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    Tw: warning this fic as more than just emeto stuff and sickie. It has a little bit of gore and harming in it please proceed if you are ok with a mention of bl**d if not you can skip to the next part of the fic for regular emeto stuff and skip the text in this color if you don't want to see any of that.

    Sickie: yoongi

    Caretaker: Jimin

    Yoongi has a nightmare and wakes up and vomits everywhere and runs to the bathroom. he’s sick and try’s to hide what happened from an undeceivable Jimin gets him to explain what was wrong and helps him after wards


    Yoongi was sitting in a chair. He was unable to move his arms and his legs. They were bound to a chair by rope. He thought it was a rope. Something like that material. His eyes were being covered by some kinda wet cloth material. It was yanked from his face it pulled some hair that was tangled in the rag coving his face. He saw an elderly-looking man in front of him. The man moved over to the side to show all of the other bts members tied up in chairs beside him.

    They were all panicking and crying out but couldn't speak because their mouths were gagged. All yoongi could hear were cries and words he couldn’t understand. Yoongi looked around. They were all dirty. Most of them were covered in scratches, marks, and bruises. Namjoon was different he was covered in blood that was leaking from his side. What the hell! what happened? yoongi thought. Yoongi saw hoseok to the left of him. his shirt was ripped and he could see a big slash on his arm. Oh my god, what happened to them? Who hurts them? Why are they here?

    Yoongi’s heart started to race. “ they no talk …” The man pointed to the members. “ so now I do the talking” the man states. “ where is he?” He? Yoongi thought who is he even talking about?! “ you no talk then I shoot! The man pulled out a gun. "HEY, NO W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Yoongi screamed at the top of his lungs. The man shot a bullet beside Jimin heard it and screamed. " STOP IT-

    yoongi yelled at the man in anger. The other members started yelling. Jimin started wiggling in his seat. He was scared. They all were.

    "TALK Or BROTHER DIES!" The Man yelled. Yoongi was so scared. "I DON"T KNOW WHO YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT PLEASE DON'T HURT HIM STOP ITTTT." The man pointed his gun at Jimin's head and fired. Jimin's chair flew backward. " Yoongi screamed and cried. he didn't know what to do. The man walked over to Junkook. Jungkook was fiscally shaking as if he knew what was about to happen. No yoongi shouted. "Please NO", tears were falling from his eyes. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT. The man fired his gun again. Jungkook cried his chair flew back but not before hitting him on the way down. Yoongi was shaking his body trying to escape. He felt sick to his stomach. "Yoongi screamed to the top of his lungs" the other boys were crying as well. Two armed men came from behind yoongi the walked in front of him. They emptied out their guns on the rest of the members. Yoongi screamed out loud.



    Yoongi YOONGI? YOONGI?! he kept hearing his name being called out loud. Yoongi opens his eyes. He was breathing frantically. He couldn't catch his breath he was at home in his bed. Jin, Jimin,namjoon, and jungkook were all standing around him gripping him tightly trying to wake him up. He remembered what he saw. He remembered what happened to them but they were right here? and alive. yoongi's stomach convulsed he threw up inform of him on his blankets and sheets. The four members moved back "hyung" namjoon almost yelled.

    Yoongi threw up and is now having a panic attack. Jin pats on his back roughly but makes him puke again. Yoongi pushes his and everyone's hands away. He got out of bed with his hands on his head and his stomach on his throat. He walked toward his bathroom. Jin followed him there. Yoongi felt like he was being smothered. like there was no air in the room as he walked. He felt like if he walked faster he'd find air or at least his body would be forced to breathe. He began running to the nearest bathroom. He didn't manage to make it to the toilet before his stomach convulsed.


    I'm not sure that I like this one anymore but if you do let me know and I'll finish it

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    lover’s revenge | kim taehyung ROCKSTAR AU

    summary | you dated Taehyung before he made it big, so it was easy to assume he’d forgotten all about you. but for the past two years you’ve been his muse even after your split. a forbidden love that never faded.

    warnings | 13.4k words. rockstar!Taehyung x f!reader, BAND AU, smut, angst, bad parenting [your dad hates tae], age gap [18/21, later on 22/25], family problems, break ups, heart ache, mentions of tobacco, smuuut. cock worshipping, cunnilingus, face sitting, oral [m and f], safe sex, soft sex, floor sex, dirty talk but soft,

    visuals: Tae’s band plays music like the neighbourhood and cigarettes after sex type shit


    He slumped back, hair falling over his face staring at the garage light above him. He was trying his best to listen to his bandmates. They were going on and on about new music, something that'd help them get a deal. He couldn’t be with you anymore, so there was no reason for him to stick around and stall his future. Getting signed was the only way they could see themselves achieving their dreams. He was feeling conflicted though, between wanting to help his bandmates and his feelings.

    In reality though he was just scared to bring back old feelings. They weren't even that old, six months that's all he's had to come back to his old self. It was his way of coping actually, repressing his emotions until they no longer bothered him. The first week was the hardest, he couldn't get out of bed or even shower. He couldn't eat and all he wanted to do was sleep, forget everything that had happened. But then anytime he'd go to sleep, his body would ache missing the feeling of someone else in his arms.

    The second week it got a littler better. He was responding to his friend's messages again, being more focused on practice, and eating at least one full meal a day. He still aches for your touch but he was able to hide it better behind packs of cigarettes and alcohol late at night. His friends stopped asking him how he was doing and he stopped showing how affected he still was.

    As time went on he got better at hiding it. There wouldn’t be any awkward silence when it was his turn to speak, or people walking on egg shells around him. Every now and then when he'd be laughing over something and suddenly he'd struggle to hide his sudden change in emotions. He'd think about your laugh, when you’d laugh so hard that you wouldn't be able to breathe anymore. You would hold your nose, trying to silence yourself from making the screeching noise that came out when you laughed. Or how you’d get cute lines on the side of your eyes. Then he'd think about what made you laugh, and how usually it was because of something you said or did.

    So when they asked him to try and write again he was originally distraught. How was he supposed to write songs like how he used to? Writing about love and adolescence but now he couldn't write about that. How was he supposed to write about being in love or feeling happy when he felt the complete opposite.

    Anytime he thought about writing he thought about you. How you left him or no, he left you? He could never really understand which but it didn’t matter. He missed your kisses and touches on his skin. The warmth you brought when he'd hold you in his arms late at night after sneaking into your room. Your pretty smile and photogenic features always picture perfect on his cameras. Or their arguments where tears would be running down your face and his voice would become too hoarse because of the constant yelling back and forth.

    But he tried writing again, and he couldn't help that all he could write about was you, he just didn't know how much it'd change his life.

           It was easier for you, at least during the day. You’d spend all your time studying, paying attention in class, going out with classmates, anything really. If it could distract you long enough to not go through your old pictures, you did it. Your friends didn't ask how you were doing anymore, you were obvious with how you felt. You were better, or at least they thought you were l. Behind your smile you’d find yourself unable to hold back from thinking about him.

    How he'd sneak into your room through your window late at night after you would get into a fight, and he'd have the biggest pout on his face trying to butter you up into letting him stay the night after your parents went to sleep, they never liked him. You’d think about how he'd lay on top of you, head rested on your chest as you played with his hair listening to him hum a new sound asking if it was good enough for a song on his mind.

    Or when he'd have you sit between his parted legs, arms wrapped around yours, hands holding as he helped you try and find the G on the guitar. He'd kiss your hair when you’d cheer for finally playing something audible even if it was just two simple notes that'd have you giddy between his legs and arms.

    It's been six months already, you should be at least a little moved on by now. You’ve started University like your parents wanted. You’ve made new friends, you should be moving on now. You weren’t. He was your first real love. You still thought about him late at night alone in your bedroom. How he used to sneak in and bring snacks so you could eat them on the roof of parent’s house watching the moon and talking about your future together. You were twenty and in love. Had been for two years already. Since you were eighteen, that’s when you met him. He was the cool musician guy working at the record store. He was a couple years older, just 21, but your parents hated him for dropping out of school. It didn’t make you love him any less.

    You were trying to get over him though, you’d look whenever your friends would tell you there was a cute guy interested in you, you’d message and hang out in group settings but emotionally you weren’t ready at all. Not when someone would give you a smile and all you could see was Taehyung’s cute little boxy smile. How he'd grin so wide whenever you’d cheer at every band practice.

    But it was only six months ago, and you were together two years during your most vulnerable years.


    You’d been in the middle of a drive to your friend's house. At first you couldn't recognize the sound, something completely new, but the soft melodic voice began singing. It felt like everything was spinning, it took everything in you not to go down on your brakes and stop the car instantly. The rain thudded against your window, you slowly drove off the main road, parked to the side of the street trying to get a better listen. You could be right, right ?

    Turning the music up, you listen carefully to the song playing on the radio.

    Kim Taehyung was playing in the radio. He’d made it.

    It had been an entire year already, struggling to even think about anything but him for months, like a broken record constantly putting the thought of him in your brain. And on a day where he hadn't crossed your mind yet did the music play. You could spot his voice even if he was muffled by thousands in a heartbeat.

    It was too engraved into your brain to forget. How could you forget the gentle voice that used to sing to you on a late night? You’d be in his arms hearing him him lightly feeling the vibrations of his chest as you rested your cheek on it.

    The late afternoons by the bridge where the two would sit, bags spread out along with pens and notebooks content with watching you study. His straight posture as he asked you to listen to yet another idea he had, lyrics flowing out in a soft melody each time. You don’t think you could ever forget what his voice sounded like, especially not playing in high volume in the small car of yours.

    It was the only thing keeping him from returning to his old ways. He'd spent so much time trying to distract himself with anything possible just so he wouldn't think of you. He'd write about things like your warmth and your future or the past, but it'd always come around about you. About your smile and how it'd make his chest ache each time he was the cause of it. Or the smell of your lavender shampoo stuck in his nose all day after holding you in his arms all night.

    And he sang about love, or heartbreak actually. The thought of never finding anyone like you again, and he missed you and wished to hold you in his arms. How it wasn’t your fault you didn’t work out, he didn’t blame you for leaving him. But another second would pass and he'd sing about how he hated you. How he never wanted to see you again and he hoped you weren’t doing well but only because he was angry. Sometimes that he was sorry, that he wished he could be the person your parents had wanted for you. And his songs would become angrier as time went by. They wouldn't be as soft as the one you’d heard in the car.

    They wouldn't be about missing you and always loving you but instead about how you hurt him too. How you let your parent’s decide the fate of your relationship. How you didn’t fight hard enough. How you left him behind too. Songs about wanting to break girl’s hearts and get back at them. So the band's image did a huge 180 degrees from the soft love struck image they had to this darker version of rock, smoking, and sex.

    The image of what your mother warned you about, turning him into what your parents hated. Almost like it was his own way to express his pain and his change, he wasn't the same boy he once was. Hell always remember what they told him, “You think you’re good enough for our daughter? A dead beat musician who can barely even take care of himself? Y/n is better than you, she always will be and you’re a sorry excuse for a man.” He remembered wanting to tell them off. You were twenty, you could make your own decisions. They acted like it was wrong for them to be together.

    Your phone rang, you struggled to find the want to get back on the road and leave to your friend’s house. Digging around the console you found it, pushing it to your ear and lowering the volume of his singing voice to answer.

    "Hello?" You said through the phone, holding it between your cheek and shoulder as you turned your signal light on and motioned to try and swerve into the lane.

    "How are you?" You stopped, car honking behind you as you pulled back into your lane. The voice from the radio speaking softly through the end of your phone. "Y/n?"

    Without thinking, you hung up, chucking the phone onto the empty passenger's side, biting your lip nervously as you finally got back on the road. There was nothing to come out from receiving a call from him. You couldn't even find it in you to answer. As much as you wanted to talk to him you knew you wouldn't be able to control yourself. You’d want to crawl back into his arms like before and forget everything that has happened since then.

    But he was still confused, holding the phone in his hand looking down at the blank screen with a tight jaw. His fingers tightened around the device, inhaling slowly as his tongue poked against the inside of his cheek. He threw the phone on the bench, standing up and hiding his face in his hands.

