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  • fangirlincorporate
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    My thoughts while reading Ch 51

    I know there is a reason for them discussing what she wants to do with her future career but I am struggling to connect the dots. It almost has me wondering if this is going to be the point in time she goes her own way to chase her dreams when she figures it out but I can’t picture her leaving Yato and Yukine behind.

    I never once considered that Yato could make Hiyori a shinki. How that thought never crossed my mind I’ll never know.

    Koto says that’s what Hiyori wants but I disagree. I could be wrong but I think deep down that’s the farthest from what she wants. Especially right now as young as she is. She may be confused about what her future plans are, but she wants to live. See her family and continue to make memories with the ones she cares about. She just has her blinders on right now.

    See she has the blinders on. She afraid of what is going to happen if she goes back. I mean maybe she’s not even thinking at all, but Hiyori isn’t one to fall into the darkness. Her personality is one of drive and confidence. I can’t picture her succumbing to despair. I just can’t. Even after what’s happened and will happen in the future.

    I know this is why Tenjin was trying so hard to get Yato to cut his ties with her. He wanted to avoid this situation and you can’t tell me otherwise. It’s too easy to just slip over to the other side. To want to be with Yato and choose that without a second thought. Even as young as she is and maybe this is contradictory to what I said earlier, but it’s easy to convince yourself you can have both. She can be with Yato and have her family and friends and live happily ever after. Tie it up with a bow and make it so.

    My thoughts on this chapter are kind of scrambled because there is a lot to process with this. There is a lot going on mentally you have to piece together and figure out.

    The fact that he said “I can’t let you come to this side yet” speaks so many volumes.

    I knew she just needed to be reminded of what she would be missing out on.

    Yeah that’s right Hiyori. Make it known you’re unfazed by what happened. You can rebuild. Restart. It’s not over yet and he certainly hasn’t won. The look on his face says it all.

    I’ve read Vol 14 I’ll be posting my thoughts on that sometime soon. I will say though that I understand Yato’s fears now and I too don’t want Yukine anywhere near Koto. He’s gonna mess with my boy like he did with Tsugaha and I don’t like it. I know it’s gonna happen and I’m not ready 😭😭

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  • fangirlincorporate
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    My thoughts while reading Ch 50

    I feel like a complete asshole saying this, but Hiyori doesn’t have any idea about what to do with injuries despite wanting to be a doctor and having a highly prestigious doctor as a father? (at least I think he is).

    I know it’s not common knowledge so I shouldn’t be so harsh with that mindset. I think I just have it ingrained in my mind what the basics are due to the training I have so when other people don’t know I have genuine confusion as to how they don’t. But again she is a child so it should be expected.

    I think I have an idea as to where this is going now. She’s going to lose herself in the despair of what’s going on around her. That earlier scene with her giving Yato the beat down also got me thinking. Why doesn’t Yato teach her ways to defend herself in her actual body? After everything that’s happened up until now has that not been a thought in anyones mind?

    I’m still wondering why Yato went chasing after his dad only to not really fight him. There really must be something only he knows about. Which he should just tell Yukine what it is, but what do I know. Communication on the battlefield is important. He knows this. But instead he’s letting his dad hit him.

    He even went so far as to put his arm in front of Yukine. Now I really want to know what Koto’s abilities are that are making Yato hold back. What the heck is going on.

    But also what’s this bit about his father saying he’s not the real enemy? Is there another hidden plot coming to the surface or is this just another manipulation tactic? Or was he just implying that Bishamon is the enemy since she comes in the next page?

    Ah yes Bisha to the rescue, but Koto high tailed it out of there faster than a bat out of hell. Too busy sneaking around in the shadows like a coward to face his enemies head on.

    I know he’s not afraid of her. He’s just a slimy rat wanting to stay in the dark. 😤

    Again with them fighting. You’re on the same side guys! You just have different ideals. It’s a love hate relationship through and through.

