I hope you know I’m sorry as well for how I treated you. As you said we were at the peak of our grief. But um…. I’m not going to say we can never see each other again or hang out since as you said we still are family…at least in a sense. I just- I just need to get to the grips of our dynamic now so we can regularly talk Leigh. But for now, I think…I think this is it.”   

    Leigh smiles and nods sadly as she takes in everything Danny is saying.  

    Just as Danny is about to close the door again, he pops his head out around the corner “but that’s not saying you’re not going to get a random emoji sent to you from time to time…you know just so you know I’m alive and you’re alive…right?”  

    Leigh lets out a watery laugh as she smiles and nods hastily. “Definitely, Danny. See you around.”  

    Danny smirks as he slowly closes the door “See you around Leigh.”  

    Leigh was meant to go back to her own apartment once after her meeting with Drew and with her mom’s friend Neil again to get some DMT. She decided it would be best to have you around in case something went wrong. The minute she got in the door she leaned her back against it to close it. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. As she tried to relax and calm herself after the exhausting day of fixing and making things right with so many people. As well as putting the finishing touches on her book and getting ready to decide to either publish it independently or with a publishing house. She was convincing herself it would all be worth it in the end.  

    As you came down the stairs you looked over at Leigh leaning against the door with her eyes closed. You chuckled softly “hey Hun, you, okay? Are you just taking a lil nap by the door?” Leigh grinned the second she heard your voice “I’m okay sweetie, I was just taking a minute to myself after a long day.”   

    Your brows furrow as look at Leigh “Long day? What happened? Is there anything I can do to help?” Leigh smirked as she walked over and pulled you into a hug “no you’re okay, I just went to visit Matt’s grave today, after that, I went to talk to Danny to clear things up and apologize for the way everything was handled and I finalized everything writing-wise anyway when it comes to the book so now I just have to decide if I want to publish it independently or with a publishing house.” You smile as you place your lips against the top of Leigh’s head and place multiple kisses on top as you mumble “I am so freaking proud of you and you for writing this book.” You pause slightly as you clear your throat “but um how was being at Matt’s grave and talking to Danny again after so long? Oh, also I visited Matt’s grave today to just talk to him as Y/N Y/L/N Leigh’s college best friend not as the musician Y/N. Well…. Until the end when I said I wrote a song with him, you and I in mind.”  

    Leigh hums against you “The visit with Matt was good, I just buried a lil ring I bought not so long ago so he’d have a piece of me with him all the time because I didn’t wanna get rid of my wedding ring. The talk with Danny went okay I apologized for everything, especially how I treated him. We may not talk or meet up for a while but that’s okay. I know I’ve done everything I can. Huh…. odd we both went to visit Matt on the same day…. But did it do you any good?”  

    Leigh grins into your chest as she feels you nod above her “yeah, yeah it did.” You feel Leigh tense up slightly in your embrace “Leigh, you good?”  

    Leigh pulls away from you slightly to look up at you “there’s one thing I wanna run by you, that I’m going to do I just want to know if you’re going to be okay with it. Though I have done it before.” Your hands grip her jacket a little tighter as you nod hesitantly waiting for her to elaborate. “So before whilst you were off in Vietnam, my mom called up one of her hold friends called Neil and he gave me DMT a-”  

    “a hallucinogenic, psychedelic drug.”  

    “Yes, exactly that, because Jules dreamed about him during that time, and I wasn’t having dreams of him anymore. So, I just wanted to see him so one of the only ways to do that was by this drug. So today when I went to visit him. I told Matt I would be contacting this friend again to get this drug to talk to him fully, to tell him everything. Everything that has happened and what I have coincidentally put into the book as well. What way me and you were in college, how I will always truly love him but honestly will probably never get over his death and all the unanswered questions I have in regard to him. But I have to move on and go forward and that is with you Y/N, I’d like to think the love of my life. And really just how fucking annoying it is and was when people tiptoe around me and everything else, they do that irritates me. I just…I just want to know if you’re okay with me telling him all of this even though it’s all going to be in my book anyway. I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable in this whole situation.”  

    You shake your head hastily as you placed kisses around her face, “You Miss Leigh Shaw do whatever you have to in this situation to make you feel at peace. I’m…although I hate the word a celebrity, I’m sure people would find out these things about me or possibly already have. Do what you got to do Miss Shaw.”  

    “You are the greatest partner ever Y/N Y/L/N.” She leans up on her tippy toes as she places a chaste kiss against your lips. “But I do have one more question to ask, would you mind staying in the room with me and doing this whole thing with me. Just in case something goes wrong or happens that I need you right after?”  

    You nod instantly as you look down at her with soft eyes “I will do whatever you need me to do Leigh. I am right here, and I am never leaving your side.” You both pause briefly as you take a deep breath and intertwine your hands together as you walk up the stairs together.  

    As you get Leigh situated in a comfortable position on the bed and have the lights in the room dim as you hold the pipe between your fingers. “You ready for this?” Leigh nods slowly as she eyes the pipe as you bring it to her lips. “Wait wait wait, before you do anything.” you look at her with your eyebrows raised waiting for her to continue “can you play some of the instrumentals of your music on your phone whilst I’m doing this thing. Not exactly loud, just faintly. So, when I come back to here, I’m not going crazy thinking I’ve gone deaf or something from this.”  

    You can’t help the chuckle that leaves your lips as you nod and place a quick peck on her lips “of course Hun.” You grab your phone out of your back pocket and do as she says. You raise the pipe up to her lips once again, she leans forward as she places her lips around the opening of the pipe. When you see her eyes start to close and her body goes limp you make sure to lean her back slowly and softly onto the bed. As you sit at the foot of the bed.  