    He was an idiot to think you’d care about their debut. To think that maybe if he snuck off from practice to smoke a cigarette and call you, you’d actually stick around and hear him out. At least he knew he wasn't blocked, but he couldn't tell if that was for better or worse. You answered, you knew who he was, if you didn't you wouldn't have hung up on him so quickly.


    It was almost taunting you, his image staring back at you like you were still the only two people in the world. That wasn't the case though, and you’ve no reason to really be upset but you were. He was off living his dream, doing what he's always done and you felt bitter about it. The image of him smiling widely with his arm around his bandmates like he was the happiest kid in the world. The woman on his side fitting the image of the group perfectly. You wanted to blame him for leaving you behind but you couldn’t. He didn’t leave you behind, you left each other. No one was more at fault than the other but fuck did it hurt.

    You didn’t care about his fame other than that you were happy for him. It’s what he’d always wanted and you’d gotten in the way of it for too long. That’s why when he called you after their debut you didn’t say anything. He had to live his life and you had to go live yours.

    “You have to!” He whined dragging you along behind him, “The place just opened and we’re lucky to even get in tonight. Namjoon got us early admission since BTS is performing!”

    You looked to Jimin, a pout on his face as he yanked you along. He couldn’t understand what the big deal was. You were his close friend and you couldn’t even spend his own birthday with him? Like come on, he can’t even understand what was the problem all of a sudden. How was he supposed to know that you did not want to see the band BTS perform? They were his favorite band! He didn’t know you had pictures of you with the lead singer from years before? His arm thrown around you, lips pressed against your cheek, large smile on your face.

    “Fine, we’re here anyway,” you let him drag you to where your other friends stood waiting for you, “I’ve never met a birthday boy who plans his own birthday. Come on!”

    A smile spread across your face as you went to your friends. It’s fine. By the looks of the line, the new club will be packed especially with the band performing tonight. Apparently close friends with the club owner, Kim Seokjin. “It’s my fucking birthday!” Was the first thing Jimin shouted when you all made it in.

    You kept to his side, hiding a little. You couldn’t risk being seen even if the chances were slim. He probably wouldn’t even recognize you. Your hair was different, your style was different. You weren’t the same person he was with. Plus, he was a big time celeb now, he probably had more things to do than worry about his ex girlfriend he dated when he was younger. Maybe you were just being super conceited thinking he’d still think about you every now and then. Or hopeful, maybe.

    “Let’s go get him a drink,” Namjoon told you and you nodded. You looked to your friends who surrounded Jimin taking orders before you left. Namjoon was a close friend of yours, they bother we’re actually. Jimin and Namjoon were both your seniors in college until they graduated. Jimin had a shared requisite course with you and that’s how you met. Namjoon was part of a tutoring program and he became your friend through that. The other such as Jieun, Heein, and Yuna you roomed with them in college before you moved out. You don’t talk to anyone from before going to the University and maybe it was for the better.

    “I’ve still never met anyone who would rather plan every little detail of their birthday than let someone else,” you laughed lightly as you waited at the bar. You were thankful for Namjoon at the moment, he always had a way of sending something was wrong even if you didn’t tell him what. His presence was calming enough. He just laughed finally catching the bartender’s attention, “He’s a perfectionist when it comes to celebrating himself.”

    “Four shots of…” you weren’t paying attention fully. Namjoon was smiling warmly at you that you didn’t notice what was going on around you. When the bartender spoke again, “Need a little boost for the stage tonight?”

    You froze at his words. The stage? Not wanting to turn, you let your eyes wander off to the person standing next to you, scared to see who might be standing next to you. It was a guy with black hair, tattoos and piercings. He must’ve caught you looking because he sent you a wink. You didn’t react, eyes flickering behind him to the stage where stagehands were getting equipment ready. The stranger’s brows furrowed as he glance over to you again. Did he know you from somewhere? He didn’t bother hiding the fact that he was looking, letting his eyes trail over your features longer than necessary. When they set a tray of the shots in front of him, the bartender telling him they were on the house, he turned to you.

    “Hey, have we ever met before?” He asked suddenly looking over to you. You looked back to him, Namjoon preoccupied with paying to notice and your brows only scrunched together in confusion. Was this some rockstar pick-up line? “No?”

    He forced a smile on his face, “Right sorry.” And he left. He did know you from somewhere, or he’d at least seen you before. He walked back to his bandmates, shots for them all, “I’ve got the drinks!”

    “Took you long enough,” Hoseok was the first to say something smiling at him as he set his drumsticks down. Jungkook paid him no mind as he stared ahead at the lead singer, “Tae, mind if I borrow cash for a tip? I don’t got any.”

    Taehyung shrugged, motioning over his shoulder where his wallet was in his bag. Jungkook handed the tray to Hoseok as he went over to their pile of things. He dug through Taehyung’s bag until he found his wallet. Inside it was the usual stuff, he kept rummaging though. Hidden between some punch cards he found it. A small, wallet sized picture.

    A picture of a woman. A woman with a lazy smile and half glazed over eyes. She was in a messy bed cuddled into bed sheets with a small puppy in her hands. It was then that Jungkook noticed that it was you. The one he’d just seen at the bar is the same person Taehyung kept hidden in his wallet. The only reason why Jungkook even knew of this photo is because of the time he meant to steal a couple bucks from his hyung, dropped the wallet and the picture slipped out. He wasn’t sure what to do, should he tell Taehyung who he just saw?

    But then he remembered the time he asked his hyung about the mystery girl, Taehyung had gotten mad and stormed off. As if summoning him too, a hand snatched the picture and wallet out of his hands, “What the fuck are you doing?”

    Jungkook looked up at him, “I—Tae—“ he took a deep breath, “Who is that again?”

    “None of your business,” his voice was sharp, mean almost and he shook the thought, “Nobody, it doesn’t matter.”

    “Hyung, I think I…” should he tell him? He shook his head, he shouldn’t. But he had to. He didn’t know that much about Taehyung. He barely joined the band a year ago but his band mate was always quiet and on his own. He never seemed into anything and always out of it. Did this person have a say in it? Is that why Taehyung still carried this picture around despite how sensitive the topic was. No, he had to say something. He’d feel guilty if he knew and never spoke up about it. For better or worse, Jungkook just saw the person Taehyung keeps hidden in his wallet.

    “That person in the picture,” Jungkook swallowed the lump in his throat.

    “Alright guys!” Sungha, their manager cut in, “On stage, come on. Okay, Taehyungie?” Taehyung didn’t listen to her, Jungkook had to say something about you and he needed to know now if it was gonna piss him off or not.

    “She’s here, I-I just saw her—“

    “Alright let’s go!” Yoongi smiled widely, high off the thought of performing but Taehyung didn’t react.

    He couldn’t stop his voice from cracking as he pointed to your picture, “H-Her?” Jungkook nodded, “At the bar.”

    You were here? You came? You actually came to one of their shows? He knew this was a smaller performance, just fitting this little favor into their schedule for Jin since it was his opening night. He spent so many shows in Seoul searching for someone in the crowd who wasn’t there and now you were. Did you know he was here? Did you come alone? No, definitely not. Who goes alone on a Saturday night to a opening night for a club? Did you come with friends? A boyfriend? Probably. Why would you be single anyway? Not like you’ve been waiting for him.

    “Come on,” Jungkook tried pulling Taehyung but he shook him off. Taehyung shook his head, “You’re telling me… her? You saw her? Here? Tonight? Where, tell me where is she?”

    “Tae come on man!” Hobi put his hands on his shoulders leading him onto stage away from Jungkook. Jungkook just followed, maybe after the performance Taehyung could explain what’s going on.

    “Holy shit they’re about to perform!” Jimin shook you, arms around your waist trying to lift you up in his excitement, “Fuck, someone get me a shot!”

    “Here, here,” Jieun laughed as she handed him more alcohol. You rolled your eyes laughing as your best friend got shitfaced for his birthday. You refused to look to the stage but you could hear the cheers all around you.

    It wasn’t until his voice spoke up, the same deep, calming voice speak through the mix. The same voice that used to sing to you in the back of some shitty truck parked by traintracks. The same voice that’d whisper in your ear, I love you.

    You couldn’t. You couldn’t do it.

    Taehyung’s eyes had been racing over all the faces in the poorly lit club. He was going to find you, no matter what.

    The music began, he could hear Hoseok behind him counting down to start but he was frozen in place. He was going to find you. You weren’t in the front, or the right, or the left. He could barely see the back but he knew you had to be here. He just needed to see how you were doing. And like a miracle happened, one of the set lights ran through the crowd, that’s how he saw you and you saw him. Your eyes met for the briefest of moments before you were moving. No, leaving.

    “I’ll be back,” he couldn’t stop himself from getting off the stage. Ignoring his manager and bandmate’s he was leaving, going after you. He tossed the mic to Jungkook and as if his band mate understood he was taking over. Sungha reached for Taehyung as he made it backstage but he moved again. He was going after you so he had to hurry.

    Shit, he saw you. God was this so fucking weird. What if he thought you were stalking him. What if he thought you were bitter or not over him? You apologized to your friends telling them you just needed a breather. You walked to the back down the long hall where the bathrooms would be. You didn’t know that it connected to backstage until he was intercepting you. The light above you flickering, too dark in the tiny hallway.

    Neither of you said anything, all you could both do was take in the other person’s features. He looked differently, obviously older than the last time you saw him when he was 24. His face was more structured, sharper and masculine. His eyes were still hooded over, lazy almost unamused but you knew that wasn’t the case.

    “Y/n,” it came out just above a whisper. He looked over you. Your hair was different, your face a little more soft. Your glossy lips slightly parted, your dress fitting your curves perfectly. Still so damn beautiful.

    You took a step closer, you had to. You hadn’t seen him in two years. It’s crazy how affected he made you. He looked great. When you took a step forward he did too until you were standing directly in front of each other. He wasn’t thinking when he did it, just took you in his arms, pressing you against him enjoying the feel of your arms wrapping around him. He took a deep breath of your hair, same lavender scent. He wanted you closer, no, needed you closer.

    “Taehyung, Tae—hey,” you cupped his face in your hands forcing a friendly smile on your face, “You look amazing. You guys are amazing, wow.”

    “Then why are you trying to run away? I’m sorry, I just had to see if it’s you.” Taehyung shook his head, “I know you don’t want to see me but I just needed to see how you were doing. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for—“

    “Taehyungie! There you are!” Sungha came over quickly, arm slinging around him as she smiled widely, “I was wondering what happened.” She looked over to you; eyeing you up and down with distaste. Another groupie, she assumed. You looked down at the way she clung to him, the same girl in the pictures. Right, of course he’d moved on. Silly enough to think he wasn’t over you yet, but you could say now that you still missed him. He still mattered to you, you couldn’t escape him. The band plastered on billboards, bus stops, commercials.

    You took a step back and immediately Taehyung grew anxious. No, you weren’t done yet. He pushed Sungha’s hand off, “Wait, do you still have the same number?”

    You looked up at him as did his manager. Shaking your head no he sighed, “Y/n… please.”

    “Tae everyone’s waiting for you,” Sungha caught in. Look, she didn’t care who you were. Taehyung had a show to do and she wasn’t going to let some groupie ruin their image. “I’ll call you,” you told him looking down at the floor.

    “Here’s my new number,” he took your phone as you handed it to him. He put his number in and called himself. He wasn’t going to risk giving you his number only for you to never call him. He needed to be able to reach you two. You said a single goodbye and turned away.

    He stood still, staring after you as you walked down the dim hallway. No, he couldn’t let you go yet. Not yet. He let himself slip away from Sungha again as he followed after you, “Y/n wait.”

    You stopped, your hands were shaking a little so you hid them behind your back as you turned to him again. He stood in front of you, “Come backstage, please?”

    “I can’t,” you answered quickly, “I’m here with some friends and we’re celebrating a birthday. He’d kill me if I ditched on him.”

    “They can come too,” Taehyung pointed out, “Sungha, make sure security lets them through, how many?”