    But Yato is even worried about Bisha being unable to defeat his father. Just what is this dude capable of!? There is no way he’s genuinely stronger than Yato or Bisha. Mizuchi must have a really powerful ability that makes him on par with the Gods. I’m still a little lost on how he, a mortal, has lived this long but I’ll put the pieces together eventually. It just doesn’t make sense to me yet. (I’m a bit slow don’t judge me)

    Ah I see. Kind of. I need more than this to go off of to figure it all out. Does he cause blight? Or is it more than that? I guess I’ll read on to find out.

    Even so without knowing his abilities I feel like Bisha could do some damage. She has Kazuma after all. Her shinki are all amazing in battle together. Yato should have more faith in her abilities and work on this crippling fear he has of his dad. He has to in order to protect the ones he loves most. OP ability or not.

    Oi Oi uncalled for Hiyori 😭 it’s not his fault. Pull yourself together it will be okay.

    And trash dad is all smug thinking he’s won. Yeah okay bud. You have seen nothing yet.

    It’s definitely not going to go down like this but the idea of these two fighting makes me really sad. I know Hiyori is struggling, but somewhere in there she has to know it’s going to be okay. It always has been as long as Yato is there.

    I bet this next chapter is gonna hurt.

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  • fangirlincorporate
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    So second time must be the charm because the first one I deleted on accident like a dummy. Anyway

    Here are my thoughts on Ch 49

    It’s moments like these that I love the most. They make me laugh despite how tense the plot is right now. I think it’s cute how Yato was a little jealous over Hiyori being glad that Yukine was there, but didn’t mention anything about him.

    I still really wish someone would do a drawing (or point me in the direction) of Hiyori using one her moves on Fujisaki. And I keep forgetting to call him Koto. I’m curious to know if he’s about as old as Yato or older. If so I wonder by how much. I feel as if ability wise Yato should be superior but somehow isn’t and I’m wondering if I’ll find out why later on.

    I can’t remember how I worded this the first time but I had a theory that Koto was going to go after Hiyori directly to get Yato to submit however that feels too easy. Sicko’s like him like to drag stuff like this out for enjoyment so I’m not looking forward to finding out what his plan is.

    Also side note I definitely have a thing for Yato wearing his hair up. Idk what it is but it’s 👌👌

    So now I know what he’s up to. He’s going after her parents. I should’ve known after Hiyori challenged him that he would come after the people she cares about.

    I’m also worried that something is going to happen to Yukine during all this. The secret plots seem to come out in the midst of all the crazy. I’ve seen it before and I’m sure I’ll see it again. No one better come after my sweet boy 😭

    I get really uncomfortable being reminded that Hiyori is still a child and this is a lot. Being involved in these things is a lot. I can’t even handle my daily life and the stress I have let alone the drama of someone who’s my senior by a few hundred years and a God on top of it. I’d still swap places in a heart beat though don’t get me wrong. I can’t decide if I would annoy the shit out of Yato with the amount of questions and demands I would have or if he would love the attention. Maybe for a good few hours but I think he would get tired of me 😂😂

    Oh fuck okay. So yeah shit really hit the fan now. I’m hoping that the mom was hit before she could stab herself. That is really rough to watch fall apart as I’m reading it.

    Poor Hiyori. I won’t blame her for pushing away at this point. Again this is a lot on a child. It only makes me hate Koto more for doing this. I know in the end it will all work itself out (I would hope) but man it’s looking really bleak right now.

    I’m not gonna lie it’s a struggle to follow the fight scenes. My brain needs some time to process apparently so I reread this about four times. I think Yukine could take them, but Yato clearly knows something I don’t.

    I really love how their relationship has grown. I got amusement from Yukine being a little asshat, but watching him grow and prosper into who he is now feels really rewarding

    And of course it has to get worse before it gets better so I’m strapping myself in for the rollercoaster I’m about to take a trip on. I don’t really know what’s going to happen to Hiyori here pretty soon but I’m not looking forward to finding out.

    Thanks for tuning in and I appreciate when you guys interact with my posts too 🥰 I’ll be posting Ch 50 later today. I woke up too early it’s 4:30 in the morning so I’m going back to bed 😂

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  • fangirlincorporate
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    First and foremost I love this cover 🥰

    Here are my thoughts on Ch 48

    Yato runs off to takamagahara leaving little Hiyori all alone and only now realizes she’s in danger? Sigh

    Yato you silly boy.