    One second Leigh was present in the room with you the next thing she knew she was standing in the same room as last time when she did this to see Matt, however the only difference this time was that there was no glass separating the two of them. Without even thinking about it she ran straight for him and embraced him in a tight hug as she just laid her head against his chest for a few minutes. She couldn’t help but feel calm as she felt his hand rubbing her back after a few minutes of standing in silence and hugging Matt, she decided to pull away from him to look at him. “I- uh it is really nice to see you again Matt.”  

    Matt smiled slightly as he nodded “it’s good to see you as well Leigh.”  

    She chuckles humorlessly as she says “I guess I should start the discussion I actually wanted to say to you now. Because I don’t know how long this state or place is going to last. Everything I’m discussing with you here I’ve written into my book, you’ll just be getting a much more condensed version of it.” Matt nods slowly as he gazes at Leigh. “I know Y/N visited you at your grave and said whatever they had to say to help them. That can stay private because it was for them, they needed it, I’m just glad they did something that helped them even if it was ever so slightly. But um, I guess I wasn’t completely honest with you when it came to our wedding and even after it. Because um the reason why I’d be playing Y/N’s music so much was that they were my best friend in college so, of course, I continued to support them. But I feel like I should’ve made it clear with you from the start when I was referencing my best friend in college that it was them, I was talking about. I- I guess at that time with you I think I saw them as still my little secret no one really knew about them yet when I should’ve just been honest-”  

    Leigh gets cut off by Matt’s laughs “Leigh before you carry on, I have to say I also think you weren’t telling me about them because there were feelings there for them that you never knew you had…. or maybe you did know and pushed them away because it was so long ago. But I have a feeling that’s why you never mentioned them to me as well in case you said or let something slip that I shouldn’t have known.”  

    Leigh stares at him wide-eyed as her mouth is slightly agape as she nods slowly as she comes to that realization “yeah…. yeah, that too. I will say though Y/N in college and still, now they haven’t changed they truly were amazing and the best person you could ever meet. I’m… it does make me slightly sad and upset they never truly got to meet you. We really had the best of times, they’d listen to all my ramblings and deal with me being difficult and stubborn. Much like you dealt with me whenever I was like that. I’d listen and try to help them out to the best of my abilities when it came to music and lyrics much like I still do today. We just worked well together. But I guess them pulling away from me in college and even after college it all makes sense now since I found out they had feelings for me. I do really wish they had met you because now that I think of it you both are kind of similar, I imagine you both would have gotten on well together and you both would have been great at annoying the hell out of me yet have been very protective of me no matter what.”  

    Matt smiles at Leigh softly full of adoration “I am really glad you’re happy now Leigh by yourself and with Y/N because it does sound like they do bring out the best in you.” Leigh laughs quietly to herself, and she looks down at her shoes to hide the slight blush on her cheeks at the thought of you. 

    When it hits her the next topic, she wants to discuss is Leigh feels the tears building up in her eyes she shuts them quickly and blinks rapidly trying to get rid of them. But she hears a faint “Leigh.” come from Matt's mouth so she slowly raises her eyes to meet his “you know you don’t have to hide your emotions from me, I understand that this is a lot for you to go through and then have to talk about it. With the person that in a way caused those hard times. Leigh shakes her head rapidly as if it was the most absurd thing he could have ever said.

    “No no, it’s fine. I just- I want you to know yet again that I did truly love you and I think I always will no matter what purely because…okay maybe this is going to sound a bit cliche but that was our own unique relationship and love and no one can or will take that from us, Matt. But I also think…no no I know that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over your death no matter how hard I try, no matter who is around me. But I…I can’t stay in that place of grieving feeling stuck forever feeling hurt and pain because I just won’t be able to survive that, living in that pain, hurt and grieving for as long as I live. I can’t survive. I won’t survive it. So, I have to move on with my life and move forward. As much as that may sting as well, it just has to be done.”  

    Leigh sighs softly as she realizes she’s nearing the end of her discussion as she leans against the wall in this weird place. “This …one of the last things I wanna say to you isn’t directly to do with you, it’s just about grief in general and what annoys me about it. I had this conversation with Danny quite soon after your death, but I just need to say it to someone else again. I hate when people use the word condolences. I hate how in the beginning, everyone wants to send you flowers and donate to, like, a foundation for your dead person. And then they stop calling and writing and doing nice things for you because they're over it, and they expect you to be over it. I hate running into someone I haven't seen in a long time, and I know they know you’re dead. But we have an entire conversation, and they never bring you up. They never say they're sorry. They don't ask how I'm doing. They just pretend like everything's fine. I hate that.”

    She runs her hands over her face as she takes a breath “someone sent in a question before to my advice column and it was about a break-up right after you had passed, and it has been stuck in my head ever since and especially how I was going to answer it. What they asked me was, ‘Everyone keeps telling me that I'll get over him. Everyone keeps telling me it's not the end of the world, but if that's true, then why does it feel like the end of the world?’. The answer I had typed out was ‘The reason everyone keeps telling you it's not the end of the world is because it's not the end of their world. They don't have to figure out how to live inside a world that's over. You do.’ And I think I can finally say…. I’ve figured out or at least starting to figure out how to live inside a world that doesn’t involve you.”  

    Matt grins at Leigh albeit sadly he takes her into a warm and loving embrace. “I’m very proud of you Leigh and I just know you’re going to achieve great things.” As Leigh has her head pressed against her chest a thought comes to mind and she mumbles “Hey Matt, can I ask you one last question before I go?”  