    You looked to him feeling somewhat uncomfortable. You probably shouldn’t. Not because you didn’t feel anything for the guy, it’s because you still felt everything for him. Even after two years of being broken up you still care about him so much. You should tell him it’s alright, that you have his number now so you can catch up another time but the hopeful look in his eyes made you pause. You missed him. A lot.

    “There’s six of us,” you tell him as you began taking a couple steps back, “We’re kind of a lot.”

    He smiled shaking his head, “That’s okay.”

    When you left Taehyung had gone back to the band. During a short break he was able to switch places with Jungkook again and sing up front. A smile stretched across his face because you were here right now. You didn’t hate him either, which is what he always thought. You embraced him like he’d done you and for a split second he could act like nothing ever fell out between you two. He ignored Sungha’s questions and concerns because they didn’t matter. She was his manager and you were his ex girlfriend, who do you think he’d be more willing to hear from?

    After the show ended Jimin was so hyped up. He was shaking you by the shoulders beaching out more lyrics even as the DJ took over and you couldn’t hold in your laughter, “Well do you want to meet them birthday boy? They’ve invited us backstage.”

    “Shut the fuck up!” He squeezed you again, “I could kiss you right now. What are we still doing here?”

    And you let your friends excitement mask the slight tinge of anxiety you felt. Taehyung looked happy to see you and it made you feel awful. Awful for not answering his calls, awful for not congratulating him on his accomplishments, awful for how things were left. You don’t think you could ever forget the look on his face when your father cornered him.

    ‘Listen kid, I know guys like you,’ your father had said, ‘And I know that you are nothing but trouble filling my daughter’s head with these crazy idea of yours. If you want to throw your life away because you think you can make a name for yourself I don’t care. But you’re not letting her go down with you. She’s got a bright future ahead of her and being with you will only ruin her.’

    ‘Sir, I would never let Y/n down, please—‘ ‘You stay away from her, okay? If I see you anywhere near her again I swear to God it will be the last time anyone sees you again.’

    Of course Taehyung hadn’t listened then. How could he when someone was trying to take the love of his life away? He knew your family was controlling, and intimidating, but he didn’t care. You were all he had, he’d never leave you willingly, right?

    ‘Y/n, please don’t do this. I’m not scared, I don’t care about what he says to me. I want to be with you and I know you want to be with me too,’ he’d snuck into your bedroom later that night. Your parents had gone out for dinner and a movie. He tried and tried to get you to see reason, ‘I know you’re worried, but I’m not. As long as you love me I don’t care what anyone else says.’

    ‘Tae it’s not that easy, you don’t know him. You don’t know what he’ll do to you. I’m just asking for some space until I move in to the dorm—‘ ‘You want to hide our relationship?’ Taehyung asked taking a step back, ‘Is that what you really want?’

    ‘Run away with me,’ he’d begged, hands reaching for yours as he tried pulling you into him, ‘I can get us both tickets to wherever you want to go. Once the band and I start getting some gigs I will be able to pay for your tuition so your parents won’t have to. We’ll find somewhere cheap to live in the mea—‘

    ‘Taehyung! Listen to yourself please,’ you took a deep breath, ‘I—I can’t. Why can’t you just give me a couple months to let things settle? I love you but I need some space, just until I can move out and then we can be together again without having to sneak around.’

    ‘A couple months?’ He scoffed, ‘Y/n, baby, please listen to yourself. What happened to not caring about what your parent’s had to say? We’re supposed to be a team, support each other but it’s like you’re giving up on me.’

    “Hey, are you okay?” A hand came down to your lower back. Snapping out of your thoughts you looked up to Namjoon, he had a concerned expression as the two of you caught up to where the others were headed backstage. You’d been thinking about Taehyung, about one of your fights. You tried to smile back, hand on his back reassuring him that you were okay as well as leading him on with the others, “Of course, just a little tired.”

    “These are the friends?” A voice spoke from behind you. Turning quickly you stared at Taehyung who’d snuck around the stage to search for you. His eyes traveled down to the hand on your lower back and the man on your arm. Without thinking you pulled away, as if you being with Namjoon would give Taehyung the wrong idea. Which idea exactly? You forced a smile onto your face, “Yeah, er, like I said we’re a lo—“

    “Holy fucking moly you’re Kim Taehyung!” Jimin quite literally barreled past you, stumbling in his step, “I’m a fan. A big fan. Such a huge fan, wow you guys are grea—hey! It’s my birthday!”

    Taehyung glared down at Jimin as you reached out to hold him back. Jimin just threw his arm around you, pulling you in to plant a kiss on your cheek that reeked of alcohol, “H-how do you know him? Have you been holding out on me Y/n?”

    “We used to date,” Taehyung was so forward about it as he pushed through your friends to get to the front. He led you all inside while you tried to ignore everyone’s betraying eyes. Jimin, drunk as he was, didn’t care to hide his questions, “What? You mean to tell me, you, my oh so loving best friend has dated a rockstar! And didn’t even bother telling me when it’s my birthday!?”

    “Well, technically it’s not your birthday anymore,” Yuna pointed out staring at the clock that read 12:04am. Jimin glared at her as you all followed Taehyung, Namjoon close behind you.

    Taehyung did the introductions for you, introduced all of the band to you and your friends even though you’ve already met Yoongi and Hoseok before. They gave you shy smiles, remembering the times you watched them practice. When he was sure they were all busy talking amongst themselves he went back to you. You’d been standing back just watching it all unfold staring at the same tatted man from earlier with the piercings. He came to your side, “Can we talk?”

    “How’d you know I was here?” You asked him going back to him. Your voice was just barely above a whisper so he leaned in to listen, or so he says that’s the reason. You two were far off from the rest of the group and he gripped the metal railing for the staircase behind him, “Jungkook told me.”

    Your brows furrowed. That must’ve been the other guy.

    And as if on cue the guy had come up, smile on his face, “You see, I knew I knew you from somewhere!”

    “From where?” You asked him. You stalked Taehyung’s socials even if you didn’t follow each other and he didn’t have any old posts with you at all. You turned to Jungkook and he just smiled, “You’re in his wallet. I always wondered if that was his gi—“

    He gagged, Yoongi’s arm locked around his neck as he pulled him back, struggling to do so, “You always talk so damn much.” He glanced back to you, “It’s nice to see you again Y/n. You’re not a kid no more.”

    You first met Yoongi when you were 18. He was one of Taehyung’s older friends who knew how to play every instrument and produce any sound possible. He was always quiet and to himself, but he enjoyed having you at their practices. Gave them an audience. He also remembered how broken Taehyung had been when you two broke up. He just didn’t know Taehyung carried a picture of you in his wallet. He wanted to say that you and Taehyung should be together but he’s no so sure. Taehyung had been completely destroyed when you left, or well when he left. He didn’t want him to go through that again.

    You looked to Taehyung who only glared after Jungkook as the younger was dragged away, “A picture?”

    He reached into his back pocket taking his wallet out. He pulled out two punch cards where a picture laid between them. You stared down at it, heart squeezing for a second. He kept this? He printed it and kept it in his wallet? For two years? “Tannie,” you mumbled smiling a little as you looked at baby Yeontan. The picture was from a time you spent the night over at his place, you cuddled his dog and the running joke had always been that you were his momma. You looked up at Taehyung, he was already staring.

    “I missed you.”

    You ended up leaving with Namjoon and Jieun by the end of the night. Their manager had gotten fed with you, you’re sure of it, and had already tried to get everyone to leave. Taehyung didn’t want to go yet, asking you to come back to him but you didn’t. He asked you to call him then when you got home but you hadn’t done that either. You needed a minute to think.

    He tried calling you the next couple of days but you didn’t respond. You just needed a day or two. He didn’t understand.

    You thought he hated you. His music hasn’t been all that loving. He had reason to hate you too, the way you left him at the last second, when your father got home to see you getting in a car with him.

    ‘Dad! I’m sorry, okay?’ You’d shouted after him as he stormed off to Taehyung. He pushed him, shoving him to the ground and standing over him. You pulled and pulled on his arm but he gripped Taehyung by his shirt, ‘You don’t listen, do you? What part of stay away from my daughter do you not understand?’

    ‘Dad! I’m an adult, I can make my o—‘ ‘Shut up and get inside!’ He looked down to Taehyung, ‘Get out of here.’

    ‘Y/n,’ Taehyung had called out to you, lip busted as he reached out for you but your dad just dragged you away. With a cry you shook your head, ‘Just go, please.’

    You remembered it so clearly. The pain in his voice as he called after you. Your texts telling him how sorry you were. His begging, telling you it’s okay. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t okay that you couldn’t be together. He knew it wasn’t. He knew he couldn’t put up with this any longer so when you told him it’s best to break up he agreed even if he didn’t want to. He’d prayed you’d rethink it and ask him to come back to you but you never did. So he left.

    taehyung: if you never wanna hear from again just tell me
    you: I just needed some time
    you: I’m sorry
    taehyung: it’s not your fault
    taehyung: nothing has ever been
    you: you got hurt bc of me
    you: you should hate me
    taehyung: I could never
    taehyung: believe me I tried
    taehyung: when can I see you again?

    You ended up meeting up with him a couple days later. You invited him over to Heein’s place when it was just gonna be a few friends. He arrived a little later than others so you went down to fetch him. “Are you sure this is okay?” You had asked him once again as he followed you up the flights of stairs, “I don’t want to get you in trouble for going out.”

    “It’s fine,” his smile was warm as he cautiously brought his hand up to your lower back letting your lead him into an apartment filled with chaos. Yuna and Jimin were wrestling over the Bluetooth speaker, Jieun was wiping up some spilled drink, Namjoon was covering his ears to avoid Heein’s unnecessary screaming when her favorite KPOP group appeared on tv.

    “Act normal! Act normal!” Jimin shoved Yuna off as he took a seat on the couch, one leg crossed over the other taking a deep breath as he looked at Taehyung, “Why hello again Mr. Rockstar? Funny seeing you here, don’t mind the mess.”

    “Stop talking like you live here,” Heein told him as she looked over to Taehyung, “Come, come. There’s drinks in the kitchen, we are about to play some card games.”

    Taehyung looked over to you nervously but you just winked. He smiled now following your lead inside, you offered him a drink which he gladly took and joined you on the couch. The guy he’d seen you close to, Namjoon, kept glaring over at him but he didn’t care. He didn’t care who that guy was or what he had to do with you. He was just happy enough to possibly have you back in his life, it meant you still cared about him too.

    Jimin led the card games anything that could get everyone drinking more or talking more. When it turned into a question game they seemed to all be directed at Taehyung. Taehyung who let his leg brush against yours any chance he had just to feel closer to you. It almost felt like the old days, when you’d be surrounded by friends laughing along with Taehyung, being made fun of for being so in love. He’d bring you closer to him, give you a kiss and smile against you because he really did love you. If only he could do that now, but not talking to each other for two years definitely put a strain on what you used to be to each other.

    “So, how does it all work? Going on tour and stuff?” Namjoon had asked him shuffling a deck of cards, “Do you get breaks?”

    “Yes, we are on a break now for a couple weeks then it’s off to Europe,” Taehyung told him honestly, but he really wished not to say anything at all. He didn’t want it to ruin his chances at reconciliation with you. He’d stay here forever if you asked him to. He looked to you waiting for a reaction but you just took a drink from your cup.

    You looked up at him, lip pulled between your teeth nervously. He wanted to pull it out, tell you not to bite your lip because he loved it so much. You should know this. “So where are you staying? Do you have a place? Do you stay at hotels?” Heein asked him.

    “I have my own place.”

    “Okay, since nobody else will ask, I’ll ask,” Jimin took a deep breath as he looked between you two, “So what’s the story here? I gotta say I’m pretty upset my best friend kept this a secret from me. That she not only knew, but dated, a member of my favorite band.”

    Taehyung looked to you again, what was the story you wanted to tell? You didn’t say anything for a moment, “We met a few years ago, when I had just finished high school. He worked at this record store my friends and I used to like going to. One thing led to another, we went on a few dates and then we got together.”