    Oh man though I’m getting super anxious now and it’s only going to get worse I can feel it.

    On another note I love that Yato told Kazuma he’s going to marry Hiyori. 🥺

    And I was right.

    I don’t think I want to know what he’s got planned to try and get Hiyori out of the picture. I can only picture a bloodbath after he takes control of her body or something. I feel like that wouldn’t even be the worst thing he could manage to break her down.

    Too many thoughts I don’t like. Moving on.

    This has to make me laugh because I can still picture her face when she gets like this. However I really wish this conversation wasn’t happening with Yato’s dad. Makes my skin crawl.

    Yato trying to locate her through Twitter also made me laugh. Sometimes I really wish they would all just come up with a game plan on what to do instead of doing this round about beat around the bush thing that happens.

    I didn’t add a picture of the panel but the fact that Fujisaki talks about how Yato wants Hiyori to have kids just to pass on his memory doesn’t sit right with me. And this just makes me sad all over again because it’s true she won’t be around forever like Yukine and him. I bet Yato refuses to think about it. Bittersweet love stories always tear at my heart strings the most 😭

    This is just awful too. Poor Sakura she didn’t deserve this. My heart can’t take much more.

    Idk if anyone else had this thought but I felt there was a lot of symbolism in this last picture. The glass separating the two really showcased the barrier between them. The metaphorical one at least.

    It just really feels like Adachitoka was trying to convey something with this and I can’t find a way to explain my thoughts and feelings on it. Anyone else picking up on what I’m trying to say?

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  • bonestheghost16
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I know Easter was last month but I found some noragami Easter doodles so here you go

    Kazuma forgot to put out the eggs

    Kofuku is just being Kofuku

    Bishamon found a bunny

    And yato ate yukines candy (yukineis very mad)

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  • bonestheghost16
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Here is some fan art of bishamon I have this little headcanon that she some times steals kazumas hoodies

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  • bonestheghost16
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    1 I hope you like my fan art of bishamon

    2 that hoodie is way to big to be hers

    3 has anyone seen kazumas hoodie he can't find it

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  • fangirlincorporate
    25.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Thoughts while reading Ch 47

    Poor Yato. Twisted from his fathers influence.

    I don’t want to find out what happens to Sakura after this. I have a feeling it’s really bad. She was unprepared for what her master was capable of.

    Well now I know a little more about Tenjin. Weird to think of mortals becoming Gods but it’s cool at the same time.

    Awe he’s trying so hard to make up for his mistake. I hope Sakura helps him learn some good things. There’s a whole lot of years worth of things in the future though to suggest otherwise.

    I know Yato is a God, but he’s still a child. Goddamn. I’m dying to put the pieces together as to how we got from here to present time Yato. He murdered people for centuries and then stopped, but like how big is that gap really? “A really long time ago” in my eyes is like 20-50 years but like how long ago is that to a God?

    I need answers, but don’t tell me yet.

    Oh no. Is she nasty because she knows how she died? I’m actually curious to know now that I think about it.

    And I should feel bad for her but I don’t. Idk how long she was with Kou before Yato came around, but she enjoys her life and prefers it that way. She’s just as horrible as him. It’s evident even in her baby days, but I suppose when you make someone believe something good enough and effectively brainwash them it’s not their fault at the end of the day.

    Even still I hate her.

    And now it all makes perfect sense. It’s not just knowing their past lives and seeing their memories it’s knowing their true name. Oh god I hope this doesn’t go how I feel like it might.

    We’ll see when I get father into this arc. Anyway I hoped you liked my little analysis of Vol 12 and stay tuned for more. I’ve ordered the next volume so until next time 🥰

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  • fangirlincorporate
    25.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Thoughts while reading Ch 46

    Oh sweet Jesus. On the off chance this gets flagged I’m gonna pretend this isn’t here. Well at least she sucker punched him for that one.

    So this must be when things get choppy with his dads plans. Yato’s independence is a real downer for him isn’t it.

    This was starting to be super cute, but then I read this panel. Oh no Yato honey don’t do it. He’s gonna do it. 😩

    He did it.