    Matt tenses slightly but nods albeit hesitantly “yeah go ahead.”  

    Leigh takes a deep breath as she steps away from him “Matt, how did you die? Was it an accident or did you do it on purpose?”  

    Matt lets out an exasperated sigh “Leigh…”  

    Leigh shakes her head slowly “no Matt just tell me. I need some sort of closure for that question”  

    Matt sighs as he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath “okay okay, but you have to promise me this stays with you. No one else gets to know.” Leigh nods instantly as she stares at him with soft eyes. 

    “Leigh it was-”  

    One second you were nearly falling asleep with your eyes closed at the foot of the bed, the next thing you heard Leigh gasp as her eyes shot open. You quickly ran up to sit beside her as you ran your hands all over her face making sure she was okay. “Hey hey, Leigh, Hun, you, okay? Are you good?”  

    Leigh instantly softens at your touch as she subtly leans into it and nods slowly as she whispers out “I’m good, no need to worry about me. I think we both just need to enjoy a relaxing night for the two of us night after a rather long day.  

    It's been a few weeks now since that night. Leigh decided to publish her book with a publishing house. It was no surprise to you and everyone else that her book was very well received and quickly rose to be a number one bestseller. As for the album…that was actually finalized, and the talks of the tour had started and finished very quickly. As your management started booking venues and states for you to tour.  Which…. You had yet to tell Leigh about not with bad intentions you just wanted this time to be about her and the success she was having. You didn’t wanna rain on her parade.

    This explains where you are right now, which is in a room standing beside Leigh as she talks to all of her friends that came to a little party to celebrate Leigh’s book being labelled as a number 1 best seller. You knew Leigh was a bit sad that her mother Amy and Jules weren’t there to celebrate with her although she was trying to convince you it was fine, she had you to celebrate with her and that’s all she needed. But little did she know you got into contact with them and luckily it didn’t take much convincing for them to come to visit and celebrate with their daughter and sister.  

    You lean your head against the top of Leigh’s as you both hear a knock. Leigh’s about to answer it as you tug her backwards by her dress, you place a kiss against her temple as you mutter “I’ll answer it, you stay with everyone else Hun.”  

    Leigh looks at you with furrowed brows “but everyone is here already Y/N/N.” You give her waist a tight squeeze and a tight-lipped smile as you go answer the door. Leigh can’t help but eye you suspiciously as she watches you walk off but ends up shrugging it off and falling back into conversation with Becca and Drew. As you pulled open the door you let out a sigh of relief as you saw the two people Leigh wanted most right in front of you. You grinned as you pulled them both into a tight hug not quite believing they were actually here. After a few minutes, you heard Amy say “alright, where’s the girl we should be celebrating today?”  

    Your smile couldn’t get any bigger than it already was yet somehow it did “She’s right inside the last time I saw her she was talking to Drew and Becca about something.” You moved to the side of the door to let Amy and Jules through as you closed the door behind them. The second you had the door closed you heard Leigh faintly say “honey, who was at the door?”  

    You walked in behind Amy and Jules standing behind Leigh “why don’t you look behind you and find out?” Simultaneously everybody looked to where your voice came from as a collective gasp was heard throughout the whole room. Leigh spun around to face you with her mouth agape the second she saw her mother and sister, the tears streaming down her face didn’t even register with her as she ran over to embrace both of them. You smiled softly at the three of them as you stepped back to give them their own time together but before you could go anywhere Leigh stuck out her hand and grabbed your shirt and pulled you over to them to join the hug.

    As you’re all still standing in the hug one of the members of Leigh’s team walks in and clears her throat. “Alright everybody we have a very special and important announcement to make for the main woman of the day. All of us are very proud and honoured to have worked with Leigh for the last while and hope for us to work together more in the future. But for now, we are all very pleased to say that Leigh Shaw’s very first book Sorry for Your Loss is officially a number one bestseller. -” She gets interrupted by a round of applause and cheers from everyone in the room as Leigh starts to get teary-eyed again. As the applause and commotion start to die down, she clears her throat “and with that, we have an announcement to make Leigh has known about this for a few days now but everyone swore her to secrecy so she couldn’t even tell her amazing, brilliant partner Y/N, sorry about that by the way.” You shake your head and laugh slightly as Leigh’s grip on your shirt only seems to get tighter. “But we are proud to say our very own Leigh Shaw will be going on a book tour around America for a few weeks which will be starting very soon in a couple of weeks' time.”

    You tense up ever so slightly but make sure to keep a smile on your face as you lean over and kiss the top of Leigh’s head and mumble “I’m so proud of you.” Unbeknownst to you, Leigh noticed how you immediately tensed at the news and plastered on what you thought was a believable smile. She could take a guess that you had news about your career and album but weren’t drawing attention to it, so all of the focus was on Leigh for a change and not you.  

    As it was nearing the end of the gathering and people were leaving, the anxious feeling you got since Leigh’s announcement only grew tenfold as you got told more information about when her book tour starts. Only because you knew you were going to have to tell her this before it got too late. Considering the party was at your house you walked Amy and Jules up to the spare rooms you had to rest for the night. You paused at the top of the stairs and took a deep breath in as you heard the clinking of glasses and plates as Leigh cleaned up downstairs. You very slowly and hesitantly started walking down the stairs to approach Leigh just as she walked past you into the living room with two mugs of tea. “You coming in here or not Y/N?” You walk into the living room albeit apprehensively as you sit beside Leigh. Which she wasn’t a fan of as she made you sit sideways so she could lie in between your legs as she handed you your mug. She spoke softly “you tensed up.”  