    Yuna was the next to speak, “So wait, then why’d you guys break up? It couldn’t be that bad if you’re still hanging ou-ow!” Jimin poked her to shut up. You looked at Taehyung.

    “We just wanted different things at the time,” he cleared his throat looking around, “Where’s the bathroom?” Jimin pointed down the hall and he excused himself.

    His reflection stared back at him, taunting him almost. Asking him what the fuck was he doing. Why was he here right now? What did he really want to gain from all this? Was he looking to at least be friends again? Would he even be satisfied with that knowing the way your lips felt against his? Or how much he missed having someone to hold late at night. He wasn’t celibate or anything, but he never found the comfort in other people’s arms like in yours. Would he ever be satisfied with anything less than your love for him?

    He turned the faucet on, cupping his hands under the warm water before splashing it on his face. Was he too stuck in the past? He dried his face off combing his fingers through his hair as he left the bathroom.

    “Are we still getting brunch with your dad tomorrow?”

    “I’m not sure, I’ll ask him.”

    Taehyung froze, hidden away in the shadows of the hall he stopped. That was Namjoon’s voice and yours too. That meant Namjoon knew your dad, talked to him, hung out with him. And it meant your dad liked him. Why else would he be invited out? Taehyung would’ve been lucky to even get a hello every time he’d go over. It was always mean looks and glares, the occasional threat or degradation. Sometimes his ass laid out on the pavement if your dad was feeling extra bold and drunk.

    What did that mean? Namjoon, was he into you?

    He went on, walking back to where he’d once been sitting and waiting quietly for whatever else was to come. He looked over at Namjoon who just smiled, knowing almost. Knowing that he’d soon be replacing Taehyung’s door in your heart and pretty fucking happy about it. You reached for his hand on instinct, “Hey, how are you feeling?”

    “Good,” he lied looking up to you, “Tired but good.”

    “So Taehyung, I’ve been wanting to ask,” Namjoon spoke up, “Is, or has, Y/n ever been one of your song inspirations? You write a good amount of the music, right? Or was your relationship not too important?”

    Taehyung glared down at him, a light scoff leaving his lips, “Well, she’s the inspiration for all my music, now too.”

    “Fuck you that is so romantic,” Jieun pretended to cry against Jimin who just pushed her off his shoulder teasingly, “I want a guy to write songs about me.”

    You didn’t say anything. Was that really true? The songs of his that you’d heard, had they really been about you?

    “Every single one of them,” Taehyung spoke as he looked at you directly as if reading your thoughts. He’d always do that. You looked back to him, “Are you tired of their interrogation?”

    “A little.” At least he was honest. Mostly he just wanted to get out of her and talk to you alone. Maybe you’d be able to really discuss what happened and where you are now. That’s what he really wanted.

    He’d asked you over to his apartment later on. You both got in his car and he drove off. He walked ahead of you, picking up clothes and shoes off the floor covering his face in embarrassment, “Sorry, we just got back and I haven’t had time to unpack. Here, er, take a seat I’ll get you a drink.”

    You nodded heading to the living room but you didn’t sit. You looked around, eyes skimming over the artwork. The framed albums and guitars, the random abstract paintings and photographs. The apartment was big, new and definitely expensive. You were so proud of him. Compared to that rundown studio he used to take you to this was an upgrade.

    “You cold?” He asked coming over and setting a tray with glasses and a wine bottle on the coffee table. He went to the fireplace and began to turn it on. You looked down at the fluffy black rug under your feet and wiggled your toes in it. When he was done he let himself drop to the run sitting on the floor and pouring glasses. He looked up to you nervously, “You’re not gonna sit? Sorry, it’s warmer down here by the fireplace.”

    You just smiled and sat down next to him. He looked over to you again, shy smile on his face as he handed you a glass and you thanked him. Shyly, he cleared his throat, “I um, I didn’t get to explain myself the other night, for the picture I mean.”

    “It’s just, well, um, it was the day I got Yeontan. He was just a pup and well, I took the picture and I didn’t have that many of him, or you, and I guess I just never took it out,” he breathed out nervously, “It’s weird. I know. I’m sorry.”

    “Where is he anyway?” You asked looking around sporting the dog toys but no dog.

    “Probably napping in my closet.”

    You smiled watching his nervous hand come up to brush a stray hair out of his face, “I was surprised.”


    “But look at this,” you reached for your cellphone, the dark case popping off with a simple push and inside a paper slipped out. You handed the old slip to him and he looked over it with brows furrowed. It was a sketch. A poorly drawn heart with a smiley face inside, a few flowers around it and faded handwriting that read, ‘-Taehyung’ on it. He flipped it over, the back had more but this time it was your name doodled everywhere with his.

    He smiled, heart feeling light as he thought back to that day.

    ‘How much longer?’ He’d asked you doodling on a random sticky note. You were currently studying for some summer course, he was hanging out with you. You sat under a tree letting the shade block the harsh sun and he’d taken one of your textbooks to use as a clipboard while he doodled. When you didn’t give him an answer he reached into your pencil pouch and pulled out a sharpie. A mischievous smirk played on his lips as he grabbed one of your legs that had been on his lap and took hold of your converse. Quickly he drew a messy heart with your initials and his on it.

    ‘Hey!’ You yanked your foot back just as he’d finished the date and looked down at your foot. Cute. He flashed you a smile and held up the sticky note, placing it on your forehead. You huffed taking it off and looking it over, “Cute, give me five and then I’m done. And no more writing on my shoes.’

    ‘Give me a kiss and I’ll stop.’

    He held the sticky note now feeling a sense of relief. Good. He wasn’t the only one who couldn’t fully let the other go. It gave him hope, almost. He licked his dry lips, “Listen, I just, I think I should be honest with you.”

    Uh oh.

    “I was mad with how we left things,” he confessed, “I felt like we couldn’t get on the same page and like nothing was working out for us. And I just thought that it was because you weren’t trying hard enough. Like I wasn’t worth a fight with your parents and that was unfair or me. I blamed you when it wasn’t your fault and I regret it so fucking much. I tried calling and texting you to see if we could ever be anything again even if it was just friends but you never answered.”

    You took a deep breath sliding your legs under you, “I’m sorry. It wasn’t right for me to ignore you but it was my fault. If I only just… if I just stuck up for us and told him nothing bad would have happened to you. I regret never speaking up for you—“

    “He’s your dad,” Taehyung sighed, “I was expecting you to go against him, that wasn’t right of me.”

    “Everything he said or did to you wasn’t right.”

    He reached a hand out to you, pushing your hair out of your face, “I would’ve put up with so much more if it meant we could be together. It killed me being away from you. It still does.”

    “I thought you were happy,” you were being honest with him now, “I thought that if I tried talking to you it’d be like opening old wounds. Or that you’d hate me or like I wasn’t letting you move on. I mean look at you, look at what you’ve become. Your dreams came true and I couldn’t bring up the past.”

    He shook his head scooting closer to you, “You’ve always been my dream too, don’t forget that.”

    You shook your head ready to protest but he continued, “You’re really the reason why I continued music. You’re the one who always pushed me to try my best and I guess hearing your dad say I’d never be good enough for you made me want to prove him wrong. I wanted to give you a life that you couldn’t even imagine. That’s why I kept going until I forgot why I was doing all of this.”

    It was quiet. Neither of you knew what else to say or where to go from here. All you knew was that you liked the way his fingers ran over your ankle lightly brushing against your skin. Caressing you like he used to as he dipped a finger along the rim of his glass, “So, uh, Namjoon. Y-ou… that’s the kind of guy your dad wants for you? I overheard earlier, brunch tomorrow.”

    You sighed, hand reaching out to hold his, “I don’t care what he wants for me anymore. I learned from my mistakes.”

    “Yes but, are you seeing each other?” He bit into his bottom lip. It’s fine. Like ripping a bandaid. Just tell him the truth. Tell him if he has a change again or not. You held his hand tighter, “What are we? What do you want us to be?”

    “Friends?” More, he thought. He needed to be cautious, try and ease into your life again. You looked into his eyes, “That’s it?”


    His eyes searched yours for a hint at what you wanted him to say. What truth you wanted him to tell, and with a deep breath he told his own, “I want to be with you, I never want to be away from you again if we don’t even get to talk. I know we haven’t spoken in so long but I’ve missed you every day and have just been trying to forget. I don’t want to forget us Y/n. I told you then, and I’m telling you now. I am so fucking in love with you, and I have always been. I want to say that we can try and be friends but it’s not enough, it will never be enough for me.”

    “Leaving you back last time was the hardest thing I’d ever done. When you told me to leave I was so fucking hurt and mad, I don’t ever want to feel that again,” he kept going, “And I’m scared that just being friends will kill me but I can’t stand the thought of losing you when I just f-found you again.”

    A deep breath, eyes closed, “But if you just want to be friends, I’ll do it. Just please don’t go.”

    All you did was smile. Your silence was torture. He needed you to just say something. Tell him what you wanted him to do. If you didn’t want him in that way anymore, if you wanted him to get out of your life. If you loved him still. Please, just show him where your head’s at. You leaned forward, he watched closely as you approached him. His heart raced, eyes wandering down to your parted lips. And with a sigh he let his lips meet yours.

    You both melted into the kiss, crumbling down onto each other. His hands were quick to reach out for you going to your waist. He was on his knees leaning into you for better access, the kiss was electrifying. The tingly feeling he’d missed returning to him just being here with you right now. He could stay with his mouth on yours for forever.

    Moving your hand from his shoulder, you cupped the back of his neck and pulled him deeper into your mouth. Taehyung let out a desperate sounding noise and it sparked something hot inside of you, pushing him back so you could climb onto his lap. You whimpered when his fingers dug into the softness of your waist and he used that moment to dip his tongue into your mouth. Quickly you were dipping your head down and running your own tongue along his, drunk on the heat and taste of him. You missed this. His movements were swift, expert to the feel of your body, his hand running up into your hair and the other sliding down to your bottom while your legs wrapped around his waist. He held you up even if he was struggling not to fall back onto the floor. When he squeezed you there, bringing your body to press fully against his, you moaned. You pulled back to catch your breath. Looking back at him, you smiled at just how swollen his lips were and how messy you’d made his hair. You let yourself kiss the corner of his open mouth hearing him gasp as you trailed your affections elsewhere.

    Heaven. You were, this whole thing was just heaven on Earth. Your lips on him again, kissing down that little spot under his jaw that you knew drove him insane. Making his eyes rolls back when your hips ground down against him a little. His hands where they should be, planted on your hips, keeping you in place. Your hand in his hair yanking his head back so your lips could crash onto his.

    “Ngh,” with furrowed brows he deepened the kiss, never having enough of you. He felt hot against you, breathing roughly through his nose just so he wouldn’t have to pull away. Your other hand was under his chin, holding him close to you as if he’d slip away. His neck stretched up chasing after your lips.

    “I don’t think I can live without you again,” you confessed shyly, gasping when his mouth left wet, hungry kisses along the expanse of your neck. His hands were groping at your clothes trying to bring you even closer, your chest against his with your legs straddling his lap.

    “You won’t have to,” he sighed out trailing his hand up and down your back, “I don’t want you to.”

    You wanted to be closer to him. Show him how much you missed him too, let him know that you couldn’t just be friends either. It’s not like you’d be the first person in the world to go back to your ex. You wanted to grind your bodies together until you remembered what it was like to be one.

    You reached down between them, fingers skidding over his shirt, pushing him back until he got the hint to lie down. Taehyung sucked in a breath, tensed his stomach in anticipation, remembering the way your hands on him felt. With a smile, you let your fingers dance along the fabric as you hovered over him. The sight below you just beautiful. This man. This wonderful man who was willing to wait and forget whatever happened between you two just to be together again. How could you ever forget about him? Move on from him?

    “Is this okay?” You asked, scared that maybe you’d gone too far by kissing him first. His eyes were half shut but he was nodding his head eagerly, in bliss from just making out with you. He usually took the lead between you two but having you on top of him was making his mind wander off to what had changed in this department for you. You lifted his t-shirt, kissing along his rib cage while your hand caressed over his stomach and sides, “What about this?”