    Sakura seems so sweet. I feel for her. I don’t know what happened between her and Tenjin, but man she didn’t need this.

    Just more fuckery due to trash dad’s manipulation. My bleeding heart.

    Ch 47 coming soon. This girl has errands to run

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  • fangirlincorporate
    25.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Thoughts while reading Ch 45

    Of course. Always a simp for Bisha. That’s okay I am too Kazuma 👌 Bisha is my alter ego I tell you. Bad ass and ready to fight. In reality though I’m just a dork with a smart mouth.

    Ohmygod Yato don’t tell Yukine that 😂 he’s such a bullshitter man. I love him though. From child to pervert (kinda) to bad ass in .2 seconds. Sounds about right when describing Yato. Any disagreements?

    Good ole’ Hiyori being a sleuth. Now she gonna know it was Yato’s dad all along kissing her up on that “date” Yikes.

    Imagine finding out your crushes dad not only took you on a date, but kissed you. Lord have mercy. I think I would die. I also would’ve sucker punched him right after that kiss though 🤷‍♀️ wonder what he would’ve done if sweet little Hiyori hit him with a Jungle Savate. I would’ve been rolling I kid you not. I can almost picture the look on his face. I’ll take that satisfaction with me as I read the rest of this.

    Please tell me I’m not only who wishes she would’ve been able to do that. I request a drawing ✍️ I have money 🤗

    I too must be a child because I laughed so hard I started choking and my boyfriend had to come save me. Deadass.

    Also this isn’t going to solve the childlike curiosity Yato. Kids don’t let that shit go. They want to know everything I tell you.

    I know this because I babysat this kid once and he ALWAYS had questions. He was twelve I think. Anyway my moms friend got mad at me because I was asked where babies come from and I said they get pushed out of ya know. (She did not like that) but he didn’t stop there like I thought. I expected him to be disgusted I was very wrong. He then wanted to know how it gets big enough. I was appalled. I told him to ask his mom.

    Kids are wild. Side note his theory was that it inflates. He was not far off. Health class must have really been an eye opener.

    Oh no no no. You better not have any bright ideas right now. Hiyori best get back to her body. I do not like this. Double nope.

    Well for a second I thought he was going to try his possession thing on her, but I suppose possessing a little boy is somehow worse.

    Yukine you get back home right now. My peaceful thoughts were short lived. Let the rest of this chapter be alright.

    Fair question Hiyori however some things are better left unknown. Children don’t seem to understand this concept. Sigh.

    When Yukine finds out because I’m sure he’s going to soon. I bet he’s gonna take it really hard. I’m not prepared.

    Also I thought this was really cute. 🥺

    Man I’ve seen, read, and even have written some pretty twisted and dark things but somehow looking at these kids with ears they cut off hanging above their heads has managed to make my skin crawl.

    There’s just something about the slow corruption of children that really gets to me more so than anything else. 🤢

    I’ve been excited to know more about Yato and learn his backstory for the better half of 6 years now, and it’s even more sad than I originally anticipated. Send help.

    Ooo and Hiyori is along for the ride too. Nice. What a not so lovely trip down memory lane.


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  • fangirlincorporate
    25.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Thoughts while reading Ch 44

    Guys I don’t think I’m ready. The anxiety started kicking up right after this panel. I needed some tea to go with this 😅

    Fuck this guy 😤😤 (But don’t)

    Guys when I said I was wondering what was going to happen when Yato found out what his dad did. I lied.

    I have since added a shot of baileys to my tea (it’s not good) but I needed a drink to go with this. Oh my heart. Yato im sorry your dad is trash. This probably isn’t even the worst and I’m not ready for the rest 😭

    This made me feel a little better. I half expected this.


    I think this was in an ova episode too? But I have only watched one of them I think. I’ll Google it later.

    You tell him Hiyori.

    But don’t bring poor Yukine into this. He didn’t do anything 🥺

    Speaking of Yukine I was hoping he’d show her up.

    Vicious little thing she is.

    This concludes Ch 44

    Overall I’m unprepared for what’s coming up I know that for sure. I’m also excited to see Yukine progress even more. He’s come so far I’m so proud. He’s one of my favorite characters so expect me to say that a lot lmao.