    Your brows furrowed slightly as you sip your tea “huh?”  

    “When the announcement was made about my book tour you tensed up and plastered on a smile. So, what haven’t you shared with me or well any of us yet.”  

    You let your head fall against the back of the sofa as you sigh “Well as you know my album releases in a few days and my tour starts very shortly after that. I think it could be just before your book tour starts or maybe even the same week.”  

    Both of you sat in silence for a few minutes as you both let this new information linger in the air and just fully sink in. Leigh turned around slowly to face as she came to the realization “Yo- you won’t be able to come with me on my book tour and I won’t be on yours.” You looked at Leigh sadly as you shook your head trying your best to keep the tears at bay “No, no I won’t be with you on your book tour, and it pains me to say I won’t be there with and for you.”  

    Leigh’s eyes dart rapidly around the room and across your face as she quickly tries to think of some solution on the spot “B-but can’t we- isn’t there something? -” Leigh deflates slightly as it hits her all at once “there’s nothing we can do to change this is there?”  

    You place both of your mugs onto the coffee table as you move your hands onto her cheeks to stop her tears from escaping. As your words come out broken “no there really isn’t anything we can do.”  

    The sobs that escaped Leigh surprised the both of you as she fell forward and cried into your chest. It felt like her whole body was hurting her with the sobs that came from her. You wrap your arms around Leigh and lift her up onto your lap as you rub her back. “It’s only for a few weeks Leigh, I believe we can do this, we can get through this, I’ll make sure we call, text, facetime and literally whatever else is possible in this day in age. To make sure we have constant contact even though I know it’s going to be a struggle and it’s going to suck with how much work we will have to do constantly whilst we’re both away. But I got you, you got me, we have each other. I’m-” you pause slightly to laugh “I’m going to say some lyrics to a new song I’ve been working on, it is probably going to sound very cliche and cheesy, but I like it, so I hope you do too. If I was a bluebird, I would fly to you. You’d be the spoon, dip you in honey, so I could be sticking to you.”  

    You feel the movement of Leigh laughing before you actually hear it as she hums in agreement “you were right that was very cliche and cheesy. What other lyrics do you have written for that song?”  

    You throw your head back in fake thought “Umm…. literally nothing that’s all I got so far besides knowing it’ll probably be called Daylight.”  

    Leigh leans her chin against your chest “that’s cute but why Daylight?”  

    You groan even more at that question “great even more cliche and cheesiness “Because whenever I see you, you just are the epitome of Daylight to me. You just shine so bright and bring a level of warmth into my life that no one else has ever been able to achieve. And that’s been since college not just recently.”  

    Leigh grins as she pats your cheek slightly “You’re cute. But come on let’s get ready for bed we have a busy few days ahead of us.” You sigh as you see her stand up holding her hand out for you to take. You intertwine your fingers between hers as you reluctantly stand up clean up the last few things and walk upstairs.  

    It had finally reached the day you both were dreading, the day you both wish you could’ve put off for as long as physically possible. You both over the last few weeks had naturally been stuck to each other's hips. Everywhere you could go you went together besides when it came to situations such as work or just using the bathroom. You both soaked up as much time together as physically possible. Here you both were standing outside your front door looking at the two different cars taking you both to two different states. That was another thing you both did. You  basically studied your dates to see if you both were in the same states at any moment in time…. easy to say that wouldn’t be happening. You clenched your eyes as you turned towards Leigh and placed your hands on her cheeks as softly as you possibly could as if any rougher touch would shatter her like a porcelain doll. You placed a long passionate kiss on her lips trying to delay the inevitable. However, you slightly ruined the kiss by smiling slightly when you felt Leigh’s hands wrap around your wrists.  

    Leigh pulled back slightly as she rested her forehead against yours, you gazed at her softly as you murmured “It’s just us, always. No matter what, okay? Leigh nodded slowly as she gave you another kiss. You both reluctantly stepped away from each other as you walked toward your separate cars. As you both opened the doors you gave each other a look of understanding and nodded subtly to each other. That was the last thing you both saw as you sat in the car.  

    You were happy to say the first two weeks of the tour were easy and good for both of you. Both of you were getting good sleep, texting each other updates even if the other was busy and Leigh was even sending you pictures of your posters and billboards in different states and places as she travelled. So of course, in return, in every bookshop you passed that displayed Sorry for Your Loss in the window you took pictures and sent them to Leigh. Today was 2nd day off in a row which you were thankful for because your voice was going, and it needed the rest. So here you were lying on the bed in your hotel room in New York? Honestly, you couldn’t remember. But you were at your happiest because you were on facetime with your amazing partner who was also resting in her hotel for the night. However, she was giving out to you claiming “Y/N/N Honey as much as I love you, you need your voice for your job shouldn’t you not be talking altogether?”  

    You roll your eyes ever so slightly as you shrug “I mean I guess I should be but… I needed to hear your voice and actually see you in front of me for a few hours. I’m getting sick and tired of texting and not being able to hear or see you. And even then, I probably would’ve used voice notes and you would’ve been giving out to me through text.”  Leigh rolled her eyes in response, but you could see the grin she was trying to hide from you. You zoned out slightly as you stared at something placed on the desk on the other side of the room, not realizing Leigh was trying to get your attention. But quickly came back to reality when you heard her softly say “hey honey, you good?” Your eyes dart back to the screen and grin as you nod. Leigh chuckles nervously

    “okay, okay but honey why are you looking at me like that? You never looked at me this way before?”  