    “Fuck Y/n, yes. Yes. Yes. It’s perfect,” he sighed out letting his head fall back, “Just keep touching me. It’s been so long.”

    His breath hitched, stomach tensing once more when your hand slipped down the hem of his clothing, trailing along his pelvis and thigh. Then trailed back up to the dip of his navel, just above the wet tip of Taehyung’s fast growing erection. You still had such an effect of him.

    Your lips met his again, a hand coming up to your face and pulling you closer. You took the opportunity to go on, hand curled over the

    hard length carefully. Taehyung released a gust of breath and tilted his head up for another kiss.

    It was sloppy, eager tongues and pliant lips and gently scraping teeth. It was moans passed back and forth with increasing urgency. It was too good to stop. You broke away, smearing your lips across his jaw and groaning into his neck. “God, you’re so hard,” you murmured into warm skin. “I could worship you.”

    It wasn’t far off from the truth. He was harder, thicker, than you could remember and he was here with you again. You let your fingers tap against the wet slick leaking from his slit and massaged it over his tip and as much of his length as you could. Your hand stretched wide around his member as you gave it a single, careful stroke that left Taehyung wanting more.

    You wanted more, wanted to feel the heavy weight of it on your tongue. Have him wriggling on this rug by the fireplace for more, more, more. You pushed off, tugging on his shirt and pants for it to come off all while taking your own clothes off. Taehyung moved quickly to rid himself of clothing. Instead of taking over, he just fell back into the plush rug, vibrating with excitement for more. He missed you so damn much he’d take anything you gave him right now.

    With your hand, you traced down his hard chest, tweaked playfully at a nipple, then slid your fingers over the soft muscle. You scooted back and Taehyung lifted his head, eyes bright with hope. You pulled against the hem of his briefs, which he’d oh so excitedly left on just thinking about you ripping them off him, and let your finger graze against his hardened cock until in pointed lewdly at the ceiling. You leaned down, eyes locked onto Taehyung’s—a steady gaze that said ’watch me worship your cock’.

    Your tongue slipped out flat, and Taehyung attempted to bite back a whispered—whimpered—"Y/n…“

    You pressed against his tip, slipped your tongue over the weeping slit, and rolled it around the reddened head, once, twice. You sank your mouth down, letting Taehyung’s girth part your lips until they hugged around his member. You couldn’t hit it in and moaned—hungry for more— you reached between his legs and palmed underneath where his balls were. They were always flushed against his member, close to releasing all the tension.

    Slowly, you pulled away. You brought your hand to rest on his thigh, soothing him and let his cock slip from your mouth while your head fell against his thigh.

    “Are you sure you want this again?” You asked nervously, ghosting your fingers along the prominent veins of his shaft.

    Taehyung arched up, a moan slipping past his lips. “More than anything else in the world I want you.”

    And that’s what had you back on his cock, mouth sucking him, wrapping your hand around the girth and stroked once from thick base to leaking tip letting him slip out of your mouth before pummeling back onto him. Taehyung shuddered, a single curse falling from his lips with a gracious rumble—fffuuuuuuck.

    Whatever didn’t fit was stroked again—one slow pass over the length of him. Then again. With the tip just barely in your mouth, you began to suck, as if to milk him, lips squeezed around him. Slowly, as if unsure, Taehyung rolled his hips into you. When you offered no resistance, he did it again—thrusting into your mouth a little more, hissing at the glide of your hand at his base.

    “Fuck, s-such a good girl,” he whined, moans rumbled through him, growing louder, higher. He was now fucking into your mouth in quick jabs, chasing his climax. You could feel the twitching pulse of his cock.

    “Come, baby,” Your voice was soft, like a melody, “You deserve it.” You let your free hand go down again, squeezing lightly against his balls.

    Taehyung cried out, hips up pushing you flush against his pubic bone. He came hot and hard in your mouth, pulsing out thick ribbons until he shuddered with over sensitivity. His own hands running along his bare torso as if it’d calm his racing heart. And when you pulled off his length, swallowing hard his cum he stared at the mess drooling out from the corners of your mouth and all he could think about is how he wanted to do the same to you. So he reached for you, not caring about the cum hanging off your lips, and smashed his lips against yours.

    “Want you to sit on my face,” he moaned tasting himself on your tongue, “Please, fuck, just fuck my face.”

    Just the idea of it makes you moan. You nod your head, as his hands find your hips guiding you up his body. He pulled at your underwear, ordering you to remove your bra too as he moved you where he wanted you. It started off slow, licks down the crease of your thigh, so close and so far away from where you need him. He scrapes his teeth down the sensitive thin skin, sucks a mark on your inner thigh. He’s humming at the feel, your soft thighs providing warmth to his ears like it’s cold outside—well it is.

    “You’re so wet,” he let some of the slick drop onto his face only making this more lewd. How could you not be after having him in your mouth?

    You could never forget how much you love the way he touches you, reverently at first. And later demanding and hungry, the gentleness gone as he takes you apart expertly. You will never get enough of the greedy way he takes everything you give him.

    You’re drawn out of your thoughts by the feel of his tongue finally sliding over your clit. You cry out, clutching at his head, you’d palms skid over his hair by accident and tug as you shiver.

    He licks over you quickly, vibrating your clit before working his way down, his tongue siding inside you, fucking in and out slowly guiding your hips to ride his face. You push back against him as pleasure courses through you. Your whole body is lit up. You start to shake, the gentle stroke of his tongue right down the middle of you feeling wonderful. “Oh.” Your head falls back with a moan. You shiver as he does it again and again. One long swipe after another along the open center of your cunt. Your hips start to rock, your knees slipping until you’re pressed firmly against him. You feel him moan against you, the vibration sending a fresh wave of heat right through you. He was enjoying this. You tasted so damn sweet.

    His hands slide over your thighs, his fingers rubbing and pressing at the muscles before moving up over your stomach to cup your exposed breasts. There’s a reason he wanted your bra off and on the floor. His thumbs brush back and forth over your nipples, until suddenly he pinches them hard.

    “Fuck!” You grits out just as his tongue pushes into you. You grind against him, your body wracked with one hard shudder after another. His tongue is fucking up into you, lapping at your pussy like a starved man, his finger pinching and pulling at your nipples and you’re so fucking close already, rubbing at you from every angle and you feel every single flick of it. He keeps it curled in, as he begins to fuck you with it. You’re struggling to balance yourself as you ride his tongue, his nose hitting your clit every now and then. You hear a low rumble from him and it vibrates his tongue. You nearly scream as another shudder works it way through you.

    You feel it coming like a tidal wave. Your whole body goes tight, shaking uncontrollably, your breath stuttering out and then you lock down on him, one hard convulsion after another as you wail his name. He keeps you in place, arms thrown around your thighs watching you fall apart above him hearing the chant of his name slip from your pretty lips. He laps at your release, wanting more, more, more.

    It took you both a moment to bounce back from that, but with Taehyung’s cock hard again from having you squirm on him was making it difficult for him to be patient. When you got off of him he made sure to kiss your shoulder lovingly while you fell down next to him. Tender and soft, “Do you want to stop?”

    He hoped not.

    You shook your head, smiling so lovingly at him as you brushed some sweaty locks off his forehead. The rug underneath you felt so hot you had no idea how Taehyung has been fine just lying there. You kissed him gently, “Condom?”

    “Shit,” he muttered as he moved you off lightly. He was on his feet, naked and running toward his bedroom—where you should be having sex right now instead of the floor but who cares. He rummaged through his things searching for one and after a couple minutes he returned. You looked down at his naked body, laughing a little when you caught sight of his hard dick, “Couldn’t wait?”

    He shook his head sending you a cheeky smile as he rolled the condom on himself before even getting back onto the rug. He leaned over you, your arms flying around his neck as he met your lips with his, groaning a little at how needy it was. He couldn’t believe he had you again, right now in this moment. It made it feel like the last two years without you never happened and you were always together. His arm snuck underneath your arched back and pulled you flush against him. With one swift movement, he had you up flipping you over so you were on top sitting over his hard cock.

    You whined a little at the sudden pressure against your sensitive pussy, unwrapping your arms from around his neck to push up against his chest.

    He kissed along your arms as you unraveled yourself with him sitting up straight. He smiled, “You are so beautiful.”

    “Mhm,” you giggled letting your hair fall over one shoulder. Biting onto your bottom lip Taehyung felt his cock twitched a little, hands on your thighs waiting for you to move. You pressed down, “What do you want? Hm?”

    “Ride me,” he sighed out eyes locked on the way your cunt just barely hovered over his erect member, barely grazing over it, “Like you did with my face pretty girl.”

    Barely within seconds your hand was slipping down to your core where his member was, you lifted up using your knees for support until you could line him up with your entrance. Taehyung tried being patient, letting you go ahead and take the lead but when your cunt pressed against his tip, slowly taking him in, he couldn’t take it. You gasped suddenly, nails digging into his chest glaring down at him. He had pushed himself all the way inside of you.

    "God- fuck-!"

    You hissed, resting your hands down on his shoulders before sinking your nails down into his skin.

    "Shh, it's alright. Just breathe, okay? Breathe,” he groaned, taking a second himself to get used to your tightness. How do you still feel so goddamn right? “I’m sorry baby, it’s been forever.”

    Taehyung sighed, rubbing your waist to soothe the pain down a bit. After about a couple minutes of just waiting there, taking in the size of his cock letting him stretch you all over again. How did you used to take this every day before? You decided to give a little test move, pleasure coursing through your body.

    "Oh- god..!" You gasped, not noticing how your body started moving on its own. The feeling of Taehyung’s hips grinding against yours only piled on more feeling to the already intimate feeling. His lip was pulled between his teeth, brows furrowed in concentration letting his hips buck up into yours. Your nails in his skin only working to push him further. He wouldn’t last.

    Rocking your hips more, he hissed, Taehyung was practically dying to go rough on you. The strong hands that were once around your waist are now around your hips — a tight grip on them as you felt yourself slowly sliding off to where his tip was still inside you. The sudden feeling of his member slamming back inside sent you on an emotional roller coaster.

    He smiled, calming down enough to only be going slow but rough on you. He wanted you to feel all of him, every last inch to remind you what it was like for him to fuck you. Treat you like the good girl you are.

    "P-Please-,” you whined out, letting your knees and his hands do more of the work to lift you off his cock, “faster. Fuck, you feel so good."

    You gasped out through moans, placing your hands on his chest for support.

    "You feel so tight,” he spoke through gritted teeth, feeling yourself getting lifted up and slammed back down- hard too, “I guess I gotta get you used to me again.”

    He bent his legs so that his knees were up and his feet were flat on the floor dropping you forward. Your hands slipped off his chest and you came down, hugging him now.

    Your hair fell all around him as he thrusted up into you. His free hand came around to the back of your head locking you in place keeping you from moving. “Cum for me, I wanna feel you get even tighter,” he muttered out lips brushing against yours before you bent lower to kiss him. He was practically bouncing you in his hold and with his grip tight behind your neck all you do was wiggle your hips.

    “I’m never letting you go, not again,” he growled flipping you over so that he was on top. His pace was brutal, quick sharp thrusts into your heat bringing you on the brink of release, “God, you feel so fucking good. All for me, right?”

    “Yes, yes, fuck Tae I’m—I’m—“ he pushed into your cunt to the hilt, keeping you in place and with one final grunt he was letting go, you followed suit, trembling, legs tightening around his waist and he breathed into your neck, teeth scraping against flesh.

    It took a minute or two for you both come down, he carefully rolled off of you and yanked the condom off. You looked at it watching the thick glob of cum dribble out. Without saying anything he yanked a throw blanket off the nearest couch and laid it over you. The cold from winter air already taking over once the heat of your bodies dissipated.

    He leaned in peppering your skin with kisses making you smile when his hands trailed up your arms. You turned on your side, the night had been long and your body was already feeling sore. He wrapped an around you pulling you against him snuggling close as he whispered by your ear, “I’m gonna write a song about how good your pussy is.”