    I’m also wondering what the big play is here. I have little crumbs of information, but not enough to hash out a decent theory. Simply Kou just wants Yato to submit to his whims and torture him in all sorts of fun ways, but there’s always more to it.

    Anyway stay tuned for Ch 45 I’ll be posting that shortly. I wanted to include more panels this time without making a super duper long post. I hope you like it 🥰🥰

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  • bonestheghost16
    25.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Here are some little doodles I did I really like how they turned out


    Kazuma is such a big simp😄

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  • bonestheghost16
    25.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    I thought I would post this separately to make it more like a comic 😀😃🙂

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  • bonestheghost16
    25.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Here are some doodles I did at school!

    The last 2 are supposed to be a comic!

    I hope you enjoyed ❤️ ❤️ ❤️!!!!

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  • fangirlincorporate
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    For those of you still tagging along for the journey I will be reading Vol 12 within the next day or so. Probs tomorrow but giving myself a deadline causes me to procrastinate so yeah.

    Anyway I love the cover. I’m excited to find out what happens next.

    Unfortunately then I have to wait for Vol 13 to come in the mail. 😭😭 I hate waiting. Especially for mail because it never comes when it says it’s supposed to.

    I think I just have real crappy luck though. Lol

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  • fangirlincorporate
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Thoughts on Ch 40

    Yukine is so adorable 🥺 he’s trying so hard and I can’t not love him for it.

    I’m really wondering what’s going to happen when Yato finds out that Fukisaki kissed Hiyori 👀

    And when he puts together it was also his dad 👀👀

    Thoughts on Ch 41

    And right off the bat we go into this. I’ve only seen clips of the ova but I can say with confidence reading it was better.

    At first I made fun of Yato for being such a child and then remembered I’m literally the same way about the things I love. Like Noragami for example lol I made my boyfriend watch it with me but he wasn’t as into it unfortunately. I’m sure I can get him to be though

    Poor Hiyori though being reminded of what happened on her date that wasn’t really a date. Been there done that no thanks.

    Thoughts on Ch 42

    We’re starting off by dreaming about Hiyori. Nice.

    And of course Daikoku is the best at psychoanalyzing Yato. I may not know for sure what happened back in the day, but he’s right that Yato most likely doesn’t know how to treat people he cares about. Lack of role models and all that. Sad really.

    And Hiyori being the ditz she is talking about young shinki’s not realizing what that would mean. Sigh. Silly girl.

    Kofuku’s backstory is…not what I expected, but ugh yeah alright. I don’t like to think about real young kids being dead. Makes my heart hurt 😩 It must have been so hard on Daikoku to try and be a dad for that kid.

    I can’t even picture these two like this 😂😂 I couldn’t not include this panel. Love it.

    Thoughts on Ch 43

    What a small world it is. Who knew Yato employed this ladies mom. Must be nice to see your daughter grow up. It’s a terrible shame Mayu doesn’t realize it’s her daughter, but man I feel like that would make being a shinki so much harder.

    I could never decide if I liked Tenjin. At times he’s alright (like with this) but then he’s being all Godly and I’m just rolling my eyes. It’s for the plot but still.

    Ah I see how Yukine’s sister comes into play now. Just more fuckery.

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  • fangirlincorporate
    21.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Guess what came today guys 🥺🥺 I’m so excited to read it but I’ve gotta meet my Gram for dinner so it’ll have to wait

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  • fangirlincorporate
    16.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I have not received Vol 11 yet and I am very much like an angry cat right now watching for the mail man.

    On another note my tumblr news feed has now been randomly sprinkled with Noragami spoilers and I CANT STAND IT 😭

    Yukine gets to see his sister!?!?


    I wanted to find out on my own but tumblr has other plans apparently. My heart. I will be boycotting my news feed until further notice. I really don’t like spoilers man. 6 years of knowing nothing and BOOM there they are. I’d rather have those types though compared to how I found out about Yukine’s death. This is a feel good only zone.

    (Kind of)

    My angsty traumatized self has other ideas.

    But now I want to read it even more 🥺🥺

    Oh the misery of waiting on the mail.

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