    You looked at her confused “I- I uh I dunno what way I just looked at you sorry, I guess I just miss you a lot that’s all Hun. But if you didn’t like it, I’ll try not to look at you that way ever again.”  

    Leigh rapidly shakes her head “no no no it’s okay I liked it, it- it was just new that’s all. But um the reason I was trying to get your attention Y/N/N was that I got to go get some sleep since I have to be up early tomorrow. But I loved that we got a day to just kind of exist together again for a few hours…. even if it was through facetime. It helped a bunch.” You smiled softly at her as you nodded “okay Hun, you go get some well-deserved sleep yeah?” Leigh grinned softly as she blew a kiss towards the camera and quickly disappeared off your screen.

    It was the next few weeks where the issues and problems had started between the two of you. You were both getting more tired and stressed, which led to you both being quite cranky when it came to your usual texts and calls. You honestly couldn’t even recall what your arguments would be about, one second, you’d be talking filling each other in on any interesting interactions you’ve had. Then you’d both be yelling at each other. The only cause of the tension between the both of you was the possibility of not sleeping well due to becoming so accustomed to sleeping with and next to each other. Sleeping in a double bed alone with no one beside you after so long, the bed felt huge, you felt lost in it.  

    Which brought you to the conversation you were about to bring up now with Leigh. Everything was calm between you both so far, but you knew this could set her off. “Hey, Leigh?”  

    She hummed in response  

    You sighed, that was another addition during this time short snappy answers coming from both sides. Just no length, no detail at all to these messages. “Leigh is it alright if I ask you a question?”  

    Leigh tore her eyes away from whatever she was doing and stared at the screen as she raised her eyebrows waiting for you to continue. 

    You muttered a fuck under your breath when you saw her stare “I was just going to ask, how you’ve been sleeping whilst you’ve been away? I’m just wondering because-”  

    Leigh narrows her eyes at you and bites her lip slightly “What, what is it Y/N? Do I look tired and exhausted is that why you’re asking me? Am I not the pretty, beautiful Leigh you fell in love with?”  

    You stare at the screen shocked and puzzled as you stutter out “Wha- what no Leigh, you didn’t let me finish my question-” 

    Leigh cuts you off yet again “No, you know what Y/N am I so fucking sorry that me missing my partner, missing being around my partner 24/7 has such a negative effect on my looks, how I act, how I interact with people constantly, working and travelling constantly and driven me to a level of stress I didn’t even know existed. I am so sorry that my work has affected me in such a negative way that you can’t stand it anymore, possibly can’t stand me or even like me anymore. I am so sorry for doing that to you-”  

    You absent-mindedly had started pacing the room you were currently staying in “Leigh…oh my God Leigh will you let me finish and get out the rest of my fucking question? You’re freaking out and blowing up on me for no fucking reason here.”  

    Deep down Leigh knew she was being unreasonable here, but she just couldn’t stop the words from tumbling out of her mouth. She was just so overworked, tired, and stressed and she missed you so fucking much. She never realized until this tour just how much she loved and adored you. She just wanted you back in her arms, she was so attached to you, and she didn’t care if it wasn’t healthy. She needed you, she wanted you. But that didn’t stop the next words from tumbling out of her mouth.  

    “OH, for no fucking reason really!?” She grimaced internally as she scoffed you know what Y/N I think it’s best if we both go to sleep for the night.”  

    You scoffed slightly at the words coming out of her mouth you started to finish off your question whether she’d like it or not, that’s even if she heard it as she started to disconnect the call without even saying good night. As you hastily said, “I was just going to say I was just wondering because I have been missing you a lot and I haven’t been sleeping right without you beside me.”  

    She was gone off the screen as you finished the question. You thought she hadn’t heard the rest of the question as you threw your phone on your bed watching it roll to the floor.  

    Meanwhile, Leigh was staring blankly at her screen mouth agape with tears in her eyes as she heard what you were initially going to say to her. God, she was a fucking idiot. The sooner both tours were over the better.  

    It’s been a week since that night you and Leigh hadn’t texted or called each other. Radio silence. You both could’ve been dead and none of you would know. But you were on your way home to California for the last show of your tour. You couldn’t have been happier to be on the final date of the tour. You knew Leigh had still another 2 weeks of her tour you could only hope it would get easier for her, you could go and visit her on one of her dates…then again you two weren’t exactly talking at the moment. So maybe that wouldn’t be the smartest idea. Your team decided on the last few dates of the tour instead of flying from place to place only, when necessary, of course, they decided to hire a tour bus for you all to stay on for the trek back to California.

    So, as you all pulled into a random town to fill the bus up on gas and just take a break from driving. You decided to walk around the random town and explore a little, you were living in your own little bubble with your headphones on looking into random shop windows when one caused you to stop in your tracks. That’s when you saw Leigh’s book on display in the front window, you couldn’t lie you teared up slightly at the sight of her book and her name in big writing…your emotions may have been heightened due to not talking to her.

    On instinct, you took out your phone to take a picture and send it to her. As soon as the picture is sent you internally cursed yourself as you remembered you two weren’t exactly on speaking terms. But as you stood there deep in thought a wild thought came to mind as you ran across the road and ran into the shop. You didn’t even bother looking around the store, you walked straight up to the cashier. “Hi there, I’d like to buy every single copy that you have of Sorry for Your Loss by Leigh Shaw.” You don’t blame the cashier for looking at you weirdly he nodded slowly as he started typing something up. “You must really need help with your grief if you’re buying every single copy of it that we have.”  