    By morning you both were rudely awoken. Sleeping on the floor after some fucking was not as fun as you thought it’d be. You searched around for your cellphone fighting off Taehyung’s tight grip and pushing your bed head out of your face. He grumbled in his sleep turning away from you as he struggled to wake up. Eyes half closed you answered your ringing phone finally shutting off the god awful sound, “Hello?”

    “You haven’t called me today, and I wanted to see if we were still on for later with Namjoon?” Your father’s voice spoke. Instantly your heart dropped as you checked the time. Good. You still had time. You looked back to Taehyung who was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with tight fists. With a deep sigh you said, “I’m not going.”

    “Well a heads up would’ve been nice sweetheart. Please remember that Namjoon will only put up with your attitude for so long,” your father went on. Rolling your eyes at his words you couldn’t help but smile at the same time as Taehyung slipped his arm around your naked waist moving to lay on your thigh, kissing you softly. He looked up at you wanting to hear what you’d say. He had an idea on who might be on the phone.

    “Daddy, I’m with Taehyung.” You bit your bottom lip nervously. Taehyung’s heart raced at that, he hid a smile by nibbling against your thigh feeling his heart about to explode.

    It was silent, your father’s voice came out low, “What?”

    “I’m with Taehyung, and I’m not going to break up with him,” you looked to him for reassurance and he just took your hand kissing your knuckles nodding his head, “And it’s fine if you don’t like it because I’m an adult who is capable of making my own decisions.”

    Your father laughed. He actually laughed. “You’re fucking done, don’t come to me crying when you’re done with him.” Click.

    Your heart dropped. What? You pulled the phone away, that’s it? A text appeared immediately.

    dad | pack your shit and get out of my apartment
    dad | you wanna throw your life away for scum like him so be it. but not living off my money that’s for sure

    You couldn’t help the tears that began to form in your eyes. Taehyung looked up at you clearly alarmed. “Hey, hey, baby,” he brought you close into a hug, “Hey, it’s okay. Look, I—I go on tour again in about a week. Come with me. You’re on break aren’t you? Maybe you can talk to your professors into letting you do it online? You can pack up your stuff and bring it here. It’ll be our place from now on.”

    You shook your head, crying now, “No, I can’t. What if, what if you regret being with me again a-and you realize that I’m not worth all the trouble an—“

    He cupped your face, “Baby I would never, please you’re scaring me,” his voice cracked as he grabbed the blanket wrapping it around you, “Let’s get in the shower, relax and then we can talk things over. But I already told you, I’m not leaving you.”

    He helped you up, your silence making him feel uneasy, “Did you hear me? I-if you don’t want to lose your dad, that’s fine. We don’t have to—I mean—I know how much he means to you and I would never make you choose. S-so if you want to call him back and tell him you made a mistake I won’t get mad.”

    You looked up to him as he struggled to say the words. He didn’t want to let you go but he didn’t want to be reason why you lose everything. He loved you too much to see y—

    You hugged him, crying into his chest, “I’m not leaving you either.”

    “Oh thank God,” his arms tightened around you, feeling your form against him. Out of the blue you released a giggle through your tears. His brows furrowed, did he forget you’re crazy? Weren’t you just crying? You laughed again as he wiped away tears, “Sorry it’s just, we’re butt ass naked crying.”

    He laughed, arm slipping under you and lifting you up bridal style, “Let’s get in the shower, you stink.”


    Shortly after he mumbled, “I’m your daddy now I guess.”

    “Shut up.”


    ok y’all it’s not the best but it’s not the worst and that’s a win for me. I wanted more rockstar Tae but it was just too much to write and I don’t wanna do a second part

    so maybe might do some drabbles. but here’s a moodboard I made while driving.

    also if you don’t get the title

    basically just saying that even if someone wanted to separate them, they were still gonna come back to each other this time much stronger and in love than before :)

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  • aquagustd
    27.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    wish i could listen to daechwita for the first time all over again

    #i remember the shivers that went down my spine when i heard the slow DAECHWITAAAAAAA DAECHWITAAAAAA #yk what i’m talking about ???? #the part when the car #just swerves in #yeah#DDHDJSKSKSK #I fucking love that song #gonna play it at my wedding when i walk in #and the groom himself can perform ✨😌 #iyk what i mean 😏 #jokes 😳#yoongi#loml #yus.exe
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  • min-yunki-agustd
    27.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    Lost On A Road Trip - Part: 4

    Part: 1

    Part: 2

    Part :3

    TW: Nausea , V*** etc

    LET'S GO!

    Sickie: yoongi

    Caretaker: Seokjin and Namjoon


    Namjoon woke up. He sat up in the shared bed. him yg and Jin all had to sleep in one bed it was the only room available in the hotel. They were lucky to find somewhere to sleep at all. He got up and put his phone on the charger. Jin began to wake up as well. Watching namjoon as he put all the boy's phones on chargers. He sat back down on the bed once he was done. Jin speaks with a groggy voice. what are we gonna do now? Namjoon huffs. "We should call the manager once one of the phones comes back on and uhh..." he looks over to yoongi. Yoongi was still sleeping laying on his side. " get some breakfast for yoongi" I really don't think he was just car sick, he also passed out" " he threw up a lot namjoon looked back at Jin. " well, Jin's eyes look back to namjoons direction. Jin takes a deep breath before speaking. " He's said before that when he's carsick or airsick that his nausea lingers for a bit. jin sits up from his previous laying position.

    "I suppose so." Namjoon answers. Namjoons eyes shift to yoongi. Jin follows his eyes as well curious to see what's going on. Yoongi was sitting up from bed. he had woken up from all the talking. He was a little grumpy that they woke him. but Yoongi had a more concerning problem on his hands. He was gonna puke.

    Yoongi calmly gets up from the bed and walks straight to the bathroom. Namjoon and Jin could see that Yoongi eyes were quenched as tho the light was too bright. The boys could tell he was annoyed and that something was bothering him. There was something namjoon almost missed yoongi do while he briskly walked to the bathroom. Yoongi put his hand on his stomach just as he was out of their line of sight. Well, almost, namjoon caught him holding his stomach. Jin gets up from the bed and walks to his phone. He hears yoongi close and looks at the bathroom door.

    JIn and namjoon both look at each other. Jin goes back to turning on his phone leaving it on the charger. It lit up and he was able to check his messages. he had at least 50 plus calls from the members and the manager. The other members were all worried.

    "I'm gonna call the manager," he says to namjoon. He does so quickly. Joon is watching jin as he does so but hears the sink turn on in the bathroom.

    _______ yoongi's pov__________

    Yoongi felt an ache in his stomach and nausea hit him like a bus. He couldn't really lay down any longer and try to sleep he had to get to the bathroom he was gonna puke. Plus Namjoon and Jin were talking so loudly it was hard to. He sat up, eyes still closed. He wanted so desperately to keep them shut but he had to know where he was going while he walked.

    He kept his eyes squinched the light feeling like it was attacking his head. The walk to the bathroom felt so long. He was focusing on a gag that was stuck in his throat. His stomach cramped. It was sore but it was just as nauseous as it was in the care. his head began to pound from the force of his swallowing. He began to walk briskly. He waited up till he was just about inside the bathroom to hold his stomach not wanting the others to see or worry.

    He sat in front of the toilet and waited. His mouth watered and he could feel it coming. He gaged. nothing. He was a bit disappointed. He hoped to get it over with so he could let the nausea go away. he gagged again still nothing. nausea only worsens with every passing moment. He held on tightly to his stomach. Yoongi pressed down hoping to get something up.

    His stomach ceased and clenched still nothing. He was still nasiou. He was left with an ache in his skull from the focus of gagging. He had a migraine. That explained why he woke up feeling so bad and why the lights are killing him.

    ____________ end of pov___________________

    Jin speaks with the manager. the manager expresses his concerns and tells them what they need to do now. The manager also sends extra money they had to convert it since Korean won wouldn't be accepted anywhere in this country. The manager said that once they find their location he'd send people to come and get them. He told them, for now, to take care of themselves and to stay safe. The manager says that he will call them again with more information.

    Jin was relieved to know that manager had things under control. The only thing they need to do is to be safe and give them their location. but for now, they'd start with breakfast. Jin was absolutely starving.

    Jin hangs up the phone and relays the message to namjoon. He wants to do the same to yoongi to let him know what was going on but he was still in the bathroom. Jin decides to knock on the bathroom door. He just wanted to make sure yoongi was alright.

    "Yoongi! You alright in there?" Jin asked knocking on the door repeatedly. " There was only the sound of running water. And then a weak-sounding reply. " Yeah hung I'm alright!" Jin wasn't so sure about that.

    Yoongi was now hovering over the sink throwing cold water on his face. He raised his mouth a few times as well nausea still resonated in his stomach. He hadn't thrown up but he still had a gross taste in his mouth. His stomach was achy and sore. Just like before.

    Jin and namjoon prepared themselves to go find breakfast. They decided they would go to the hotel's free breakfast downstairs. They put on the shoes and grabbed the only things they had on them which were wallets and the jackets they had on.

    They waited patiently for yoongi to get out of the bathroom. yoongi was a bit sluggish but he was finally out. Jin " jokingly asked what took him so long. My stomach was hurting. yoongi says bluntly not really lying but avoiding the truth. JIn left him alone after that and they headed stairs via the elevator. the elevator's lights were far too bright for yoongi's eyes he held on to his temples. the movement also jostled his stomach. Namjoon saw everything. Namjoon asked. " Do you have a migraine hyung?" look down at yoongi. " Yeah" yoongi answered but that's all he says.

    they got to the kitchen buffet area of the hotel. It was quite nice. They had lots of options. yoongi was not interested in eating he only wanted sleep. He told Namjoon and Jin that he was gonna sit down for a moment. Yoongi went and found a table for three. He sat down and rested his head on the table.

    JIn and Namjoon grabbed everything in sight. They also grabbed something light and easy to eat for yoongi. They knew he wasn't feeling great but he had to eat to get better.

    They came and sat at the table yoongi picked out. Yoongi lifts his aching head. Namjoon and Jin covered the table with plates of food. Jin takes the plate they put together for yoongi in front of him.

    "We can pick up some medication from the store after you eat. namjoon had already started eating. JIn dug in too. Yoongi sat there with his hands in his lap staring down at the plate that contained toast, grits, and yogurt along with a plastic cup of fruit. Yoongi knew he wasn't going to be able to eat all that. He didn't even eat breakfast on a regular morning back at home.

    Jin notices that yoongi has had a single bite of his food. "yoongi eat some." " so you can have something on your stomach I know you're hungry." Yoongi wasn't the slightest bit hungry but he picked up his spoon. he knew JIn would be upset if he didn't try. Yoongi picks up the spoon.

    Namjoon finishes his food. Joon sits and waits for the others to finish. " Come on yoons just a little more. " Yoongi was absolutely stuffed he couldn't have one more bight or it comes straight back up. He can already feel the food swirl in his stomach. " Hyung I really can't have anymore." Jin didn't want him feeling worse so he dropped it. Namjoon stands. "Alright then if everyone is ready! let's go get yoongi some meds. " " ok but let's ask the front desk person for the location and name of the hotel so I can text it to the manager.

    Alright, then they all got up and left the table. Yoongi's stomach dropped when he stood up. that wasn't a very good sign. a strong wave of nausea surged threw him. He held on to his stomach. His head pounds once again. The migraine made everything ten times worse.

    Once they made it to the desk Namjoon asked the front desk lady what the name of the hotel was and what was the place called. The front desk person spoke broken English. but they managed to give the information needed. Yoongi began to feel extremely sick while they were talking. like SUPER sick. yoongi pulls on Jin's coat like a little kid to get his hyungs attention. "namjoon? ask where the bathroom " Namjoons mind went blank he was a bit confused. " Just ask joon!" Jin had figured out why yoongi needed the bathroom

    namjoon asked the lady, "Uhh where's your bathro- " Yoongi gagged into the palm of his hand. he could barely keep control of his stomach. what more could go wrong Yoongi though.


    this got way too long lol. part 5 is already planned out don't worry *wink* I hope you enjoy it!