    You nodded slightly and chuckled “yeah sure let’s go with that buddy.” Since the cashier was searching something up you decided to text your team the address of where you were because there was no way in hell you were getting back to the bus with all those books.  

    When the cashier, your team and you finally finished loading the books onto the bus. You walked back into pay “Also just so you know Jordan, I wasn’t buying every single book because I’m struggling with grief. I’m buying them because I’m being a supportive partner and supporting mine in her career endeavours.” It was then the cashier realized who you were “holy shit.” but before he could say or do anything else you were gone.

    As you got on the bus and looked at all the books you couldn’t help but laugh, you knew you had to send a picture to Leigh no matter what, you knew it would make her smile. You stared at the screen as the picture was sent waiting to see if you would get any sort of response from her. Needless to say, you were shocked when you saw her send heart and kissy-face emojis to you. It may not have been much, but it was something and it was better than nothing.  

    It was the night of your final performance, and you were freaking the fuck out for some reason. You had never been so nervous about a show before. I mean there was a possibility of it being due to the fact you were performing in your home state…though you’ve performed here before maybe it’s due to a bigger crowd. It was just something you couldn’t shake but you knew it would all be okay once you were out there. You had gotten a text from Leigh earlier in the day wishing you good luck and that she knew you were going to kill it. So that helped eased you ever so slightly.  

    You were in the middle of your set on stage when you started hearing cheers and screaming though you were doing nothing. You squinted out looking at the crowd as you took out one of your in-ears. You brought the mic up to your mouth as you spoke “guys, hey what's going on out there? Do y’all need water or something?”  

    You received an overwhelming collective “NO!” Back to you.  

    You laughed “Okay, okay so what’s going on fill me in on your little secrets.” you groaned ever so slightly as you sat down at the edge of the stage. You then heard a chant starting with a name of a person you adored. “LEIGH, LEIGH, LEIGH, LEIGH.”  

    You laughed and shook your head “yeah guys I know, I know. Go Leigh and well done for everything she’s achieved so far but sadly she isn’t here tonight.” However, that didn’t stop the chanting, if anything it only got louder. You rolled your eyes and pointed your mic out at the crowd. “Do you guys want me to start singing again, I mean that is what you all are here for isn’t it?” They answered with yet another no. You started humming a random tune into the mic as your eyes scanned the crowd as you noticed weird movement happening out there. You squinted and pursed your lips as you examined the area. You nearly dropped your mic at what you saw next.  

    You stared out into the crowd wide-eyed and mouth agape as you saw Leigh basically being escorted to the front of the pit by all of your fans as they all started chanting Leigh again. You leaned down towards the security as you explained to them who that woman was and to help her over the barrier as smoothly as possible. Which didn’t go smoothly at all, she stood in the space between the stage and the crowd looking up at you. You held your hand out wordlessly inviting her up on the stage with you. Leigh instantly shook her head and exclaimed “Are you crazy I’m not going up there.” You rolled your eyes as you jumped down off the stage and threw her over your shoulder as you got back into the stage. With Leigh clinging onto you for dear life and screaming in your ear. As you got back onto the stage you leaned forward trying to get your breath back as Leigh slapped you slightly “excuse me I am not that heavy, that’s all muscle!”  

    You nodded your head “I know, I know.” One of the crew members ran on stage with a spare mic for Leigh to use as you both spoke. You laughed “okay this concert has taken a very different turn tonight guys I’m sorry.” All you got was a cheer in response, you rolled your eyes.  

    “Okay first off Leigh, how are you here?”  

    Leigh grimaced “I uh… I cut my book tour short the dates are getting rescheduled don’t worry but um I needed a break from doing all that. But mostly the reason why I am here is that I missed you too much and I honestly think I was going a bit crazy not being around you as often as I used to be.” You smiled softly at her and gazed at her lovingly as she continued to speak “and you know more than anyone how I was acting and it just…it wasn’t right- and there you go with that look again. The one I’ve only seen once before and that was over facetime.”  

    God this is either going to be a really stupid idea or it’s going to be a really smart one. “Uhhh…one second Leigh. Hey guys!” you shout out into the crowd, the response you get back is a bunch of cheers. You laugh at the situation you’re in right now “Do you guys think you could sing to Leigh for a moment whilst I go grab something from backstage really quick?” Before you know it, they started singing Green Eyes, you turn towards Leigh quickly and place a quick kiss on her lips before you run off backstage to grab what you needed.  

    You run back on stage as you walk towards Leigh and pull her towards you to stand up. You take a deep breath in as you slowly get down on one knee Leigh stares at you wide-eyed. You place the mics down on the floor knowing thousands of people didn’t near to hear your personal love declaration.

    “Leigh Shaw, my partner, the love of my life, the thorn in my side. I know this whole situation between us probably has been going on for years and we didn’t even know it. You really are the love of my life, I wrote a song about it years ago when I thought I had lost you for good. Unsurprisingly called Love of My Life. But I am truly so sick and tired of life and time passing us by so quickly, time and ourselves have ruined years of love and happiness we could’ve been spending and giving it to each other. And this time apart has only solidified that although maybe it all panned out this way for a reason. But Leigh Shaw, I want to spend the rest of my life with you however long that may be. Before I ask you one of the most important questions, I will ever ask, I have a little fact for you. Only 2% of the population has green eyes. I don’t wanna be with anyone else who is in that percentage, you Leigh Shaw are the only person from that percentage that I wanna be with and write songs about till the day I die. So, Leigh Shaw will you please marry me?”  