    #sickie!yoongi #bts sickfic#sick bts#bts emeto#tw nausea#tw vomit #tw emeto ment #btssickfic request#tw emetophobia#namjoon caretaker#sickieyoongi #sickie!suga #sicksuga #Caretaker!Namji #Caretakernamjoon #caretaker!seokjin #caretaker!namjoon
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  • taetaespeaches
    27.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    Liiiiiiiv. Jungkook has been my bias since day ONE…… but I’ve got to say….. Yoongi and Jin both be looking really good right about now……. Hyungs are taking over……….. I’m scared and excited 🤯🥵

    *gasp* They'll do that to you!!!!! I've been there! I'm still there 😤 however, I am a firm believer that even if jungkook isn't your bias, yes he is

    #anon#asks #i mean yoongi and jin literally own my entire heart soul and ass so i feel this very deeply #best of luck to you pal 😩
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  • yourlieinbangtan
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    *phantom of the opera overture plays

    thin fingers skim across the raised black keys

    one click, the power button

    a screen lighting up

    a slight smirk

    an idea

    how dangerous


    stay tuned bangtan smut lovers~

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  • blu-joons
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    When They Call You During Run BTS Filming ~ BTS Reaction


    As you picked up the phone, you heard Jin tell everyone to be quiet. “Y/N, what’s your favourite song of ours?” Jin asked you, without even saying hello.

    “I quite like Boy with Luv,” you replied to Jin, hearing plenty of commotion in the background, “why are you asking me that so suddenly, what’s going on?”

    Jin stepped aside so that he could talk to you quietly, “for the episode, we have to guess people’s favourite things.”

    “I’m sure that there are plenty of other songs of yours that your fans like though,” you quickly told Jin, not wanting him to use your answer to represent everyone.

    The boys had already gone for it though, “Boy with Luv is a popular song, we’re going to trust you and pick that as the fan’s favourite too.”

    “Don’t do that because you’ll blame me if you guys lose.”

    “We’re trusting in you Y/N,” Jin laughed in reply.

    A groan came from you, “keep me on the phone until you find out the answer, so I know whether to run or not.”

    “Yeah, you might not be welcome at the dorm tonight.”


    You quickly paused your programme as you noticed your phone ringing. “Y/N, tell Jungkook to go and pick on someone else?” Yoongi yelled down the phone.

    “What are you on about?” You laughed, with no idea what was going on as you heard Jungkook ‘s laughter in the background as Yoongi told him to go away.

    He was pushed and pulled in two different directions as he tried to talk to you, “can you tell Jungkook to get another member?”

    “Why?” You asked him, wanting to know what it was that you were supposed to be doing. “If you’re playing a game, then isn’t Jungkook doing what he’s supposed to be doing?”

    A groan came from Yoongi as you failed to do what he asked. “Y/N, you’re supposed to be on my side, help me get Jungkook to bugger off.”

    “Who’s he going to go after if he can’t go after you in the game?”

    “I don’t care who he gets,” Yoongi cried out to you.

    A chuckle escaped from you as you heard how desperate he was. “Sorry, but I think you might have to fight this one yourself.”

    “I can’t believe that you’ve let me down like this.”


    Your heart stopped when you looked down at your phone and noticed Hobi’s name on the screen. “Y/N?” A voice called out, not recognising it as Hobi’s.

    “Hello?” You quizzed, taking a moment to work out that the voice that you actually heard was Namjoon’s, wondering why you hadn’t heard Hobi’s voice.

    A sigh came from Namjoon before speaking to you, “I don’t suppose you’re able to get yourself to the hospital, are you?”

    “W-why?” You nervously quizzed, fearing the worst as you remembered what it was that the boys were filming, knowing just how physical the episode was.

    Namjoon knew that you knew too before saying a word. “There’s been a bit of an incident, Hobi might have had a bit too much confidence.”

    “What’s he done Joon? Or would I rather just not know for now?”

    “It’s easier to show you Y/N,” he told you in response.

    Your head nodded, grabbing your coat. “I’ll drive to the hospital now; I can be there in about half an hour I reckon.”

    “I’ll meet you outside to show you where.”


    You didn’t know what was going on as you answered Namjoon’s call, hearing plenty of noise down the line. “Y/N, can you hear me?” Namjoon shouted to you.

    “I can hear you,” you yelled back to him, “what on earth are you doing? I thought that you were filming for run?” You asked him, recalling Namjoon’s schedule.

    A laugh came from him in reply to your question, “we are, but there’s a couple of things that we left at the dorm.”

    “Let me guess, you want me to go to the dorm and bring them to you?” You asked, reading Namjoon like a book, knowing exactly what he wanted from you.

    Another laugh came from him, “I wouldn’t ask if we weren’t desperate, but I promise that I’ll make it up to you for helping us out to get this done.”

    “I can get to the dorm in twenty minutes if you tell me what I need.”

    “I’ll send a text with a list on it,” Namjoon replied.

    Your eyes widened slightly, “a list? How much have you left at the dorm? Did you not check before you left the dorm?”

    “You know what we’re like, just a tad forgetful.”


    As soon as you saw Jimin’s name pop up on your phone, you were worried, quickly accepting his call. “I’m exhausted,” was all that he said to you answered him.

    “Is that all that you rang me for?” You asked him, shaking your head as you sat yourself down on the sofa, “why are you ringing me during the middle of filming run?”

    Jimin could hear the panic that was in your voice, “I just thought I’d call and see how you are, what’s wrong with you?”

    “I thought something bad had happened, you never ring me during filming,” you scolded him, taking several deep breaths to calm yourself back down.

    A soft sigh came from Jimin as he listened to you. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you, I only rang because I’m tired and I want to hear your voice.”

    “It’s fine, it’s my fault for probably assuming the worst straight away.”

    “It’s nice that you worry about me though,” Jimin smiled.

    Your eyes rolled at how excited he sounded, “of course, I worry about you, especially when I’ve seen some episodes of run too.”

    “This one’s easy, even we can’t mess it up.”


    A sigh of relief came from Taehyung as you picked up his call, speaking straight away. “Y/N, we’re relying on you to get the answer right so that we can win a snack?”

    “Answer right for what?” You quizzed, with no idea what was happening as you heard the boys in the background, their voices all muffling together as they all spoke.

    Taehyung quickly shushed them before speaking again, “do you have any idea what the capital of Samoa is Y/N?”

    “Isn’t it Apia?” You asked Taehyung, not even having to think as the boys all cheered on the end of the phone in reply to the answer that you gave.

    Taehyung didn’t respond as he watched the production team, as their heads quickly nodded. “Y/N, thank you! I knew that you wouldn’t let us down.”

    “I hope you plan on sharing some of those snacks with me for helping.”

    “I’ll bring some home with me,” Taehyung promised you.

    A chuckle came from you as the boys all thanked you. “I’m glad I could help, but you guys all owe me a favour at some point now.”

    “We’ll help you out whenever you need us.”


    Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you glanced down to see Jungkook calling you, quickly picking up his call. “Y/N, guess what, I got to come home early?”

    “Did you win again?” You laughed, hearing in the background of the call that Jungkook was already on the road. “Shall I start getting ready to go out to dinner in that case?”

    The smile on Jungkook’s face quickly turned up, “I reckon that I’ll be home within about half an hour at this rate Y/N.”

    “Wow, you really did finish early,” you smirked, shaking your head as you realised that Jungkook was over two hours early to leave the set.

    He couldn’t help but laugh knowing that the boys were still on set. “You should have seen their faces when PD told me that I was able to go home.”

    “I can imagine that none of them were probably impressed with you.”

    “I think they might have hated me,” Jungkook chuckled.

    Your eyes rolled at how delighted he sounded on the other end of the line, “you’ll be in trouble when you see them at the dorm.”

    “I’m the winner, I don’t care what they do.”



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    #as an early debut yoongi *enthusiast* do you understand what this does to me oh my LORD #yoongi#debut yoongi#q
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    Complemento desse moodboard!

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀.. く ﹚̤♡⃨ Yoongi

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    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀▒₊ ♡⃨ ︙ love yourself⠀▒⋮ Ꜣ 🦋⠀ ᷧ▒̈

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    A vida é uma escultura que você

    esculpe ao cometer erros e

    aprender com eles.

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀.. く ﹚̤♡⃨ Yoongi

    ⠀ ⠀་🧸ꫬ໋ ⠀Moodboard﹚̤♡⃨ ⠀Bts ▒𓂅⃨

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    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀▒₊ ♡⃨ ︙ love yourself⠀▒⋮ Ꜣ 🦋⠀ ᷧ▒̈

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  • velvetineyoongi
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Fibreglass Hearts: 02 - Cereal Princes

    “Milk first, then TV!”






    Namjoon exasperated a huffed sigh as he rested his hands on his hips, staring down at his cheeky four-year old son, who was quite content with eating his sugar hoops without any milk, after inventing the conclusion that “milk turns you into a cow, and cows get taken by aliens”... That’s the last time Namjoon lets Tae watch Barnyard , or any TV for that matter.

    “Fine, here’s a compromise, okay?” Namjoon offered, pushing his mahogany tortoise shell glasses further up the bridge of his nose, a small wrinkle of concern forming as he furrowed his eyebrows whilst he fought for Taehyung’s attention. “Why don’t you eat your cereal with milk, then I’ll let you have a cookie for dessert tonight, hmm?” 

    “Two cookies, and you have a deal”, Taehyung giggled proudly, watching his father step back in shock at his son’s bargaining tactics, but he soon gave in and allowed a meek nod. “Fine. Two cookies, but you have to brush your teeth twice as well tonight, hmm?” Namjoon folded his arms as he stood up and backed away from the table, watching his son ponder over the negotiation some more before nodding in agreement. “You have a deal, daddy. Can we watch Barnyard now?” “No!”

    For Seokjin, the days were all the same. Wake up, miss Yoongi. Go to work, miss Yoongi. Come home, realise he forgot to eat again, miss Yoongi even more. Make food, miss Yoongi. Go to bed, miss Yoongi. And do it all again the following morning. As he wandered home from his glass studio, he couldn’t help but feel his body drag him towards the local convenience store. Either that, or his conscience finally had enough of him pushing off his responsibilities, such as grocery shopping. One foot led the other as he dragged himself into the store, his thoughts interrupted by the dainty bell that rang to signify a new customer. Forcing a small smile to the cashier, a gentle elderly woman who couldn’t have been any more than 60, he soon hid himself away, squirrelling the food he needed to survive yet another draining week into his basket. 

    Jin pondered over the varieties of chocolates, not acknowledging his dimples showing after so long upon the recognition of a selection box of dark chocolates, specifically the ones Yoongi would buy him every Valentine's Day.

    “You didn’t have to buy me these! You said you didn’t want to do Valentine's Day this year!”  

    “In my defence, I didn’t want you to buy me anything for Valentine's Day, but I wanted to shower my prince as much as I could” Yoongi chuckled, but upon seeing his fiancée tear up he cooed and instantly scooped the elder in his arms, wiping his tears with the pads of his thumbs and healing his forehead’s frown lines with gentle kisses. “Now why is my baby crying?”  

    “N-Not crying”, Jin sniffled. His bright red nose and quivering plush lips told a different story, causing a hoarse chuckle to egnite from Yoongi and earning a light swat to his chest in return. “I-I’m serious! Y-You didn’t have to spoil me like this…” the elder pouted. “Oh come on Jinnie… if I couldn’t shower you with all of my affection every day without making you blush and hide away, at least let me pamper you on the day specifically given to worshipping you” Yoongi taunted, his kisses trailing down his neck and to his collar bones, sucking a light and airy hickey into the skin that was already littered with small purple blossoms from the night before. Jin felt his protests dissipate as his lover’s endearment fogged his mind, causing him to slowly curl his index finger under Yoongi’s chin and lock eyes with the latter, before pushing their lips together, smiling into the kiss as they felt the sparks of their romance reignite as it did every evening. The warm jitters of every sensual touch was heightened, the delicate yet obscene mewls and whimpers from both males echoed around the silent room, making their blushes burn deeper.  “Let’s go upstairs” Yoongi whispered, only breaking away from the kiss to hoist Jin into a bridal style, placing the chocolates on his lap “keep hold of these. A snack for later” he winked, strutting upstairs at once and letting Jin’s laughter at his corny joke cascade the now empty room.