    As you stared at Leigh you saw the stream of tears rolling down her face as she smiles at you and nods rapidly “of course I will, I’d be stupid not to after everything you’ve done for me and everything we’ve been through.” You stand up as Leigh wraps her arms around your neck embracing in a long-overdue kiss. You both get brought back to where you actually are as you hear the cheers you pull back slightly as you slowly put the ring on Leigh’s finger. You bend down to pick up the mics Leigh  whispers “finish your concert, I’ll be right backstage or at the side listening and watching you.” You let out a breath as you kiss her on final time before you carry on with your show.  

    After you finally finish your concert you and Leigh are walking back to the tour bus as she stares at the ring “when did you even get this, when did you even have the time to get this?”  

    You laugh as you kiss the side of her temple “Oh Leigh, Hun I’ve had that ring for months. Remember that time when I came in from work and you first told me about wanting to write a book?” Leigh nods slowly as she recalls that memory “Yeah…. well remember I was adamant on bringing my bag upstairs even though I claimed it was just my music stuff?” Leigh nods again as she sends you a glare and hums. “Yeah well, I’ve had it since around then.”  

    Leigh scoffs and pinches your side “you're a jerk-” Leigh pauses as she looks down at the ring again “but it’s beautiful, pretty and everything in between so it’s okay.” When you both finally reach the tour bus and sit down you both simultaneously let out a groan. You turn Leigh’s head to look at you by grabbing her chin with your thumb and index finger. “I love you, Leigh Shaw.”  

    Leigh grins and gazes at you in adoration “I love you too Y/N Y/L/N.” You both place your foreheads against one another as you place a loving kiss on each other's lips. 


    #leigh shaw x reader #leigh shaw x you #leigh shaw x y/n #leigh shaw imagine #leigh shaw #elizabeth olsen x reader #elizabeth olsen x y/n #elizabeth olsen x you #elizabeth olsen imagine #elizabeth olsen fanfic #green eyes series #green eyes
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  • thoughtfuldreamlandinfluencer
    28.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    should i write a fic surrounding the new Doppo card?

    i'm questioning this

    #shoud i or should i not #hypmic #if i were to write this it would be a y/n story where you drink with doppo #it would be a story separate from the arb
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  • tokyorevroles
    28.05.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    Just wanted to check up on Takemitchi! Hope you’re doing ok, and if it’s alright… can I ask for a hug?

    "YOU WANT WHAT? I , YOU ? ME? I" *nervous cough* "I yes, you can hug me!" *nervous* "om oh, sorry I didn't respond to what you asked, yes I'm alright thank you!"

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #anime #tokyo rev x reader #tokyorev x reader #tokyo rev x you #tr takemichi#takemichi imagines#tokrev takemichi #takemichi x y/n #takemichi fluff#takemitchy#takemichi hanagaki
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  • bloodykora
    28.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago

    Carl Grimes Moodboard

    Yall, look away, I'm in shame posting this in 2022.

    the idea was enemies to friends (..lovers tbh) moodboard with Carl.

    y/n, reader, me meets him and they do not get along but stay together to survive and through their small adventure they bond.

    ....will make a oneshot if anyone asks me to...

    #carl grimes #carl grimes x reader #twd x reader #the walking dead #im so sorry im just sad inside #dad nana mutuals look away pls #carl grimes x y/n #carl grimes imagine
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  • softtcurse
    28.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    Peaches and Cream

    cam girl! reader, pure filth



    Jack watched through his lap top screen as your face came into view. Angelic and beautiful just as he knew you would be. Your body was clad in a baby blue two piece lingerie making your skin pop through the material. You had a simple makeup on, your lips glossed over with a signature shimmery gloss and eyelashes lifted up by your favorite mascara. Your hair was down, but you neck looked so sweet and exposed.

    He felt his dick harden against the material of his loose jogging pants. His black t shirt made his skin start to feel hot, but Jack knew it wasn’t because of the shirt. More so it was the sight of you.

    “Hi everyone” You waved. Your perfectly manicured hands holding onto a pillow as you sat on the soft bed on your knees. The pillow covered your bottom half of your body. You were being a little tease and Jack knew that you knew that. The men and women alike in the comments were eating up the sight of you. He couldn’t blame them. You looked good enough to eat. The soft hues of the lights you had turned on in comparison of the harsh light of the room made you look like a desert served on a silver platter.

    hi pretty girl

    damn I’m already do fucking hard for you

    He watched as the comments piled up in the section of the chat. The tips section displaying $267 in the two minutes you were already on, and it just kept going up.

    Jack’s breath hitched in his throat as he watched you teasingly smile at the camera. You moved the pillow out of the way. Your perfect body coming into view. Your nipples were clearly hard against the material of your lingerie. Jack watched with lust filled eyes as you pulled down the material of your strap. Your breasts exposing to all 89k people watching. A soft blush creeping in your cheeks as you watched the compliments that just kept coming, of course the tips as well.

    Shifting in his seat Jack lifted up his hips and slid down the jogging pants. He wasn’t wearing an boxers, having freshly showered he opted not to since he knew exactly what he would be doing once he finished.

    His hand started to stroke his dick slowly. A hiss escaping his pink lips as he finally got some sort of relief. “Fuck” he muttered as he paid a little attention to his leaking head. Watching as the pre cum coated the head of his dick and helped him lube up his member a little bit.

    You giggled and reached over to the side of the camera. Your chest getting closer to the camera to give a better view of your breasts. You sat back down, a new toy in your hand. A 8 inch pink dildo with a vibrating head. Your comments didn’t hide how horny the people in the comments were, not that they tried to anyways. You took the head into your mouth, blinking up innocently as you twirled your tongue around the head. Almost pretending like it was real, and of course the moans that spilled out of your pretty lips were enough to make a man cream his pants.