    “Mister? Why are you crying to a chocolate box?” Taehyung asked curiously, frowning as his b-line to the candy aisle whilst his father was trying to examine the cereal boxes was thwarted as he saw a man curled over and clutching a box of dark chocolate. The little boy tilted his head as he saw Seokjin flinch, drawn out of his trance as his head shot up to lock eyes with him, and Taehyung gasped in shock, running to Namjoon desperately. 

    “Daddy daddy daddy!” 

     Namjoon’s fight or flight instincts came into full-gear at the sound of his son’s frantic calling, making him drop the boxes he was analysing the sugar content of and sprinting to Taehyung, instantly picking him up in his arms and hoisting him onto his hip “What is it Tae? Are you hurt? Did someone scare you?” A million questions shot from his mouth at record pace, not allowing his child to process any of them, but he was soon silenced with a small hand covering his mouth as Taehyung shook his head.

    “Daddy, there’s a prince crying” the boy pouted. Namjoon frowned. “A prince?”

    “A prince! He was crying over chocolate!” Taehyung exclaimed, wriggling out of his father’s arms, gripping his hand and yanking him down different ailes once more, in a zig-zag motion that was definitely not needed. 

    Thoughts swam around Namjoon’s head as his body was forced forwards, his legs struggling to keep up until he was faced with an abrupt halt, his eyes darting open wide at the sight of the gentleman with auburn hair indeed hunched over and crying on a chocolate box. “Um… Excuse me sir, are you-” “Why are you crying to a chocolate box?” Taehyung asked again, his head tilting as he tried to think hard about what was going on, but no matter how much the small boy racked his brain, he truly didn’t understand.

    “Taehyung!” Namjoon scolded, his eyes instantly shooting a stern glare to his son at such a question. “Don’t be so rude to this man.” “But daddy he’s crying-”

    “And that doesn’t mean you can ask him why. You can’t be so nosey to strangers” Namjoon snapped, his arms folding instinctively as he tried to prove his point to his son.

    Taehyung lowered his head and nodded, mumbling as he held his father’s hand “S-sorry I was nosey, mister… Please don’t cry anymore?” Taehyung reached out towards the sniffling man, handing him a small cotton handkerchief covered in cartoon teddy bear heads, all different shades of brown. “TaeTae didn’t use it today, so it’s clean! Promise!” The little boy beamed, a boxy smile exposing his milk teeth and two gaps from previous visits from the Tooth Fairy.  Jin let out a small chuckle as he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, taking the cloth from the little boy as he wiped his running nose and used the other side of the fabric to clear away all of the stray tears on his cheeks. “Th-thank you… I… I’m sorry you saw me crying, I…-” “Don’t worry about it” Namjoon cut in, holding his hand out to support Seokjin in standing once again. The elder blushed at the gesture and took Namjoon’s hand, using it as an anchor to hoist his body back up, not realising he’d slumped himself into such a small ball on the ground. He wished it wasn’t a common reflex when he recalled his memories of Yoongi. Slowly dusting the dirt off the floor off his black jeans, Jin tried his best to compose himself, cooing at the little boy with small tufts of hazel curls and the watering chocolate brown eyes, making him crouch down and return his handkerchief. “Need this, cutie?”

    Taehyung shook his head, pouting and suddenly hugging Jin tight, almost knocking the elder backwards tenfold at the sudden force winding him.

    “Tae!” Namjoon hissed, his face heating with embarrassment at his son’s advances. His heart swelled at his son’s urge to care for the stranger, but as he pulled his child back slowly, he looked up at Jin worriedly, a flicker of panic in his eyes. “I-I am so sorry about my son, he’s just very affectionate and if someone’s upset then he tries to-”

    Seokjin chuckled and shook his head, pausing the father in his tracks “don’t apologise… I needed that hug, actually” he blushed, rubbing the back of his neck with his palm, looking at Taehyung and a smile gracing his face, his eyes crinkling as he genuinely felt elated with serotonin for the first time in far too long. 

    “Thank you for caring for me, little man. You’re so kind to a stranger like me.” 

    Taehyung giggled at his new nickname, his chest puffing out in pride at the thought of being called a ‘man’, but he instantly hid away behind his father as he felt himself blushing and turning shy at the attention “i-it’s okay mister! TaeTae wanted to help you b-because you look like a prince! A-And princes shouldn’t be sad!” The boy squeaked, hiding his face behind his father’s waist once more.

    Seokjin’s heart melted. “A prince? No sweetie, I’m not a prince” he mused, picking up the box of chocolates again as he fondly smiled at the packaging that had never changed. “This chocolate just reminded me of someone very important.” 

    Taehyung poked his head out again, his eyes wide in surprise. 

    “A princess?” 

    Seokjin shook his head, his smile faltering a little “A prince.” 

    The boy gasped, squealing as he began to jump up and down “I knew you were a prince!”  

    Namjoon hissed as Taehyung’s foot landed on his when he jumped back down to land, making him pick the little boy up as he sighed. “I told you those two cookies after dinner was a bad idea, hmm? You’re so hyper” the elder sighed, shaking his head at his past decision to give into his son’s puppy-dog eyes. 

    Jin let out a small chuckle as Namjoon’s mumbling pulled him out of his melancholy daze of Yoongi once more, making him tilt his head to the two males. “How old is he?” 

    “He turned four two weeks ago”, Namjoon stated, laughing as Taehyung held up three fingers. “Close enough, champ”.

    As his chuckle turned into a laugh of adoration towards Taehyung, Jin couldn’t help but feel his heart swell in awe of the boy’s actions, but as he looked towards Namjoon his eyes widened in shock.

    “Uh… Did you know you have cereal on your shirt?”

    Namjoon’s eyes widened just as much as the elder man’s, his gaze following to see the remains of Taehyung’s sugar loops as they had competed to catch the sugary snack in their mouths before leaving to go grocery shopping. The only way he can get his son to do any remote chore is to turn it into a competition surrounding food. Namjoon let out a deep sigh as he heard Taehyung squeal and point out all of the cereal pieces on his black t-shirt and laugh at his father. “Daddy you look like a cereal bowl!” 

    Jin withheld a snort at Namjoon’s unamused expression, softly picking up his shopping cart once more as he straightened out his jacket and cleared his throat. “Well uh… It was nice to meet you…?” “Namjoon.” His smile softened, extending his hand out to the male “Seokjin.”

    Another hand joined the shake “I’m TaeTae!” the child squealed, still laughing at his father’s messy appearance.

    Jin laughed at the child’s antics, causing him to ruffle his hair. “Nice to meet you TaeTae.” 

    Taehyung preened at the touch and wiggled his head excitedly “Can we meet you again mister?” he asked curiously, already forgetting the prince’s name. 

    Jin’s eyes widened in surprise at the advance, looking to Namjoon for help in answering such a question.

    Namjoon’s eyes replicated saucers as he looked to Seokjin with the same shock at his son’s outburst, but chuckled softly, soon composing himself. “Maybe if you eat your cereal with milk, the aliens won’t abduct you and you can meet miser Seokjin again.” 

    “The aliens won’t abduct you? Like in Barnyard ?” Seokjin questioned, bewildered at such a promise. 

    Taehyung gasped as his eyes sparkled with excitement “you like Barnyard mister prince?” the boy asked, wiggling to try and pry himself from his father’s grip once more, but Namjoon stood his ground.

    Seokjin laughed at his excitement and nodded, “I do…I watched it a lot when I was in school” he mused.

    “Can we watch it together?!”

    “Sure” Jin laughed, looking at Namjoon with a grin on his face. “I guess I just got myself a new movie partner, hmm?”

    Namjoon felt electric prickle on the back of his neck at Jin’s smile, his heart quickening as he couldn’t help but admire the glow the elder exuded. 


    “So beautiful…” “I’m sorry?”

    Taehyung laughed, pinching his father’s cheeks. “Daddy has a crush!”

    Namjoon swallowed harshly, his eyes wide as he choked on his own saliva at the sudden statement.

    Jin stepped forward worriedly, tilting his head as he reached out to the male “Are you okay Namjoon?”

    “Y-yeah… Just give me a minute” he grunted, clearing his throat and composing his breaths into a somewhat steady pace. 

    Taehyung continued to cackle at his father’s embarrassment.

    And that was how Seokjin met Namjoon.

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    imagine you are staying up late studying for your exams and yoongi, your boyfriend, comes home and finds out youve been overworking yourself.

    he would grabbed the pen from your hand and put it down on the desk. closing your note book and laptop as he picked you up. he put you down on the bed getting in next to you.

    "you are not leaving this bed and you will rest" he'd wrap his arms around and pull you closer to his chest. he'd sing to you in a hushed voice. kissing the top of your head every now and again until you fell asleep <3

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    twenty six: angry baby

    ↜ masterlist ↝

    🌷synopsis: “you’re a bratty idol with a temper. he’s a silent trained and skilled bodyguard who can’t speak his mind. you don’t get along, but you both can’t seem to get one another off each other’s mind.”

    ⇆a/n: if you want to be added to the taglist, send me an ask - (if you aren’t being tagged. turn notifications on) let me know what you think via ask or comment!

    Taglist: @ggukkieland @pjmriri @sereni-soo @avke @nikkiordonez12 @ntaetae @liza179 @sxtaep @lovelytaes-blog @youmistme @theclawofaraven @zxlla @lostbitvh @youngbloodslut @hqtetsurou @90s-belladonna @calumsfringe @niviwu @lolob @tae165 @rjsmochii @rippedribs @madnesstaking0ver @sassyvillaintrophy @loserforlovexo @crimsonnwitch @getmemyfries @just-another-keysmash @tiinytete @era-genius @fruitcakeyum @skylievin @ovenbakedbones @qvninx @nothoughtson @shiningwith7billionlights

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    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
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  • angrykpoprants
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    So your going to have a group of people where not one of them is America, not has an American citizenship… is from a country whose freedom score is literally 5 out of 12, who is from one of the most homogeneous countries in the world talk about what’s it’s like to be an Asian America? Talk about hate crime against Asians in America? No. What the actual fuck is this bullshit. They do not represent me, they do not represent the life I face as an Asian American, they are the worst people Biden could have chosen for someone to represent literal AMERICAN BORN ASIAN

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  • mygbrazil
    20.12.2018 - 3 years ago

    02012018 - Yoongi e Namjoon via Twitter

    Eu estava trabalhando no estúdio e caí de bunda #.Dói #SUGA #.SemPalavras #.FelizAnoNovo #.Latejando https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/948211214722547713
    NJ: Quer dizer, eu dei minha cadeira para o hyung, já que comprei uma nova, e ele caiu de bunda no chão assim que a usou. Nunca aconteceu isso comigo em um ano.. Hyung..Eu sou melhor que você.. A partir de hoje você é Min Desajeitado.. - RM https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/948212160382955521
    NJ: Eu recomendo #.MinQueCaiuDeBunda https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/948212341388099585
    YG: Olá! Aqui é o Min que caiu de bunda https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/948212825104642048
    NJ: Sim, esta é a foto perfeita. #.MinQueCaiuDeBunda https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/948213243834593280
    NJ: O que acha da foto que selecionei, hyung? https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/948213469798580224
    YG: Não riam pessoal, está realmente doendo https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/948213862393774080
    NJ: #.VidaLongaAoMin hyungnim.. Vamos trabalhar duro.. Fighting.. https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/948214731650637824
    YG: Por favor, não riam. O lado esquerdo da minha bunda está realmente doendo https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/948214983002750978
    NJ: É, eu sei. Coloquei dois Band-Aids pra você https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/948216138940366848

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