    “You like it when I ruin my mascara daddy?” You asked. Taking the silicone dick in your mouth. The head hitting the back of your throat and you gagged a little bit, tears pricked your eyes and a few even managing to fall down. Creating a small black watery lines down with it as your mascara stained your pretty face.

    Jack groaned, feeling his hand start to stroke his dick at a faster pace. He wouldn’t come until you did though. That he promised himself. Coming undone with you was one of his favorite things to do.

    “Can I fuck my self with my toy? Please?” You whined, squeezing your soft legs shut. Jack knew you were as wet as can be. He knew that gorgeous pussy was just needing to come, and he found himself responding verbally to your request as he gasped. Pausing his strokes feelings his heavy heartbeat pound against his chest.

    fuck yourself with it baby

    don’t be a naughty girl and show us how you play with your cunt

    show daddy how good you are and start riding that dick right now

    enough teasing, dirty girl

    You whined and nodded your head, laying back on the bed, you reached up and groped your own breast. Which lead to you sticking your fingers in your mouth and sucking on your digits. A moan leaving your mouth as you closed your eyes. Trailing your fingers down again, past the valley of your breasts, down your soft stomach, until they reached your pantie clad pussy. You looped two fingers on the sides of the lace and slid them down your legs. Kicking them off to the side.

    The sight was one for sore eyes.

    Your pussy was already leaking cum. It was practically stuffed into you. A mess so pretty that it made you turned on just looking at it.

    Jack started his strokes once again. His moans progressively getting louder and louder, breathing felt labored now.

    someone already fucked you baby? and you’re still horny?

    fuck look at that creampie

    she’s full of cum and still wanting more

    I bet she tastes just like peaches and cream , what I would give to have my head buried in that cunt right now

    You looked at the camera as you spread open your pussy. Your lip bottom tucked in your teeth as you grazed the head of the silicone dick over your clit. Hitting the head against it a couple of times.

    “I let him cum inside of me, twice. It felt so good daddy, he pushed his cum inside of me the second time and fucked in me” You almost whispered.

    The tips raising by the hundreds.

    Jack laughed to himself and swore his eyes started rolling back, he was fighting to keep his eyes open from all the pleasure he was giving himself. Fingers from his other hand turning white as his gripped his thigh. Leaning down for a quick moment Jack spit at his head, watching it roll down before quickly using it to make it easier to affaire his hand even faster. The sound of his skin slapping against his hand was making him even more horny.

    You finally let the toy enter you. A gasp heard and then a cry. The toy stretching you out so beautifully that it made you want to snap your legs closed but you knew better than that. You inched it in slowly.

    “Daddy it feels so fucking good!” You cried. You tossed your head back. Feeling the immense pleasure at the pit of your stomach grow and grow.

    You then started fucking it in and out of you. The cum that was already in your pussy was enough to make it slid out of you with pretty ease. The sound of your squelching pussy along with then moans that escaped your mouth was enough to get Jack at a fast paste. One that he would keep up until he finally came. “Mmm I love when you stretch me out, I fucking love it when you called me your little whore” You sobbed, the pleasure was getting to be a little too much. Already having come once before and now that it really was nearing your sixth orgasm of the night your legs started to shake.

    You leaned your other hand down to play with your sensitive bud.

    Until finally it became a little too much for you.

    Your jaw dropped. Eyes rolled back, and you let yourself come loose.

    “Fuck! Fuck I’m cumming!” You shouted, moving the toy faster than you thought you could and rubbing your clit, over stimulating you to the core. Jacks eyes didn’t leave your face as you came. His jaw tensed and he felt his balls start to tighten. You were such a goddess in his eyes. The way you didn’t even the smallest things added to the pleasure he was experiencing. The effect you had on him and 89k others was for sure proof that you were an Angel reincarnated.

    Your pussy clenched around the toy, just as Jack’s orgasm hit him just the same. A spiral of curses leaving his mouth as he looked and saw you slow down the toy, your hips rose from the bed and you cried into the pillow. Your head moving to the side at and you sniffled. Your legs shaking just as he knew they would.

    that’s right baby, come for us

    I just came all over my damn screen

    what a messy pussy

    Jack leaned his head back, his eyes closing. The silence was inevitable. He opened one eye, watching you lift yourself up on the bed. Cheeks heated up and your hair now in all sorts of places but yet you still looked like a million dollars.

    “I hope you all enjoyed the show, I know I did.” You laughed breathlessly. Reading the comments, some of them made you smile wide, others made you thank them in your after fucked voice.

    “I’ll see you all next time” You bless a kiss at the screen. Leaning up to end your live.

    The final screen showing the top donors, as well as the $24,156 in total tips you had made for the night.

    Jack was met with silence, but not for too long as he sat up in his chair. Closing the lap top and heating the soft patter against the wooden floors, and then the door opening.

    You had a cheeky smile on your face, your naked body still hot from your session. But yet seeing Jack made your pussy react the same way it always did when you saw your man. You strolled over, taking a seat on his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. Placing a deep kiss on his lips while his hands touched you all over.

    “You did so good baby, Daddy is so proud of you”

    #jack harlow #jack harlow x reader #jack harlow fic #jack harlow imagines #jack harlow concepts #jack harlow smut #jack harlow x you #jack harlow x y/n #jack harlow blurb #jack harlow fluff #jack harlow fanfic #jackman thomas harlow #jack harlow instagram au
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